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Impossible problems with simple solutions.



  • February 22, 2021
    9:00 AM

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If you ever had a problem that you just could not solve and someone came they just snap their fingers and a problem with salt or and look at that in Romans Chapter 9 to 11 on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based conversation. Contemporary. Thought provoking. Post just until within. The book of Romans solve these big problems of the universe from salvation to sin to hope his Holy Spirit and in Chapters 9311 we look at the problem of Israel thanks so much for joining us we are in the studio with Sebastian Jonathan Siku and myself Justin Kim and we are studying the book of Romans so we want to encourage you out there to take out your Bibles if you haven't been doing already for the last 8 episodes we are in this arc of the book of Romans and getting into that text into the verse in verse Welcome you guys think you guys do it. We know we're going to pray and we're going to read and we're going to talk in the study and we're to pray more and then we're going to repent and then we're going to be awesome yeah this is kind of r r. R r r u r r just think and pray for us. Heavenly Father I want to thank you so much for this day and the opportunity we have to study the Bible again a preview please I will bless the study may the words make a difference in our lives and for our viewers as well and we invite your spirit to guide us this week praying Jesus' name amen. Chapters 9 through 11 are considered to be one of the most difficult passages of a book of Romans and maybe even the New Testament outside of Revelation with Revelation can be very. Kind of does that yeah gets into the nitty gritty and he's wrestling with these these huge themes Let's go chapter and verse 9 through 13 and let's read the core of this passage and Sebastian if you don't. All right that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus in believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you will be saved for with a heart one believes on to righteousness and with the mouth confession is made on to salvation for the scripture says Whoever believes on him will not be put to shame but there is no distinction between Jew in Greek for the same board over all is rich to all who call upon him for whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved thanks. We 8 chapters Yeah just without. As much as as best as you can where have we been to and where we coming to in this in this point of Romans Ok So really briefs are not really very. Detailed as as Oh. Oh those of every So after all along in the Bible what you know Ok so Romans chapter one young start with the gospel the Gospel is awesome and then Paul establishes that we all need the Gospel Yes we have all sinned chapter to chapter 3 everybody has been. Where the a Jew or Gentile with the of knowledge you don't have knowledge like we are all in the same boat we need change. And then he goes and he gives what how we access this is through faith and he gives us a picture of that in the life of Abraham in chapter 4 and then have to 5 who makes this possible is Jesus Christ in this mess because of one man Adam and we come out of this mess because of one man Jesus and so we have salvation and then he goes and oh no I got stuck in my head up to 6 and 7 he talks about John Oh you know the life of. The actual experience because practical. If. The practical experience of what that looks like in chapter 7 he talks about that internal struggle that you go through and what helps us with all of that it's Jesus and alternately that we can live the life through the Holy Spirit in Chapter 8. Also most it's interesting how this is actually a very systematic study. Process that says the system system just mitigation in different ways. I see it as in terms of the word were words that repeated 111 in 5 death and 6 law and 7 is pretty prosperous spirit in 8 but you look at experientially and it's totally different way of looking at it I haven't looked at 7 in an experienced way but it is totally you know I do I do I do do but I don't. Recall more to date a person I am dating and I don't like existential existential. Categorising are so yes how do you guys what do you guys have a mac your p.c.. I can tell you that we are thinking No it's true Ok Very good I don't know what that means. So he's abstract and Sebastian the philosopher philosopher expert All right so philosopher abstract an exponential list I'll go to chapter 9 through 11 and all of a sudden Paul shifts gears in a sense and there's 2 theories one says that Paul is like totally talking something different has nothing to do with one street and then another theory says that you know he's talking one through 8 this is a natural problem that comes out of one through 8 and 9 through 11 is its own section he does talk about you know what happens to Israel how do we deal with Israel what do you do with a problem like Israel. Not our friend Israel but the entity of Israel and a historical Israel what do we do with 9 through 11 this is a hard pass and you know I really you know that some people struggle with like how does he turn from a chapter 8 now into this topic random just I don't think it is in the mind of Paul who go to chapter 8 verse 39 he