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Wrongthink III

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • January 16, 2021
    2:15 PM
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So I'm going to be talking this afternoon in the last talk is called Wrong think 3 this is definitely not in harmony with the new think that is driving our world today now but in Long think 3 I'm going to be discussing the issue of critical race theory you've probably heard the phrase critical 3 bandied about I would be a king today what are the basic tenets of critical race theory the basic beliefs what are some of the criticisms of critical race theory and some of the bigger framework how do we respond to this issue such as critical race theory and it's important as well because as we talk about these things that we're speaking here from the perspective of the Kingdom of God not from any partisan political perspective here today. When we talk about losing social media. This affects everybody. Just because it affects one side more than the other doesn't it's neither reality that one day everybody may affect it by this we do not support any kind of law breaking as Christians we are called to all of the laws of land in which we live in so far as they uphold and on of the law of God we are to call to obey God rather than men but we also call to be the best part is possible citizens and so it is important for us to recognize that for instance violence in our streets over the last year we had a poll including the violence of the state capital just this last week and we do not stand by a reply for all secretly wink wink at people who seek to invade the Capitol Building those who seek to burn buildings to the ground we want this to be a nation of laws of law abiding citizens where all people have a choice an option to flourish all people have equality before the law equal opportunity and all people have a chance to live out their dreams and so is speaking at during this religious liberties that Sabbaths in perspective of the Kingdom of God and not from any partisan political perspective and I hope it's not interpreted in any other way so this power heads and ask for God's blessing upon us as we touch upon this difficult topic to Heavenly Father. I want to thank you that you created the human race in your image that see the asian the African and the European and the American and the the the Eskimo and every parts of the once incredible diversity of the human family is every part of that is created in your image the father I think you that we can learn from each other more about you I thank you fathers as we walk with each other and share with each other and learn from each other and pray with each other and serve one another that we can magnify the image of God in our own lives Lauder's I pray I pray and all that as I share these thoughts today I pray that your spirit will lead me and guides me that you watch over every word that comes from my tongue I pray Father for those who are listening that they will hear not me but the Spirit speaking to the hots Father thank You for those watching at home online we pray your blessing upon them and wherever they are scattered around the world I ask lot that is result of this religious liberty Sabbath witness for you will burn brighter I love you will be true faith will be deeper and our walk will be stronger in Jesus' name we ask men. All right so if I were to ask you what is the most important thing in your life what would it be a good question. Some people would say means my boat maybe it's my car. And I see Brooks raising his hand back there I'm not sure what you are right so yeah so the most important thing for many people is that children. And we do anything for our children our children are a gift from God and we are stewards of that gift from God Presley leading our children into the kingdom of God and as such their education is very important to us how our children are educated what they hear in their education the ideology is that surround their education are very very important to make no mistake education has an underlying idiology. Education is never with in a vacuum Dr Andrea looks in the presence of Andrew's correctly stated it she said I think Adventist education is more important than ever why because education is never in a vacuum there's always underlying idiology is that drive what happens in a school or university and I would agree with every word that Dr Luxon says that there's always an underlying idiology driving what happens behind the education of our children and if we're concerned about our children's eternal salvation we need to be concerned about the idiology is that impact their education and so as I say as you go through say I want to suggest that just because you are called an Adventist school does not mean you are providing an app and it's education per se you must examine critically the underlying idiology to see where is this ideology coming from and what is it saying so as we talk about critical race theory will start out by saying well what exactly is critical race theory it's always good to get some definitions so we know what we're talking about critical race theory I was developed by the 1st tenured African-American law professor at Harvard his name was Professor Derrick Bell Jr and he was a guy he's regarded as the originator of critical race theory and his ideas evolved over the last 30 years and now propagated by very well known individuals in the American literary scene you've probably heard of a right to call Robin D'Angelo who wrote a very famous book just reasonable white for Gelati why it's so hard for white people to talk about racism and if you haven't heard of Robin D'Angelo now you have. Then you have the revisionist history of the New York Times as 1619 project which argues that America began not with the revolution but with the 1st African slaves coming to America and that