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Adventist Education: Respectable and Conventional

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 6, 2021
    11:15 AM
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Thank you Lord for your glory. Help us to see it to hear it. Was to be it as you live in us now Lord as we take a journey make us Bereans. We talk about the bery in spirit they heard Paul they searched out what he said wasn't right because he said it and it wasn't wrong because it went against their narrative they had a noble spirit they were men and women of truth and they found truth in a deeper search so wherever we start here today May we end up farther down the journey I'm asking the Lord may we rise up and fulfill the prophetic call in this hour of destiny as a people of destiny in Jesus name I pray Amen title my message this morning advantage cation respectable and conventional take your Bibles if you wouldn't open up to the book of 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11. Second Corinthians Chapter 11. Was to be the 1st of 3 messages on Advena said to cation and I'm going to start. Like Paul was finishing in the 2nd book to the most challenging church in the New Testament a group of people with whom he strained his relationship and strengthened their experience with Christ at great personal expense verse 16 sekret the nth level again I say let no one think me foolish but if you do receive me even is foolish so that I may also boast a little. Now I want to put a little word of encouragement out. To all of you who are involved in learning in the school of life for it is the ultimate school to learn in and should you reject your daily opportunities to learn in the school of life it doesn't matter to me how many degrees you attach to your name may mean little and might be an impediment to your usefulness to God and your own happiness Having said that I'm starting to series on Christian education and I love and value Christian education but I want to make a point what Paul is effectively saying if you won't hear me as a messenger of God It least hear me through some human credentials if you won't accept that the spirits moving through Paul think about what he's done think about who he is some people won't listen no matter how much evidence you have other people's spirits are tuned to truth and they are convicted and confirmed by the inner witness verse 17 what I'm saying I'm not I am not saying as the Lord would but as in foolishness in this confidence of boasting so he says I will digress at some level and I'm going to use a human form of reasoning because some of you are not sensitive to the spirit since many boast according to the flesh I will boast also for you being so wise tolerate the foolish gladly Now this must have been so hard for him to write and I would like to talk to you spiritual the spiritual course in the 1st book of Corinthians he tells them you're still drinking milk you're not converted. And then this most painful treatise full of hope but challenging in the spirit of the gospel which is the glorifying power of a merciful God who lives truth but since you've tuned yourself to being focused on the human side of the equation and moving according to human wisdom I'm going to go there Paul says a little bit not only do you tolerate them but it appears that they are held in some kind of was on or verse 24 you tolerate if anyone in slaves you anyone devours you or anyone takes advantage of you or anyone exults himself. Anyone hits you in the face to my shame I must say that we've been weak by comparison. Paul doesn't have the spirit of the world he's not appealing to that naturally affirmative and confirm mean mentality of the world he's not coming with a message it's easy to hear he's not coming in a way where he's going to receive kudos from the unconverted and to my shame verse 21 I must say that we've been weak by comparison. But in whatever respect anyone else is bold I speak I speak foolishly I'm just as bold verse 22 So here we go if we must establish human credibility he says I'm going to do this are they Hebrew. So and I are the Israelites So am I are they descended of Abraham so am I are they servants of Christ and now interjects parent that a cli this isn't how it should usually be done I speak as if insane. I'm more all right so we just left a comparison of what they are that he has We're just getting ready to leave it behind because all that they say they are in the spirit of the world which allowed them to be spiritually enslaved he's now leaving the similarities behind and he's going to show them that if you if you don't have enough discretion to recognize what's going on even if they slap you in the face and in slave you with wrong spiritual understanding now I'm going to show you why you should listen to me not them now this is not the way to write a gospel treatise. Unless you have to and that's what he's doing verse 23 are they servants of Christ I speak as if insane I more so here we go in far more labors I work harder than they do. In imprisonment I've been in jail more than they've been suffering from fists and rods beaten times without numbers I've been to jail I've been beat up more than they have and often death is hanging over my head 5 times I received that which could kill a person 39 lashes with the metal and bone infested with can you imagine what this man's back had to look like he was a scar riddled servant of the Lord 3 times I was beaten with rods once I was stoned and by the way that's intended capital punishment procedure 3 times I was shipwrecked. On night and the day I have spent in the deep I've been on frequent journeys in dangers from rivers dangers from robbers. And I won't have any of us faced any of