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10 The Faith of Joseph Part 2

Benjamin Ng
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  • August 8, 2020
    11:45 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for watching over us this past week thank you Lord for being with us thank you for guiding each and every one of us thank you Lord even for the little things that we sometimes don't see and all the protection then your watch care over us that Lord we are so unaware of the blessings around us sometimes and so a lot I pray that you open our eyes and help us to see those blessing in each of our lives this past week help us to build to share it with each other and more than anything else Lord help us this evening as we attempt to study your word May you please guide us with your Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus name Amen. So let's turn our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 so we are looking at the life of Joseph and Hebrews 11 verse 22 this is what the Bible says we wrote we read it last week as well but Hebrews 11 verse $22.00 The Bible says by faith Joseph when he died made mention of the De Botton departing of the children of Israel and gave commandment concerning his bones so we started looking at the life of Joseph and we reached already that point where he is now in prison and we saw all those early years in part of his house and how he was a lied about and then he ended up in prison of course earlier before there was a hatred of the brothers but remember this one that we looked at last week God was with Joseph because Joseph was with God So now we are there in prison and we see there and we are familiar with the story many of us are familiar with the life of Joseph the old cartoons have been made out of it you know and the butler and the baker that served pharaoh they end up in prison because Pharaoh is angry with them the. Same prison where Joseph is and we know how the story goes both of them dream dreams and they're both troubled by the dreams and Joseph of course being the caretaker of the prison sees their worries and asked them what is it and so they tell the dreams and this is what Joseph says in Genesis Chapter 40 Let's turn our Bibles there Genesis Chapter 40 and verse 8 Genesis 40 verse 8 this is what Joseph Joseph we have dreamed they said to him We have dreamed a dream and there is no interpreter of it and Joseph 7 of them do not interpretations belong to God tell me I pray you now I don't know what would've ever possessed Joseph to say such a thing tell me your dreams interpretations belong to God Joseph already know that he was a prophet did you already know that he could interpret dreams Probably not but you know you call people prophets that can tell dreams and tell them what it means to write this exactly what Daniel was but you know here's the important thing that we can learn right off the bat here is he tried Joseph tried the understand that you know we'll never know what God calls us to if we never try. How did Joseph know that God was calling him so probably he didn't know and that's the point but because he saw a person in need or 2 people in this case and they had troubles with these dreams Joseph was willing to try he didn't have the story of Daniel to back him up he didn't have anything in history to go Ok I know what this means yes Joseph dreamed to dreams when he was a young kid but at this point he'd probably forgotten them you see that. But here's the thing he was in charge of the prison hit the happiness of the people there was his priority and so he was going to try his very best to help them now we don't see any record of him going into prayer like what Daniel did after never can answer in Daniel Chapter 2 can remember his dream and his life was on the line but we know for sure that Joseph would have prayed why he said Don't interpretations belong to who to God He never took the credit for it so look friends here's a really important lesson that we can learn whatever position you're in right now don't limit God whatever position that God has put you in the. You've got to try you've got to try your best as a church leader maybe this is not what you agreed to or in your own mind this is not what you signed up for the beginning when you accepted this position or as a Bible work and maybe of the same thoughts I had my own fanciful idea about what a bible work worker would do and this is not lining up with it or was saying maybe as a lay worker from God or even a missionary in a foreign land God this is not what I signed up for but God is asking you to do want to try things change circumstances change but just keep trying to do your best for God and who knows what doors God will open in a prayer so here in Genesis 40 I don't believe that Joseph knew that he could interpret dreams already yet I don't think that oh yes I'm a prophet so you tell me what you're drunk I'll tell you what it means because God's with me I don't think you have that sort of mentality but he was willing to try let's not put God in a box and limit him as to what he can do through each and every one of us but sometimes we do by not even trying at all. So Joseph he did great things for God because he attempted great things for God So last week God was with Joseph because Joseph was with God But now we see Joseph doing great things for God because he attempted He tried great things for God So what happens they tell me the dream he tells on the interpretation and its meaning one good one bad both dreams come to fruition and Joseph in his humanity he calls out to the butler and says Look remember me. Genesis Chapter 40 and verse 23 Genesis 40 verse 23 said Joseph telling him please remember me I was put in here mistakenly wrongly I'm not even from this land just put in a good word word for me Genesis 40 verse $23.00 yet the chief butler remember did not remember Joseph but forgot him and then in Chapter $41.00 in verse one and it came to pass at the end of what 2 full year us so Joseph had already been there in prison but another 2 years on top of that he was forgotten we don't know how long he'd already been in prison but it was already on top of what he'd already been through and soul we come to journal says 41 and we see here in God's providence and at his right timing. He doesn't forget Joseph he doesn't he sends Pharaoh a dream too in fact and there's no one that can interpret the dreams except when the butler remembers now Joseph you see friends if it wasn't for Joseph helping the butler in the 1st place in prison if Joseph would have just crossed. I don't care what's that got to do with me if he would just say you know what under going to mind my own business try not to help anyone try not to be recognized so I don't get myself into trouble if he had not tried if it wasn't for Joseph attempting to help the butler the butler would not have even known there was a person in prison that could interpret dreams it was a domino effect you see friends Joseph tried to help and it worked and it came back as a blessing on him years later but why did god wait 2 years to give Pharaoh the dream we don't know. Why did God allow Joseph to be forgotten we don't know friends but most likely what Joseph was going through was preparing him in his next phase of life as a slave and then a manager in part of his house and now as the manager of the prison even though he himself was a prisoner God was preparing him to be the next prime minister of Egypt and so feral calls out Joseph because of the butler's recommendation tells him the dream and Joseph interprets the dreams. And this is the result Genesis 41. 42 to 44 I know was zooming through the stories a bit and I'm just assuming that you're kind of familiar with these stories already if you're not I just recommend you to go read Genesis 394041 if you can't read all the way to top the 50 which is the last chapter of Genesis Ok Genesis 4142 and Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand and put it on Joseph hand and a raid him investors of fine linen and put a gold chain about his neck and he made him to ride in the 2nd chariot which he had and he cried before him but now the name and he made a ruler over all the land of Egypt and Pharaoh said to Joseph I am Pharaoh and without the shell no man lift up his and a foot in all the land of Egypt friends overnight Joseph became the 2nd most powerful man in the venom known world Egypt was at the height of its powers and who else who else do you think is standing there with Pharaoh when Pharaoh makes this announcement while it's none other than the butler and who else taught of. The butler who he met in prison and part of whom he was for years before that. And they are standing there why the butler serve the king the part of 4 was the captain of the king's God Where else would he be standing except at the right hand or the left hand of Pharaoh himself. Joseph was now. In power to do these 2 harm. He could have revenge himself to the butler How dare you forget about me for 2 years I owed you and this is the goodness that you repay me with. And then to part of for you through me in prison and I didn't even do anything wrong you know it. But Joseph you see friends here learn to see God's hand in each situation even though sold as a slave by his brothers God was with him in part of house and he became ruler over his whole house there was evidence you see that God was with Joseph friends even though we go through tough times of of life through the valleys and the shadows of life we must look for God's leading and confirmation the understand that let me give you an example of my life I want to Taiwan after we got married we moved to Taiwan it was the only job that came up and I excepted it just like that I'd been praying as a god give me something and the only thing that opened up was Taiwan so I went and they made me Chaplain of the school there and guess what I hated it it was a valley in my life in a sense but guess what God confirmed that this was the right steps while I was there he gave me a person to study with who eventually got baptized she was the 1st person the principal told me the 1st ever get baptized in the history of that Adventists school can you believe it but you see God has given me to these little confirmations that Ben you're in the right place you know where I'm. Once you to be. And so even though Joseph he wasn't part of his house and he was a slave God gave confirmations to him blast the work of his hand and when he was in prison discouraged and down still he had evidence that God was with him he became manager of the prison also he interpreted 2 dreams that came true only God could help him with that he had evidence that God was with him he couldn't understand why all this had happened but he knew that even though it did God was right there with him and so there is part of and butler standing before Joe's of now the 2nd most powerful man in all in Egypt able to do them harm and revenge and he doesn't why because it begins to make more sense it wasn't part of that put him in prison it wasn't the butler that truly forgot about Joseph God allowed all these things to happen for a reason so that he could train him as a manager and part of his house as a manager of prison now you are ready Joseph to manage Egypt you see friends hindsight. It's 2020 vision Have you heard of that saying before all me when things happen we look back we can see clearly Ok God Now I know why you're doing all of this and we can't see into the future this is why we need to live by faith step by step each and every day trusting God no matter what happens to us God had been preparing Joseph for this very day and so he didn't take revenge he knew God's hand was too clearly evident in every step of his life since he touched down in Egypt and so we read Genesis 41 and verse 46 Joseph