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The Equality Act & Christian Hedonism

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, tackles a difficult topic of sexual freedom that has come about our society in the last few decades. He discusses whether or not, this major change in our thought process has been and will be beneficial to us as a country.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • February 27, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Today we're going to dive right in and then a big week in terms of the news and some of the news has impacted the Christian church at least some people think it will so I'm going to talk about that and today om the most aspire head Father in heaven thank you today we can come in to your house thank you we could hear wonderful music and thank you for choir for our the ministry of music of the young people in those leading them. And bless us today as we study Christ's name. The Equality Act and Christian head it isn't. So delight by self in the Lord that He will give you the desires of your heart. Christianity is to be the most pleasant the most pleasurable existence you could find on the planet. And you either believe that. Or you don't believe that or you're coming to believe that I don't know where you are in the continuum but the testimony of scripture is that in your presence is fullness of joys and at your right hand our pleasures forevermore. And one of the songs we sang was when we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be but the Bible says don't wait till you get to Heaven star rejoicing right now in other words live a life of pleasure in the present so I want to talk about that because there are different visions is another vision that was presented in Congress this past week called the Equality Act which was decidedly and markedly positioning itself actually against the Bible's vision of pleasure so we now have 2 options and 2 ideas concerning pleasure we have a die vision. And. This option has been voted for by many in Congress enough now to send it to the Senate and they have to have at least 10 people from the Republican side vote for this to be passed and then I don't know when that's going to happen but it will come up so pray for your senators maybe call your senators. As well and some are concerned because they think this is going to impact faith based hospitals and insurers those that don't believe and gender transition therapies are going to be asked to by late their beliefs and children could seek to change their gender without parental knowledge or consent so they're worried about that and they're especially worried that actually in the language of the bill positions from scripture are actually being called out the sex stereotype that marriage should only be between heterosexual couples. Was called out in specific language in the bill that's right from the bill in other words. The Bible itself is being specifically mentioned in this bill so we have to choose between the pleasure principles of the Equality Act and the pledge of pleasure principles of scripture Now one guy who is a representative from Florida got up this last week and I was interested I was watching C.-Span which I like probably better than any other channel because you're actually watching something that's happening it's real and he said he got up this is the represented from Florida unlike most speeches you'll hear from the floor today I'm going to start with the truth. Here he says. In his speech Deuteronomy 225 says that a woman must not wear men's clothing nor men wear women's clothing for the Lord your God detests anyone who does that everybody was like What. This is a representative from what the word the. He continues now this verse isn't concerned about clothing styles but with people determine their own sexual identity. It's not clothing or personal stuff that offends God but rather the use of one's appearance act out or take on as sexual identity different from the one biologic is signed by got a brother this time to people started shouting trying to shout it down. You know the sign when men or women claim to be able to choose their own sexual identity they're making a statement that God did not know what he was doing when he created them. He's just warming up here. Then he closes up by saying whenever a nation's laws no longer reflect the standards of God That nation is in rebellion against him and will end evilly bear the consequences. So. You know I could probably put some scriptures up there like I did the go along with his other statements he created them male and female Genesis 128 and also Daniel 5 a nation that was involved in gross sexual immorality and using the actual vessels from God's temple actually went down. Right then right now you know. Right after that another represented got up and said what any religious tradition described as God's will is no concern of this Congress. Then another man got up another representative got up and says it was because of you and people like you that my forebears were slaves it was because of you that there was segregation it was because of you that I had to sit at the back of the bus. And I don't want to hear anything more from you or basically from one. The Bible. So last week was a very biblical week in Congress. And how many think that this teaches us something teaches us we need to know our Bibles teaches that this is what the discussions are and they're going to come out how if you want to know what the Bible says about pleasure. You know with the equality access if you're watching. It basically says your pleasure comes from what Freud introduced way back in 1000 or 5 on regulated sexual activity with dignity is the key to happiness in other words you can any kind of sex with anybody you want in any way and you must be treated with