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COVID-19 Vaccine: Mark of the Beast?

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • January 30, 2021
    12:00 PM
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Happy Sabbath and welcome we're glad to be able to present on a sabbath on a very important topic and. Need to get right into it because there is a lot to cover. And so we want to jump right into God's word. Revelation Chapter 13 versus 16 through 18 says and he calls us all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast What is the number of a man and his number 600 threescore and 6 a message for this week is entitled covert 1000 vaccine mark of the beast question mark let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word Thank you Father God for being better to us than we are to ourselves right now Lord I ask for your protection and guidance in a special way Lord I ask that you make me a nail upon the wall or rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that mail order that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ that our waltz not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne of grace this is our prayer Jesus is precious and holy name Amen when to jump back to the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 describe. As John pens it the description of a beast Revelation 13 in verse one says and I stood up on the sand of the sea and saw a beast rising up out of the sea rise up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and upon his horns 10 crowns upon his heads the name of blasphemy The Beast which I saw was like on to a leopard and its feet or as the feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority. The Bible here describes a power that comes out of the sea the sea represents people populated area out of this populated area comes a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns each horn has a crown and upon his Each head is the name blasphemy to be says the attributes of having. Looking like a leopard never his feet like a bear in his mouth as a line of the dragon gave him his power his seat and great of 40 is of course an Adventist the ology represents. Papal Rome the 7 heads like the 7 hills of room the 10 horns represent seats of power. You could trace back to the 10 tribes of Europe. In the Sea of course represents a multitude of people that is beast comes out of. The parts of the animals that are in the unverse too could be explained away but they go back to Daniel and and the great kingdoms of Daniel Chapter 2 The Bible says that the dragon gave this beast his power seat and great authority. Revelation 13 in verse 3 says and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death. His Deadly Wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast don't have time to get into this today but we understand that when Napoleon's general birth year captured the pope in the late seventy's hundreds that it was a deadly wound inflicted upon the papacy and the papacy it had some other pretty serious rooms starting with the Reformation the Protestant Reformation but that was a deadly wound the world was not the same but the Scripture tells us that this wound would one day be healed this beast would have power again in the world. Right now there are those who are looking to find this beast and looking to find its mark where is it and so some Look in many different places interestingly enough as we should begin to discuss covert and its vaccine some who when I saw that. The Congress the House of Representatives had a bill that was to you know for do some of the testing and work around covert bills number 666646 as there were those who said mandates this you know is this this response to Cove it is the mark of the beast then they found it. In making. Vaccines and treatments the compound called Luciferian And you know so here look they you know this thing is just so obvious that loose a ferret is being used to make it. And you know I would agree it's a weird name to choose but remember that loose means light. In Spanish people name lose me just means light. And so where it really comes from is actually you can see in fireflies it out a picture of a fire flab here but you can see it isn't a question at the bottom of the screen that when this compound loses carbon dioxide. Dioxide tain when it loses a carbon dioxide it gives rise to an excited ketone or we're not excited he told relaxes it emits light and this is the chemical compound and chemical process by which fireflies make their light powerful stuff and so Mr Farron has named it whatever its name but the truth is that the kind of the where the uniqueness of it is actually found in nature and probably in its most brilliant form if you think it all the way through. So folks have been worrying about Luciferian and they've been worried about whether or not they're going to have a chip implanted in one recent talk I gave about the vaccine people are saying I'm worried that they're going to implant a microchip. And if they do this you won't be able to buy or sell it people have typically you know back in the day with a barcode and you can see the 3 to 3 bands of that long band of the barcode folks thought symbolise 666. And you know now it's like well I don't implant a chip some say through a vaccine they're going to implant a chip and when this happens you will not be able to buy or sell and of course if you really keep up with the world the way the world exists now the only reason you would have any chance to buy or sell if the if the powers that be didn't want you to is because of cash but you know without cash they could easily turn off everything take your money on the bank account turn off your credit cards debit cards. Block you even on the Internet and so. This idea that they're going to implant the chip has come up in a vaccine will be used to implant a chip. Revelation 1316. Says and he calls are both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads that no man might buy or sell save he had the mark of the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him that have understanding count the number of the Beast What is the number of a man Number 600 threescore and 6 which is where we get the 606 from but this thing says that you'll receive the mark of the beast on your forehead or in your hand and in other talks I talk about the fact that your forehead is what a frontal lobe is and so there are going to be those who knowingly push whatever the mark of the beast is on to others and others will receive the mark in their hand who will be followers or dozers decide listen it's not worth my livelihood is not my way a lot worth my way of life. To not follow this thing missed the mark of the beast revelation 15 and verse 2 says and I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire them that I got in the victory of the beast and over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God So there is something to gain victory over there is something that God is requiring us to be victorious over and