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Hearing God's Voice and Taking His Hand

Westney White



  • January 15, 2021
    10:00 AM
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We are on words of your god we are sinful beings in need of your forgiveness we pray for that this morning and we pray Lord specifically for the Holy Spirit to be with us not for this preacher to be seen but for the Holy Spirit to reveal his word to each individual here this morning we pray for your name be glorified through the Word of God and your word would not return on to you boy that we thank you Lord and pray this in Jesus' name amen how many of you would like to have a daily baptism of the Holy Spirit is that you go ahead and raise your hand you want you want that I want a daily baptism of the Holy Spirit Now I've heard that term thrown around a lot in the church and the question is What does that actually mean for us what does it mean to have a daily baptism of the Holy Spirit Well 1st of all we have to understand what the whole point of that isn't really is in the 1st place let's turn our Bibles really quick here to the Book of Romans Chapter 6 and we're going to look at verse 4 Romans Chapter 6 and we're going to look at verse 4. We want to have a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit how does this take place in our lives. I have a lot to share this morning hopefully I won't go too fast and if you are custom taking notes it may be a good time to take notes this morning because you will be going through quite a few scriptures this morning so when Romans Chapter 6 looking at verse. Let's begin in verse in verse 3 or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death therefore we were very good with him through baptism on to death that's just as Christ was raised from the dead to the glory of the Father and even still we should walk in newness of life. So we see that that to them is an illustration of something what is that an illustration of death or dying with Christ and then being resurrected to a new life in Christ Jesus and then how many experience because yourselves is a glorious experience I believe it is so how do we experience this on a daily basis I'd hazard to say that God has built into our daily lives this experience if we want to take it. You see when a person dies what does the Bible attribute that like what is the what is death like in the whole of the Word of God is like asleep right do you have time to go through all the Scriptures to show that you have questions that come in and talk to me later but death is like a sleepy scene in the Bible in the book of I believe is Psalm 13 verse 3 David talks about how he did not want to sleep the sleep of death right to death is like asleep how many of you I sleep every day. I hope to go to counseling every day you probably should be. But we sleep every day however the homeless wake up we are all here right so you woke up praise God Amen so I have to say that that every day God has built into our daily experience a baptism of death in sleep and a resurrection in here turn in your By I was just to see this illustration in the book of Isaiah Chapter 50 and verse for Isaiah Chapter 50 and verse 4. A daily experience that God wants to give us that he already has built into our daily lives that is rising and going to sleep I is they had Chapter 50 looking at verse 4 when you get there go ahead and say Amen for me are right there in Isaiah 50 looking at verse 4 the Bible says the Lord has given me the tongue of the learnt that I should know how to speak oh word in season it to him who is weary how many of you want that right there amen I know you look at those Honestly there's more to it than just having a word to speak look at the next part of the verse he awakens me morning by morning he'll wakings my ear to hear as the learned so we see that every morning God desires to awaken us but not just to waken us and give us life to live in life to do our jobs our life to go to school or life to participate in recreational activities has given us the breath of life is awaking us each morning to give us a what was the 1st day an ear to hear what he wants to speak to us every single morning God wants to reveal Himself to us in a powerful powerful way and I believe this is part of receiving the baptism of God's Holy Spirit not as a theoretical thing that we think about being death and dying every day and raising again but literally allowing God to speak to our hearts and minds on a daily basis how if you want this I want to hear God's voice talking my friend this week at the gym I go to a local gym. And he asked me questions because it was the how do you how do you know how to hear God's voice how do you know when God is speaking to you. God want to speak to us every single day and the voice in the in the Bible says there in verse 4 that he awakens my ear to hear as they learn now what is in me to be learned was that that word learned in me to hear as the learned I heard study one who studies what else anyone else was me and he was a learn who was taught Yes the similar word is used actually in the book of oddities. We see here is the Book of. Jeremiah Chapter 13 and verse 23 we see that the Bible says Can Ethiopian change his spots or the left if you can change his skin or the leopard his spots or can those who are accustomed to doing evil can they do good and the word of custom there is the same word that is being used in Isaiah 50 verse for those who are accustomed to doing evil it's not easy for them to do good in the same way we need to be accustomed to hearing God's voice learning to hear God's voice how many of you want to do that well because I'm hearing God was I do want honest daily moment by moment basis I want to hear what God has to say to me I want to know what God's will is unless you can quickly 6 things that are for sure God's will for sure that we we no no no we on a shadow of a doubt these 6 things how many things. 