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Wrongthink I

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • January 16, 2021
    12:00 PM
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Now are so many entitled Wrong think one and as we go through the sermon I think you will become clear why I've been titled it wrong think because we are now entering an era of new Think and right think about this is definitely wrong think that I'm going to be sharing with you today let's potheads invite the Holy Spirit to bless our presence there Father we come before you on this show day in this your house. Father we thank you for the world of life that is eternal that does not change from day to day we thank you for the revealed morality that has guided centuries and generations of families from Adam through to today and father as I speak today I pray that the same Spirit that inspired the scriptures will speak through me and for me I oft father that every here are present here today all one line will hear the voice of the Spirit whispering in there is this is the way walk in it I asked Father for the protection of your angels upon us here today upon those who are watching and wherever this message goes I pray that it will draw people to Jesus Christ so Father you give the rest of this morning into your hands I am your I am in your hands Father please use me in Jesus name I ask Amen. So when I was growing up in England it was in the 1980 s. Raul Reagan was president in the United States Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister in England Gorbachev was in Russia the last years of the Soviet Union and there were some very famous names coming out of the sort former Soviet Union one of them was this guy here in a timeshare and skinny remember this name now tan Sharansky some of it rings a bell Ok it's from ancient history now but he was a human rights activist and he became one of what was a large group and they were known as refuseniks they used to refuse the dogma of the United the universe Socialist Soviet Republics the u.s.s.r. he spent many years in Soviet prisons undergoing various kinds of ill treatment and eventually he was set free and he was allowed to fly to Israel and today to this day he is a member of the Israeli Knesset the Israeli parliament and he reflects on his time living under a totalitarian regime and what he says is this like quote I was a loyal Soviet citizen until the age of 20 what it meant to be a loyal citizen was to say that you were supposed to say to read what you are permitted to to read what you've committed to speak to vote the way you were told to vote and at the same time to know that it was all a lie he was asked to live with lies. To speak lies to chill lies to vote for lies that was his experience under the Soviet Union the most famous of those refuseniks was of course Alexander Solzhenitsyn if you never read his writings please do I recommend 1st circle as an excellent novel perhaps the greatest of the 20th century and encourage everybody here to be reading it because he discusses the reality of what it means to live and maintain your humanity in the midst of a dehumanizing system well before he left Russia and before he left he wrote a little pamphlet very famous pamphlets and titled live not by lies live not by lies because totalitarian systems are built on an ideology of lies and the systems only survive because people are afraid to challenge those lies democracies thrive because of shared truths for instance in us that ration of Independence we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness these are shared true this within a democracy but totalitarian regimes only survive because of imposed and shared lies that everybody must adhere to and everybody must bow before him and in America we are being forced to accept those lies even this coming week with neutron transgender regulations that will be imposed within the 1st couple of days a new administration we are being required to live with lies hears from the lies we're being expected to live with now in the rise of soft totalitarianism that men can have periods that there are dozens of gender identities that a man can be referred to as a she a he or they or whatever their gender preferred gender pronoun might being it is a lie that men can become women and women women can become men the lie that 2 plus 2 main factors equal 5 the lie that same sex marriage equals morality and more at marriage equality the lie that open marriage is marital freedom the lie that children will thrive equally with 2 fathers or 2 mother. As of then them with a mother from of one father and one mother the lie that paying more taxes will change global weather patterns the lie that equal opportunity equality before the law reason scientific research lie I'm science are all inherently racist that is what is being told us now the lie that in modern day doublethink diversity actually means excluding anybody who disagrees with Marxist ideology and equity means treating people differently in order to achieve a defined illogical outcome these are the lies that which which we in America are being required and forced to live under That's quite a beginning to a sermon isn't it I'm speaking the truth this is the kind of sermon get one cancelled so what am I going to talk about today I'm going to talk about 1st the descent into totalitarianism in America the turn to totalitarianism in America the Adventist Church is response to to tell terrorism in America and the individual's response to that how terrorism how can we respond to this what can we do we're not helpless victims we can