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The most powerful force in the universe.



  • February 15, 2021
    9:00 AM

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Scholars have been studying the most powerful force in the universe for centuries Let's talk about it on this episode of interest. Coming to you from Silver Spring and welcome to. The Bible based conversation on. Contemporary Issues provoking. Now here's your host Justin within. It's not ionic bonds or covalent bonds or gravity it is the most powerful force in the universe in the studio we have Jonathan Sebastian Cally and myself Justin Kim and you're watching in verse and we're so glad you have decided to join us in our study on the book of Romans so hey guys we hear about book of Roman salvation from week to week and I'm very excited about Chapter 8 yeah chapter he it is like this apex this climax that we've been building up for about 78 weeks and we're going to get into the scriptures so let's go to Romans chapter 8 1st 31 through 39 but before we reach Sebastian can you pray for us. Let's pray. Off father we are grateful for your word and we're grateful Lord to be here today we ask Lord that as we study the good news of Romans chapter 8 more with our spirits would be lifted that would grant us excitement hope for the future and know that you may bless us with clarity in the understanding and all that Paul is trying to say is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen so Romans chapter 8 verse 3139 and if you're watching out there we want to really encourage you to take out your Bibles get it out and open up to Romans either go to the table of contents and find where Romans is or if you know where a man says Go there go to chapter 8 in the most translations and after Chapter 7 and go to verse 31 and Cal if you can read. The strength that was Ok verse $31.00 What then shall we. Say to these things if God is for us who can be against us he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things who shall bring a charge against God's Elect it is God who justifies Who is he who condemned it is Christ who died and furthermore is also risen who is even at the right hand of God who also makes intercession for us who shall separate us from the love of God shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword as it is written for your sake we are killed all day long we are counted as sheep for the slaughter yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels are principalities and powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord Ok so the Book of Romans is awesome but Romans chapter 8 doesn't take really like cake chapters. Even the last part that you read just beautiful. Poetry and just go right in and just fly in out into places. Just in the work for so those who may be watching for the 1st time this episode kind of cover us from one through 7 jumping to 8 yeah I mean Roman is the apex you know almost the final part of the crescendo in Paul's argument for salvation but it starts in chapter one really got into God Well God Paul introduced the concept of salvation and how beautiful the gospel is not important it is to end up with 3 cover reality that we are all sinners whether you do a Greek or Pagan or Barry and we're all sinners we all need Jesus before you're just a prototype. What it means to trusting God and how we obtain salvation and that's why the story of Abraham Abraham he was the righteousness by faith chapter 5 introduces us to the reality that yes we are in the lineage of Adam physically but Jesus became our new Adam and so we are called now to join him in the legions of righteousness of him and he is our next new Adam spiritual renewal takes place salvation takes place in Jesus chapter 6 and 7 then. Next we. Have to focus then on you know. Now that I have given my life to Jesus what does that look like what are some of the challenges you know we have a sinful nature how do we deal with that in our lives and Chapter 7 talks about the struggle. Comes to you know an end here and if I can read a quick temper 7 verse 25. 2424 there's a wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of this I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord and then he says so then with the mind I myself serve the Law of God over the flesh aloft and he's saying that I I want to serve God I know that I don't have the power in myself to do it and in Chapter 8 The Universe section that we didn't read talks about how you know the Holy Spirit's help this is possible and this is where we end up where we are today I really love the writings of Paul because for those of you who are out there who may be Bible journey journaling or if you are using our online bible study guides which you can go to in verse Bible you can download and get all the entire series of inverse Bible study guides especially this quarter on the book of Romans each chapter has a particularly word Yeah Paul does this kind of gets fixated on his one word it just says over and over and over and over so in Chapter 5 he's saying 111-1111 man one man one man one man caused it to happen one man caused it to happen in. Chapter sick. Dead dead dead dead dying dying dying death that dead dead dead dead dead dead dead Chapter 7 is law la la la la la la la la la la la la la la and then Chapter 8 The golden question is what is that word that's repeated in Chapter 8 over and over and over again and that one's looking down in their Bibles and searching for it and it's the words spirits spirits spirits spirits spirits better spiritual or spirits or spirits spirits and it's this is really the secret to Bible study to see that repetition and for those of you who are Bible journaling I'm a Bible general and myself I highly advocate that you write the Bible verses out for those of you who are addicted to your thumb. In the world using your own whole hand is a great exercise or for scribing out the text through Soul Let's go smash what's going on Chapter 8 Why does he all of a sudden bust into the Holy Spirit in the spirit why I think the 1st thing that he's trying to establish is to basic reality number one is that now that you're in Christ and you have this relationship with Jesus there's no condemnation so you're going to want you know right in the 1st one so he says there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to the flesh and I'm going to pause there for a 2nd because now he's establishing that you are in this struggle of Romans 7 but the difference is you're in Christ so now as you're going through