you know he's just a description of God's love nothing can separate us read verse $39.00 it's this nor any other created thing shall be able to separate. From the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord at this point Paul you know I imagine he hears in his eyes because he's so well and this is so beautiful but then he thinks of all his fellow friends you know and family and what he grew up to believe in and to live for verse one of chapter 9 now says. You know I tell you the truth in Christ I'm not blind my conscience also bear me witness in the Holy Spirit that I have great sorrow and continual grief in my heart for I could have wished for cursing Christ for my bread wron my countrymen according to my flesh Paul says this is the Gospel this is what it's all about Jesus in your heart the Holy Spirit living in your heart living the victorious life of joy and surrender right and now he thinks back on what he used to live and all all the people he knows and they're missing out on this you know in a day missing a point so I think there is a connection here and I think that's kind of and I don't know but this is my guess is this is how Paul is thinking now and now he goes into this x. or Titian about what happens to Israel and let's also look at the fact that when he said that he was not ashamed of the Gospel that it's now we're gone and right to the Jew 1st so he's also really realizing that the church in Rome isn't just Romans it's not just Gentiles Greeks and barbarians there's also Jews involved and Paul is in to supporting the fact that he doesn't want them to think that because he's preaching this thing that it goes everybody that Ok what do we do with the fact that these Jews had this message 1st they had this information for us Jesus was a Jew he was born of Mary and how we're going to navigate that and he's also kind of connecting with an every day believer now like Jonathan referenced when he says there in verse 3 for I could wish that I myself were cursed from Christ for my brother and my countrymen according to the flesh bore Israelites to whom pertained the adoption. The glory the covenants the giving of the mall the service of God and the promises we all when we've come to that the blessing of the Gospel we have people in our lives that we're thinking about that may not necessarily be in our church through a spiritual relationship but the actual earthly family blood relationships and Paul is like I have a I have this burden and we can see that Paul is bringing out this problem because his family were integral to the bringing on of the covenants and the promise of the so can you imagine it was your family by how all of this was introduced as a people. And now they're like we rejected it I mean that's hard to think like we had it this beautiful mess as I just explained for age. And my family history this is very important and this is kind of a hint also of us to our next season we're going to talk about covenants that the Old Testament the Jews they had the Gospel God in different words sometimes in different stories in terms he revealed the truth that Paul has been pointing out in Romans in the Old Testament through the Old Covenant and all these things so that was revealed to them and but you know that over time they missed the point of these things so I think it's important to point out that you know Paul is burdened here for his people and now he goes into you know explaining what will happen and then the very very good point we have to establish very clearly that we are looking at the Bible as one continuous message once promised together and there are many who believe that the Old Testament is old and the New Testament is new the Old Testament is like this guy who sits on the throne with a beard he's got a thunderbolt and he's very angry and the New Testament is the hippy Jesus who's got also a nice beard was combed instead of being messy and instead of a lightning rod he's got a shepherd's rod and in these are the 2 gone and you've got to choose who you want obviously we all want to choose the latter half but what the scripture is point to is actually one can. Distant the same God Yes and this there is an irony and so this question is what do we do with Israel many people we don't care that has nothing to do with us but this reveals a lot of how God deals with with all of humanity so in this passage What are some issues that you see what are some some of the verses that pop out to you that you want to talk about. I mean he's worried he's worried about saying Israel has rejected God and then he says in verse 14 What shall we say then after 9 attempt in one night and here. What shall we say then is there and righteousness with God certainly not this comes from his talking about that God said he was going to save Israel so he's like is God lying and didn't tell a lie when he said that he was going to save Israel this is one of the issues that Paul is tackling this is just Chapter 9 being be a bit confusing but my understanding is in general it's saying that God can do whatever he wants to do right he can for ordaining predestine But he but he's not this capricious Scott that does whatever he wants for random sake there is a reason to what he does yes yes chapter and verse one and we will build up to the section that that's about and read with for us 1st one the Bible says in Romans