respond but we have to respond as laid out in the Word of God And so how do we respond to us how do we cannot control events around us but we can control how we respond. And there we can look to the Word of God for the guidance on how we ought to respond so as to deal with 1st the descent into talk to the descent into totalitarianism That's quite an expression of totalitarianism was 1st will define what is totalitarianism because it's a much used words these days so let's go to the original user of this word and it was Benito Mussolini he was the Italian fascist dictator in 1930 s. early 1940 s. till he was deposed in the middle of World War 2 And he defined totalitarianism use when coined the phrase he says it is all within the state none outside the state and none against the state that's the fundamental and the original definition of totalitarianism is an interesting definition because Jesus says we are to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and under God the things that are God's and in so doing Jesus recognizes that we have responsibilities as citizens and responsibilities of America for instance whatever country you are from and we have responsibilities as the city as the citizens of the Kingdom of God but in a totalitarian system their god is written out of the equation you have responsibilities to the state and in a democracy the government must operate within the rule of law but in a totalitarian system the government is the law which means that the government decides to kill you it's legal because the government doesn't answer to a higher law. And so Benito mostly was the 1st guy to coin the phrase totalitarianism to Tallaght tarrying forms of government permit no individual freedoms such as freedom of conscience freedom of speech freedom of association freedom from unlawful arrest and search and they seek to subordinate all aspects of your life to your farty of the state the state is all powerful you are merely a breeding and working unit period you are allowed to live for as long as you are useful to the states and then you ought to be eliminated now hard totalitarian regimes in forced allies by the secret police by concentration camps reeducation camps torture extended imprisonment labor camps and often execution in the 1930 s. and forty's we saw it with the Gestapo in the k.g.b. the Gestapo in Germany the k.g.b. in Russia and the Soviet Union today we see this in many countries of the world the prime example is China that has hundreds of thousands of people of not millions in reeducation and hard labor camps almost all unjustly so this is happening as we enjoy our summer 3 To me it's a day millions of people are languishing in an education re and related camps in the People's Republic of China when I was serving in the former Soviet Union I had many brushes with the k.g.b. k.g.b. means that committee at his k. as a past masters for the safety go so Dasani is means for the state so the k.g.b. means the committee for the safety of the state not for the people it is a secret police that imposed the state's wishes on the people to preserve the state indefinitely and I used to go to church in some parts of the former Soviet Union knowing there were k.g.b. spy in the church and those k.g.b. spy is would report on what was said and I was taken a number of occasions to the k.g.b. offices and I was made to onse of what I was saying why was I that and why was I encouraging local people in this case Muslims to become Adventists and so forth and I can assure you it is not a pleasant experience to be in the hands of any secret police agent because no matter what you say they will twist it against you. And they know no law you cannot appeal to the rule of law they are the law if they decide to imprison you or execute you'll exile you or d. platform you or you know send you home that's entirely there when working with the secret police is not a pleasant experience in America though I'm increasingly in the West we're not witnessing the rise of hard to tell of terrorism just yet we are witnessing the rise of soft totalitarianism where the the dominant regime and forces there lies via Council culture as in America now you will be canceled you'll be destroyed professionally you'll be destroyed financially you would be destroyed and personally people will draw back from you like you're a social leper if you death transgress the new life they're being imposed upon us in the new softer tele Tarion ism So what are some of the factors in America today that are indicative of our descent into soft totalitarianism and soon I believe into hard to tell a terrorism this is where we're going as a nation Firstly postmodernity And why do I say this well modern nations such as France or the United States of America all right Canada and so forth modern nations were formed during the Enlightenment era with a modernist worldview but we are no longer a modernist society we are post-modern now understand this if you if you are you raising your children and when your children hit between say 14 and 15 something changes. You know there's a very good You Tube clip like Kevin becomes a teenager. And as is normal little boy and he's counting down the minutes till he becomes 13 and the moment the clock strikes he turns into this raging monster now thankfully I didn't go through that myself but to imagine what I'm talking about if you have a modern society structure with a postmodern population this is like having parents with certain principles and parameters in their home but you're stuck with a as a teenager who never goes beyond teenager hood there's going to be constant tension