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The Great I Am

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • October 24, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Well our subject this morning somewhat with our theme of overall for today of creation we're going to be looking at the great I am the great I am let's about our heads and just seek the Lord and then we'll dive into our Bibles my Father in heaven thank you so much again for the Sabbath thank you for the baptism that we have seen today already and I just pray Lord that you would come into our hearts and minds through your word and the agency of the Holy Spirit that we would receive the word the message you have for us and we will be transformed by it we don't want to just be informed but we want to be transformed as you desire each one of us to be and so blessed us now and we just invite your presence here and we ask it all in the precious name of Jesus a min The Great I Am know there are many names for God In fact if you go looking there's a dozen there's 50 there's 100 I found one website that even said and had listed 950 names for God 900 with biblical references so if you're interested I can I can share it with you but there's something significant this morning about I am something significant to to you and I as we study our Bibles today so we're going to be looking at that particular name and as we dive right into our Bibles today I've got lots of verses we'll have most of them on the screen we'll be able to follow along but let's go to Revelation Chapter 14 a chapter we're familiar with quite a bit as 7th Day Adventists and verse one and we read there John says and I looked and lo a lamb stood on the Mount Zion and with him who was with him 144000 having his father's name written where. He location in their foreheads forehead is the mind it is the seat of decision making power the Will our choices are made in our foreheads our frontal lobe where I choose and decide whatever I choose so the father's name and this is 144000 correct is in their foreheads now we're going to just get back a few chapters to Revelation 7 and it's the same group of people 144000 notice this description about them describing the same class 144000 John says and after these things I saw 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree and I saw another angel ascending from the East having what having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice of the 4 angels to whom it was given to her the earth and the sea and what it is Angel that ascended from the east say her not the air needed the sea nor the trees to we have sealed the service of our God Where. Same location as the name of God in Revelation 14 in their foreheads and just to be clear in the context that we're talking about the same class in verse 4 John says and I heard the number of them which were sealed and they were sealed and 144000 same group and so we read those 2 verses just to make the clear connection that God's name and God seal are connected together do you see that there's a connection when you have the name of God in your forehead and then you also have the seal of God in your forehead there is a connection there because we can see that so the 144000 have 2 things as described in scripture number one the name of God and then also the seal of God So if we can accurately determine and understand the name of God It will also give us a clear picture of the seal of God The name and the seal being closely related together now from Revelation we jump all the way back to Exodus Chapter 3 Exodus Chapter 3 and the story of Moses and the burning bush Moses you recall grew up the son of Pharos daughter in Egypt after being rescued there from a basket in the bullrushes and after killing an Egyptian and fleeing for his life he spent 40 years tending sheep out in the wilderness tending sheep for his father in law Jethro and it was while he was tending sheep one day as he was walking along that he noticed a bush that was burning and it was not being consumed and so very interesting course we know this is none other than God who condescended to meet Moses' here in such a humble manner you know is God humble yes or no yes that's an easy question easy response yes he is humble when Jesus came to this earth he didn't come as a whole king musclebound great conquering champion or king outwardly came as a as a suffering servant but at any rate this lowly Bush and as a. This point where God speaks to Moses and tells him that he is to be the deliverer of God's people so now we take up in verse 13 and 14 our scripture reading where Moses after being told by God you are to go and lead out my people Moses was thinking he was trained in the military he was trained as a general I am going to be the head of the armies of Israel organize into companies and battalions and will go out and fight you know military might to military might and Moses was a general par excellence he was trained as a general but 40 years of tending sheep God had another purpose for him to learn something else and so Moses asked the question when I come to the children of Israel and say to them you call me to go and deliver them what you know the God of your fathers has sent me on to you and they shall say to me what is his name that is the children of Israel if he goes back to rescue them who are you talking about what is his name the God that since you to rescue us Moses is asking God what shall I say to them and God said into Moses' I am that I am. That name actually is full of meaning and significance will find today I am that I am and he said the shout they'll say under the childer of Israel I am has sent me unto you I am and he continues on in verse 15 and God said moreover under Moses' this is interesting until reading and studying some this week I have not picked up on this phrase that I have highlighted underline and not picked up on this before when I read this God said moreover under Moses' the snapshot saying to the children of Israel the Lord God of your fathers the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob has sent me unto you This is my name how long forever and this is my what is the word memorial unto all generations do you see the connection God's name is a memorial as describing it to Moses and what name is a memorial I am that I am that is a very significant How is that a memorial what So his name again I am that I am but I want you to notice that I am that I am is really saying I am who I am I am who I am and that actually tells us 2 things 2 very important things