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Can We Trust the Bible?

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 27, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Let's pray together and. Talk to the leftists. Father heaven thank you tonight for the op to we have to come to mid week service and we asked your spirit your blessing to be with us tonight and. Precipitation that we certainly need to physically but also spiritually so bless us tonight we pray in our time of prayer together and and thoughts about your word in Christ name it so but. Wait there are some people over here too. But some room in this is the mix multitude. Yeah you know I got a question for you. How many of you ever listen to podcasts All right. And how many of you know what the number one pod cast is in America today This American Life no low rollers. Ok Joe Rogan. And Joe Rogan is a what. Ok no that's not the number one Ok And and what you're looking it up right now. Joaquin it's not an underachiever at all he doesn't take these things seriously is googling. The priest who is simply reading the Bible us a number one podcast on Apple how Apple pod casts might might not be the number one overall but Apple which is fairly high following Number one podcast as a Catholic priest. Why do you. I want to understand what it says and Bible sales have skyrocketed in America this year that uses cell about 20000000 by plane more cell about 100000000 Bibles worldwide. And you know when you look up the bestselling books they never put the Bible there but you actually know that the Bible outsells is out read by every other book than other book that is out there in that kind of don't want you to see that so when I googled it tonight walking which you're probably doing right now. Most of the list and have the Bible at all but when you really look at the statistic completely. Blows the other books away about the number of people that are in or not but it's purchase more than anything else and it may not be read like it should be but it's certainly. Been about 6000000000 maybe 3 people live in the world these things here at the college 7000000000 yeah so it was a that's really amazing so the other thing that's kind of obvious is that. People are the bibles they have and maybe they've been talked out of but they're electing people that are doing things exactly exactly opposite the Bible so. If you if you actually read the Bible know what it says you would you would know no way would you be happy with your elected representatives. Because they simply are not attacking the concepts of the Bible so one of the things that we have going on here at the college is that. The whole Bible through at least once on the basis of their course of study through the lens of their course of study and in other words if I'm going to be a person and will say about that of relevance to me if I'm going to be taking and enter disciplinary a degree with a focus on psychology what does it say to me if I'm taking a business degree what's it saying to me. I mean I think this would be a useful thing and. Today is listening to what the Bible says that maybe people in your line of work would like to know what it says about what you're doing and you actually. I think that end up being. Years ago in a emergency sunny. I would just take my Bible with me to work. And I would just lay it on the counter on the work station at the nurses' station would be something else I was reading and this would inevitably turn into a discussion about this or what does the Bible say about that time I had to memorize a book a revelation for a class I was a so I just photocopied the Book of Revelation and I gave a little bit of the Book of Revelation to it and I remember Judy she goes why did you give me this. On the dragon was wroth with the woman and want to make war with a primitive or see who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus he was like. I said well it was it was random I don't think it was random Why did you give this to me. And that led who the woman was why she was upset why it was that Judy got so so upset so rapidly. That was her own application of this big breaks down to. 272000 beings sold or printed a day 11000 an hour 190 a minute for 3 a 2nd. So the Bible is out there. But it's kind of being ignored it's being ignored and the media by politicians mostly by academics they don't. Talk about the Bible they discredit the Bible they don't reference it and I want to discover 7 reasons the Bible matters briefly and then we have a time a prayer tonight number one because the Bible claims to be the Word of God. If you got a book that says. That God is speaking in it. It is quite a stellar thing we'll look at this more closely it says the Word of God is says the Genesis one and it talks about God speaking all the way to Revelation 48 times the word of God is used I have put my words in your mouth this is what the Lord so the idea here is that this is God is saying something he's communicating something how many think we need a voice that rises above other voices in the world today I am that voice accepted or rejected but that's what is claiming this is the Word of God. When we go to can when we want to convey something that goes beyond the ordinary we need language that does the same transit ending everyday speech if the Word of God can seem a bit over our heads perhaps baited is what God is that is part of his very nature think well I just don't understand. That's Ok so word of God as it takes a little pondering and understand number to. Source of information about Jesus. Jesus is not mentioned very much out of the Bible like 2 or 3 times in age in antiquity. These words are they which testify of me Jesus more has been written about Jesus than any other person on the planet more music has been inspired by him than anyone else more architecture and sculpture has been created to honor him than any other person and he's been the inspiration for many of the world's great social reforms and his name is stamped on time itself. Before Christ and and also the Year of Our Lord and this all happened because of the Bible this is the only place that it's found I mean apart from for references