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10 Jesus’ Sacrifice and Our Sacrifice

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Callie Williams


Transformation is the indication.



  • March 1, 2021
    9:00 AM

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How should we treat our enemies how about throwing a heap of coals on their head let's talk about it on this episode in verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on. Contemporary Issues provoking. Now here's your host just until within. If your enemy is thirsty give him a drink if he's hungry give him some food is what the Bible says and this is what the book of Romans says My name is Justin came in you're watching in verse and in the studio with us we have Sebastian Cali and seek my dear friends and for the last 8 or 9 weeks or so we've been looking at this book the systematic study on the science of salvation how is that for a liberation and we have been having a blast and we want you to partake in that blessing as well go to N.P.R.'s Bible dot org where you can download our Bible study guide on the book of Romans and in 8 the easiest book in the Bible but with these Bible study guys they'll be a less difficult I guess is a better way of saying it prayer by Sebastian Braxton is what my notes say so Sebastian pray for us and we'll get into the Bible absolutely let's pray. To God of a lasting flaw that we have been blessed as we've seen from week to week in chapter to chapter the beauty of what you've given to us in Christ Jesus now Lord as we consider what is our response when you guide us you give us clarity in me you grant us the conviction to follow through is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen amen thinks about I know as a formality we do start these episodes with prayer but so many times and I know you guys can vouch like there's times we have no idea what works for an episode and we pray those episodes and that being the best because the Lord will bless is. By answering he really does his her pretty concur doctor Yeah so let's go to Romans Chapter 12 and this is where we are in. When it makes sense where we are in this episode. 12 versus one through 8 and before we get there we've covered one through 11 and Cally without hammering every chapter and I know we can all do that very easily all of us can do just really really what are some of the highlights or one of the best episodes that you just remember in the last whatever weeks that we've been doing you know I really liked when we talked about romance after a just because it's really the apex of one through 7 kind of where he's going to be like this is what God has done look at all these amazing things that no one can nothing creative can mess it up but you know throughout the whole time Paul is using this language of like so than this no actually this and it's almost like he's trying to keep us on the study path through my beliefs over here like no no stay here and we we go all the way to chapter 8 and then 911 we 9 through 11 we take a little bit of a detour talking about the relation with Israel what their relation to all this is and then we come to chapter 12 for 12 Yeah and so also it's pick up from us wonderful transition there let's pick up and see who can read from one through a look at the whole chapter but let's actually read those verses begin with Ok. Verse one I beseech you therefore brethren by the message of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is your reasonable service and do not be conformed to the swelled but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God For I say through the grace given to me to everyone who is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think so believe as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith as we have many members in one body but all the members do not have the same function so we being many one body in Christ and individually members of one another having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us let us use them. If prophecy let us prophesies in proportion and toss all ministry let us use it in our ministering you who teaches in teaching he who exalts in exhortation he who gives with liberality he who leads with diligence he who shows messy which cheerfulness Ok I think you see so I mean this this couple chapters chapters are the 11 chapters in kind of heavy haven't they a lot of theory and as you say we're talking about you know Israel and about salvation for everyone about just occasions and vacation and the an implication you know all these words and then boom we come to chapter 12 I want to see could just connect these 2 for us right we're not getting into theory any more we're just kind of getting into you know Minister love. And well what's what's the connection what I think the 1st thing you see is that Paul is saying I beseech you therefore So he's essentially right if you see the word therefore when you ask you're so. All together now you can sing in harmony so he. Couldn't do it he's essentially saying yes we're all sinners Yes Abraham is a great example yes there is Adam Yes there is you know the reality of Christ yes there's death and death is actually the key to life and this is how you relate to the law and great we're living the life of the spirit and this is how this relates Israel and he's like now therefore here's the conclusion of everything that I have been saying as if Paul is trying to establish that we don't study theology just to sit up in intellectual ivory tower but we study it for practice we study it for personal change in behavioral difference and that's where he's saying I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God So according to what I just talked about all the mercies of God This is what I'm asking you to do as the ones in Rome and what he's asking them to do is to be a living sacrifice. And I love the addition of the word living there not just to be a sacrifice but a living sacrifice because a living sacrifice requires more commitment more intentionality more time and you know I've never been a situation but I'd like to think you know the idea of dying for got it doesn't give me fear I was so much like you know say God or I'll kill you of electronics company or whatever of the doesn't make me afraid of a good whatever. It does it really doesn't make me have. It doesn't make me afraid because it's in a sense I mean there's things lead up to it leading up to it but it's kind of like a one moment decision but a living sacrifice is a continual vice of more decisions a deepening surrender