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05 Adam’s Fall and Jesus’ Triumph

Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter Callie Williams


God can be really unfair...



  • January 24, 2021
    9:00 AM

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That's not fair is what kids say all the time he did it he did that's not fair it's not fair it's not fair let's talk about it this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on my principles contemporary issues. Now here's your host just until within. A few experience with kids you've probably heard many times it's not fair on this episode of inversed we're looking at the Book of Romans and we're already in Chapter 5 in the studio with me Justin Kim is Jonathan Siku and Cali and we're going to read a bible verse somewhere verse 6 and for some $36.00 through 11 we're always order prayer and we want to emphasize that we're just not reading for the sake of reading we really want to get into God's word but we need God's Spirit to help us understand it not only for our own minds intellectually but also for our hearts if you want to follow along get your Bibles but also go to any verse Bible Dorji there you can download our Bible study guides and the Book of Romans is an awesome book as a beginner or as an advance Christian to get into the science. Let's go through Romans Chapter Verse 6 through love in can you pray for us let's pray loving Father we can have the Holy Spirit would be our teacher now that we would not just learn intellectually about the science of salvation but that what we learn and come to understand would have a transformative power in our lives so that we can be more like Jesus and then when you come in the kingdom you pray and pray these things in any Amen Amen Amen in. John a Soon we cover a lot so far in Chapters one through 4 Yeah so this together chapter one when we talk about well we're talking about the Gospel Gospel chapter 2 we talk about you know the contrast between righteous. Yes and unrighteousness are all on righteous launchers and shopper 3 we're all sinners all sinners also aren't for we read last week we learned about Abraham and how he is an example of what it means to believe and how that affects our justification case $38.00 but also an archetype an example if we want to partake in that faith in a very highly appreciated that episode so go out there go to hope t.v. slashing verse and go to last episode is very good on the on the dynamics of faith let's go to Romans 5 1st 6 through 11 and you can read it for us thank you. For when we were still without strength in due time Christ died for the ungodly 1st scarcely for a righteous man will one die yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die But God demonstrates His own love toward us and that while we were still centers Christ died for us much more then having now been justified by his blood we shall be saved from wrath through him for if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son much more having been reconciled we shall be saved by His life and not only that but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have now received the reconciliation thank you thank you for that this is a wonderful passage when it comes to specifically of Paul's writings I find that writing out the Bible verses helps it's there are many studies that show that writing the verses out rather than just seeing it on a screen or using booms gets it into your mind and this is why we have the Bible study guys who are the one encouraged to go there in this opportunity if you have a journal get a nice journal nothing not those cheap ones that you get from Walmart for $2.00 for $2.00 to $5.00 but I like to those with those really do. You have to open them sometimes they're glued shut or you want to open them you want to write them in there in there are wonderful things that pop out and specifically for Paul these writings he uses a lot of repetition we've seen from chapter to chapter repetition we see the 3 I am in chapter one we see circumcision circumcision circumcision in the last chapter but in this passage what is what is a motif that you see me see there. I see. Death death death for sure you see death is repeated throughout their. Verse 6 is very cool it says that while we were without strength Yeah you see that phrase while we were without strength and then what's the phrase after that Christ died you know me take up some of the propositional phrases there but Christ the universe 8 in says while we were still sinner you see Christ and then you go to verse 10 says while or when it's the same while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his not so it's like Jesus dying is really the answer to all these things we see a progression there while we were without strength while we were weak while we were on God while we were sinners and while we're enemies you see this intense. So let's go into this verse what's what's this passage talking about what were the main points there I really love in the beginning the point of pause making at least one of them is showing us the heart of God God is willing you know to take this risk while we're still without strength died and he says he goes into this example you know you might die for a good person but but God die for us while we are still sinners where we have no desire to showing indicate in any way that we want him that we desire salvation God went way beyond and says I'm making a dollar payment here you know towards the. Possible almost impossibility of anyone you know might have interest in me and I'm willing to take that risk for the possibility of at least one person saying yes to me that is beautiful God would have been willing to do that even if no one said yes because that's the heart of God and this informs us in our relationship towards him you know we can approach him if this is our God who's willing to do that while we're still sinners we can run into his arms as he is that good Father Jesus talked about so that's just one thing that popped up to me here really to the heart of God being willing to take that risk even with knoll