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The Sabbath

Alan Seiler


Alan Seiler

Operator of Better Together Farm.



  • January 16, 2021
    6:30 AM
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Ok I'm going to go to leave my mask on this morning at least for a bit because I'm going to ask for a volunteer to help me out Ok so just be ready because I might pick on one of you Ok so don't get nervous but anyways it will be good so in our sawzall class we don't go over a quarterly or a preprogramed way to do things we actually meet as a group once a week every Tuesday and say Ok we we actually kind of work up every week and come up with our custom classes because we're like you know we want to talk about things that are relevant that are practical and that we really find will resonate with our class members and sometimes that's not always easily found in a in a book it's definitely the harder path but it's been a real blessing and. A few months ago I was going to teach and I wanted to talk about. Some fundamental advantage doctrines but maybe in a way that we hadn't talked about them before and I wanted to ask. Kind of 3 basic questions in the study of any of these topics and that is so what so what why does this make a difference the next one was like oh why does it matter like why does it really matter because we say oh we believe in the let's say a particular viewpoint of the state of the dead Ok Why does that really matter and then does it make a difference in my practical experience so so what why does that matter like really matter and does it make a difference in my own personal life and then. Hopefully by the end of that study we would we would really come up and really have dug deep into any particular. Belief that we were studying at that point and so we decided to. I decided to go over the Sabbath and I feel like it's really appropriate because obviously this is the Sabbath morning devotionals So it's like all the Sabbath I've heard about the Sabbath you know what different that I know about the Sabbath maybe you already have had these thoughts but I want to share kind of what we got from our study and maybe it will make a practical difference for you selves starting off I need a volunteer anyone it doesn't matter if you'll just raise your hand or I'll call on you. Isaac why don't you come up here I know you so the analogy that I want to start with this morning is the idea of a cornerstone who here knows what a cornerstone is from an Ok either of the learned doesn't matter what's the cornerstone. Main stone that's at the corner of a building that. Important. So that's corner so a lot of obviously you know in the United States we build a lot out of wood so obviously we don't do ton of Cornerstone this is more of a probably something like in Mexico or South America or other countries that do a lot more masonry work. But she's right the idea is that it's the 1st stone laid in a foundation and that does 2 things so I 6 going to be my cornerstone this morning Ok So Isaac what I want you to do is I Want To Hold Your Hand out like this once you hold your hand out like this like at a 90 degree angle because you're in the corner right in the corner so so Isaac's here at the corner of the building the structure that's going to be built I have a 90 degree maybe a little more like this Isaac Oh there we go Ok 90 degrees this way so I know how this will ball's going to line up and 90 degrees this way because I know how this wall is going to line up so it's that's my orientation as far as North Southwest also Isaac Let's say I'm a wall here Isaac this is I'm leaning up against Isaac here on this wall because you know so I don't fall over because then that wall comes an intersection on Isaac over here so it gives me a reference point for the building and it's also where the walls will intersect each other and so the greatest pressure is on the corner and obviously since he's the bottom stone he bears the the weight of the entire structure and bears the weight of 2 intersecting walls also giving an orientation to the building because if this wall here is 90 if this is 90 degrees off of this wall then it will determine not necessarily where this wall comes in but the reference point of these 2 walls to each other because they have to intersect with the walls that Isaac's connecting with Thanks Isaac that that's what I want to do for a visual there right so. I want to think here and I'll just read this again 1st stone set in the construction of a Mason airy found days in which all other stones will be set in reference to thus determining the position of the entire structure So number one a cornerstone is a reference point number 2 a cornerstone bares the intersection of 2 walls and a cornerstone bears the weight of the stones on top of it since it's the foundation stone and I want to give you the analogy to think of the cornerstone the Sabbath as the cornerstone in many ways of life and of the Christian experience so number one it gives us a reference point. The Sabbath reminds us of the 3 fundamental questions of life and that is who am I. Why am I here and what's the purpose so how does it do that so who in mind I'm a child of God why am I here to be in a loving relationship with God and with others and what's the purpose the purpose of it is to continually grow in a knowledge of God and in a relationship with him and others in the Sabbath answers all 3 of those questions and we learn that in the creation story so obviously that's really important but the other important thing and this is really what we delved down to in Sabbath school is that it reminds us who is our creator and who is our sustainer So think about this for a minute Adam and Eve They're created on the 1st or 2nd or 3rd day but on the last day of the week right and so God comes to them he's like all this works been done that they haven't had any part in right and God comes to Adam and Eve and basically says Ok. Let's rest right and Adam and Eve like rest from what we just got here and he's like exactly your to rest in the work that I've done for you Ok so the Sabbath the Sabbath is a commemoration of the work that God has done had done for