this struggle you don't have to worry about if you're condemned but now how do I continue to live life between you know the 1st verse of there's no condemnation to nothing can separate me from being in Christ and the love that's present in Christ nothing can separate me from that love from being in him but life is not that simple in between and that's the 2nd part where he says but you're walking the According to The Spirit So everything that's filling in that I'm in Christ I have a relationship with Jesus and eventually Christian doing right to this nothing will ever be able to separate me from the love of God and being in that relation with him. What these struggles is all overseen led guided filled by the Holy Spirit that it isn't worth the you said there is a struggle there is a dissonance attention this. This I don't know groaning and yes going does mention that he does mention that the creation groans but there is this one on one level we got this we got this and right it will continue to grind at each other but still we have can have victory Yeah and I just love that there is that trajectory that is pointed to John and I don't want to add to that and Paul doesn't talk much about this here but it's important I think for us to have that in mind that what is the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is one of the persons of the Godhead and when Jesus before he left and went to heaven he said I'm not going to leave you orphaned I'm going to send the Holy Spirit who will be with you and in you. Is To promise of God's presence in Rome life Roache means that he will bring whatever Jesus wants in our life into reality in our hearts him through the Holy Spirit Jesus is present in our lives Jesus is being reproduced in our lives in the character transformation so the Holy Spirit is God's presence it is God in us and that is I mean the ultimate. Promise of God When you think about it you know in the Old Testament it talks about it Emmanuel God with us right the promise of the Messiah he will come to us but that is not enough God wants to literally live in us and with us and you know he wants to connect us with him in that spiritual sense just a mind blowing concept the Holy Spirit is one of the most powerful forces in the universe this chapter talks about love being on the most powerful force in the universe which I hope the one most powerful universe and we're not going to hear and compare the 3 in because that's the for this exercise. Piggybacking on Jonathan verse $2626.00 Chapter 8 The Bible says Likewise the spirit also has. In our weakness out of promise for we do not know what we should pray as we ought but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered so here we are groaning in creation is groaning about the Holy Spirit is groaning and then he and the Holy Spirit is interceding on our behalf so this good news is this good news is this like struggling is a good sign yes there is a sign of life sign of life you're living your striving but remember he's talking about you were dead in trespasses and sins right so there's a component that if you're alive then you're struggling against the flesh against the weaknesses and that means that the Holy Spirit is active in your life and it's always the case of the devil that ever God is leading you to a victory he's going to act up before God fully accomplishes that and because he knows he doesn't have a lot of time series or what can I do before I get expelled from this situation and it's just like somebody who's you know throwing the scene I was at the d.m.v. renewing my tag and the guy was upset that lady's like you cannot renew it you don't have the right paperwork and the line was like out the door down the sidewalk around the building and he was like I'm not always around the building. I didn't present another. It is like I'm not getting to the back of the line right or she's like Sir I don't want the Costa curity you know so because he realizes he's about to get expelled and he has to get to the back of the long line again I mean he literally just threw a scene and security had to carry him out of the v. and you're just like it's the devil is the same way he's about to get expelled from your life the influence of sin is about to get expelled so let me throw a big scene because I'm about to be gone and I think it was about and things really important that. The struggle is part of it but we talk about you know we rest in Christ we have you know that that peace which we celebrate on the Sabbath and we rest in all salvation and that is exactly Paul's point you arrest you are you have justification you rest in Him. Then there is still a work that's being done that work does not merit towards your salvation because Jesus provides all its merits right that's right is important there is rest yes we can rest assured that we have you know when we walk with Jesus we have salvation but Jesus wants us you know to grow and that's what a struggle comes and it's kind of like you know you're drawn up for you know what he calls it the studio look at the club you have a membership but just because you can't lift weights doesn't mean they're going to kick you out you are in their role and to you know be strengthened and it's a process and they're not going to throw you off just because you can well there's a couple Jim settled there who. I want to I want to ask is there any difference between those who may struggle and those who may struggle without God you know we're all in the struggle together what is the difference between the struggle before Jesus and the struggle after Jesus We'll talk about it after the break. Embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or you too well do you join us like. I handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Welcome back we're going to go to Romans chapter 8 verse 5 and Kelly can you read it for us so you can 1st 5 says for those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh but those who live according to the spirit the things of the spirit right so the question I mean. Struggle is good right but struggle before Jesus a lot of people do right maybe maybe some not everyone but there are several things and I struggle after Jesus so what in the world the difference between the 2 yet and the answer is found even in that verse and I love the practicality of a where you set your mind because not talking about walking with the Spirit now. The flash like what is I mean and this is this is the cornerstone of what it means of where you're setting your mind and an easy