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01 Identifying the Bloody Woman

Steve Wohlberg
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Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • February 19, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Dear Father in heaven thank you so much for for the Sabbath and for the privilege of gathering together even though it's on the on the Internet we're not actually together in person we will be tomorrow but we are together in in cyberspace and we we know that you are with us no matter where we are and we pray for your Holy Spirit to be with us please father give us a rich Sabbath blessing and help us as we look at your word bring us closer to Jesus we pray in Jesus' name amen. Ok well I want to welcome everybody and by faith I know you're out there even though I can't see you. And Luke asked me just to give a little bit of background on myself and I don't know how many if you are aware of our ministry Whitehorse media. My background is California this has been. I guess kind of bittersweet to be back here I grew up in California grew up in Los Angeles I grew up in the Hollywood Hills didn't grow up and had been missed. In a I grew up in a very secular Jewish home and when I was 20 years old I started reading the Bible for the 1st time and it's a long story but I eventually. Watched it is written on television one time learned about the Sabbath found an advantage shirts the pastor handed me a copy of the book the desire pages I read that book in it in a dormitory room at Cal State Northridge my 3rd year of college and my whole life completely changed after reading that book give my heart to Jesus got on my knees accepted him as my Messiah and as my Savior and I have not been the same since. As I mentioned bittersweet my mother used to live just east of here in Palm Springs she died a couple years ago my dad in Glendale just west of here he died a couple years ago and I still have a few I have 2 sisters that live in Los Angeles my brothers and Indiana anyway a lot of memories being back here in California certainly enjoyed the warm weather for a couple days today was very nice and coming to you from the priest River Idaho where understand we had about 2 inches of snow last night so we're in the in the dead of winter still and my wife lives there up to where we live and my 13 year old daughter Abby and our 16 year old son Seth and he and we have a ministry Whitehurst medium. I have a great team of people that we work with and the Lord has just blessed us even and during this credit virus pandemic we've been doing a lot of programs we have a. Pretty frequented You Tube channel that gets a lot of action we just did a program just a little days ago in Revelation 17 that is there now a You Tube channel and website is white horse Media dot com for those that would like to get more familiar with us and. Anyway have decided to do a 4 part series on Revelation Chapter 1717 is sad a chapter that is very mysterious for 41 years I've been studying Bible prophecy I've been very. Captivated by the sure word of prophecy and that's really been my focus I've written a lot of books on message of seminars on the topic and Revelation 17 has really gripped my attention and hopefully I can get a committee share the screen here and put up some pictures and hopefully you'll be able to see this let's see if this will work. There's. Leaps. Shere There we go. A replacement chapter 17. Of the Book of Revelation is my favorite book in the Bible I have had read it many many times and the chapter 17 has recently really captured my attention and I've written a book on this topic and there you see the picture on the screen called the bloody woman and a 7 headed beast quite a dramatic title we actually found this lady that's there on the cover and she came into our studio in our. Producer in our designer to have photographed her for a photo shoot 10 put that cover together. And she's just ahead she reflects the kind of imagery that is in Revelation Chapter 17 and I've been studying this chapter for intensely 2 years. It's been quite a journey for me as I've gone up and down in and out and all around trying to figure out the deep mysteries that are in that chapter it talks a lot about the woman that the bloody woman talks about beast with 7 heads and 10 horns it talks about 7 teams 5 are fallen one is and the other is not yet come and then it talks about 10 horns that eventually make war on the lamb and it also talks about God's Final people who are faithful to Jesus which is what I want to be that's the goal of my life is to be faithful to the Lord. And so anyway I have been wrestling with this chapter for a long time now and it took me quite a while to feel like I had anough of a handle on it you know orders to to go public I don't I certainly don't want to write a book and put my name on it and send it out if it's going to you know be wrong I don't want to create a lot of controversy I want to teach the truth I want to teach the Bible I want the book to be a blessing and my my habit is not to preach or teach or write about things said I don't have certainty that this is really what the Bible sets and so finally after many many months of looking at these different things from different angles and running into road blocks and then having those road blocks removed and then finally connecting all the dots and praying and praying and praying throughout this whole time that God would help me to put the pieces together I finally went public with this book so what we're going to dissuade Ken is I'm going to walk you through what this chapter is all about and I'll have a lot of copies of my book of tomorrow after sundown will make these available they're very inexpensive couple dollars and the book basically goes through every