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In Search of Inner Peace

Christian Paul


  • January 24, 2021
    10:45 AM
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It's a blessing to have the opportunity to share the closing message for this publication and the as I said no major graduate from our going to college either specially being fascinated with the brain and with medical health in a with the great controversy how do wages in between our 2 years in that or between our 2 years. And the theme for this we can pass being the mind which has what. Wisdom the monks which has wisdom and I would like to look at a different aspect of this theme. In the devotional book in heavenly places page 164 an include some of you taking notes will try to move this message just practical and up workable to our life as possible if you're taking notes I think you might enjoy some of the reference and things that we learn from gots word in heavenly places page 164 paragraph funk excess the control of the fonts the control the want. Of the thoughts incorporation with the Holy Spirit will give control of the worse this is true with. The control of the thoughts income per ration with the Holy Spirit will give control of the works this is true what true wisdom and will ensure quietness of mind contempt and. There will be joined the contemplation of the riches of the grace of gone. Unless other term an effort is made to keep the thoughts centered on Christ grace cannot reveal itself in the lives the mind must engage in the spiritual warfare every thought every want every spot must be brought into captivity into the beatings of Christ all the habits must be brought under God's control a 2nd quote is from mind Turton personality page 69 so the title for a message today is in search of inner peace spiritual warfare how can we have this wish them the control of our thoughts every thought bring unity into certain section of Jesus Christ let's kneel down for a word of prayer and those that can and cannot can remain seated Dear Heavenly Father Lord we thank you for this weekend with messages that we've learned from your word and Lord are we not only want to ask your rhetoric or understanding a few words we want a practical transformative understand a few words Lord May we understand how in this great controversy you want to stay to have the wisdom that brings into subjection every thought to Christ how do you find inner peace inner fulfillment in you and how do you deal in this warfare so that Satan can not a control order thoughts me Jesus the exalted Lord in me I'll be able to hide behind the cross I say bring this message a printing Jesus name he will have it all started with a girl in the Philippines who asked me came up to me to us a missionary school and she asked me who are Kirsten for all their brother who are Christian how do you find inner peace. Could you pray for me to have inner peace and this question how to really follow me throughout all my life and I was curious that this girl studying to be a missionary learning a lot of things of prophecy and Bible but still didn't know how to find peace see this later it was my birthday there and I was in about who had in the Philippines it all interesting types of creatures would come I would be laying down and this spiders would come in you full put your flashlight and orange eyes all around the spider in this geckos and and cockroaches running in you know in a very vengeful night in the hot you know for those faint of heart but this morning. As I was sleeping at 350 am I heard some steps and some music and I will cop not understanding what was going on in my dreaming or something and the students had it too Carol or I don't know how they call it for what them. Sara Nude Ok so her for my birthday I didn't know it 3 50 in the morning but half of the school had come out with big hearts and my name is Christian and the 1st him. Lord I want to be a Christian my father was interesting in my heart in my heart and they sang that for me as I look how far we have and for a whole hour they read verses and spit of prophecy quotes and in songs and in admonitions and encourage them and then you feel like royalty with the type of treatment but I thought it was a bit too early so I decided I would try to catch a little more sleep I don't tend to wake up at 3 in the morning. But as I was trying to fall asleep I heard a clear question who are Christian so I wake up and what's going on are you coming I ask where to speak when now now who said yeah morning worship you're the speaker I'm like nobody told me so I grabbed my Bible and I'm running through the trails and in thinking on Heartland classes an impromptu message how do you build an outline how do you have a introduction and unless I'm running the question of the girl came back to my mind how do you find inner peace could Ukraine for me to find peace and then I thought what if instead of sharing my thoughts and thinking what thoughts can I share why don't the shared God's thoughts in a what are God's thoughts and when I quote came to my mind from my character and personality page 593 paragraph form that says if this thoughts are wrong what will also be wrong the feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combine make up the moral character in other words wrong thoughts will lead to wrong what. Feeling it's wrong feelings lead to wrong what actions the repetition of actions lead to what habits and the combination of habits is who we are our characters' moral character and it all starts back in what in this sauce in the sauce so then I asked the question how can I have the constants and feelings and what would be the result of living that thought life remember emotions feelings that tell tell you what you're thinking so therefore negative thoughts discouraging thoughts you can trace it back or negative feeling sorry discouraging feelings you can trace it back to what's the thought