was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt. Even through all the hardship you know friends this is a pretty amazing accomplishment if we could call it that Joseph he became prime minister. Of the most powerful nation on earth at that time at the age of 3015 years pretty much split up between part of his house and the prison God's way of training people it's what we call the school of experience you know look God doesn't train us the way that the worldly training thinks about going to university going to theology school he doesn't prepare you in those times for a life you understand that your successes and your failures are not dependent upon what degree you had or how much money you had in the bank or what exposure you had and what family you're brought up in or what country you're from friends all when you look at Joseph life 15 years of training to be prime minister not a single Gyptian scholar taught him. Look at look at Moses in the wilderness 40 years what kind of training did he have to lead a 1000000 strong nation out of Egypt talking with sheep for for us look at the life of Jesus as a carpenter Look John the Baptist all his life preparing in the wilderness for 6 months of ministry friends just maybe. Just maybe God's way of training is seeing how we are like when we are a nobody in the obscurity of the life he's waiting to see if we are faithful in the little things whether we make the best of whatever situation we are in then only he can see and trust us in the big things of life Joseph he doesn't take revenge on the butler or part of a because he understands God's providence remember God was with Joseph. Because Joseph remained with God as well so the dream of Pharaoh it was about to come upon the earth 7 years of plenty 7 years of famine and Joseph his leadership and wise management saved the whole nation of Egypt the Abrahamic Covenant you know what it was Do you remember what that covenant that God made with Abraham I want to bless you Abraham so that you can be a blessing to others we always want the blessing to ourselves though isn't it we want that blessing of a better life a better job a bigger house a better car more money in my bank better clothes better health Joseph he was a blessing to everyone he came in touch with whilst his life got worse with the exception of course one being elevated to that of the prime minister but he was a blessing to the world and it came at the expense of his own comforts of his own life friends this was the results of faithfulness even in the valleys and the shadows of his life. You know friends God wants to bless each and every one of us and especially he wants a bless all those around us to give and not to be a taker or a consumer to sweeten the atmosphere with our very own presence. So moving on I'm sorry I'm trying to go through chapters here this evening and I'm assuming you know all the stories but now Joseph's brothers which is really the most famous of what Joseph is known for his brothers come when the famine strikes and obviously the famine it's all the way the land of Canaan otherwise we would not see the brothers come to Egypt at all and by this time it's been over 20. 20 close or maybe the 25 years that Joseph has been in Egypt he's around 3738 years old already and the Bible describes a long journey that he takes his brothers on to test them to see if they've changed to see if they repent and sorry for what they did to Joseph when he was a little boy and we're not going to go through all those details I think in my Bible blessings I do spend some time on the life of Joseph go back look at Facebook or You Tube Just look at the Bible blessings you will see there I do talk about the life of Joseph but there is one overarching theme that we see in the life of Joseph and you know what it is friends it's all about forgiveness forgiveness. How he forgave the butler and part of how now he's able to forgive his brothers for what they did to him so many years ago and you know why was he able to do that it's because he recognized God's hand and leading in all of this he friends when you see that God is the one in your life right there at that very moment guiding you you begin to accept everything else of what got you there in the 1st place you know what I mean so you end up here in k.l. Malaysia but you didn't come to k.l. Malaysia because you wanted to but maybe cause was unfortunate circumstance in your life maybe some of you you have to study here in Malaysia your hometown because there's not enough money to go overseas you know what I mean so we have circumstances that we don't we don't we're not really happy with it happened to us even though we don't want it to happen to us like Joe self but when we get here and we see God's leading and allies it gets easier to accept it and not just that it gets easier to forgive anybody that hurts you to get you to that point where you are right now so maybe you might be saying hey God. I don't want to be here I never liked it here and you don't see how God is with you it's easy to get bit. The Understand that it's easy to hold on to grudges because you don't see God's blessings in the place where you're at but it wasn't the case with Joseph he saw God's blessings in part of us else he saw God's blessings in the prison. And certainly he saw God's blessings when he stood before Pharaoh call him to be prime minister now but when he saw all of that it was easy to let go of any grudges. That he might have had against anybody. And we see this clearly in Genesis 45 lost on the Bibles that no Joseph at this time has revealed himself to his brothers and they're a bit shocked and so he gives them the speech starting in verse 5 of Genesis 45 let's go them Genesis 45 Verse 5 Now therefore be not grieved not angry with yourselves that you sold me the other for God did send me before you to preserve life for these 2 years had the famine been in the land and yet there are 5 years in the