to Jesus in Jewish and Roma literature which do little more than say that he was a person existed the only source of information about this incredibly influential and during person is the Bible how do you think for the Bible how you think for Jesus and you would not have any information. Basically about Jesus without the Bible. To believe that a remote him out and province of the perished Empire stamped as to compel the centuries to hear his name is to believe that a child with a box of colors could change the tent of all the oceans makes no sense but that's what happens concerning Jesus and where do we find information about Jesus. Only the Bible. Number 3 it's continue relevance to Life Bible says it's profitable for teaching for reproving the word reproof means actually that to reprove something or correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished. So. Probably more important is not in any other textbook you have that we mark college is the Bible and knowing what it work your area of focus is going to be the special sauce that you bring to that area of focus where once I was working in the emergency room we got. An out of the parking lot and we went out into our so grand We were all aghast it was and he was having a sickle cell event he was a African-American and he had sickle cell anemia and he had a sickly event and so we started to try and resuscitate him we brought him but he died it had a sickly event that went right to his heart I got golfing with him like 3 days before he was a very close friend and the entire department was just grieving a loss of one of their own and someone who was an excellent person and a fun person piercing blue eyes he had blue eyes and. He was quite a guy. And after he died. There was only one person the people in the department came to and that was me for some reason but I know what the reason was because what did I bring to work every day the Bible and what was I talking about every day at work when I had a free minute the Bible and why was I talking about the Bible because it saved my life I had come back I had accepted God and that's all I want to talk about and some of them like that. But when Levi died they all came to talk to me I think I started 40 Bible studies that week they want to stay the Bible for me I wasn't a pastor. I wasn't even in theology school I was a nurse. And they asked me to do the funeral as well. Another time there was a guy who really would mock and ridicule me for reading the Bible to him his son got in a car accident and was near death and was in the i.c.u. after surgery and of all the people in the unit. All the people in the e.r. he called me said I know I criticized you and I'm asking God to forgive me because I'm asking you to get in touch with your God the God of the Bible Jesus whoever it is and asked to save my son's life and his son lived and guess where he went after he got better he went to church he came to my church. So how do you want to be people of the book people of the Bible. And no matter where you go take it with you probably one of my best mentors in this was a doctor's name was Dr Doogie and Dr John Dewey he he would have a small spirit a prophecy book in one of his lab coats side of his lab coat and they had a little small Bible and in between things you'd see him pull that out he'd be looking at his Bible and. And then he also lived in the middle of a very. You know challenging area lives in the middle of been Harbor Michigan he lived right in the right down in the hood the neighborhood and he's a cardiologist he's a white male. Living in the midst of Benton Harbor people come and go to his house he fed them he read the Bible to them and it made a huge impact. So relevance to life for centuries millions of discover the Bible speaks to their present condition it gives hope in times of discouragement guide guys in times of perplexity gives a light in a time of darkness gives confidence in times of low self esteem Bible sales of skyrocketed 600000000 more downloads of the You Version app and searches are for what to do in times of fear and anxiety the number one Underline it text in the Bible is Isaiah 4910 Fear not be not to stay for I am by God I will help the I will hold the i will i will help the I will strive I will strengthen the I will help the I will uphold it with my righteous right hand us a number one on a line text of last year and people don't even know what that means what does it mean to hold me with my righteous right hand they like the sound of it but what does that mean when you study the Bible to know what that means the right hand was the hand of creation the right hand was the hand of redemption the right hand was the hand that wrote God's law and if we're in the middle of God's law he can help us he can strengthen us he can uphold us in times of fear and suffering and dismay and. People want to know that maybe this is why it's still the best seller especially in times when people are giving up on doctors and scientists scientists over the last year have lost so much credibility because they lied to people and then they said we lied to you because we didn't think you could understand or accept the truth but when you start lying to people guess what happens I don't trust you anymore don't try to anymore and that's what's happened actually in the in this country do you think that people trust people in Washington. You know what the trust level of for people in Washington is right now it's below 20 or 30 percent below 20 percent how do you think people trust the media. I don't trust that an Guess what they're doing they're going direct they're saying I want to I want to buy a Bible and read it myself I want to see what God says it's kind of an amazing time to live it's ability to change lives to give a life a sense of purpose to redirect the life to be born again to be changed to have lived through the living enduring word of God to have a new heart to have a new spirit if the Bible can change people like that should We've been to be interested in taking the Bible seriously how many of you been changed by reading the Bible and by the way it helps give you a sense of purpose I mean you need a sense of purpose. And