not succumb to and here's the thing either you receive the mark of the beast or you receive the seal of God a long time to get into that but but you can see that here that you must gain victory over all of the things that were mentioned and here's where the challenge comes because of that's the case and a vaccine is the mark of the beast and we've got to fight the vaccine tooth and nail we have to put up every defense against it. So let's talk about a vaccine there's a lot to cover so we've got to keep moving so here's the vaccine. So in general let's talk about vaccines are a lot of people who have a lot of questions about vaccines and concerns and it's understandable you're giving a healthy person. Basically an. Premeditating them almost an antidote to something they may not ever even get so there are a lot of people who they don't know why vaccinate if you know there's a risk Where's the benefit and of course. We'll talk about the reason any of us can or most of us can question getting a vaccine is because we live in countries especially here like the United States and Canada or Europe where we have heard immunity so even if you chose not to get vaccinated or chose not to vaccinate your child your child would be safe because most of these diseases can spread because not enough people can get it that's called herd immunity so ironically the reason vaccines can be questioned is because of the effectiveness of vaccines Well how effective have vaccines me if you look at the slide here in a previous scene era and estimated annual morbidity in the United States you can see that there is annual morbidity has been decreased by 100 percent nobody dies of the theory of basically anymore in my office influenza 99 percent bear really ever happens and some of the deaths that I've read about actually happen in kids who were not vaccinated hepatitis a 91 percent have it that is beat on 83 percent measles deaths now 99 percent there was a time when measles deaths annually were you know in the in the 10s of thousands as you can see here. Mumps down 9 percent pertussis down 89 percent and pneumococcal disease which can affect even more age groups theoretically down 74 percent of deaths from that so that's interesting so so in before and after vaccines. So some of history one of the best known vaccines to have ever work is one called is one as the one against smallpox and in this one we saw where once the case of smallpox in this country. Were astronomical and now there is no smallpox in fact people don't even vaccinate against it anymore because it doesn't exist it is now technically a biological weapon someone released smallpox in a mall or in a church or you know on a plane no one except maybe some military folk and maybe some public health people a medical people would be vaccinated nobody else would be and it would spread like wildfire. So smallpox kills 300000000 people in the 20th century that's probably more people died of smallpox than all of the wars of the last century combined. It was eliminated through vaccination polypill kind of testament to vaccines in fact we'll talk about other whites. Views a little bit and more and more importantly her her experience what was smallpox vaccine in a 2nd what about vaccines one of the big scariest diseases was paralytic polio This is the paralytic polio notifications where they someone was paralyzed and this was an other one is death from 112 to 2000 you can see bottom mid 1960 s. basically polio itself was basically no longer in this is in England and Wales in the United Kingdom just didn't happen anymore and this was because of vaccines and that's polio which I remember having a teacher in the 2nd grade she was an older lady and she had had polio and still had her brace and walked out of brace polio damage a lot of children when it was running rampant in the world. Polio cases in the United States basically the same thing you can see when the 1st vaccine came out compared to the 2nd vaccine the oral polio vaccine in 1981 and now he basically don't see don't even think about I want to raise of course you can question vaccines also is I mean of smallpox is still going around you'd want to be vaccinated against that probably and polio you're right nobody would want to child to risk getting polio and becoming paralyzed or having other problems or death and so. These vaccines showed that vaccination can work and clearly a vaccination is going to have the issues. For a lot of reasons I mean any time it's profit tied to anything it can have its issues but as we walk through it we'll See So here's what the Iraq been since said one of Mrs White secretaries on the date of June 12th 1931 she wrote as follows concerning Mrs White's attitude toward vaccination you asked for different it fit and concise information regarding what Sister White wrote about vaccination and serum this question can be answered very briefly far for so far as we have any record she did not refer to them in any of her writings she never really mentioned them Illinois but the lady goes on a 2nd to say you will be interested to know however that a at a time when there was an epidemic of smallpox in the vicinity she herself was vaccinated and urged her helpers those connected with her to be vaccinated in taking the step sister white recognize the fact that it has been proven that vaccination either renders one immune from smallpox or greatly lightens its effects if one does come down with it she also recognized the dangers the danger of their of their exposing others if they failed to take this precautions will sounds like from this and you can find on the island the white est website a white understood the principle of why vaccinations exist how it is that could've saved so many lives. There. Somebody else I saw sent me something on the internet someone saying that Ellen White son was damn was harmed by vaccines but you have to understand I'm right died in 1915 the modern vaccinations really don't come on the scene till the late 1920 so her son would have been more than a grown man and probably not gotten any that's a nation. Anywhere near anything that we do now. So you know take that with a grain of salt compared to the information we have about vaccines today. Autism and vaccines so. Of course this is one of the big reasons a lot of people don't want to vaccinate But of course there was and. It was an article published. In the Lancet the British Journal of Medicine a very front of probably wouldn't probably want most prestigious if not the most prestigious medical journal in the world and it was published in the last 15 years saying that you know connection between m.m.r. measles mumps and rubella vaccine which which was all tied into one vaccination in about 1971 and that this thing caused autism and so that caught fire and a lot of people really began to push against vaccines but later on that was retracted and many of the authors themselves pulled back from it and it's basically been debunked later on they said Well that may be true but the c.d.c. has data that says