of what is the line but the devil is springing here but I'm taking and believing if you have negative emotions deal with them and soon as possible because the devil wants to get a little ground that you believe theoretically everything but in your mind you're grasping and holding on to the lies of the whole and remember the quote that we read at the beginning the control of thoughts this is true wisdom got to has a plan a beautiful plan for thought twice that goes deeper than what we think are hundreds 10 this is where the great controversy is waged this is where battles are won or battles are lost. At this moment I had already arrived to the chapel open air Javal just a loop in the Philippines all the students were already there for me to preach and everybody was waiting and I share the communication of tags that I will give you this morning plus on the other text by the way at the end of the trip that young lady came to me after what I shared with her and she said we are Christian I have found that peace and I said Praise God pretty sky I found out a lot of people there's a lot of people even in the church that know a lot of dark we know a lot of truth but we lack some time in the control of our thoughts we lack peace and when you apply this text that I will share with you there are so powerful and this principles apply to a lost to temptation to discouragement to the different lines that Satan puts and hopes for us to run with and to get a foothold in our minds do you go how is your thought life how is throughout the day your inner being your in her thought lines. Do you go through that they with perfect peace not partial peace not the moments of peace but like Jesus in the boat this by the circumstances perfect peace nothing disturbed I had said at the beginning that this was a quest in my life looking Some call it a fulfillment the moment of conversion they got it empty shape peace joy the meaning of life different things. I had been in that search growing up us and out of and that's a Christian believer and a 56 generation of missionary families and knowing a lot of how they got about a practically my entire life not have any experience that a fulfillment and that a complete peace until I came and realized I needed to surrender the driver's seat to God That's what we call conversion that was the 1st time and in that piece came in I said why didn't I do it before why did I wait so long right but a few months or few weeks went in might he's disappeared and got started showing me that it's more than a one time thing that I got once daily recommitment in reconnecting with happen so I learned about the importance of that devotional lines to set the morning and the day with their rights thoughts with heavenly thoughts. But then I would have my devotion and a few hours would go by in somebody would say something some circumstance would happen and there went on my piece and thoughts would come in of discouragement or bitterness or anger against a family member or whatever and I was thinking if it wasn't for that person I could have peace you know has been safe it wasn't for my wife I could be a good person if it wasn't for my children I could be a good parent right if it wasn't for my teacher I could be a good student it wasn't for my students I could blame it on everything on places if it wasn't for this country for the news I could be happy but I had seen that throughout the Bible there were men and woman that had a control over their starts that could have peace despite any circumstances and later in the in the sermon we're going to look at some of those examples and I'm going to get your participation as well but what are coming back to God's thoughts and if we could have his thoughts I have a video that I'll share with you in the form of music but you can go in your Bible study 55 1st 8 that this verse says what guts thoughts are not what got thoughts are what are not let's let's look together and I said 55 Verse 80 and here talks about what got thoughts are not I sang 55 1st 8 and 9 and this has become a theme or one of my favorite Bible verses if we can see the line through this eyeglasses whether your devotion to life whether you're calling whether your family your marriage life when you look at through it through this alliances it changes your life I said 55 1st 8 and 9 do we have the songwriting also seeing it for you I said $55.00 1st $8.00 and $9.00. Or my sorry. Your ways. So are my way. And in your way. For right. It's that I. Thought is be. Able to gave you. The need to. Always smile you will see a bit. For us. So almost. As head coach then your way was for naught. With a smile these same. Way or as we. Saw our. Home. It's. Your. What a beautiful prominence. God says I And I said 55 paid for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways for as they have and are higher than the earth's are my ways higher than your ways and my sponsor then your thoughts. But you might say then what are God's thoughts if thoughts lead to feelings and feelings to actions and action what is God's thought life have you ever wonder what he thinks about you. With all the background in seeing and reading every dark chapter of your story what are his thoughts about you well we don't need to wonder turning your Bibles to Jeremiah 2911 and here we get a possibility of peeking into God's thought life a little window into God's thought life in Jeremiah 29 verse 11 Jeremiah 29 verse 11 and it was part of the song and it sas for I knew what I know this thoughts that I think toward you say if the Lord Have you ever wonder what somebody thinks about you like I wish I could read that person's life mind what are they thinking about me however I wonder if you could open a little in then what do you think about me brother or sister what's really in their gut says I wanted to guesswork I'll be open I'll be transparent I'll tell you what are my thoughts the verse continued thoughts