respect and dignity that's the key to happiness. And so for oil said you know basically sexuality is the big deal and he was the 1st person with the vestige of scientific. Language I don't think he really did much science but a vestige of scientific language he tried to elongate sexual satisfaction from the cradle to the grave by saying when you're born and you breast feed that's a sexual act. It wasn't a joke but anyway I'm glad you find it funny. Then Max after that you have the anal stage which is that's another sexual type situation said Freud then next you have the phallic stage this is when people experiment they begin to masturbate which is a good thing he says and then next you have. The time of latency. And then you move to marital relations within the marriage and this then spans the entire lifespan at every stage the number one goal is sexual pleasure. This everything else Ford said was like forgotten all of his views and psychotherapy and everything else are egos junk junk but this one everybody somehow still likes. They like this I mean doesn't it sound all right unregulated sex with everybody and sexual activity as high as pleasure through your whole life well could be wrong with that a lot of people buy into that not only that they go beyond for oil and now they say others now see sexual identity as a matter of personal choice or preference that most respected regardless of what one's biology is and now sex is not just an activity it is an identity. Who I Am. Is really directly related my identity is only determined through the lens of sexuality now when I was a working as a as a nurse sometimes I go to people's rooms and they say oh are you a male nurse and I would say is it really not that obvious to me only. So that you know I show them the hair on my chest I say. And then I you know I look down and I go I believe that I am what would be your vote. Anyway so that's the closest I came to identifying with my sexuality in that way. But people are very aware of this and this is been the big deal and this was actually and is the big deal with this Equality Act In fact in the media it says look the continued view of gays lesbians and bisexuals as centers is a decision it's a choice it prioritizes scattered passages of ancient text over all that has been learned sense as if time stood still and it had dances of science and knowledge meant nothing in other words you need to follow the science and not the Scriptures. I mean I've heard this argument before science and not the Scriptures and you need to back out to the enlightenments of modernity and this has been the rhetoric that's been actually increasing since 2015. No religious liberty arguments could be brought forward it says in this bill in the past they used the Religious Freedom Act to protect themselves in cases so and they used this but really what that is religion is bigoted it's uninformed In other words you're stupid and you're also bigoted and you're actually. Lethal to society and we can't have it anymore and you can't use religious liberty as with offense so I have said Chris does respond to this number of books that I read in preparing for today's masses not all in one day but. An when sex and culture and another powerful book The Rise and triumph of the modern self this is looking at the antecedents are the underlying reasons we get where we are and then love the body questions about life and sexuality and I'll be quoting from them not necessarily with footnotes on the sly but. These are excellent books number one I want to start with recognize that what we're talking about here is actually a big deal and I would say the culture and the nation are at stake in this discussion so I would say it is a big deal and don't just dismiss it as some kind of well you know you even can believe what you want you can believe it you want it and you can do what you want to because this bill is not saying that it's a no you have to believe actually in a certain way and not just any way it's not allowing that in the bill. So. And when did some research as did Sorkin women Zimmerman and tone be these were back in the 1950 s. and n one was a researcher at Oxford and Cambridge and Sorkin was at Harvard Alan look at an wins today because I showed this to some of you last week in my talk over the cademy and sex and culture which is 750 pages long that's a very big book he goes through 86 different cultures over 5000 years and the reason he looked at so many cultures was he says I don't want people think that I'm coming up with this. Based on some dogmatic text in fact he wasn't he was actually trying to prove that Sigmund Freud's theory of sexuality. And civilisations being essentially neurotic. For it said if you don't have enough sex with whoever you want in whatever way you want and you don't feed those sexual desires from the oral stage the anal stage the masturbation stage and the coital stage then your call it sure is going to implode that's what he said and that's the theory and he goes Ok I don't want to be on when I want to when his name was on one of the help you remember and I want to look at this so he studied those decides and this is what he found. Increased sexual constraints either pre or post nuptial always lead to increased flourishing of a culture in other words if you restraint sex and had premarital chastity and postnuptial monogamy now there's no sex before marriage and only sex with your spouse after marriage that culture flourished however. If you had increased sexual freedom it always led to the collapse of a culture in 3 generations this is 86 different cultures you by the way studied all the American Indian tribes as well trying to figure out what he said about the tribes around here just to know what we're up against to single most influential factor was the correlation with prenuptial chat city