these things dangers from my countryman dangers from the gentiles dangers in the city dangers in the wilderness dangers on the sea gainers among the false brother and I have been in labor and hardship through many sleepless nights in hunger and thirst often without food in cold and exposure and apart from such external things there's the daily pressure on me concerning all the churches. Now. Why do I read dead at the beginning of a series on admin situation because the church in this division finds itself in exactly the same place we have determined. That inspiration is sub standard data. Compared to imperiously derived information we have found ourselves with the mentality of the Corinthians and so somebody has to say really. Could we think about this for a minute. Somebody has to deviate from the dynamics of a inspired covenant conversation where we could just talk about it. Because the infatuation with the modern culture that has to see it before believes it has left us disadvantage and taken advantage of and it's as if the devil is slapping us in the face while so much of what we believe in just loses health and vitality and goes down the tubes and it appears that it's all Ok as long as nobody upsets the apple cart let me get more pointed. I received my salvation through a 7th Day Adventist church school and it was not an ordinary journey and I won't go into all of it now but a backslidden little 1st born in a family of 4 children was forced to go to a church school and I met Christ lots of you listening to me today were encouraged in your church school but very few of you were plucked as a brand out of the fire through a church school teacher I was. Not only did I receive my salvation at the feet of a God fearing 7th Day Adventist teacher in spite of all the influences of my home some of which were good certainly heard me speak very favorably of my parents. And yet through eyes less gracious there were many challenges in my home that could have put me on a trajectory to self-destruction I owe everything to Jesus who work through my church school teacher glory hallelujah and if you go in my office today you'll see a picture of spirit Island. A big beautiful nature picture and if you look around the only other picture going to see is of a man with jet black hair a big round face right in the center of my bookshelves that I don't have many pictures up of people that aren't related to me in my house or in my circle of influence but the church school teacher who want me to Christ whenever I walk into that office there is Carlisle Bennett I'm Isha gander implanted in central Illinois who walked with Jesus and was a living fountain of everlasting life I owe everything to him and the smarting I'm starting a series where I'm going to challenge the system that brought me to Christ. One Sabbath morning I stood in a pulpit certainly not plexiglass 3040 years ago. And on the next Monday school my teachers pulled me aside Carlisle into bed and they said we think you may be called to the ministry. I want to tell you. What looked amazing in its affirmation from the 2 adults I respected most lost its beauty as I navigated through life in the church and eventually I said no that's not for me and there are people listen to me here today who have been called to the ministry of teaching and some called the Ministry of Pastor rain and if you're being called Let the Spirit hunt firm what others will affirm I owe the 1st understanding of the path of my destiny to my 7th Day Adventist Church called Teacher I'm standing before you because of a 7th Day Adventist Church school teacher my career no my calling is a gift of 7th Day ominous education they discovered it by giving me an opportunity to discover what my wife of 35 years. Is not here today because she's caring for her mother. I met her on a blind date at Andrews University. And in spite of doing the best I could to ruin everything God wanted to give me in the 1st day. I had to work about a year to change your mind I stood with my hand in hers in a 7 damaged church and we pledged ourselves in the presence of God in our family and witnesses to love each other. I o. my wife and my joy as I had for your 36 to 70 Ad minutes education. More than that all kinds of confidence. My 1st car was that purple and white American Motors gremlin which you'd have to be a little old to remember what those look like American Motors produced another fantastic razzle dazzle car called the pacer it was like a bubble on wheels. This card company would have been the coolest car company if it would have started up about 3 years ago but because it started up back in the stayed or was functioning in the stayed and fairly somewhat regulated according to today's measure seventy's it went out of business it was the most amazing thing but I can remember my teacher in the parking lot of purity junior academy he was teaching us how to do auto body on this car I didn't realize the car would be mine some days my that car was sold to me for $225.00 to my teacher it was nothing but a gift it was a gift and as we were doing auto body in the parking lot teachers listen to me you don't have everything you want or need it's Ok God will bless you do what you can with what you've got churches and pastors listening to me Let's do everything we can to give them everything they need but I can still remember purple you don't see a lot of truly purple cards for those you that love purple this would have been your car it wasn't a faded purple it was a distinct glorious purple if you love purple and I can still remember putting the bondo on there and Sandy to hour after hour sanding it and I'm ready to paint it he said feel it put your hand on it and feel it he said if you can feel where the bondo begins you're going