of peace and not of evil to give to you unexpected and. Got starts even with everything that is going to his creation and even though all that we've done he has thoughts of peace and not of the will to give us unexpected and. What would happen if we have the heart of God's thought life which lead us to God's feelings to gotz actions and by the holding in the 2 thing our life is transformed Sometimes we see transformation most the of the externals don't need this don't do that but I believe God wants to go much deeper than that to the thoughts of our hearts the meditation of our hearts and transform it from there until he can reflect his thoughts and his feelings and his actions and we become more like Jesus the man how can we find that a peace that God hast that got things toward us turning your Bibles to I said 26 verse 3 I said $26.00 What verse every one verse 3 and here it tells us how we can have a perfect peace I said $26.00 verse $0.03. That will keep him in what type of peace perfect peace not a partial not momentarily come plead a perfect peace whose mining stayed on the because he trusted in a v This verse offers a promise the promise is perfect peace but it has a condition how is that perfect peace a pain 1st State of what stay what in the Lord there's sots who is whose mind our mind is stayed on the could we say that the mind also represents thoughts stay in our thoughts and be because he does what trust the good the feelings puts in mind thoughts and feelings on him and when you do that God offers perfect peace. Therefore we could say that lack of peace is maybe because of what. We've lost our focus on him and placed it somewhere else as long there it's sounds as a simple formula but he can help us both to will and to do as long as we keep our sots but Christian I don't feel like our feelings trust in him he offers he will keep us in perfect peace in perfect peace now practical question and this is where I need your contribution and your cooperation how can we have our mind state of on him if the verse we've got to promises he will keep us in perfect peace when we do that how can we have our mind state on him practical give me some practical ideas on how in your life in my life we can keep our minds on him meditation on the word Ok Prain memorizing scripture He-Man anywhere any other way showing our testimony ministering to others what else. Oh I was waiting for that saying in random you say rather a man saying the song is that Jesus would take out in this hour of ages the bad spirit of the workshop with songs that he would raise to heaven and he would hold communion like that but think on practical ways like Joseph you always brings got into the picture we you know when they parted for his wife says he's just God and he brings God into the moment of temptation when his brothers later says. You know we didn't mean this and they're all afraid and he says what you meant for evil God meant for he always brings God into the picture so that's a way we can stay our minds on him 2nd question though what things that Satan used to disturb the peace in your life if you're willing to share Yes Jackson. Too much time in media Ok What else are way from God to even our thoughts away from God by but the question is through what in your life I'll tell you a couple of mine worry about the future when I don't see the future that's one that takes away my peace so exactly would like to see 10 years in advance and when the future looks dark like a whole house and there goes my peace. What else anybody else wants to share what else uses to take our thoughts on him because he knows that formula he knows that if we keep our minds and trust in him that he cannot disturb us no matter the storm yes our past look in our past and feeling guilty and dwelling on the mistakes and identifying ourself I am my past I am my sins there is no hope yes it's a battle. Being critical toward others toward other selves toward our husbands or wives children criticism let me read a quote from steps to cry speech 71 and it talks about 4 things that the stir that Satan uses to distract us from Christ how many things for things step to cry 71 its sense when the mind well supine self it is through away from Christ this source of strength and life hence it is Satan's constant effort how is this effort so I expect a war for my dear friends expect a constant warfare. But we have a helper the king of the universe because you might say that sounds exhausting Christian yes it is but he's assessed take my yoke upon for my yoke is easy and my burden is light so you don't do it alone but Satan's constant effort to keep that tension diverted from the Savior and thus prevent a union in communion off the Saul with Christ what does he used to do that number one deploy Asher's of the world the pleasures of the world there's you know the moving carrot like the donkey that has you all I might reach it one day and that carrot always is moving that you know never enough pleasure to live scares and perplexities and sorrows life's cares and perplexities and sorrows were looking out for things that Satan used to divert our minds from Christ 3 their faults of fathers they fall some father's right this is a good one 0 brother should know better that teacher is a 7th Day Adventists and he should know better how to be Christ like all this school all this church all the precedent of this conference the faults of fathers right and for your own faults and imperfections. To any or all of these he will seek to divert their mind but do not be misled by his devices many who are really conscientious and who desire to live for God He too often leads to dwell upon their own faults and weaknesses and thus by separating them from Christ he hopes to gain the victory but later they quote you can read it at home it's beautiful it says how we should commit our sleep keeping of our soul to God of trust in him and if we leave ourself in his hands