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Rise and Build

Benjamin Ng
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  • February 6, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you thank you Lord for the Sabbath thank you for the rest that you've given to us thank you for this time that we can come and study your word Thank you Lord for preserving life throughout this past week and now Lord as we come and seek and study your word together may you grace us with I present all Lord fill us with your Holy Spirit and teach us and guide us into all truth for you pray in Jesus name Amen. As you can see by the title of the sermon rise and build. You can probably already guess who we are going to be studying about this week and we're going to look at this as a series over the next few weeks we're going to be studying the book of Nehemiah and the a my is a wonderful book that relates to our time and highlights issues and challenges and talks about how we can rise up and build and finish the work of God even in our generation and in our lifetime and the book of Nehemiah opens there in chapter one with a background of the situation of what was taking place not just where Nehemiah was as he was serving the King of middle Persia but even what was taking place back home let's start in Nehemiah chapter one and verse 3 The Bible says and they said and to me the remnant that are left of the captivity there in the province are in great affliction and reproach the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down and the gates there off are burned with fire Nehemiah was still in captivity in me to Persia but news came to him of what was taking place back in his homeland in his home town and the walls were broken down people were scattered there was no leadership you know the Korea had already gone forth in the days of Cyrus and areas to allow the people to go back and to rebuild Jerusalem the temple and their houses and even the streets on the walls but here at this point they had not been making progress. The walls had been broken down and Nehemiah he was worried he was struck down with the news of what was taking place and look what happens in the next verse and it came to pass verse 4 of Nehemiah chapter one when I heard these words that I sat down and wept and mourned certain days and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven you know he wept he mourned for a few days and he began to Fost and he began to pray this man of God was so concerned about the welfare of his people about the work of God moving forward and being a blessing to people again that for a few days he was troubled he mourned and then he began to fast and he began to pray and I want you to look at the prayer of Nehemiah this is what we are greeted with at the beginning of this book in this 1st chapter look at how a Nehemiah begins to pray and said I beseech thee o. Lord God of Heaven the great and terrible god that keep with covenants and mercy for them that love him and observe his commandments let the ear now be attentive and eyes open that thou may is hear the prayer of the servants which I pray before the now day and night for the children of Israel by servants and confess the sins of the children of Israel which we have sinned against the both I and my father's house have sinned. Notice what he says here he is begging God He knows that this god he keeps his promises he keeps his covenant and the only reason why he has not blessed them and not kept his promise so to speak is because they have broken their side of the agreements their side of the covenant He knows he realizes that the children of Israel have sinned and not only that Nehemiah identifies himself with his people he doesn't go oh the sins that they have committed God they are so wicked they have done this wrong they are bad like this he doesn't identify the sins of everybody out there except himself no friends he has a true conception of the reason why they are in the situation in the 1st place because he himself is in captivity as well he himself and his people have the hoses are not built the temple is not built the walls are not built. And instead of pointing out the sins of everyone else that are around him he identifies himself with the people of God and says we have sinned both Ali and my father's house have sinned he lays a blame on himself and he identifies himself with this people and you know friends even though we are in the our church here there are factions that are not same with him back in the sect but you know throughout our denomination there are factions in the church and it's possible that sometimes we like to look for people to blame like to look for people to blame as to why our church is not growing why our church is languishing why there are problems in the church and we like to brain blame the liberals and we like to blame the conservatives over those or other Sabbath breakers in our church or that are just not not not believing the same as we do and we like to blame everyone and it's this person or that person and we like to blame the leaders and so convenience and easy to do so isn't it but Nehemiah he doesn't do that he identifies himself with the people of God and He knows the reason why that God has not kept his side of the agreement is because we broke our side when God doesn't bless at least in this situation it was very clear they had been in captivity for over 70 years already and the. Knows the reason why he continues. Nehemiah $17.00 and $8.00 we have dealt very corruptly against the and have not kept the commandments nor the statutes nor the judgments which our commanders that I serve and Moses remember I beseech thee the word that the commander