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19 The Faith of Samson

Benjamin Ng
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  • October 16, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you for watching over us thank you for keeping us safe thank you that you've brought us of this moment where we can come and study your word and I pray that more than anything else Lord you would grant us your Holy Spirit and that lot as we say read your word that you would speak so clearly to us help us to understand the lessons that you have for us from your word this evening bless us now a lot of grace us with our presence we pray in Jesus name a man. So I'm going to be doing things a little differently it's more of what I've been doing in the recording all the text that will be using will be on the screen that you can follow along so do feel free to have your bible handy to make sure you follow along I know personally when I listen to some Ans I still keep my Bible and the as well but we are continuing our Faith series we are almost at the end there's only a few characters left and then we've got to figure out what series next we are going to look at but we are looking at the faith of sense and today and we are looking there in Hebrews 11 verse $32.00 and what shall I more say for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and of Barack and of Samson and of Jeff the of David also and Samuel and of the prophets you know friends Samuel Prada me Samson is probably one of them all famous characters in all the Bible David and Goliath ranks probably at the top there but Samson is probably not a distant 2nd he probably be a one be all the children stories all write about it everybody knows about Samson and his incredible strengths and much good but yet he really is an infamous carrot so many of the things that he does more as warnings of what to do we should not do Hebrews 11 it seems we had to put Samson among such illustrious carrots as King David and and Samuel and Gideon but nonetheless Paul seems to put him there and we got to study him this evening even though you might have read about him before his story is also found in the book of Judges then as 3 chapters that talk about him for if you include the story of his birth which really is about his parents but there are important lessons to be learnt from him. Chapter So let's start by going to judges check the scene and we're reading in verse one the Bible says and the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord and the Lord delivered them into the hand of the Philistines 40 years so this was the background we looked at this last week the judge dies the Israelites go back into sin and you know we can always fall into the strap we can't even in this modern day we think that it's always dependent upon a good judge or a good leader or a good pasta or evil me we had a good pastor all we had a better mission leader cetera et cetera we always look at the people in the high places those that are meant to be the leaders leading us if only we had someone better off and the Book of Judges seems to show us over and over and over again that the leader is important and yet it isn't about the leader it is about the people the problem is that the people put their faith in the Leda and not in God It is not the leaders fault sometimes you know sometimes you like to say all of the leader didn't train anybody but sometimes it's just the hardness of the hearts of the people they look at the visible too much and not at the unseen God above and so they go back into sin this relights they go back to their old lives of worshipping idols and God he's about to send a judge verse 3 to 5 and the angel of the Lord appeared on to the woman and said into her behold the Baron and barest not but that conceive and bear a son now death will be where I pray thee and drink not swine not strong drink and eat not any unclean thing follow that conceive and bear a son and no raises shall come on his head for the child shall be a NASA writes under God from the womb and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines friends notice this is not just a strict requirements for Samson where we all know he's not allowed to cut his hair. But yet even the mother is given instruction it says here that she was not allowed to drink wine or strong drink and also she was not to eat any unclean food friends how important temperance is how important what we eat and drink is especially for parents especially for the mothers and sometimes we think that this is a non essential but we see from the Bible examples that those that have come under the power of intemperance it really ultimately became the downfall of people such as Adam and Eve our 1st parents Aaron's sons name and by who they ended up burning strange fire and then they were killed Eli sons hotly and Phineas were always drinking as well and they were also killed in battle Belle shells on the fall of Babylon he was drinking his life away when the the bloodless hand came out and rolled upon the wall pronouncing his judgments parents we have to awake to the realisation that what we feed our children and even our selves will determine their outcome even in the future if we don't train ourselves and our children to learn to abstain from those things which are bad and taking in moderation those things which are good we lay a very dangerous future for them in which they may not be able to control themselves in other areas of their lives how important temperance is not sure how to start or where well then we've got to do as what Samson's parents did so. What what should I do how should I stop you know in Judges 13 and verse 8 this is what Minoa said So this is Sampson's father he says then says here then the no intreat of the Lord and said Oh my lord let the men of God which thou didst send come again to us and teach us what we shall do unto the child that shall be born friends if you don't know where to begin if you don't know how to stop but yet the desire in your heart is there look God cannot God cannot take the place of a sincere desire from our own hearts