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Baking Bread the Old-Fashioned Way

Lilia Perlee



  • January 13, 2021
    2:45 PM
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I arrived worth growing food and then I started big in bread because that's what we do at home just value add on. Bread start selling but then I started exploring the option of big in bread all the fashion way and I will tell you a little bit of my journey as we go on and I've been big in bread probably for about 20 years and there's always a life to learning I think it's like an art and transitioning from Beacon bread with commercial East to Bacon bread with natural East is a little bit more challenging but again never give up just keep up there is a lot to learn so I'm still learning every day so I would like to share today what I have learned and we're going to start with a little bit of history before we start I would like to pray and then I will outline what we're going to do today how gracious medium I am so thankful that you made this conference possible I believe this is why the Red Sea opened up for us to be here together and share and just encouraged to share their. Power to the garden to Homestead and to just be together is a family because we all waited to see your face very soon cannot wait for that moment but while we here on earth I play I pray that you will bless our time together. You will give me correct English to say all the words very. And I pray about your face will shine. As we share the topic of bread of life because you are the bread of life. In Jesus' name of free I mean. So today I would like to show you how to me where in the very end. That's what I do for farmer's market but. First of all starts with a history I would like to ask 1st how many people. Listened to live presentation last year that I've presented in Florida can you please raise your hand. Ok So to our many people listening to our diverse. Crowd so phobic I knew one thing how many people actually Big Bird home wonderful wonderful how many feet of baked with natural East not commercial East 123-4156 wonderful so I said I'm still learning I'm not a pro at it but I would like to share with you what I know it's wonderful that would have most of you I knew so the presentation I had last year that I pray about is. The answer some of your questions because I was battling with the same question about the bread made without commercial East and the whole concept of sourdough in stuff like that so we're going to start. The Bible talks about the leaven and. In that it says in Exodus and the people to the very door before it was leaven having the kneading bowls bound up in their clothes on their shoulders. And during World War 2 And during a harsh time people would keep the 11 this is 11 this is the natural East that's going to made bread with they would sleep with it at night in the harsh weather in the winter to save it because it can last for 34500 years and you can make with the same just feed it I'll go into details later so it's very very precious 11 another parable spurred here on to them the kingdom of heaven has likened to leaven which is a woman to work and here in 3 measure of meals till the whole was leavened and no you're not that a little leaven leavens the whole lot and that's the whole concept about bread making you put their leaven into life today I'm just having flour water salt and water just going through the ends. Here. So it's very simple bread leavened bread the mainstream easy so nobody would truly knows how leavened bread started with the history of it but in ancient Egypt the word for bread was the same as the word for life. M.-o. wheat and barley are by far the most common greens of ancient Egypt while out of all writers of this species and some Miller had been identified in the beginning the simplest Egyptian bread was made from flour mixed with water and salt padded into flat circles for the hams leaves on the hard rock next to the fire to cook that's more lies crackers unleavened bread like tortillas. Egypt produce the 1st leavened bread to house by accident one theory is that east lands are not the commercial East but while these That's in the air actually land up on some dough left out the gluten in the Flour went to work and the bread puffed up. So as sourdough America has employed full leavened bread remnants of a previous vats of dough was mixed with new duo and allowed to from or sour overnight So in other words in the literature you will see it's called Mother Joe I went to Central Asia they don't have anything like this what they do they just make a batch of dough they save a little clam they put it actually in the cardboard for 23 days and they take that clump out and put it in the next batch of just flour water and salt and that leavens the whole lung that's called Mother minus a little bit different this is not dough it's actually while the East. So their juices did not have East seal them for packets of jars neither did the Pilgrims or circle or so where did the families through history get east the answer is simple from family and community and the original from the air while the use is everywhere in the air you breathe on the bark of the trees and leaves ever see in the white film on the grapes if you grow grapes and has a wide field that's actually a wild beast some people start badge like that with grapes wild grapes. That's organically grown up. Make the stars themselves so the same feeling can be found on juniper berries for century both berries have been used as a natural start for bread these naturally use the sometimes very 1st their sourdough by the right strain of East it doesn't have to be sour and. So until the 19th century homemade East was the only kind there was I just wanted to make it clear that for centuries people never had Walmart question East flakes So how did they made the bread. We're so in $857.00 lose 1st to a discovery about a living organism Eastville responsible for fermentation he actually isolated for the 1st time in the us compressed Eastgate gray looks like tofu that's actually the very original East it was in