Chapter 10 1st one brother and my heart's desire and prayer to God to God for Israel is that they maybe say just chapters one through 8 we have this opening of salvation right chapter one everyone needs the Gospel chapter 2 and 3 everyone is a sinner jumper for everyone has to be like Abraham the original Jew The 1st one the door of the George Washington or insert your own leader chapter 5 in mention so verse 2 verse to chapter 10 verse 2 for I bear witness that they me that they have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge for the being ignorant of God's righteousness seeking to establish their own righteousness have not submitted to righteous of God. You know this is the quintessential Jewish problem for for Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes so verse 4 we've been talking righteousness Yes we are being good being good with God being good in ourselves want is that. When found in verse 4 we find that as being like Christ so we look at this verse many people quote this for Christ is the end of the law and people say that's a there's the law is gone but when we come back after the break we'll see is it really the end of the law or is it something else so stay with us. In this been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while they join us like. The handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. For Christ is the end of the law we find that word for end is not the word for completion and term a nation but in the Greek it is the word the end goal for Christ is the goal of the rule of the law the righteous of the law so what are some other issues I mean this chapter although it's arresting a local problem and has some universal issues that are especially pertaining to righteousness about well when we go back to chapter 9 in verse 30 Paul says What shall we say then that Gentiles who did not pursue righteousness have attained to righteousness even the righteousness of faith but contrast Israel pursuing the law of righteousness has not attained to the law of righteousness why because they did not seek it by faith but as it were by the works of the law for they stumbled at that stumbling stone as it is written Behold I lay in Zion a stumbling stone and rock of offense. And whoever believes on him will not be put to shame so as we're kind of building to our initial scripture you know whoever calls upon the Lord shall be saved he's saying that God had put this in the Old Testament this was there for Israel but the problem was the way that they were trying to pursue righteousness was the problem so we see that Israel with all of its privileges that Paul is burden for he's like they got all these privileges and they they consented like Paul kind of said in chapter 7 they wanted to be righteous they wanted to fulfill the Law The problem was they were trying to attain to it by obedience to the law rather than seeking it by faith so that you can seek it in the Gentiles are seeking but they actually attained because of they pursued it by faith in Israel did not and so he's trying to essentially establish the question of how what's going to happen to them now that they fail to obtain it because of how they try to attain it and then they come around to the what the Gentiles of the you know and while you are talking I was thinking that we also ought to clarify and we say the the Jews right that this doesn't this is not the block of the entire Jewish people throughout the history in every single person right we look at Old Testament history there were Jews who completely understood righteous by faith had Abraham that's what that's all Paul's point right there was Moses who understood even though he's the one giving the law understood and then later on in Hebrews chapter 11 there are the people of faith they all understood it and they were all Jewish so they understood it so when he's saying the Jews the Jews and under so these are the leaders of his day this is the ones who are advocating for righteousness by keeping the law and of all Israel there are some people who understood by faith and there are some who understood by righteous by law and will talk about Definitely and the covenants season the next season so this is kind of a and I know this is like a little lies but it's a mixed bag but he's definitely talking about the Jews you know I say righteous by by law. Well let's and he's almost he's attacking them right he's saying that think about the confusion right if Jesus is the end of the law Yeah and you're confused on the Messiah's purpose you know you're confused on the identity you're going to be confusing your relationship with the law Yeah that's right that's what was going on in Israel right right right right how do we do what we do with the law exactly exactly exactly. Like the versed in verse 6 of chapter 9 talks about you know what let us saying it is not that the Word of God was testicle they are not all Israel who are they all children because they have the seed of Abraham something that even within the people of Israel there were those who accepted by faith and then he gives the contrast between the 2 sons of Abraham. And he's saying one came as a result of a faith experience and one out of a works experience and he's just saying just because you're Abraham's child descendant doesn't mean that you are automatic automatically. Like that's going on