Africa was essentially designed to perpetuate and propagate the enslavement of African peoples then you have the Abrahamic Ibram mix Candy who wrote a very very famous book is a professor in Boston call how to be an anti racist and that phrase anti racist in the year 2020 took on a whole new meaning We'll discuss that shortly then you have to turn he see coach who wrote a book called Between the world of me and Delgado and Stefan itch who wrote a book called Critical race theory an introduction these are very very popular books today at the Angelos book White fertility passes through many adventures hands I've seen it's I've seen it some people shelves people recommend it to me it's been on the New York Times bestsellers list for months now is a very very common book that's kind of permuting through the American consciousness and the American thinking population so according to Britannica So they are those are some of the key critical race theory writers there according to Burke and Britannica and online definitional dictionary this is definition of critical race theory now there are different definitions but I think this is about as workable a definition as we could look for it's critical race theory is the view that the law and legal institutions are inherently racist and that race itself instead of being biologically grounded and natural is actually a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of color that is critical race theory argues that that race is actually a social construct robbing ground than any other reality according to critical race theory racial inequality emerges from the social economic and the legal differences that white people create between races races to maintain elite white interest in. Markets and politics giving rise to poverty and criminality in many minority communities This then is a functional definition of critical race theory that would be basing today's discussion on the critical to understanding critical race theory is understanding the difference between equity and equality equity in critical race theory is the idea that society produces policies that produce equal outcomes for all ethnic groups such as everybody lives the same period of time everybody has the same standard of income etc etc And that is a quite opposed and in rejection of the liberal principle of equality so much as equality before the law equality of process equality of opportunity and so forth and so whereas the liberals of the 17 hundreds 18 hundreds and 1000 hundreds who push for equality that is now rejected as being intrinsically racist so some of the key tenets of critical race theory are as follows Firstly critical race theory argues for the permanence of systemic racism but racism is entrenched in every social structure within the United States racism critical race theory is a relentless fact of life so entrenched and in meshed in society that it appears ordinary to people within that culture Secondly whiteness is. Whiteness is something you possess all whites according to critical race style theorists are complicit in racist racism because they possess whiteness as a political cost and they benefit from the systemic racism that Montagne this social economic dominance and so whiteness is property is not just the color of your skin it's like it like a cost that you have Oprah Winfrey has given extensive discussions on whiteness as profiting then counter storytelling this is an important part of critical race theory what does it mean what critical race theory challenges the experience of white European Americans as being the normative standard for a society such as punctuality being on time to work and supporting one's nuclear family are not viewed as being ideas of white supremacy and they had to be rejected in favor of other ways of living critical race theory promote storytelling by oppressed minorities to challenge the dominant white supremacy and the social construction of race. The 4th major tenets of critical race theory is a rejection of the Enlightenment according to Delgado a very famous critical race writes a critical race theory quote question the very foundations of the liberal order including equality theory legal reasoning in like them and rationalism and mutual principles of constitutional law and quote critical race theory thus rejects standardized testing in schools it rejects the concept of meritocracy it rejects color blindness it rejects equality before the law it directs the idea that government strives to give everybody equal opportunity it rejects the concept of legal reasoning or science or rationality or mathematics or science it rejects the neutrality of constitutional law all of which in critical race theory allegedly maintain this phenomena known as white supremacy. Now perhaps a most of us most interesting lean this is the concept of interest convergence and this is something that is particularly flexible to 2 white folks who consider them on the liberal side of the spectrum but this all of us affects all of us one way or another Derek Bell came up with what he called the interest convergence hypothesis now the interest convergence hypothesis argues that advances for black people only happen when such advances are in the interests of white people a g would I say that. That means that the massive progress in race relations since the civil rights movement is therefore a myth he argued that white people who champion the interest of black people are not doing so because they are virtuous or good white people who champion interests of black people are only doing so because it perpetuates their own white supremacy and therefore no actions by white people to promote the interests or well being of black communities can ever be trusted for every white person is intrinsically in forever a racist this is a very gloomy hypothesis the interest convergence hypothesis when you 1st allege that all white people are guilty of all