we've got to want this we got to see the need for it and the know what did and so did his wife but he prayed God I don't know where to start I don't know what to do please come and teach us and the angel came and made the instruction very clear. Friends if we truly want to learn how to live properly it's not just about cooking classes is not just about understanding how to glorify God with our bodies we got to pray God is the one that will give us the wisdom he's the one that will lead us if we are silly in prayer God will give all things good to us and will not hold back for his children sake and so let's continue chapter 14 versus one and 2 and Samson he is already born here he's an older he's old man not old man but he's he's grown up Rhody he went down to Tim that and saw a woman in Tim Nath of the daughters of the Philistines and he came up and told his father and his mother and said I have seen a woman in Tim Neath of the daughters of the Philistines Now therefore get her for me to wife you know what was it that caused Samson just all of a sudden to go up to his parents and say I want to marry this Philistine girl you see Samson he lived in the town of Zora Zora and that's where he grew up. And right next to. Was Tim that the town in which was that of the Philistines and he was always going over there and making friends of the Philistines the parents of Samson they were heartbroken when their son came up to them and said You know I want to marry this Philistine girl they tried to persuade him but he would not be persuaded look at this verse 3 then his father and his mother said and to him is there never a woman among the daughters of the Brethren or among all my people that thou goest to take a wife of the uncircumcised Philistines and sems incidents of his father get her for me for she pleases me well yet there would be some good that would come out of this in verse fall the Bible writes but his father and his mother knew not that it was of the Lord that He sought an occasion against the Philistines for at that time the Philistines had dominion over Israel you know this verse is probably one of the more perplexing verses in the Bible are you saying that the the Lord God wanted Sampson to go and marry this girl No that's not what the Bible reads and that's not what it means God would turn this situation this disobedient situation that Samson of 7 going and marrying this Philistine girl he would turn it around for good. Just as Jonah running from God. In Jonah chapter one he would turn that around for good by sending the wind upon the sea and ultimately the sailors will come verted because of quote unquote Jonas disobedience now did God want Jonah to disobey No Did God want Samson to marry this Philistine wife No but yet God would still turn around for good verse 5. Then when Samson down and his father and his mother to Timna and came to the vineyard of him there and behold a young lion rolled against him and the spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him and he rent him as he would have rent a kid and he had nothing in his hand but he told not his father or his mother what he had done even though Samson had put his feet in the wrong path by one thing to marry this girl God in His mercy notice that God in his must see was still with him and it says there in verse 6 at the spirit of the Lord came upon him. And so off he goes down to the marriage feast I'm not going to read every verse you can go back and read the 4 chances in your leisure time especially on the Sabbath we have more time but I'm going to skip of you verses by just going to tell you describe to you what happened he went down to philistine that Tim that and he got married and had this feast and in this feast he puts forth a riddle to 30 of his friends that if they could solve the riddle Samson would owe each of them a garment each and if they could not then they would owe him a garment each meaning he would get 30 garments and you know they couldn't figure it out the couldn't understand what this riddle was and they couldn't get the answer and so they come to his wife to threaten her and she gets the answer from Sampson so at the end when they he comes back to his friends they know the answer and cents and now always each of them a garment each and so what does he do judges chapter 14 and verse 19 and the spirits of the Lord came upon him and he went down to Ashkelon and salute 30 men of them and took their spoil and gave change of garments under them which expounded the Riddle and his anger was kindled and he went up to his father's house notice what it says here in verse 19 as we read earlier the spirit of the Lord came upon sense and notice that the Spirit of God was still with Samson in spite of all that he had done in marrying this Philistine woman God was still with him how merciful God was the Sampson it should have been obvious that he had made the wrong choice. He is upset at her because she's a one that got the answer from him by by begging him every day you know she was desperate she was threatened by these friends of his and she went and told them it was all of us where the answer came from and so he got upset he got up and he left for a while but you know the spirit a lot the spirit of the Lord coming on Samson is only mentioned 3 times in his life story Ok we already have read it 2 times the 1st time the spirit of the Lord came upon the sense and was when he met the lion and the spirit the Lord came upon him and he ripped the line upon and killed it with his bare hands the 2nd time the spirit of the Lord has come upon him here in verse 19 is when he has to go get 30 changes of garments to give one each to his friends and he goes and kills 30 other Philistines to get their garments to give it to them and what I want you to notice is the 1st 2 times that the Bible mentions the Spirit of God coming upon him it has nothing to do with God It was all about self. Especially the 2nd time because he had lost the bet and found others had found the answer to his riddle his strength was already being used for selfish purposes and I would have some