single verse in Revelation Chapter 17 so for part one here we are Friday night. Live from the Hampton Inn from my my little hotel room we're going to talk about identifying the bloody woman who is this woman so if you have a Bible and he invited me to open up God's book and let's just go through this Revelation 17 verse one and let me say that there's a lot of different interpretations of this this chapter I'm well aware of that I've read 9 different interpretations in one particular book at 9 different interpretations of the 707 hits and so there's a lot of use within the administration and other churches and so we'll do our best to go through this and I'll share what I believe are some insights that God has given me and I'm not just to let you know I mean I don't consider myself to be a speculator I try not to focus on you know being original or anything like that my goal is to understand the Bible and to teach what what God sends so that the focus not on me it's not on man but it's on Jesus and on his word that's what's most important so let's start with verse one Revelation 171 John that wrote this he said their team one of the 7 angels. Which had the 7 vials and he talk with me now we can just stop right there this is very important that the context of Revelation 17 is one of the Angels one of the 7 angels who has the 7 by us and these are the bios of the wrath of God These Of the 7 last plagues. Fall upon those who get the mark of the beast which is described in chapter 16 the 7 last plagues fall in chapter 16 and then Chapter 17. John goes into how one of the 7 angels who at those flakes came over to him and talk with him in the vision and this also tells us that the context of this chapter is down near the end of time this is an end of time chapter this is a revelation from one of the 7 the last play he angels and I'll build my case that they context of this chapter is not the 1st century it's not when John wrote the book he's actually taken far in the future to the time before the 7 last place that's very important there came one of the 7 angels who had the 7 vials and he talked with me and he said to me Can you imagine one of the 7 angels watching up to you and having a conversation with you that's what happened to John he talked with me this angel and then he said to me come here now this is important that the age old didn't go back to where John was. He came over to China and he said come here to where I am and he is down near the u.n. again he's one of the 7 last plague angels so he said come here so where I am and I will show to you the judgments of the great whore that sits upon many waters and as I pondered this it has impressed me that what this chapter is dealing with is and is a great form and she's not a little whore she's not you know a small minor player when it comes to prophecy when she is of the great whore which is the heart of a prostitute who seduced she's a subdue sir and the angel said I will show you the judgment of the great whore here is a judgment that is actually starting to come upon her in this chapter and will continue and finally drop on her when the 7 last plagues fall and it says that she is she's sitting upon many waters and now we know what the waters represent by looking at 1st $51.00 burst 1st 15 the angel said to John he says to me the waters which you saw where the whore sits on people and multitudes and nations sometimes so the waters the waters is the symbol and the application is no multitudes and nations and different languages of people now this is a principle phenomena share in a little bit more now that I have assessed that I have concluded from reading this chapter and that I call it the symbol the symbol to literal principle and the principle is this that when we have a symbol and then we have an angel or a prophet explaining the symbol they do so with a literal application and. We see that in this text for Skippy the waters which was the symbol where you saw where the horse or the horses are people multitudes of nations and and this tells us that this great poor is a woman of global influence now I've concluded in my study I have another principle which I call the weight of evidence for this but the way to identify this was and this is the way to identify the beast and the 7 heads of the 10 horns as we work our way through he is by looking at what I call the weight of evidence but just one piece of the puzzle but we need to look at all the different pieces and in the light of the way that the evidence we can come to a conclusion about who this who this is so. Just to start out with this we've started looking at the clues and I'm going to quote a lot of clues on the on my flight here that I think are very compelling there's a lot of different views about this woman to feel I was on the to thoroughly or today and I looked at the number of different views and there are different views but I've concluded that when we look at all the clues just straight on then the evidence comes together very very clearly so we have a great whore that sits upon many waters and then it says with whom the kings of the earth has committed fornication but this tells us that this woman. It was great for has been involved keen she's involved with royalty she is she's described as committing porn and Keach and with scenes which means that she has. Spiritually gone to bed with Keane's and has connected with them to the extent that the scene would support the woman that's the 40 Kishen that she's been involved in and then it also says that you know that the inhabitants of the earth have been made to run with the wind up her for the station so this is talking about the people up here all the people of the world or at least a large percentage of them have become drunk with the wine of the wine refers to for false teachings