to see it when the paint goes on not no way he was right when we finally spray paint it was a classic car for fixing all the rust in the dense I didn't realize he was going to sell it to me and a few weeks after my 16th birthday had been hauling all my kids all my siblings to the bureau a junior academy in that Gremlin It took me on to Broadview Academy which no longer exists it took me to Illinois Central College which was a year public called it was part of my experience here at Andrews that very car. Had a 6 cylinder 232 in the Line 6 which is still the engine is very good it still is used in a lot of Jeeps and it had bad compression and so it moved like this under the hood which was bad my teacher said to me after he sold it to me it needs a new valve job you can do it now this isn't the ace before You Tube where you could watch everything snow you could do it here's how you're going to do it you get yourself a Polaroid camera and some sandwich bags and you take a picture of everything you do and write it down and put all the knots in the bolts in a bag and of course we had children manuals back then but children manuals they still exist I hear but they don't do you very good if in the 1st sentence you read a word which you don't even know what they're talking about so when you can go to Youtube young people and learn about anything in the world and teachers by the way take advantage of You Tube to teach about anything that's worth learning in the world you've got a lot going for you I can remember him telling me you can do this and when the night came that I sat that head with its newly machine valves back on the main body of the engine the block and I bolted all those bolts down in certain pattern with just the right amount of fork torque in the torque wrench I can still remember sitting in that car turning the key and when that engine came to life and purred like a Singer sewing machine I felt like I had just climb Mount Everest and conquer the world a gift from my teacher listen. The confidence to take risk is nothing less than the function of a man Carlisle Bennett used by God to show the sweetness of Jesus to challenges to do more for Jesus and do encourage us that life could work and we could conquer in the name of Jesus I own just about every single good thing in my life to Christian education 7th Day Adventist Christian education and this morning I'm going to challenge and. When we think about the goal and the purpose of 7th Day Adventists education I want to assure you that God had no intention to watch it fade away when it's needed the most take your Bibles are over the book of hey guy Hey Guy Little bitty book find the book of Matthew and back up into those minor prophets they have a major message the book of hey guy just before Zechariah just after Zephaniah Hey Guy chapter one now lets contraction lies the experience of Israel at this moment in time. This is a difficult place they find themselves in. This is 15 years it's 519520 b.c. it's the 1st day of the feast of the new moon you can figure all this out from chapter one verse one. Now who is this written to this is written to all the exiles that left a city that left Mesopotamia and came home these are the good church members these are the people who listen to the call to give up the luxuries of Babylon to me to Persia and go home to Jerusalem where everything was broken down where there were no systems of wealth no networks of upward financial mobility these are the people who heard the word and when these are not the resolute worldly ones that lingered behind in the land of Daniel who is now gone so I want you to understand they went back they laid the foundation of the temple and then they stopped they were resisted and they quit and God was patient with them but science finally some 15 years later the foundation to the new temple is sitting in the ground and built on and this is where God has to say verse 6 you have sown much but harvested little you eat but there's not enough to be satisfied you drink but there's not enough to become drunk you put on clothing but no one is warm enough and he who earns earns wages to put into a purse with holes the says the Lord of Hosts consider your ways now I want to hit the pause button right there and I want to tell everybody listening to me you're hearing from someone who loves administers. I'm not sure anybody could find a greater love in a heart of another for adman is that you cation But I want to stop and do what hey guy the prophet says consider your ways why is it like this to God send them back to Jerusalem so they could all become Popper's to God send them back to Jerusalem so they become mocked the gods in the back to Jerusalem so that they can all look like there was no God looking out for them. Maybe God is kind of like my mother who said to me in effect if we're in Kroger and you need a spanking you're going to get a spanking and Kroger right in the aisle maybe God's Ok with looking a little bit chagrined and embarrassed for a few minutes like he's not really succeeding at his job in order to do its job and maybe all of us are going to have to stop and say let's lay our human pride aside and see if we're doing a good job I'm here to suggest today that when God met with Joshua before they cross the river and he said don't go to the left don't depart for the right but walk in the way that I lead and nobody will be able to stand against you and you will prosper in everything you do and I have no doubt that this very same God has offered the same invitation to every generation and so when I look at my churches and my schools and I watch them with the rain on the vine by God's grace villages on an uptick and is strengthened day by day but when I watch the churches in the schools