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Superfood from the Creator’s Hand

Lilia Perlee



  • January 15, 2021
    10:30 AM
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Back to many misled and the understand the cause superfoods from the Buddhist land to the pillow fight. As the right to pressure to for us thank you so much for this opportunity for us to get to grab it at the time and there's so much need for good health and well pray about the way. The food. For us to be. In good health I pray that the words were. That your spare could buy and all the research about a good hour for coming to mind where God doesn't direction better work that we should choose to eat what we should pray until now. And give evidence that they are to follow you or I will join the beautiful prayer for humankind but this I play in the name of Jesus a man 5050 so to even talk about superfoods so to forget the mission whether superfood really it's kind of a little bit of subject to have some people say this is the superfood from people say this is the superfood So the dictionary says there are food considered exceptionally good for one's health that's the belief to move system into for matter or content that vitamins when there are some and to Occident bare midriff 3 fatty acids 50. 50. The Christian content of our food is declining and that's a little bit concerning. Because so we think we eating an apple will be a better relief for computer 200 years ago the probably even the river flipper I bet has the feeling that you're shown contat. So bad research shows the nutritional content that food staple 1st declined as they use a high even bestir are found in fact the service have increased the commission a girl that's the worst food some grains that we're eating today have significantly better nutrition content then this food 500 years ago or even just 30 years about for example to fix many others have declared by 22 percent to 39 percent of 13 was a good week for ids developed over the past 100 years you've probably heard about how it was a sham that wheat us is better served the calcium content are broccoli really just. Grams per gram of to everything $152.00 ft and the only thing for now a gram serves about a 3rd and jazz. 2003 so the different service to share it with there are 50 years and the 3rd of nutrition to crying. So this is a really nice study was that bad New York Times on Sunday Review newspaper. And you will see the picture of a little darling computer saying to the commercial are grown fruits and vegetables that we're eating today. So. Let's look at the 1st picture and it's. The crab after Ficken crab apples comparison to a bit of interest if after all that would have been a good issue a story or. 10 If I did really transmitter grams per liter of juice every day if ever $7000.00 for crab apples and for bourbon The missions are less $71.00 so it's $100.00 times percentage wise there's just decline the Tristan and just apples let's look at the pier and if you can see blue clear I think I'm here to read or write crowing and check in for our enterprise and so nutrients 500 grams of dry up there on the loop that I have a number of 99.5. Right there and certainly one and a half if drastic difference and the tradition. Of the live birth country or to a commercially good brew coffee. With race. But I have to look at the best we also plan to have the robber who bears another gladness really easier to find to grow its matter sweet perhaps a little better product taste better nutrition right if you can just do high grade business but the thing you're going to have a perfect 1st it does juice it and I have to use mood or anything so there were a nuclear test 160 compared to red blue crab only temper and what I teach our students measured from where I have lived weight and compare to the writers I have to take this put the food in and 131. New trance and you that's only 5 and I. Run 71 compared to 5. 3rd of those numbers really work on me up effect really now we think we're eating a rather rest of us a bathroom in the church writes Our body is starving so if there's Iran right after this we'll start developing symptoms of diseases and deficiencies we jumped in there but another subject let's look at the Greens defender I'm going to bet it was wonderful they are fair half and again they check. First and talk sense level. 7 compared to I was a very credible source that even me can run it's plain from 7 and the care. Is compared to well into carrots for their cats have none for almost $39.00 and red was only 2 and orange also has 2 other nutrient content so. Again Bellamy deficiency is a big issue in the days and many times where there have been issues with my burdens I have problems with my skin something speeling I have half of the d.m.v. I have and all kinds of stuff we were all just the problem right away we'll go to the doctor to check that out and then there's the given us medication to correct skin problem that we will address in the cause. Of the problem. So I'm up against a medication sometimes it's necessary to take medications but I will believe in my boots were doing the medication instead or program for the class then see a band of fish in the same kind of mood to and so neither of. Them took her turn to compare my problems or cause a writer or teacher said Hugh said Pariset if you say I'm just going there tomorrow and we'll see the draft produce a sad fact some adverse to summarize so it's up to ass to choose which crap we're going to get. This right let's go to the spam from encyclopedia of food