or false suffering which she has given to the world as a result of a fornication so we're not dealing with a minor prophecy here with dealing with the great whore with the worldwide influence who's involved with King and who says making the people of the earth drop that in verse 3 this is very significant verse 3 says so he carried me away and the word away tells me again that this the context of this chapter is not John's day the angel says come here. And I'm going to show you the judgment upon the great whore and then verse 3 John says he carried me away and that word of a way indicates that he's carried away from his own from the from the 1st century and he's brought down the stream of time and he's carried away in the spirit into the wilderness. Now this is significant the wilderness that word wilderness is used in the sea of us that a slide on that. The word wilderness is used. 3 times in Revelation once here is Chapter 7 soon as twice as Revelation Chapter 12 and what happens in jeopardy 12 is there's a pure woman who flew east into the wilderness for 1260 days for 3 to half years of 42 months and she is in the wilderness hunting because she's being persecuted by by the dragon and this tells us that the wilderness represents a state when you're when you're down that the woman in chapter 12 is the pure woman and she was down and the dragon was on top but what happens in chapter 17 is that John is taken away in the spirit into the wilderness and he sees a woman who is under partial judgment because that's what the 1st verse says comes here and I will show you the judgment so the judgment of God has already begun to fall upon this woman she's in the wilderness she's down but she's not out she's not completely out because as we keep reading the chapter for power is going to come back in the final in the final days which will talk about later so he's here in a way in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman and she was sitting upon a scarlet colored piece full of names the last of the having 7 heads example and the woman this was a raid in purple and scarlet colored So she has a distinctive. Color characteristic purple and scarlet which are actually the color of oil it's of oil covered. And this tells us something fascinating that this woman. Has a lot of all of this but in chapter 2 of the 3 of Revelation Jesus gives the history of a fist church there's emphasis Smyrna and going down through the churches and the 1st churches emphasis on going back to to John sit in the church was largely a pure church but problems were starting to come in and in in Revelation Chapter 2 verse 14 in the 5th I think. That relationships are 2. Verse 4 and 5 Jesus said nevertheless I have someone against you because you have left your 1st love Remember therefore from where you have fallen and with him so in the early church there were some that left their 1st love for Jesus and they they felt they were all in and I think I've concluded that what happened in the in the history of the of the early church was that many within the church there was a stream within Christianity that left Jesus the lover the bridegroom and they gave up the white garments of righteousness and they were into chased by the world and they began to fall and to move toward. The keys instead of the King of Kings they went to the kings of the earth and they began to fornicating with the kings of the earth and a part of the church began to. Left its lover and went after. Illicit relationships with with the keys and so this woman instead of being clothed with with the wife. She is now closed with purple and starlet which represents her departure from the fur of God and of Kenya and for apostasy then there's a big lesson for all of us and that is that we need to be careful that we don't give up to the security of the white robes of Jesus Christ's righteousness. And place by the ways of the world and that's what happened to this well this so she is close with purple as a scarlet and then she's also very wealthy she is decked with gold and precious stones and pearls she's fabulous as well says the world's literature has attracted service instead of the righteousness of the press. When it says she has a Golden Compass and it has him full of abomination. And has filthiness of her fornication and then this verse 5 says upon her forehead was a name written as a mysterious man right on earth that mystery Babylon the Great mother of harlots and abominations the fear and the fact that she is a mother indicates that she has it she said daughter that daughters harm and daughters have come out of her which really Clay says the the reference point at this vision far beyond John's days it's actually close to Reformation even beyond the time of the Reformation when the when the churches came out of the Roman Catholic Church. But as time has gone on many of them have drifted back toward the mother and that's when John sees this vision sheet is a mother at this point and she has a daughter at this point and in verse 6 it says I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and this is why I've picked the title of the bloody woman and a 7 headed beast if he goes now this woman is drunk on blood she's on life and. She house all she has persecuted in history and she has we murdered millions and millions of the people of God and John says when I saw her I wondered why was great amaze for all great amazement when he saw this woman now he go down the verse 9 and verse 9 is here he had a lesson person and says Here is the mind that has with them the 7 ahead it here I see it a symbol to literal quest for them to Cyprus the team of the Waters who is the symbol and it represents the people multitudes nations of attorneys so in verse 9 the 7 heads of the beast are the simple and then it says the 7 heads are