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A Witch and the Powers of Darkness

Christian Hjortland
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How powerful is a witch, and an evil spirit? This video shows the great controversy between good and evil, and how daily choices affects this. “The spirits would encourage people to listen to their feelings instead of the word of Christ and His prophets. In no surer way could the spirits obtain control of people's lives without the individuals realizing what was happening.”


Christian Hjortland

Speaker/Director of Empower Missions, Sweden.


  • January 29, 2021
    7:00 PM
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They view divorce on an airplane and a conversation of fall this will blow your mind they be starts talking to the guy beside him I'm a missionary service I don't go spawns I'm a witch I'm a warlock people pay me and I can do whatever he wants if a man comes to me and says I want as woman she belongs to someone else and she's married well it doesn't matter give me enough money boom that Thomas broke apart that woman belongs to him I can do it a 100 percent of the time this man service in fact I can take your wife from you and give her to anybody I wish. They would replies No you can't yes I can know yes I've done it to many Christians who do you think that you. They would suppose I'm somebody and you can't. Well there are some people that I can touch let me ask you some questions are all your sins forgiven Yes you have been a seeker scenes in the classrooms they're all forgiven you watch soap opera us no you read novels no you memorize scripture Yes. Do you listen to worldly music you know. Ok I can touch you 99 percent of Christians always have something. Most Christians work soap operas if you watch soap operas amounts us your mind. Any Christian who watches soap operas voluntarily open up the door for influence and my spirits King given I can break apart at home I can harass you I can make you miserable and take away your wife and give her to anyone I would like. Us in store. Don't you think it's it's important to get free of all things that does not belong to God. If you plan to go to heaven you have to get rid of anything in your house and in your life that belongs to the devil we are living in the middle of a great war a great controversy between good and evil. Every action every decision we make either brings us closer to God or pushes us away from God There are rules to this war where free will and God respects that equally the devil has to respect that God has rights the devil has rights a form a Satanist Roger Moore nor who becomes a Christian he wrote a book that is called a trip into the supernatural and in his book he Well 1st of all it's a powerful testimony but a lot of insights to you know from from the dark side you can say. In his book he says the high priests that he's the satanic out priest explains that the demon spirits are in reality specialists in various fields of activity having a background of experience measured in me Lenya MSCE they are engaged in a few years conflict for control all men's minds a conflict against the forces from above everyone they could make to disqualify himself from being a member of Christ's kingdom automatically becomes a member of Satan's great kingdom now that's interesting insights that the Bible actually also confirm do you know what else these say Tanach priests said the spirits would encourage people to listen to their feelings instead of the word of Christ and His prophets in no surer way could his spirits obtain control people's lives without the individuals realizing what was happening. You know if you give Satan your little finger he will not hesitate to take your whole hand if you think that you're in no danger and that you will be able to stand well let me tell you you are in danger as soon as you take your eyes off Christ you know even stars fall just look at Judas Iscariot Peter and the other disciples and many on his 3rd Bible that he cycles were the ones closest to Christ they fell. They fell when they did just what these say tannic priests revealed listening to their feelings rather than to the words of Christ and His prophets by beholding we become change. I want to ask you Where is your focus what does your eyes look at what does your ears listen to what does your mind dwell on this is who you are thinking about that it's inefficient Chapter 6 verses 1213 we can see in essence what we have heard from from these stories here he says for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual holes so wickedness in the heavenly places they're for. Take up the whole armor of God as you may be able to We'd stand in the evil day and having down old to stand. Do you want to do all. Food in merits of crisis in water just. The author of the book the great controversy wisely say see no man is safe for a day or an hour without prayer. Got one sister finish the work that he has started meaning you in order to do days he needs your cooperation. Faithful is he who promised keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon believe it is a w w w audio verse or.


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