6 things that are for sure God's will that we know in the Bible misuse 2 things 1st quick 6 things 6 things and a little bit slower 7 things of how to know God's will is really quite a long information here but hopefully will get it and I'm going to share my story as well how do we know God's will the 1st one the 1st 3 are all are all as is all as is the last 3 are all genes the liturgies are the 1st one the 1st as is always God's will that we should be say amen always God's will we should be saved the Bible says and 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 9 God is not slack concerning his promise as some count slackness but he is longsuffering towards us not a willing that any should perish but they all should come to repentance it is always God's will that we ought to be saved now not everyone is going to be saved Unfortunately those who do not choose to be but if you will desire cries in your life and you want to be saved that is only the prayer that I believe that God is willing to answer he wants to save every individual was always God's will for you to be safe for you to be able to receive salvation the 2nd thing is he got once us to be filled with the Holy Spirit it is His will that we are filled with the Holy Spirit when I believe I am and. Let's go to the book of the teachings of seasons chapter 5 looking at verse 15 is God's will that we be filled with the Holy Spirit let me ask you question how many of you are filled with the Holy Spirit a couple years ago a. No confidence you are more of us feel like we're still the Holy Spirit know how many of us like we're filled the Holy Spirit still many for Poppins I know you want to be proud and you will be humble praise God Amen we're in church. But we is God's will that we all be filled with the power and love and understanding of the Holy Spirit look at Chapter 5 and will begin in verse 17 it says therefore do not be on allies to understand what the will of the Lord is and do not be drunk with wine in which it is a patient but be filled with the. Spirit of God All of us should we feel that is God's will that we ought to be filled the power and love and presence of the Holy Spirit and I tell you right now the Holy Spirit available to each and every one of us if we only ask Amen amen I believe that hopefully you do as well number 3 so for salvation which you feel God's Spirit number 3 quickly in in testimony and 1st test of lowing in chapter 4 and verse 3 The Bible clearly states that it is God's will that we be sanctified and when it clarifies that verse a little more says that you should be sexually. Fuel they should have stayed from sexual immorality is God's will that we be sanctified set apart and sexually pure. Now I say that to us today because obviously we live in a world that's very sexually on people and it's God's will that we be sexually too are set apart for his purpose Amen and I'm not going to the sermon on that specifically but you just need to know that and study it more on your own if you like to be wrong to see it 3 as a so for God's will 1st of all to be to be saved to be filled the Holy Spirit and to be sanctified or in the converse of that same verse to be sexually moral according to God's Will we're going to go to the G.'s Now the G.'s that are guaranteed God's will the 1st one of the Jesus is God's will. That we give things how we did things today yes I hope we did because God's will that we give things in all situations 1st as alone in chapter 5 and verse 18 says that then all things we ought to give thanks in everything good things in that is to always do that's not always easy to do but what we should do which always give the giving things that's number 4 number 5 seconds is that is always God's will for his own law to be in our hearts is always God's will for his law to be you know Hearts the Bible says in the book of song song $3040.00 and in verse 8 I delight to do the I will oh my God Therefore your law is within my heart it's always God's will the last I want to share with you is really quick I've gone through the 3 S's and now the 3 G.'s and the last one is always God's will for us to do good good or 1st Peter 1st Peter chapter 2 in verse 15 1st Peter to the 2 and verse 15. First Peter 2 in verse 15 when you get there 1st Peter 2 and verse 15 go ahead and say Amen The Bible says this. For this is the will of God that in doing or by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men we also always do good is not that complicated understanding God's will is really not super duper complicated is pretty simple God was to be saved to be filled with a spirit to abstain from sexual immorality he would like us to have his lot in our hearts and he would like us to do good he'd like us to give things. I remember one time I was traveling but the point there was that me to do good by the way. Was do giving me to do good in my code chapter 6 and verse 8 the Bible says I have shown the old man what is good and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God is always God's Will one time I was traveling from the city of Salt