there is the application of the literal application are 7 since on which the woman the woman the. These are all clues that we can put together one by one now there's a number of other clues. And we know forever from Revelation Chapter 14 verse 8 and from Chapter 18 verse 2 that this is a fallen woman the Bible says that Babylon the Great has fallen he has fallen so this is a woman that was originally up right but then she cheap fell and she has fallen away from God and where she sits finally is on the 7 mountains now back to some of the houses look the word up in the Strong's Concordance and the word mountains can also mean hills. And it's a fact that Rome he is famous as the city of 7 Hills Now here's one more clue about her it's Chapter 18 verse for not only the fallen woman but Chapter 18 pursuer says I heard another voice from heaven and the voice said Come out of her mind people that you be not her takers and percents and that you are sleeping out of the plates and this tells us something very important that in the sight of this woman are the people of God God has people inside of her that he still recognizes as his children he is his people that are doing the best they can but they don't they don't they're in the wrong place but they're the right people they're sincere they're godly they're earnest they they love the Lord to the best of their capability and that God recognizes them as his people now. There is there is the use as I mentioned about who this woman has one of the most popular views is that this woman represents the period of Roman Empire in the time of John Hagen Roman Empire which collapsed of course 7680. It's a comment to another view is that this woman actually represents Jerusalem if you go back to secure 16 it talks about how to receive them when away from God and became a harmony so some people think it's all Jerusalem some people think it's old the old Roman Empire but here is the reason why I don't think either one of those theories of valid number one is because this woman commits fornication with with kings and if it was the pagan Roman Empire that was a bit because the pagan Roman Empire didn't fornicated with kings that they were led by the Caesars that was there their job was to to govern and to rule so there's no fornication there's no illicit relationships going on between the Roman Empire and it's it's Caesar's Another reason is because this chapter takes us down to be of a time where the angel who gave this revelation is one of the 7 must play the Angels Another reason is because this woman has fallen and the Roman Empire could never be considered fallen because it wasn't up right it in the 1st place was a fall has to do with with an apostasy within the church just like Sec of the Sloan Institute verse 3 Paul talks about a falling away would take place and we see that again in Revelation chapter 2 where it where people within the church emphasis and fall and they have begun a process of falling away from the now and the last reason is because when the Bible says that God's people are inside of her. Well and then he'd come out and that doesn't apply to the Roman Empire doesn't apply to Jerusalem literal Jerusalem that John stayed because you know God didn't call his people literally to leave one location and then to go to another location in the in the in a physical sense not like the people couldn't leave the Roman Empire where they got to go the Roman Empire ruled the world so when you put the pieces together it just doesn't fit and I've concluded from my study that there is really only one organization that fits every single clue of this chapter and that to look at them one by one point by point may not be politically correct today. But these are facts this is what the Bible says and put all the pieces together it's very clear that there's only one organization that fits every single one of these clues and that is the Roman Catholic Church organization centered in one room on the city of 7 hills in the Vatican. And I know that's a hard truth for many people to swallow but. Well I think the blow can be somewhat softened by revelation 18 for when it says come out of her my people because that tells us that even though the Roman Catholic Church is a fallen organization God still has true people inside of her that he considers to be his home this precious precious people that he wants to eventually call them out his call an amount now let's just go through some quick slides here and we'll see if all the pieces fit together has a picture as a sort of a collage showing the global influence of Pope Francis who are one part of the left sitting with leaders of Fortune $500.00 companies is also down below that speaking in front of the United Nations above he met with President of Trump when Trump was president and there it's been sitting in the middle of his was picked by Time magazine as the man of the year on the right you see him. Meeting with Muslim leaders and then Jewish leaders and also evangelical leaders so there's no question that the Roman Catholic Church and especially Pope Francis has a worldwide influence which it is what the Bible says about the woman worldwide influence as far as involvement with Kings there's a book on the right that shows the relationship between Topes and teams and it's been an intimate relationship sometimes hostile relationship many times a cooperative relationship down throughout European history the Roman Church has put pressure on keeping this to legislate and to support the church and to go against heretics and this really no other church that has. Has you can see in the history has had that kind of evolvement with the kings of the year as far as the colors purple and scarlet they're you can see right there these are the fairy colors of the Roman Catholic cardinals the golden cup