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01 The Point of No Return

David Wright
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David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • January 9, 2021
    9:15 AM


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Well good morning and happy with it's a privilege to be here with you this morning well it's been an interesting week to say the least. I don't know if you were watching it as it unfolded on Wednesday or if somebody commented to you along the way have you seen the news know what are you talking about where you might want to check it out I know these pictures are not necessarily new to anyone has the mob invaded the Capitol and somehow force their way in and I just found myself taking screenshots along the way saying this is crazy I can't believe this is actually happening and they were just escorting the man the guy that was talking on this live stream was saying you know typically you go through and many of you I know I've been in the capital and like many of those things you go through a lot of security a lot of searching all the bags and they're just waltzing in who knows what's in their backpack or what they're carrying and they just keep coming and keep coming and then some of these images are really startling to me I mean literally hanging from the rafters right here where they do all of their legislative work people being carried away or escorted away guns drawn this individual I guess this is Nancy Pelosi is office I've since learned he's going to probably be in for a world of hurt but it just seemed unprecedented people were saying this isn't the type of thing that happens in the United States of America maybe a banana republic but not this country and it seemed very odd you know even the poster here save America this idea that this is what is required to save America and of course Biden was making his appeals and so on and then some of these clips are interesting extremists intensify calls for violence ahead of Inauguration Day Utah right we have that to look forward to and then we have Twitter bans Trump site and risk of further incitement of violence on several major networks and you've probably seen that too. I had to be careful here because I don't want you to hear what I'm not saying whether you agree Trump should be banned from Twitter or not whether you think he was the one that incited the violence or not I'm not wanting to wade into that this morning I don't feel like that's really our place or purpose here but I do believe it's a wake up call to these unprecedented and times in which we are living I've never seen anything quite like this before I imagine you haven't either you know the most powerful nation and we can't keep people out of our legislative house what an embarrassment as the world looks on and for the 1st time in the world we have this dynamic I don't know if you've seen the documentary it's called the social dilemma and if you haven't seen it it's worth watching not been put out by the church but it talks about this idea of big tech companies and social media and all of these things it's unprecedented now we live in a world where freedom of speech can literally be taken from you by a big tech company because they feel like you're inciting violence or something else and again I'm not making a judgment on what they've done but the dilemma of the social dilemma is and they have seen and they have documented in this documentary multiple times where countries governments leaders have been toppled and brought down at the hands of social media if you will as they use that as their platform to communicate and all get on the same page and ramp it up and the whole thing and so social media has an obligation on the one hand to try and keep that from happening but then on the other hand who's the one making those decisions there's no court there's no judge there's no jury there's no elected official it's a few people toggling a few buttons on a computer. And so we find ourselves in this dilemma this day and age in which this big these big tech companies now are deciding who in fact has a voice or not for a long time the some of them as church was maybe a little slow to get behind and say Ok we need to have a Facebook page I mean I have a Twitter feed and and all these other things and many of our church leaders are doing that now but we live in an age where just a toggle of the switch and you are banned when I read Trump has some 88000000 followers or something that he can communicate with instantly or not we live in interesting times to be sure and so today I'm starting a series not because of this it was going to happen anyway I was kind of waiting for the holidays and different things but I'm in tightly knit final events as we look at where are we headed it seems everyone is asking the questions and so over the next several weeks I want to take some time to look at where we're headed both from the Bible and from the Spirit of Prophecy what can we expect to see how can we better prepare for what is breaking upon the world what should be our response to the things happening around us and you may be wondering well what are some of the things he's hoping to cover Well I'm thinking about the in time catalyst or what triggers last day events that's today what is the abomination of desolation where the different stages of the Sunday law we're going to talk about the new world order and how we should prepare what about the little time of trouble and when does that start how about the idea that we should flee from the cities when to do that also when the lettering going to be poured out how does the death decree occur what will happen in Jacob's time of trouble and how will God deliver his people and then lastly the joy of the 2nd Coming and if you've been an hour in this for long you recognize these terms. But if you're like me at times they all get a little bit jumbled together and if you weren't just studying it yesterday you get confused as where that all fits in the lineup and so we're going to be taking some considerable time looking at these various topics and final events sometimes as a pastor it's hard to figure out where this all fits in I've been in churches before where they say Pastor we don't want to hear about all of this stuff that's largely and spirit of prophecy and prophecy in time