trepidation some fear. Following a judge like this what was the problem with Samson thus far it was a sort of friends that he choose chose to hang out with you see he was always going into the neighboring town the Philistine town of Tim that he didn't stay with his own kind in Zora there he was intrigued I guess with their lifestyle with their differences and he was always making friends over there and it was whom he chose to associate with which was the 1st step that led to his downfall he chose ungodly friends so he ended up marrying an ungodly woman he did not ask whether he could better glorify God when united with the object of his choice if we honored God God promised that he would on our us but there is no promise found in those that are bent on pleasing themselves and so even though Samson was treading on dangerous ground even though he was already going against the express will of God God had not given up on him the spirit of the Lord how merciful God was was still with him and so because of that whole situation Samson got up from the wedding feast then he left left his wife behind we don't know how long for but when he finally comes back to visit her maybe a few months later a year later she he found out that he's already she's already married someone else. And upon hearing that he gets angry of course who wouldn't get angry in the right mind right he got angry and he goes and catches $300.00 foxes $300.00 foxes and he attaches a bit of fire stick a fire to each of their tails gets them to run through all the Philistine fields and it burns up burning a whole lot of their corn David neons the all of crops and in retaliation the Philistines take his wife his ex-wife now and the father and they burn them alive and because of this Samson ends up fighting against the Philistines and killing many of them this really is a short summary of judges 15 this is actually what happens in Judges Chapter 15 this is the only time we see really in Judges 15 this is the only time in his life that he is found in a sense fighting the Philistines Ok And this is what is amazing Ok let's go to judges 1514 and 15 the Bible says this. And when he came to lead he the Philistines shouted against him and the spirit of the Lord came upon him and the cords that were upon his arms became as flax that was burnt with fire and his bands loosed from off his hands and he found a new job own of an ass and put forth his hand and took it and slew a 1000 men there with notice this is the 3rd time right there in verse 14 in the middle of the verse says there the spirit of the Lord came upon Samson Why was Samson fighting this battle in Judges Chapter 15 he was not doing it because a lot asked him to go he visited his wife found out that his wife was married to someone else he got angry and set fire to all the fields and crops the Philistines retaliated and ended up killing his wife or ex-wife and the father and then he retaliates by going and killing them and then the they come back and want to start fighting with him and he ends up getting the the joy or of the donkey and ends up killing a 1000 men just with this bone this is how strong Samson is but that's not the point of the story here you see this is the 3rd time the spirit of the Lord came upon sense in question was Samson fighting the battles of the Lord No he wasn't. If you took a step back maybe you could say yes I mean after all he was fighting the Philistines right but he really wasn't fighting the battles of the Lord why he was fighting battles of self the lot of was with him but it was motivated because of what was happening to him not what God wanted him to do he wasn't finding them because God had come to him like Gideon or Deborah and Barrick with a clear instruction go and fight and I will give you victory that's not how it was with Samson he just found himself in the heat of the battle and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time he was using his strength for all the wrong things yes he was funny against the Philistines don't misunderstand me but the reason why he was doing it was motivated because of self nothing to do at all with the Lord he was fighting because he was angry 1st he'd been deceived by his wife owed 30 garments to 30 men secondly because his wife was given to another and thirdly because of the burning of his ex-wife and father he went and killed more people look. He was fighting against the enemy of God's people but he was doing it out of a selfish motive a personal grudge a personal mission it just happened to be funny against whom God wanted him to fight against you see that so it was kind of a yes or no Samson was he fighting the battles of the Lord yes we could say yes but on the other hand we could say no as well but at the end of judges 15 notice what the Bible says He judges 1520 the Bible says and he judged Israel in the days of the Philistines church when t. years he was still the judge of Israel but as I said earlier I would have been fearful to follow such a man who was ruled so much by his passions and his feelings and yet this story is not over even though he judged Israel and it seemed like maybe the Israelites were more faithful yet he was not the best of judges not like Gideon not like Deborah not like the people that we've studied in the past Samson Why is he mentioned in Hebrews 11 we're going to find this out later the end a-K. but so far it seems like what we have been studying is not good faith it's all bad God was with him out of mercy out of grace but was he fighting the battles of the Lord doesn't seem like it was he having faith and trusting God no he was living according to his own passions and his own desires he was a strongest of men physically but he was one of the weakest of men morally and spiritually. It seemed like the spirit of the Lord was upon him because of the graces of his parents you know some people say all of the parents raise them in a bad way but no they gave him the best surroundings and they were temperate they followed the instruction of the law to a tee Samson had a strength after all right so no it wasn't how Samson was raised