there's Pope Francis holding a golden cup during a high mass. Is a picture of a martyr you can read Fox's Book of Martyrs the evidence is very clear in history that the Roman Church certainly did become a persecuting power historians tell us 252100 1000000 martyrs will put to death the Bible says this woman and she drew literally drunk with the blood of the saints and Today Tonight she still sits where she has always sat and that is right there in Rome right on a city that is famous as the city of 7 hills there was a Roman emperor named the station and he had coined that were made and on those coins was a picture of a woman sitting upon a 7 Hill the city which was the city of Rome Rome has is famous historically as the city of 7 Hills Now let me I moved down to our own day here's a picture of our new president President Joe Biden becoming the 2nd u.s. Roman Catholic president in in history the 1st Roman Catholic president that we've ever had in America was John f. Kennedy and it's fascinating actually googled this the other day and I was able to find a speech that Kennedy Well he was still a candidate gave in front of a whole group of ministers in Texas because he was Catholic at in the sixty's the 1960 s. there was a lot of. Concern among Protestants who still understood Revelation 17 and they were very concerned that you know should we have a Roman Catholic president. And so you know the it bothered them and Kennedy realized that this issue had to be addressed or else there was no way that he was going to he was going win the election and so he came he gave a speech in 1960 in Houston before a large crowd of Protestant ministers and I watched that sermon somebody videoed it or whatever kind of camera they had and I watched what he said and he said something very significant he said that element that if he became an American president if he was elected when it comes to public policy he would not request or take any instruction from he said that he would be loyal to the Constitution that he would be an American president and he would that his religion those preferences that he had were between him and God alone and that he would stand by the Constitution which separates church and state and that was the speech to turn the tide and it wasn't long after that that he became president so anyway Joe Biden is the 2nd. Kept the president and it's not a sin to see a Catholic and the president United States we have laws about this that a person's religion should not be a test of office and I certainly support that but I want to just draw your attention to some significant things that are that are happening when when President Biden was inaugurated on January 28th he picked a Jesuit Father Leo O'Connor to offer the invocation and when he prayed his prayer and I listened to a very careful carefully. Father O'Connor spoke about the common good. And he said that Pope Francis has reminded us how important it is to dream together he said dreams are built together so here we have a Catholic president biting a Jesuit to pray during his inauguration and the Jesuit quotes Pope Francis and says we need to come together in a dream together. Here's another interesting thing for when President Biden gave his speech after he was not married if he she said this is a quote he said many years ago saying Augustine a saint of my church and wrote and then he quoted Augustine Now if you know much about history Augustine say not just it was the 1st Roman Catholic he lived in North Africa to develop a systematic theology to them legitimatized the religious persecution of heretics. By not also said and this is true what he said here he said this is a time of testing we face an attack on democracy and on truth we will write the next chapter of the American story for God in all of you I give you my word I will defend the Constitution I will defend America when I heard that I thought it's good to get good joke and stick with that and you know as as our new president. Paul tells us in 1st Timothy Chapter 2 that we should pray for leaders and people in government and rulers and all that are in authority and so I pray for a President Biden and I hope that he will make good decisions. Decisions that he has already made that I don't agree with but I still pray for him and I hope that God will speak to speak to his heart and hear something else very significant. But you know there's a picture of Father O'Donovan when he opera his conduct cation. His inauguration prayer Here's President Biden with Pope Francis it's no secret the pope of the left President Trump during his presidency he he didn't he but the pope many times he didn't go along with the pope's climate change agenda agenda he pulled America out of the Paris Agreement Biden has put us back and bite. Is going full steam ahead if with. An agenda a philosophy a policy that is very supportive of Pope Francis's in cyclical dealing with climate change which is called the Sea which is Pope Francis his recommendations to the world it's 2 about what the world needs to do in order to combat climate change and solve its It's universal Well it's it's interesting that when Pope Francis came to Washington d.c. in 2015 and spoke before a joint session of Congress he quoted from is the cyclical mind tides and I'll talk more about his and cyclical tomorrow but there's many things that are very significant inside that in cyclical and it is very significant that now it seems like the roadblocks are being removed and the Biden presidency is very favorable to many of the teachings of Pope Francis Another significant thing was that after the election to simmer 19 of last year come all the Harris spoke to a climate change meeting where. Biden's appointees on climate change were being introduced and Mrs Harris said. Quoting the pope humanity still has the