way for me to kind of really missed all of this is talking about just reflecting on my own experience because I became a Christian when I was about 17 and I struggled before I was 17 there's this it's really hard to be a teenager honestly and there was lots of struggles as heart read one of those do not and I remember struggling those years but my my mind was not set on Christ my mind was not set on on prayer or communion it was set on my struggle and I was set on myself and set on strategies to try to get out of the struggle or minimize it which never worked and so I look back on those old journals in which there is no Jesus of the books it's just it's just struggle and that's you know the difference I think because when we set our minds on Christ we're not focusing on the struggle we're focusing on the solution good for our focus on the one who gives us victory and so you only focus on the struggle as much as redirect your attention to Christ so sometimes that certain struggles might look the same outwardly but it's just where is my mind where is my confidence where is where my trying to go where my trying to find my help from from my own strategies of my own like pull myself up or is it like Jesus please come into my life and give me this vague you know it's interesting it reminds me of a c.s. Lewis quote where he says you know you don't judge a man by where he is because you don't know how far he has come in this idea that sometimes when we come to Christ and we're thinking about our struggle we're not realizing how far we've had we have actually come and it's almost like we have a short memory we forgot what it was like to be stuck in this every single day and now it's like well only for once every 4 months or I only make this mistake every once in a while when before this was your way of life always and in that sense it's like yeah you may not be a 100 percent there but look how far you have come so don't judge yourself by necessarily where you are but look back. Can see how God has led you from the mess that was your life in the past if I were to need to think into abstract terms and so I just see it as one is this infinit no never ending struggle maybe you can make it more of a normal normal object with normal version is like I hate running. Red Mill and it's never a right and you tried treadmills are horrible so the struggle you're going through the I can't breathe I'm sweating I hate this experience my days are for it's on forever where is the post that I've never run a marathon but or a regular race is run outside and there's actually ground that you have covered and there is actually more ground but I guess we're going to see an end goal as you go through the same experience you also have someone running with you and so it's a lot it's different it's a different experience when you go to reverse 18 is was where I'm getting is. For $6.00 to $18.00 sorry for I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which will be revealed in us so we see Jesus Jesus gives us strength of the Spirit now and then we see kind of the end goal we're going to become like Jesus running through time you know like I still may have the same struggles but I have victory over some of the struggles I'm a better person today than I was yesterday but I still have a way to go when I see Jesus so that it's kind of this kind of I don't know g.p.s. cord it's where we are there's kind of a. Ecosystem that I know where I am Jeff and Kelly and that's sorry. If you jump in verses 42 or 36. Everywhere you know that if you hear it on the rain working its kind of reiterating what you thing it says here actually verse 35 this is this who separate us from love cries the tribulation distress persecution famine they can this peril sword you know so this is maybe more of the extra nl talk more of the struggle but the external struggle of living a righteous life. Are real I mean there's persecution taking place people are suffering and even if you're faithful to God you know the devil gets onto your case verse 36 as it is written for your sake we're killed all day long we're come to the sheep for the slaughter so this is the reality right get 37 in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us so while we have the Holy Spirit helping us with the internal struggle he also gives us strength to go walk through the extreme struggle and even those struggles that we now see as so huge will in the light of eternity become insignificant This is of course not always easy to deal with when it comes to our feelings and emotions in the moment but we can we can trust that God will walk with us through it all because this is the whole point of this chapter that God is with us he's for us he's in you he's in and why and keep in mind that he's talking about tribulation in distress to us to the church in Rome right which presenter heavy persecution so he's clearly recognising that you are probably going through some external problems you're going to distress and persecution and starvation in famine but that hasn't separated you from the love of God and I think that undergirds the path and the wherewith all we need to continue to experience that victorious life which says like well just because my circumstances have gotten worse doesn't mean my relationship with Jesus has gotten worse doesn't mean his love has weakened or that I've damaged him put a chip in the armor of his eternal love as well somehow it will work for everybody else but his love is not that is is not going to last for me right I'm going to wear it out and I think that's what Paul is trying to drive through that experience makes me want to be cognizant of the current sufferings I'm experiencing right now I mean in it's weird because in our current generation wants to get away from suffering so much the hospital you want to binge watch and you know what Netscape Netscape. Like many years. Yes our back like to do with our bad. Back yes it's going to be so like we want to get away from it but any embrace is suffering in a sense that we're becoming you know this massive you know whatever it is. And embracing it but you know as a single person and those of you out there who may be single you there are certain sufferings that single people experience and then when you're married there are certain sufferings that married people experience. And then when you have kids you experienced so much suffering as a parent and then when your career and your children grow up and there are teenagers there are certain sufferings there and in their mid life and then