in. Let's go forward in chapter 10 and that's good to get to the part that Sebastian read verse 5 chapter 10 verse 5 the Bible reads and this is a difficult process we're reading a lot of text your response for most writes about the righteousness which is of the law the man who does those things shall live by live by them but the righteous of faith speaks in this way do not say in your heart who shall ascend to heaven that is to bring Christ down from above or who will descend from the best of us bring Christ from the dead but what does it say the word is near you in your mouth and in your heart that is the Word of Faith which we preach that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has risen from the dead you will be saved for the heart one believes in the righteousness and with the mouth confession is meat and salvation and then I can read the rest of it because we really read it so that that section how is this the core of this. Section here that. What is Paul trying to say what are the basic principles that he's trying to address or for Israel Well the 1st thing he's mentioning is he's going back to Moses right who is the in the Jewish mind that's the give of the law so it's kind of like of course they're pursuing the law right Moses was the man in Israel and he brought the law and this is the covenant This is the agreement you're going to obey this law but he's quoting from 2 different places and Moses is speaking to the people on one side right Moses like if you do these things and you live by them you're going to be good but then he also called Moses in Deuteronomy where Moses is saying do not say Oh how can we can who can go to heaven for us to bring Christ down and bring down this power and ability to the law or to go into the abyss is like no Christ is near you in the word that is in your mouth by your confession of faith going back to Abraham who believed God and it was. So he's trying to establish the fact that Israel as long as you have the possibility to call upon the name of the Lord and be saved even the Israel who had all the privileges and Moses told them that wait a long time ago that it wasn't far away it wasn't an abyss it wasn't up in heaven it was in your mouth but if you would just confess your belief in Christ saying anything new basically you know and this is this we have just the whole time and don't and don't you know try to put down individuals because they have failed and stumble despite great spiritual privilege and we sometimes do that to say well this person was a theologian this person had these all these spiritual experiences with they knew the power of God They knew this and they still rejected Him Paul is like no the word is in their mouth if they call upon the name of the Lord they will be saved and you just need to that when he says in verse 12 of Chapter 10 but there is no distinction between Jew entreaties talking about those who have the privilege of knowledge of what is in their mouth places those who may not have had those privileges and he is. There is no distinction in what it takes for us to that's what I mean to salvation and we all have to do the same thing and I thought that was just really powerful because I do feel that way you know when I see people that you look up to spiritually and they do stuff that you like what in the world yeah like I learned just from you yeah like you should know better and it's it can be very discouraging but he's saying look we're all in the same boat you know and it's one thing to like use it to lift people up but even for the people that we look up to just be like hey where is the same boat and we all need the same thing we all need to read. Advocate of that which I totally agree I mean it is equally very powerful but then there can you can say the other thing well then I don't want to know more. I'm just going to call upon Jesus mean Jesus and I don't want to know more because and this is legit right and I'm not going advocate to have to read it is real if we if all these people who know a lot and if they're doing all this junk right then why should I know a lot then doesn't that mean make me some softball to the same junk that they're tempted with yes oh them it. Should I just I think write how do we how do we do with John Sebastian and. It's probably not going to end Ok. Well let me so really. This self deception because at the end of the day whether you know much or you know little in your sphere there will be temptations and distractions and issues that you have to deal with just because you say I'm not going to learn more does not mean there will be more temptations almost the missions. The things when you walk with Jesus you Grohl right you are where you are right now you learn a couple lessons and then you know 10 years down the road you're dealing with other things you cannot stop you can't stop time you can't go back in time if you really love Jesus you'll walk with him and you will learn more and grow more will you stumble Yes but what do we learn in Romans Chapter 678. You get up the Holy Spirit going to help you overcome and you grow and as you grow really you want more of Jesus you will on more of his presence and just because of a failure here and there does not mean that that you should stop that relationship so that negative is an automatic Xtend of the knowledge and experience and no person has had I