ability to work together in building our common home which was a quote from Propes France Pope Francis's 2015 it's the quickly what the dot to see on the care for our common home so here's President Biden has a Jesuit prayed and prayed we need to dream together and here is his vice president now quoting also from Pope Francis and quoting from his in cyclical on January 28th by the end of vice president Harris put their hands over the Bible over God's word and they swore to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and you know these issues about America and the Vatican the Catholic Church the Constitution. Revelation 17 all these issues are big issues and they have a lot to do with the fulfillment of Bible prophecy Speaker Pelosi speaker of the House is also as most of us know she is also a Roman Catholic we now have 6 of our 9 United States Supreme Court justices who are also Roman Catholic and my point in sharing this information is not to have you know it's not to sound like a bigot because I don't believe I'm a student of prophecy and love people and I I don't have anything against anybody prayed for President Biden prayed for Kemal Harris Supreme Court justices and they make it very clear that. Only God knows what individuals are going to do there and again let me state there is no it's no sin to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church and to be. An officer or a president or vice president in the United States government the the Constitution's very clear that no religious test should. Be imposed upon a person when it concerns their coming into office and so you know whatever they choose as far as their religion. And what they do in the days ahead nobody knows we don't know what final decisions they're they're going to make but here's my point my point is that all 3 branches of the United States government and that's the executive the legislative and the judicial they all have strong increasingly strong Roman Catholic influence and to me that's very significant in the life of what we see in Revelation Chapter 17 Here's a recent article. The headline there says Pope calls for Global Compact on education based on care for others peace justice goodness beauty except it's and for eternity Pope Francis certainly has. A win some way about him there's no question about that and he is working actively to try to bring the world's leaders together under the umbrella of his own ideas and there's no there's no question about that and we need to look at all of this in the light of biblical prophecy now just for the record because I know this is not this this is a controversial and volatile subject. And when I 1st started reading my Bible and studying Bible prophecy I had no idea where where it would lead but I have decided that as a as a minister and as a teacher of scripture that it is my responsibility in the sight of God to faithfully teach what His word says and so that's what I'm doing and that's what I'm doing and I want to make it clear for the record that I have been completely convinced that God loves Roman Catholic people that he loves Affleck's he loves Protestants he loves Jews he loves Republicans he loves Democrats 11 those of the left he loves those on the right atheists Those are involved in witchcraft. Jesus said God so loved the world that he gave us all to be guns and whoever would believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life and I'm convinced that one of our callings is is to teach the Word of God and to do it in love and to let people know that God loves everybody and yet we can't compromise the truth we have to teach the truth Paul said speaking the truth in love we have to tell it like it is according to what the Bible sacks. Almost done here revelation. Chapter 17 there's a verse that has really spoken to my heart this whole chapter has spoken to my heart it's like it's such a mighty chapter it's so powerful it's convicting it's not and God not only wants us to understand what this chapter is all about but he wants us to understand how it ties in with world events today and then he wants us to understand what it has to do with us when it has to do with our own personal lives our minds and our hearts and I'll go more into that as we go a lot of Revelation Chapter 17 this verse 17. It's the in the verse 17 it says until the words of God shall be fulfilled I've been through a lot of a lot of trials of my life and in the last 3 or 4 years I've had some major struggles and I've learned through my struggles through the trials that I've been through I've learned that my my hope and my strength in my life is the words of God and this verse says that the words of God shall be fulfilled I don't know I don't think I told you this but I'm also a graduate from last year college I graduated last year in my 2 maybe 2 and I went to enter 7 ery and 983 for 2 years came out and then that was a pastor in San Francisco and I went to Wiemar and taught Cademy Bible for 3 years then I went back to pasturing then I joined the mason facts I was a full time evangelist for 6 years and now I'm the director of Whitehorse media and I've been through a lot of different things than a lot of hidden on the right been on the left then up and down been all around and in all of my. My experiences and my journey I'm very thankful that God has taught me that in the midst of all the different things that are happening in the world and in the church and the different currents that are blowing the different ideas the theologies the philosophies the psychologies all the different teachings that are around us that there's nothing more important than for us to base our lives on the words of God This verse says that the words of God shall be fulfilled and that's where my heart is that's where our ministry is that's what I want to teach