the servant Moses saying if you transgress I will scatter you abroad among the nations he says we have dealt very corruptly we have not kept the commandments we have not kept your statutes he still continues to identify himself and you got to understand that he is a prophet he doesn't know it probably at this point you know the words of a reading is written by a prophet but even though he has been called by God to such a high place and to call to God to lead out in this this this point in time he puts himself in the same boat with everyone else he's not any better he's in captivity he along with everyone else is in the same position and so his country is broken down and he has this great burden but before he can go and build before he can goal and help he has to understand he puts his hand on the pulse of the problem the true issue is because God's people had been sinning is because God's people have been transgressing and God had borne long hundreds of years through all the kings and what have been taking place and finally they got to this place where God said the only way that they can learn is if they are put into captivity and Moses is brought up here by Nehemiah he understands what was going on it was prophesied God had told them if you keep the comments of God If you stay close to me I will bless you and make you a great and amazing nation that all the other people will come and look at you but if you do not if you transgress you become a by word meaning you become a saying as if you never existed. And truly that is what happened and Nehemiah he knows it you know Moses talked about it in a few places but he may have been quoting from Deuteronomy where when Moses warns the children and he puts blessings on one side and cursing on the other side and he listed out in great detail Moses warned them and so it was very clear very clear at least to Nehemiah why the children of Israel were in this situation in the 1st place and friends you know I think it's important for us to understand. Have a clear understanding of our own situation why we are the way we are the clear understanding of the situation in our church were scattered abroad the membership in Peninsula Malaysia is so small right at least compared to the population that we have and Nehemiah he had a clear understanding of his situation and we also have transgressed the commandment of God We also have not followed his statutes and things don't just happen by chance that were the reason why there are so few even within our churches you know dac and sec we've not had a pact as I'm in the past 2 years we've got to really look at our own situation and I'm not going out condemning other churches or our mission but we have problem in our own church it's so important to make sure you hold up the mirror to yourself before you go in and use that mirror and turn it and point to other people. And this is a reason why we got to pray this is a reason why we've started prayer and not because the form itself is going to change anything but prayer is going to begin to change us it's not just Peninsular Malaysia it's even that and sack and show we've planted a church but since then what has happened how have our churches grown or more rather why have they languished. You know it's important to have a clear understanding and it's possible that we've become proud or you know we have not been seeking the Lord with all our hearts. And so like what the Psalmist says and Psalms 13923 search me oh God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any with good way in me friends it's important to go back and ask God God why is this all happening so much my heart instead of looking and pointing at all the other people of the they don't come for this and they don't do that we have to identify personally why the church is like that not because of anyone else but because of me and Nehemiah he knew that he knew that and he wasn't praying in a group and saying God forgive us all and you know as if he had some sort of pride in knowing that it's not me it's everyone else that is present in the prem eating no he prayed a prayer of confession personally himself he was the problem. But you didn't stop there you see because we serve a merciful God let's continue Nehemiah chapter one and verse 9 but if you turn on to me and keep my commandments and do them though there were of you cast out on to the uttermost part of Heaven yet will I gather them from thence and will bring them under the place that I have chosen to set my name there even though we have broken the climate of God Yet if we come back if we repent and we do that which God wants us to do God no matter how far he scattered us he will gather us back he will bring us in just as God desires to gather in one all that are under this heavens today and bring us to heaven God will do that if we come back and seek him and it says there and keep His commandments if we repent God will forgive God will heal God is willing to return to us if we return to him you know God is still willing to gather us together here in Malaysia he wants to set up his name here he wants to finish the work here and it's not about the majority of a different religion here it's God's people that are languishing we've gotten caught up with the world you see and in doing so we broke his commandments but you see in Nehemiah Chapter one The introduction of this mighty man of God helps us to understand that he was a praying man before Nehemiah death ever lifted up his hand to start building the wall of Jerusalem he had a burden that the Lord placed upon his heart and he began to pray he began to pray a burden to seek the Lord. To make right his life spiritually 1st he made sure that the