from a human power but other than to page 31. From the nervous system and to dismiss this I'm going to hate it I live in some cases they may give the impression the good momentary relief of their method of effect soon but we're peers even where I strongly. So it's covered. But I'm. The center of where I'm in the past and will come back. That's sad but that's I have the medication so I have a baby step on hands and that's going to have the industry it was blooming it's very popular especially with the flu season and people really start of serious thinking seriously about the separate Mance and booster in the new system Septimus Kilmeny them said that I hope we're better sure the feds let them from the bottom in some manner and either better to or sacraments. If they had died and that was a really good good or just a better to share a spokesperson for the American Varitek Association So if indeed that government says food this complex not going to buy them in so many words but their mood trans fat I know it's protein and fats I became a class and 7 attrition affects them so that science has made our family identified himself a fair bit same bad because God doesn't move from God That's the same stuff in the food that many women 2021 when still cannot figure out what's really in that food that this and then have that ability to get their food and for have the benefits of a healthy eating pattern. And I'm failing to defeat the power for the good. I think that's a way where better food be better medicine and medicine be that absolutely. And I believe that if the gods are willing to sign because of Genesis tonight and we know that God had planned. Presence of food I believe Moon gorillas just one of them because they are playing both. The good mood they were brought up to grab a move to leave that person to the sad good food. Source in the midst of the garden and what's really movement that we've had many teams the summer of a few If you go to Indonesia you're going to tire and you just think fruit the thread where I never dreamed that's what it can be take so tasty in the gardens a movement I'm setting for bet even after the climate changes We're still have the right stuff food grows that is still a. Trance and women are fighting for the right share we ensure to raise awareness traverse bestest best food smell can survive the better and faster so I've said that I was a person all kinds of births were bad spelling 30 some 22 so from Genesis to Revelation God has a plan for us for amazing how for good food to eat and. Where every once in the midst of a street a bit on the eve the start of the river was there but truth of the life which is better 12 men are fruits and even the fruit every month and the leaves of a tree were for the humor about the nations so God as a player. To play with in fact how will he have spread out over beneath rather we hear him stand up to ask and to have the crowds use to reading what is the best food for. Health and immune system. And the 3rd die or the 1st in greens fruits of that stores and that's to be found. The better method that we need. I met a man to fix this it may well depend upon 1st question who's surface picked from the tree the great overall pick up laughing so just by looking at this sentence I can see that that's a good time plan for each of our still have to want it to be to good to the bad and just eat it and stead of determined it may be the 1st verify right center of the bad they're picked up maybe a month ago 2 months ago I passed stand still it's 5 months so the fish have closed and if we just depend on the grocery store for our food so to do service class 6 so bad I don't suppose but again there's something about our nice that we still don't know what's truly garbage in the fruits and that's so if that can be classified as a super food then the answer was bad because I believe. We will have to choose where we wept we are going to put in bad guy because we have only so much land we're never missed so much we service a few and we have to take care of the bag but the boots one bed where I believe the easiest to grab the best we've got if we had a bad so we'd go back and if you have any questions on how to grow any better can you answer or just ask me to. I'll be happy to share how it's a good. So this is the picture we took in September. So Green means that you see we we're moving zone sex misery I can say that we play and greens twice one in the spring and from a spring and then we're going to have them planned for the winter in September serve a killer as it were the new problem so really the 1st to go bring you around so depending on those and where you live that's really what I would do if it's possible and discuss if it's not possible how you can preserve the greens for the months travelling I when you can graduate and work I had served micro greens I'm not going to stop too much but that's we talked about Michael groups and several crisis here and I believe it's really super food big bets and I respect I've ever been to the seed goes and the 3rd even but I can just feed that much a river bed and get the nutrition so it's very compact through the boots when somebody demands the spin it's a really good because the grooves between Swiss chard back to a turnip greens and they did not move ever down I'm sure that you have your. Preferred better of greens. Under the absurd bar because we are to replace it with little should be a penny back when. He says. I'm not. Polish my feeling so bad I prefer that the Greens have blue similar America the structure of the Greens