is the word of the Lord and Revelation Chapter 17 Revelation Chapter 17 makes it very very clear that there is a great whore that sits on many waters that has fallen away from Bible truth that has God's own people many of them inside of her that need to come out and that this great whore makes the whole world drunk with the wine or the false teachings of Babylon quote and that we need to be well aware of that unity as last days of Earth's history we need to know what the prophecy says and we need to apply it correctly in order to understand the times in which we live 12 more verses and then we'll wrap this up. Revelation Chapter 17 verse 9. Again says here is the mind which has missed them. And there's actually 2 mines in chapter 17 I will talk more about this tomorrow there is the mind that has wisdom in 1st night and then verse 13 says about the 10 horns these have one mind and they will give their power and their strength to the beast so there's a mind that has wisdom and there's a mind that goes along with the majority and eventually will support the beast 2 minds and when it can you know how to make it real practical into our personal lives the only way that we're going to survive these final days and make it through what's coming and the only way we're going to understand what's really happening in this world in America and Europe and. All around this planet is if we have a mind and has wisdom and that mine is not a speculative money a stunt of mine that just you know comes up with all of its own ideas it's not a mind that you know glories in its smartness or its brilliance or even its education or its. You know supposedly knowledge the mind that has a wisdom is a mind that is willing to humbly surrender to God and to the power of His word and to the holy spirit it's the mind it's ultimately the mind of Christ and the mind of Jesus when Jesus was in the wilderness fighting the devil he said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God That's the mind of Christ it's a mind that is locked in to give word of God to the words of God and that is what we need we need the mind that has wisdom we need the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to help us to understand what's happening in this world now Winston Churchill once said he said Truth is incontrovertibly panic may resent it ignorance may have to write it malice may distort it but there it is it's right there right in front of our eyes and I'm convinced that if you look at all the clues of the Revelation Chapter 17 it's very clear who is the bloody woman the mother of harlots that sits upon 7 hills that makes the whole world drunk with her her one last verse is 1st 14. Were sport. Talking about the temple or to these shall make war in the final days they shall make war with the lamb and the lamb shall overcome them for he is Lord of Lords and King of kid Jesus is above all the King he is above all the rulers all the governors all the the royalty and the authorities of this world Jesus Christ is above them all he is the Lord above the Lords and he's the king above the kings and then at the end the 1st 14 that says and they that are with him so this chapter not only talks about what's going on around us but what needs to be going on inside of us we need to be with Jesus it says they that are with him are called the Lord is calling us and shows and they have been chosen by God. And they are faithful call that shows and and a full That's the call of Revelation Chapter 17 it's to have a mind with wisdom and to the loyal and faithful to the Lamb to Jesus Christ who gave his life on the cross and he paid the price for your sins and for my sands and for the sins of the whole world so revelation seventeen's powerful. Hopefully you can see the power of this chapter and the more you read this chapter meditate on this chapter study this chapter it will it will lift you up it will get you out of the wind of Babylon if you have any of that wine in you it will lock you into the truth of God to the words of God to the wisdom of God it will help you to see what's going on in the world that will help you to see who the major players are you know be able to look at even at the political world through the lens of Bible prophecy and you will see how important it is that in the midst of all this that we are true followers of Jesus Christ that we are on the side of the Lamb on the side of our Savior who loves us who died on the cross who paid for all of our sins and who has enough grace and enough love and enough power to get us through what ever comes in the days ahead and I've learned that through my struggles I've learned that Jesus is faithful and whatever we go through he will hold onto us if we trust him and if we stay on his side so tomorrow we'll continue our study of this is just part one again to find the bloody woman tomorrow we'll identify the 7 headed beast and then we'll go on and we'll look at what the Bible says about the 7 kings 5 are fallen one is on the other. When it's not yet. What's that all about and then who are the chant horns and what is that final word fair about so that's let's line up for the weekend and hope that you'll follow along carefully and that you'll be blessed and that as a result of all of this you will be brought closer to Jesus Christ your savior so let's pray and and in close to your Father in heaven thank you for this opportunity to be here on a Friday night on Zoom and I'm trusting Lord that there are people out there that are listening in and hopefully receiving what the Holy Spirit has to say through your your book and I just pray that you bless this entire weekend help us to. Have minds that have raised it to all of the land in these last. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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