Lake City to Reno n.v. rebuilds was before a long drive from from Salt Lake City to Reno Nevada about about 7 hours or so that drive and I was driving one day and. It's a long road a long empty road salt flats there is boring as ever. But I came to this little town called with a mother I need to get gas you know went over the town to name a town went over as I passed the exit off the freeway to the 80 highway I saw a couple hitchhikers on the side of the road and I was like wow and then I saw this burning conviction they come up West me. Now in my time I've been accustomed to picking up many high hitchhikers I don't know if they recommended everyone but because the lawyers oftentimes convicted me to do that very thing I look at them and I feel this condition and I look at them and I know I should be doing good seeking to serve God and and I look at them and I say how Lord really and then around the corner I see a little dog with a hound and I'm like Oh Lord no way there's no way I went out to be my car's a little puppy was a tease with the poop in the car I don't want this I want to gas fill my call gas I got back on the road to go on the freeway I saw them again and again the condition came to my heart West me share my goodness with these individuals to a guy in a group but I was like oh lord i don't really want to honestly and site is going on the freeway and robot job I am driving down the road about you know maybe 5 or 10 minutes and again this conviction comes to my mind Westy those people are back there and that's like Jesus in their place like as much as he does the least of these do unto me and these verses come to my mind a lawyer Ok Ok Ok I'm hearing you let me turn around and go back and pick these guys up so I go around exit come back to the mother they get in the car and I've been talking when we drive down the road like about 3 more 3 or 4 hours that's ago to make a long story short we talk about a variety of things they ask me what I do I tell them I do things like glow and share the gospel and share the gospel with them and they all believe in God they're atheists agnostics and with their with their listening they're listening for 3 hours a man in the car because he can't go anywhere. I give him a glow track he they read it they're talking and the dog is there he didn't hear the car praise the Lord even Hello. But we get to Reno and I give them a hotel for the night and they tell me that they're on the way to. Oregon on the way to Oregon and I'm Ok no problem pushing them all if you want to come by before you head over Oregon want to come by here we preach and they're like Ok sure maybe we'll see. If I go home and go to sleep pray for them given the morning pray for them again text them that morning say you're going to church and like you know what yes I want to come to church pick us up please I take him out we go to church with the dog Amen it's a hug still there. We come to the edge of the church in the church and like what is this is a dog in the church they were not accustom to that but the day they made adjustments by God's grace they invited and they said in the church service the dog was there in the films of Paul hanging out and I preach the word and that day I mean a special appeal an appeal for people to give their hearts to Christ for the 1st time and both of them stood up and gave their hearts to do this cries you see it's always God's will for us to do good now I must tell you that you always have to take every hitchhiker but when God is speaking to you about something that you know is clearly God's Word will in his words we have to do that thing because people are in need of help Amen and we can respond and we can respond to God's voice and help them so those are the 6 things that are for sure basic basic God's will now there are 7 things going to show you really quick as well about how to decipher God's will when you have a difficult situation to choose or a life choice maybe a mate or maybe occupation or maybe moving to this place or that place or taking this job or that job or it could be anything really how do you know what God is speaking to you beyond the basic things that we know from God's Word are His Will how do we know those things and basically as the 7 things that are modified from George Mueller who shared how to discern God's voice I want to share them with you this morning and I specifically share God's has shown me his will through those things number one. Number one is that have no will of your own in the matter we're deciding about something that you want to do in life or opportunity comes into life have no will of your own give your a will over to Z's the Christ a man we see example of this in Scripture in the book of Matthew chapter 26 verse 36 to 40 Let's go and turn there quickly we all know the Scripture I believe probably but we're going to go there this morning to Matthew Chapter 26 looking at verse 36 to 40 have no will of your own in the matter Matthew chapter 26 looking at verse 36 The Bible says they're actually going in verse 38 so the universe 38 for time's sake it says and given the context we see here Christ is in the garden of give 70 just before going to the cross verse 38 says then he said to them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even to death stay here and watch with me he went a little further until this face and prayed saying oh my father if it is possible let this cup pass for me nevertheless not as I will but as you will you see Christ do use them for the perfect example