which there shall neither be earing nor harvest and God did what sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth and to save your lives for a great deliverance so now it was not you that sent me here the but God and he had made me a father to Pharaoh the lot of all his house and ruler throughout all the land of Egypt now look Pharaoh Pharaoh Joseph you must be deluded. The brothers really were the ones that sent him there. Do you see that but yet he says God sent me before you to preserve your lives if you hadn't sent me here to Egypt you did in the wickedness of your heart yes I know but God did it for good do you understand the friends there's a really really important truth that we learn behind all of this but this is what makes forgiveness easier. Because all you do that well. That's Ok you might have done that in the wickedness of your heart to God He had a good reason for it let's also go to Genesis 50 last chapter of the Book of Genesis and look at verse 20 by this time Jacob their father had already died and the brothers got scared they thought that Joseph was with holding back is revengeful spirit because of the sake of the Father so they call him back and say are Joseph sorry forgive us will be your servants or cetera et cetera and Joseph was so sad he was so grieved in his heart he had to repeat what he had said to them 5 chapters earlier Genesis 5020 but as for you you thought evil against me but God meant it unto good to bring to pass as it is this day to save much people alive the reason he's able to forgive is he's able to see God's hand in his life every step of the way so forgiveness becomes easy when we realize God is in control of everything and you know the verse Romans chapter 8 verse 28 all things work together for good to them that what a law of God to them who are the called according to his purpose friends. If you see the blessings in your life no matter where you are you are faithful to God and you hold on to that and God who works for you it gets really easy to forgive the people that put you in that position in the 1st place and so this evening I'm asking you in the valleys of your life do you see the blessings do you see the evidence that even there God is with. You may not have asked for it you may not have desired it you are not the one that wanted to be in this position at all but yet here you are and you have a choice. But the question is are your eyes wide enough to see the blessings of God. I like the story of Joseph because I can see how God has guided my life now look on never been in prison I've never been a slave. But I shared this about my life before and I apologize if I sound like a broken record but his life just reminds me of what I've been through you know I've grown up all over the world I was born in Singapore I'm actually Malaysian but I was born in Singapore and right after that we moved back to Malaysia here we're in Penang for 2 years and then after that we moved to England for 5 years after that we came back to Malaysia for another 6 years after that we moved to Australia for 10 years and then we moved back to moved back we moved to I moved to us for 7 years never in my life did I think I would ever come back to Asia I'm more Western thought thinking in my head than I am Chinese or Malaysian The only thing that Chinese or Malaysian about me is my tastebuds Ok but that's about it I'm what you call a banana yellow on the outside white on the inside Ok so I love all my Western foods as well or whatever it is but you know another thought in my wildest dreams I've come back to Malaysia it was a place that was not even in my mind Asia or of all places my brother and I you know when we were working in ministry together in us we had discussed that maybe one day you'll be good to come back to Asia why Asia does not have the lights of the Gospel like the Western countries do but even though we discussed about it in the us. I didn't see it coming to pass very soon you know it was just something we said and I knew and p. probably knew that at the back of our minds it wasn't really a big burden. But God sent us back here in the most uncanny of ways the most unexpected of ways and through a lot of heartache uncertainty and humbling experiences. For a time I was actually totally opposite to Joseph I wasn't faithful I was angry at God angry at the uncertainty wondering why God did this to me I wasn't unfaithful in my work in the United States I didn't do anything wrong I didn't offend anyone why God And so I came back to Malaysia and God was gracious to me he's been so good since I left us I got married he blessed us when we were in Taiwan. He blessed us with 3 wonderful healthy kids it was in Taiwan after 2 years of working as a pastor I was ordained as a pastor in the 7th Day Adventist Church God bless me even here and now in Malaysia with 2 wonderful churches. A wonderful mission to work with from the present Executive circus story. You know I have to amazing church boards you know the church boards are so easy to work with you know I have heard horror stories of church boards but when I look at my churches and back in sec I'm so blessed God has given me wonderful leaders to work with and have wonderful Bible workers. And this year he blessed us with a home to call our own you know I've always loved to teach you not you know when I graduated theology school I asked the college where I studied Do you need a Bible teacher they said no and they went off and hired somebody else you know but now I am blessed with a training school that I can teach at and to be involved with and to see the lies of people change that come through studying the Word of God God has been good. And though I never ever ever thought I'd come back to Malaysia I've seen God's providence I've seen God's working to the point I don't want to go back to us or Australia where my parents live or my sister are there you know I'm ready to settle down here and 10 years