the brick form it's where it spoils very fast you can still buy it online by the spoils very fast so it's more slowly used commercially. So that was introduced in the national in the Philadelphia express ition 876 which is to 10000000 visitors and when America entered World War 2 East companies developed dry yeast for the military which did not require refrigeration so the dry yeast was introduced only around War War 2. And then in 1819 Eighty-Four a rapid rise in use was invented in the us laboratories. So in 1000 eighties also saw another trend the beginning of continual spike of sillier disease gluten intolerance acid reflux disease diabetes than we do allergies there is evidence that using natural East can help combat this problems so like I was mentioned we bathe for farmer's market and the main reason why people come in back big we had even people worth suing I have diseases can digest this bread I never advertise adult way because it's a legal statement but gluten intolerant people can't tolerate the bread that's been broken down and the reason why because the wild beast breaks down the gluten structure of the wheat the gluten is a complex structure of proteins made out of individual I mean that acids in the wild these breaks it down so body can digest now the commercial East is made for that very reason to me bread very fast so it doesn't have time you probably mean some bread at home in one hour it rises maybe you 2nd vies and so on but then 2 hours you have a bunch of loaves of bread it doesn't have that time to break down the gluten. So you can see right there are lots of. Benefits of bread made with natural ease I'm going to skip that. So amazing thing about the bread made with natural ease that seamy index is. For diabetics it's the best bread because as you can see it's a little bit blurry and I apologize for that I will just show you see the dark line it says Sugar 65 why scenic index right above it this whole wheat from the grocery store that has 6 to 6 very scenic index the very top honors for edge but get 95 and go all the way down on the very bottom because artisan sourdough it has only 30 so it's much better blood sugar regulation it's for everybody and I just go down a bit. So this is a picture of just the label of regular commercial bread and you can see I don't know if I want to eat at all so this is a picture of ingredients of sour dough from the grocery story so as you can see it doesn't have anywhere that it has 11 natural East and has regular commercial East it's right on the center and then to make it sour for the taste the advent of air. And you know I went to a health food store in Springfield Missouri and I tried every single bread. That was their refrigerated frozen all kinds of bread only one company serenity bakery from Arkansas actually makes bread like I make today without commercial East and without vinegar. So I would like to share that with you today so it isn't sourdough bread or bad for us. So this is what I really pray that out for 4 months because I wanted to know because of God's will and not God's will for me to even do all this and then I found this. While this is some quotes that we can find in the Spirit of Prophecy talks about. Sour bread and what I understand there is a huge difference between sour bread and sourdough bread is just a label sourdough I wish they would not because they have Vanocur it does make sour taste but the bread that I make is not sour. I actually do have it at the booth for sale you would like I have only like 10 loaves of bread so if you would like to try the old fashioned bread this would be the one but come the closest to old fashioned bread so if you can see I'm not going to eat the whole quote but it talks about heavy sour bread heavy sour bread that's where I always was writing about throwing to the swine and. There goes the pigs got heard by it so here is again several quotes from the spirit prophecy talks about bread heavy sour partially baked another one from council to poor sour bread another one counseled out again for sour and heavy they lead the bread sour before baking and the last one now I believe stance of sour and there should be tolerated. So this I really appreciated this quote It actually gives us a little bit history I actually love to understand spirit prophecy in the way. To connect us with a history I think it's very very important to understand what did how did their lives back then what did they face so this is non-Christian book I found online all in Simmons' the book full of bread was published in $886.00 service pretty close to the time that we're discussing about been analyzed various breads from big cories across the whole of England Scotland and Wales a bread made with a thousands or so of more facts track than 8 ounces of East Simmons to describe the miserable to be guarded against worst seen for a long time poor flour poor process poor skill in other local baker's bread was life was described as poor loaves overworked bad flavor bad smell cold of and large were contributed sponged to one sponges rise in time to one other loaves range from a trashers sour tasty discoloring Fortunately elsewhere some were described as beautiful and excellent but finding good bread at the end of 19th century was a hit and miss and some of the commonly used additives added to bread in 1000 Center were actually a poisonous to whiten bread bakers sometimes added alum in chalk to the flour while plasters of Paris calcium sulfate mashed potatoes pipe clay and even sawdust can be added to increase the weight of loaves drying powdered beans were commonly used to replace wheat flour and the salad taste of stale flour was then described with ammonium carbonate so it gives a little bit history to see what was she talking about the sour of bread the poorly big just not it's partially big and so on so this is the quote I found it's in the book it's health or how to live I believe it's written by pioneers Adventist pioneers and it's a compilation of. Authors I believe James why it was the one that put the book together health of how to live on page 34. Says sweet so how did they