charts knowledge rest we want it to be seeker sensitive anyone who comes I'm fine with that with this caviar if you go to a Baptist church you expect your Baptist sermon if you go to a Catholic church you expect the mass to be as follows and so when you come to an amnesty or church I'm expecting that you want to hear now in a sermon. There may be some things in here that are new to you and you say I've never heard that before where is he basing that off of I don't know and if so please come talk to us we'd love to study with you further but I'm going to be making some assumptions that you're starting from a certain baseline but then we're going to go beyond them and so a big part of that is going to be we're going to be using not just the Bible but spirit of prophecy I don't make apologies for that we are a people that live by the book right meaning this book but we have to be careful and not throwing out spirit of prophecy because it's this book that tells us God in time people are going to have the gift of prophecy so we're going to be people by the book we need to follow what the book says in regards to prophecies I make sense to do otherwise would not be biblical. And so we don't make apologies for that but the same time it's important for all of us to understand that all of our doctrines all of our teaching comes from scripture but just as God has sent his prophet all the way through something major that's been pending he's done the same for this period of time and we'd be foolish I believe to disregard it the other thing I want to emphasize is that our focus here is not going to be on doom and gloom but on Jesus We do need to be if more about what's going to happen in the future but an understanding of the crisis without an understanding of the Christ does not enable you to go through the crisis and understand the pain without an understanding of the promises only leave you to struggle an understanding of Doom with an understanding of Deliverance only leaves you depressed so we not only want to face what is coming but face it confidently and courageously in Jesus Christ and so that's going to be our goal in all of this so you may be saying Why study last day events a couple Bible verses here there was a special group of people living the days of Israel called the tribe of its occurrence written about them in this way and 1st Chronicles 1232 of the sons of this occur who had understanding of the times to know what is real not to do it's important for us as God's people to have an understanding of the times so we know what. To do perhaps as one answer Romans 1311 Paul says this knowing the time that now it is high time to awake out of our sleep for now our salvation is nearer than when we 1st believe you believe that some critics are saying things like you've been preaching the 2nd coming of Jesus as a nomination for 157 years isn't it time to revise your theology. And to which our spawn No absolutely not he who is coming will come and will not tarry friends in fact we've been organized as church for 157 years doesn't mean 157 years further but we're 157 years closer to his coming did you know that one in every 25 verses in the New Testament is about the 2nd coming of Jesus that's quite a lot further Did you know one Bible scholar can at least $1500.00 scriptural references to the 2nd coming does God want to understand in time events he does these was important to God that we have an understanding it is and so for this 1st one in this series that we're starting final events part one I've been titled it The point of no return and I invite you to go with me let's just have an additional word of prayer Dear Heavenly Father as we begin this series we pray that you will show us guide us lead us through your word that we may better understand is our prayer in Jesus name Amen German player dominoes as a kid now I don't think I ever can really recall actually playing dominoes as it said in the box but I do remember playing dominoes I mean this floor here would have been perfect and you said it all up little piece by little piece and it doesn't take long known what do you do in all of this my older brother set up some dominoes What are you doing that for look I'll show you and hit the one in you member this right and he would go to get you to do and it just like that was done I also remember accidentally knocking a part of it over too soon you ever have that happen. Done. That dog we have. We got smart we found that if you took out a domino or 2 in a few key places if you accidentally hit it at the wrong time. But when you were ready you put in all the final pieces. Are good add to your smart phone yeah right like they were smartphones when I was little but we can begin taking a slow mo this I did some looking online Lily have issues an American domino artist originally from New Hampshire she's one of 3 children she was given her 1st domino set at age 10 I think I can safely say that she loved it more there domino said it's getting more and more elaborate she did a project in fact this project if you look watching her set up she did this last summer of 2020 I guess he had a little extra time on her hands she says this wasn't for a company brand it was for herself and for her own enjoyment and she hoped to set a new personal record which she did it took her 82 days to build 32000 dominoes to put that in perspective if she took weekends off it would take her 4 months to complete this project after taking literally hundreds of hours to put it together it only takes 4 minutes and 10 seconds to topple it that's an average of one $128.00 dominoes dropping per 2nd I figured that out myself Are you impressed but I'm going to show you I'm in a half of it and you'll see that one point he spells out her name and things here's the part that I thought was most impressive here it spells out the word amazing and it just keeps going and going. This part I thought was incredible here he has stacked the dominoes is going through the wall the stack dominoes right here I think it almost know it's going to go back around it almost toppled at one point the wall. But it keeps going and going and going she had all kinds of things that she had designed now it's going to go into the next room up the wall down the wall around the corner I hope her cameras filming because if it's too late I've never seen anything quite like this before