I have to say to myself if things aren't working right maybe you should consider your ways maybe there's something that ought to be discussed and prayed over and I'm not talking about standing outside the edifice of involvement and commitment and lobbying rocks of criticism inside of the faithful ones who are China carry it make it go and and and sealing themselves from the careless casual criticism of us no that's not me I'm here today speaking as foolish as Pastor Paul could speak to the 2nd Corinthians because I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt we have mission drift in the home in the church and in the school and if we're going to be ready for what's coming we're going to have to come back to the leading of Jesus in the home in the school and in the church consider your ways why is it like this verse 8 go up to the mountains. Bring wood and rebuild the temple that I may be pleased with it and be glorified says the Lord you look for much but behold it comes to little when you bring it home this next phrase out of blow us away it says I blow it away by declares the Lord of Hosts because of my house which lies desolate while each of you runs to his own house now I want you to think about this parenting Mon God is blessing them in some measure their hard work is yielding results but they bring it home and God says. What an intervention it is terrible for a parent to do something of such a nature unless God is giving them blessings and they are heaping them up to their own damnation and destruction and the loss of a witness to the world which is exactly what was happening God says I'm going to have to get their attention it's just too bad I have to do it this way but if it means the loss of financial and security blessings and significance that's what it's going to have to mean God says stop and consider your ways now if someone says that God prospers the righteous man and whatever he does let's go look at it I don't want you think I'm just pulling things out of the hat go back to the very 1st of the Psalms and I want you to see the divine affirmation on the man or the woman who walks with God How blessed that is the man verse one Psalm one who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked nor stand in the path of sinners nor sit in the seat of scoffers pos we should not be taking our educational counsel from people of this pedigree and while there is objective truth no matter where it originates from it is to be measured and evaluated through the lens of inspiration. This is not whom we're to be walking with lock arm lock step when it comes to our educational experiences we are to be the head not the tail but being the head takes risk and a higher level of commitment and a whole lot more work and it's a lot easier to just glide to the back of the train and be the tail 1st 2 but his delight is in the law the Lord and in his law he meditated day and night he'll be like a tree for firmly planted by the streams of water which yield its fruit in season and its leaf does not weather and whatever he does he prospers Now Pastor you preaching the prosperity gospel hardly I've lived life long enough to know that things don't always go right I once had a little white Honda Civic that had been my parents and my sisters one day I walked out to see a tree had fallen on it I was in the middle of those years of raising children I don't know that my wife worked for or 18 years she did no work outside the home or a little part time work and I looked at that car with the front windshield broken and I said God why would good will this do. I don't know of any but I know that in some respects there are complete dynamics of God's grace that happen to everybody the sun came up today for all of us most of us will have plenty to eat some in this world will not and I know also that bad things happen to people that are not totally experience but this morning I'm not so much looking to give you an insurance package that it's going to be easy a bed of roses and and a primrose path way to walk and as much as I'm saying it it's time for us to stop and fulfill what God wants fulfilled by saying to ourselves if it was a little hit and a little miss there that the one thing but effectively what we're watching is a culture in which we have taken too much confidence in those who know not how to discern inspiration or recognize sources of inspiration and we find ourselves disadvantaged we're not prospering in everything we should be prospering in as a denomination so something should change what is it and who's it for. This is the book education it's one of several books that the pen of inspiration wrote on the subject matter of the smaller and. I'm going to talk about the elemental cornerstone of Christian education she writes in the very 1st paragraph our ideas of education take too narrow and too low a range there is a need of a broader scope a higher aim true education means more than a perusal of a certain course of study. In American society it's good for services just give me the goods so I can get the job. It means more than a preparation for the life that is now which is what most people think about alone big paycheck nice house good cars lots of opportunity and vacations it has to do with the whole be any and the whole period of existence possible to man Thank heaven it is the harmonious development of the physical the mental and the spiritual powers and now here we come to the sentence to launch the book Don't miss this it prepares the student for a 3 letter for a 3 word phrase the joy of what service. Your education doesn't get him prepared for the joy of service mama papa you fail your education doesn't teach them how to work and serve with joy teacher you failed and your education doesn't point