leavened bread that's what we're going to find out did they use commercial East know because it was invented in one word 2 So what did they use for lemon bread so hopefully this will help us to understand leavened bread sweet brown bread so here's the directions can make a recipe take one quart of rye flour 2 quarts of course Indian meal one finds a wheat meal half a teaspoon of molasses of brown sugar and one go off by Tito East so actually start of a potato East or they are mingling gradients into a stiff a deal as can be stirred with a spoon using one watt of a wedding let it rise several hours guess that try to try to do it with just commercial use for several hours this is an overnight it's going to be unbearably sour then put it in a large deep in the bay for 5 or 6 hours so potato hops hops East and here's a recipe how to me the heart it's found health a how to live page $35.00 wash beer engraved $1000.00 large potatoes boiled to a large handful of hops in 5 finds of water and strain it on the grade of potatoes add a tease tea cup full of sugar and half cup to spawn of salt put it in a tin pail or 7 take care of boil water in storage for a week on when your local add a pint of goodies I believe what's written here to the east is the one that's previously been made so you can make a new batch just like mother just add the ease that you already had a little rise one tablespoon of this isa sufficient for ordinary loaf of bread if in the cool place it will keep several months in summer without souring. So you can see this is not regular they are talking about this is I believe what I am dealing with and I know how to take care of this started this is very similar to what they had. So. We'll probably get that So one more thing about weed before we start the practical Unfortunately the weed right now is sprayed with privacy that it's not just the wheat that sprayed but a lot of regular potatoes and grains even interiors have found residues of round up so it is been it has been linked to cancer and there is a war that's called desiccation of wheat and other crops. So we have problems with weeds with rapid rising East there's now breaking down the gluten and I think another reason why people are reacting so violently to any We've products is life or seeds and all the different sprays they're there for even for storing in the weeds. Until fungal all kinds of sprays that they use so it's very very. Toxic to our health so around the residue found in the food but probably not going to stuff stop on this one. So it's fun though we barley rise odes popcorn store them lentils species beans non-jury most soybeans foreign flags Ryback we mail it cannot sugar beets potatoes and samplers you can avoid all this by buying organic so. There is one more thing about the we in 2003 Basque the chemical company introduced the Clearfield wheat which is tolerant to their propriety herbicide beyond much like ground operated corn the style and of life of say they proudly proclaim that the wheat is not the product of genetic engineering but of in the hands traditional plant breeding methods the technique is called chemical mutagenesis and might be worse than g.m.o. engineering using a highly toxic chemical sodium as well as Gamma and extra radiation the exposed embryo mutates after further experience patient testing and development clear field wheat emerges in the tolerance of the beyond herbicide Clearfield is now supply than 20 of a riot is a nearly a 1000000 acres planted with it in u.s. and Canada again by buying organic can all grow your own that's even better Ok so now we're going to go to a part of bacon the bread. So there are 3 ways of making the bread the 1st one is just by hand Mixon all the ingredients together so I will just specifically talk about making bread with leaven. Of regular ease 2nd way and of course with a commercial you can do that but both 2nd is what I have and Homer's Bosh mixer and we bought it used and it's working fine so if you don't have to it's about $400.00 for a new one but you can buy purchase used. So this one batch and I'm going to give you the recipe to use in bars mixer one Vatican made follow so that's what we use for farmer's market it's been very very handy because like in the summer I was big in 50 loaves of bread and I sold it in 4 hours so dad actually speed up the process but you know when you get a little bigger you might have to have Hobart mixer I still thinking about that one so the scale everybody has preference this one I had and I recommended last year it's Kitchen Aid but right before we came here and started breaking down so I don't know if I would invest into this one but this is a really good one it's called k b 7000 it weighs what we want for measurements we want detailed up to one gram is kind of hard to find but this one is a good scale. So that all of you probably after this goes that's what I'm going to buy so I do big you probably seen the really nice loaves around the use usually in a home setting a home for commercial. That I haven't I have one just like that and if you want to maybe buy gets the cell forms in other words once you make the batch of Dell you can make anything out of it you can make bread you can make a guess I mean. How does a hamburger and veggie burger buns anything you can make out of pizza. So the possibilities are endless So this is our farmer's market so that's the bread that we take into farmer's market that bread is made of course with natural east and right here you can see the burger buns you can just decorated with all kinds of seeds to make it pretty. You know I have to stop How many would be interested for commercial baking instead of home baking when you play space commercial. Ok think a way to sell instead of just for yourself Ok thanks. So that such a success of the bread is actually in a healthy starter that's why it's a little bit harder to me because with commercial East it's very easy you just dump a packet of yeast it's ready ends perfectly it works good with this bread you can make really literally a bricks. Really easy to make bricks but the key to success is this leaven