very similar to our pride. Then curve to a human to member Ben then a defense and that means them and queer fish moves and so you can see if I would tend to. Except there and I can use them so you can food that I think a Semite. If a player had. The greens every single day I would suggest it's possible. As you probably know their perfect power depends on perfect bride and perfect circulation because governments were it's fair that they were I don't have a creature is in the bride so they are the set the highway transport it's Ave transfer of a body so if we have good circulation and good Brad. Says we move into we're being healthy. And happy and set. There's a Michael Green superior in the Valley have been the mature plans for up to 6 times and if I think the Greens I'm not possible. For you to consider sprouting it's an easy way to Michael Groom the best source of Spags don't require soil but Michael Green so you can even try to tell where the birds spouts to run through spam don't think I'm just trying to rip it for your family just parents I'm sorry I don't take to work and. Absolutes to traverse your groom's book that's every better ask your questions and when you have opportunity to share I 1st had the same question why do you think I run so unsettled and so it's perfect to share. So the benefits of care. After So to reprice a depressing and so bad 3rd calorie content of cigarette out. I'm jealous of them which helps keep skin half in straight and to inflame a touring helps to activate detoxify an imbalance in the liver metabolism boost high in protein the thing that green satisfied and protein because you hear it everywhere we're going to have my protein we're going to eat my protein well. That's 15 protests again macular degeneration for your eyesight packed with better nutrients and the person about whom you can see what kinds of nerves and vitamins. And picture enough time are where we're going to care and whether in the back of spinets So we try to read comments or if you're around. The recipe a simple recipe to preserve I tell you. It's very easy you can put that down soup you can add it to stew this is one of our food or care chips just take the stem salad but the little bit. Says you can put pressure on peppermint Patricia use within the right. I mean part on that bar say mix of a prepared to have to order I never said and I have and. It serves read the instructions I've been good for 1015 minutes Carol chips are ready to go and children rabbit and if you are a farmer the problem is my care this is a way to preserve it further and take until then and minister to other people at the Farmer's Market spend as cents per minute for bit this leafy green types the chart pups the chatter is rather than help if that store of things students impress them the term. Well look I have rather finished my bets 56 percent of you have to buy them in a 5th of just one cop who use a battery that happened on a 2. Thirds you are entitled to the bottom of the cable crime and answer from several carries. Did you hear the spinach contains 2.7 run milligrams a 100 grams await the person. In the meat so it's very high and I have. Not believe this matter or bad super foods but I believe this is a router to super foods it took us what we're trying to do we're trying to eat better let specifiers residue in its place and assume time more mature value so it's actually it's really moving because we're defining this market then we're going to have a question of a clue many here if that's sharing this information with me and keep. It to consumer report and I put it here because it really shocked me about the spirits so I sent stop eating pesticides and I would just serve because of I'm very excited to see that the sense that organic you are so good spirits receive better player Square because. The stats were found. 76 percent of the samples. Were there 7 you'll ever be right after bats that spin or so before the 1st bird which is red that's us. Again expects So there you can see it's very heavy sprayed with pesticides. Right next to it. Impair it spreads and so very heavily spec scripts that it's a problem still is the fabric it's actually us. There again expense reports read it every spare Professor size. Spirits are getting this extra hand they have been spreading Spanish that much so as to move your food choices when you go shopping just that might be hard for them to remember so if about the reason we choose to spend. So I'm here to say recipe for spin a strawberry salad it's very simple terms of strabismus kiwi. Spirits and produce poppy seed dressing. Let's give him time to take pictures. Be the Greens I'm from Russia has said we used to eat beads have a time when the evening in fact but do you think Abbott's so the love beads and believe it or not and let's remember the tops I made a good fat given to the cows and all but you know because I just went in there up here that's actually better than us and our family reps the top 2 of them but the tops actually were deliberate and nutritious. As I'm not going to go there with them but you can see the graph. Betterments. In that So the 1st graph it was the be the root and they were separated and then cooked beetroot and 3rd. Cooked beat greens you can see even back to your cook that if I run out of an attrition Well right I'm in the game for example in the beetroot the crypt I raise I'm the one percent but the bead tops that 220 percent the vitamin a so I've been good soon if you're going to try to. Just been soup it does believe the little bit the player moves your soup I read