way between him and God was made clear he got a clear understanding yes of the Jewish nation but even in his own life and he did not leave it to chance so he began to pray a prayer of confession and you know what God began to work not me or Maya It was God let's continue showing Nehemiah Chapter 2 now starting in verse one and it came to pass in the months in the sun in the 20th year of the king that wine was before him and I took up the wine and gave it unto the king now I had not been before time sad in his presence wherefore the king said unto me why is like countenance sad seeing that all are not sick this is nothing else but sorrow of hearts then I was sore afraid and sentence of the king let the King live for ever Why should not my countenance be sad when the city the place of my father several cures Liath waste and the gates there off are consumed with fire then the king sent to me for what dust they'll make request so I prayed to the God of heaven wait a minute isn't it that prayer is meant to make a person more happy right shouldn't Christians be the most joyful people on all the earth right they were walking with God Why is it that Nehemiah he was sad he had a burden do that to the extent that the ungodly men the non-Christian the heathen who didn't believe in God looked in a hole you are not sick this is certainly heart sickness you are solving for something Nehemiah what is wrong right so are we meant to wear a smile on our face every day wherever we go. Obviously when we see her anemic up to 2 that is not the case Nehemiah was weighed down with the burden that the Lord had placed upon him for his people and the king took notice look at us Nehemiah tells the king the reason why he said and you look how the king replies in verse 4 let's go back there so you can see it so hard as I can reply you know my my city is broken down you know the gates are consumed with 5 The walls are just everything is just bad I'm back in my hometown and what does the king say what do you want Nehemiah What do you want what is your request wait a minute Neil my aunt wasn't even asking for anything he didn't say Ah if only I had this all if only I had that know the king looked at him said Ok in the in my I hear you what do you want and he was just telling the king the reason why he was sad isn't it amazing. This is the amazing power of prayer you see in chapter one Nehemiah began to pray and he was confessing his sins and asking God to heal them and to come back to them and turn his face and set it on him but Nehemiah wasn't requesting anything he was just said for the condition of his people but I'm telling you God began to work upon the heart of not just in the Amalia but now king out as a cease and you know what Nehemiah was ready you know why because he had been praying he knew what he wanted but before he blurted it out look what it said there at the end of the verse so I prayed to the God of Heaven right there standing there before the king when the King looks at me in my eye and says What do you want he didn't just say it he stopped he paused he began to pray in his heart God. Is this you guiding God help me to make sure that I ask for the right thing God even standing there he began to pray and God continued to work verse 5 and I Senator the king if it please the King and of the servant have found favor in the eyesight that Val would ascend me unto Judah and to the city of My Fathers. That I may build it this was what was in Nehemiah's hearts friends Nehemiah could have asked for a more comfortable living and the King would have probably Granted it's him he could have probably asked for a nicer chariot all horses or a better life more all riches more gold a better clothing but that's not what he must fall you see he could have asked for all these things and the King would have most lightly granted it because it was so easy he was speaking of the King of the Venn known world a king that could have granted to whatever he wanted for his own personal benefits but Nehemias heart was not even thinking for himself he was thinking for God He was thinking for his people and so he asked or you began to ask differently you know Psalms Chapter 37 verse 4 if you would just write this down the Bible says there that if you Delight yourself in the Lord he will give you the desires of your hearts and that's true but the reason why so many of us do not get the desires of our hearts is because our heart is not like Christ's we don't delight ourselves in the Lord we don't have the mind of Christ and we don't delight in him we don't we don't things that would be for his good. But we ask things that are sometimes more often than not hurtful to us because we don't spend time with him we're not confessing our sins and so when we are asked sins have skewed how we think and what we desire and we ask for selfish things you know or Nehemias request and his heart lines up with God's hearts because he had been praying because he had been seeking God and prayer changed Nehemiah's heart it didn't change God's heart you know too often as kids we like to go to our parents were grown up and we just try and we just ask and we asked just just ask your dad if you can borrow the car it was you could say is no right but then sometimes he says no we go ask again and again and we're going to this habit that we think that God is like that too but that's not what God wants you see when it comes to prayer it's not just about God You know I came to you are I prayed for 3 hours that you would bless me you know for my example for my work or for for this business deal but you didn't help not realizing that that 3 hours God was trying to change our heart not his heart you know sometimes I get