of a life decision that he had to make it will impact all of humanity the rest of the world and he in that moment did not the not the least feel like he wanted to do that thing said I if you will let us cut past me I don't know what this cup that you're giving to me or that I have or I have chosen to take if it's possible that it passed from me but at the end of that prayer he says not my will but your Will we be done amen that's how we need to think about it since we're making our will aside I can tell you story after story about how God has let in my and my wife's life. On this very topic a place we didn't want to go a thing we did not want to do but gotta do that thing. And God blessed in an amazing way as a result I have this week I was at the gym and I was talking to a guy that was in some special things and he's not you know remember our church at all whatever but we're talking about like the Bible and here in Gaza voice in his life and has impression invite him over for a meal right now and it was like 730 at night I'm studying for medical school I need to go to sleep all these things I'm thinking my head long this impression I want to eat out at night I eat I way earlier than this I don't want the Lord so I didn't I didn't do it and I learned I felt really bad call my wife and I should have I should have done this I didn't do it just like just go call my now and by my now and I hook a fine I'll do it so I call him up invite him right then he said I can do the day I can do it maybe on Thursday so me to for a meal and then a long story short this guy is like is ready for g. those Christ Amen and he's got a listen to God's voice in the small things we don't want to do all the time God wants the blessing of mighty way if we listen to him so the 1st thing is have no will of your own The 2nd thing is to put aside feelings don't go by your feelings don't trust your natural feelings the Bible says in the book of Jeremiah 17 verse 9 the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it we can't trust our own hearts we can't trust our own feelings we need to trust something else and that's the word of God Amen So number one have no will of your own or to don't go by our feelings I remember one time I was talking to someone about you following God and doing something keeping us out of it and they're like you know what's new I see it in the Bible but I just don't have peace about it and I'm like Ok That's interesting I mean you course work with them and labor with them but I mean you question should we follow our feelings or should we follow the word go. We always follow the Word of God Now our feelings are oftentimes good God gave us feelings right they're not bad and I say we should ignore all our feelings but we have the way our feelings with the Ultimate Guide which is the word of the Living God so noble of your own the matter don't go by feelings Number 3 understand and study God's word. With the power of the Holy Spirit. You got all the Spirit will but God's words are ultimately guide for life and I can show you 100000 scripts that kind of illustrate that point mostly one right now this is in Psalm 119 verse 15 Psalm 119 verse one of our ago there were quick some 119 was one of our. Many of you may have this verse memorized it says Psalm 119 verse of fine. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path God to say is word this is very clear my words a light if you don't have a light will you what are you going to be in you going to be in charge of this if you want to be in darkness did the lamp of laws words and shine that thing upon your path and God will guaranteed show you what he wants you to do the path he wants to leave you and he may not show you every single step but at the very least he will show you the next step to take in your life the Word of God we got to say we got to know God's word more for ourselves over the Christmas holidays my family and I were at a home that we were renting with other family members and we were. The lights went out in the middle of the night on Christmas Day Actually the lights went out and we had no light right and be very very presently saw the need of light without there were tripping and falling we actually did play. Hide and seek in the dark house kind of fun. But when there's no lights you can't see and you can't you don't know what to do. It's pitch black right and without God's Word we don't have that we gotta learn how to trust God's word now this is now up to a sermon on how to study the Bible and how to know how God speaking to you from the word but you have to learn if you don't know that already going to learn how to discern God's voice from his word I could tell you story after story this week guys this week God has been doing this for me I see last while you're there you know I told my smiley what happened but yes God will speak to us presently in his words on a daily basis we ask him if he was number 3 coming up with the best these we can get through this year so no one no will of your own in a matter Number 2 don't go by stealing or 3 the Word of God inspired by the spirit of Gong number 4 you want to ask God in prayer this may seem very basic guys like get it right we all know this better Advent hopers you guys are in the Bible and you guys know the Word of God Praise God He has pray I'm sure but it is very very important that we pray to know what God's will is we see many illustrations of this in the Scriptures Let's go to one really quick here in the book of Jeremiah 42 looking at verse 2 