but these are some of the things that you can find on You Tube. I mean this is just a brilliant waste of time. Hits the target kids running around this way that way. If that was if I could have had some I would have said he's at the door but come in a minute. You can search for an you to watch the whole thing we'll see how many of you actually do that maybe you've seen enough but this is really impressive to me we're going to have an aerial shot here in just a moment and just almost doesn't look real I mean isn't that something but I want to ask you a simple question What is the catalyst you might say why do you show me that why did you take that so my time. Because I think it paints the picture well that things that can take months years centuries to set up can unfold and be fulfilled very very quickly and we are told that the final events will be rapid once and so my question this morning is what is it that will trigger the end of the world or is this side says what will be the catalyst for the End Time Events. What will it be what will be that finger that pushes it past the point of no return to a rapid succession before everything culminates just very very quickly you know 7th Day Adventists we've always looked at things going on around us and tried to see how they fit into last day events and we live in a time where a lot of things are being said once a pope says this of the president says that will be the sign of the world is about to end Others say that they have certain time prophecies that connect 844 to the Sunday law even though those dates don't exist in Scripture you have to do some gymnastics to try and do that but people nonetheless are trying to make those claims and that's not anything new necessarily they've been doing that for a long time but again what does the Bible say what does Spirit prophecy say about what is this catalyst Here's another way from a more scientific standpoint to define what a catalyst is here on the left you have reactions and I've asked all we have all this energy to get to the top of that curve before you get the outcome you want but with the catalyst the green it's much less you say pass you lost me well maybe look over here it's like a wheelbarrow with rocks and a catalyst is like levelling off that hill so it's a lot easier to get your rocks to the bottom you so I still know if I understand Ok well how about this one instead of winding through the mountains it's like an interstate that just plows right through Would it be faster to go to grandma's house that way. And so that's this idea of a catalyst so in our simplified version of a catalyst with dominoes the finger that pushes down the very 1st domino is the catalyst this starts the rapid chain reaction and so after thousands of hours and days and months of preparation when everything is ready when everything is set the finger topples just one domino and we're off. Friends I believe the table is set and I believe in any moment the divine finger of God will set in motion the final scenes of Earth's history and the final moments will be rapid ones and he said oh it's not going to surprise me paths are already what we're going to see as we look at a parable again today that you're probably familiar with as ready as you may think you may be were all asleep to when this is going to actually occur. Last Events page 11 Tell me of this doesn't resonate we just went through this and prayer meeting this last year the present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living Christians and non Christians alike rulers and statesman men who occupy positions of trust in authority thinking men and women of all classes have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us do you see that they are watching the relations that exist among the nations they observe the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly element and they recognize that something great and decisive is about to take place that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis which is why for years now people have been building bomb shelters millionaires billionaires trying to find some refuge of safety because they see something coming we're living in the time of the end she writes in volume one the testimonies page 11 the fast fulfilling signs of the times it clear that the coming of Christ is near at hand the days in which we live our solemn and important the Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth friends clearly this is happening if you don't see this you're asleep. Plagues and judgments already fallen upon the despise of the grace of God the calamities by land and sea the unsteadily state of society and the alarms of war are pretentious Have you heard any alarms of war in this country because of the unsettled state of society they forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude the agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating they are strengthening for the last great crisis great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid once friends we know a trigger will come a catalyst will come and when it does the final movements will be rapid ones the condition of things in the world shows that trouble as times are right upon us the daily papers are full of indications of terrible conflict in the near future bowl robberies are frequent occurrences strikes are common steps and murders are committed on every hand man possessed of demons are taking the lives of men women and children Minna become infatuated with vice and every species of evil prevails do we see that we do the enemy is exceeding perverting justice and filling men's hearts with a desire for selfish gain justice being perverted every species of evil is prevailing clear signs that we are living in the time of the end and the great changes are about to take place and the final movements will be rapid ones I don't need to remind you coven 19 civil unrest surrounding George Floyd and it all happen quickly virtually overnight and the whole world changes who would have thought a year ago today. That we would be in the midst of a pandemic that civil unrest would start to overtake the United States of America when is the last time that you were nervous about not your ration breaking out into a civil war we live in uncertain times and scary times but because of our trust in the Lord friends we don't have to be afraid