mean you have to put it into the context of a relationship in a marriage right if you look at a marriage and you say these people had an amazing marriage 40 years and they go through a rocky situation and say oh there was infidelity or abuse or whatever that happened in this marriage in your life but they clearly had this close relationship he sacrificed for her she sacrificed for him they raised their kids in such a great way we're not going to sit in say and look back and say well let me not get close to my spouse let me not invest in my kids because even if I do all of that right my home could go through issues like when you're approaching Christ you're basically saying let me not draw near to Him who has my heart if Jesus has my heart it's inevitable right then I'm going to want to draw closer to him but the recognition is there is a battle out there there's another individual that wants the affections of your heart and that individual the closer you come and they seem more the depth of affection and love that you have for Christ the more ardently they're going to come for you because like for this big personal plan the edge of their relationship with Jesus was the least I can do I'm like try that on any relationship you have and see how long that relationship lasts but that other individual to the devil is going to do everything in his power to try to bring you away from everything just intact so I know it was your time but I'm just. Like in terms of Israel the great controversy between Christ and Satan did not start when Jesus came here on Earth the Israelites went through it too you read the Old Testament there were attacks from Satan all the time and so we got to cut them some slack because their experience of Israel had often reflected in our walk with Christ to your. No they fall they get up to try you know we do the same kind of things and we have to realize they went through the same kind of battles and experiences yes there were failures but there were also victories let's not forget that and there are you know great example in the Old Testament of fearful people so I think a very good point and it's important to keep that in mind that there is a great song. On with a great controversy theme my mind goes to Romans Chapter 5 now when you both you talk about great controversy all talking about this courageous cosmic battle if there's a war between God good or evil in jewels good angels Jesus Satan and I don't want to go if you aren't so on with that my mind goes to Romans Chapter 5 which established that we are already in this mess so if you decide to sit in your room and like Close your eyes ears because well if I know more than I'm going to get tempted more while you're going to get tempted no matter what you know you're going to experience trials no matter what because Adam and hello this is where we are so that's a reality check you know and the only choice that we actually do have is Jesus right and that's the choice that Jesus has given to us and so the idea of the notion of you know I don't want to know more than I want you to and I resonated with the question because I struggled with it as a as a you know young Christian. Was like when I realized that the point isn't knowledge of information the point is Christ is the end of the law so everything in Scripture testifies of Jesus everything that we learned all the doctrines you know all the information like whatever ultimately it's supposed to be telling me about Jesus and if I say I don't want to know more I'm saying I don't want to know more about Jesus right in essence but Paul's point I think in the section is that Jesus is what it's all about you know and there's no salvation outside of Jesus only way we can be righteous is because Jesus with or to the Jew to the Greek to everybody ultimately it's all about Jesus and his. Heart is burden for those who had access to Jesus and instead of tapping into that instead of connecting with the Christ who is the solution for all of humanity's problems you know they they fail to. I want to I want to connect to back to scripture here I know we have a minute left on the clock but I want to go to chapter 10 verse 14 How then shall they call on Him whom they have not believed now say they believe on Him who they have not heard and how should they hear without a preacher and reverse 16 and they have not all big the gospel for the Isaiah says the Lord has believe the report for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God So the answer to this is that knowledge does not provide a certain advantage but with knowledge there is a responsibility to go out and preach the gospel and let other people know more about Jesus but to be saved you only need to call upon his name and were saved but that extra knowledge is not insurance for salvation and hopefully all of you have that responsibility and feel that function and zeal to preach the name of Jesus that's my prayer and hopefully all of yours thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to a Bible based cost the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter the secret doctor or your host just. Inverses brought to you by the full title television that changes life at this point by every So there's an inverse. Or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't for some.


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