and 3 Jeremiah Chapter 42 looking at verse 2 and 3 we got to ask God in prayer God will oftentimes answer our prayers and speak to us while we're praying is like in conversation with him or opening ourselves up to hear what he has to say to us Isaiah Chapter 42 and verse 2 and 3 that says if you guys my that Jeremiah I said to my 1st dinner yes I was right the 1st time Jeremiah Chapter 42 verse 2 and 3 thank you for your correction guys appreciate your help. All right when you get there say I'm there. Wonderful and if you search for flies away. Ok so where there is this and said to Jeremiah you look it was in the Jeremiah. The Prophet Please look up or Titian be acceptable to you and pray for us to the Lord our God for all this remnant since we are left because we are left but a few of many as you can see that the Lord your God may show much. The way in which we should walk and to see. That we should do. Here Thank you guys for your oh. Wow You know the wind like the Holy Spirit amen the Holy Spirit must be here for his god. So we see their. Thank you guys so we see that they were asking for gone to reveal his will as we play prayed as they asked him I can't say how many times I've been praying in the morning and praying to God to show Himself to me and reveal his will I get his impressions and I hear God's voice or he reminds me of a Scripture that I had read in the past when I'm playing now how many of you like I have a hard time friend sometimes I want to admit that I don't I do write in the morning especially in the making up at 3 o'clock in the morning I wanted to study and stuff like that for the word but I'm tired honest I'm tired in the morning I'm tired when I get up by the lawyers impressed me West I'm going to walk around walk around the neighborhood pray while you're walking I'll keep you awake and very much does it keep me awake I walk around neighbor lip pray come back and buy some of them back I got my one by my heart rate up a little bit and I feel good not as cold anymore and I just started in the Word of God. But pray pray for God's will as the reform let's go on quickly then to normal number 5. Number 5 is we need to have godly counsel godly counsel is very important if you want to hear God's Word but we also want to get help from others let's turn to the Book of Proverbs chapter. 11 in verse 13 or 14 promise 11 and verse 14 the Bible says there where there is no counsel the people fall but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety seek counsel is very important I'm not saying that you need to get help from people and have them tell you what to do not at all because God I want to speak to you directly personally but what I am saying is oftentimes people around us can see things that we can't see oftentimes they will know a verse to share with us or they will know a situation or fat that they can share with us they will help us make the decision an informed decision is important to get counsel from others without that it's easy for us to fail and to fall on the go to the next one of the 6 so I'll give you the once again no will of your own the matter number one no feel don't go by feelings Number 2 the Word of God Number 3 is our north 3 the Word of God Number 4 prayer ask God in prayer to 5. Godly counsel a number 6 providential workings God's providence for us what is Providence. Providence is really how God has unique in the vine care for us putting us in situations that we wouldn't have planned ourselves or seen to put ourselves in that in that place or connected people together or did certain things that are just divinely his care even think they're not good potentially what I think I think of Providence especially is the story of Joseph his life with the life of Providence God led in his life he didn't know that we had our why certain things were happening to him when he went to Egypt and when he raised to the height of Potter 1st house and then it was thrown down to the prison for doing good and being there for many many years and then finally getting out and it wasn't till the end of his life we began to see how God was moving and why he was moving in certain ways and the Bible says in Genesis 15 verse 20 what the enemy meant for evil the lawyer meant for for good God's providence how he cares for us even in the midst of hard and difficult and on a seemly circumstances you must trust God's providence the last thing over 7. After all that is to make a decision do something else don't to sit there not knowing what to do the wondering what to do and then does not move anywhere move somewhere make a decision and oftentimes we find in the spirit of prophecy that she says that we can make it is better oftentimes to make a decision even though it may be the wrong one rather than waiting and holding or not doing anything at all it's coming a car right we've got a car is easier to turn the steering wheel when there when you're not moving even farther before turning 3 when the wind is not moving we just part is kind of able to do that right how when you're moving and when you're moving it's easy right you can maneuver you can go from place to place and the Bible says that we shall hear a word behind us. Saying this is the way walk you know when you turn to the right hand when you turn to the left Isaiah 31st 21 will hear his voice as we're moving as we're doing as we'll as we're moving forward to the best of our knowledge we were God Once he will direct this even more into His perfect will well with the remaining Thomas share with