African-American boys who get m.m.r. wind up with more autism and that that article is also retracted so you know it's difficult you know can you trust the medical literature while we trust the medical literature when I says that 7 had been his live longer because of our diet we trust the medical literature want to tells you that you know broccoli is good for you and meat is bad for you which overall the medical literature says are the medical limit literature condemns cigarettes and alcohol and has a lot of money tied to cigarettes alcohol and other unhealthy things yet the medical literature usually holds true so it's difficult to believe it when you want to believe the medical literature and not believe it when you don't want to believe it so here the medical literature retracted these 2 articles saying that they were both false so I don't enter into coronavirus and. I can you know I would show you here that these are the cases. In the United States and in the world since that came out I won't get into the numbers except to tell you clearly we've seen some drastic numbers. I think in the United States I forget the case number of 2 but it's staggering how many people have come down to corona virus in the United States and worldwide it's also a staggering caseload I know globally there's been about 2000000 deaths I think as here over 2000000 deaths around the world over 420000 deaths in the United States and in millions of cases. Brazil is 2nd with 2 114000 deaths in the United Kingdom and 94000 deaths remember the United States has about 340000000 people ish you know u.k. has about 70000000 maybe a little more people so it's proportional in some ways I mean you have to do the math to the size of countries America is not the biggest country China is and it does not show on here which is interesting because that's where it was 1st found but globally 2000000 deaths from this virus now there are some who say well this isn't really true because they don't know they exist some of these deaths Cove it really should have been some knows what I say even if it took 20 percent off still a staggering number of deaths and many of us know people who have died from this virus and as a physician I've seen people get sick wind up in the i.c.u. and not make it out so it is a real disease and it is a real problem and so the idea that you can just get just getting to the virus isn't a big deal is it is you know it's a it's a roll of the dice it's a risk because even some people who seem younger and healthier we have had a family here in the state of Connecticut live where mother and father died. Of covert and left there I think 12 and 10 year old sons orphaned and you know the span of like 2 or 3 weeks so it is real and it works. Pretty powerful e. by using what. Spike proteins to come in and to attach to the ace to receptors in the lungs and the intestines and that's why so many of the symptoms are respiratory or g.i. you can lose taste and smell as it was a higher up and is caused by inflammation around the cells that that. Cause you to be able to smell things and in along of course when it happens it causes some serious problems that maybe we will look at in a minute but be an Indian Test ins. It also does the same thing and so that's why you get the Nazia vomiting diarrhea when it gets bad you go into an acute inflammation phase the cytokine storm we've talked about this earlier in our last year as we were talking about these things and I think your body has an immune system that can recognize this cascade of inflammation through cytokine storm and turn it down or it can't and in many people with preexisting conditions or older an age cannot turn it down and hence the information gets so bad fills up the lungs the alveoli will show in a minute and someone has serious trouble breathing and it can lead to death as one of the ways it can lead to death it can cause problems with the kidneys but it causes a lot of problems and so we know it's a hyper disease of hyper inflammation as Jesus said in Matthew chapter 24 and verse of information shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom near 70 famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places right citizenry famines in the pestilences and so pestilence and that's where we are there are going to be outbreaks of disease as we are 100 years away from what was called the Spanish flu that's a horrible name for the influenza of 1901919. 100 years away basically and we have another one and there was some in between they call want to Hong Kong flu they should not really Mamie's things after places I believe but what about Hong Kong flu and urban you know swine flu and other things have come up but the one the bookends of the 100 years that started in 199-1000 flu to this Corona virus have been pretty both pretty significant both global both killing lots of people quote unquote Spanish flu killing as many as 50000000 people globally of course they did not have the medical technology we have today to try and save people. And you know they didn't even understand as well how to how to how to prevent it from spreading but you know so this is very local the Bible says pestilence will come in fact Revelation 21 says an air came on to me one of the 7 angels which had the 7 Viles full of the 7 last plagues. And talked with me saying Come here I will show the the bride the Lamb's wife this angel had to contain the 7 last plagues if there are 7 last pledge as we've said before that means there's probably going to be some plagues before the 7 last ones so we are looking at those plagues these diseases that would come upon the earth and covert I believe is one of them and I'll say like I said it many times before I do not believe covert is punishment I believe the corona virus is a warning warning to be careful to trust the things of this world the ways of this world the governments of this we're all of the things that a world you've got to careful and trust in and out and I'm not talking about now medicine or vaccines I'm talking thinking that they will be able to protect you from everything that happens because as you can see even if everything was to go well from now going forward you have seen the world scramble to try and respond to an invisible virus. We've read this before but otherwise as in the book the great controversy Satan works through the elements also to garner his harvest of unprepared souls he has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature and he uses all his power to control the elements as far as God allows He imparts to the air a deadly taint and and thousands perish by the pestilence that you get that the Satan imparts of the deadly taint and thousands prayers by the pestilence these visitations are to become more and more frequent and disastrous destruction will be upon both man and beast earth Morris and faded away the hearty people to languish the earth also is the filed under the inhabitants thereof why because they have transgressed the laws changed the ordinance broken the everlasting covenant Isaiah 244 