it will give you a sense of purpose least it did me a stilt still gives me a sense of purpose every day that says is a possibility of life to come not just life everlasting life eternal life being raised on the dead Hugh believes in Me will eat live even though he dies and because I live you also will live this is a core Christianity and it comes directly from the Bible. And this gets more relevant when people are are dying and relatives are dying and when it comes close to home how do you know somebody has died from coven one teen raise appear hands high and the more of you will know people like that. Because even with a vaccine there's going to be different strains and other things that come but nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus which is talked about in what book only one book the Bible and if you want to be filled with confidence even in the face of death. With only one person that can give you that confidence someone who is raised from the dead had victory of ascent and debt that's Jesus it's the basis of Western culture and I know Western culture is under attack these days. The Authorized Version of the Bible was landmark in the history of the English language and its influence has been on call killable. Yes it's of this culture is freedom individual freedom freedom of speech freedom of choose our work American pay and how many children we're going to have most of these freedoms came into being as a result of the Protestant Reformation that said hey go direct you guys can read the Bible directly and you can learn what it says and you can organize yourself based on the Bible the King James Bible is the Magna Carta for the poor and the oppressed the most democratic book in the world said our president Theodore Roosevelt it's the foundation of science I had a guy a very bright guy that I was visiting with over the last couple weeks this guy. I think had a photographic memory because everything I gave him to read just once he would actually in the next session I talked him quoted to me from memory I had so many texts he come back in a court of the entire text from memory I'm never seen I'm never many many Well I think I I I read the 10 Commandments and he came back and basically verbatim said the 10 commandments to me and I was like I was tempted to break the 10th commandment. To covet this guy's mind I mean and he told me says you know I'm I came here not for the religious stuff but for the science stuff and I said well you came to the right place because the religious stuff is the foundation of the science stuff and. I showed him this story Hindu Chinese my and Egyptian Babylonian Greek culture is all had in varying degrees starts in science and in stillbirth the concept of an orderly world disease from a rational consistent God The Bible provide a basis for belief in the cause and effect concept of science the pagan gods of other cultures were Caprice's and this is not fit with the consistency of science so another words none of those cultures. Did science originate or thrive and it was only the judeo christian culture of the Bible the Old Testament New Testament so if you think of a science and you think of the Bible because without the Bible Science would never of existed when I told that to this young man he just looked at me he was stunned he was like How come no one ever told me this before I said they probably don't know about it and he came back the next day and he said. I want you to read that to me again don't you tell me that he did and when he understood that concept and I began to show him some of the passes in the Bible that lay the foundation for scientific thought like Psalm $100.00 told him about how the top scientists in America the one in charge of the genome project had been converted by reading by discovering and identifying d.n.a. and then finding the d.n.a. I'm scripture that being the law of God and then he was converted by reading Psalm One team because it showed the scientific method to him and he was converted to that and. By the end of the week you know the guy said he said I want to be a Christian I want to have the religion that goes with science because I believe in science and I want the religion that originated science and you say Alyea so. Unfortunately in our scientific degrees and different things hopefully not here we are but other places there's very if any any reference to science I mean to the origin of science which is scripture. The Bible preserves a tradition which we ignore at our peril it is part of the very architecture of our culture I've been given have always given a high priority of spiritual roots of our society I believe that the survival of civilized values as we have inherited them from our ancestors depends on the chorus many of survival in our hearts of that profound sense of the sacred. For years not this year or last but for years I've gone to Norway and Sweden every year once because I'm on a board there of a of a television program called Lifestyle t.v.. That's there in Scandinavian countries and in those skinny countries they're been overrun because of their social policies by people that don't have a lot and so they emigrate from their country to that country and some of them try to take over the country by with their own own religious ideas in fact when I was there one time we were asked to go and visit in one of these enclaves where. There was a heavily Muslim community and they couldn't even go in there without 4 policemen all together because they didn't want them in and they wanted to create a culture within the culture and then they realized that they had kind of lost a sense of their culture their so where do we get our culture is a very very very very secular and they pride themselves I'm saying they're secular and progressive and they pride themselves on saying they don't follow Christianity the church anymore but they were losing their cities is that how we're going to remind people of the roots of their culture and guess what they decided we need to get people reading the Bible so they printed all these Bibles and then people were not remember so they actually put very risque pictures in the Bibles like the story of Samson and Delilah