you a couple things this is summarized there we can talk about the basic ways you know god's will but what's more the 6 things and the 7 Ways to know God almost pacifically in certain situations but why has God let me. Tell you that lead us here you know I'm 32 years old I just started medical school. And I before coming here I was an evangelist litter evangelist Bible worker doing a different kind of thing in life with but God lead us my life and I to this place I remember when I was 18 years old I went to Chicago and I was there doing Bible work knocking on doors and serving the Lord I remember doing a spiritual work there with the Bible in hand I would go into people's homes and share the Bible with them but I would see when I come into their homes their need for not just spiritual revival but physical health which wasn't a need all that well all the better back then I saw that and so I did my work for a couple of years in the back of my mind always knew something was missing and I shared the word with people I wanted to share more about how they could be healed not only spirits spiritual also physically so I want to be more for a time I want to learn about health and about how to share to help other people and I was very much thinking about doing pre-med of that time but the most I know was the I wanted to be here for a very very long just one semester get his health vans and trucks going in and learn a little bit about health by want to send you to a different place I want to hold West and while there the lawyer began to give me a vision not like this mysterious thing you know a dream but a vision of what he wanted me to do in ministry pretty much the rest of my life. And I saw that through many things was presented through a one of it a man named a feeler came and spoke at our school and he shared about a variety of things but the thing that caught my attention the most was a different way of doing ministry than have been done in the past. And where we are closely that really supports the vision in my mind from the spirit prophecy of the 1910 she spoke this this this this this this prophecy or this vision and she specifically wanted to deliver it to people that are here in Loma Linda they were being trained as medical evangelists already here says during the night of February 27th. Every sensation was given me and wish to on the work cities were present before me as a living reality I was plainly instructed that there should be a decided change a what a decided change from past methods of working. I urged that companies be organized and diligently trained to labor in our important cities so we see here this was saying to you that change a change in the way that we do ministry in some way and companies or groups teams should be organized and diligently trained to labor in our important cities this should be a difference in how we do ministry right now. And I was like wow this powerful guy I always want to do to do ministry that seem I want go by myself and be alone I want you to be with others and this is what she was saying that we should come together what that would be organized to do I'm going to vote for you tell 1st was from a call to medical evangelist This was from the 9th Bible testimonies page 171.5 she says this There should be companies organized and educated most early to work as nurses and evangelists as ministers as canvassers as gospel students to preach a character actor the divine similitude she's saying here that we should have a variety of individuals Medical of the visuals spiritual if it was canvassers gospel students that are coming together as a team as a group working together being trained to work together to work the cities and alternately for our characters to be transformed into Christ I was inspired by the start of different ministries coming together different branches of ministry coming together to do what God has called us to do well as a as a cancerous I saw this and I said you know Lord help me to do this right now so we started as a team of workers I was a little missions director in a very dark and we had a sea of workers that was primarily by workers in canvassers but the lore is like no train them train yourselves to do health work as well so we got some health coaching classes and got blasted in an amazing way the militia are doing as a combined health with the Ministry of the Gospel Amen who I love that that's the way Christ minister combining health. Physical healing spiritual restoration we began to do that simply by just going to people's homes and and opening up a book called have is that heal and this sharing with them and just helping them exercise cooking with them in their homes of course we give as well do that kind of thing but they also help him around their homes and is helping with the needs that they have and God bless in such a mighty way the 1st year we did this we baptize about 12 people 2nd year 24 and the last I was there doing that we were there doing that we got 100 souls that year by God's grace and our Lord this works what you have instructed in your Word actually works and we've only scratched the surface and I said you know what Lord I began to read more in spirit prophecy about the vision that she's given and I saw the need for connecting not only these bible workers and canvassers and health workers together but there's a need for more presence health professional work the need for physicians to be a part of this nurses other individuals to be a part of this ministry coming together and