he will bring us more than conquerors through him that has loved us now you might say Christian sound c.c. thoughts feelings but how do I do it when the moment comes then they will take advantage and I cannot control and I don't even know which thoughts lead me to what feelings I've never been aware of that well there is help in a career from David the Solomons songs 139 verse 23 where David asked God even to help to identify the wrong thoughts and wrong feelings of his heart songs 139 verse 23 David basically says asking here God God can you run an e.q. past an emotional intelligence test on me can you show me Lord I don't even know how to recognize what thoughts are leading me in a wicked way but can you Lord do that in verse 23 sas let's read together search me oh God and know my heart try me and know my song it's and see if there be any we can Wayne mean and leave him in the way everlasting They've it is saying search me all got to know my heart what could be another Also word for our heart. Later he says try and know my thoughts dealing more with mine what could be another thing for Hardy you say I was breaking my heart trying to solve the mathematical situation or I was I love you with all my brain do you draw a little brain to write it so hard could also mean our feelings with all our being and then our thought so David says here David says here search no God And no my hard no my feelings low no the in your intentions try me and know my thoughts my mind and see if there be any twisted any crew can it Wayne me if you want some extra resource on this something that I recommend is The Lost Art of Thinking by Dr Neal Natalie very good a book on understanding traps in the lines that we have and how God wants to restore from a holistic physical health mental and spiritual health our minds our minds and here that's what David its brain lead me Lord to understand I'm going to even be aware of my thoughts but can you Lord show me what thoughts are leading me into a Krupa a wicked way and we all have been affected by sin we all have baggage and brokenness and we think we're pretty good until that starts flashing his light on our innermost being and we realize how much were needed of a new mind a mind that has wisdom now how can we apply this practically I'm going to finish with 3 principles 3 practical principles on how we can do what we read in the quote at the beginning this is true wisdom they control the thoughts to control of the thoughts Principle Number one is found in 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 5 2nd Corinthians which chapter. 10 and which verse verse 5 and here it talks about principle number one that is bringing into subjection developing thought discipline thought of control that's principle number one all habits take time to develop whether bad or good if we haven't developed the habit of bringing every thought to subjection to Christ it'll take time but through Christ it can be developed so let's read 2nd Corinthians 10 verse 5 together casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into the captivity every sought to the obedience of crimes casting down what imaginations many times Satan puts imaginations like somebody said are quote I have worried for many I've had a many troubles in my life through my life and the majority of them never happened many times the devil brings imagination and some can have a lot of facts we're in front of the Red Sea and the army of Egypt is coming there's no way out we all will be this Troy but this is the thing you don't know the future so things might seem quite strong but you don't know the future and you don't know God's intervention so that was an imagination their total destruction they didn't know that God has a 1000 ways to provide of which we know now it's casting down imagination Sada discipline something our culture is very much against you see slogans like Follow your heart follow your heart the songs talk about Basically I couldn't control I fell in love I was married but there came this pretty girl and I just can't control it keep it as were victims of thoughts and feelings and Satan would have it like that that way. But it got sense we need to cast and bring to captivate and very thought you know meddling in his spokes ass like a surfer we may not be able to avoid the waves coming but we can choose and which one we want to surf Satan will throw thoughts but you don't need to go along with it with it you can ask a set of gods and bring it to subjection to captivity to Christ to Christ. Testimony for the church volume 5 sas page 310 all in 5 page 310 you should keep off from Satan's in chanted ground and not allowed your mind to be swayed from allegiance to God it through Christ through. Through Christ you may and should be happy and should acquire habits of self control how self can try to know about Hugh but I have always related more to not over eating you know like actions I have never seen it so much on a perspective of what I do with my thoughts I haven't seen self control and that perspective not smoking not in the you know toll abstinence from the bad and and temperance of the good but that here the quote continues even your thoughts must be brought into subjects into the will of God and your feelings under the control of reason and religion your imagination was not given you to be allowed to run riot and have its own way without any effort at restrain or discipline do you feel identified with that accord when I read this the 1st time like so many times I let my mind go in just so they couldn't have any control over the thoughts and feelings. And there's It continues the quote saying if the thoughts are wrong what will be wrong the feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combine to make up the moral character and to summarize the end of the quote is basically says that when you decide that as a Christian you're not required to restrain your thoughts and