why because he knew all this would happen he gave it to his prophet to give to us and so as nerve racking as it can be we can say you know what we serve God is in control who knew it would unfold this way and he warned us he's promised to never leave us or forsake us seconds like the messages page forward to us as we are rapidly approaching the end of verse history and as we realize that Jesus is indeed coming soon we shall be aroused to labor as never before that should be our response shelter in place wait for it to pass hope for the best no arouse to labor as never before we've been talking about that in this church I preach a message and title work for the night is coming when no man can work the 3 part series this summer on seeking the loss just 3 part series on the 3 angels message is a Revelation 142020 we had not one but 2 full of endless 6 series both in the midst of covert $1000.00. Friends most churches across an 80 haven't had a series for several years we've had 2 and we already are planning for another one this fall I'm hoping that one will be live why because I feel like our time is short we should be aroused to work like never before. We're been the sound alarm to the people and in our lives we are to show forth the power of truth and righteousness at this time people are to see something in us to see righteousness in our lives the truth in our own lives this is what gives our witness power does it not continue No we are to raise the banner on which is inscribed the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus obedience to God's law is the great issue Francis of 3 angels messages of Revelation 14 here are they they keep the commandments of God have the faith of Jesus and what is the test question obedience but not be put out of sight we must strive to rouse church members and those who make no profession to see and obey the claims of the law of heaven we are to magnify this law and make it honorable for we magnify in the law of God are we holding up the law of God because that will be the issue that's the test question obedience obedience to what to His law what passed on a Monday then why not they're going to call me a legal list wasn't it David who said in some 119 pretty much throughout the song but in 97 and 980 how I love your law is my meditation all the day you through your commandments make me wiser then my enemies and we can do a whole comparison I'm going to this morning but how the law and the character of God are synonymous they go hand in hand and how we understand the law as a transcript of God's character befriends as we look around us in this time nurse history the law is being trampled on every side but let us assume that is hold our heads up high and declare like David I delight in your law is the meditation all the day makes more like Jesus makes me wiser than my enemies so we can meet the Final Crisis but let's get back to this question what will be the catalyst for the End Time Events. What will bring the end of the world some are trying to make arguments for certain time prophecies that I've already mentioned others are saying coven one teen is the siege of Jerusalem which we always understood as the Sunday law but now people are saying it's coven 19 so there's a lot of ideas there's a lot of confusion but really what helps us understand the trigger or the catalyst that will wake up the church and trumpets the end of the world truly has arrived is a picture that Jesus himself paints in Matthew 25 and so if you have your Bibles I invite you to turn to Matthew chapter 25 a story that we're familiar with but we're going to look at it again Matthew chapter $25.00 and while you're turning there I just want to remind you we understand I believe most of us here that the 1260 year prophecy takes us to $798.00 which identifies the time of the end we have presentations we've done that before we understand the 20 in a day prophecy take us to $844.00 the beginning hour of God's judgment but when it comes to the into the world the end of all things we need to look at Matthew $25.00 for that picture what causes the church to be aware that Jesus is actually at the door and so let's read that now and Matthew chapter $25.00 beginning verse one thing the kingdom of heaven. So be like in the 10 virgins who took their lands and went to meet the bridegroom now every kingdom of heaven parable Christ is addressing his church and we also have 10 virgins and 10 is the smallest number of Jewish men required to establish a synagogue or church another symbolism for the church we have a woman or these virgins are women in the Bible representing the church we have the pure woman of Revelation 12 we have the adulterous woman of Revelation 17 but the picture here is a pure undefiled by false doctrine is a pure or woman a pure church and they have lamps representing the Word of God already quoted from some 1000 die word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and they went out to meet the bridegroom meaning they expect Jesus to return and friends I believe this parable is in reference to the 7th Day Adventist Church the pure church not defiled by false doctrine and so we read on verse 2 now 5 of them were wise and 5 were foolish what made the 5 wise and what made the other 5 foolish What's the difference they're all members if you will of the Jew church they're all waiting the coming of the bridegroom they all accept the truth of Scripture the foolisher doesn't say are promoting some kind of heresy they're all pure they're all virgins they all have moral and upright lives Alan Joyce fellowship with one another What is it about these foolish virgins Let's read on verse 3 those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps but while the bridegroom was delayed they all slumbered and slept now all the société with 3 things. First when the priest inaugurated the temple with oil the priests in the sanctuary were not be rated when the sacred vessels were not or it was a symbol of consecration send them apart total commitment to the kingdom of God 2nd thing associate with oils a symbol of healing the Good Samaritan treats his wounds of oil James fire we anoint in the hospital it is oil represents the total consecration but also this healing property of any one sick call the all of the church and so on and also mentions there the forgiveness of sins and all those things the 