security that there will be any results of this you know while we're still in this relationship you have gone and you have humanity and from the revelation of scripture in God's heart there is no barrier like God is all wanting to engage with humanity so then the limiting factor is not with God it's with humanity and question is what is it about humanity that does not want a relationship with God we've been talking about from previous episodes the lack of a it could be of love force and love forces me. To know that intensification that you mentioned you know while we were when we were without strain when it was sent as and then you know when we're enemies. When we're incapable of doing anything to come to him when we're actually doing things that would be a poor and to him but not just would be important to him when we were doing things against him we're his enemy. And it really is possible thinking about that intensification that God would push through somebody like that like when we think about relationships you know and when Jonathan when you're speaking I just thought of the picture of you know a guy pursuing you know a love interest you kind of you think she is she's beautiful all you know she's desirable but this is he's pursuing something not just undesirable lacking in internal low quality. Or undesirable but he's pursuing one who is antagonistic towards himself. That it's mind blowing that God is like that. I think to your question I think one of the things that's lacking in the world is for people to see that picture of who God is I think a lot of people reject God but they reject the picture that they have of God they reject the God who when they think God has wrath you know must have to one they think all he's angry and he's just. Like they kind of they're rejecting that picture of God but I really believe that a lot of people if they saw this picture of God the God who is pursuing you when you are being antagonistic towards him like just that just melts your heart and the world is knocking your name for that picture to be represented which the onus media's on us will have a relationship with and often we humanity imposes our humanity upon God's care and this right so if I miss angry vindictive petty person off for sure God must be justice or petty and and indictive and I watch worship so there is this kind of weird spiral internal thing that we go into a God That's what a revolution is needed something out of humanity show that God is not an awesome meditation they're also meditation. My son. Is currently 6 years old we had a we had a feel logical discussion and I love when we have theological discussions or talk about me and then you know we were we moved on from that I mean you were talking about Cain and Abel and you kind of space and was like don't get in focus and start saying like you know it's totally unfair. Told him like what I want because I want worship more like what's what's going on like well what's unfair he's like because of. Like we're all in this mess and I was like This is the boss of what was it there was a girl inside that you know and and he was just going off on like how. Unfair it is and you know children know very sensitive we what fairness is this is what I love about Chapter 5 and I wish he was of the age where he could understand condemnation and justification and some of these words that we found in a Roman super fine let's go to Rome chapter 5 verse 12 and will continue on there therefore just as through one man sin entered the world and death through sin thus death spread from all men because all sinned for until the last it was in the world but sin was imputed it was not imputed when there is no law nevertheless death reign from Adam to Moses even over those who had not sin accord to likeness of the transgression of Adam who is the type of Him who is to come but the free gift is not like the offense or if by one man's offense many died much more the grace of God and the gift by the grace of one man Jesus Christ because through one person we are in this mess and my son was theologically completely correct but the other half the equation is just as unfair as that is the other unfair component which ironically makes that fair is that who Jesus Christ we are made we are made righteous. How how does this this this compute how does this impact us in terms of every day every day the. Spiritual Living Yeah how many of you heard ever like no it's just that's we're human we're human of course you're supposed to fail this chapter it goes against that kind of ideology you know how do we process this I think it's beautiful because we are being told here that yes we are in a way we are God is acknowledging the reality that the domino effect that started with Adam has affected all of us and it's beautiful to see that God acknowledges this guy was not saying well you should be perfect you know you're should be taking care of yourself and be better got to think you are in a situation yes because of one Mr aggression but also because of your own progress. Transgressions. But there is a solution the other Adam which the new Adam Jesus Christ comes in and he offers a new domino effect a domino effect of righteousness that leads you to salvation and eternal life and so. While God acknowledges the reality he also says hey I'm going to offer you a new reality a better reality healing and. That will eventually lead to eternal life but even now in this life can have an effect of righteousness sort of so an effect of grace that will penetrate your life and everyone you know that you come in contact with God is offering a beautiful alternative to disability all to everybody through Jesus. As you say you know we often most of the time when we say something is unfair it's when something negative happens to us something positive happens we don't say oh you know this is someone like you so much good. By breathing today. If you wanted to be. But when we think about something that things being unfair we're not thinking God is on fairly blessing most of the time but like you're saying like it goes both ways really hurt you know the unfairness of God is