being required or not it was very significant but then the 2 top were the most powerful combination was prenuptial chastity couple with absolute monogamy afterwards rashness causes that retain this combination for at least 3 generations exceeded all other cultures in every area including literature art science furniture and yes true furniture was better it was a like a key of furniture in the cultures that were robust. Architecture engine Neary and agriculture. Now for some of you heard this before this is the only point I'm bringing up from last week so don't lose confidence effect the effect of abandoning pre-nuptial chassis was this when strict chassis was no longer the norm absolute Montt monogamy Deism and rational thinking appeared within 3 generations. Disappears. Yeah so they got rid of God they got rid of monogamy then they got rid of God then they got rid of rational thinking and think about this this is taught in this massive study 750 pages look in 86 different cultures but it's also taught in Scripture probably the stupidest person in scripture was Sam said. I remember Samson. Because look I think I'm going to go with the Philistine. So he goes Just lady in the lenses. I love you but won't you tell me this secret of your strength so he does he lies to her and she calls people may come in and exactly what he says and tries to kill him now how many think after that that's it it's over you have like Ok I'm we're no longer a couple because you're trying to kill me but no he doesn't do that does he do that now because she comes back do you love to be in because Ok I'll tell you tell her something else he does that tries to kill or kill Macand he could read this I just listen to the story again reasons like walk. Then the 3rd time and then he goes Oh it's very simple that I've been lying to my murderous wife. I need to tell her the truth ends up getting his eyes Gad's out and how do you think this is got to be the dumbest. My beliefs might be the strongest guy but very weak mentally because when you when you go away for monogamy when you go away from all these different things what happens you lose connection with God and rational thinking and the Bible teaches a but so does on one's research total sexual freedom was embrace if it was a braised by a culture and by the way that's what the Equality Act is saying right. Right it's essentially saying that everyone yet that culture collapse within 3 generations to the lowest a to flourish in characterized by people have little interest in much else other than their own wants and needs military went down they couldn't defend themselves and they're usually taken over by another culture with greater social energy so make no mistake the discussion that's being held at the highest levels of government who are supposedly your representatives is an important discussion and we're to recognize it's not the 1st time Christy had to live with a culture of death and sexual immorality the 2nd century one Christianity began to spread and one not Christ was seen as King by Christians and they had communion service and they called each other brothers and sisters but the culture of that they said look there's seditious they're talking about having a king other than Caesar they're going to storm the capital they're going to do violence to our system of government that's what they said about Christians Secondly they said not only that that cannibals they get together and they talk about eating flashes and drinking plaid that cannibals Not only that they call each of the brothers and sisters as kind of weird they're incestuousness today that would be a big deal suppose Back then it was and so we live in a they that the New Testament documents are written at a time when people had to deal with this kind of. Thing and not only that the main teaching of the day was not the Cism and dualism Gnosticism This meant that anything that is of the flesh can be its evil. But the spirit of the soul is what matters the mind is about matters not the body and this is the same thing in the Rationale today that you can think what you want because your body is just it's you can do it whatever you want with your body it's not as important as the mind so I can think I'm something different than my body is does that make sense this was all the thought in the 2nd century and Christians had to deal with number 3 recognized that it was at this time that Christianity rapidly grew and reached the entire world in one generation so don't get discouraged by what's happening in the culture today does that. I mean grow up pick your boy parents on read the New Testament read the Bible it was at this time when they actually began to flourish and went everywhere says the Apostle Paul in one generation. In Colossians 123 which I like to call sometimes collisions 123 be not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you have heard and which was preached to every creature which is under heaven and it happened when in one generation how to be a part of the solution not a part of the problem and we think if now is the time to preach the gospel to good time have people come or Godspell the gospel. So why were people so responsive to the Christian message number one the view of sexuality in the culture was so different from the view that now they present it in ancient Greek and Roman culture it was widely accepted the husbands would have sex with mistresses concubines slaves and prostitutes both male and female This was just the norm. Ancient Athenian saying was wiser for legal heirs prostitutes or for pleasure in Rome taxes collected from prostitutes and constitute a significant portion of the royal treasury don't be surprised if that starts to happen here in this nation they've already started getting revenue from marijuana heroin and these other places and they're legalizing