and 5 This is from the great controversy page 589 as man moves further and further away from the obedience to God as man decides that he is a god unto himself as idolatry and revelry and blasphemy against the creator of heaven as it increases in the world God No is not a guest who will overstay his welcome and he will begin to withdraw his Spirit from this earth and as he does the enemy of our souls will gain more power and more and more terrible things will happen if there are a lot of ways for the enemy to do these things. Well the biggest thing of course is the panic that is coronaviruses cause so we don't have mass and social distance and it probably works and we know this because there's been so little flu so little influenza and r.s.v. respiratory syncytial virus just hasn't been spreading around the world a nation of Israel of Israel as of today haven't had read an article is that haven't tested one person positive for the flu which is kind of shocking in the flu season. But it's a lot of damage to the psyche of people over the fear that's created by a pandemic and so we all have to take a deep breath remember 2nd Timothy one and verse 7 but God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind at the end of May fear is a poor motivator to cause you to make bad decisions. So what we're not being told us is quickly before we get a little deeper into the vaccine stuff we're not being told of course that if this is a pro inflammatory disease there Fido chemicals and you can see course attend is here now list of other ones medical medicinal plant compounds natural implants that will actually protect people from these things and you can look at making sure you know a lot of dark leafy veggies dark berries and grapes. Like Black Berries blueberries dark gray fiber is protective The study should be will higher fiber levels are less affected by coal vid onion garlic and tumor 2 Americas is an time for amatory in its product and its in its in its properties corseted and zinc which you can find out the berries of a lot of course at the Mint course that is in a lot of other foods as well won't get into it at this time but to tell you that in fact there is something you can do there's some there's ways to protect ourselves so whether or not you want vaccination or not. You know there is a God has given us a his his health laws and they are protective here vitamin d. in covert right what how how does vitamin d. protect against Kobe we've been seeing the studies showing that people higher vitamin d. levels do better against Coldwell lot of body binds their 2 arms that the immune system is the innate immunity and the adaptive immunity and in the innate immunity rat which is kind of attacks everything you have neutrophils macrophages vitamin d. binds of the cells until it's a gene expression that makes the cells better at killing pathogens vitamin d. is important to your main system vitamin d. and cold it adaptive immunity Here's the alveoli I mentioned earlier so I guess full of fluid you get all this inflammation from the side a kind store we talked about earlier vitamin d. in decreases the inflammation so as vitamin e. calms adaptive immune system cytokine levels drop in formations decrease so if you don't have enough vitamin d. men you haven't been exposed enough sun or you're not taking a supplement if you live somewhere where it is not like much sun here in the northern parts of the u.s. Canada or Europe if you're not taking it you. At risk of having more of not being able to turn off that inflammatory response why do older people have trouble with vitamin d. the thinner skin isn't as good at making vitamin d. And for those of us with darker skin it's even harder to make vitamin d. as well stress contributes that is this is why why when we as we look at it keeping yourself from having high stress levels because when you have high stress levels release cortisol and cortisol is important in turning down the inflammatory response of the immune cells it but when it's always high you get resistance and those inflammatory immune cells do not respond to it anymore and eventually you get adrenal exhaustion and in your course then you can't respond to stress and you get increased stress and it's a big cycle so having a lot of stress makes it so to that your body's natural system of keeping the inflammation from an immune response like one to Cove it keeping it in check so it doesn't get so bad that you get the full alveoli and the whole side of kind storm if you're always stressed out always in a state of fight or flight you will not be able to respond so you combine the panic and stress of a pandemic. Would a bad diet of Americans you start to see why this disease is running wild and why. So many people have been injured and put in danger because of it Matthew Levin says this talking about stress the 11 to 28 says come on to me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me from meek and lowly in heart and you shall find a rest until your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light Leviticus 23 in verse 3 to really bring this home for Sabbath keeping Christian 6 days shall work be done the 7th day is the Sabbath of arrest holy convocation you shall do no work there it is the Sabbath of the Lord in all your dwelling in other words you are given a day to rest to let your cortisol levels fall as you focus on God the one who will bear your birds the Sabbath itself is therapeutic because leaning on Christ is there a beauty. So what do you not want to eat other throat is in here real quick and we're on our time here it is refined sugars saturated fats trans fats you don't want to eat dairy. Refined carbohydrates white rice white bread most of the chips and stuff you find at the store alcohol of course is pro-inflammatory. And if you're eating lots of 6 fatty acids but not enough balance or to make a 30 also have a pro inflammatory state can't get into this that way but just to mention all of that before we jump to the Cobalt Kovan vaccine and of course when President Trump launched this he called it Operation warp speed. That I think President Biden has already taken that name off of it. President Trump promised that before the end of last year there would be vaccines he was actually laughed at a bit and it turns out he was 2 or 3 vaccines came out before the end of the year so to warp speed worked we have vaccines. And here are the major ones that we're looking at not a lot more that we can talk about but here are major ones and Oxford unit Astra Zeneca. From out of a British virus redish vaccine maker via vector genetically modified virus jumped to a 2 doses effectiveness a 60 to 90 percent. And so that one has not been is not for use in here in the United States yet I don't know where it is but it's not in the United States into any United States or modernity and Pfizer biotech which are both American made products Pfizer partners with a German company that owns 2 are both are in a messenger r.n.a. and this is where a lot of people start saying well you we are