your children your church members preacher to the joy of service you fail joy of service she says in this world and for the higher joy of a wire service in a world to come clearly in the author's mind in the very 1st paragraph last sentence of 1st paragraph there is one purpose of alone for Christian education and it is the joy of service here and in the future and if we think that somehow the joy of service is to be discovered over there we won't be there to find out I had someone come to me recently and they were quite humble and quite transparent happen to be a man and he said to me Pastor my wife says that I'm a hard worker when I'm getting paid. The not so hard to discover story line is that when I'm not getting paid and there's no affirmation from the outside I'm not a very hard worker it was a nice respectful affirmation complaint properly lodged by a woman of a problems $31.00 ilk and by the way if there's one things I'm probably $31.00 woman is she's all worker she serves out of love which is the foundation of all education she serves her fellow man she serves her household he serves the joy of service it is the desire of fulfilling God's plan to make somebody like better it's to do something for someone else they might not be able to do for themselves it is the law of heaven and if it's not taught in the home and it's not taught in the school and it's not taught in the church then there's no upward broader perspective on life do I love to serve is that what's bubbling up in my heart as we prayed this morning as a church to be a fountain is that fountain of affection for a loving God and a needy world the motivation of our lives when our children learn to work in our homes they are learning the law of success the people of 2 generations ago we call them the silent generation I'll tell you why lots fewer of them divorce it's not just because society looked askance on the idea of divorce it's that almost all of them had to learn to work and they learned a lot of service which they took into their marriages and they succeeded simply on the merit of one of the relational loss of life but as we become a consumer society and we entertain ourselves to death and people don't know how to work we find people barely married a year or 2 who are giving up and jumping off the ship. The love service is what everything is built on this succeeds with glory and significance even secular world companies like Jim Collins in his book Good to Great recognizing how the best companies function like high functioning families where they're actually highly loved and highly held accountable and they're taught to serve with love how much of our life is focused around serving ourselves so there's a paycheck back to us that's not the kind of service she's talking about it's not right for you parents to not teach your kids to serve they should learn to serve at home yes they'll complain you did so did I It takes a while to teach them lessons they need a lot of encouragement you've got to be patient yes you could do it faster your cell but when our kids whether it's in the home or the classroom or the church are having to do what we call the menial task of life that's actually what life is really and only the rich people can dish them off to other people but God's people are not to just collect their riches so that they can get people to do everything for them God's people are actually to be stewards of the riches so that they can reach more people which means they themselves have to love to work if you don't love to work you're not cut yet from the cloth the way Jesus wants to cut you because in this society most of what Jesus needs to get done is going to be all done by volunteers. And I want to assure you the paid people in this church like the one standing before you here today we go way past those 40 hours in serving Christ not to pat ourselves on the back but simply to say to you we're volunteers just like all of you at a certain point in time in the experience. And if the spirit of love doesn't motivate us what do we have go back and read 1st Corinthians 13 we're sounding gong or a clinging symbol if our children are not taught to work if we don't teach ourselves to work then we divide defied the 1st principles of heaven that the law of service you've heard that story before about Heaven and Hell why in hell they were all starving even though the tables were set with food that's because there was a deformity to their bodies in hell and this segment of their arm was twice as long as ever human beings so they couldn't get the fork to their mouth no matter what but the table was set for food and they were all starving strange enough one goes to heaven and he sees the same deformity on the arms of the angels in the table is set with food but all of the angels are well fed and what they discovered was that in Heaven the angels were dipping their forks into the the abundant food and serving the person across the table from them and in hell they just didn't do that folks the law of service how is it woven into the fabric of your home how is it woven into the fabric of our schools how is it will burn into the fabric of this church without it there will be no preparation for this life or minimal and no preparation for the life of service beyond love she writes on page 16 is the basis of creation and redemption it is the basis of true education of from the 1st chapter. The Law of Love calls for the devotion of body and mind and soul to the service of God in our fellow man at this service while making us a blessing to others and this service while making us a blessing to others brings the greatest blessing to ourselves unselfishness underlies all true development through unselfishness service we receive the highs culture of every