Number one I am that tells us God is that he exists and we understand very clearly he has an eternal existence in eternity past he has an eternal existence in eternity future eternal existence but that brothers and sisters is not enough information for us to know about God He wants us to know who he is who is God I am who I am this is the name you shall tell unto the children of Israel and so brothers and sisters I would tell you or submit to you until we know who he is we do not really know God. It's not enough just to know there is an eternal existence being that is out there somewhere in the vast universe that existed from all times that's not enough for God He is explaining in his name I want you to know more about me I am who I am and so to be clear Jesus picks up on this same language in the New Testament if Jesus is speaking to Moses in the burning bush in USA Well how do you know well I think it's clear as Jesus picks up the same reference in John 8 he was being brutally questioned and contradicted by the scribes and Pharisees and said Jesus reaches a point in discussion with them and he says one of them Verily verily I say unto you before Abraham was I am and this is Jesus speaking to them picking up the name I am from where it was mentioned previously in Exodus and so did they understand what Jesus was saying they did because look at verse $59.00 then took they up stones to cast at him because stoning was the death for blasphemy anyone would claim to be God in a blasphemous way but was Jesus God Yes So this is not blasphemy but nonetheless he took up that form that name of I am and so we're talking about Jesus today friends God wants us to believe in more than just his existence more than just his existence and we pick up the same point that God's name carries with it 2 things it's a memorial for forever for who he is and what I hope you're following the thought process this morning because we're actually going somewhere very significant Hebrews 11 verse 6 says picking up the same idea 2 pieces of the name of God but without faith it is impossible to please Him speaking of God for he or she that comes to God must believe number one that he is and number 2 that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. What is the reward for those who seek God it is himself that is correct we read about that in Genesis 12 where God said to Abraham I am by great and exceeding reward when he was speaking to him the reward is God It is who he is it is his character it is his life it is his attributes it is all about God It is his strength and his power but in order to rightly understand and appropriate the blessings and the power of God we must 1st on the other hand know who he is so that we will rightly use the gifts that he has given to us Do you follow that does that make sense to you he has a reward or of them that diligently seek Him and He shall seek me and find me when he shall search for me with how much of your heart all of your heart Jeremiah 29 verse 13 so the question that comes to us this morning what is the 1st thing that God is to everyone in the universe the 1st thing as it relates to you and me and every other being in the universe and the picture is a strong clue very very strong clue he is our Creator He is the one that we owe our source of existence to as our Creator that is what God wants us to know I am who I am I am your Creator not only do I get this for all time but I am the being that brought you into existence by my power I am your creator and therefore we stand in the relation as being his creation because he is the creator So very simply very plainly the 1st thing for people to know about God 1st in order of sequence and meet maybe even in order of important is to know God as their Creator you know when Adam and Eve stood in the Garden of Eden when they were just created did they need a savior. They did not need a savior because they had not sin but did they need a creator yes you have to have a creator in order to exist and so the fact that God is our creator stands in really a preeminent prominent point in our relationship with him I recognize he is the creator and I am His creation very very significant now we see this idea that he gives us an exodus 3 that his name is a memorial that is forever what is his memorial that is inseparable with his name if we go to his e.q. Chapter 20 in verse 20 and also in verse 12 very similar language God says and hello my sabots Wait who's Sabbath are they my Sabbath this is God speaking this is not some people Sabbath the church is Sabbath it's my Sabbath God is the one who saying they are mine I am the one who has given it and they show be a sign between me and you that you may know that what I am I am I exist and I am the Lord your God as your Creator and so just as his name is a memorial that he is the creator he has given the Sabbath as a memorial that he is our creator they go together they are the same the memorial and the name are the same God is our Creator and that is 1st importance as to what we should know about him know him as our Creator very significant Well my next question Have people forgotten about their creator statistically this is from a Gallup poll where they conduct all kinds of research with scientific polling and so the data that they take with these samples across the country are deemed to be highly accurate within a few percentage points of perfect and so the most recent statistic in July of $21000.00 a little over a year ago a poll was conducted in which 40 percent of Americans actually believe in creationism. What is the 1st thing to know God is our creator and most people have lost that understanding in fact here is the chart I don't know if you can see it very well it is small try to blow it up as much as I could but it is interesting to notice and I should go back here in this article more Americans continue to think that humans evolved over millions of years so that's actually growing people believe in evolution which more or less take God out of the picture and everything happened by random chance this is a good way to get rid of God we're all just random accidents randomly just floating around in the universe like this morning that was a powerful video that Vicki showed this morning of the whole cosmos and the galaxy and how small in comparison the Earth really is and yet this is where God came and lived and died and he is coming again to rescue us this is where the focus of all heaven is and in compared to all the stars and galaxies and solar systems it is just this small pale blue