there's when the kids leave I mean so every stage is it's suffering and rather than wanting to Xscape from chemical or entertainment or whatever it is whatever choice you have Christianity and through the strength of Christ and the Holy Spirit a little bit we are there is an end goal and soul it makes me not want suffering more but acknowledges its presence and say how does this make me more like Jesus as a result rather than just trying to find every way to get away from it whereas before Christ it's these things exist they're going to be here forever and I got to get away from it and life is a a search away from suffering John and Paul I mean Paul speaks from his own experience he read the book of Acts you know what he went through I mean he went through much more than we probably all will ever go through being stoned and shipwreck and all those things and then of course martyred in the end but Verse 28 and separates here Paul is making a powerful point he says and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God to those who are called according to his purpose so the promise here is if you are walking with Jesus in the way we just you know explain all the suffering all the struggles where the internal external will have what God is going to be using that in order to shape your character and lead you on that means you. That embrace it even if it's hard you know from a flesh you know perspective if you say Ok I will I will accept what comes. That does not mean of course that we have to put ourselves into you know the way or accept abuse and those kind of things but it means that we. We can know to God will help us through the struggle and he will give us wisdom in that direction in the whole process and he has an end goal for us which is of course glorification right and then. Let's go to the question in verse 15 taken from verse 14 for as many as are led by the spirit of these are the sons of God you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear you receive the spirit of adoption by Abba Father the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God and of children heirs in heirs of God in joint heirs with Christ and indeed we suffer with him that he me that we me also be glorified together got 2 questions What is Abba Father is that some Swedish. Word there or is that and then we talk about we can tell my suffering and how are we suffering together with Christ these are 2 questions that well immediately right the concept of was kind of like a Jewish familiar way of saying like Daddy or papa or whatever you know people use and so that concept of you know being this enduring term. That he's he's essentially trying to drive us back to the nature of that closeness of relationship you're not being adopted under bondage or you're being adopted in this spirit in which you're actually embrace and you can call him Father you're that close to him but then that nature that Jesus is so excited to welcome you into the royal family to call you his brother in to say look I'm not going to keep this inheritance from myself we're going to be joined together and then he he understands that big. As we are now sons of God the same way that Jesus imperfect reflection of the character of God lived on this earth he suffered he was mistreated he was misunderstood he was betrayed he went through struggles in the wilderness and temptation is all these types of things he's saying by suffering together we're going to be glorified together in old timidly he's saying that that difference between National will be for death struggle after now is that you have hope that's the core element here it's like through the Spirit through this relationship with Christ yet you're struggling but the difference is you have hope there is and then go and change is in the end and so I think that's a profound thing that he's trying to draw in those 2 points you know it's a beautiful themes here there's there's hope there's the Holy Spirit there's love there's suffering that is it's all inclusive I guess this this passage for me is an interesting diagnostic how many of us can actually call. God Daddy that if that affection which is not something that comes naturally to many of us God is a distant God we need even acknowledge God's presence God's power in our lives God being provident and they're alive but they say that we were tight you know like hey we're we're super tight and into even call him Daddy it's so without a long term relationship that's kind of an awkward thing and it makes you think about I think a sequel to previous episode that says hey or whatever it was they were sitting here they're saying hey I'm going to live my life and be for Jesus comes I'm going to just repent and then boom I'm in the good it's a mathematical calculation but there is an invested relationship that makes time so you can't live the life that you want to live and all of a sudden I'm sorry for everything and hey dad you know and it's just a very. Awkward relationship and Jesus says I know you know. What are some some instances in your guys' lives where you feel or you know that this is suffering that. God has ordained for you and you have either overcome or you're still overcoming or you know you're relying on the hope of God on John I don't know I would I don't think we will consider suffering under with people and with on of the public sometimes I feel God put certain people in my way to really humble me and to make me more patient and kind and that is a very 1st world kind of suffering but. You know that's something that just popped into my mind and I embraced and I thank God for it because it shows that So a lot he has to work on in my social suffering is one of the most common ways that God brings different types of people different characters and different personalities and they rub off in the wrong way maybe that's you maybe it's your marriage maybe it's your kids maybe it's your in-laws or maybe it's just you being by yourself who we need to strength to embrace the suffering that God has ordained that is my prayer that's all of you out there thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here and verse as we study the wonderful book of Romans on the science of salvation. You've been listening to a Bible based on the sage. Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could die your host. Is brought to you by the. Television that changes like this morning ever so there's a. Whole to. Find this on social media. In the 1st. Next time this isn't.


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