that as a revenue stream Why haven't the drug lords from Mexico get all the money why can't we get some of the money will regulate it so this is what happened in Rome with sex the temple of after d.d. the so rich that we acquired 1000 prostitutes and by them it was on the top of the mountain people come into the harbor and they would climb that mountain and be a 1000 prostitutes waiting for them donated by both men and women to the service of the Goddess and because of them the city was jam packed and became wealthy the ship captains would spend fortunes there so the proverb says the voyage to Corinth isn't just for any man you had to be rich but the rich would spend all their money on sex. Not only that God himself in those cultures was seen as sexually immoral promiscuity was held to be divinely sanction their own gods practiced adultery and rape and home in Homer's Iliad hair or the wife of Zeus decked yourself out seduces him away from the Trojan better fill as he so successful that he compliments and says I'm not going to sleep with any other the nips or the concubines and I'm either male or female because you've exceeded them all and this was the picture of who God So not only is what I'm doing Ok it is godly because the gods are involved in. Sexual tree by the way this is why Islam actually reacted against pagan Christianity because you know what they taught they taught that there was a male deity who raped a female deity who gave birth to the Son of God that was the teaching of the Trinity and this is why those in Islam reject it wasn't the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity it was that corrupted doctrine of the community and we think that's kind of interesting Ok So before you start beating up your Islamic friends about the Trinity understand they were reacting against the sexualization of the Trinity once you teach them the actual doctrine of the 20 which is in Scripture then they can see them. Now look at the Christian view by contrast the Church Fathers wrote sermons urging has was not to have sex with slaves or prostitutes to bed Thomas Jefferson didn't read that these practices were not easy to eradicate in the 4th century John Chrysostom was still preaching why it was not Ok for married men to have sex with their slaves an ancient Christian treatise on the sufferings endured by married women included humiliation by being replaced by servants in their husband's affections so this was something that was rooted within Christianity at 1st it took a while for them to come out of it because it was so addictive became in the fist entry Christian leaders began to Wilton up political influence to pass laws against sex slavery this was trafficking one historian notes that most reliable index of Christian nation have been of a society was the recognition of the injustice of sexual slavery and this was the center of ancient sex culture but progressively Christians begin to push that away no no no that's not good and they can actually say in the noticed this the most reliable index of how deeply Christianity had permeated it permeated the society was whether or not it outlawed sexual slavery. Just like on one set. They then became stronger the being the say no to these different things and their nations actually got more robust. And by the way I might just point out something why is it that America America is the greatest military might in the world it's not because of. Sexual availability of everybody that's being proposed now it's not because of that and it will easily lose its military might if it goes down what if and when it's right I mean on when might be right but the way to defeat don't think I was right and he's not convincing and your bible believer the Bible says this again and again and again if you start to look at it I'm starting to study and now I'm not done with my study it's about 3 or 4 generations and then God gives up on various nations he says about the Amorites their iniquity is not yet full the moba it's a gutful moment to father who's my daddy they had sexual issues and. The 10 commandments as well visiting him because of the fathers upon the 3rd and 4th generation of then that hate me right so. The culture view of marriage though. So sexuality number one. The sexuality within the culture was totally different then within Christianity and this group people there were like what you actually could have monogamy you can have this and that especially the women were grouped by this because they were treated like chattel. Edward chastity belts and all kinds of stuff the men didn't have to do and they were like I want to get rid of this I'd like to be in a relationship with somebody that was not just objectifying me all the time Secondly marriage in that time was not love base as one of selective on the basis of social status property rights and money and don't think that doesn't happen today and it happens a lot even in Christian cultures and even into this cultures the issue is not love but marrying for money for position for power and this was that was was happening back then. New Testament however said Husbands love your wise as your old body let that sink in for a minute love your wives as your own body think about how that sounded in that culture what my husband who can do anything he wants with his body legally and I can't now has to love me as his own body this was a radical teaching people like whoa law especially the women like I like that I like that husbands not to abandon or abuse their wives. Culture the 2nd time sleeping with prostitutes or any gender for sexual pleasure was the norm in the counterculture of the church sexuality within marriage was to be regular and pleasurable so another was oh have sex with others have sex within your marriage and have it be regular and pleasurable and it actually spelled that out