going to be genetically modified That's what the vaccine does this is new vaccine technology that is the truth but notice the effectiveness 95 percent effective they have to be stored a very cold temperatures because the m.r.i. is fragile and these are the most expensive one the 2 American ones and of course there's one Russian one that is about 92 percent effective. Which uses a viral vector as well but the 2 most that most listening to this would be would be offered would be modernise or Pfizer's. So how does it work well what they do is they have what they take despite protein I talked about earlier and they take it and they once they knew the the the genetic sequence of the virus they got that early on like back in March or April of last year they went to work they strung it out and I've taken biochemistry and genetics and genetics and other classes when I was an undergrad in medical school and you can there's all kinds coded it's all code named they run out of code and they what they did is they made messenger r.n.a. put it in a little bit nanoparticles and some Somebody said that they turn you into robots because these are nano particles the but this is not Marvel this is not Tony Stark. It doesn't work like that this is a limited case which is fat because fat can cross through the cell wall because the cell wall in your body is fat when it gets inside the cell as you can see here synthetic m r n a is packaged and limpid a gets it inside a cell the instructions that and given and what it does inside a cell it borrows the cells machinery and it makes Spike protein and spits that out so what your body sees just a spike protein not a whole virus now your body can have antibodies to the part of the virus that actually connects to you in a stew receptors we talked about earlier and causes infection so it's it is a virus I mean it is a vaccine I hear people saying this is not a vaccine that's because they're used to old school vaccines it's like saying a test is not a car because it doesn't have a gas engine just because the new way of making a car doesn't mean it's not still a car it's the same thing as the new way of making a vaccine is it controversial is it is it is it is it almost you know is it is it new ops Absolutely but the technologies exist that probably for about 20 years. Remember the 1st corona virus that came out was SARS back in early 2000 people have been working on these things since then so it's not completely new people this technology has been around and. And using other parts of medicine as an African-American young Lady Madonna who was an at the one of the key people who helped to make this vaccine for those people think it was made to to harm specifically African-Americans. That seems to not be the case because these vaccines actually are being rich people rich white people trying to buy the vaccine and get it so we kind of interesting if the Zinah kill people that the rich people will do anything to get it early. Or that's how the vaccine basically works and so it goes into the side of Plasm not into the nucleus of this is where the d.n.a. is not Astra Zeneca the British one does go into the nucleus but we're promised that it doesn't mess of d.n.a. the 2 American versions neither of them entered into the nucleus they go into the cytoplasm and then I spit out the spike proteins the m.r. they cannot last forever remember they had to just to drive the m.r. any around the vaccine around it's got to be stored at insanely cold temperatures your body is very warm so this thing can't just it won't just live forever in your body it'll get used up and you create the response you want and people will have an immune response to the coronavirus there's some concern because of the new variants that have been found but the vaccine does work if you know if it does what it says going to do you don't is going to go a you few years to get all of the data to understand fully what everything means who doesn't do well with it who does do well with it that's going to take some time and you know I'm allergic to papayas So you know you could say no and if you took me as a case study and say papaya is a poison fruit nobody in the world should eat a pyre you know nothing kills more people like me nothing kills like car accidents kill thousands of people die every year from cars and yet all of us get in our cars and drive life is a risk benefit whole ratio and I do not believe because. They say that this vaccine is 95 percent effective modern and Pfizer that means that you should allow people to choose whether or not they get it because those who are highest risk would be able to get it and be protected and it really wouldn't matter as much if those who are very low risk of getting sick from it got it or at least that theoretically that would make sense if you want heard of unity you would want more people to get it but to seems to me that the real big thing what coronavirus is keeping the hospitals from being overwhelmed and keeping the deaths down and the vaccines can do that without being mandated against people so at this stage of the argument I would say there's no reason to mandate the vaccine either so I'm not telling you to get the vaccine I'm not telling you not to get the vaccine I am speaking to whether or not is vaccine is the mark of the beast that we're going to talk more about that here in a 2nd. So so far around the world the vaccine has been. Given out in large amounts you can see. Her 100 people Israel is leading the way followed body and night and Arab Emirates followed by the United Kingdom America down at number 5 Israel is like 1.8 to provide people almost 2 people out of every 100 have already been vaccinated and they're getting data from this and learning and I've already found it in fact yes if you're vaccinated it's a significant drop in the chance that you would actually contract the coronavirus some folk have said you know what talk about is more a 2nd it is like pork in the vaccine if there was the Muslim countries would not give this vaccine and as you can see the United Arab Emirates is number 2 actually in the count. How many doses total in the world already over 60000000 doses of the vaccine have been given and United States already in 1000110000 and that numbers already hired this is from like late last week but bottom line is millions of people are getting this and let me say this if you give millions of people anything somebody will have a bad reaction for example if you have millions of people papaya someone is going to be allergic so these things aren't perfect Remember we live in a sinful world and some people will not react well to it just like millions of people are not reacting well to the corona virus infection not the vaccine but the actual virus millions of people are dying from it so you have to look at where we're Would a benefit be that this is how the public health people are thinking and why the vaccine is being promoted because you're looking at it if you vaccinate 100000000 people you know maybe you know a very small percentage