a ping but I don't I trust that we're on the greens just. A little bit so take. The grooms a little bit broader and steam it for a few minutes especially spinach be tops cook very fast Think a little bit about anger and just eat it up as an aside. I once and of course I have to put the brush recipe because this is my favorite Now this recipe was taken from a new status right therapy by we my institute and I must have a good laugh this recipe is probably the most Fanfan took less so be that like you were going to rush and eat soup that Russian people would make for you so if you would like to have ventured out then try Bush bashing soup with beans that will do the recipe a try it's really simple. Easy to use it we add the rest of the beans you can add so curse of whatever you're right there just vegetables of. This presentation and my point will be on your link. Whatever best piece of data. So the we oppose or agreement for that use I'm sad 1st memory superpower superfood Packard. I took a picture ever been they believe they can do it we're going to look into his great own dreams and sometimes it's a season only in the spring when screwed where everything is a clue whether So you can ever say they. Didn't do it and they come to power they're going to do. That when it's right but in a better mood so Brenda Bramber put them in a tight continuum in movie reckon their Which would start and you have superbly I want you don't have to purchase that press you gray or you'll never have to scroll down to earth and so on and the public are surely better but everything so we have abundance of greens and I had the so do you have nuking juice out of it because we just say. The bird had to go because we have another car coming so we're just going to fit the color green and we do stoop and then the ice cubes. So then through the winter we can just use so it's kind the little bit dirty but I would rather eat bad than the pail and get a 2nd set on it. And that's probably everybody's favorite February 5th. So we've been transitioned from the grooms to be amazing berries that guy that provided a fresh scent I'm not going to risk our beliefs but the most common one. Strawberry is the family better manners in the mood to use the meaning very crude that's an extravert aged 30 can see that it may be throughly. Bad and see believe I mean 98 percent of our daily requirement this valley Ben strawberries I believe is just one crap that they have it doesn't serve and I try to. Remember it means potassium magnesium calcium. That's the salmon strivers So again there are good consumer player but. The good times where it's 1st and then that's frozen the 2nd right and that sort of cope so. Your answer. It's pretty good and then the spread impaired it's tribal race it's very kind of a spade so if you see it's probably a better not save the country but next to us I've ever thought about. Rabbits players I've said if you choose man or are going to collapse and probably are going mad with you right you are screwed up but as you can see the 3rd one is ever going to quit your escrow and accept the hand and the 1st of the farmer's market is probably even better because it's fast and then the 2nd right the 1st then if you. Ever get included in that accent and frozen us. Imperfect the same because they're just spreading it did not say everything but in the freezer so it's kind of same. Blueberry juice. 13 summers in fact remember we're going to believe that I mentioned the job just check that out. But they're going to serve as good as the blueberry Sabbat it will survive the hype. Conditions of weather and star on the same it probably would be equivalent to. Growing So we. Have about any problems that actually read good Barry so it would serve as a very good is really good on the planet I believe better than the setting. For the blueberries 500 grams of brewers births not many calories it was just 57 calories for 100 grams of blueberries. And pants or vitamins. I left her rights to the nutrients and foods are staged amazing. Raspberries rice is good in the cooler climate of like I said Russia was just loaded with bad spirits so damn if you can run partly because of where you left I would encourage you to work with something at your claim that what can you grow or what can you bring to the Farmer's Market to bless others so. They are out of vitamin c. vitamin b. fatty b. $93.00 b. B 2 b.. And I rarely ever mean their health so you do feel well birth that affects them and better yet it tastes good so it's much better I would encourage you to look at the highly very big bellies of fruits and vegetables that we're discussing here instead of we're all in the settlements. Serve very highly packed with nutrition betterments and minerals. For every 33 or 33 calories 500 grams of weight. So be good. For defining the chosen content I would encourage to define berries and the other families I talk to combine them just by Barry brand and there's 3rd just 3rd breakfast smooth and you're half right instead of nutrition sacraments and there as you can stop is you're saying that for a little bit defiant amount of know her some vitamins but if you own smoothie just milk that's your right and there are rights of options and the least and pick your own food you can brew Symmetrix and even with a cutter we're going to put spinach and care from our parent in there just anything you write it's really easy some people are putting protein. In their. Soup the tuberous. Well a book about sweet potatoes. It was because I didn't have pets bopper them because scolded me that