3rd is illumination oil provides the basis for the lamps is the true and so we have God will given in time people total consecration to him is what they'll have that's one thing with Hearts healed of bitterness pride competition self inflated importance and number 3 who are consumed with holding a lighted torch illuminating them proclaiming the coming of Jesus those are 3 characteristics I see you have the sobering reality is that the foolish virgins thought that they had enough oil but their supply of oil was not sufficient the foolish virgins were super Fishel if you will depending on their experience with me as they once had in the past but it's not now active in the present and then it goes on to share that they all slumbered and slept living on the knife edge of eternity the true church is pictured as spiritually drowsy because there's a delay asleep to the great opportunities to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus the bridegroom this is the message of the parable and it's not that 5 are asleep all are sleeping they're spiritual drowsiness somehow the secular materialistic godless culture is affecting us as well as the world because all will be surprised by the coming of Jesus but Verse 6 is very fascinating. And that's what I want to focus on this morning verse 6 it says and that midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him this is the midnight cry if you will that wakes up the sleeping church so the midnight cry tells the church that Jesus is where he's at the door there is no speculation there is no guessing the entire church wakes up and says Behold the bridegroom is here he's at the door and you know how the parable ends the foolish virgins are out of oil and are going looking for and they're begging will you give us some of yours and this is no then we won't have enough and then the wise go into the marriage supper of the Lamb and the door is shut meaning probation closes but here's the point I want to make the midnight cry I makes it plain to the entire church that Jesus is at the door so what's the midnight cry well for you Agnes that know your history the midnight cry and haven't is in was the message that went forth right before 844 before this great disappointment this group of various denominations or wasn't I am the surgeon various nominations and people groups around the world believe Jesus was out the door and so they preached this midnight cry but he is wasn't at the door as they believed something happened but it wasn't Jesus coming but God later affirmed through Ellen White that the light from that experience would keep them on the narrow path and would lead them to the end of time to meet Jesus while they mis understood the fulfillment God had a purpose and their experience as they diligently searched the Bible again and again what happened what did we miss and we can read about that experience in Revelation Chapter 10 and we see that group is told you are to prophesied again. So oftentimes that's what we hear in Amman as circles as the midnight cry but the midnight cry is not behind this is sort of isn't part but it's in front of us it's still future tense and so I still want to ask the question What is the midnight cry because if we can answer that question we will know what the prophetic catalyst is that says everything into motion for the final and rapid culmination of Earth's history because the midnight cry is that finger hitting the Domino if you will and there's a few things left to happen but they happen very quickly just but of I'm done now I think it's also important to note that this midnight cry of Matthew 256 is synonymous or equal to or is the same as the loud cry in Revelation 18 the midnight cry in Matthew 25 is the same as a loud cry in Revelation 18 that is the same event is taking place in both in both the entire church wakes up to the midnight cry in Matthew $25.00 and the loud cry of Revelation 18 in Matthew $25.00 the wise words of extra oil are the Holy Spirit we can say they receive the Latter Rain experience and Revelation 18 we see the earth the Lumia with the glory of God which is the latter rain or the Holy Spirit being poured out so the question is what is the midnight cry or the loud cry same thing and how is this prophetic catalysts going to take place before the end of the world let's turn to Revelation 18 because we need to look at this for ourselves Revelation Chapter 18 same event but a few extra clues here Revelation Chapter 18 verse one it says after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority or power or latter rain we could say and the earth was a lumen they did with his glory I believe that to be the righteousness by faith message. And verse 2 and he cried mightily with a loud voice or we could say with a loud cry saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen is become a dwelling place for demons a prison for every foul spirit and a cage for every unclean and hated bird Babylon is fallen is fallen and then you get to verse 5 and it reads for her sands have reached to heaven and God has remembered her and they quit ts Here's a clue for us when the babble in sins reach into heaven last day events 100 it's actually signs of the times but as their last events probably easier for you to find same questions asked when do her sands reach into heaven it's in the context as you read that of Revelation 18 to defy those verses we just read when the law of God is finally made void by what's the word legislation so the National Sunday law is when Babylon sins reach heaven and so when you see the national Sunday law there will be a loud cry from heaven it's a loud cry message which has 2 parts it reveals the character of God the luminance the entire earth but it also reveals the character of Babylon and the Sunday law makes it plain that it's at that point of the sins of Babylon reach under heaven and it's at that time that the call the final call come out of Babylon it's Ok for what here's the key point up until the national Sunday law we know that time is short but will that be 6 days 6 months 6 years 60 years I remember my kids after you know Jesus is coming soon they're like 3 years old 4 years old daddy is taking a long time. You said it was sued and up until the national son in law breaks we don't know how much time and while there is not another time prophecy between 844 and the 2nd coming