oppression in human history and then you say that any time a white person seeks to help someone in an marginalized community there any doom so to it and harms their own dominance in society then you might as well have a genocide of white people because they are intrinsically only evil they never can be doing can do anything good. Critical race theory promotes historical revisionism such as The New York Times 61000 projects the concept that America began with a rival of the 1st African slaves and America's original purpose was to maintain and exploit black slavery the USA is thus in critical race theory irredeemably stained systemically racist by the original sin of slavery and racism and to perpetuate and to perpetuate the United States is to perpetuate systemic racism per se therefore the United States must be torn down. The United States must be torn down when you hear anti for chanting and this is one of the chants no borders no walls no USA at all you know exactly where this is going is the dissolution of our country. Critical race theory also promotes the concept of intersectionality the very famous black feminist scholar complete Crenshaw is best known for the concept of intersectionality And so in in her writings I've just lost my place here race gender sexuality and identity markers are understood as cultural constructs rather than absolute realities yet oppression is experienced along all those dimensions that is it there's an intersection of oppression going on and in response in the writings of Crenshaw race is to be the dominant factor in all decisions across society. Critical race theory Furthermore rejects the biblical principle of equality before the law but of God says this no that because 115 you shall do no injustice in judgment you shall not be partial to the poor will defer to the Great but you ought to judge your neighbor fairly God seeks for justice that does not really look at how rich or poor you are all what background you have that is the Biblical ideal of justice and this foundational principle in the Word of God is based on the truth that everybody is created in the image of God and therefore all have an equal intrinsic a moral value before God and the state in its disposition of justice must recognize that intrinsic equality and intrinsic human dignity before God and so the Bible can explicitly condemns partial treatment of one group over another such as the rich over the poor in the legal judicial system Chris Gray series focus on equity that is equal outcomes for everybody regardless of input energy hardwork talent education appetite for risk or family culture it would generate rejects the biblical principles of equality of opportunity and personal responsibility if someone does not work neither shall he eat read 2nd Thessalonians 310 elations 67 Do not be deceived God is not mocked for as a man so so show he reaped. The critical race theory also rejects the very concept of truth truth in critical race theory capital t. truth is now considered to be a euro white construct that is to be rejected as intrinsically racist there is no objective truth in critical race theory to say that there is truth is now a racist statement there is your truths and there's my truth but there's no longer the truth the truth by definition is a racist concept within critical race theory critical race theory represents a rejection of the biblical nuclear family best exemplified in what black lives matter published in their website where they called for the dissolution of the nuclear family and children to be raised by a community part of this is of a is critical theory to you looking at power dynamics and critical theory a parent raising a child is an unequal power balance because a parent has more power than a child and therefore we need to eliminate the parent's power over the child at school parent ism is something else be eliminated and so this is one of the calls that black lives matzoh made on their website for the destruction of the nuclear family. And so we have within critical race theory. We have some of these on the basic tenets of critical race theory or no address now some some challenges to critical race theory Firstly is the concept that race or racism is present in every aspect of life in every relationship and in every interaction and I have no doubt and I know this is true but racism is alive and present in the United States and for us to deny it is simply wrong racism is present and if you don't believe that spend some time with somebody of a different color to you and hear their experiences racism is present in America and it is to be condemned out of hand period there is no justification for it. But we must ask ourselves what we define as racism because the goalposts keep shifting by the year almost when it comes though shifting goalposts shortly shortly here after a critical race theory teaches that because the USA has an equal outcomes a culture of racial groups that means the country must be by definition systemically racist no other explanation is even possible no other explanation is allowed to offer any explanation other than systemic racism for any unequal outcomes in society is by definition racist woke individuals therefore look relentlessly for the racism that must be present in every organization in every institution and in every relationship and looking for it wherever they can leading inevitably to bitter division and infighting because tolerating racism is racist and I would agree with that you must call out project and cancel Whoever is guilty of alleged racism even if that individual is your family member the principle of interest convergence spoken by Professor Bell it's a destructive construct if anyone with what is called racial privilege such as whites or Asian or Hispanic or Indian or Arabic or any other like to skinned black person if they become an anti-racist activist in the interest convergence hypothesis states