point 00001 percent of people have a problem with it but if 100000000 people get the actual disease you know 2000000 people might die so they're looking at that's what they're looking at and that's why the vaccine gets what it gets and we as admin is have to be very careful we are being pushed as. Conspiracy theorists and. So it's the danger of that of course is we have a. We're going talk about the 2nd half of this we have a conspiracy there it up many people are very worried about we noticed here is the. This is from up in The Daily Beast came out against the 7 day Adventist Church how a new religion could rise from the ashes of Q one on throwing us in with you in homage isn't good refuting Daily Beast attack on us the a somebody actually came back they're basically saying look out of a great disappointment came a 77 a church a bunch of conspiracy there is that believe that one day it will be a Sunday law and you will be punished if you don't keep Sunday sacred or if you you know and they're going to enforce all these things and so they accuse of being a conspiracy theorist and this is why you have to be careful we have to be very careful I heard somebody talking about a lady said it's an advantage Dr was quote unquote doctor was saying that when you do the the Cova test they rub your nose and they leave particles of metal in your nose and these particles are then connected to the 5 g. network is that what. That you know where I work we test people for granted it's just a basically a Q-Tip the same Q-Tip we've been using for fluid for strep throat and you know one of us which is only a few of them choose from we can do enough in decades this is no different there's no pieces of metal there's no 5 g. network connection but when we take these and when we as admin is taught these things and promote these things that we're not thinking critically we give ammunition to those who are going to one day accuse us of not being rational sensible people. There's a danger in this we've got to be careful because we know hard times are coming upon our people and we've got to be careful in spreading lies and misstatements how we say things we have to be careful because one day when we are we don't want to be crying wolf now and one day no one listens to us because we're viewed as outcasts which many already of us says of course Matthew 247 says for nations to rise against nation kingdom against kingdom and to be famines and pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places this prophecy has been fulfilled Matthew $24.00 and verse 8 says all these are the beginning of sorrows we have got to be prepared can't become conspiracy there's we've got to be prepared Matthew $24.00 and verse 9 says it like this talking about the Beginning of Sorrows then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated one nations for my name's sake and then Many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another Matthew 2421 says for then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor ever shall be and except those days should be shortened there should be no flesh be saved but for the Alexei that those days shall be shortened Matthew $24.00 and verse 11 says and many false prophets shall arise and shall see many many false prophets shall arise and shall the see many there is a great time of tribulation a great time of affliction coming against the people of God and there are many who say we are crazy to believe this. That one day to the religious freedoms of this country would would would would disappear there's this they say that we are conspiracy there is no show you more in a 2nd even for believing in the Sunday law that one day we could be forced to keep Sunday holy and I guess they forget that America's already had that history to call blue laws they still exist. And if you go back as that history people were persecuted for not referencing the Sunday laws the blue laws of this country. And they're not looking at what we'll talk about a 2nd countries like Poland where these laws are actually being advanced even now so we are ridiculed once again for believing this but this is what we believe. And we don't believe it in a vacuum it's historical as well as it is in process in the world today but there's a deceptive nature that has to go out in order to fool us and fool the world is a deceptive piece that has to go out Bible says that it will be false prophets that they will deceive many in the days of Jeremiah it was the false prophets that convinced the people of Jerusalem not to prepare for the Babylonian invasion to accept what was God was about to do to them as punishment false prophets that everything was going to be fine just as they will say now just as they will just as the attack Jeremiah they will attack us Revelation 16 breaks this down he says and I saw in verse 13 says and I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet so here you have these 3 things will get into what I mean but I will say that these unclean spirits like frogs come out and what are these unclean spirits like for all this for they are the spirits of devils they're working miracles which go forth under the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty. Powerful stuff in other words these 3 spirits these unclean spirits will go out they will work miracles they will deceive the Kings the real leaders of the world and gather them together to the great battle look at what Jesus says to tell you the timing I believe this gives you a hint as to when all of this demonic deception is going to happen verse 15 says behold I come as a thief in other words it's coming at this time if you're not if you allow yourself to be deceived member Matthew 24. Jesus says there was the cycles when they ask him when will the end of the world be he says Do not be deceived the word for deceived in the Greek is plot Nao do not be plot Nao do not be deceived here he says I come as a thief thief doesn't tell you when he's coming it comes when you least expect it bless it is he that watches and keep his garments Leslie walked make it and they see is shame in other words these the SEPs ins are a sign themselves the fact that folk will not believe the things that God is saying that they will fall prey to the miracles and the deceptions of these demonic spirits these are things that will happen and cause many to be lost 3 unclean spirits number one spiritual as we've talked about this before last year over to a prostate Protestantism number 3 people room. Well so some of the slides from somebody other thoughts number one spiritual ism is on the rise here is the Time magazine cover from the 1970 s. a culture of libel we talked about that before here's another one music in the occult how the occult saved rock and roll imbedded in a culture of the United States and the world occultism has taken its root by getting into the music the Rolling Stone song sympathy for the Devil. And many of us I mean I could go on and on and so many songs were where references the devil in me a cold and magic in witchcraft and all of these