do not deprive each other except perhaps per haps except perhaps like you know big qualifiers by mutual consent for a time that you may devote yourselves to prayer then come together again lest you be tempted as how it ended so in other words sexuality within marriage was very double guarded and encouraged within the Christian context then you say men do that. So pleasure was to be with then that is well that's based largely also on son of Solomon Chapter 4 verse one through 12 very graphic picture of intimacy within the marriage relation and then proverbs 51819 picture of satisfaction and rejoicing that comes from a lifelong intoxicating imput intimacy This is not like Ok I would take a break for 7 weeks or 10 weeks then n n n n n n n I'm in truly Christian marriages there is a consistent fire burning in the most holy place can you say hello now you think he's joking no the center was set out with unclean outside the Saints where then you came in the courtyard was was like coming to someone's house you watched you had a fire there and you watch yourself in the labor then you went into the living room which had lamps and had bread to eat at and it had that altar of instance going up and there was only one guy who could go into the most holy place it top modesty you had all these coverings and then he got more and more uncovered on the David Tony was basically where nothing and he goes and in God's presence this was over and against the other cultures where they had sexual activity with prostitutes but this was monogamy being played out in front of people in type and we can see that I love how w.t. frizzy talks about this. Sexual activity was designed for lifelong enjoyment and pleasure by God So it wasn't my scrimping on sexual activity to be a Christian no but it was even more enjoyable because it was in the confines of marriage it was in the confines of trust it was the confines of of all those different things faithfulness was expected of women. Not men and the 2nd century because women's bodies were property. The counterculture of the New Testament anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her and if c. divorces her husband and marries another man she commits adultery they thought they did this is a way they could not believe this this would have blown their minds do you mean women have rights in this situation that are equal to men's rights this is true egalitarianism right here right biblical equality. This is the Equality Act of scripture. Right very interesting. Such even in a triple as revolutionary a 2nd century document called the a pistol Matha tastes to diode natives and place of their it and this sums up the surprising behavior they beget children but they do not display Why there I have spring blew by was a big factor in the e the equal. Equality Act as well that abortion should be supported that we get children when they do not destroy the ring they have a common table but not a common bad. Fascinating woman flock to Christianity as was all because Christian women enjoyed far greater marital security and equality than did their pagan neighbors because of its views on abortion also was another reason that women flock to it nobody likes seeing their kids killed especially women but this happens all over the world it's been very bad for women there's been many more women killed than men and that goes on even today so they begin to flock to it and by the way why is that the most people have abortion because of sexual morality and not only that they had infanticide back then you know you think it's bad late term abortions back then they even said infanticide is Ok so even if the kid is born Roman sewers were clogged with tiny bones of newborn babies. During the Roman times it was not uncommon for infants to be killed as a form of birth control it was not a crime as newborn infants were viewed as being not fully human it's a normal Earth does of the life does not begin it's a conception it begins some of the time and it wasn't just when breathing starts either for them they said Mama he had to have. You know intellectual development of some I don't know where they made a cutoff but we know it's not kids that adults a 50 to 120 those is no you should not murder a child by abortion or kill it at birth so before birth or at birth 2nd century Barnabus you shall not slay a child by abortion just a martyr we have taught that it is wicked to expose even newly born children for then we would be murderers another said We say that women who use drugs to bring on abortion commit murder for regard that the very fetus in the womb is a created being and therefore an object of God's care abortion was talked about in the early centuries of Christianity in a very negative fashion. If you take the 3rd century Churchill and he says it does not matter whether you take away life that is born of the story one that is coming at birth both instances in both instances destruction is murder the early Christian witness in the 1st 2nd 3rd century was that abortion was murder for century baseless Sesar is that a woman who deliberately destroys a fetus is answerable for murder John Chrysostom ask why do you abuse the gift of God to make the chamber of procreation at chamber for murder. In Jerome 4th century the author of the Latin Vulgate. The murder of an unborn child is talked against an August seen said the murder of on board child is also a crime now today's calls for any Equality Act pictures abortion as pro women and says This is defending the rights of women. Who want to kill their children or have their children killed that's what it says that is a different view than the Bible view how we can see that's different and you know they'll say look. You need to be like men or new to the workplace so take a pill take drugs that might cause you to have increase in cancer or whatever