So this is the same jar that those are pictures of So You Want To Have and I'm sorry for pictures and that's very clear I mean in writing. So last year I was selling the starter. Because when the conference setting. It's not a good idea to have liquid because you can I take it home so what I did for this year I actually never sell my started to anybody at the farmer's market because that's my business but for you I would live to I did it in the dehydrated flakes form so this you can take home with you so it has a structures on how to rehydrate you will get the same product as I have usually takes 3 days to we Hi Jerry the starter flakes I tried twice and they rehydrated it in one like and 12 hours it already has lots of bubbles so it's pretty active I think is just I always say God is the one that does all my baking I'm just learning how to sew it hasn't struck since how to rehydrate they has one tablespoon inside. And all you need to do to start your own dad's Well I would recommend only one I have to spoon so this enough to separate batches you can share with somebody what I would do I would keep it just in the cool place just think a stew your 1st one something happens to it you have a back up so this is actually will last you a lifetime you will never have to buy East again. I never buy East this I just feel this same thing I had it for 3 years now and that's all I do I can multiply I can make 5 gallons of this if I want to I can reduce it to one tablespoon So as you bake with it you will learn how to do that in a way this will be available in the booth. So you don't even buy or you can make your own it takes about 2 weeks to start right now in the winter it's a little bit tricky because of the temperature in the house it's not consistent in the summer is the best time to start to make your own stuff started if you would like to all right so. The container. I use the glass for many many years by those jar maybe 3 times so far in 4 years so 3 or 4 years I would strongly recommend to use plastic and that's what I'm going to switch because if you drop it there in the glass pieces in it. It still can be saved something you don't have to have a clear but it's nice to see where you started this how much you have and so on so any even like your very container or all the ice cream container the gallon size if you need a lot you know too big for farmer's market or something. Spoon this is a spoon that I love it's an Amish spoon but I don't know I found the fan on this story and this is real and I spoon because it fits perfectly into the jar to mix it because many spoons you know this short and I go start all over this is perfect and if you can use it also for pickles I mean becoming whatever or applesauce or whatever it fits perfectly I do have 5 of this that I purchased store for this at the booth that will be available if you are interested so then the feed in the starter at least once a week 2 to 3 times so what I do I changed a little bit. From last year where they explain you need to feed it I will explain what feeding is once a week at least now if you want to be 2 days from now you want to dump most of it you will save about 2 tablespoons in there and you start feeding with an equal amount of flour and water and that you can feed a lot you can put a 100 grams of water in flour for example or 200 or $700.00 whatever whatever you need it depends how much starter you need. In the depends on your recipe so I will stop on that a little bit later so refrigerating and or leaving it out on the counter so if I want to be read. 2 days from now I will dump most of it out I will feed. Maybe 10100 flour and water then. I can dump it again or if I need a lot of starter I would just feed on top of this mix it let it sit for 12 hours on the counter not in the refrigerator and so on so what's the difference between the refrigerator on the counter because in the counter the temperatures warm it rises faster back while these 2 either like the bus service and everything will either fast then or start going down you want to big when your starter goes all the way up and peaks Usually it's about 5 to 6 hours that's when you want to be with you while starter then when the fall you still can bake maybe pizza crust or something like that. When you put their refrigerator is slows down their t.v. you can go on vacation and leave it in the refrigerator for like a week will out for 2 weeks so what I did because we were gone for 2 weeks I gave I left a little bit of starter in gave a larger food to flour and water Like 1515150 grams so it has a lot of food while I'm gone and while when I came back I had I think its next picture show you how it looks like Ok I'll forward it. Is flat the starter see it look on this on the right it's off hardly any bubbles and a lot of waste material. I pour it out in this case it's not you mean if you bake with this starter you will have very hard loads very flat bricks if you will be clear that it will be a nice bread so in this case when I came back I could not break right now right away so I had to poor everything out leave about tablespoon and started feeding again 34 feedings you will have a nice live active start again doesn't make sense what I say feeding feeding me into the. Ok it's called discard you take it out and you just leave a little bit you put the same amount of water and flour that's called Feeding then there for a lid I don't have to tighten it just just kind of like that loose leave it on the counter put to hours then I come back 12 hours later it will rise. I can split it now I can put some over here because I need more starter I put a lot of it to tables from here to tablespoon here I feed this one Now 100 grams of water 100 grams of flour whatever you want 120120 and feed this one then I come again 12 hours later on the counter poor more so discard you can use to multiply your starter or you can make pancakes waffles that's what we use a lot of waffles and pancakes for the discard I usually don't throw away if you don't want to use or just put in a compost pile. Or share with a friend that will always appreciate that so healthy