of the only do so to maintain their own racial privilege to flaunt their social virtue and to avoid dealing with their own racism so the interest convergence hypothesis makes it literally impossible for anyone with racial privilege to ever do the right thing so you follow me on this. And it's interesting how we demonize certain races the tragic events of Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman. I'd never heard of this before but during when c.n.n. was talking about this they kept referring to his imminent Zimmerman as being a white Hispanic they would remember that I thought what is a white Hispanic I never heard of a white Hispanic before but it is part of the demonization of whiteness that we call Zimmerman a white Hispanic when he really was a gentleman of Hispanic heritage we don't find that critical race a rejects open and free societies societies value individual liberty freedom of conscience freedom of expression freedom of speech freedom of association freedom to gather freedom of movement and freedom of religion are legibly organized to maintain white racist supremacy you have Gemini over marginalized groups and they perpetuate inequities across racial groups and so that is why critical race theory really is dedicated to the destruction of the rights that we enjoy as American citizens of all backgrounds such as the freedom of speech and freedom of association freedom of conscience. Critical race theory or surjective the individual because it is Marxist ideology and a Marxist ideology what matters is not the individual but the group and a Marxist ideology in every time and generation certain groups are to be promoted and certain groups are to be destroyed and if you look through the last 120 years you will realize that in different times in different societies Marxist ideology said this group is bad and this group is good so for instance in the killing fields of Cambodia if you're a teacher you want to be executed because you you when you could think for yourself in the Khmer Rouge didn't want people who could think for themselves in the Soviet Union if you were a smallholder farmers. Professor Mark which was saying in the collectivize ation process in the thirty's in the Ukraine the so the Stalin decided he didn't want small farmers they will cool x. And so he starts on a process of what you call d.q. like eyes ation which is going to wipe out the Ku Klux millions perished either slaughtered in the Ukraine starved to death or deported to Central Asia and critical race theory for has the same attitude because it's a Marxist ideology that we do not treat you as an individual on your own merits but we treat you based on the group into which you are a part and that group can change by the minute if you believe in sexual orientation fluidity and gender fluidity and all the rest of it being fluid as well. And so critical race theory rejects the group in favor of the rights of the individual and so this is interesting because on Monday we celebrate Martin Luther King Day Do we not. And yet why do we celebrate Martin Luther King because Martin Luther King is an testicular posed to everything that critical race theory teaches perhaps his most famous teaching was that he longed for a day when in America a person would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin We've all heard that very famous late statement yes and I hope we can all agree by it by God's grace we all agree that we can judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin but that's idea that your skin color does not match when you're judged by the content of your character is antithetical opposed to critical race theory which says the only thing that matters is the color of your skin and what you say or do is immaterial as an individual so we celebrate Martin Luther King Day even though he represents an understanding of racial issues profoundly opposed to critical race theory critical race there is would never accept Martin Luther King today if we were on the scene he would be condemned as being a white supremacist critical race theory also rejects science and mathematics. Why because these are allegedly white ways of knowing it prefer storytelling and the subjective lived experience as being black ways of knowing and they're at serious a place for both the storytelling and research the critical race theory rejects scientific research objects the scientific method it invent it rejects logic it rejects reason reject dialogue it rejects pretty much everything that all of us around the world actually are familiar with in terms of under growing understanding in favor of personal storytelling the principle of universe ality says it doesn't matter who does an experiment or where it takes place the result will always be the same but critical race theory rejects these principles such as principles universe out Ian objectivity is being oppressive myths since science and math in code and perpetuate systemic racism they ought to be rejected and the irony is we have universities all across America who preach critical race theory and they keep their math departments open and they keep their engineering departments open and the chemistry departments open and they keep their philosophy departments or because they should all be closed down as being expressions of white supremacy. Critical race theory declares that any who disagree are racists and rejects alternatives such as color blindness as being racist liberal ideals of an open society Martin Luther King's ideal that we all celebrate on Monday and judging a person by the content of their character rather than by the color of his or her skin of working for full equality before the law of seeking to give everybody equality of opportunity and now rejected as they allegedly ignored the systemic racism that requires the entire system to be destroyed critical race or declares to any who disagree with it are driven by racism you cannot