and we are a modernist structure with a post modern society within a modern a structure we have liberal democracy with in postmodernity we're living through chaos the pendulum will swing too to tell terrorism when might is right because we no longer how Shatru this but we all expected to live on the shared lies so socially we are no postmodern and so we are rejecting the structures of our nation because it is inherently at fault for a variety of alleged sins from its birth and a post-modern population cannot survive within a modernist state with modern a structures rather a post-modern population leads to a totalitarian system because that's the only way anything can get done. We're also a post truth society in the modernist era when maybe many of us were growing up the truth was known it was absolute it was fixed it was measurable and it was universal with the scientific method the idea that the principle of universe l.t. that if you repeat the same experiment under the same circumstances on any parts of planet Earth you will get the same results so for instance you know if I were to take this little control here and drop it on the floor which I'm not going to do if I were to drop this whether I'm in Africa Asia or Europe or North America that will always fall to the ground yes that's the principle universe and science but now we are told that science is inherently a white way of knowing it's inherently racist under critical race theory and to accepted idea that the principle universe out of that must be rejected and so we are now post truth we are living in a world where truth is personal it is subjective it is relative it is situational and it is fluid absolute truths are gone and politically when truth no longer matters what matters is the absolute pursuit of power at any cost which is what we have been seeing in America and he for the last year or so all that matters is holding on to power. We then come to another factor and leads us to totalitarianism in America we are post privacy what do I mean by that well I don't have my phone with me somewhere at the back there but most of us have got smart devices in our home and yes the dots in the Echo in our smartphones and the fact of the matter is is that many many many Americans are now cell censoring not just what you post on social media but more more Americans are self sentient within their own bedrooms and within their own kitchen around their kitchen tables why because we don't know who may be listening these are not conspiracy theories if you if you if I say to my wife over lunch I think I think will buy a lot of garden tractor in the spring guess what appears on my social media feed within a few hours adverts for lawn garden tractors I didn't tell anybody that but how do they know how does the system know so if you don't believe me just try that simple experiment I'm thinking of buying a lawn garden tractor in the spring and see what comes up on your social media feed All right so it's for the sake of convenience we've sacrificed our prissy and now to go off the Internet and not to have a listening device in your home or in your bedroom or always at your side because now you are a figure of suspicion something's wrong with you you must be a deviant because we can't listen to everything you say so we post privacy we also post community 100 $51.00 a famous author call Hannah Arendt she wrote a book entitled The origins of to totalitarianism and she sought to understand how radical ideologies could take hold within Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union both of which were socialist states National Socialism and the union of Socialist Soviet republics both of new socialist one way or another and among other things she concluded and I quote that what prepares men for totalitarian domination in the non totalitarian world is the fact that loneliness has become an everyday experience of the ever growing masses of the century Now let me ask you this is loneliness on the rise in America today. Yes we are perhaps the most disconnected generation in American history it used to be in the fifty's and sixty's that you went to a dinner club that you may spend an evening with a stamp collecting club or you went to the women society meeting or you went bowling with your friends after work or whatever the case may be you went to your church went to your premie thing your kids were involved in a Sunday soccer league whatever the case may be and in those social gatherings we found social connection but with the rise of social media like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and so forth we are prefer him to stay in our homes particular join this pandemic we spend our time alone and online and increasingly anxious and afraid and vulnerable and there is a reality that those who study mass killings are realize that when somebody has a grudge no matter what the grudges last are here because you're looking at me and time goes that way doesn't it yes so. If I have a grudge and I add social media to it social media is an accelerant for a drug for a grudge so social media a grudge plus social media these acts of violence is a well recognized pathway to radicalization regards what kind of radicalization the person is going down so if somebody has a grudge and is spending time on social media they are much more predisposed towards acts of violence and mass shootings and mass killings and we in America are more atomized and disconnected and lonely than ever before because our social networks have broken down I'm not saying I'm not just saying they are breaking down to a large extent they have broken