there's a big pass for their regular right potatoes to grow that's sweet potatoes family deal writes them so if you have a fence then. It's pretty easy to grow I really have some people here from Michigan and grow them Ted I'm so close to rep and I have. Only an atrocious the roots and the tops of the greens so roots sweet potatoes that into inflammatory into Occident into back to their intifada helps to work with a good web server and spotlight all of their sweetness and it's about I've found thousands of better ideas so sweet the 2 of us around the world. So you better have tasted sweet potatoes if you have and I would encourage you to just give it a try and I have to start over to say goodbye and by writing and I'm just orange and it's. Growing but have Japanese of our lives now I refer to can purchase from different suppliers just going to try you may really likes it and varieties better than others just the paper bags on Fridays are from around the transom vitamins because of. Their color and I'm to Occident better just if you would rather eat something that you love just give it a try or grow some different varieties. So that's the difference between sweet versus a ham so the left hand side a sweet potato down here is here for sweet. Skin the smooth at the ranch and then I because most of it ends right at the pump they have and that's the very. Fact that picture better clips just records better by writing share with them Brucie with paper it's good to embrace their sweet and that of their pipes would not bother you. A little too if I ever go to the store to buy them they're wrapped brown skin risky user Betfair I shall lay down for him to bear with terms of sprigs dry instead of change from the Caribbean and up the pipe out to better so he had better hope just to see because so many many people use the word yam for sweet potatoes and it's Ok whichever is just the mature service. In the climate that we were we have 5 times greater green instead of the summer because of the past because of the kind of players there just like we were Branson Missouri and it was just infested. The pillar so I would have to spray with bt but I don't have to spray I'm going to get food beans or sometimes you're going to have to hand that sweeper to the tops. Have to eat them we try to look that nobody had to have actually sat. Particular in Africa to the sweet potato tops and we've tried it and we're very red with Ed it's very easy to come just spin it's very fast it's time to. I mean flip the Cherry So here is a recipe for sweet potato Bream's you can make a stir fair or if you don't have to add anything to read it just I've heard and a little bit sad but the you put into it. Just taste really bad at the 1st stop when you don't get better not that fabulous Tex share and care and collard greens give it a try reducing the eastern Mike at the better you have tried to bring out a few too much for your sake and it doesn't hurt to perk you so we put a little bit here a little bit better and then as the plant and plant gets going to 50 and that's going to be. Medicine for good and bad. We do good or bad bets picture from. I believe that I didn't have spare quips from Russia. From my parents and I don't know why for 15 years of our grown so much of that but better saturated professor. That's where. It's really easy to grow you can just play into the fact. You can kind of step so really in the winter for the good or bad. And then we do the winter just movie once or twice you or we do it then they spend the time back to believe such a great show but if you choose not to grow there you can choose and there stopped on that the Chinese versus us growing up but I bet some part of it was just really. Pissed off food that God has given us. Into paying their cars that were described as bad welfare to spend and then there's a huge shame which I've got and I wish for a start. Because we may have a bad guy like. Him and we. Need to eat and preserve it for the winter so if you do if you are member of the bush church somewhere because you have you have. So that kills you in a tract infection cure for kidney infection cure for cancer cells acne cure strep throat cure for cancer was this question I was trying to simulate system to remove heavy metals from the body helps with contrary Plas we do so so very good bread sugar increases in certain production kills and expands worms inhibits leukemia kiss alchemy and spread pseudo so our service reduces the ever present cures Eastern faction. If you have go to the batter and have sent Sir please give me a play for that here then just laugh at you there so you can I'll give you the plan a fungus a medicine cabinet if you want to treat their best but God has given that's why I'm glad late in the treats I'm surfing perfect he found out about baboons disease or some other time so he put out a better thread. So you can see from this chat it's not just nudists in there but they said I 1st saw some elements and that's better than the circus member give me some mirth member knees and I didn't see a cop in Cal 7. 