different things it is even in in the into tain what we watch shows like charm and of course a series like Harry Potter we've talked about this before why witchcraft is on the rise Americans interest in spellcasting tends to wax as instability rises and trust in a stablished but ideas plummets so as these things happen people knew that Lana. It says people stop trusting traditional valid tradition of Judeo Christian biblical values people stop to trust those they turn to something else these devils these spirits of deception why millenniums are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology and tumultuous political times the 18 to 30 demographic is reaching to for the stars and I've read before where the fastest growing religions in the United States are Wicca and witchcraft and you can see that it's happening why because of what Hollywood does and shows like Coco we talked about it before same exact ghost and malicious and and I will get into this except to say all of these things teach that the dead are not really dead but you can conjure them up and if you can do that if you allow demons to get great power you can get and to speak to people malicious and turns the villain into the good guy which is what Sympathy For The Devil is actually all about when you see the horns and all that stuff remember bafflement all that stuff so it's all there peer Disney Pixar came out with a movie on Christmas Day called Soul and showed you how you can go to heaven come back and all this kind of stuff so this is this is this is. Spiritualism and it is on the rise and it to me it connects all these other things because apostate Protestantism believes that you don't really die when you die they believe you don't burn in hell forever be in Heaven forever and believe that there's ways you can communicate across that you really don't believe you should most of them but a positive Protestantism is also dangerous you can see here people praying over Donald Trump on the left all of the preachers who mocked and laughed the Donald Trump would never be unseated he would win the election they prophesied predicted I mean there's a whole video of just all the popular preachers haven't helical saying they were all wrong he's not the president anymore false prophets. And he said Thank You Lord Jesus for President Trump mixing commingling Christianity with politics is a sign of the end. Here's one that was really scary in a capital building when these guys invaded this guy's shirtless God and I think you are the one who had to move horns on praying in a capital to Jesus as they tore up the place and took over the place and you know just didn't look good for Christians in my opinion. But these are the things that will happen people are going to think that their religion and their patriotism are inexplicably and linked and cannot be separated and that is dangerous we are not of this world we are of the Kingdom of the living God We are citizens there 1st so when people get this caught up in the politics of this world as if a man can save them they are choosing barabus like Israel did at the time of the crucifixion and you've got to be careful doing that and I don't care for the white Barabas or a black Barabas it's a Barabas all the same and this is the danger of not understanding prophecy and thinking Israel is the center of all friendly prophecy when she is not Revelation 131112 says and I beheld the other bees coming up out of the earth and 2 horns like a lamb and spake as a dragon This is. A positive Protestantism zz. Major land the United States of America being described 2 horns like a lamb seemed like a Christian entity lamb the 2 horns as power but it spoke like a dragon and America has spoken like a dragon from its inception He said We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal while he had slaves. But Magnus been speaking like a dragon but her dragon voice will only get louder and stronger as times go on crime goes on and will be perfected against those who hold the cross there regardless of what they look like verse 12 the excise all the power of the 1st piece which we already talked about before and cause the Earth and them to dwell there are to worship the 1st beast whose Deadly Wound was healed this beast is going to set up people to worship the set the 1st beast and they do a great wonder study make a fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men deceiving them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the side of the beast saying to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image of the beast which had the wound by a sword and it lived in an image this is where we believe Sunday sacredness and. And false religion will come in setting up this image that at Beast Revelation 1315 Any had power to give life under the image of the beast that the image of the b. should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed and here is what we believe persecution is coming as Matthew $24.00 tells us were 16 a Revelation 13 and a cause all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell say they have had the mark of the or or the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him that understand count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man. This number is 600 threescore and 6 leads us to the last of the 3 unclean spirits people Rome and you can see the flag of the United Nations back there as power is given and I stood on the stand of the sea and saw bees rise up out of the sea we read this already and he and in a day and a dragon of Scripture says a verse to give him his power and a seat in his great authority one of his rooms were Would one of his heads were wounded to death his deadly wound was healed and here's the part I want to get to and all the world wondered after the beast something happens after $798.00 when Burke air conquer conquers the Vatican and takes the pope captive then something happens that not only is it healed but the whole world wonders and I'm telling you right now even atheist Bill Maher. You know and one comment I read a Muslim and number 2 a pope and on and on I mean right now the world is truly wondering out of the beast. Healing America this is Vatican news time to heal wounds in the United States as just before the last inauguration of the Vatican as a look we was time to heal America who's going to heal America how to going to heal America well you can notice that only the 2nd Catholic pope in American history and you can see that Biden has met with the pope more than once that's Biden assisted meet the pope before the pope and by me I like very similar and temperament and in and in vision and in views of Catholics what he's seen of both we have views that some of the Catholics might not might not agree with and you can see that there is already this connection between. That the group the most powerful man on earth and the present United States we always say and probably really is the most powerful man on earth the pope and there's powerful connection here. As we move forward things