we can see that from Scripture in Revelation in there is event prophecy so there's not time prophecies but there have been prophecies so here again is the main point the key event there we are waiting for prophetically to know that the end of the world is here and Jesus is at the door and we can proclaim behold he is out the door they keep prophetic event is the national son in law and when the national son in law comes there will be no more questions as to whether or not the world would be ending some time soon so I go to college should I not go to college I get marriage and I get married and back and forth and I don't know none of the when that breaks the final events like those dominoes are going to start falling so fast it will be a sign that the end of the world has come here's a chart I don't know if you've seen this before it's pretty complicated little chart here we've been talking about the catalyst the trigger that propels into the rapid fulfilment of the final events before Jesus comes we've come to understand the catalyst is a Sunday law and we can find on the chart right there kind of tiny but this chart can make us think we have plenty of time after the son in law but we can think we have plenty of time right because we're still kind of on the left side here let me point something else out to you on this chart appear the top line links on chart are not purport to actual time involved. Like your side mirror meaning we're trying to cram everything here onto a page so you can see it and kind of see how it all fits together but the time is disproportional kind of like maps you study that in school how maps aren't always because they're different they're showing different things the reality is that when this happens all of this happens really fast. I say all of this we have a 1000 years a millennium over here all of this happens really fast the final moments will be rapid ones Jesus will have to cut it short or none would survive he tells us is that that time that we can say Jesus is out the door maybe this is another way of trying to illustrate it and I spend some time on this here you have natural disasters wars false prophets pandemics lawlessness riots climate change pope having meetings societal control if you want to call it that false narratives big tech censorship and when we see all of that we can be tempted to try and go back to this chart and try and fit it in to some place on this chart where on this chart is inauguration going to be where on this chart is coping 19 where on this chart you get the idea and ave this forever we could say practically have tried to do that very thing and their theology gets all mixed up when they do that but here's why we say these are signs of the end because all of them are pushing the needle a little bit closer to that one catalyst then and what is it is the national Sunday law and when that happens it's like a finger hitting the dominoes and all of these other things happen rapidly and quickly and before we know it is at the door does remind us of this very idea you will hear of wars and rumors of wars but the end is not yet right and there will be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in various places whereas if it on the chart Jesus all these things are the Beginning of Sorrows the end is not yet but when we see the national Sunday law the Indus no longer near its here and so we have the midnight cry is synonymous are equal to the loud cry which is the same thing as a national son in law that's the catalyst. And it's this national Sunday law that you know which affects the other one really allows us if you will the national law to give the midnight cry to give the loud cry and so when that breaks which I do in my job never mind so I go to school never mind your priorities your focus your long range plans will all come to a screeching halt craziness pastor they won't for me I'm going to push through Ok The reality is at that point that's the midnight cry the loud cry Jesus is at the door even now everything we're doing in our lives should be in the advancement of the cause of God's kingdom and to be ready for his coming and to help others to be ready for his coming because we know he's coming to visit we just don't know when he's going to knock yet but we see so many things pushing that needle little bit further and further and further to where we know it will land a few more quotes great controversy 6 o 4 come out of her my people quoting revelation 800 for these announcements you know with the 3rd angel's message constitute the final warning to be given to the inhabitants of the earth by in 5 the testimonies 464 and 465 is no time now for God's people to be fixing their affections on Lamp their treasures in the world the time is not far distant when like the early disciples we shall be forced to seek refuge in desolate and solitary places as a siege of Jerusalem by the Roman army as was the signal for flight to the Judean Christians so the assumption of power on the part of our nation in the decree and foreseen papal Sabbath national Sunday law will be a warning to us friends this quote right here debunks the idea that coven 1000 is the seat of Jerusalem is not. Nor is the Blair Bill an $888.00 it wasn't very clearly we see here that's the papal Sabbath being enforced by decree That's the national Sunday law that's the siege of Jerusalem and so we can add that to our list midnight cries the same as the loud cry that's the same as the siege of Jerusalem as the same as the abomination of desolation all of them are the national Sunday law by in 5 the testimonies continue it says it will then be time to leave the large cities preparatory to leaving the smaller ones for retired homes in secluded places among the mountains and now instead of seeking expensive dwellings here we should be preparing to move to a better country even a heavenly instead of spending our means and self gratification we should be studying to economize every talent lent of God to be used to His glory in giving the warning to the world and friends here's the thing the Sunday law is your last chance to leave the cities and we're going to talk a little bit more in-depth about that in a few weeks but this year ought to be a wake up call that it's not a bad time to leave the cities now even the summer we are up the case in New Hampshire as a family and we're talking