dot from outer space far away as if nothing this is a speck of dust and yet God loves each one of us so much that he gave his own life for us but amazing absolutely amazing and so it is growing if you look at the graph here they've been doing this poll since 1902. When I was in 2nd grade a long time ago 92 and you can see the trend here trending downward in the number of people that believe in in creation and you can see the train here on the bottom line ticking up up up up up in those who believe in evolution and that God is not in any way part of our existence there interesting it is and yet God has given something that will keep him in our minds as the Creator and it is the stab the Sabbath is a sign of who God is as well as that he is I am who I am and is the Sabbath that brings him to mine every week it's not enough just once a month or once a year God wants us to specially bring him to mine on a day that he has chosen and so is it any wonder that the devil has tried to get God out of people's minds and just forget that He exists it should be no surprise because the devil doesn't want you to think about your creator the one who can supply all of your needs who has created and given you life he doesn't want you to think about him and so whatever he can come up with to distract you or to divert you from that key fact is what he is all about so the 1st thing that the Sabbath signifies is that God is our creator and he chose a day for us to remember him and it is the 7th day God wants us to remember the memorial that will bring him to our minds remember the Sabbath day remember is what I do with my mind to keep it holy Exodus 20 verse 8 right there the very beginning of the 4th Commandment do not forget it the only commandment that begins with remember because certainly God for Saul in ages to come when he gave the commandments there at Mount Sinai that it would be a tendency for humanity to forget their Creator to forget their God and to live in no reference to their creator. Well does God want to be in people's minds does he want you to think about Him He created your mind does he want to be in your mind Romans 7 verse 25 The apostle says with the mind I myself serve the Law of God God wants us to think about him and to dwell upon what he has asked us and called us to do let me ask this question What is the purpose of a memorial. The purpose of a memorial memorial has the word memories to think of something that is significant and I just have a few examples up here the evil Jima Memorial there in Washington to remember the valor of the soldiers that fought there in that tiny little place over in the Pacific Ocean in World War 2 We've got a Lincoln Memorial all to himself a president who has played a very prominent part in our history American history and so we want to remember this person remember the war and then for tragic events a number of years ago I was traveling through Oklahoma City and visited the Oklahoma City bombing memorial and that's it over to the right and so to remember this tragic event not to forget September 11th memorial not to forget these are things that are man made to help remember certain things and yet God has given us time he has given us His own time as a memorial that we might bring him to mind and recall and understand who he is to each one of us as our Creator Now let's continue with this thinking and ask how did God manifest himself in creation What did he actually do as creator Hebrews chapter one verse is wanting to give us insight God who at sundry times and in diverse manners spake in time passed under the father's by the prophets have indeed last days spoken unto us by His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things and then it says by whom also he did what he made the world he made the world the planets the solar systems the galaxies all the stars and all their host in fact we read that he even calls them by name in Scripture he calls them by name then moving over to John in the same thought asking the question how did God manifest himself in creation in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God The same was in the beginning with God and now it tells us how much was made by Him all things were made by him how much is all. It's everything all the things are made by him and then it says in different language the same idea and without Him was not anything made that was made and then if we jump down to verse 14 in the same chapter Who is this word and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us a direct clear reference to Jesus Christ Jesus is the Word of God Don't miss this do you see that the Word of God the message God wrought through the Word of God when He created this world we see same idea in a different language and if he she is chapter 3 verse 9 God who created all things by Jesus Christ Jesus is the word that God spoke through and so God in creation manifested himself in and through Jesus Christ is that so it is through Jesus Christ that God manifested and created this world and so to know anything about God we must also 1st know Jesus do you see that because all things were created by Jesus we must know Jesus in order to understand God because God wrought through Jesus in the creation of all things I hope that is clear very clear So how did God manifest himself in Christ in creation these are foundational verses as we look at Psalm 33 verses 6 and 9 it says by the word of the Lord Jesus is the word remember where the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth dropping down to verse 9 for he spake. And it was done and he commanded and it stood fast when God speaks something it comes into existence he has the power to create something out of nothing I have a slide on that in just a moment Hebrews 11 verse 3 says Through faith we understand faith is not just random blindness faith is based on what God tells us in His Word that is the foundation of belief is something God has said and I trust and rest upon that through faith I understand I have understanding not blindness but understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things which were seen were not made of things which do appear what does that mean things which were seen were not made of things which do appear it's a way of saying God is the one who has the power to create out of nothing there is a Latin phrase for this creation ex nee hello and I probably butchered that I don't speak Latin but creation out of nothing you know when an artist a Monet or Raphael paints an exquisite painting they use paints and brushes and canvas