them so the Sabbath isn't about what you do for God It's about what God has done for you and this is really interesting because I'll just read these other things here don't work is basically what he's saying don't work because I have and I thought it interesting because in many ways the Sabbath is the only commandment of the 10 that specifically addresses what righteousness by faith is actually at right the idea of God has done a work our job is to rest in the work that he has done so in keeping the Sabbath Where's the weight of the responsibility does it lie on humanity or is basically God saying no lies on me in the Sabbath is a wreak a weekly reminder of the rest that we are to rest in what God has done for us so the way it is on God were to enter into that rest which it's interesting because people like all this they keep the Sabbath it's very you know that's legal istic or whatnot and it's like wait a minute it's the only one in the 10 that actually is the most unleashed a listed one because God saying enter into my rest right. So I just want to go over this just to underscore this idea if you have your Bible so you can turn here if not I'm going to read it out anyways but Exodus 28 through 11 right so you know this one remember this out of date people hope so and so and so on you know all the but the last part verse 11 it says What's the reason right he's referencing creation for in 6 days the Lord God made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the 7th day wherefore the Lord bless the 7th day and how loaded basically you rest because I worked you see the connection there you rest because I work and it's interesting because we see this follow through all the other Sabbath commands as well so Deuteronomy 512 through 15 goes through that whole sequence again about who should rest in all these types of things but the reason given is different it says and remember that a servant or worker in the land of Egypt and that the Lord thy God brought the out Finch through a mighty hand and by a stretched out stretched out arme therefore the Lord thy God commanded the to keep the Sabbath and so this is my this is kind of my maybe. Imagination here but think of it this way so God saying simplistic way this is Alan's version. Hey remember when you were stuck in Egypt Yeah Ok so you remember Could you fix the problem you found yourself in no could you do anything to get yourself out of it no whose work was it delivered you you yours Ok rest on the Sabbath to remember that wasn't anything that you did but what I did for you. Ok so that's the whole tenor I mean there's several renditions there's slavery obviously creation. Sanctification remember the keep the Sabbath for I am the Lord God that sanctifies you where is the weight of the responsibility it's on God it's not on humanity which is really interesting because it makes total sense why Christ would say and the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath because he came to earth to do a work and we are to rest in the work that he did for us it makes complete sense and it follows it's 11 of the things that are for my family and us we talk about an obvious like you know it's like there's this golden thread weaves itself through Scripture that once you get the concept of this this God has done a work rest in that work you'll see it in all sorts of situations that you might have never seen it before try it out I don't take my word for it but we're going to we're going to look at a few other places here. Let me see here so I want to kind of bring this out more because I feel like the Sabbath Yes it's a day it's a weekly or minder to remind us that don't rest on the work that you're doing rest of the work that I have done for you type of principle right I want to I want to bring up a really powerful thing that I learned from Pastor Morris been obviously he's passed away now but. And I've added a little bit to it I think I did one word. But you know that's how it works but the word if you if you have something to write this down write this down because this is a really powerful thing and you can use it in so many places I would I would really recommend taking scriptures where these words are found in trying to switch them out with these other words in see if it might not make it a little bit more powerful Ok so you're ready so you can just it's very simple just write trust. Equals faith equals belief equals rest and then the circle circles back around any of these words trust faith belief and roust are completely interchangeable in Scripture and it brings it it brings that out so for instance sometimes we hear the words belief or faith and it's like Ok we hear them so often in this like what does that really mean I mean. You know I could say. Just hear this way Ok I believe that God exists Ok I believe that a plant exist not a big deal but if I was to change that word to say I trust in God that's a whole nother level that takes that takes up or how that just takes down another I'm not sure which way but you know it does it makes a difference it makes a change and so let's look here. Out an analogy. And this this whole principle here is another kind of it's not talking about the Sabbath but it's the same aspect of where's the weight of the responsibility so Jesus in his talk with naked Demas in John 33 through 17 he says Jesus answered and said unto him most assuredly I say unto you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. And it could seem a says How can a man be born when he is old can he into a 2nd time into his mother's womb and be born and she says Most assuredly I say until you unless one is born of the water and of the Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of spirit is spirit do you not marvel that I say unto you you must be born again the wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it and cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes so is every one that is born of the Spirit so obviously we have this birth analogy and so let me ask you parents obviously I have been a parent before but parents where is the weight of the responsibility of giving birth to a child is it on the parent or is it on the child