asked Would it be wrong to pray this way or that way to ask for this or ask for that and I think you know friends instead of asking the pastor if you went and spent time with God and you began to pray you would know whether it's right or not you would know whether you should pray for such things but Nehemiah he's in the presence of the king. And the king has asked him what do you want and he began to pray and the 1st response that you get in there in verse 5 years he himself once to go back to Judah to help but he doesn't stop there verse 6 and the king said and to me the queen also sitting by for how long shall the journey be and when Wilt thou return. So it please the King to send me and I sent him a time moreover I said to the King do you see that more over on top of that I said to the king if it please the King let letters be given me to the governors beyond the river that they may convey me over till I come into Judah and a letter under the keeper of the King's Forest that he may give me timber to make beams for the gates of the palace which pertain to the house and for the wall of the city and for the house that I shall enter into and the king granted me according to the good hand of my God upon me that I came to the governors beyond the river and gave them the king's letters now the king had sent captains of the army and horsemen with me Nehemiah he became even more bold to begin to ask even for more why because he knew no one he needed it to build the house of the Lord but number 2 he saw the hand of the Lord working and so he saw Providence opening the door not to bless him but to bless the work to bless God's people to bless that which God had called him to and so he became even more bold you know friends it's easy to become bold to ask for God's work all to us for myself never. Any of you for money I'll go to my parents are going to my brother sister right we'll go to our family but when it comes to so I asking for God's work that's where it's different but too many of us we get so involved in asking for blessings for ourselves and we want God to bless me. And you know if you would put yourself in Nehemias shoes and we had our own mindset would I ask for all this timber so I could build myself a big house 1st and then I would go and work on others or God's work too often we've been like that we've asked God to bless me so only then the overflow I will give to God but Nehemiah he waxed bold he was confident he was willing to ask for great things a letter for all the timber that was needed unlimited resource so that he can go back and not build himself a big house but the house of God and the people's houses and the walls and the roads you know sometimes we are too shy or sometimes with too preoccupied with other things but Nehemiah he became bold and even more because he could see that God was working on his behalf you know Nehemiah was a Minute Man he was ready at a moment's notice he saw the moving of the providence of God and he was bold to ask he was bold to ask why because he had been praying and as God opened the doors as God was the one that guided he could see God's hand in all of it friends how is it with you and your god today have you been praying Have you been a praying Christian this past week have you been praying for the work of God Have you been weeping and crying and fostering one to God and have you been stepping out in faith seeing God open the door of Providence before you. Too often we're praying for ourselves as I mentioned last night as well we were praying for our our family our lives our studies our careers we pray so much for that that we forget to pray that. That there's a world to be what sins be shown that Jesus is coming very soon you know who had Nehemiah been alive today he would of been praying for the the church he would praying for the Bible workers he'd be praying for for the health work he would been praying for the conference he would been praying for the salt program he would been praying for campus ministry he would have been praying for the pastor. God bless all of you that pray for me you got to profer your past as a man were human as well but you know when you begin to pray for God's work you know what happens it begins to change your heart it begins to change your outlook and you begin to see miracles you begin to see how how God is guiding you see that because you know when you pray for yourself and ask for promotion Well people get promotions every day do you see that but the world that they don't pray for these sorts of prayer requests to get money to start a new work you know you don't see people praying for this you know what I mean when we begin to pray for our own needs and r r r ones and our desires we it's what worldly people desire as well and so it's not a miracle to many people because it happens to everybody. But God's work is quite contrary to that it's very different it requires a special type of Christian to be praying for these sorts of things because many Christians we go to church but we're still praying for our own personal things it's time to change that mindset when you come into the presence of God That's what God begins to do. And that's where you begin to see the miracles friends but Nehemiah he's not done yet verse 10 he goes back to Jerusalem and and what happens when Sanballat the horror nights and so by of the servant the Ammonite heard of it it grieved them exceedingly that there was a common man to seek the welfare of the children of Israel you know friends whenever you try to do the Lord's work the devil is always standing on the side ready to go against it he knows that it's going to require efforts yes God will work for you but it requires faith to believe