down. Particularly with this pandemic our social networks are gone and what is replacing our social networks is group identity with the intersectionality ideology that I'm now a member of this community or that community I am a member of this victim group and that gives me the right to do this to my historical oppressors and so I'm normal social identities are being replaced by victimhood meant victim group mentality we're also post Christian America is fast becoming post Christian the change from having any kind of Christian foundations is happening dizzying dizzying dizzyingly fast diversity and inclusion race theory critical race theory social justice idiology are all pinned by Marxist ideology providing a powerful secular atheist alternative for a post Christian America there's a very famous writer called Nancy Pearcey if you've never read Howard recommend you read some of her writings and she explains why Marxism provides such a powerful turn to to Christianity I'm going to put it up on the screen there you see in Christianity we have 3 basic Ses This is the worldview we have creation how do we begin and why we here you have the fall that is what is the ultimate cause of suffering then you have redemption how will the world be set right again that's the basic flow of of the metanarrative of Scripture and in the Word of God We find that we are created in God's image by a loving personal God for love and communion with Him and sacrificial service to others that's what God's purpose for you and I and that's what he wants us to be that's who he wants us to be that's with whom he asks us to be but then we find the full When our 1st parents were placed God with self on the thrones of their hearts allowing sin and death to enter creation and how how does the process redemption work out and this is Genesis one and 2 this is Genesis 3 and this is Revelation genesis for all through Revelation 22 is through faith in Jesus Christ we live in the Kingdom of Grace today and we look forward to the kingdom of glory when Jesus comes at the 2nd coming when all things will be made new again that's the basic Christian world view. But the Marxist worldview is almost identical is why it's such a compelling worldview why people can switch from Christianity to atheist Marxism almost on the touch of a button in Marxist thinking matter is dynamic math it contains one of the writings of Marx the powers of motion change and develop like matter physical matter like this thing here is almost divine in Marxist thinking it has all the attributes of God of divinity and matter replaces God in Marxist thinking That's why I talk about dialectic materialism Ok this is where these ideas are coming from the universe is a self originating autonomous machine moving towards a classless society that's what that c. original purpose of the universe in Marxist thinking what caused the fall when the Bible it was the story of Adam and Eve ate in the fruit and here it's the creation of private property that's all the evils of exploitation and class struggle that's the fall in much just idiology So most of us I hope all of us sometimes they will go back to our homes we don't just go back to a home we go back to our home the very concept of my home is to be rejected in the New World Order that's coming our way all your private property is at the disposal of the state as a good thing said a total war where the state owns everything and you really are just a steward of it that you no longer own anything and what is the redemption in the Marx's worldview which revolution against the Boers was the oppressors to establish a classless society free of oppression expectation or restrictions of any kind and this is really important because. Free of oppression expectational restrictions of any kind God when God created our world is the story of distinction in the jinn the story of Genesis God separates water above from water below he separates night from day he separates land from sea and he distinguishes between male and female is that not true so creation is possible when there are distinctions there complementary distinctions like 2 hands going together but there are distinctions nonetheless night and they cannot be blind it really waters above waters below that's gone in the flood and when God destroyed the old the world in the flood he eliminated the distinction between the water above the water below and the land from the sea he raised temporary those distinctions and most of mankind was wiped out now we cannot change the planet but we are doing our very best as was mentioned to us by Brother not an offer an appeal to raise a distinction between male and female that's happening in America this very week 1st executive order that comes out of the 2nd will be to say that if identifies a go I can go into the girls bathroom and nobody can say anything about it we are raising the distinctions just as the other distinctions that are the collapse of the world we are fast moving to the collapse of human society and so Biblical morality the idea of sexual morality of what a family looks like will or what is right and what is wrong these are all to be eliminated in the new marxist world order that we are moving into very rapidly today and then we also post purpose the because we have post Christian we are moving very fast into a post purpose or a post meaning world desperate people who have no purpose they turn to idiology to provide meaning for them because the idiology provides a framework for living their lives you can't live your life with nothing. And so desperate people turn to geology to provide meaning even if it means consciously