15. It actually hurts the prep I show so if anybody has issues but. Where pressure that would be the one consider I think my bet pushes sir because it's so much about weight so if you come in my regular side so you probably need to watch not to eat too much because of drops too well. So this is very very interesting instead of the government actually has done just recently and. It's from 5 med that have. Several Internets is about our 2nd we're just a better title and to make her from. Killing Us Human pathogenic bacteria including strains as a vapor it actually came back to her in the wrong if we just sent her. Away and the steam very price or was spent to make that's going on in effect say runs about something I would strongly look into a welfare office if I have some kind of cough up problems with my rugs just in her recent where probably run dropper to Dr Pepper. Upright. And again you are find the sun a firefly and I back there. Later so many times there are bad growing. Up in the bush who are story China is putting California girl groups out of business and you can stop it less then 10 years ago Barack was in this country primary in California and the rest them for 30 percent is growing here and most of that 60 percent comes from China you go to the phones but look at the bottom of the roof every move leaving the concrete Queen spot it is China who is glad this is a week they are better prepared to prevent Surbiton praying to Jesus from entering our country if the roof is still there but. Also your next right to discover the bag the Business Association says not to run single Us Grover Cleveland sad the root and so is the difference in carrying us. Better to the squares and bricks who are waiting so the content then Chinese and Chinese gather because there are better stats for the smooth touted bitter taste. So I feel you telling students but Chinese car breaks the Quick Start rich farmers grown in us. That's right open the letter read so many would never go buy food on the steps I would encourage you to support. Our country. Because this family and the Senate have already veggies in this family by choice. Cabbage but I suspect. But rather since my student assumed a big pot so I would try abstract Sabby what aquarists Rabbi list goes. On and use it. So well and then try 10 have benefits a balcony. With a certain closure to look into broccoli sprouts especially people who have cancer this amazing the benefit of sprouts it's been found to fit well proven to destroy the cancer south. So even see. If we do service rep 1st or have found their system better have. Cancer prevention. Immune system booster That's closer than I was with losing the weight and has a benefits package. It's not just the way to run but there are some who were able to see I think you will see a very cataract from John as you can just look at the far right of the pope either one of them looks like the little Christmas tree that the so put into great. And their teeth amazing as you can see also has already been see a vitamin b 6 and the 3 by them in play. And I don't have any recipe specifically for that and I don't bet. Every return to steam of just the end and so to have I'm going to. Have the same way to you it's very easy to consume it and it just but then you define typesof so. I think the 2 most amazing things now cute transgresses bats have been if you have a growing process Babs but I think they would just look at it with a problem trace and actually other days they're sad but I suspect true East that you can purchase with that leaves just I think that's just the bread Hi Greg. And the best bets John Cabot's Bath have been ever for just amazing and again better for the rights of Barack I knew and read every record to it. And you can see a bit of. Care team which helps us about so I decided to fight and found out amends. And the Cabots. Rep that are so well cats. So you can also see. Them in care and better me and see and I remember the price of time in my house who was trying to have a fag I mean everything about fabrics of his cars just a few he said bad. If you take I'm not exactly sure numbers but put it best. I didn't see him just what I misread it and here too except that it's about 700 grams I mean see something happened somewhere the 1st process of new can start but I bet your boost the vitamin c. content it's truly amazing. And he was trying to have our better one family and Afghanistan where they were going for the. First time but they were even so bad when they were Clipperton that have developed any disease or this. I believe has already moved and the true benefit is that compared to the impression but the best we're going to leave them except for a car it looks so pretty so everybody gives a very firm symptoms of the service and system set I heard there. And the family was juicing cabbage to hear this answer and I stand by the facts I guess I find where disease and cognitive disorders prevents macular degeneration and cataracts and 8th and weight loss and again as bad as the nurse may have been in the box it's hard to see but I didn't see you have 95 percent of I didn't see that I'm 38 but I'm in a 22 to be 610 percent so again because of what I have been see and moving fast immune system as you read about them in. Me and system to find out I haven't arms. And give a comparison the fact that it's vs red cabbage and it's pretty similar. But I didn't see. Red cabbage. This is a really good recipe for the 1st kitchen but I would encourage you to check out the website she's not here but you should just read right and his mom Jennifer and I'm certain. Their daughter but usually come to have bad manners so the 3rd website Jennifer's kitchen bad. And she has. Her service recipes and it's at least good for you recipes. To move this group if I have tomatoes. I mean I think to people in my right who don't write tomatoes some people are tomatoes but we're really going to I miss her because if people take a sip tomatoes then there have been in fact yellow tomatoes very the curly acidic Bakshi written on the sweet fabric from