deepening difficulty so a living sacrifice is actually a lot harder in my opinion because it is harder then than dying Yeah because that happens once right you die once versus living is just. And so this idea though is you're not called just to do whatever you want at the end of the Jesus you got me a man and then it's over like commit everything all of yourself should be a living sacrifice to God and that is what our response should be to the extravagant grace of God and what Paul is saying that this presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice at the end of verse one inch up to 12 he says this which is your reasonable service the what Kelly is talking about this thing that is actually more challenging to do which is to daily make choices to follow God and daily choosing to surrender to him which is hard yeah right saying this is the only reasonable thing for you to do in light of what I've just presented to you in the past 11 chapters and the Congress would be true then that not to do this would be unreasonable so having seen what Christ has done for you to not present your life to him as a living sacrifice too much is to follow him to not that is actually a reasonable choice to me yeah it's a rational. You know or or it's Or it's a reflection of the fact that you don't fully understand the right so you're you are acting irrational because you haven't had a rational grasp rational grasp. Of the gospel what God has done for you because if you take that dislike will this is reason why you would never say to yourself I bought you a car for your birthday and your gift for me is like oh I got you a card at Target you know for $399.00 and this kind of like that's a little irrational and went above and beyond right for you out of love and desire for you and the responses like I was the least I can just get this person just to say I got a gift and sayings like let me give Jesus the crumbs and then I'll just go back to living my life. This seems like a very transitional point in Scripture where the 1st 11 chapters I mean it's a lot of it requires intelligence it requires a lot of theory in a sense to reticle theology and what not and then a lot of people just like they like Chapter 12111213141516 these are tell me what to do tell me what to do I mean they can't be not Ok be nice this is like what a lot of other maybe non Christians maybe even quote from the Bible as the good old book you know and the take these in the cut out of fortune cookies and you know Asian restaurants and whatnot but this is a very interesting leave that this is not this chapter is not commands these aren't you know rules in many ways it's the the the 1st 11 chapters describe how it works you know if Jesus is working you know working India then Chapter 12 or 16 should happen yes right so it's it's actually the theoretical shit is the practical part and practice part is actually the theoretical part yes this is like they're there they're in verse each other and. It's also you know take your point right about this idea of. When transformed right so you're looking at so focused on putting on the check engine light to say there's something wrong with the engine right so we say well you would never try to just make the light go on to prove to you that the engine is broken it's supposed to be the other way around right one is supposed to be the indication of your reality in the presence of the other and that's where Paul is where you need to be transformed in an ongoing experience by the renewing of your mind and this is these these things about being kind in you know not loving with a park or seeing clinging to that which is good these are the check engine light that naturally will come on once this thing is is going and so it's almost like breaking this person of sin this law of sin in your members and now here is the check engine light that's letting everybody else on like oh your sin is not working the same like a used to in this person and just to underscore that that transformation you know motif in verse 2 he says and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. He's talking about the tense of the verbs be conformed and then be transformed it's kind of you are passive in this experience and the confirmation is happening to you right the transformation is happening to you but there's something that you do to choose whether you're going to be conformed or be transformed what you're doing you're not saying I will conform I'll conform to the will or I will transform transform transform to there's a different choice that you're making and that's what he has been talking about in the in the 1st 11 chapters is you have a choice to choose the transformation that can happen when you accept Christ into your lives or if you choose to reject the Jesus who was you know has been presented then you are be conformed to this world you know and so what naturally going to happen in your body but you have to choose do I want Cheesus and when I choose Jesus I will be transformed and here's a picture of what that will look like. And he talks about you know going forward so that we we do have a choice about whether we're going to be conformed transformed that's really the only choice we have outside of that you're either going to conform or you're going to be transformed you know we can choose that I want to be transformed by the renewing of my mind you know while you're while you're talking is profound point makes me thinking which makes me think that there are people who are conformed to the world's definition of what is good and they think that is being Christ like right right where the Bible texts saying hey we're not looking for worldly standards of goodness and good behavior we're looking for complete transformation that all these other practical things just naturally come out we come after the break we'll look at let's be let's be naturally transformed what is this with heaping coals on your enemies is this part of transformation it is Stay with us. In this been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while they join us like us. The handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Welcome back in Romans Chapter 12 we're looking at a living sacrifice and a reasonable service and and then Paul goes into all these practical things but what is the connection between these practical things and the theoretical section of chapters one through 11 I don't know sounds like a lot but you want to take out your Bibles and follow with us because that's the only way you're going to make sense of the book of Romans Sebastian and what