that are preexisting to create something when a sculptor Michelangelo sculpt something out of marble they use tools and they use marble that are preexisting they create a masterpiece but they're using preexisting materials I mean whoever created or made the phones and electronics that we have they're using preexisting material only God has the power to create something out of nothing. Only God and the power is contained in the Word of God And so here's how this is described in Romans 4 verse 17 it says God who quickened is the dead and call it those things which be not they don't exist until he calls them because when he calls them and speaks them there they are into existence as though they were that's what this verse is saying God has the power to call something out of nothing and he uses the physical creation that we see around us to give us a picture of the spiritual creation he wants to transform us in by the same way notice this statement from Education Page 126 the creative energy that called the world into existence is found where it is found in the Word of God creative energy creative power is contained in the Word of God This word imparts power Don't miss this next part it begets life the Word of God has the power to beget life spiritual life in all who receive it into the mind by faith it is into the mine where we receive the name the character and the seal of God with our choices and our decisions it is the mind or God transforms are being every command is a promise accepted by the will receive into the soul it brings with it speaking of the Word of God the life of the infinite One God's Word it brings his life to us as we receive those living words Hebrews $412.00 God's word is living and active we receive the life of God through the Word of God It transforms the nature and recreates the soul in the image of God recreate. It's the creator and how does he create by his word that is how he creates and it's the same way in the spiritual realm as it is in the physical realm with the birds and the grass and the trees and the flowers as those are created by the Word of God It is forgiveness it is repentance it is salvation it is spoken by the Word of God and it happens in our lives when we receive it by fate Volume 2 selected messages every true searcher of the word lift his heart to God imploring the aid of the spirit and he soon discovers that which carries him above all the fictitious statements of the would be teacher who tries to make up strange ideas and unusual doctrines or teachings and they're making things up that are not based on the sure foundation of the Word of God but those who study the Word of God will see these tottering theories are not sustained by the word of the Living God these theories were invented by Min who had not learned now don't sleep on this last part of this passage this statement they had not learned the 1st great lesson that God's spirit and life are contained where in His Word the Spirit of God and the life of God are found and contained in the Word of God That is a power that is the 1st great lesson to understand and so we see Jesus using this same idea of understanding of the 1st great lesson in John 6 when he is speaking there to some Jews and they were kind of questioning back and forth with him and he tells them I say unto you except he eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood What do you not have you have no life now with the people he was talking to were they breathing were they alive. Well they were but then he says they weren't they were physically alive but we're going to find they were spiritual he did compare that with 1st Timothy 5 or 6 where it says she that lives in pleasure is dead while she lives in other words it's a person who is alive physically but dead spiritually walking around and unfortunately there are many many people today that are like that God is waiting to give them spiritual life through the power of His Word which brings with it the very life and spirit of God And so Jesus speaking here you have no life in you who so it is my flesh and drink of my blood had what kind of life physical life that's not what he's talking about in this analogy he says has eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day and then jumping down to verse 63 at the same chapter he says it is the spirit that Quicken is the flesh profits nothing and he makes in phatic Lee clear the words that I speak unto you the words that I speak they are spirit and they are life as you receive those you receive the life of God into your life by the Word of God it's so clear it's the same language in a different analogy in John 15 when Jesus uses the illustration I am the vine you are the branches. He that abideth and me and I in him the same bring us forth much fruit for without me you can do nothing verse 5 but notice verse 7 this is the vine the branches you can't do anything apart from the you can do nothing but he says if you abide in me and my words abide in you how do we abide in Christ by abiding in his words he abides in me by His word abiding in my mind as I think about them and believe on them and trust and act upon them you shall ask what you will and it shall be done to you while it be done to you because it's based on whatever you ask what God's word says and promises is in harmony with the Word of God Therefore the the petition that is asked will be in accordance with God's will and so if God's words are abiding continuing living then that will be our condition and in collage there's many scripture that pick up on the 1st great lesson this important point let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom it is God's word that is to live our mind and that is what brings with it the very life and the character of God Himself and if it could be any plainer this is desired ages one of the major major conflict of the ages books page 677 it is through the word that Christ abides or dwells or lives in his followers it is the Word of God because it has a creative energy and the power that brings with it the life of God That's how God creates the great I am create through his word this is the same vital union that is represented by eating His flesh and drinking his blood we read those verses in John 6 the words of Christ are spirit and they are life receiving them you receive the life of the vine and that goes back to the John 15 illustration it is the Word of God it is to live and dwell in our minds now with us this question what keeps the things God's word produces in existence does God have to continue speaking all