faculty I mean every one of the senses are dripping with the development of person potential. This unselfish service brings the highest culture of every faculty can you imagine how robust the growth of mine could be if it was bent on the concept of service of work how many people you know it's a it's a strange thing that we have all these unfulfilled geniuses out there and yet some of these people like Ford and Bell and Edison It was nothing but True Grit that kept them going and they become Transformers of life and society this element of unselfish service more and more fully do we become partakers of the divine nature through this unselfish service we are fitted for heaven and we receive heaven into our hearts now let's get down to the quote of the chapter The quote that is absolutely the most imperative of the 1st chapter and I'm just going to turn in my book for it it's some page 17 every human being is created in the image of God is in doubt with the power akin to that of the Creator individuality power to think and do the men in whom this power or women is developed are the people who bear responsibilities who are leaders in enterprise and who influence character do you want your children to be in that rank do you want to be in that rank people who develop power people who bear responsibilities and shape enterprises and influence character that's who we are be. It is the work of true education to develop this power and to train our used to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other men's thought No you've heard that one before it's been popular to reference to that one instead of confining their study to that which men have said or written let students be directed to the sources of truth you could say inspiration to the vast fields opened for research in nature and Revelation and here comes the sense this is it if there's one sentence out of this 1st chapter that even builds a bob the sentence of service loving service it's this one let them contemplate the facts of duty and destiny and the mind will expand and strengthen let them contemplate the great facts of duty and destiny and the mind will expand and be straight so how about if we start by contemplating the great facts of duty and destiny for a minute can we do that oh I know in this society nobody should guilt you with any kind of duty to anything as America fact the very way I said that was someone indicative of how the society works that if you do feel guilty it's somebody else's problem it's like I could take guilt and like a wizard of old maybe like the Wicked Witch of the east I could throw a little guilt at you and it could stick he made me guilty and said No works or do we truly as the paragraph says stand as individuals free to think and is their right and wrong and if their truth. And if there is should anybody be the one who's a friend that's closer than a brother but also delivers the wounds that set one's feet on the path of healing and hope yes you see France as foolish as Paul was in 2nd Corinthians I'll be that foolish here this morning and suggest to you today that the great missing ingredient from adman is that you Cajun in the 21st century are missing also in the homes and they're missing in lots of churches and that's why God's work is weak when it should be strong because God calls us to a divinely pre-birth appointed did destiny and a duty to fulfill that destiny and when we don't do it not only do we suffer but the world suffers for lack of a witness God forbid you were brought into this world with a destiny it doesn't matter if you're taking out the trash or picking it up on the roadside or if you're leading an institution at the highest order of finance or learning there is a role for you to play that shapes this world with a heavenly hope and somebody else's hope of a divine destiny if you search for God and a love for your fellow man there is a destiny in every one of your life and it's not sitting around learning how to addict yourself to electronic devices and no it's not learning how to please yourself and make your lot self better and easy while the rest of the world is in deep trouble. There is a duty and a destiny one inspired to the highest level of disbelief that God would actually use me and the other remind you when you don't feel so inspired and yet that's your job you need to do it it's a terrible thing when you lean on a broken reed. But when you've got a staff in your hands and you're toiling up the mountain of life and you can lean on something like a development in character of duty with a sense of the top of the mountain destiny there's something in the end even though in the media see it's it's hard it's heavy it's dark it's long I am so thankful to a mother who would not let me quit to a mother who made me do the unpleasant and difficult things to somebody who took me through that phase of life and well being and to a generation whose thought they can sit around and have a maid and a butler and woe be unto the generation who thinks a big paycheck and a nice house with lots of vacation opportunities the goal none of that we have wanted so far in the admin to church and then consequently into the schools that we are now looking like the tail and feeling like a Rottweiler puppy which is about to get that part of the body excised. Now I want to talk about church school boards and Boards of Education and church boards. You know in some places you can't get anything done because nobody agrees and someplace you can't get it done because there's not a sweet spirit and some places you can't get anything done because there is no unity and some places you can't get anything done because people are too insecure and they're afraid to speak up with an idea that might be really good and some are