ago that wasn't even in my road map it wasn't even part of my thinking and my mentality but you know friends it's not about where you are in the world. It's about making the best of your circumstances and looking for the providence of God in all that you do and where ever you are. And so this evening I want to ask you again in your valleys in the shadows of your life. Do you see God there as well maybe you've been through a situation where you put yourself in that that situation as well maybe you're like Jonah that ran from God You backslidden you of pasta size you left God intentionally but yet God chased after you and at the end of Jonah Chapter one The people on the boat will convert. We come back to God We can even see God in the shadows of our lives that we brought upon ourselves that are self-inflicted not like Joseph and his brothers but it was you that put yourself in the situation and when you come back to God friends. God can be with you and turn around to be a tremendous blessing I'm not saying that I subscribe to that run away and you know praise the Lord that these people got baptized because of me because of my apostasy No it's because of your faithfulness and willingness to follow God again. Do you see God in the valleys. And the shadows of your life do you see him working. Do you see him. Still evidently there with you. That will give you the confidence to hold on no matter what. Friends I want to leave a text with you this evening it's found in 2nd Corinthians chapter 13 then verse 8 2nd Corinthians chapter 13 and verse 8. It says For we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth. The devil thought that he was triumphing over Joseph by having him sold as a slave into Egypt he thought he was gaining an advantage when he sent him to prison through the lies of part of his wife but got an even better plans training for Prime Minister. The devil thought that he was triumphing over Joe by destroying his a livelihood by killing off all his children his family and his health and his wealth all disappeared in a matter of the few days but job held on and the latter end of Job's life was even more glorious than the former the devil he thought he was triumphing over John by exiling him to the Aleph Patmos but God had different plans and it was there on that island that he wrote the most amazing prophetic book called Revelation which reverberates even to our time today the double fault that he was triumphing by killing the reformers during the Dark Ages but God had different plans because where one died 10 sprung up the devil thought that he was triumphing when the last nail was piercing through the palms of the Son of God Jesus a Savior and as he took his last breath the devil thought that he had the victory but God had different plans because through that death he became the 1st born of many of them in numerable multitude bringing in the rich harvest of souls and putting the last nail into the coffin of the devil. Do you see as Joseph did. That others mean it and to evil but God means that unto good yes every pain heartache sorrow trial stress tribulation that you go through do you see it as Joseph did and are you still faithful as he is do you see God's guiding hand in all of this friend's Yvonne describing your life this evening. Whatever you're going through. I want to remind you that God is preparing you he's preparing you how I don't know. But I know that he knows you can take just hold on and be faithful to him he'll carry you through to its final fulfillment if you will hold on. Hebrews 1122 I'm sorry my last text I thought it was the last but it wasn't apologize he was 1122 the 1st text we read this evening by faith Joseph when he died made mention of the departing of the children of Israel and gave Commandments concerning his bones even through the lows and the highs of Josef's life he never lost sight of God's covenant with Abraham and so the very end of Genesis that ends of with the life of Joseph in verse 24 of Genesis 5024 Joseph says to his brother I die and God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land unto a land which he swear to Abraham so I and to Jacob and Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel saying God will surely visit you and you shall carry up my bones from its friends through the highs and lows of each of our lives let's not forget God's covenants and promise to us today as well there's a heavenly Kanan it's beyond what we see here on this earth so let's learn to live like Joseph to see beyond the seen and to commit all our ways to God make God help us to be faithful to be a man of integrity just like Joseph was and then no matter what comes our way as we see God moving even in the shadows we can be encouraged God. I'm in the right place only help me to be faithful let's pray Father in heaven lot I want to pray this evening for my brothers and sisters and even myself. Lord was so unlike Joseph really. Many of us are tempted to complain what turns out to just let go of our Faith I know that I have in the past Lord please forgive me. Lord please help us to see the experiences that you give us in your word are for our benefit to help us to understand that there are people that have walked this way before us not just only Jesus the Son of God But even as the sea evening as we have seen Joseph and I pray Lord that you would please strengthen each and every one of us especially those that are facing discouragement that are facing loneliness that are facing trials and temptations that you'd be even with us right now and open our eyes help us to see your providence in all of this thank you Lord continue to guide us and help us Lord even to forgive where forgiveness is needed this evening. We commit always to you deceiving Lord gives a good night rest watch over us and bless us on the Sabbath day we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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