Ok how many of you decided I'm going to get born today right know it's something that was acted upon you it's something that you receive and happens to you it's not something that you make happen to you and then it's interesting because Jesus in the nick says How can these things be right and prices to him Are you a teacher in Israel and do you not know these things which is really interesting because this is like crisis saying this is 2nd hand knowledge of the idea that God is the one that does the work and you're to rest in the work that he's done for you is not a new idea it happened before sin this is a principle that's been set up before sin quite honestly this is what Eve forgot when she ate of the fruit Ok that God is someone worth trusting in and allowing him to bear the weight you don't have to try to make yourself God's right the temptation and God is someone worth trusting he's someone that's worth letting bear that responsibility that humanity can bear but when humanity tries to take on that responsibility it crushes them and it's totally true because in that. When we believe that it's our responsibility to work the works of righteousness are in our own lives and that that is something that that we're in that it's not something that we're supposed to just that we're supposed to trust God to work upon us when we take upon ourselves that weight of our own salvation it crushes us and it's so true but I'm going to turn the page no it's over here so then Christ gives this example he says Most assuredly I say to you we speak of what we know and testify of what we have seen and you do not receive our witness if you if I have told you earthly things and you know you do not believe how will you believe if I tell you of heavenly thing no one has ascended up into heaven but he who came down from heaven that is the son of man who is in heaven and then he is like he's trying to like Ok you don't believe like how my go to explain this right and he says then he gives the analogy another analogy corresponding to this way to do relationship right and he says As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believes in him and we can change out that word trust faith belief it works rest right in Him should not perish but have everlasting life for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes trust rest have faith in Him should not perish but have everlasting life for God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him who wears the weight of the responsibility to on God might be saved and it's interesting he references the serpent in the wilderness and here's here the children of Israel right there grumbling against God Oh we're out here in this wilderness why are we here like we do often the cares and perplexities of life like Mrs White says and steps of Christ. The cares and perplex the pleasures of the world life cares perplexities and sorrows the faults of others or your own faults and imperfections to any and all of these the devil will seek to divert our attention but we must not be misled by his devices the job of humanity is to enter into that rest that's the work like Paul said let us labor to enter into that rest he uses the analogy of the children of Israel trying to go into the Promised Land and they're all like we can't go in we can't go in and Joshua and Caleb are like we can go in because the Lord has given it to us quite honestly they couldn't go in and in their own strength but it was them if they would have rested in God They could have gone in it's the whole principle there but it's interesting going back to the serpent right and the idea here is that they're bitten by these snakes because they're grumbling gods like look I'm going to remove my protection and you'll see you'll see how bad this place is and they've got to start getting bitten and basically God Basically what happens is that you know Moses puts the serpent up on the on the pole and what are they supposed to do are they trying to like fix their bites you know they're supposed to take the focus on their bites that they have and they're supposed to look at the poll and looking and trusting and resting in God's providence the bites were hild and sometimes in our own lives are sins that we set us and there's addictions that we deal with but we're not to focus on them or to focus on our relationship and building that trust in Christ because the reason that we're bit by the serpent is because we've taken our eyes off of our leader off of our Christ where we're supposed to rest in our hope for a life so I want to give a 2 part analogy based on the life of David where I feel like this is really exemplified in a practical way there are 2. There there are 2 stories of clean Ok one the 1st story of David and fleeing is in. Let me get this right is in 1st Samuel 21 where you know he meets up with Jonathan and Jonathan shooting up these arrows and basically he shoots the arrow a certain way it's to say that everything's Ok and if you shoot the arrow a lot in another way David supposed to flee because his dad's really angry and so obviously his dad's really Saul's really angry and David flees and he just he's like terrified right and so he goes and he flees to. He flees to the priest knob right and he goes there right and he's like. I'm he starts lying one you know it's interesting when we lose faith in our focus on Christ great example all sorts of things start coming out you know so 1st he starts lying in the priest is like what's what's wrong and he's like well you know I have a secret errand for the Keene and I need some bread which he wasn't supposed to have because it was only for the priest I need some bread and I need a weapon and the priest says well we have the bread you know the bread we have on the altars here and I have a go I a sword that you killed and it's interesting because David gets the sword in his hand he says there is no weapon like this which it's like man. This is this weapon is what you killed someone with the strength of the Lord and now you're like there's nothing better than this it's like serve Goliath Well not really and then and then guess what he does he takes that weapon because he gets freaked