working together a team to reach the cities and I'm going to pray about it and I begin to look at the 7 things that I just talked to you guys about and examine those things in my own life will try to do the work I began compiling quotes about 60 pages worth of calls about the of the work of a physician in ministry powerful so if I was I wold or this is amazing I said Lord how can I find someone that can help us well make a long story short the law said are you going to find me one I want you to do what I'm calling to do now and I want to go back to school and to come a position I was like well. No I don't that doesn't make any sense to me. I have an unmarried we've never Sunny I have a job we have things we're doing well why would you want me to go to medical school and spend like the next 10 years in the books. This doesn't make sense so for 2 years I resists is the Lord's impressions I resisted the Lord's calling but he would not let me go he would not let me both free from this conviction and to go to medical school and apply a filled with others this is this vision that was given to the messenger of the Lord. And I have to tell you that I I I finally came out of point my to learn I don't know I don't know do I mean certainly this for for at least over a year now 2 years I need to show me show me what you want me to do show me how you want me to go I want to take this month November those 216 Show me your will go on a fast I'm afraid I'd like you to show me what you want me to do here and now I just don't want to be waffling back and forth I mean to make a move now and I'm fucking a story a lot so we can get a shared time the much more the story. But to make a long story short during that month the Lord made it abundantly clear that he wanted me to be in medical school and even if I was worth. He did it by his word he did it by sheer sharing with me how he had led me in the past I always been. Deeply in love with the Scripture there and. In Hebrews Chapter 12 and that's one with God's love in the past to that those scriptures there he must have the 12 hours read that one day I was praying about God's will I happened upon a couple verses that disappointed me so clearly to the healing ministry of Christ I knew it was God's will for me to make the step and go forward and do. What he was calling me to do and that day I tell my wife honey as long as you're supporting me and you are one Jaimee with this I'm going to go forward I'm going to I'm going to medical school. So that next month I quit my job there Nevada Utah conference pursued medicine full time and by God but by God's grace we're here today. But many problems I have things happen I was I started the medical school journey I didn't know I was in a going to finish and even now I'm in my 1st year and outsourcing have been day by day men. But God has led in so many powerful ways providential ways I know it's his will for me to be here right now. So I can share a lot more about Providence about all these things I don't have time to share all that if you have questions please come talk to me afterward forgot about us here and what he did but a lot of the a lot of close on this morning is not necessarily. Yes we when we need to hear God's voice when you wake up every morning to listen to him he showed us clearly what his will is in his words not too difficult to understand hopefully. But the question is oftentimes as the train goes by. Us the hearing yes I get. The question is what about those times when we feel like we've kind of gone off the path where we feel like we are not exactly where God wanted us to be in our lives maybe God showed us where to go in the past that we were following him but but we become it got off track or we don't feel like we clearly see things as we may have used to see things are real feel like we're as close to God as we may be used to be and there's times it allows when we don't feel like we're actually close to God or getting closer to what he wants for us where Seems like the goal is to so for others reach if we can't get to it what about when we're dealing with those situations in our lives I don't know about you but I feel that many many a time when we do in a situation let's go quickly to the to the Bible to mark a chapter 8 we're going to close here and Mark Chapter 8. In market we see a very powerful story. Here with the disciples. And with Jesus I'll give you a little background in the beginning of Matt Matt Mark Chapter 8 we see Jesus feeding the 4000 he fed the 5000 a few chapters previous in chapter 6 and now he's feeling 4000 almost identical seemed not quite. He asked the disciples what we do for these people they are hungry I want to send them forth with nothing and they say well we don't know Lord I mean how many feel how quickly all these people the same thing they said just a couple chapters earlier in chapter 6 we know the story God he said Aha And which of the 7 loaves this time not not 5 in 2 fish but 7 loaves this time and broke them instead of the $4000.00 there and they were all amazed and fed and blessed and they gather 7 baskets afterward but after that event Christ begins telling them a story about the fair seas and they give the books and we're going to pick up a story in verse 14 marks out there 8 looking at verse 14 the Bible says they're now the disciples had forgotten to say bread on their on their boat ride and they did not have more than one loaf with them in the boat then he charged them saying take he be where the Levin of the fairest seas and the 11 