and to move forward and so the devil always sends people or situations to resist the work of God And yes you have to be careful to make sure that you're walking according to God's will because you don't want to you don't want to face resistance that is not from God or. Not that is from God You don't want to face resistance that was from your own doing you said something wrong and so people rise up against that right you want to make sure that you're in the the will of God and even as a resistance comes you know that God is guiding you can have confidence to move forward and so the devil always throws people at you and situations at you to try to discourage you and this is why it's so important to make sure that your foundation is solid friends that you know in whom you believe and the reason to why you're doing all these things and if there's no resistance maybe just maybe you're not doing the work of God interesting thought Hey. But you know Nehemiah gets back to Judah after weeks and months of travel and setting up all the things in the right places he gets back there and he doesn't relax and go all now time to eat my favorite food that I've missed for years no throughout the night he goes and surveys the place and he sees where everything is broken down and what needs to be fixed and the condition of of the city and of the town and the place and then Nehemiah chapter 2 verse 17 then said I answer them you see the distress that we are in how Jerusalem Liath waste and the gates there are fire burned with fire come and let us build up the wall of Jerusalem that we be no more a reproach than I told them the hand of my God which was good upon me as also the king's words that he had spoken on to me and they said Let us rise up and build so they strengthen their hands for this good work you know Nehemiah he says look you see the distress you see the problems he's talking to the people that have been living there already you see the problem let us rise up and build but they know that they should do the work but you know what what convinces the people what it is that ultimately motivates the people to go yes in verse 18 that we will rise up and build you know what it was in verse 18 this is the key it says here let me show you the text again look there verse 18 I told them of the hand of God which was good upon me as also the king's words that he had spoken to me what did Nehemiah do he as he tells him we go to rise up and build. But what was it that convicted then that brought them together and unify them for this great work he shared with them how God had been leading them. He shared with them the visions of how God had blessed them he shared with them how God had touched the heart of the king and the situation that he was in and he looked and showed them look at all the timber look at the letters that I've got look at how God has prospered us to this point he gave a testimony of how God had been leading and guiding them you know friends even though he surveyed the land in the city and there was so much work to be done he didn't look at the present he looked at the past and showed them how God had been guiding every step of the way you know friends it's really important to make sure that you see very clearly how God guides you know sometimes we want to do different things even for the church because I feel impressed but we've got to be careful that we don't just plunge headlong into it just because I have a burden for it it might be my own personal desire it be my it might be just what I want and it's not what God wants but Nehemiah had such confidence because of what happened in the earlier part of Chapter 2 how the king his heart was touched and how the King opened the doors for him to go back and how the king even allowed him to have unlimited resources of timber how the King wrote the letters he had confidence that God had been guiding and was with them this is where my dear friends personal testimonies become so important personal experience with God becomes soul important. You know. It's now been about 7 years since I've come back to Malaysia and I'm sorry you know seconds duckies you hear this all the time but you know when I 1st decided to come back. My wife was worried you know why because my brother was the one that called me back says Ben Come back come back we need your help with salt you know if if if they call me hey come back to Pastor our church I would have never come back you know I had a good pastoring position there in Taiwan it was the biggest international church there right there in Taipei and we had a wonderful life there you know had a wonderful married life you know living in that city was very different to living here in Malaysia the people are polite it was safe it was nice and clean it was different to what you experience here but you know my brother called me back and says we need help with salt when you run the program and be a teacher and I love teaching. I don't like so much preaching and it is you know it takes something getting used to you know all the people that sit in from the camera here they always comment how it's stressful and you know but after 10 months of preaching you kind of get used to it but I love teaching more often than not. And my wife was worried because you know my brother and I were like 2 to 2 dragons 2 lions on the same mountain you know and we butt heads and it's still taking us 7 years to figure out how to work together by I praise the Lord you know in my in my prayer journal. One of my progress has always been that I can work well with my brother and I think last year for the 1st time after 7 years of praying that I can confidently take that off my prayer journal not that I don't