have an honest disagreement. Critical race theory predetermines the lived experience of every racial group you either oppressed or oppressor and it requires every member of every race racial group to affirm those it illogical perspectives and want an African-American man such as Kanye West to have the courage to leave the reservation and reject a critical race theory idiology he was publicly condemned and vilified across popular media in America as being crazy or a race traitor or just sheer out bad if you're not following Kanye West then you know at least look him up and understand what happened to him he is treated as a pariah because he decided to think for himself so to become black in America now is a political identity 1st and foremost rather than an ethnic identity and diversity is only skin deep for everybody's Well if you must be identical in order to be acceptable to critical race theory and critical race theory is totalitarian and it seeks absolute power has James Lindsay a very famous writer in this area he argues that critical race theory cannot be disagreed with especially by black people and selves because it rejects all and all alternatives and it denies all racial progress as a Miraj due to the interest convergence hypothesis because critical race the rejects science it cannot be falsified or proven wrong by evidence to the contrary and because it assumes racism is present in every situation even the acceptance of critical race theory must somehow also be racist therefore critical race theory is an insatiable beast that can never be satisfied and will tear apart anything that it comes into contact with your marriage your home your church your institution your business your employer and your nation and what we're seeing on the streets of America over the last couple of years is the fruits of this of our young people across America being marinated in this idiology for the last 1015 years. Does it affect Adventism Yes it does and I'm not going to go through all the stuff that I was planning to talk about our time is moving on here but I will say this. Before you send your children to an absence institution think very carefully. And examine their public statements and that they are that what the teaching if you go to an Adventist school that commits to being a safe space as we saw earlier today a safe spaces is code for an inclusive environment and inclusion as we saw in Iran think to assume a value today it means that nothing can be allowed to question the student self identity or journey in life if a student goes to college and thinks that he is what he is she or she is he and he thinks if he wants to engage in sexual activity outside of revealed the Bickle morality that must now be affirmed within that college nothing can be allowed to deny it or question it or even suggest that there's something wrong with it and the call to repentance must certainly be closed down because that is hate speech is a micro aggression because it says that something in your own life is not quite right so I'm not going to go into any further detail not of them to say but if your institution or your business to ques itself a safe space please understand the easy logical implications of this this is the adoption of Marxist ideology at your facility is the adoption of Marxist teachings that the marinate the young people in if your university if your business if you're employing this affects many of us in America today if your business now talks about unconscious bias on the implicit association test from Harvard which came out some years ago you need to be very careful about lists because in the Implicit Association Test they seek to identify which members you believe to be an in-group and who you believe to be on the outgroup now 3 academics at Harvard develop the Implicit Association Test and 2 of them have not come out and so they actually disagree with its accuracy it doesn't do what it purports to do unconscious bias training is rooted in the critical race theory dogma of intersectionality and it is the concept that the West and much of the world is a deadly matrix of oppression for all except heterosexual white males and that matrix of oppression is forever shifting. Depending on how your personal identity shifts how your gender shifts how it's fluid how your sexual orientation shifts by the day or month on your transit Eola gene and this leads nothing leads to nothing but bitter division as different groups vying for the most oppressed group status You may also have an employer or you may work for an institution or your business that may declare itself to be an anti racist institution and before 2020 we would say amen and amen to that because we all explicitly and intentionally disavow racism in its many forms will come on to that in a few minutes but after 2020 the phrase anti racist awful writings of candy or the bestsellers of 2020 now it has a technical meaning and we must understand anti-racist within the context of Abrahamic scandals writings a very very famous writer with America within America today racism is being continually redefined and broadened to meet the increasing demands for social justice and used to be when I was growing up that racism was understood to be prejudice of one ethnic group against another. That's what I thought racism to be and that's what we were taught from the Scriptures is fundamentally wrong and antithetical to the kingdom of God that you cannot display prejudice or hostility from one ethnic group to another you cannot say that one ethnic group is somehow better than another ethnic group but the world has moved on when it became that racism is power plus prejudice that you don't need or you don't just have prejudice now you have institutional power and because whites hold institutional power in America that means only whites can be racist and everybody else can never be racist they can be prejudiced but they can never be