of Herod give them some instruction look at verse 16 over 60 or 60 and they reasoned among themselves saying is because we have no bread. Now think about it how many loads there Christ is make out of nothing so many to feed 4000 and they are thinking now how great he is getting mad at us because we don't have bread look how Jesus rebuked them washed this. But being aware of it said to them Why do you reason among yourselves that we have no bread do you not perceive nor understand is your heart still Harding it's having eyes yet to see you have ears do you not hear and do you not remember when I broke the 5 loaves for the 5000 how many baskets full were remaining or how many to take up and he said 12 and when I brought the 7 loaves of the 4000 how many large baskets full of fragments did you take up and they said 7 and he said to them how is it that you do not understand you know I don't know how many times I felt like these disciples where God is taught me something over and over and over again and I seemed not to be able to get it not to be able to understand what God was saying and I can imagine how the disciples felt at this time when he was speaking just feeling a little bit down a trot in a little bit like when I was everything getting are we ever going to understand Christ mission and how he works. But I believe Christ gives them a word of encouragement illustration of encouragement in the next few verses watch this is powerful verse 22 it says then he came the best Seita and they brought a blind man it to him and what kind of man a blind man was just one of the questions called the disciples He called them blind and hard hearted right now they come a little of blind men and beg that he may touch him so he took them in the blind man by the was. By the hand now watch that right there remember this this is sermons in title here in God's voice taking his hand he took the man by the hand now weird other times were quite still people right then and there are times where he has touches on his garment they were healed boom but this time he does something different he takes the man by the hand and does what was the worst he takes in outside of the. City he takes a man on a journey and I believe there's a God who is saying to the disciples I want to take you on a journey and as I'm a he the healing that's going to happen the the the side I want to give you it may not happen right away and I take you with me Take my hand in yours and walk with me. The rest of the verse. And when he had spit in his eyes and put his hand on them he asked them if they saw anything and he looked up and said I see men like she's walking. So you could see perfectly you can see fully You couldn't see clearly. Verse 25 Then he put his hand on his eyes again and made him look up and he was restored and saw everyone clearly there are so many things that you could bring out of this scripture but the one thing that I want to show you today is that you know if you're on your journey with the Lord you're walking with him but you may feel like you're blind you may feel like you don't understand you may feel like you have fallen off the path at times but God is saying Take hold of my hand and I will lead to a place where you are able to see perfectly and see clearly it may not happen right away it may be a process of time but if you hold my hand I will bring you to where I want you to be the Bible says In Psalm 37 and verse 23 and 24 the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way and though he fall he will not be utterly cast down why because the Lord up holds him. With his hand if we are held by the hand of God If we are hand in the hand of Jesus we will never fail beloved even if we do fall we will not fail amen because God is with us if we take his hand and walk with Him He will lead us to where we want him to be the question is how do we get our hand in Gaza how do you put your hand in Gaza I just think of Matthew 14. When Peter was there walking on the water walking toward Jesus he got distracted a lot of back and and got fried frazzled in the war and the waves are to come over him and he said 3 words as he was sinking and falling 3 words he said Lord save me look up later Matthew 14 Lord save me and immediately the Bible says Christ Ham was the year to pull him out of that water in there and help in the walk back to the boat safely if you want your hand in the hand of God basically say Lord take my hand Lord table hand Lord save me Lord help me help me to walk with you day by day help me to walk with you moment by moment help me to have my hand in your hand how many of you want to follow God's will I am and I want to do that how many you will hear is voice Amen how many of you want to put your life in his hands about his for work prayer their father heaven we thank you so much and you've given us the opportunity to know you more to hear your voice to follow your your will and to be held by your hand or there's so much more that could be said I am in adequate to share your were appropriately. By phrase of the war there's been a share today could have some impact on some heart today by your divine grace and that we as a group here would journey on toward Christ and His character and by your grace Lord your cure soon coming. And that we may. Honor you and glorify you all in all that we do unto that we thank you Lord for these things and pray them in the name of Jesus enforcing. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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