starter their temperature so we have 3. Main ingredients its temperature flour and water and temperature ideally should be around 68 to 74 degrees if it's very hard you have your starter while it's alive organisms are you feeding them so they will either everything in there will fall down very fast and we want it to last them for some time at least. For 5 to 6 hours or polarize slowly if it's too hard the starter will need to be fed more often cool temperatures local fridge or radio or in the winter it slows down there until it is of micro-organisms flour white flour vs whole grain flour I will be honest with you the farmer's market people just mostly want widespread I don't know where it is but people so used to sourdough white bread that all they want but I do a whole wheat and this. This is 5050 this is whole wheat freshly ground I was growing my own with varies in this recipe I have the recipe and the 2nd so it's 5050 with whole wheat the white in I put molasses olive oil in 5 different seeds in it and possibilities just endless You can create your own loaves how you like it how your family likes it I have a recipe in the very end this is 100 percent whole wheat bread as you can see it doesn't rise very well and people always want a nice and puffy bread at the farmers market there's got squished a little bit but this is 100 percent and this is why bread. It's risers it's actually got squished with in our car but it's probably about half an inch even higher it's rises very well so that's what people live. But for home we do use whole grains so you can choose what you want or do half and half or whichever you like so one of the best thing is to use freshly ground berries it's fun attrition and it's much your bread will rise better if you use all stale flour from the grocery store your bread will be very very hard in taste bitter with whole grain and the last thing will talk about water use filtered water. Very important not to use chlorine the needed water especially the tap water in the house in the city it's always chlorinated So it kills the live by period in the year lactobacillus will be killed and bred will not rise distill what is not the best but if you don't have anything else you can do that you can change the temperature for example if it's like freezing cold in here and I have to make bread I will probably have water in the summertime I don't have to worry about the temperature it's not. Commercial is that bread words very important. Everything has to be warm this is not that specific. So we went through that Ok. You see I would like to stop on this I did mention already that when you feed your starter it's going to go up and it's going to start falling down you want to test your starter I tested mine and what I did when I fared it would 0 Let's look at this picture that's when I fed it in 2 hours the House was very cold of us like probably 65 or something it did not rise very much to ours but then we started the fire though house was warm Blume it jumped to 4 hours Mark you can see it went up 5 hours in vats with peak it will not going higher so I know in 5 hours 5 to 6 hours there are 2 jars in 56 hours as best I need to let it sit on the counter after I mix my dough I need to let it sit for 5 to 6 hours so it will peak my dough will peak and 5 to 6 hours it's called Farm in Taishan and lots of people ask me what about fermentation because fermentation is no good for us why do you know the commercial East if you just look at our commercial East how to make bread with commercial ease that always says from intonation the bubbles that in the bread produced by carbon dioxide that's fermentation so in either case where ever used to use is fermentation is just longer and cold temperature fermentation with while these. Verses commercial use there has to be warm and very fast that's why the gluten is not broken down so there is a way if you don't want to do that you can just put a rubber band that's the easiest way I do because for their takes time hold a half a day this one when you feel just started just put rubber band way your start and see how high it goes and then if you see it's going down just feed it again in Schedule your bread making a little bit later because it's not going to produce very nice high loads for you. And there are tips of preventing sour bread and I think I'm just go ahead and jump into practical. But. I'm going to give this. Fire point it will be available website but based on this you can figure out how to make your bread not sour and like our bread is not sound. I'm sorry so while you're taking pictures out and grab something really quick. So so this one is for Bosh machine for bash mixer all you all you do I'm not going to demonstrate it I don't have the mixer it's one cup of starter 5 cups of lukewarm water for 2 spawn of soul. And flour till is so clear enough from the boss sides. And then you can add optional all the below I'll probably post this also the recipe for the waffles you can add blueberries to wear anything you like this is a very helpful website this called Northwest Florida she has tree said Greenway she posted lots of recipes. Tips on how to me bread with a starter. Ok So unfortunately it's come in the glory this is a bread of enemy. And super super easy to just let me make sure I'm Center. So I already have water it's asking for 4 ingredients is 240 grams of water 140 grams of starter. I'm going to turn it on and you can see the consistency of the starter so it flows when there's warm it flows moments cold refrigerator 1440. With this bread you have to be exact. Just like soapmaking. Kind of like measuring everything where the boss I just came down with and touch it but this one you're going to want to know exactly how to. Grammar a gram. Ok so it's 140 grams of starter. And what I like to do I like to make said you can see it's the start of dissolves in the water so a gram becomes like milky. You put sold one grams of sole. It's not like in the commercial you cannot combine East with salt this weekend and the last things really and is 100 No 24400 grams or. 400 grams of flour. And I will have