racist no matter what they do or say because they don't hold institutional power that was the definition even 2019 of racism that racism is institutional power plus prejudice that it was racism but the world has moved on since then and I hope you're keeping up with these ever changing definitions the latest definition as it comes from a brown mix Candy's book How to be 90 racist will he further expand the definition of racism and for candy anti-racism means supporting and instituting policies that equalize all racial disparities across all definite groups while racism consists of any policy or idea that results in racial inequity you're either racist or anti racist merely not being racist means you are still a racist you are not only not a racist if you become an anti race's activist pushing for a Marxist stupid superstate they will eliminate all policies that may never typically or unintentionally create an equal outcomes to argue that disparities may have other to contributing factors within society other than being the exclusive results of systemic white racism is now a racist position in and of itself you cannot question this candy ignores the fact in America today that there's never been any society that has ever accomplished equal outcomes not all groups it has never been accomplished on any consonant any point in human history in fact the only real equality those ever achieved in any society was in the concentration camps of Germany or the Soviet Union where everybody could die equally well together. The fact that in the United States there are many ethnic groups with very significantly better so sue the socio economic outcomes than the white community such as the Indian Americans the Filipino Americans the Taiwanese Americans the Nigerian Americans the Japanese Americans Chinese Americans Pakistani Americans and the list goes on and on the fact that there are many groups who have significantly higher so she so she can make outcomes in the white community that cannot be allowed to be part of this conversation yet Candy still interprets the world through a rigid white racism black victimization binary that bears little relation to the complexities of America today as a multicultural multiethnic and multi-faith society it seems to me that any culture or any subculture in the United States that promotes education devalues hard work that promotes this concept of savings that respects women in the nuclear family and promotes the delaying gratification for future rewards those groups within society will tend to go further than any group in society that does not hold those values yet as long as racial differentials exist critical race theory systematically blames systemic racism for everything and justifies every in every measure necessary to eliminate such differentials and on whose questions this approach is being the platforms and socially destroyed by being raped if I'm labeled as a racist I'm being counseled and then you have the reading lists. If you look at the reading lists what's being promoted in the schools you can do this go look at on the schools what they're reading lists are look at what public school are up in the school it matters not look at the books that being promoted take a hard look at those reading lists because that's the ideology that will fill your children's minds and you'll send your children to school with that crippled Christian a bit cool Well if you now come back any kind of what wonder what happens your child. Part of it is because our children are being marinated in critical race theory and Marxist ideology and it's impinge come upon us as parents to think very carefully about where we want our children to go where we counsel him to go for their education look at the reading lists that is a good indication of where the school is going so what do we say in response to the challenge of racism as Christians and very important that don't just condemn our critic critique but we actually affirm something that is positive the good news is salvation is clear that we are all created in the image of God Every man woman and child on planet Earth that each one of us has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Romans $323.00 And God has made and I quote from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth Acts 1726 we are all descended from one original family Adam and Eve and God sent His Son to the world that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but whosoever believes in him will have eternal life regardless of your race we are all represented at Calvary by the for 3 representatives of Noah's family and the foot of the cross was Simon aside Rini representing ham or the the African side of the human family the Roman centurion represented Schaffer and the thief on the cross represented shamble the semitic group of the row of the human family sham and shape with were united at Calvary all in equal need of salvation and all receive salvation from Jesus Christ and so no group has any prior claim to salvation no ethnic group has prior acts priority access to God and God longs to meet the saved of the earth drawn from every nation tribe language and people on the day when all things are made new again and so we may conclude that to espouse or uphold racist beliefs defined as the understanding that one group is somehow inferior to another. It's totally It is a it is a denial of the Gospel and an affront to our Creator racism cannot be legislated out of existence despite the best of intentions of Social Council culture and so forth it cannot be suppressed through social media campaigns it is a sin it resides within the human heart it may be driven out of polite public discourse but that cannot change the human Hopson So as Christians we are called as individuals and as a wider society to look in the mirror and to cry out with David have mercy upon me oh god according to your steadfast love and according to ever