feelings you're brought under the influence of evil angels and invite their presence and their control that's pretty powerful are just by doing what when we decide that us Christians were not required to restrain our thoughts and feelings and then we will yield itself to the impressions of the demons may God help us and he wants to help us if we're willing another quote from mine character and personality page 32 Paragraph 2 volume one of mine character and personality page 32 Paragraph 2 it says Do not a 4 hour moment how long not even for our moment allow or acknowledged Satan step patient as being in harmony with your own mind turns them from them as you would from the adversary himself so Satan will come basically to you and he'll try to you know same Jackson Oh you have no hope for what's ahead your soul. And what Satan is hoping that Jackson's are saying that's true and make it his song that's true I'm terrible and pick at it and make it his own that's what Satan it's trying to do to suggest the thought in that you grab it and make it your own but their inspiration the inspired writing says we should flee from them as from Satan himself because what is Satan's job description according to this quote Listen Satan's work in stew this courage the soul so when discouragement comes you can know that it is who that is plain that. Satan because what is Christ worth he will point you to your door through the Holy Spirit to your weaknesses and things but what is Christ work they've called Continue sane is to inspire the heart with faith and hope Satan seeks to unsettle the confidence he tells us that our hope hopes are built upon a false promises rather than upon the sure immutable word of him who cannot lie so the next time you feel despondency discouragement the Holy Spirit will point you to show you a savior the devil will just discourage you and try to make you while low and try to make you crack his fly and make it your own but a Christ work is to inspire with hope he will never lead to despondency or discouragement So be aware next time that might not be your own thought but might be Satan putting this courage men trying to see if you can take that line and make it your own. You know Luther said it. I cannot keep birds from flying over my head and we could say maybe not even from making a nest and that maybe not from even landing on our head but we can prevent them from making and they asked the best moment to deal with a thought from that they have all the negative thought is a soon as it comes to bring it to Christ to bring it to Christ. Principle Number 2 how do we do that because if I tell you this morning do not think on blue elephants What are you thinking on wife I told you not to do right but if I think I'd tell you think on pink elephants what happens you have something else that you can put your mind on book at occasions as the model of the Christian is something that her and many times as Christians were tying ourselves just to that no I can't I don't I. Oh that's so beautiful I wish I could oh that they're having so much fun but I'm a Christian so no I can't that it's not by just Reeses think evil thoughts that will be able to overcome but do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good so Principle Number 2 is finding a bible promise for everything that this stirs your peace everything that brings a temptation below us to whatever it is find a bible promise that that challenges that peace to serve and let's try this principle practically here I'm going to throw some scenarios and let's see if you can think on some Bible promises a mother somebody is stressed feeling she's overwhelmed with so many things to do she cannot make a throat another year another day what a bible promise can contradict that sense of overwhelm us Philippians 413 I can do how many things all things through Christ who strengthens me somebody feels week to week what that same bursts or any other that verse works for a lot yes I said 4110. A man and a man now will uphold the with my righteous right hand perplex for the future that's that's the one that I said I struggle with many times perplex a worry for the future any promise that comes to your mind. Philippians 46 Weatherston say for anything yes Jackson Jeremiah 2911 overcome the world might be so he went to Yuma Yes Yes Mark Yes Well this is a. Secure 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you what about guilty you've done your confession you've got to gone to God and ask for His forgiveness but you still feel guilty and a verse to deal with that 1st on $19.00 that says if we confess he is faithful to forgive us our sense and coincidence from all unrighteousness finding a bible promise so the 1st thing is you identify this started from the devil cries Jesus can you please take it but then you ask the Lord what a promise can I cling on to and you will have to make the decision in the great controversy I believe it ends our feelings versus God's word what will we decide what will we decide and you know this is what this was Christ method as well Christ used when faced with each temptation from Satan as soon as he would discover a lie from Satan he would face it by using what it is written and then you know that this is the only offensive part of the armor of the Christian the only offensive part of it's this war and the you know what this order represents the Word of God and God calls us to use this weapon in their most intimate part of the nucleus of the great controversy that is being fired right here in our minds and it starts at the level of their thoughts of the thoughts. Let me read one quote before we finish with Principle number 3 then having to answer and this is from Bible Commentary volume 6 page 1088 paragraph 4 they have evidence of unfallen were worlds and of the heavenly universe are watching with any chance interest the conflict between good and evil they remain joys they do what really