the things that he has spoken into creation in order for them to stay created. Colossians one this is a little bit longer passage we're going to read one of verses 14 through 17 in whom we have redemption speaking of Jesus through his blood even the forgiveness of sins who is the image of the invisible God the firstborn of every creature for by him we're all things created speaking of Jesus that are in heaven and that are in earth visible and invisible whether they be Thrones or dominions or principalities or powers and then we find all things were created by him and for him and he is before all things and we read all of those verses to come to this phrase and by Him all things what does the word consist hold together so friends the point being is that the word that speaks things into existence also has the power to hold them into their place the planets in their orbits the stars all the things God has created it is the power in the Word of God to hold them together in their continuing operation all things consist and continue here in Hebrews one verse 3 we see a similar idea of holding things together by the power of God's Word speaking of Jesus that He is the brightness of God's glory and in the express image of God's person and he upholds all things holding them up how by the word of his power he upholds them the Word of God has the power to continue in operation the things that God has created so let me ask a question it might sound strange what is gravity and I'm not a scientist so I'm not going to be very deep here what is gravity will science says that gravity's would hold things up. Well it just gravity it holds things up in their place position but when we study and know who the creator is and how he creates We understand that gravity is the power of God manifested in Jesus Christ in creation to uphold all things that is a better definition for gravity than just it does what it does what about cohesion cohesion How does that operate what it what is cohesion it's to words from Latin meaning to and hold together to hold together and so what does science say cohesion is cohesion means to hold together in other words cohesion means cohesion Well that's not a really helpful way of defining something but more clearly and more powerfully when we understand how God operates cohesion actually is the power of God manifested in Jesus Christ in creation who speaks these principles and properties through His Word and preserves all things God and Jesus Christ is a preserver of all things we see it in science we see it in our lives in a spiritual sense it is through the Word of God So what does God speak to us in His word what are some things that God speak forgiveness yes he does he does he speak forgiveness to everyone every single human being who wants to be forgiven if they will meet the conditions if we confess our sins confessing our sins then he promises by his word that he will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness I don't feel different I don't. It's because the Word of God has the power to bring about a change just as goddess did he speaks repentance repentance is a gift from God He speaks love I have loved you with an everlasting love God says to his people I love you with an eternal everlasting love therefore with loving kindness I draw on you God speaks right isness to us the path and the direction of righteousness that he will grant us and give us his righteousness he speaks transformation this just a snippet of things that God has spoken through his word that he longs to create in our lives and bring with it the very life and the Holy Spirit of God to change us as it affects our minds this is where God meets us he doesn't talk to my elbow he doesn't talk to my knee he meets us in our minds where we choose and have choices and this is where he places his character and his seal and this is his name and more forever because he is our creator and salvation I have to quote my favorite bible verse Isaiah 4522 I would get chilled is my favorite Bible I have many favors but this verse says Look into me and be saved all the ends of the air for I am God and there is none else and so I love how God is so clear with me he is speaking to me Brian looks at me and you will receive salvation don't get distracted with other things or whatever else but look on to me and the result of looking on to Jesus is you will be saved and you make the same appeal not only to me but to all the ends of the earth and he makes it in fact I am God I am who I am and there is none else there is none else like him because he alone is the creator no one else is the creator and so today we have looked at several things Number one it is Jesus Jesus who is the Great I Am That I Am Number 2 Jesus existence is from all eternity I am I exist. But he also is the creator of all I am who I am that is the relation that he wants us to have and understand with him Number 3 Jesus has given the Sabbath a memorial to keep him in our minds we can be forgetful I can be forgetful maybe it's just me maybe I'm the only one but to have God in my mind Jesus says I'll give you the thing that will do that by giving you my Sabbath so that you will not forget who I am and what I have done for you and what I want to do in changing your life Number 4 Jesus created the world by his word and that same word that create also uphold and sustains creation and then finally number 5 Jesus lives in our lives through the power of His Word that is the agency and the connection that we have with God And so today I hope it is your desire to spend more time with the great I am to spend more time with the Word of God so that I might come into contact with my creator and know him as the one who created me and has a plan for my life and has a purpose for my life and has all the help that I need given in His Word in the promises that he has given and so today I hope that it is your desire to become acquainted with your Creator or Father in heaven how great you are the highest of the highest heavens cannot contain you and yet you have condescended to reach each one of us where we are you love us with an everlasting love you speak words of forgiveness of transformation that we might have your name and have your character and have your seal in our minds so Lord today put a love for your word in our hearts may we continue to follow Jesus and know Him as our Creator and the one who loves us more than any other being in the universe Let Us Now I pray in Jesus' name let all of God's children stay. 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