are going to begin to change because even the Supreme Court we've talked about this before is 7 Catholics 9 out of the 9 jurors So there's power there to to if there's a lot it came up and it was any allegiance that needed to be to the pope would be very difficult to say a full wouldn't have a lead is that a pope when John f. Kennedy was president he wrote a beautiful diatribe about how he was of the separation of church and state how he would not be loyal to the edicts of Rome he would he would do what was best for America basically. And you know of course he of course he didn't survive very long as President but he understood that and you will see if anyone today would say that's those same words but of course the pope has an agenda we've talked about this before the threat to the environment I urgently appeal a dialogue about I wish even a future of our planet the 1st thing that Joe Biden's done in coming to office is done Executive Order Act executive order around the environment slashing the Keystone Pipeline which cost thousands of jobs you can argue forget that I'm not making a case for against the Keystone pipeline but instantaneously slashing all kinds of jobs on a pile on a pipeline I would have brought crude oil from Canada. And so the instantaneous the environment is Bax front and center and so we are seeing that through this the a belief in the environment one of the things that would happen is that you have a Sabbath for the poor and for the environment and all of a sudden nice things can happen but there are those who are given a hint that they understand this stuff better than others this is David Steiner who released a book called a bipolar winter a fiction novel based on historical facts. And in a bipolar winter this is a former 7 Day Adventists now looks like a conservative orthodox Jew. Who says he was raised 7 Adventist but he he had to know he had to walk away from it because 7 Day Adventists believe. Some things that he just couldn't agree with his father was an avid as minister I believe and here's what here's here's the kind of the plot of this book the bi polar winter historian Aldo Lombardi. Is a recent graduate of the pontifical Gregorian University University summoned to appear before Pope Benedict Allison the legacy is and investigator whose assignment leads her to alto and a 500 year old secret who discovery may unravel the fabric of the Christian faith. The pair must uncover the truth behind a secret and reveal what the leaders of the modern 7 evidence church know that were discovered destroyed the Catholic Church it's a race against time to discover the truth before hundreds of millions of followers are thrown into chaos before a rock sect unleashes a global cataclysm to fulfill its founders doomsday prophecy powerful book and I haven't read a book I may actually read it because I'd love to see what he says about administering it but paired this book is basically sanity some sects some group of believers is going to try to cause a cataclysmic collapse of the world is not interesting literally whatever the White says that advantage will be blamed for the trouble trouble is coming upon the world through natural disasters and other things like pestilences when we do not keep Sunday sacred and hence the there will be. An increase. In the level of persecution against 7 events because people believe that here disguised basically writing something very similar in his book just based on those the summary of the book and so yes they're looking for a new Sabbath or something there were crazy to believe this but look at the Poland is expanding its Sunday laws reducing the number of days Sundays where people can buy and sell pushing the limit on Sunday laws and many in America is the National Catholic wedge that American as is taking Sunday seriously Poland leads the way Poland is pushing an expanding Sunday law restrictions. The great controversy says it like this page 445 the beast with 2 horns causes causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man should buy might buy or sell save you had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name Revelation 131617 the 13 jewels warning is if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God The Beast mentioned in this message was worshippers in force whether to warn beast the 1st or leopard like Beast of Revelation 13 the papacy the image of the beast represents the form of apostasy Protestantism which will be developed when the Protestant churches shall seek the aid of the civil power for the enforcement of their dogmas the mark of the beast still remains to be defined ultimately the mark of the beast will be around worship. And we often say it's Sunday laws and Sunday worship it's it that is the that is the that is how it manifests but it's deeper than that who is going to really truly worship the One True God the way that God tells them to worship Him That's what the mark of the beast is all about if you reject that you receive that Mark if you worship Him in truth and develop the character of Christ you receive the seal of the Living God So let me tell you we end with this we must all be vaccinated but we need to be vaccinated against the section 1st and foremost we need to know our Bibles we need to be careful not to get caught up in distractions around you know some people who spend all their energy around vaccines that are not preparing their hearts for the Lord soon coming they're not getting ready there is so caught up in the things of this world the issues of this world in the politics of this world that are not really preparing for the soon coming of our Lord the real question is will your anchor hold. Are you developing the mind of Christ are you becoming more and more like him that's the real issue church and all of a lot of these other things are just assumptions and we get caught up in the in the activism for this and that and we we we start to fight against this not because we want to secret information we want to know bored everyone else we want to unleash the conspiracy that and we don't understand it the greatest conspiracy is right in front of you Satan is working to distract us away from what is really important so that we focus on side issues and miss the mark be vaccinated against the section receive the seal of God Let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word and I pray Lord of you would just bless. These messages Father God help us to be ready to make wise decisions around vaccines already vaccines are not salvific. But Lord Your word is and if we try and make vaccines into what they are not remain miss what really is important we are watching the world turn into a different place new standards and rules watching your word and your law be erased. Men's minds fully corrupted your spirit being withdrawn Lord help us to focus on having the mind of Christ. Have your character be like you covenant relationship this is our prayer in Jesus presence. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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