to an individual who said Oh yeah real estate is just going crazy up here what do you attribute that to everybody's good now in New York and they want to find a place in the country so they're looking for property in New Hampshire friends of New York City and secular individuals are seeing a wake up call and what's happening Need I say more and there's all kinds of articles out there talking about people leaving New York City and in droves estimate 34000000000 in lost income cording to one study death dated in December or something leaving New York high earners in finance and tech explain why they left the world's greatest city. New Yorkers are leaving the city in droves here's why they're moving and where they're going I have a friend that live in downtown New York City just blocks away from one of these main hospitals there in New York and he said I saw moving trucks like crazy the streets were just filled and filled and filled with moving trucks and so you know why you could wait until the national Sunday law as a last call to leave the city why would you want to wait even this last year in a big city would not be where I would want to be so I want to encourage anyone listening that's living in the heart of one of our big cities to make it a matter of prayer ask the Lord to open doors so you can leave and so when we see things like what we witnessed this past week I don't feel God is a calling us to assign meaning to every event and make it fit into the fancy chart but rather recognize that all these things are moving the need a little closer to that final culmination of all things that we've seen that this past year stronger government censorship tracking on your smart devices forcing closures mandates people wanting to be safe at any cost new ideas and proposed solutions and the list goes on and it all is moving the needle just a little bit closer to this national Sunday law that catalyst great controversy 579 in both the old Europe and the new world United States the papacy will receive homage in honor paid to the Sunday institution that rests solemnly upon the authority of the Roman church since the middle of the 1900 centuries students of prophecy United States have presented this testimony to the world in the events now taking place is seen a rapid advance toward the fulfillment of the prediction with prostin teachers there is the same claim of divine authority for Sunday keeping and the same lack of scriptural evidence as with the papal leaders who fabricate miracles to supply the place of a command from God. The assertion that God's judgments are visited upon men for their violation of the Sunday Sabbath will be repeated already it's beginning to be urged and a movement to enforce Sunday observance is fast gaining ground we see that today have we seen Sunday observance been suggested are people touting climate change as a reason Pope Francis revolution I should say needed to combat climate change sabbaths is at the heart of it except it's not the 7th day sabbath so we understand it from scripture pope to un climate summit now is time to change direction and he's been very straightforward to everyone I mean observing Sunday's the answer omissions I mean covert was the perfect forced experiment and I don't think it was by chance I think the devil the mastermind was behind it all but omissions went down pollution went down nature responded in positive ways and now we have the science that proves this planet needs to rest one day a week and Sundays are day moving the needle just a little bit closer almost done when the angel of mercy folds her wings and departs as the angel of mercy the idea of the one holding back the winds of strife Satan will do the evil deeds he has long wished to do storm and tempests war and bloodshed in these things he delights and the sea gathers in his harvest friends I believe we see God's Spirit being withdrawn on the earth and I believe we see Satan doing what he's been longing to do for a long time I can only imagine the delight that the devil himself had at this when his days fiasco and how this sets up further his agenda for his own harvest and so completely will men be deceived by him that they will declare that these calamities are the result of the desecration of the 1st day of that week. From the Pope of the popular churches will be heard the statement that the world is being punished because Sunday is not honored as it should be and it were choir no great stretch of imagination for men to believe this they are guided by the enemy and therefore they reach conclusions which are entirely faults and I think social media has a part in that certainly your news and my news is tailored if you get it from social media to what I like from a conspiracy theorist that comes to me and to a pipeline if I'm a dyed in the wool Democrat comes through the pipeline the Republican the pipeline whatever it is won't be hard to do people with false narratives and so when the leading ministers of our time and I'm not trying to judge these individuals or their character I'm hoping they'll respond to God's last day message and become part of the remnant church and that would be wonderful but my point is this according to this quote When you hear leading ministers agitating and calling for Sunday worship because God has poured out judgments on America you can know that the national Sunday law is just around the corner friends I'll give you one such example and this is a picture of can fields and his wife and he's a pastor the Bethel Baptist Church which is actually in the suburbs of Chicago and this is not and this is a picture of his church is like 5 passes on staff it's a large church but the story is not so much about him it's about his father Robert Fields who came and spoke at his son's church but he has a church up in Montreal. Well listen audio verse the other day and Norm acknowledged to use this illustration and Robert Fields the father of the one pictured here put out a sermon is about 12 minutes long a little mini sermon if you could only get 12 minutes sermons when that be great Sunday has been takin no way was the title of it here's what he says in that message Here's some highlights Sundays have been taken away gatherings have been taken away you know we meet by a live stream but it's not the same something's missing even live stream is a poor replacement for me on the