it was more of the associations whom he choose chose to connect himself with but now let's go to judges Chapter 16. Judges 16 verse one then went sent since a Gaza and saw their holiday and went in to her and we know her name verse 4 came to pass afterward that he loved the woman in the valley of Sarek whose name was the Laila you know this strong man was always ruled by his passions always off the woman 1st in chapter 14 the woman from Tim Nath and then in verse one here of Chapter 16 the ones who are harlot and now verse 4 the most famous of all characters that's usually connected with Samson it is Delilah and if you know the story we know that this woman would become the downfall of this great judge of Israel you know when we are so taken by our passions friends it really does blind us this is not love blinding us love is principled. Love causes us to think love causes us to reason when they say love is blind it's not love friends it's lust the burning passions in a man's hearts and and in their mind that burns of that all he can think of business woman there is no reason to that love is not blind friends lust. And that was the main problem that Samson was dealing with over and over again the Philistines they come to Delilah and make a pact a promise an agreement with them in Judges 16 verse 5 and the lords of the Philistines came up to her and said And so her entice him and see where in his great strength Liath and by what means we may prevail against him that we may bind him to afflict him and we will give the every one of us $1100.00 pieces of silver so in secret the Philistine Lords they come up and and they have a pact in agreement with Delilah that if she would sell him into their hands they would give them enough home enough money to allow her to retire and her intentions are very clear from the very beginning let's continue reading shall we verse 7 and Sansone said one to her if they bind me with 7 green with that were never dried then shall I be weak and be as another man Delilah she's been bugging him what is a secret to your strength and she asks and this is what he says you bind me with 7 green with that were never dried I'll be weak. And so she goes ahead and does that and then she wakes up Samson sounds in the Philistines I hear he gets up breaks those green with and goes chases after those Philistines look doesn't work now come on from the get go from the beginning it's not chance that you tell this woman what the secret of your strength is then she does it to you and he breaks free it's not chance it's not coincidence that all these things happen when you're told this woman called and quote secretly what the secret of your strength this it's all of us from the 1st time it's obvious maybe you can say it is a coincidence but I'm telling you when we are caught up with passion friends when we're caught up with lust and it's burning hot in us it doesn't matter what you say sometimes you know some people they'll stand back and say to their friend sometimes why didn't you tell me why didn't you tell me and we know that sometimes when people are discordant with their passions no matter what you tell me they won't listen and sometimes is just better not to say it but you know friends you've got to make sure you do because we never know when they will listen and when they will not sometimes as friends were too afraid to tell them but you got to speak it or else they'll turn around and blame you at the end that you didn't speak it so you got to cover your back you see you've got to make sure the you tell the people hey don't do this don't date her don't chase after Don't be with her don't do it you going to regret it tell them they might not be your friend after that after you telling them but I'm telling you something bad happens they won't be your friend after that if something does bad happen you see that so you lose either way. So it's better to make sure you tell them so you cover your back but sometimes I tell you friends the voice of reason is not present in a man who is full of lust and passion and pride as Samson was she ties in with 7 green with he breaks free what happens next and he said into her if they bind me fast with new ropes that were never occupied then shall I be weak and be as another man she feels mocked Oh you lied to me you told me a secret your strength and you just mocked me that wasn't your secret so he tells of the 2nd time this rope Actually she wakes him up Samson Samson the Philistines I hear he's covered in rope not by coincidence 2nd time if you were blind the 1st time it really was by put chance the 1st time no way would you be thinking that oh this woman's got good intentions a 2nd time but this is how blind Samson must have been this is how beautiful the Laila must have been but you know friends when you are just caught up you just become blind blinded by your passions and so he obviously does not trust her that's why he's he's leading her in a merry go round so they both don't trust each other this is just a bad relationship all together isn't it but it's not done yet judges $1639.00 the law allows 7 to Sam's and here's the 2 though has mocked me and out told me lies tell me where with the mightest be bound and he said it to her if they'll leave us the 7 locks of my head with a weapon and so one small he tells her a lie. And she goes ahead and does it weaves the 7 Locks of a head and ties it foster the board wakes the Philistines up well it's a few very year they're here he gets up and there with his hair he pulls the whole board with him and he chases after the Philistines it is so obvious not once not twice not 3 times is it obvious that this woman does not love you she is just in it for the money and yet Samson just doesn't get it or maybe he does and he thinks that he's smarter than she is it should have been definitely be obvious a 2nd time but the 3rd time this is not luck any more friends Samson should have just run. But that's how blind chela love his friends in makes us dumb it really does finally he gives in and tells her all his heart and it's about his hair God says I shouldn't cut my