is the connection between these 2 sections of Paul's great letter well in in the practical section that Paul is trying to grapple with he's trying to help them to understand that in this Renu ing in Transformation Experience that you're going through don't try to just choose certain behaviors to make yourself look like the Gospel his work. In your life don't try to manufacture this so if I don't say that against don't just don't just select right don't just try to do those things that make it seem as if the gospel is actually working in your life so you can appear to be transformed when you actually need to be transformed so this is not something that you're trying to do on your own right referring back to you no sequence point earlier I need to allow passively let Jesus to do this transformation in my life and let the gospel have its way in a complete death complete resurrection complete life in the spirit complete marriage is complete not this partial partial and a lot of us we do kind of try to live partial partial lives and Marshall Yeah Ok that's that's that's that's good so you go. Brother Thank you think what you say I'm an author. And. So I wanted to also add this this very point that he says you're going to have to prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God and this this component of the text I feel is part of the is essentially the most important element of what he's trying to do with this transformation because he's saying that you're proving this thing that is actually good that is acceptable and that is perfect but there's a lot of people in Christianity in religion who feel like these things that he's about to list right not repaying to those who harm you being kind clinging to that which is good or boring that which is evil they don't consider that as good or always acceptable or always perfect right it's like well it's the will of God And when you add that phrase the will of God makes it sound like God is the brussel sprouts God right is what I call him brussel sprouts because I. Used to hate Brussels. Growing up my mom would just be like you know put the Brussels sprouts on the table light salt you know whatever some butter and it's like you know song. When boiled in I'm just like this thing is offensive to my very nature is like recoiling in my mouth so. If you're looking at this food and I'm thinking I hate Brussels sprouts or my mom's like it's good for you right it's got this vitamin this mineral whatever you like that doesn't make it more palatable and literally you know I mean was actually you you change my life you know. When you're with your baking brussel sprouts you know we were on a vacation together with Cook I don't you cook stars are. I cook them I do not get chopped that day. So I remember you know you're like hey man if you take the brussel sprouts and you know cut them this way and bake them in you know it totally turned out different and literally transformed my life my family's life and it's love brussel sprouts from 3 all the way up and I mean Brussels sprouts are like you know people fight over this stuff like it's candy in my house really oh yeah I mean people move they're saying to. You you already had 2 scoops left back it up so when you look at that it's like you're trying to do these things to be kind of cling to the good in Jesus is like I'm going to be the Justin in your life right you grew up thinking that studying your Bible and praying and doing all these things are you know God's going to like it's the perfect will of God do it it's good for you versus Jesus comes along when you add that component he's the just and I say this is how you kind of slice it this is how you can prepare it so that now it's acceptable and it's good and you enjoy it and to me this is what Paul is trying to bridge into the practical things is don't try to do these things to prove the gospel as work in you let the gospel work like Jesus do that you're going to enjoy the brussel sprouts ministers or go off to Austin episode. The recipe for. On our website would just by I just want to read it you know royalties do you want to rub them a little bit of olive oil a little bit of c solved and garlic and pop them in the oven and last comma zation them al your reaction as you know a common. And that's because you don't know. I can't think of anything you want to go back to the Bible let's go invented a verse Let's go to verse 9 yes and we have waxed eloquent on the connection between the theoretical in the practical but let's actually get into the practical and we've got to be very careful just because the Bible is saying isn't it with your bible the bible. Verse verse 9 onwards just because the Bible saying it is like now I got to be nice now I got a lot of now I got to not be a hypocrite because we can try to be like Jesus to be like to be good to do all these things in a very legal istic way but I was trying it without the transformation without all these things that you have mentioned awesome points so it is a verse 9 in Cali can you read from verse 9 through verse 19 yes. Let love be without hypocrisy pour what is evil cling to what is good because only affectionate to one another with brotherly love and honor giving preference to one another not lagging and diligence fervent in spirit serving the Lord rejoice in and hope patient in tribulation continuing steadfastly in prayer distributing to the needs of the saints given to hospitality bless those who persecute you bless and do not curse rejoice with those who are Joyce and weep with those who we be of the same mind toward one another do not set your mind on high things but associate with the humble Do not be wise in your own opinion repay no one evil for evil have regard for good things in the sight of all men if it is possible as much as depends on you live peaceably with all men Beloved do not of the end your selves but rather give place to wrath for it is written Vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord and I'll pick up in verse 20 what you do I mind. Therefore if your enemy is hungry freedom if he's thirsty give month drink for him doing. So in so doing sorry you show you will heap coals of fire on do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good so there is the coals passage reference of top of the show of arrive What are some things that pop out there automatically to you Kelly the 1st thing that pops out to me is kind of a combination of verse 14 and 20 and that is just how to interact with people who hurt you or persecute you because you know I'm great at the nice people who are nice to