you do whatever it takes don't have those kids because that's not pleasurable is not pleasurable to have kids in a family that's not pleasurable what's pleasurable is doing whatever else you want to do that's a different vision early church it was the church's opposition to abortion infanticide that made it especially attractive to women next the view of the body in the spirit remember we said that in the culture the Gnostics were in the ascendancy and that matter was evil the body was evil. The counterculture was no the Bible treats them as 2 sides of one corner body and spirit and this happens all the way from creation creation says God formed not made but man from the dust of the ground and he became a living soul dust gnostic would say is evil earth comes to the spirit and that's a living soul and God did that so matter is not that bad if you're looking at from a biblical perspective can say hallelujah to that. Adam The very name means from the earth and when God created all these he said they were very good so the Gnostics were totally out to lunch according to scripture and even said let us make man in Our image what about the Incarnation the Word became flesh God himself who spoke in sundry ways and times past now is common been revealed this is the Express image's of God and he came born of a woman the word became what flesh and dwelt among the something that's quite a statement. A statement that is picked up on throughout John's writing 1st 1st 2nd 3rd John you will read them they're actually treated as against Gnosticism. All the fullness of the deity lives in bodily form he bore our sins in his body on the cross he was made were made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus a body you have prepared for me I've come to do that I will I delight to do that I will in a human body can you say hallelujah So in other words this this idea that the body is disconnected somehow you can do whatever you want with it is totally against creation the Incarnation and back Jesus came and in his body he said My body is going to do what. God tells me to do I'm going to be subordinate him to show you how you're supposed to have your mind controlling your body and everything it was said was Verily verily I stand in another words Amen amen I heard it from my father and now I'm doing it my mind tells my body what to do and it is consistent you know with its biology. First John for 2 months affirm you must affirm that he came in the flesh or you have the spirit of the Anna Christ and then the resurrection Jesus died and so that's it get rid of that nasty body he dies now that's the spirit Now he came he rose again this was foolishness to the Greeks they thought what are you talking about Jesus in thing was foolishness he came back and for 40 days said look at my hands look at my feet and look at that I'm eating I actually have a Bible look at my hands look at it look at my feet where those nail prints are look at my side look at my body and it's still there and it's for ever this is the alternate death of a Gnostic view. And then the 2nd coming of course there's going to be a new heaven and a new earth back on this planet is this this corruption. Will put on incorruption and Job said in my flesh I shall see God So we have to have a sophisticated idea of the unity between the mind in the body in the culture we live in how many think that's probably true whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God So then yours showing the value of the body is showing the value of the body you're showing in your very body how Christ works because of this view of Christian pleasure. And it was Christian pleasure now. It was over against and asceticism of Plato in the Gnostics and Gnostic simply had these ascetics would go and they were fasting all the time they were very very modest and episteme Yes in terms of their drinking their food they would forgive people to marry they said no sex order them to abstain from certain foods they would say don't handle don't taste don't touch and the Bible says they're out to lunch they're all to lunch you have within Christian confines and directives you need to handle you need to taste you need to touch and you need to eat and we can say hallelujah. So it's true there are some values of fasting and all these different things but I think maybe we focus on those things too often. In Christian context when in fact we're supposed to be giving this message within the confines of God's law you're supposed to have a pleasurable diet you're supposed to enjoy those bell peppers so that a great bell pepper isn't that a tasty Kiwi it will say Ok let's just make it bland so I can just eat it let's don't want to just have total parental nutrition when I just have a feeding tube. Or no taste and see that the food is good and God is good I would be looking forward to that happening in just a few minutes. He said had the preacher finished up so I can enjoy those pleasures. Right counter-culture for everything God created is good and nothing is to be rejected it has received with Thanksgiving notice everything God created is good so the things he created to eat the things he created for good have pleasure and joy in those can do with gratitude thanks be to God that there used to be slaves to sin you came to obey from your heart that pattern of teaching which has now claimed your allegiance Another words the New Testament said what was used for evil could be used for good you were slaves of immorality your slaves of that pleasure system but now you can become slaves to God and His pleasure system can you say hello to that. And you can honor God with your body you can offer your bodies as a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is your true and proper worship and you can in fact prove that perfect and sceptical will of God you could live out