ignoring the truth and willingly and consciously accepting and living for a lie in the 1930 s. Stalin had multiple show trials they were full of devout communists being executed for some alleged misdemeanor and though show trials were filled with false confessions by communists to a draw that confessed to a lie than admit that Socialism itself was a lie and the show trials were filled with those false confessions and those who uphold idiology as they know to be a lie witness of history they often commit mass murder to silence their in a doubts if you want to learn more about this if you have us use Amazon and while they still have it this will probably be taken down as a series on Amazon called Life and Fate written by a Jew vastly Grossman it's a 12 part series an hour each It's pretty grim and he fought for the Soviet Union during World War 2 he fought for to Stalin grads and as he was a marching with the Soviets back across Eastern Europe he kept going to these towns where they used to be a Jewish population they were all gone and eventually figured out what was happening where of all the Jews gone and he writes a series called Life and Fate of encourage you to take some time or watch this because Vassie Grossman asked some profound questions he asked questions such as is a man with thing or woman willing to have a well paid job if it means speaking lies every day spouting lies of the propaganda or are you willing to stand for the truth and lose your job it's a basic question that every citizen in every totalitarian regime has to answer has to us and you have to answer you have to know what is your price and if you read and you listen to the writings of vastly Grossman others who survived the Soviet era it is this that when you are forced to live on the lies it is dehumanizing and it is demoralizing and it is degrading to the human spirit. You become nothing more than like a you're an automaton walking around you're afraid to speak say what you really think you would you cannot say anything to anybody for fear of disappearing into the gulags the concentration camps so I'd encourage you look through life and fate is a bleak look of a number of characters of how they make those decisions of surviving in the midst of totalitarianism So we are turning towards totalitarianism in America right now and it's starting with the elimination of freedom of speech so in terms that popped up now the turn towards totalitarianism well that the 2020 lections were turning point in u.s. history the truth of the matter is the 2020 lections only confirmed to America has already been going for maybe a generation we have been changing socially already on the 2020 lections many confirmed where we have gone socially that social change now manifest within a new political structures for the 1st time in American history we have a party that in power that promised in its manifesto to explicitly abolish freedom of religion Did you ever read the manifestos before you voted the party in power said we uphold religious freedom as long as it is not used as a cover for bigotry or discrimination that one phrase tells you everything that religious liberty is now over in the United States as a as an intrinsic part of who we are as a nation and so. We are now looking at the. Brother ren mentioned in the offering appeal the Equality Act This is going to be the more the 1st acts that gets passed now there are various versions of the Equality Act that has been in various manifestations for number of years the version that was voted by the House of Representatives in 2019 that's the only one we have to work with now we don't know what the 2020 version is going to look like but the Equality Act I mean it adds to new protected categories of 1964 Civil Rights Act the Civil Rights Act prohibits individuals from demonstrates discrimination on the basis of race color religion sexual national origin the Equality Act aims to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation that's why it's called Soji sexual orientation gender identity so Soju legislation that means that sexual orientation and gender identity will be protected categories in American society thereby legally separating for the 1st time in whole human history biological sex from the agenda this is the triumph of a certain ideology and the elimination of the Christian worldview within America this has been promised to be the 1st act that will be passed I'm not making this stuff up open our eyes brother and sisters something bad is coming down the pipe. Within the current draft. Of the Act Section $1107.00 reads this the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of $1003.00 that was signed into power off standard by Bill Clinton shall not provide a claim concerning or a defense to a claim under a covered title or provide a basis for challenging application or enforcement of a covered title of that what does that really mean. It means that you cannot deny or reject or act in a way that you would rather act as somebody presents themselves with a certain sexual orientation or gender identity even if you are a religious organization now we don't know what this how what the final wording is going to look like but if the current wording stays It means that we will violate the Equality Act in this church if we require people to members all employees to abstain from same sex sexual activity if we refuse to allow men to use the women's bathroom because that said chosen gender identity if we insist in our brothers and we say are you my brother you my sister or nobody knows anymore maybe you're my sibling Ok Because if you use gendered language