me that's concrete naturally but when people are not nice to me I really hard time with that and the the idea that I think I can act you know if I'm really mad at someone like i can hide it but like inwardly Jesus knows how I actually feel but Jesus can take us to a place where my inside will match the outside where I can be acting kindly and actually be thinking kind thoughts I remember actually I was out with a friend once and we had a very very very bad waitress just for not attentive and foolish and things like that and so I remember like he was kind of quiet and I was like What are you thinking about he's like I'm just. I want to think kind thoughts and I was like I mean I'm not saying you think I'm nothing I'm no one thing kind of thoughts I'm just really annoyed about my food but he even that moment he was completely kind on the outside but he realized his need of like I want to think kind thoughts I want to actually be compassionate and sometimes we've talked earlier and earlier lessons about how we see people being mean or hypocritical on all this because they don't share the Gospel and if someone is mean to just and I can be like that person it's the gospel you should pray for right but I mean to me like I think what you need the Gospel of Matthew for the reason I are on Earth is a fire exactly but Jesus can take us to such a place that the same way I react to that person interacting with you is how would react to them when they're with me of why. I see someone persecuting or cursing or being unkind to me My thought is compassion and my thought is kindness and my thought is love and a desire for that person to understand God's love in a reconciled and so was so impressive to me about the Gospel it is not that God can make us look good but that he can change the desires and the inclinations of our mind and heart and that is literally impossible for us to do humanity can only make itself look good that it us of acts we can do yes it is God the Lord changes and inside Africa or for that. The thing that seems a sense and out for me is the person I read is this heaping of coals you know when I went in people do me wrong I mean I want I want I wanted kids you know like real is a liar and then put it on the head that's my natural inclination or I rely on this verse and say on verse 19 give place to wrath Ok the wrath of God Well my wrath is here so God's wrath must be you know come down the videos the flames roll. But we know that the wrath of God is far kinder then and then the wrath of man and God in His wisdom and his providence and his forbearance and his for knowledge will work out just we looked and looked at in Romans one through 11 work out difference in areas in gymnastics so it's a win win scenario that both people come to repentance and both people or are saved in the end it is our human limitations are like well I got hurt and I want them to burn forever and it's a very it's an indication of my own can think and think about the fact that you're not going to walk into heaven thinking to yourself like this person is here you can forgive that you know then you don't understand what you were forgiven it's like for you to come into Heaven or any sort of situation with God and say to yourself live on this person deserves nothing but justice you're saying they don't deserve mercy that I received my. And the thing is that God You know if he was establishing a 9 to 11 I can be merciful to whom I want to be merciful to I can be gracious to whom I want to be gracious to me and I'd include the people that also hurt you so this is not a self centered so focused experience but this is the gospel I didn't repair you evil for your evil to me therefore I'm encouraging you to acceptance of the gospel to bring that same spirit of the gospel even when you're hurt. So who you can't explain things because in verse 16 set your mind I am going to but associate with I don't I'm both going to your home her I'm going out with. Dignity that we brought out the transformation that happens that needs to happen internally. For me it struck me in verse 9 verse and really think about it all these things that Paul is saying we ought to do like we cannot humanly fabricate you know. If you really think about it and I just need to be underscored I remind you know. Every if a struck me in but it's 9 with where in the 2nd 2nd phrase this is a whole what is evil and cling to what is good just that the kind of transformation that has to happen to you so that you actually a poor those things that are evil you know and you clean not like it's going to stay with you and don't do and don't do it's about how you feel about those things about evil and how you feel about good I right that's not that's not choosing I'm going to only do good things but I actually want to do good things like I clean to those things and that's an internal transformation and all for me like I grew up in going to church but one struggle that I always had you know is growing up in the church was how do I get to want to do the things that I don't want to do but I know I should want to do you. How do you. How do you want 3 times. How do you want to do what is right when you actually don't internally want that and what this is saying is that God actually changes you so that more things that you didn't want used a lot yeah actually want now how many of you have ever read scripture and you get discouraged with all the good things that we should do and you know in your heart you are not what that you should be is a grammatically totally incorrect but you know what I'm saying this is the whole point of Scripture that we come to a point of surrendering to the Lord I can't do this I can't even smile at that person over there because I don't like him and we need a complete transformation from the bottom up that's mine sincere prayer I know the sincere prayer sincere prayer of my sisters and my brother I think my brother you know he's praying for that and hopefully to you as well thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse as we continue our final lessons on The Book of Romans looking at the science of salvation that we need in our lives today God bless you will see you next week you've been listening to a Bible based cost the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton he could host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the full time television that changes. At this point ever so there's an inverse old. Order to find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't for some.


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