Joy us when what when say things subtleties one after another are discovered and met with it is returned there is the I.D.'s They say they found that they found a lie of Satan and they answered with it is written as Christ met them in his conflict with their will the foam every victory gained is a jam in the crown of fly there goes another gem there goes another gem for Mark for Clay he with it is written Come confronted Satan's lie. There harps in that day of victory all the universe of heaven triumphs the hearts of the angel Send for the most precious and real sick accompanying the melody of the voice do you think that all that goes in heaven when you have a thought in your life oh that's from the devil Lord I will claim I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me My God will supply all my needs I won't listen to that light of Satan and all heaven is like rejoicing in music and let's put a gent How do you have you thought that heaven is so sensitive to the great controversy at the mind level as beautiful a man Principle Number 3 and we close with this principle how can we know what thought it is true or wrong can we contrast it with a filter a mental filter from the Bible Philippians 46 through any That is the mental filter through which we can confront our thoughts and ask. Is this thought I thought that is from God Or should I praying in and to subjection to Christ Philip. Chapter 4 verses 6 through ant says be careful be anxious for how many things are nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be May known unto God prayer and supplication are sots are brought in prayerful way you don't just talk with your own thoughts and until you go crazy throughout the day that inner talk you open it up to God and you ask God What's your perspective I'm going to talk with you I'm going to talk with them I'm going to talk with self by prayer and supplication with what spirit with thanks giving you see the trust Lord I'm going to think even though the outcome looks dark I'm going to tell you and I'm going to think you make your request be known and to God and then what will happen in verse 7 and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus and here comes them from the Biblical filter to confront every thought and finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are p.r. whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things Arafa good report if there be any virtue and if there be any grace think on the. Ice you confront your thoughts you will discover is this not true I'm worrying about if I'll have if I'll be fired from my job that's not true it's the future I don't control the future is this the thought of pure Oh no it's lustful and it will distract me pigment way from Christ and then you can take it bring it to Christ so Principle Number 3 filter everything every thought to Philippians 4 Verse 8 for the principle that Paul gives us in such a life. SEPs a crisis 1st. Page 71 paragraph one says a life in Christ is a life of rest full ness there may be no ecstasy a feeling but there should be an abiding peaceful trust your hope it's not in yourself it is in Christ your weakness is united to his strength your ignorance to his wisdom your frailty to his enduring mind so you are not to look at yourself in the quote continue can read the full quote at home but it says that Jesus says Abide With Me Come unto me and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and you shall find rest their heart that rests most fully upon Christ will be the most earnest and active in the labor for him sometimes we're going with the cart before the horse trying to be active but I've got says the soul that rest mostly upon Christ will be the most earnest and effectively varying for the master This is the final test my friends this is I believe where the great controversy and it's God's word versus our feelings and as we read at the beginning this they control of the thoughts in cooperation with the Holy Spirit this is true with them this is true is and I remember a student that went one of my students from Europe a mission school where I was working they went to a mission trip and she wrote to me Christian now I feel so good in Africa people are so loving and I feel like a true missionary and everybody so expressive Now I understand why I am sad a back in Europe and I wrote to her and all her while there might be a beautiful culture. Our feelings shouldn't depend on our surroundings but aren't Christ no matter where you are and you know this is the final test of Jacob's time of trouble our feelings and Satan bugging us and saying Are you really forgiven Have you really represent the Christ correctly and it'll be our feelings versus God's word that's how the great controversy started with even saying well those the fruit Oh and the feelings I feel I feel and she went following her feelings rather than God's word and that's where the great controversy needs to and it says when all other human support is taken away we will need to stand on God alone on God alone here is the patience Revelation 1412 says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Jacob the learning that a battle at the night with the angel fought fought fought until the angel touch the hip and then he realized this is somebody else and. And said I will let you know goal until you Plessy danger will touch all the foundation of Jacob all the foundation and he needed just to stand on the grace and forgiveness of that angel not anymore in his ability to fight and I believe God has taken a Staley to the point where we cannot anymore stand you know for a fighter that's that's where his power comes from you know well I'm not a fighter but I'm a massage you know I learn massage in Harlan and you need the lower body to be able to have power and they cut all his support guidance trying to take us to an experience where we are not living by feeling but by his word but by his sworn. And