need to pray for it still because both of us are kind of fiery in some ways but. You know my my wife was like Are you sure and then I told my mom and she was like Are you sure and my sister are you sure you want to go back and what with David. I don't know I just thought it was time to go back and. You know when we got back. And we began to work in the church I began to see how God was moving and how God was blessing you know I came back to help with the salt program back in 2014 we ran our 1st session we had 0 students. And it's easy to say our God did you make a mistake but he didn't and you begin to see how God is working through the situations in your life and how things even in church began to change you know when I 1st came back today it was a small church and the church was in the red and appraise a lot by that 1st year we were in the black we also see that you know God or he had been sustaining us with the Bible workers also see that you know every time we had to worry about the support of the Bible workers. God bless and he provided the funds through different and various means and to this point this past 10 months we have 15 Bible workers and I don't know how God is supporting it and I don't hear all the intricate details that our treasurer who keeps track of all the funds but somehow the Lord has blessed as I God you didn't call me back here just to run the program but for the church work for Bible work as well and God he's more than doubled the the regular attendance of the church in the 1st 3 years that I was back there and to the point that we planted a church. And you know sometimes it's so easy when when you go through these stressful situations only and these difficult situations it's so easy to be blinded to what God had bless in the time past. But I know that that God had been blessing our church to the point that we were able to plant sac. And that God called us for a reason not just me but all of us all that were instrumental you know that the youth group grew and became flourishing. Blast it's so easy sometimes to doubt the providence of God When troubles come in yes we've got to make changes yes we're going to come back and pray but God had been with us and I know that he will be with us in the future because he's brought us this far not just to leave us and desert us but we've got to rise up and build and this is why it's so important friends to have a personal testimony not just personal testimonies of how God has blessed us personally in our life I praise God for for helping me move with my presentation and through that pay raise or given me a different role in the company and now you know all these different things and we think of those things personally but they have nothing to do with the work of God and even then it's still easy to doubt God in the right place at the right time even though you've blessed me but his God using you in your workplace is a using you in your studies can you see by the obvious found of God that God brought you here to Malaysia even though you are a student but there's someone there for you to witness to and unless you see the Providence and the guiding hand of God It's so easy just to leave. You know I went went to Taiwan because I was desperate for a job I was out of a job for 9 months and I was just praying God you just give me something. And God led me to be a high school chaplain which was my most stressful year of my whole life because teaching high school students was not my calling 72 students every day who knew that Bible was not the most important subject so they did not take it seriously and they just sleep right in front of you I was stressed but one person got baptized because of it and God showed me when you're in the right place even though the situation causes you a lot of stress I brought you to this place you are in the right place at the right time and friends unless you see the guiding hand of God for his work not just for you you might never know. Decisions that we make too often are financial decisions I need to move back to my home town because you know my parents are there and I don't have to spend much for accommodation we make decisions about career just based upon that not thinking about what the work of God. You know I've had opportunities to move overseas or go back home my parents are back there in Australia and they ask me to come back and you know stamp. The dollar stronger there's different temptations you see when you look at it but when I look at the work of God I look at the wonderful team that God has blessed me with in our church boards the Bible workers wonderful mission leadership that we have one a look at all these things that God has blessed me with I would be silly to leave you see the decisions that I make sometimes people don't understand they try to dangle the carrot old then Singapore pays more Hong Kong pays more come back to Taiwan it pays more Australia it pays more but they don't have the team that I have there are the blessings of a wonderful church of war that I have they don't have the blessings of being able to to work well with a mission leadership and to to work together you see friends is not always about finance. It's not always about your career if you take a change and really look at it differently and you just change how you how you look at your life not about me but about God's work. It's easier to make that decision. Spiritual not financial spiritual and when you learn to put God 1st. You can see so many blessings that you get to this point you know that you're in the right place at the right time and so as Nehemiah he recounted the blessings of how God had worked our friends I was praying and I was confessing our sins