may be going to fall foul of the Equality Act if we refuse to provide gender alignment surgery on the health insurance plans provided by the Church or its employees there are many ways in which the church can be sued for violating the Equality Act Now as I say the final wording we don't know yet that given the spirits of vengefulness and vindictiveness and and that that is manifest in Congress today I don't think that it's going to have a generous spirit to it. It's going to be vindictive it's going to be vengeful it's going to be vicious this is where we're going as a nation the next quote the Shad's during the offering appeal so I just want to talk about the fact that about 15 years ago in America. Is that the time already Good grief I'm my apologize it's been going on hasn't it 1252 I've lost track of time him well. I'll move on from what I was going to say hey the response to tell it's to to the response to totalitarianism and I'm going to talk 1st about the Adventist Church in the United States and I want to talk about the individual member Well historically Adventists have risked struggles to know how to respond to the demands of totalitarian regimes when America never had to face the demands of a totalitarian system and thus we should never criticize those who had to make terrible choices in the terrible circumstances it's a very hard thing to point a finger at people who are living in very very difficult circumstances in the 1930 s. Adventists in Germany generally voted for the new rising leader why well he promised a lot of good things and he was a big enough to roll and to many of the Adventists in Germany were very supportive of a lot of the programs of the of that regime in the 1930 s. and forty's not all but many of them were in the former Soviet Union and in communist countries today because there are communist countries still to this day Adventist Church split into the official Adventist Church we can still meet on the Sabbath but the requirement is your children must go to school on the Sabbath that was the dividing line and it still is in some countries today like Vietnam in other countries of Southeast Asia so the official Adventists send their children to school on the Sabbath and the underground Adventists refuse to send their kids to school on the Sabbath the result is the official Adventists their kids are well educated and the unofficial Adventists their kids don't finish really hardly any education and you see this divide going from generation to generation between the educated official and the poorly educated on official Adventists those divisions exist in Adventism this very Sabbath they exist in different parts of the world and those divisions are very very bitter. So the lesson of history is that we will fracture we will split in America as we witness the rise of the new soft totalitarianism where you will be deep platforms and counseled for a fusing to applaud the latest New think the reality though is we are not just going to say we will fracture I'd like to suggest that we already have fractured we have fractured on what basis do I say this while across our division today there are many who proclaim themselves as close to the atheist revolution as they possibly can within our own church they loudly proclaim that they are progressive because anybody ask what are you progressing towards you're progressing towards Marxism this is where the terminology is coming from they proclaim themselves proudly as l g b t Q allies that means I'm not gay myself but I support the political objectives of the l g b t Q movement we have devised in inclusion offices are pointed to for most 8 to promote atheist ideology a problem on our campuses our children are indoctrinated in gender and feminism are reading lists that are promoted online on absentees websites promote critical theory read write as we proclaim that awesome by campuses are safe spaces in which the gospel is now silence as the culture pendants challenges the dates occasion and worship of the flesh and driven by the false principle of inclusive a t. support for biblical ordination which may or may not have a biblical basis will inevitably as with the past the pale Ians and other denominations evolve into gay ordination lesbian ordination and trans ordination The woke Adventist Church will in all likelihood accommodate as much as possible to the truth rejecting Bible burning and Christ hating demands of the new softer Tallaght terrorism I recognize that what I'm saying will not and me friends but this is the truth this is the truth and they will be a faithful Adventist remnant and it is to that group that I want to turn now. How do we respond how do you respond we cannot change what is happening in America you may feel powerless but the truth of the matter is you are still the children of God You still beloved of God You still is precious to God as the apple of his eye his purposes for you offer me everlasting to everlasting and Jesus to prepare him home for you in heaven above where every tear will be wiped away and all races can worship equally in love before I have any father we are still citizens of God's kingdom and we are citizens primarily of God's Kingdom Robin citizens of any earthly kingdom so how can we respond will firstly retell that his treasure your history the Bible says you draw me 6 God speaks of the people of Israel take care that you do not forget the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of slavery don't forget your history tell your children salvation history tell your children what God has done in your family's life tell your children your personal testimony