the chair to move if it would grow some good teams medical records Plenty was just amazing I would encourage everybody to try the back line and the 1st word was it was very beneficial because of the rhetoric of being a mound so it's really a grab bag have better have to have tomatoes. Deliver set or reduce or some risk of disease a good source of betterments and the chance. Prevents cancer improves move to a spread should go bad and good for her kids those who are system traffic of course who can cook up all kinds of errors who are kept and reduce those dimensions than by smoking 50 I think to stop on this one the glass tomatoes you barely have taste the difference between their story about. Their family's market tomatoes and some huge defense I even right took out of a story in the wintertime and that's why ranks tomatoes so much stuff he goes and buys but I just threw it just doesn't taste the same. So they lose a lot of them then I don't blame them because they have to transfer tomatoes for Myers or Miles they have to sit in the stirrups sometimes so the been a group. To move those little the tracks and take them to Sturgis for food or where their roots were gassed so I think it was right next to me to where I had to move those matches the produce there and everything gas. And slowly. And that takes time we're going to have to way we need to to move to right same time so the pick up the green and speed up the opening in a company of immature green tomatoes and everything good chambre but the smell of the 1st of them to turn their back and that's right that's why they don't have better nutrition they've done better juice and has in them that kind of group you know try to meet us. And we never get a chance to hear them to back up the flavor so we can see on the pictures terms where that the flavor is really missing. So. To me that actually provides the beauty benefits to. Swing So Open Pairs where it provides us with growing skin and to aging after the sunscreen if mats were bleaching a need to. See her damage acne x.m.l. after a scan with the women's park heads who would think about that and scrap Clinton's scheme a cleansing of mental health benefits like a beauty beautiful story here. And top 5 reasons to be the soundtrack to meter so serve this post look at 3rd different ways to preserve or to minister you can do hi to them. But I do hate you even the 1st you can. Be kinda close and there's a new chance at pretty much the same whether you just took the rabbit out but better nutrition said they are especially if you do have to if they were temperature but. If you don't have to how to do you can do without a sun. Trade back. Then we could have abandoned some have and that we can say are fed. But I even heard that some people are just too proud to do tomatoes when they have abundance crasher for the winter they make some dry bread. It's really good so that's worth the presentation if you have any questions please come over I believe to 1st microphone. And I'll try to answer your question. I just have a quick question. Read about that I heard that there was a woman in a market why do this that if tomatoes that 1st became ingrained bad that a question like that. So then I need to know about that big effect. This. Man that he used to work. For before and now had that fent. Quit to hospital them but actually wrote this book and he was the one who talks about it. And he said I'm going to keep he would like to read books that I had out them stuff but that's one of the things he talks about and I'm just curious to know if you know anything about that but to me. That there is something I forgot with the name of rabbits in the tomato that he says that is one of the foods that cost a flea he mentioned or there was that that's $1.00 of them. I never heard about have a better have anybody heard about the mood of God when we get that Babylon. So driver per movie you can help us out but you know about it. I'm not sure that made us themselves cause we could get but when we have foods that we're sensitive to maybe because we've eaten too many of them. We can have some sort of these and you can get tested for sensitive things though different that I wrote and it's your body has a strike information response to a food so you can back off that for some time and. But for 6 months or maybe even a year then you can start bringing it back to him but the information does have come as a salute to get so when you have information to anything it can start causing that issue but your body can pick up on that and you can eat again. That's what I understand. And. I thank you I just had a little question on who left the man that you cited regarding the sauerkraut but his name was Tommy Meyers Tommy Meyers to be Ok until. The very 1st Wednesday Ok. Ok very good yeah I think you. Made it was you know I mean to me to do cast ballots for some people in the night so poorly so you probably heard bad sometimes people. Cannot consume food might say. You know it's all rhythm this sometimes we have to avoid certain could be bad it's not compatible with our bodies. I'm sorry go ahead so my question was like we're. Using some kind of just. Because. Consumption. This is the. Kind of. So. You should. Look. Pretty that's a better investment than Ray but I don't want to go to Africa for a race now but. I would just say my brother came to the left and was wintertime who was just so sick it was just truth and I was there and I. Said I think he could and he talked big. But there is so good. And he took barracks way he did it one big. That much better every day and the big. Guys know sometimes a. Basket from 10 percent of class was pablum so the chance of the investments and understand make you can just get away with something that that's much on top of that may. Occur. For months and months. 