hair while he's sleeping again she cuts it and the soldiers come in this time judges $1620.00 and she said the Philistines be upon the Samson and he awoke out of his sleep and said I will God as at other times before and shake myself and he wished not that the Lord had departed from him the Lord had left him not simply because of his hair but because he had been disobedient there was nothing special about his hair but because he was not willing to follow the Lord's instruction you know do you think God has particular friends do you think God Marines what he says and the details that he give us he really means it could you really believe it just cutting your hair you would lose your strength. God really meant what he said no there was nothing special about the his hair just as there was nothing special about the fruit that even it's just got said don't eat it don't touch it and here Samson don't cut your hair. You know the lot of left to the spirits of the Lord did not come upon him as at other times he had grown self confident he had been used to abusing the privileges that God had given to him and sometimes friends that's what happens to us you know we point to people in the world and it's only by God's grace that they have these talents they have this intelligence they have this understanding it's only by God's grace that God is still with them and working through them but they'll come a day when that gift will be taken away and that happened to Samson and we've got to be so careful not to drive away the Spirit of God But you know sometimes we just obey and oh God is still with me he blessed me and what happens is in bold in the us in transgression the last time I did this those spirits of the Lord still came upon me and we get courageous and take a step further in transgression and sin until one sems and finally had his hair cut off taken as a prisoner and his eyes plucked out and he was sent to prison to grind a mill work hard labor for the Philistines and made a mockery of it. And obviously with no ice to see. Samson has much time to think and reflect Isn't that what happens to us sometimes you know when life cuts us low and we all of a sudden we're out without a job and we're just sitting at home. God gives us time to think and reflect on our past mistakes you know so often we think that when we're young we have the strength of manhood in and we have no time to think we just move forward and push everything and sometimes people out of our ways to achieve our goals and our desires but when disaster strikes God gives us all the time in the world to think to reflect and hopefully to repent because I'm sure that's what happened with Samson he finally found God as a prisoner for the 1st time. Glorious men judge of 20 years where is his faith why is such a character mentioned in the book of Hebrews in Chapter 11 of all places where speech illustrious characters such as Moses Noah Abraham are found Samson What faith do you have what faith that you deserve to be here in the whole of faith in Hebrews 11 it's in prison that his head begins to grow back not only has he repented. And become a change where but as his hair grew. God would be with him again and you know we seem to tie back to his hair but I believe it was his to repentance more than anything else you know but how long was Samson there well maybe to grow to the length that he needed to have enough strength among even a few Yes but by and by the Philistines they have this huge party and gathered in Miracle host into this huge building and. He's brought in to be mocked to made a mockery off. To be like the trophy that the Philistines had that they finally captured the strong man and subdued him and so Samson is brought in and he asks God for help one more time look at what the Bible says Judge of 162830 Samson cold unto the Lord and said all all to God Remember me I pray thee and strengthen me I pray the only this once oh God that I may be at once a vengeance of the Philistines for my 2 eyes and Samson took hold of the 2 middle pillars upon which the house stood and on which it was borne up of the one with his right hand and the other with his left and sentence and said let me die with the Philistines and he bowed himself with all his might and the house fell upon the Lord's and upon all the people that were there in so the Dead which he slew at is death well more than they which he. In his life can you believe that Samson accomplished more in His them then he had ever accomplished in his whole life you've got to remember some son was 20 years 20 years as the judge of Israel how many battles would he have thought How big was this building look at said there I'm not sure if you caught this let's go back to the slide it said there in the previous lie it says here that Samson when he died he had he killed a 1000 men Ok he killed a 1000 men all part of me I think it's it's not in the text that I provided you with my bad I had read it in the Bible but there were a 1000 men on the rooftop It doesn't say how many people that were in the house but on the rooftop there were a 1000 men. How big this could this building have been let let let's say there was 100000 Ok I mean I don't know there must have been a stadium but to be held by 2 pillars I find it hard so 100000 is really stretching it Ok but let's just say that there was 100000 men in this building that Samson killed because the Bible says that when he died he in that one act he killed more men then he had ever done before now if you go back 2 chapters when he took the the jawbone of a donkey and he killed a 1000 men just like that 1000 men you would think for 20 years of judging Israel and being their leader and leading up to battles he would have killed more than 100000 easily right but yet the Bible seems to describe that Samson at his death killed more than every one that he had ever killed in his whole lifetime I find that hard to believe. God was with him. God was the one that gave him the strength of very and in His mercy God was there at the very end he granted him his prayer probably because he had a full and thorough repentance