fairness for Humanity We'll talk more the more about this after the break. Has been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while do you join us like. I handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. And welcome back so you were saying that how blessed she was because she gets to breathe every single day. Yeah that's true it's true I think you're going to say like hey I got a $1000000.00 that's that's I'm really lucky and the opposite person or the. The person push the limits or. It's unfair that are pushing as if. She has to breathe one of my points that makes sense yeah I guess what I'm speaking to is that when God when God gives us benefits we typically don't count those benefits as unfairness it's only you know it's kind of like the status quo like this is what I deserve you know I've been reading one Cor talks about you know when we were when my husband and I were thinking about having children and praying about it you know under somebody like children when you bring children into this world it's like they didn't ask to be brought into this world you know also you have a responsibility as a parent you know to take care of them and to nurture them because they don't ask for this right and I remember as a child thinking that be like I don't ask all those dead ass to be born like so now why do I have to be obedient and. It is like I don't ask for for the right and it's always in the negative negative things I guess as we perceive them but yes we don't ask to be born into this world we don't ask to have the legacy of sin nor did we ask for Jesus to have died for us you know that's that's why I say while we were yet sinners will win without strength this was not something that we proactively thought this is something that God offered so in as much as us existing was not something that we requested the opportunity to have an abundant life to have an experience that is beyond you know what we currently experience that is not something we requested either so really the playing field is level when it comes to that and the awesome thing I think is that we have an opportunity to make a choice on how we live our lives in this world yes I've been asked to be here but now I actually have a choice about how I'm going to fit. In and it also just reminds me of things we've talked about the past about how we can have these spiritual hierarchy in our mind right like I'm better than or what worse than or whatever and we can't we can fall into. Mindset of entitlement of you know even using the breathing like example of like I deserve to live I deserve all these good things I deserve good relations I deserve this job and you don't know you don't like I don't like we didn't merit any of those things so it's also true I don't think God wants us to be costly Grob and I thank you for this breath thank you for that breath like I don't. Get it but it should lead us not to an obsessive gravelly but it should lead us to a life of humility and humility is not even self-abasement itself forgetfulness and so when we were worshipping it when we're serving others it's about it's other people focus so I think that's a good thing to remember to excite no personally like what I want to be entitled like you have the opposite extreme is just like oh I hate this and I'm terrible that up but you know God has given us value and sacrifice in Christ for us and so we need to remember that and appreciate that and live that life humility of thankfulness and remember this is where we came from Romans violent while we were in the reason because like you I want that person. And not just humility but I think this reality should instilled in us an attitude of gratitude Yeah that's very true because in this section from verse 12 to 21 it's something that that I see repeated often is that that's there's much more yet much more much more much more and what is it that is much more yes you know sin abounded right so sin the bounded verse 20 Grace abounded much more. Whereby one man's offense death the brain through one much more of those who receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness plain in life through the want like so what yes the ground is leveled in terms of you know it was unfair that we were born into this world of butt. You know God levels that you know by giving us Jesus and giving us an opportunity for redemption but what the text is saying is actually what he gives us is much more so he doesn't just level the playing field he like gives us he gives us a foot up you know like gives us an advantage in what Jesus Christ has done for us on spot on verses 12 through through 15 there through 14 there is he's addressing that unfairness Yeah you know one Adam caused all this bad problems but Jesus brought on the good stuff so it's like a world where we're into one it's the same one to one but them from 14 from 1415 on words 15 the but the free gift is not like the 1st 16 and the gift is not like so now instead of comparing the 2 now a contrast thing to do these sure are different because like you said one blows the other one out of the water one is a gift and one just does much more and I love that the difference between the 2 that really impacts me is that one is chosen and the other one is and. So he requires every single person to make that choice to accept the gift whereas the other one it's whether you choose it or not you got it and that's unfortunate predicament all humanity is already in the go to reverse 17 is a 1st for something for if by one man's death one man's offense death reign through one much more those receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the one Jesus Christ and I just love that one just circle 111 so that's another 11111111111 it's like Paul gets into this you can't get out of that 1111 can writing. Yeah. What I love about this contrast of Paul is giving us here is you know when you think of Adam he was the 1st created being here today for the 1st created human and he is you know genetically. Physically the father of all humanity he is the representative the Bible calls him the Son of God not in the sense that Jesus was but you