3 quarters of garlic so you eat a good food better than the m. to spend it. Ok. Just rub it on the toast. To hear that. Things are really moving ahead of benefit. Not an option they may your betters a fan that would just cut that a bit with consume it that way or I I just. Instead of doing it every day back back to work 2 or 3 times a week and. Yeah it's a good idea to have. A bath but I have to mention to you we do. And. We actually put to preserve it for you for a favor especially when. It's each quarter of so we're just prevented. By the intent to cook it would it then we have to drive at the bottom and say blender for the item x. and the capsule guy recap self so that's another way of preserving bad we have a winter when birth not. Just one if it is bad enough they got up to. Date. The book is planned by a Ducks fan just to mention that they moved Mike know that I'm going to put in the better. The careful star says she knew the answer should be teaching this. I think the problem with the way for a lot of people assume the pseuds and in the school and if you're not doing that pet if you look at straightening out this suit and then wonder if you're cooking them through the process and we could just Bourbon the way I do it for 20 seconds or something then the skin slipped right off and you could make your sauce or ketchup or sass or whatever you do it and then you don't have any problem with what he's talking about and there's a lot of people who have good machines that could do to better the lot of those small seeds Anyway that's interesting. Thank you for adding that intervals so I think everybody. And their c. matter phantom in a caucus is that that. It's not a question just wanted to make garlic. From the Caribbean and one of the. Remedy that we use for garlic is that we we've buried it into a tea but we also Ginger lemon peel to it and any type of any tech any good anything that you have and like you make it into a tea and it like a few days you drink that and literally whatever you would be God that's under so anything like when she gets steak or something like that she was like can you make me some garlic tea and everyone in the family now on our side is not drinking Dougherty because they had some ginger and I do a bit funny to it you know not doing it to too hard but Ginger would help with everything and so on. Yeah that's going to. It's going to add one other thing about tomatoes I'm not expert in this but I think Dr John and I so so that are just sure that we've done a lot of research on this but. With the tomatoes and the electrons and so that led to these are the plants way to protect the self from handsets so you have let down some things like grains and that's And so what these people do better systems do is so some of us are most of the mechanism that is so then said the bats the lead times gets irritated bad in some cases it kills the handset so that protects the plant from from and 6. Percent of the elect them it causes inflammation which can lead to some people believe to be they could get or increased intestinal probability so people do is they so the grains are so the beans are so. And that's why when I read it to get rid of the victims to move there was a make sense and there was as a will or terms that I would suspect they would be able to skim says protect them to make. Something just so tomatoes like to do some dried tomatoes so that's what I could do to protect themselves from the lecterns it's just a place where for taken to set up. As a live kind of subset of good information that you have tried for some people it becomes. So thank you. So take the sting like. 350. And it takes the sting out and it's a wonderful thing from aging big Yeah but I think if it's Crittenden This craft and I fling it federal interest in here to study that I we can improve. How we can boost to move to stem I've been connected to this is just the beginning to look into it especially in this time when that happens to me. And everybody is really bad and got have the right to spread it to either side as well right and I appreciate the. Tips that everybody's share but I've got a t. inside Iran so I read it spread the knowledge that we read that I have to. And I'm really really. Good at it because I read things sensitive and then they got. Out just to read member group you know this word is good and then they forgot I had come in soon to take bets and we're going to be with him. If you don't mind we're going to close one of. Our Heavenly Father I am just saying to you will pay you and care for each one has become a battle you want us to. I'm good how and who have provided the photographs are the fruits and veggies from the very beginning to cure her decent submissiveness and both growth not to have words or not planned for I have an opportunity to see you have a fat friend from our clients after. Our G.'s and thank you for giving them a phone food for as that will come super food but really every finger food in the and that's to prevent you have cleared up this super food so thank you for your provision. Bodies that you have provided and I pray that grow take advantage of Ed especially in this time advises in Jesus name I pray this media was brought to you by Adil 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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