God's law in your life and this is the most pleasurable because the law of God was not kept on the outside the Saints were earned in the courtyard or in the holy place but the most holy place. In your presence is wholeness of joy and erotic hand are pleasures for everyone that's inside the most holy place and how many of you want to be most holy place Christians I want to do that now not wait till later and that's the whole idea the Lord's Prayer that I will be done on as it isn't that's the whole idea is not the cup of things giving for which we give thanks our participation in the in the blood of Christ is not the bread that we break a participate in the body of Christ because there is one loaf we are many are one body and we share in that same now this is big in the New Testament dig and that's the idea of coming together in community when sexual immorality when this idea of Gnosticism all those things are happening it is not a call to limit the times you come together it is a call to come together more and more often how we can understand what that means by the way how many how often that they have communion in the 2nd century give me a Bible answer every day they ate the bread of gladness every day from house to house now I understand why the Protestants put it so once in a while but don't miss the point of the New Testament every day they came together why they were being persecuted they were in a culture that was in them a call to Christianity they had to have a close connection not just personally not just their personal devotions but coming together hallelujah and that was to clear up problems they were coming out of a culture of sexuality hyper sexuality they made mistakes they needed to have communion quite often come together with a strong sense of faith based community not an online community looming on them God does not do zoo. He comes to your room let's sit it together no zoom comes of my room you say hallelujah all these churches that's shut down for the pandemic they have another pandemic going on depression anxiety immorality immorality is skyrocketing drinking is skyrocketing social isolation does not help the situation let's say that together so so isolation does not help it doesn't matter how many mask you wear. Our response must be one of collective convinced conviction we must foster settings that foster bodily proximately and presence to tear identity away from physical embodiment and to root it entirely in psychological involvement would be to operate along the same trajectory as transgenderism how we view this kind of interesting and is kind of true right well my mind is Ok but my body is doing something different so we need to come together in communion this is the counsel of this excellent book The Rise and triumph of the modern self. Now not only is it supposed to be less this coming together is supposed to be more and more Hebrews $1025.00 Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together as is the manner of Psalm but what does it say but so much the what more as you see the day approaching So what's supposed to happen is supposed to come together more and more now what happens when people have a revival what happens when revival strikes a people do they do they say hey look at this want to go to the mountains by myself that way they say after that no they want to get together and do what. They want to worse if they want to seek the Lord they want to praise the Lord I mean I think we need a revival this is a time for revival reformation it is and so much more as you see the day approaching Now it's interesting the Hebrews Chapter 10 when you look at that that's from Hebrews 10 that it has an entire a body type orientation they had animal sacrifices that point towards Christ in verse 12 for Christ comes and says a body you have prepared for me and he was also sacrificed for us and then you have next the body of Christ that's that's the church can you say hallelujah and that body of Christ are supposed to be living sacrifice I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of got that you present yourself a one living sacrifice which is your reasonable service right. And be not conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove with your body what that would is that good and perfect and acceptable will of God So your mind changes and your body changes can you say hallelujah that it's not just see the psychiatry ists it's do the outpatient hydro and exercise a man. And then it moves in this section it talks about the body that is the Body of Christ in them that are sanctify that's collective you can have of them in isolation I will put my laws in their hearts their coming together their sins and iniquities I will remember no more brother and come together have boldness and then says have hearts and bodies sprinkled in watch this is the Communion service this is baptism service you don't just get baptized by yourself in your tub Oh you know I just want to let you know Pastor I got baptized last week in my tub Oh really who was there just me none of them no that doesn't that doesn't count right. And coming together and then it says provoke one another to what another words the Body of Christ is supposed to go out in the community and supposed to be showing love and good works in the community this is kind of like the CIA You might say and they're out there total community involvement they're not skipping it there because their leaders leaders don't skip community involvement right and collective committee involvement is even better. As well and they provoke one another to love and these good works and then comes the text don't per se you're assuming to gather as is the manner of some and so much more as you see the day approaching I notice something else that starts out with the Old Testament sacrificial searched system then