too insecure to recognize that they've got to criticize everything but them most of the main things I want to mention here is that when we're not close as a people it's awfully hard to recalibrate it's pretty hard. I'm reading a book and in that book which is written by a Navy Seal he talks about a blue on blue event you know that's when you're shooting your own people it's pretty hard for it not to happen sometimes. The name of the book is extreme ownership I think I might be satisfied with ownership from a lot of people extreme ownership would have extreme results but I'm afraid the devil's done a really good job at making sure the only thing we're extremely committed to are the things that Spain offer us now I want to affirm this church this local church immensely some of the members of this church were here child 3 o'clock in the morning on Thursday night trying to get something done that needs done for one of the ministries that's going on here. They got up the next morning quite early still And what about everything else they needed to do and that's just one little window on the kind of spirit that is working its way through this church which I want to a farm. And while you may not be in the position or needed to do that kind of thing where do the lines of duty relative to the church where are they drawn in your life and I'll guarantee you parents if they're drawn very casually then the last paragraph which is the one in your bulletin pick it up is the one that you might want to post on your refrigerator. Same book page 264 Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature in view of this command can we educate our sons and daughters for a life of respectable conventionality a life professedly Christian but lacking his self-sacrifice a life on which the verdict of Him who is truth must be I know you not now I don't want you to have missed the word sacrifice in that 1st paragraph it was in the 1st paragraph of the book it's going to be all throughout the book 2nd paragraph thousands are doing this they think to secure for their children the benefits of the Gospel while they deny it spirit what does that mean. But this cannot be she's going to explain it those who reject the privilege of fellow sip with Christ in service there's the word again they reject the only training that imparts for a fitness for participation with Him in glory now you know why the Good Samaritan was reckoned this good and now you know why Matthew 25 is in the Bible you know prison food many of father and mother here we go this must be one of the most painful paragraphs in the book many of father and mother denying their children to the cross of Christ have learned today. That they were those giving them over to the enemy of God and man they sealed their ruin not alone for the future but for the present light I think of that young woman who met me in the foyer 7 years ago could not have been out of her twenties was recently married. And her marriage was falling to absolute pieces through a philandering husband. He had not learned the character elements that would make for a rewarding and beautiful partnership for this young woman she barely knew me from Adam but she opened up her heart and told me the story standing in that very lobby where there's a podium with bulletins on. And when I read their lives are sealed with ruin along for the future but for this present life how do you keep your children from the cross how do you deny them from the cross you're too busy so you do the work at home yourself and they never learn what it means to serve or you pay them for everything they do so they never learn what it means to serve for free for law like Jesus. It means you never upset the family schedule so you're never at the exhilarating meetings of the church and you don't take on too many responsibilities at church because you want a good little family I want to so you can make an idol of your good little family and we've got a long ways past the days where people are just leaving their families behind on the road to Calvary But I want to tell you in this very book or in books like it she suggests there will be people who still sacrifice in the name of Jesus some of those filial affection and those privileges of being together you see France respectable and conventional is not bad. But if it's supposed to be more by the directives of inspiration and if we're supposed to say you know what reading writing arithmetic matter you've got to know him and his technical age of course you do but maybe it's time for everybody to step back and say maybe Mission Drift didn't hurt us in the seventy's when most of the culture was running quite parallel to the issues of general Christianity but I wonder since most of the culture has peeled off to the radical hedonistic pagan left. I wonder how and by the way let me not today's not a day to talk about the hypocritical right we're not in either group but if it comes down to recognizing that you were born a boy or a girl most of you 99.9 percent of people were born a boy or a girl and when it comes down to recognizing that marriage is between a man and a woman and when it comes down to protection for little bitty babies of nobody to protect themselves God's word speaks to all of this and when I was a kid there wasn't a lot of dissension on it but I want to tell you that society has peeled off radically to a hedonistic site oriented empirical science data driven if you can't see it you don't believe it direction and maybe it's time to really vigor a adman said occasion with a inspired basis and a faith built administrative motive that will allow us to become the head again not detail and to prosper and what we're doing and to prepare our young people for an army that is going to stand up