know as he was created by God and Goddess our father you know and the creator but now Jesus was saying I'm going to step into this role of being the representative of humanity I'm going to become human when he in his incarnation Jesus Lord himself as God living amongst us providing all these wonderful blessings we just talked about salvation and grace but also taken upon himself the identity and responsibility of. Representing humanity in the judgment so this is this is mind blowing when you think about God and Jesus not just coming down doing like a drive by salvation like all right here is salvation he's saying. He is coming and he's staying yes he when he went to heaven I don't mean physically sitting here on earth but he is committing himself he is he had to Schumann for the human body when he went to heaven he is he has for ever identified himself with humanity and that teaches me so much about the character of God I mean one of the wonderful amazing God of love that would do something like that for me not just providing you know salvation but so much more Jesus is forever going to be my brother you know father and Savior and creator but also my brother calls my brother so does shift it just I'm just amazed by that reality and Orwell because that makes me want to just love him so much more and worship him so much. Amazing and if I could go back to what you're saying about that 11. You know he's talking about one man right Adam and then goes and he's talking about the. Just just as a broad principle you know just the impact that one being can have you know that one decision that he made to disobey. You know the ramifications for all of humanity you know throughout all time and and I think sometimes we can we can feel rightfully in consequential you know because we're like a speck of dust in the cubes universe and yet the decisions and the choices that we make that's just that one little decision that one little me makes can have an impact for Adam that one decision that he made had that had those negative impact on history. But the that one life lived by Jesus and this is of course an unparalleled life because of who he is and the life that he lived but just that contrasts that that one life lived by one individual has may have altered history all over again. So in my little life the decisions that I make my choice to accept this free gift that one decision that I make as one person can have an impact like the ramifications and the implications for other people's lives in huge so like the impact that one life can have you know on history on other people's lives and we sometimes don't think about you that. I don't like. I don't like that because I'm very comfortable in blaming Adam. I continue to blame Adam and be something that. But you're saying Jesus was born free choice back to me. And I'm an Adam. And you're or you're and Eve But you know where they're going to. In other words. We could be doing the same thing that Adam did is likely right because of what Jesus has done for us we're back at that tree you know and with the choices that we make I'm back at that tree and I could choose to obey God and choosing to obey God could have positive implications I mean for. For my children you know but for for my peers the people that are living around me you know as we saw a scene with the pandemic what choices that we make in our personal impact other people's lives you know so like. Every decision that I'm making and Jesus has given me the freedom we also have the luxury to positively the past and also the president. Did not have that quote and as a luxury. That he didn't have that we do and that is that that is the difference that we have between both the same scenario in that sense I want to go back to verse 20 with more of the law interred and the offense might have been around where grace abound the grace abounded much more and that's always the grace abounding more I mean that that is we have certain advantages this side of the cross in the sense. Of saying when we align ourselves with the Son of God Jesus in our new Adam and then the power of His grace will flow through us as we live our lives in alignment with him and doing His will and it will be more powerful than the darkness around us and not that we have power but Jesus through us through the presence of the Holy Spirit wants to literally bring light and life into other people's lives and that will be something that will be stronger than the darkness to surround us because God's power is through in all of it so a life lived with our Emmanuel with our Jesus our 2nd Adam is a life of light and Grace and it will abound and spring forth from someone who himself would have so that I just want to be part of that you know the more I think of this amazing I just want to be part of I want to part of the lineage of darkness I want to part of the lives of life with a minimum and I don't know about you but this is a very sobering Bible study for me it was saying but this drives me to the foot of the Cross really relying on the grace of God and my natural inclination to look I want to choose I want to choose this. If you haven't done already by yourself get on your knees and say Lord I want to choose your son and for whatever I blame humanity for whatever I blame an employee if you blame Eve Maybe that's your thing whatever it is blame and say I want grace to abound in my life personally and I want to make that choice that is a minus and surprise here Lord forgive me for all the sins I've committed and also for all that my panel has since it well and also for you this is the predicament we are in a bowl left scene of a Bible study for you it has been for us God bless you I will see you next week here on in verse continuing our study of both. Her. You've been listening to a Bible based on the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter. Your host just to. Invest is brought to you by the folks at television that changes life but this morning's episode there's an inverse to watching find this on social media. In the 1st 5. Next time this is enforced.


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