you just look at that picture and you know it's quite gripping look at Song of Solomon you didn't even know what you were reading you thought maybe you picked up a magazine from the stand in there in Norway it was almost pornographic and professors all over the place in Scandinavian countries as I'm billboards it's right in your face it's not that all high that at all but how many think is kind of interesting that they decided in trying to regain their sense of who they were that they would read the Bible anything that's going to enter icy. And it was a great opportunity of course for people that knew the Bible at that time. So it's the basis of Western culture the essence of this culture is freedom like we said and those came from that and finally it's a book that offers hope in the midst of chaos the Bible offers hope Jesus Christ our Hope the Lord Jesus Christ our Hope a better hope a living hope a hope of them buys a steadfast hope the assurance of hope the hope of glory the blessid hope the hope of the resurrection of the Dead I think the world needs hope. And it's a bible it's a book that offered so they did a study of American bias cited this last year with Harvard University and found that people that frequently read the Bible rate themselves $33.00 points more helpful than irregular Scripture Reason fact the most more frequently the more hopeful on a scale of one to 100 With 100 being the most hopeful Americans have reported in the Bible 3 or 4 times for years scored 42 monthly 59 weekly 66 multiple times a week 75 and couple that with the communion discipleship found in church attendance and hope and a sense of wellbeing and happiness increase even more so what Harvard is finding and what the Bible Society is finding is if you want to have hope do what I just read the Bible or listen to it so I've been listening the Bible over the last few days in this year I've now got all the way through almost the pencil to come in the middle of it because I was listening to Leviticus today with my son when we had to go get something for my father this afternoon. During c.c.i. time to see I taking care of my dad at this point Sparta t.c. after me. And we're going down we listen to the Book of Leviticus how many of you listen to the Book of Leviticus I mean you read the book of Leviticus. You're just listening the book of Leviticus you got this sacrifice and that sacrifice so I was kind of interested with my 11 year old son to say what did you get out of that book of Leviticus Yes Dad do you know what it said. So what to say. All the fat is the Lord's that's what I got out of it all the fat is the Lord's So we talked about the why do you think only this is what he got out of right all the fat is Lord said. Why do you think that's important why do you why does it make any sense because a lot of people have been still and stuff from God. I think that's a pretty good application. I thought it was interesting you know I said what else you know what else did we hear in this and he goes man you know everything you did there was something there was a sacrifice for it it's like even if you didn't know you did something wrong it was like sacrifice of people or people that didn't know they did something wrong and a 2nd price for people who remember they did something wrong and it killed sacrifice and this sacrifice he goes Man there was like a 2nd phase for everything. How do you think of someone who's that async get that out of the pot you could get some stuff out of the by I don't care what part of it it is you're listing there and you know these words these words are spirit and they're life actually what we learn from the pilot and the car was probably more important than anything else we learned today there's only 2 things that last God's word and people who keep it. That's the only thing left how many of you know that your chemistry textbook is not going to last it's not going to last chemistry might last but the book all. All your books about the Bible are not going to last Bultmann. And. Bruner and Barthes we had to read all these books in a seminary and I got so sick of books about the Bible so why don't we just read the Bible why do we read all these books about you got to know what they said about I said I don't care what they say what I want what the Bible says how many want to know what the Bible says. I mean I know what this guy says about chemistry I know what this guy says about nursing I know what this person says about whatever but what does the Bible say about how many want to know what the Bible says about it and how we don't want someone else to look I all my life I'm talking about the Bible most of my life right many times I'll prepare for a sermon I'll read like it was 65 people said about it and then I realize that's just I'm just going to put down what the Bible itself is saying about it's much better than that stuff. So how many do you want to have a revival of Bible reading in your life I mean when I have that revival in your life I would like to read the whole Bible through this year and we like to read at least appended to through this year the 1st 5 books I would like to read at least one book and ask it questions ask God questions these are his words this is the Word of God This is the book about Jesus this is the book laying the foundation of science this is the book laying the foundation of western culture Judeo Christian culture and I happen to think that you know Christian culture still is valuable How many think it's valuable it's not correct it's not politically correct to say that it's under attack but I don't see very many good options being offered in the place of it do you. Well let's pray together we have about 10 minutes here left and I want to use that time to pray together and who's going to do a. Well a group prayer will kneel together and then I'll lead us through different things and we can just call out maybe the things that were thanking. God today were thankful to come for this time midweek service a time of prayer and power and we talked a night about your work I want to thank you for your. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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