against the the allegiance of various people who are serving hell in the name of Heaven and they're going to have to stand and if they haven't learned the spirit of service love and service and if they don't understand duty and destiny and they have no future. I always sort of knew what Paul meant when he was writing and he said having a form of godliness but denying the spirit they were. The 1st chapter of the book of Education made it in x.. Split obliquely or the only problem was when I read it the other day. It confirmed. Something in my own heart. Sometimes parents will ask me about child rearing. I'm no expert on parenting I'm hardly an expert on my own life and I'm maybe barely one of the few that might sort of exist on my 4 children. But one thing I do tell parents when they care to ask me about parenting I say if I had to do it over again and I taught my kids to work but. I try to teach them how to serve for love and you've heard me talk about it before but I said if I had to do it over again I'd take them to a lot more soup kitchens I'd put them in a lot more places where the natural impulses of heaven could motivate them and of course most of it has to happen at home and we tried there too but I put him in a lot more places where they would be face to face with the spirit of the cross because unless that happens they can be theological professors or preeminent preachers and they can be as lost and as dry as the hills of global. Folks there may be a little bit less time for some of the things that you think are important when you make time for the things the inspiration says are the transformational character shaping cornerstones of character and I'm here this morning to challenge every single person here how many of your teachers I don't know but I'm here this morning challenge every single person here to get the book education and start reading it. Start reading and our public school education in most of this country is in a colossal crisis we don't want to be very far behind them we'd like to be going the exact opposite direction and this morning. As I have spoken foolishly in the beginning I'm here to say that I will do all I can with you to make sure that our local educational initiatives have the prayerful meaningful monetary time support that they need to raise children up who understand duty and destiny and love to serve for the sake of serving in the law this is the call of Christ this is why our institutions exist they are not simply places a little Johnny or Mary where they don't cuss and they don't swear and they can read the Bible and they're not taught they're an accident while all of those things matter they are not enough and God is calling us back to inspiration walking by faith not by sight and if the world mocks us because they don't accept our sources let them mock if the world derides us how many years did the world think that we were kooks dietary because many of us were vegetarians and now they buy. That the roads would have been beaten down going to the Blue Zones of Southern California it's hip to be a vegan now whereas it was wack Oh to be a vegetarian unless you lived in California 40 years ago let them mock let them wander but may there be a beauty about who we are that emulates Christ Jesus went from the cradle to the grave and is a little boy he started suffering the see the the r.-a of the cross He was unique he was different and it hurt him and I want to tell you when he became public figure it hurt even more his own 12 didn't understand him and on that day they all ran away Jesus understood duty and destiny not just his but ours if he didn't walk up now Calvary our destiny was gone it was over Jesus pressed on for you and me we should stop and think about it more we shouldn't be so full and constantly distracted infinite distractions we must stop and remember that the goal of Christian education is higher ground as we follow the Master to the high places for Hence you'd be proud between the services I got a text from Stacey guess. Maybe next week when they're back I'll show you it that little Key Largo church in Florida. For people coming to it but this morning. Because our young people made a decision are the leaders made the decision actually by the way without good leadership nothing's going anywhere. But the leaders made a decision we're going to church on said that it will encourage the people of this little church and it will encourage our kids on this phone I have a video clip with more of our young people standing on the platform leading out than usually attend and I just type back a one word response wonderful exclamation point I was told by our principal only came time for our kids to figure out who is doing what the church service they were basically fighting over a chance to be involved in the Church of the wonderful exclamation point parents keep your courage don't give up. Grandmas and grandpas encourage sometimes challenge young people unmarried build on the rock let the cornerstone be Christ understand what you're doing you don't want to lose your kids to the world and the Devils go on about prowl and to get them by God's grace runs our educational system well recapture its role on the front side of the body not the back it will be the head and not the tail and at great expense and much challenge and much prayer and much difficulty are many of you that will be raised up who loves to serve and serves to love and understand their duty and their destiny even so adamant to said occasion must go beyond respectable and conventional and by God's grace it is and it will amen. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse you would like to listen to more sermon leave the w.w.w. audio verse or.


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