tell your children the history of America the highs and the lows the good and the evil because we can only learn from our past if we tell the stories of the past tell the history a great example of that is a lineage journey if you prefer watching to reading check out and You Tube series called Lineage journey is an amazing series on salvation history like 5 minute video clips that go through salvation history fact the great controversy stories and little 5 minute You Tube quips It's called Lineage journey check it out it's free of charge read great controversy you see in the united in the u.s.s.r. they killed those who could remember history history teachers are among the 1st to be executed and why is that because it's all well said in the book 1900 whoever controls the past controls the future and whoever controls the present controls the past so if you want to control tomorrow you control today so you can eliminate yesterday. And why is this important because historical memory is an objective recollection of past facts such as intense 66 when the concrete invaded Britain he was a Franco Norman Lawton the Jews you could nominee and he invaded Britain is known history as Norman Conquest and we still live with the effect of it today and he gave an example do you eat do you ever eat cow now you eat beef do you ever achieve No you eat lamb or veal or Muslim Why is that because the Anglo Saxons were kind of the slaves are 1066 in the old the word for animal like dog and cow and pig are Anglo-Saxon words but the Franco Norman lords who spoke a French version of English they put their words to the food that comes from those animals so a cow becomes beef a sheep becomes a mutton and a pig becomes Puerco Ham is Anglo-Saxon and French words its importance no histories you understand the very language you speak on a daily basis for there is historical memory and there is cultural identity your cultural identity is a collection of stories Heroes Villains landmarks arts music and holidays that define a nation and give identity and without a cultural memory you have no culture without a culture you have no identity to tell trn regimes seek to eliminate cultural memories or to control populations when you eliminate transcendence stories or structures or habits or beliefs the totalitarian regime eliminates any opposing claims that demands on the individual every time an American a statue is toppled or a whole day is renamed or a building is burnt we lose the opportunity to learn from our mistakes of the past. We lose the opportunity to learn we deny anything and if it happened we lose the opportunity to learn how cultural matter memory in America is being systematically destroyed and we are being prepped for the new totalitarianism Christianity in particular is being targeted because we proclaim a salvation historical present and future and our primary loyalty is not to the state but it is to the coming King Jesus Christ so the 1st thing is retell tell you history Secondly remember or memorize scripture Osama says I treasure your word in my heart so that I may not sin against you probably 6 as is when you walk they will lead you when you lie down they will watch over you when you awake they will talk with you what is he talking about you talking about the precepts of scripture so retell your history remember the word of God Why is that important because prisoners of conscience repeatedly testifies the importance of memorized scripture when muffin day muffin take a cannot destroy and thieves break in and steal scripture shines light into the deepest despair in the darkest dungeon reminding us of our father's everlasting love giving guidance wisdom in the heavenly perspectives of the state so those who suffer the name of Jesus Christ in 2021 in this congregation they're going to be put we're putting together a scripture memorization program Ok if you're not from memorizing scripture and encourage you to be a part of that program as and when it's rolled out because one day you won't have this is only a matter of time for the Bible is condemned as hate speech because what it says about a whole variety of issues start to memorize scripture great places the Sermon on the mount so retell your history remember your scriptures. Reconnect with brothers and sisters all bind together let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds not neglecting to meet together as is the habits of some but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the day approaching or 1st lesson in 5 therefore encourage one another and build up each other as indeed you are doing one torture dissidents from the Soviet Union referred to and I quote the solidarity of the shattered as totalitarian bills in America stay in freedom of speech is evaporating on a daily basis and if you don't believe me you know you're not awake but freedom of speech is evaporating before our eyes as this new softer tallit terrorism to tell terrorism builds what encourage you build close personal relationships with your fellow disciples lungs of the people in the pews sacrificially pray with them pray for them pray with each other look out for one another because when our churches and our schools our institutions are closed and we are social pariahs those loving person relationships will be the only visible manifestation the body of Christ we will have until Jesus comes again so look at the Pew see a right in that you know that person's name do you know them have you ever met them before Ok as your mother in law don't onset but if you haven't met that person before. Do you care about them do you know where they live you know