it goes to Christ then it goes to the Body of Christ and it comes to this time period of the Body of Christ when he says you see the day approaching what day was it us to David Tom And as you know that that's the Day of Atonement So if you're in a church that's teaching the day of the Talmud then what should you be doing coming together more and more and more and more as you see the day approaching how we think that they've got is approaching how we think we're living in the judgment hour and that's the whole picture right then comes our text more and more as you see the day approaching then it's followed by this look assembled together more face of flexions together how many think the church is going to go through afflictions if these kind of laws are passed so face afflictions ago are we ready for it is this do that by the way he was written 50 years before Jerusalem fell or maybe 20 years before Jerusalem fell and you say look you're going to go through afflictions that means you need to be more and more together so coming together in Christian community does it help us or does it hurt. Us to help us and have patience doing the will of God and then comes this and I think this is so key this is a summary statement that just sell what. Live by faith Now think about that for a minute we have people in Christianity to say justification is the only thing you need just be justified mentally or sanctification with your body what you do but not that big a deal you know what that is that's the same dualistic idea that's been suggested in the Equality Act and in other words if you're looking for a church you want to find a church that understands justification write a mental change that plays itself out in sanctification the justified shall live what do you live with your body that just sell one live by would say What do you get that faith. You get it from Jesus as the faith of Jesus right remember that text in Revelation 1211 here is the. Patience of the saints another words are going under trial just like this text patience here they keep the commands of God doing the will of God and they have the test and they had the faith of Jesus the same thing is seen here in Hebrews 10 what's the next chapter after here is 10 what's the next chapter Hebrews don't don't mess me up Hebrews 11 what is he was 11 about all of the pictures of people who didn't just mentally ascent they actually did things with their body Moses builds an ark you know Abel has a sacrifice all the way through you then have this picture of full bodied mental and body connection totally opposite of Gnosticism totally opposite of this compartmentalization I'm going to be people of faith. It's a very powerful picture I love how Chapter 10 ends but we are not of them who draw back unto prediction but of them that believe to the what saving of the soul all to mentally that all time and joy. Christian heaven ism to life by self in the Lord is the teaching of Scripture you have put gladness in my heart more than when there are grains a new wine a bow and this is not waiting to happen it's not all they'll be joy when the work is done there's joy in the work this is not when we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be no there's rejoicing actually right now today it's not pile in the sky by and by it's pied today apple pie for me because I'm a Macintosh. Right it's now that will be the path of life in my presence is full of joys and at their right hand there are pleasures forevermore and you can have that when now that's the idea they all of this one they should be out abundantly satisfied with the fattest of by House and also make them drink of the river of the pleasures. How would you like to swim in the river of pleasure this is the idea of connectedness with God and having that joy not later but right now how many like the choir singing right here and right now what if they said you know we have great sons we're going to sing them later to you you get rid of that choir director in the choir God but because he came here and saying he has a job for next week can you say amen. And even beyond because this testimony and ministry of music is about joy now but the word of Christ whether you richly. And all wisdom and teaching warning others and songs and him and spiritual sons sing with joy in your hearts to the Lord so it's here next present in our final text to light yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart how we can see the dive vision that is before us today there is a view of pleasure that's being promoted that actually would lead to the death of the culture like it has how many other times $86.00 times or there is the view that God places before us that actually led to robust cultures much as America when it was founded and that's also an option how we think that might be something to also explore and how we want to say look I want to do things God's way I want to have Alterman joy not just by and by but here and now I don't know what the next step for you is come today maybe your step coming here today is part of that journey. But I tell you what we're about here at this church it's kind of summarized by a statement by John Piper he says this God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. How we want to have how many want to glory in the God glory and god who have your satisfaction found in God and this is a place where we're trying to do that we stumble along we make mistakes we fall down but we get up again. And that's the whole idea of all of our programs of all of our School of Everything we do that God would be glorified and that we would be most satisfy not in the ideas of the world but ideas that impact the world positively. For Christ's kingdom of eternal pleasure. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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