you might say Christian but oh well when I'm a martyr I'll have peace I know I'll be able to say in the state but when a little thing comes and something hurts you today you cannot even have peace do you think God just wants to give you peace when you become a great martyr or daily that his grace is sufficient for you today you know as we read John 1633 this things have I spoken to you that in you mean in who in the mean you might have peace what had Jesus just finished speaking about his death how they will forsake him all this terrible circumstances but he said I have spoken all these things that he knew me he might have peace in this world ye shall have what tribulations but be of good cheer I have overcome the world had here already gone beyond the cross at this point and he already passed through the cross not yet but he was putting his mind in the promises of his father and already said I already overcame I already overcame and in me you can have peace and as I wrote to this girl that went to the mission trip in Africa I gave her example of Bible examples Bible characters that have put their trust in God's words when there's feelings were screaming otherwise can you think of some can you give me some Biblical examples and that when she's praying for for a baby. She believed a man any other biblical example Jonah. In the Belly of the well anybody else. But Paul Paul in the prison after being beaten and being able to sing a song anybody else. Job after everything job yeah the house down and worship's he lost his family his belongings everything now then and worship anybody else how about Jesus and get Sammy Do you realize that if Jesus would have followed his feelings rather than trusting in his father's word we would not have a plan of salvation today if he would have wiped the sweat and set of feelings are too strong circumstances they're sleeping I will never rest wrecked again those are my feelings I'm getting out of here we would have a plan of salvation but he stuck to his father's word and that's what he wants us to do today us while he wants us to have the control of the thoughts in cooperation with the Holy Spirit this is true wisdom there was a man that inspires me with this. This sense of overcoming circumstances with a trusting God because Jesus didn't promise I will give you external peace yet one day soon it will be but he promised inner peace the spider circumstances and this man living grew up in Chicago during the 18 hundreds and he had a beautiful family everybody looked up to him as a man of honor and I mean a faith but after having 4 girls he finally had a baby son and this baby son was the joy of the family and of the father and as they were also abrading this few weeks later the baby contracts typhoid fever and dies in the family doesn't give up and cleans to God as their grieving in another tragedy hits a fire that burns the majority of the properties of Mr Spafford and he goes instead of saying I have lost everything in the circumstances he says who has less than me let me go help them and clean up. And as they're recovering from this he says I need we need a family break listen how this family had a vacation let's go help evangelist movie with an evangelistic series that was their break so he said Let's go but he needed to stay behind so he sent his family ahead and as he's finishing business he received that Heller Graham from his wife that says saved alone there had been a storm and the ship had collided against another ship in heavy fog and his 4 daughters had died and asked Mr Spock for the media we take the next ship to go and meet his grieving wife he's going meditating in the boat but still clinging to his faith in God circumstances one shake his peace is trusting God and the captain comes up to him and says Mr Spofford we're just going over the waters where your daughter's. And Mr Spafford as he looks into those angry waters that took the life of the rest of his family except his wife goes into his cabin and picks up his spam and starts writing one piece like a river at Highway. When sorrows like see bills roll whatever vital hot thou has taught me to say it is while it is well with my soul and on the last stanza he says and Lord Hayes that day when my faith shall be signed the college will roll back as a scroll the trunk show resound and the Lord shall be send even saw oh it is well with my soul is that your prayer today as I finish playing that of him together is that your prayer at this sire of having a total So mission and total peace on God no matter their circumstances and with the racial sane and with Job sane though I loose everything though that my Lord may slay me though my circumstances may be the most awful I will trust the Lord is that your desire today as I play and share this last song may our hearts recommit to God insane Lord I want you to be in control of my every thought and I want to surrender my every thought to you I invite those who can to kneel together as we close in prayer. Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much for your help in each of our weaknesses Lord we recognize that you want to give us a much more intimate experience in victory and peace than merely the external you want to come to our every thought and give us victory over every thought every feeling that leads us astray from you Lord you see your people here gather that we long to have that a complete peace that completed victory over whether lost discouragement or whatever temptation is that we're facing and we want your help so we invite you Lord to teach us how to surrender to you how to allow you to seek our hearts and try our mind our thoughts and see if there be any we can away in us and lead us your way every last we think you were born and as we close this convocation we pray that you lead us to grow more and more in the wisdom of the mind of cheese we pray in its name. 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