your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions including the transgression of racism and wash me thoroughly from my nicotine and Quentin's me from my sin purge me with his ship has opened I shall be clean creates me a clean heart of God and put in human right spirit within me Search me o. God and see if there be any test me know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way of a lasting as Christians we are called to ask ourselves how do we treat our brothers and our sisters do we treat our brothers and sisters our goals as God would have a street them do we think of our brothers and sisters thoughts that would bring on and glory it's why haven't we father do we work for the well being of all aspects of all parts of our wider community or are we happy to turn a blind eye when some fall behind that is not a Christian response we are called to work for the well being of all parts of our community that doesn't mean you're a critical race there rest it means you're a Christian you have a conscience and you recognise that all people are created in God's image so I have my final thoughts are these for parents carefully reflect where you send your children if those institutions are promoting critical race theory send them somewhere else it's not popular but send them somewhere else. For local members here in this church here in village and around the world as we watch online pray that God will work upon the hearts of the leaders of our colleges now schools all across the world that they will not drink at the false gospel of critical race theory but they will point g. children to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the board members of our institutional educations you are not called to be a board member so that you can fill time in your calendar you have a sacred responsibility to ensure that the ship does not steer off course take your boarders sponsibility seriously ask questions and insist that if an education institutions called Adventists then it adheres to Scripture Robin to atheist idiology and all that we do that the truth be spoken love for we are all sinners in need of God's grace I want to conclude that today this is a critical race theory as it is a difficult issue I've just kind of given a very brief summary here. I think that as Christians we must be aware we must listen to the cries of the community around us we must respond in love and was work for the betterment of every aspect of our community and we must do that in a way that on as God and God's image within our community rather than promotes atheists atheist critical race theory because that is not not going to eat anything good will just lead to further human degradation suffering. So we come to the end today of our religious liberty Sabbath it's 456 we're going to finish by 5 and we are almost that I'd like to say thank you to all of you being with us today it's been a privilege sharing with you. Thank you for coming out and supporting for those of you watching at home we want to say thank you as well for all you have meant to us we know we have a lot of comments coming in on social media I'll probably take a week and I'll take a look at those but. We want to thank you for watching online as well and I'd say thank you this often in 2 to our speakers to Dr John Markovitch Thank you sir for preparing your presentation on the Chinese culture revolution and its implications for Christians like think pasta Michael cultural Lama and choice home and Chicken Run not for your presentation on social media thank you for taking the time to prepare for that we like to thank our village religious liberty committee that's taking the time to think through these issues and to we review this move you get back and forth and what we're going to talk about and we meet quite regularly we think what's going on in our world and I'd like to think the members of the religious liberty committee for helping to put together our annual religious liberty Sabbath every every year and beyond this though this isn't just an event in the annual calendar the village church of North American division this is something that we all live with day by day and if you don't use your rights you will lose your rights so use your rights share the Gospel while you may show God's love to somebody this week help somebody who is hurting encourage someone who is depressed give some of give someone a phone call who's feeling isolated usually just libertine demonstrate the love of God in this coming week we don't just talk about this on a defensive posture one sabbath year one encourage you to live the life of Jesus be the salt of the in the light of the world in this coming week that all men may know that beyond this trouble world there is a savior and that he's coming again this father had some will close with prayer. So to Father we we thank you today for the protection of your angels we thank you Father for the freedom we enjoy here in America for what does for this incredible gift you've given us freedom of conscience and Father I pray that this liberty you've given us we will not use it to tear each other apart but we will use it for serving one another in love as the Apostle Paul wrote I thank you Father for those who've been watching online and of come to church here today as we enter this coming week Father I pray that you give each one of us some one where a family or a neighbor or a community is in need of help and father may respond with love in our hearts recognizing that this is a God given opportunity for the love of God to flow through us to those around us a lot as we minister to others may we not be so proud that we are not open to being ministered unto ourselves so father give us humble hearts give us a sense of self-awareness and all we do with the love of Jesus motivate us day by day thank you for hearing this prayer Jesus made me ask them in. 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