and as I was weeping and and the Kings all that are said guess what he blessed me with all of this and we got to rise up and build Look we have all the resources but now we need the manpower and as he began to share the people were the ones that stood up there and said we will rise up and build in verse 18 of this and says and they said Let us rise up and build so they strengthen their hands for the good work Nehemiah was not the one strengthening them now the testimony that he gave was so powerful they saw the obvious hand of God and it gave them courage to come and sing rally together and to work together with Nehemiah and so we're told me in my chapter 2 verse $19.00 to $20.00 but when Sanballat the horror nights and told by the servant ammonite and the Arabian heard it they laughed us to scorn and despised us and said What is this thing that you do will you rebel against the king then answered I to them and servants of them the God of heaven he will prosper us therefore we his servants will arise and build but you have no portion nor rights no Morial in Jerusalem friends do you see the obvious hand of God in your life today. Have you been looking for him the the indications of his providence the guiding of his spirit not just personally in your career which really you could just you know you point the gun and shoot somewhere and you'll hit some target you say Ok that's where I've got to go but do you know that God He brought you here at this time at this place for such a reason and not just for yourself but for the salvation of other people do you see the obvious hand of God in all of it even in the face of all those that hated him that rose up against him Sanballat the most famous of the more yet Nehemiah could say what the God of heaven he will prosper us therefore we his servants will arise and build How could Nehemiah be so confident and sure because he saw the obvious hand of God just weeks and months before why because he'd been praying you know friends it's time that we turn away our prayers from just our selfish reasons not because God doesn't care or because I don't care. But if we come to learn to pray for God's work. It will help us to endure you know that it will help ill help you to see that you are at the right place where God wants you to be and no matter what it will help you to India it will give you a purpose for why you are there and unless you see that you will always be running you will always be searching for a better life for a better place for a better job for better qualifications. For a better family of a better wife unless you see how God guides you in all of this you will never be satisfied with your own life. Friends do you know why you are where you are today has God made it clear to you. Has God been the one that's guiding you you know some of you maybe you're about to graduate go from move from university into work force. What is guiding the decision that you make are you making a base on spiritual or soley financial If you're doing it soley on financial friends you are making a big mistake and I'm asking you to this morning that you got to go back to the drawing board and you could ask God to guide you in ways that you never prayed before to open your eyes to see where he is calling you because everybody has a place in his work. God calls everybody you are where you are today and maybe you might say well God I'm here now I know because I made a huge mistake no friends God can turn those mistakes in the blessings not that you wish for you to be there in the 1st place but wherever you are if you allow God to be the one that will guide you you will see that you can be a blessing and that as you turn back to him he will turn back to you and prosper you. For his work not personally friends it's time that we begin to pray. You know the title is what rise and build but before we can even do that we've got to get on our knees and say God forgive me and then God please guide my life I hope that your earnest plea in prayer because you know with this pandemic it's thrown us all into just. Hey why church is not open you know people can gather together is difficult but I believe that as we pray God will show us very clearly our responsibility what he has in plan for each and every one of us but we got to be the one that will make the efforts to seek God with all our hearts let us pray Father in heaven oh lord you want to bless your people so much you want to bless us so that we can be a blessing you want to bless us so that we can finish your work here on this earth Lord help us to change our focus even in our prayers help us to pray for your will to be done on earth just like it is done in Heaven help us a lot to have a true understanding of even where we stand with you that you'd forgive us that you'd cleanse us from all unrighteousness and Help us Lord to repent and come back to you help us to live stop living this selfish life but to live the life according to your will so Lord police guide each and every one of us I know that you've led all of us for a certain reason to a certain place and if we ourselves have have put ourself in the horrible situation because of our own doing forgive us and help us to see how you wish to make us a blessing even in that place right now where we are help us oh lord to see your will I mean you guide us Lord don't forsake us but to bring us back to the so that we can wrap up the work that needs to be finished before you come Lord. Bless us to that and. Help us to make a decided change in the way we pray this coming we. Thank you oh Lord we pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave the visit w w w audio verse or.


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