it available you can just take a picture with your phone you don't have to write it I will leave it somewhere here. So I'm going to for 400 and that's it that's for you really and just makes it so you can see that I'm not that particular just mix and there are all you want to do is to incorporate all the flour into the. Mix the starter the sole but no kneading It's called No kneading bread. Just a little bit on the corners less and that's it so I have to clean up my fingers here you cover it with a lid. And you let it rest when the half hour thats it. It's very easy no machinery involved so usually I put the alarm for myself so I will not forget for this to make bread. And again I do have a recipe for whole grain bread so you don't have to me this white one but I put a large one and a half hour walk away when I come back it's called stretch and fold technique you probably heard about it you want to wait hear hear it for nothing of the same shaggy bread it will be much more elastic so I just want to wet my hands. And stretch and take my bread I mean a lump of dough and stretch it in one and a half hours will not tear it down much stretch. Hold and do it stretch unfold 4 times like an envelope took me into stretches and again it will not tear right now it's tearing because I just nick said the gluten is now broken down the ad and then you want to flip it. And let it sit again for another hour and so one you will do stretch on for 3 times. And it will be ready for baking. So the only thing about this technique that you have to be home and watch it but while you're doing other things you know it's clearly doing its own job in then the very end when it's 5 to 6 that is called bulk for a minting So from start when they mixed the bread to when they take my dough out of there it will be 5 to 6 hours because you remember my starter. Takes about 4 to 6 hours to write so while it's rising I'm going to show you how to feed the starter. Up. Amount of water. Oh great now I need this just maybe a little bit like into. 20 whatever it is $26.00 so now I know I need about $26.00 rooms of flour it has to be equal amount. So Brother 20 or. Put 26. Like there was about a quarter left. About a quarter or less but you want to make sure that you always have a least 2 tablespoon of I won't go and left enough to inoculate your next batch. So 25. When the. Temperature of the water I just used tap water now again I take my long spoon and carefully mix it. Mix the starter water in the flour. One to incorporate air screams aside. And if I want to make another batch Let's suppose I just shared it in the morning I can make another batch in the evening already because it needs minimum 5 to 6 hours to rise and then I can make another batch or if I don't want to big for whole week and I'm down with baking I'll just close it. Put in a refrigerator the whole week doesn't make sense I know it's a lot of new science or both and really this is your goal once you have of going you want to feed it the more often you feed the less sour your bread will be. If you want to really sour which I know you don't but some people say if some Francisco style I want to really sour Just don't feed it very often then it'll be really sour. I do fugue a lot. So we we faired it we finished with it. So now coming back to this so let's suppose 5 to 6 hours passed and I'm ready to bake. I like to use the been a fan baskets or brown basket. And I'm going to make ground that's where it came from like that before it was baked. So I'm going to put flour so it will not stick. Again the dough after 56 hours it will not be so sticky it will be a very elastic local rubber band it's just amazing transformation it will be very easy to handle it will not be sticky. So I use rice flour the gross rice flour. Helps with non sticking the regular wheat flour sticks a lot so the rise flowers are amazing. It does not get absorbed doesn't the struck water from so I take it and also so after 5 to 6 hours have prepared my basket. For just maybe a little bit I don't mix at home I don't even put flour in the table so it will be so elastic it will be so nice so here is a technique and I have to take it out it's called cool if we can and we waited because right now it's very sticky and I go I did this unfortunately boy this moving. To me a ball it will be like a ball it will be nice and round and smooth in the last 8. So I made a nice round lol. Or just leave it on the counter for 20 minutes. So overview again no mixes involved for men for 5 to 6 hours bench rest they call it for 20 minutes. Then this will be ready. After 20 minutes I would turn it upside down because this will become your top of your bread so you want to turn up say down. And usually covered with a towel clean Talmudist and let it sit for about one and a half to 2 hours of the room temperature. The technique is very similar to all whole wheat spell bread I just wanted to show you this it's called No kneading rare but that's pretty much the same for all the little variation but it's pretty much the same so this recipe was developed by Teresa Greenway the one that I show you and him her name is on the recipe to and after it's big I appreciate the dutch oven that you saw the red one in the oven for 30 minutes at least 400 degrees it should be really really hot so I appreciate it in then when it's ready I open up the lid of the tournaments because this is better and it's very very hot now put in there close the lid put it then I haven't and the heat it's called The spring is going to just pop up the bread is just going to go up really high and fast. You know I have a pretty design on the very top because of the basket so you bake it for 40400 degrees for 30 minutes and then you're going to open that film with him big additional 15 minutes it's ready it's all be done by this will be nice loaf of bread this big than the regular pm. Receipt so people like this one have the farmer's market because of the c.m.o. just so they can make this one is more like artisan they. Put super deep in there. And I like again unfortunately it's all white but now you will have a recipe for white