out there because of the Shepherd one of Saul Shepherd sees that many and where does he go he flees to the enemies of Israel not only the any enemies of Israel but he flees to the exact city of the guy that he killed right and then when he gets there he's like oh boy this is a bad idea and he starts banging his head against the wall like a crazy man right and it's like that is just like so me Lord right I mean when when we lose focus on our on our provider our protector when we when we fall out of rest with our Creator craziness happens and you know I just want to obviously we've all come into situations where we've met people that are really be set by sins in their will their life is falling apart and so it's like they're addicted to this and that they have these problems and not problems and it's really easy to be like Judge Mental like well they've made really bad decisions in their own about place and you know they really should get their act together but the reality of this is that anyone who is outside of that rest with Christ craziness happens craziness happens in that sin sin in its essence is falling out of rest with God It's fundamentally that's where the problem lies in so instead of focusing on the problems the idea is to get back into that rest as quickly and as fast as possible now the 2nd story and we'll close with this is in 2nd Samuel 165 through 12 and it's another fleeing story but at this point David has had a completely different experience he's lived a long life he's made some fairly major just mistakes in his trust is not in himself anymore but his trust is in God. And unfortunately because of some of his mistakes he's brought this situation about on himself right he he had the whole situation with best Sheba Obviously he didn't feel like he could discipline his son and now one of his sons has revolted against him and he's like look I don't want to see blood be shed in Israel in Jerusalem so I'm going to flee and as he's fleeing this binge might comes out and starts yelling out and says You bloody man you bloody man God has brought upon you and upon your head all the blood of the House of flaw all because you know you took over the kingdom and he's been railing on rantin and because you know David is in a weak spot he's fleeing and one of David's mighty men comes up to David Wright and says Let me go just take this guy's head off for you and David says No the Lord has bitten him to curse David and he says perhaps perhaps the Lord will look upon my affliction and remember me and. If you have studied any history whether it's the English genes or any other rulers within history this stands out as an incredibly on imaginable situation if you're a ruler at this point heads are rolling all over the place but not in David situation because his trust is not in himself his trust is in God He says if the Lord will he will bring me back to this place but if not so be it. His Trust is not himself his trust in God and even when the whole Absalom affair is over he doesn't put himself back into power he says because the revolt had been too complete in Israel he waited for an invitation for the people to bring him back I mean this is completely foreign to pickle political and there's a there's a podcast that I have enjoyed listening to the in the past called History of England I mean these. Hundreds and thousands of people's heads would be rolling at this point here David is saying if the Lord wills to bring me back bring me back but if not I'm Ok with that he's entered into that rest and remember the Sabbath is a symbol a weekly reminder to enter into that rest so my my my challenge for each of us here I know I know a lot of us and I've I've heard this spoken of it's like oh I need to move to the country and you do this and you do that actually a few months ago I was talking with a lady helping her with some soil fertility things and she's like oh I don't like I don't like how the Lord the world is looking in and you know things are getting out of control and you know I just need to grow my own food and she was stressed and it's just like you know the whole point of coming into contact with the garden the whole point of doing this our culture is that we Come come it's a work where we come in contact with the power outside of ourself that provides for our very substance it's we have our part to plant the seed but we don't produce the sun we don't call the rain we don't summon the power within the seed to produce the life every thing that a farmer does is in connection and trusting that what God has put into place will fulfill itself the rest is not on you the rest is on God to produce the crop ultimately speaking man has a very very small participation in this whole thing. And my challenge is is that we live in Crazy times yes but remember right before the children of Israel go into the promised land the call of Christ to be able to go into the heavenly Canaan is to enter into my rest labor to rest in the providence of God For you it's not your work it's what God has done for you enter into that rest and so when we say happy Sabbath right what we're really saying is happy rest just feel the rest that God wants you to have today the world is crazy no doubt but God has done a work in my challenge to myself and my challenge for you is to labor it's a dichotomy because we have to work out it it's not natural for us labor to enter into that rest and so today as you go around I just keep in mind that the point of this whole event the point of our growth is to enter into the rest that God provided for us from the foundation of the world so. Enjoy your breakfast that's my message and I guess I should pray sorry. Dear Lord thank you for taking on the weight of the world in our behalf thank you for sending your son to remind us that the work of God for us is to trust in him who he is sent. May we embrace this in our hearts may the rest come in and may we experience it and may your arms around us in that way today in a special way that we remember who we are why we're here in why it matters in your name we ask him in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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