and the person that he was now was different from what he was before God works through him and it was at the very end that we see his faith displayed at the very end. Seems like there was nothing good about his life his life was all about what we should not do and that's the truth you know there was not any good that we read about in Judges 14 and 15 and most of 16 until we get to the very end verse 28 to 30 Chapter 13 was about his parents nothing to do with him at least not from a character standpoint. There was nothing good about Samson until the very end. His story has been of more about God's providence versus man's will. He had physical strength intellectual vigor and moral purity that's what he was gifted at at his birth from his parents' upbringing but his weakness evil associates and the love and lust of women such as it was with the Israelites when the Midianite woman came in and danced in the camp and it caused the plague to be spread that's the sort of power that women have when they're enlisted in the service of Satan the power to destroy souls you know that Joseph was tempted in such a way with part of his wife but he ran he was successful David stumble with. Solomon with his countless of wives and concubines it was here that Samson also fell and if we willfully place ourselves under the power of temptation and mingle with evil men and women sooner or later we will fall it's only a matter of time yet the saving grace friends is this God is more willing to work through a little faith that sense and had at the very end in the end he accomplished more through his death in that act of faith than all the strength of his manhood and him judging Israel for 20 years Mol Philistines died in that one act than all his life which leads me to believe that for the 20 years of his judging any time he fought it was probably because he was angry upset something that people did to him not because he was fighting the battles of the Lord but yet at the very end. His hair probably was not as long but yet his faith was much bigger it was actually a life and God could work through that can you imagine all the good that Samson could have done if he had that sort of faith combined with his strength they would have conquered the whole land for Israel Samson could have been so much more. And today I want to ask you friends can you be so much more than what you are right now. Have you wasted the hours in playing when you could have been studying or reading or working or doing something more productive have you wasted your money and federalists things things that bring temporary joy in this life when it could have been put to more meaningful pursuits if even it only means that you save so much that you can give more to God in the future or more of your life you know we don't have to live with regrets if we learn to live in the moment and learn to not take the gifts of God for granted. But that's not what Samson did he live for himself he didn't treasure the gift of strength that God had given so he used it to attract women and to have fun and games with people in the world and only at the end when he was blind a prisoner leaning against these great pillars of the house of the Philistines that that was probably the 1st time in his life the 1st time and the last that he used his strength for God's glory and His glory alone you know friends I believe all of us can be so much more. I believe that the gifts that God has given to us. We've used it for selfish pursuits before I believe in all of us have we've all sinned friends we've come short of God's glory it's only people out there they use these talents and their gifts for self-serving in the end it comes back to to hurt them and bite them just like Samson many of us we learned the hard way but he could have been so much more and today I want to encourage each and every one of you because we can still redeem the time that has been lost none of us are prisoners and with our eyes plucked out like Samson if you're still living and breathing this evening and you're watching this and you're thinking about your life and the you know that you could be so much more God can do so much more through you then it's time to repent and say God I'm willing to give you all my talents for your glory just keep me on the straight and narrow and when we do that he'll give us abundant life he give us joy he will give us fulfillment in the here and the now and then hope for the future of tunnel life but he wants to do great things through you to make you a light to the Gentiles to set you as a city on a hill where the light cannot be hid that all who pass by cannot but just see it friends I believe that God wants to work through every single one of you this evening but you have to be willing to give all your talents for His glory and not your ass that he might be uplifted and exalted and not you. And at the end he might say to you well done well good and faithful servant may God teach us to use our gifts our rights our time our talents everything that we have anything good we think we might have developed ourselves it's a gift from God friends it's a gift and may God help us to be so much more than what we are now that is where faith lifts us up and exults God through the man and the woman that you are today May God give us his gift of grace mercy and especially faith today let's pray shall we Father in Heaven Lord thank you for the story of Samson this evening many of his his stories serve as warnings to us but Lord you did so much through him at the very end when he exercised that little faith in you and so Lord I'm asking that you would please do just as much and even more in the life that we are living for you today fill us with the Holy Spirit give us faith that can move mountains and teach us to walk out in faith for you each and every day Lord we want to give you all the the talents that you've given to us to give it back to you to give you the glory. So help us Lord teach us to use our time wisely and talents as well. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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