Lord's Day which in his understanding is Sunday What is God trying to teach his church why would God take away Sunday so many venues were sharing the Gospel had been reduced and listened to his reasons the church needs to wake up and hear God's voice and then give some key reasons in looking at our present condition the virus is a judgment on the Christian Church the church is closed God has eradicated worship on his day he has taken Sunday away he is sending a message that he is not pleased with what the Christian church has done to his day of worship still in the context of Sunday of course I mean you and I know that's not the Lord's day but that's his understanding and he goes on do you really think we have honored this day we have not been following the 4th Commandment which is ironic to hear him say as it plainly says in the 4th commandment 6 days also labor and on the 7th day and so on what used to be the Lord's Day has been turned into the Lord's hour he says we don't abstain from work or play Sunday has become optional for Christians what are you suggesting well he says we opt out of church to go to hockey games memories from Montreal lawn work the church burns to the ground for the 4th Commandment being violated we are teaching the next generation that Sunday is not important we must repent and change God is speaking but are we listening now again I believe this is a sincere man. And he's deceived on which day the Sabbath and hopefully a come to a correct understanding but also don't we see how things are coming together and moving the needle a little bit closer to the crisis that characters revealed Christ object lesson for 12 when the earnest voice proclaimed at midnight behold the bridegroom cometh go out to meet him and the sleeping virgins were rounds from their slumbers and it was seen who had made preparation for the event both parties were taken unawares but one was prepared for the emergency and the other was found without preparation so now a sudden and unlooked for calamity something that brings the soul face to face with death will show whether there is any real faith in the promises of God It was so whether the soul is sustained by grace the great final test comes the close of human probation which it will be too late for the souls need to be supplied what is this saying right before the close of probation there'll be a sudden and unlooked for calamity that will usher in this national Sunday law and that will be the trigger and the catalyst for the end of the world so what are we to do how are we to prepare how can we be a wise virgin and not a foolish one this next what station is sobering to me the class represented by the foolish virgins are not hypocrites they have a regard for the truth they have advocated the truth they are attracted to those who believe the truth but they have not yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit working they have not fallen upon the rock crises and permitted their old nature to be broken up there here they like the culture they like the message they're cozy with everything that we do everything is just fine but somehow they're all major They're still hanging on to it. And they don't want to give it up they don't want to fall on the rock and be made new but they think because they're here oh no Pastor Wright he's a good go you know he's great you have good sermon. That's not going to do anything for you buddy you got annoyed for yourself you've got to claim it for yourself yet to be filled with the Holy Spirit yourself we're not saving groups we're not saved by churches we're not to say by the nomination or or even by families we're saved as individuals and so there's a group of individuals at the in time right on the knife edge of the turning or saying you know I'm here it's not good enough and their experience is so shallow that when something comes along they'll say it's too much it's too much and perhaps there's some wondering here why so many bad things are happening to them maybe in God's mercy he's preparing you and strengthening your faith he's building your spiritual muscle for that day and that time last verse Luke 21 verse 2531 and they will be signed in the sun in the moon in the stars on the earth distress of nations with perplexity the sea in the rays warring verse $26.00 men's hearts fail them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth for the power of the heavens will be shaken verse 27 then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with power and great glory and now when these things have begin to happen look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draws. And he spoke to them a parable look at the fig tree and all the trees when they are already buddy you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near verse $31.00 so you also when you see these things happening know that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. So whatever it is in the news the deadly wildfires the pestilences the Dow Jones having the worst single day last March weather be rioting whether it be bear shells whether it be the virus becoming rampant I think we're at the worst stage in Hendersonville we've been this whole time where there's the world responses or what the pope's going to do or was happy at the Capitol building or any number of things look up your redemption draws not it's my desire by God's grace that we'll have a clear understanding of the prophetic events that will be coming on this world and that we'll have a closer walk with the Lord and realize that he's coming to save us and that we may use this opportunity now today to share these truths with the world and let's not get caught up with speculation Les Paul the clear prophetic signs that have been given to us the Sunday law is the trigger the catalyst that will rapidly propel us to the 2nd coming of Jesus the only father as we see things unfold all around us may we not get involved with speculation but may we be grounded in your word and the spirit of prophecy that you've given to us that the needle is pushing forward and very soon that catalyst will be struck. And things will wrap up mighty quickly. May we do today what is most important. Is we are guided by your spirit. That we may not have any regrets on. The brains of. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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