on the whole wheat recipe too. I think we have 8 minutes left if you have any questions please ask. Yeah there will be online. Ok if you don't have any question I can tell you more. When you put the same amount of flour and water but what you saw me it's called 100 percent hydration. Starter. So it's equal amounts so when you see a new recipe online that says you need so much a 100 percent hydration starter. This what you will have an equal amount so I have. I think I'm a little nervous. You're doing great. Really I was just wondering have you made it to no meat. Like if you were trying to just use mellow term price flour will it work without meat. Yukiya I was hoping that you can go to a new starter the Specifically no gluten starter there is a star that you can buy It's called rice flour starter and flake form you can just rehydrated them a good The same technique I think it's a little different technique I never made it but it is a good possibility of making that thank you. So after you did your stretch and fold for the last time and you did your. Calling and put it in the basket could you then put it in the fridge overnight and just like if you don't have time to bake right away I mean this is a lot of time if you don't have all day but you want to me probably it's a good country then put that in the fridge and then bake in the morning or good meals like feed your sourdough like right before you go to bed and then bake and then start the process in the morning from the jar. Is there some overnight process that can help with time. Yes Actually the whole with recipe that I have that's actually asking for putting your dough Once it's really actually once you put it in the basket you put it in their refrigerator covered for 10 to 12 hours. So it slows down it's not going over from infants not sour and you know it doesn't taste sour but in the morning when you take it out you need to bring it to room temperature. So for me it took 2 hours to bring it back to room temperature to make of warm enough that you will have to just check and see open it up if it's still it's now rising then you know it's should be somewhere in here the loaf itself. Now when I do the regular bread. There's a lot of. With a by like this bread I make of the night before and then rises over night in the big bowl I just put plastic cover in the morning I bake with split into loaves in the morning. I like the boss method alive because I'm a good ones and I don't think about I go bad in the morning I will have full loads of bread ready to go. Exactly exactly so this allows the life of ourselves to break down the gluten that's very that's the key of the health benefit. So by I think it's just we eat way too much weed that's not broken down a special hybridise weed. Or into our body and then it's not broken down and body can handle it and says That's it I'm done with it and we've become good and tolerant and once you're diagnosed with gluten intolerance is going to have a curse for the rest of your life but you have to watch it all the time so this way you can prevent a problem from even becoming special for children so they will matter how good and tolerance I'm sorry Vivian Can you repeat her question for the recording please quite. Chelsea said so why we remember for so long for 10 to 12 hours is because the while these does not add the same way the commercial use because while these There's a live like the vessel is like your birth making if you've heard it you can put in our Q embeds commercially available in one hour you can have your very for less but if you want to make it from scratch a home it does take 12 to 24 hours but this is so moving 10 to 12 hours. That I have 3 questions I might have missed it but he said x. and. No. Luton starter or that's a good question it's confusing because. It's all week by the starter Briggs down the gluten so people who have problems with gluten many of them can digest this bread. Ok so then when you mix in the flour is that flour whole wheat flour and it does have gluten not broken down but it's still works itself out chemically any bread flour Yes it will call we spell the whole way down the wooden structure the starter will break down the extra flour that you add in Ok my 2nd question is about with the machine how you're saying you're putting stuff in Boss Vosh I have a picture of it I can show. You how does out work I say it doesn't. Need the bread for you. Boss is just a mixer. It has a door attachment very bare this is more full of peace train cookie attachment by the door that's what you want to use for the dough mix and I just put in gradients again just like that solves everything together I just right away or for the oil the seeds are put in the very end by the oil molasses honey whatever you want to use in the very beginning I put for this but all ingredients don't put them there for 10 minutes I turn the machine on it needs it then I take the dough out I put them on the baseball cover with a plastic wait minimum 6 hours overnight in the morning and form into loaves and bake it so how is that different from bread maker. Bread maker does everything from start to finish there's no you can just putting greens together push the started biting and that will be everything done you never have you can leave the house it will be down but this one just mixes it and that's it and you do the rest of it. Ok so it's a like a I'm going to repeat what you said it's like a. If you want to teach an ape or a virus. Is there either one better or worse breadmaker already last person Hobart is the next step up that will be one of the best choices to give me 5 to 16 loaves or 10 loaves and about last question I have one I've always wanted to do bird making but it terrifies me because the the waiting for process can you speak to those who may have this issue with just patients how have you just break past that fear of having a weight and then needing and all that the work that goes into it and possibly end up with a brick you know if you give some encouragement in that thank you I would just I would encourage you not to be afraid of bricks my children even