what's going on in their life you know what you can be praying for the chances are no no no no reconnect with each other come to the mid-week prayer meeting know who's going through what and learn who you can pray with when you go outside any fetish about their find somebody you've never spoken to before you don't recognize introduce yourself how may I pray for you in the coming week and this is how you can pray for me reconnect with one another because when everything is gone and one day this church will be gone and or is maybe gone division will be gone and all the rest of it all you have your brothers and sisters and if you don't know who they are you're on your own to reconnect re prioritize. We have retail your memory remember your scripture reconnect with brothers and sisters or sorry with siblings in the new newspeak in which we are soon to be required to speak re prioritize now we're coming into an area where government expenditure is out of control we are about to spend trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars on entitlement programs that we do not have the money for what will happen supply and demand will take over in the dollar will collapse your savings will be worthless while you can use your finances for God's kingdom using while you me re prioritize one's life does not consist in the abundance of possessions store up for yourselves treasures in heaven as Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount as for those 1st empty sick says this As for those who in the present a jar Rich me praise God for that come on them not to be proud of to set their hopes on the uncertainty of wealth they are to do good to be rich not in money but in good works generous and ready to share just aren't storing up from selves the treasure of a good foundation for the future so they may take hold of the life that really is life during prior to World War 2 This ship is now at Los Angeles at Long Beach it's the Queen Mary and prior to World War 2 Queen Mary used to take about 3000 passengers at a time across the Atlantic Ocean they were wind and dined in absolute luxury they slept on on feather beds and they had China crockery and so forth it was really the Missouri us $3000.00 passengers but when World War 2 started they stripped out the boat and instead of those feather beds they had aluminum bunk beds and instead of having China crockery they had aluminum little tin plates and said carrying 3000 people across the Atlantic he would carry up to 15000 people across the Atlantic they re prioritize because they were at war I want to challenge you today to re prioritize your finances as well are you spending on consumption or investing in God's kingdom. I've been thinking about this it seems to me that when we are off the internet is that sooner or later will happen that all we'll have left maybe is its literature when Sister White says she sees a day when that when the children go to hurry from door to door telling people the coming of Jesus why is it necessary to go from door to door because you've been to the platforms of every other social media platform you start to see us as to why it makes absolute sense when it comes to end times so maybe it's time to be thinking about buying glow tracts and steps to Christ and and the great controversy and so forth and storing those and giving them out every time you go out in the day take something and give it out to somebody I was in a Toyota yesterday and there was a lady there and I see I know it's got 6 months or so and I had a quick word with her and I gave her a great controversy about a year ago and when I saw her USA She said you know she's I've got that focus on my shelf and I intend to read it she says I've had a rough time you know my marriage or just broken up by intent to read it that great controversy sitting on her shelf and every time I see her she reminds me I have that book and one day she's going to read it and it doesn't cost me anything to give her a book it doesn't cost you anything to take some literature impossible out wherever you go because when we are the platforms and even this series of sermons make it obvious church the platforms you need something to shack so re prioritize your finances to those soldiers crossing the Atlantic in the Queen Mary did they complain about the cramped bunk beds Yes but in the camps of National Socialism dotted across Europe there were people also living in cramped conditions and they were truly grateful for the sacrifice those soldiers made as they sailed the Atlantic 15000 to the Queen Mary one day people will thank us in heaven that we prioritize their salvation today rather than our consumption reprivatize your finances and finally retool. Retooled we have retail your history remember the Scriptures reconnect with brothers and sisters re prioritize your finances and retooled Jesus has given us all the great commission the Gospel commission to go and make disciples of all peoples because God's love is for all peoples God is not willing that any should perish regardless of what composites of arc of our world they call home and every disciple not just preaches and passes is called to be a Solar of seed we're all can give the gospel commission Jesus didn't just give the Gospel Mission to the 12 he gave it to all of us we have our marching orders and I want to challenge you today to retool disciples they intentionally master simple skills such as listening respectfully to the story of others preparing and sharing their personal testimony loving your neighbor sacrificially learning and giving a gust.


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