bricks they ate so many because. That's my time I tell myself so you know when it's about. But that's how we learn Thomas Edison he had to invent a libel he failed so many times so don't be discouraged and I would encourage you you go home you tried. It's just you learn one way the other doesn't work so please 1st of year this to me if you have time if you're home all day no need involved you just dump everything mix is the only thing you have to stretch and fold takes about 30 seconds and so on but. I would say commercial commercial yeast breadmaking is much faster this is a little bit longer this is what the trick is about this starter if it's healthy you're going to have wonderful inmate. Involves. Thank you so much for this presentation I've always stayed away from sourdough because I don't like sour the sour taste so I'm really encouraged to hear you say that it doesn't have to be sour when you say you feed your starter often so it's not sour How often are you talking that's a very good question because professional big groups feeder twice a day. Because of the amount of baking they do so to prevent sour Inus in your bread you want to make sure you feed it at least once a week the police I would encourage if you want to just get rid of all sorrows every day you can feed it every day you will never have celebrated all round. If you like you said you left it in the fridge you went away for 2 receive come back how long does. How long does it take to get back to not being salary it depends how active you're starting is so the more active the faster it will come back this makes sense. What we want to do is to see lots of bubbles so when you see lots of bubbles it's coming to life Ok so you won't know until you see the process. Both why and I came back with 2 days of was perfectly fine again I'll be Ok thank you so much you know you're welcome there is. Any more questions anybody. Do you keep the starter in the refrigerator or in that's cool place I keep my starter always in the refrigerator before I want to big bro I have to think ahead of time at least a couple days ahead of time and starry feed in more often I feed it in the morning in the night. Like for 2 days and your bread will be nice and light. Thank you thank you and. What I have experimented with instead of waiting an hour if you want to shorten your waiting time I stretch mine every 30 minutes and it it works yes it is amazing Don't get discouraged take to heart let us not be weary and while doing for in just the same we shall if we don't faint early continue work your way there's still actually said she's made many breaks I could probably build a house with them but we've gotten over the bridge now with Brad and a 6 year old can do it you can do it too so what I have learned that I don't have to wait an hour I can stretch out every 30 minutes and I might stretch it more than 3 times and I do it 4 to 5 times if when you stretch it you can kind of they call it the window pane you can stretch and it's elastic and it's almost see through you know your your gluten it's already going to develop it's ready to shave been put in your benefit and basket and let it fall from it so just experiment and have fun thank you for reminding me I was going to show you about so your bread for it now I only came here to last to look at this there was the shaggy Mares I just talked to put 15 minutes over when the pain is over you tell us you want to stretch with like this. In c. it's now breaking down already because it was breaking down I could not even handle it so if you if it's not breaking down like that that's called winds of pain and that's what I'm looking for and. Earn a strata and that's holding its shape. So that's what we're looking for for brain development you make sure that in the does not have to be you think of for that point again it doesn't have to be exact one a half hour or 30 minutes exactly as long as you do 3 or 4 times stretch and fall in this 5 times Bowl fermentation it will work so I can show you again I don't I probably don't have time Ok I just see it's already more stretchy but after 454 times you stretch it will just be like rubber be on your stretch with unfold stretch and fold. Really I was just wondering when you use the bash and you leave it overnight and. You are saying in a ball right of way I covered you in the morning these are the ones are going to take to market right you've got 4 of those do you individually do the same process you're just saying here restriction pull and do that and wait an hour afterwards the same process with those 4 levels thank you for bringing that up I guess I mean I did not make it very clear so there are 3 different ways of making bread one of them a stretcher hole that's where you don't mix anything. The 2nd one is bosh it just makes it for 10 minutes leave it on the ball in the morning you shave and bake it snows try to have it rise that shape and put it in you know you let your letters rise till it gets to the top of the hour here and then you bake them together Ok I am smart simple this is very simple to me it just makes it for 10 minutes a lot of hours over my in the morning I divide it in a way in my dose to make sure it's all equally measured out lead over eyes just like regular bread the same in venue but when my thing if I have time when you couldn't I haven't it's very important it's called haven't spring you put it at 400 degrees my regular bread loaf so I don't have bread loaf but when I put it in there I've put it to high temperature for 15 minutes. It allows the he just puff so that really high and then after 10 minutes are lowered to regular like $350.00 and be for the rest of the 30 minutes it brings the bread loaves even higher. I guess my question was do you oil the Dutch or is it just hot I'm sorry do oil the Dutch or grease. I don't grease it it's just all dry. You can put a little in dusting of rice filed for a flower on the bottom of your arm but you don't. Look at the time and stop but thank you very massively at this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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