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  • February 8, 2021
    12:00 PM
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Ever hear Father thank You for the opportunity thank you that you need it. And Father we desperately need. We need your guiding hand in our lives we need your power to be overcome so we pray that your Holy Spirit be with us in the name of Jesus and begin with just a little review of what we've talked a little bit this week and then we'll go and further to our message tonight Saudia shared with us about fascinating study about monkey East's who had their fingers sewn together and they discovered through that things that fire together that were firing over and over and over together that things that fire together end up wiring together and she gave the illustration of cigarettes and how the 1st time you've had a cigarette I mean before you've ever had a cigarette nobody says nobody has never smoked there's never been a person who's never smoked who just saw a man I could really use a cigarette you never need a cigarette in tell you trying one and then you try $2.00 and $3.00 in Florida 100000 those things it begins of fire together by the actions that you you know are taken they end up wiring together so we saw that there then we also saw something about the Mirror neurons studies in the 1990 s. and Parma Italy and so on this scientists who are scientists who are scanning the brains of monkeys and Este the monkeys were eating the peanuts they were seeing that registering in the motor cortex of the brains of these monkeys and then one of the researchers reaches out grabs subpoena the monkey season do it it registers in his brain and he's actually the one doing the eating of the you know so this is the accidental discovery. Of mirror neurons and we've been talking about how these things how what we look at registers in our brain is if we are the ones doing what we are looking at and how important it is then for us to spend timing of words so that our minds will become like the mind of Christ like one of our Scripture text for this week Philippians 2 verse 5 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus says Let this mind to be in you so how do we acquire this mind it is not natural but it is supernatural as we look at the life of Jesus as we look at his life our lives are changed into his image into his character so I'm going to talk to you about starting over. The science of be born again the science of being born again and when you think of being in born again there is no passage of Scripture that is more straight to the point than John Chapter 3 so many people when they think of the New Testament the most popular verse in the New Testament immediately they think of John chapter 3 verse 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but that he should have eternal or everlasting life and what a what a beautiful thoughts but that verse is not in Ireland that verse comes from a discussion with a religious leader by the name of mc at the same nigga Demas the name ist self comes from the word the same root word that we get or Nike from victory we think of the you know brand of clothing or shoes and this comes from this ancient word nature he that has to do with victory and nickel D.M.'s D.M.'s is where we get the the roof for democratic So we have and democratic has to do with the people and so victory of the people we are actually told fascinatingly enough Josephus one of the great ancient historians use a Jewish historian he actually tells us that there was Nick at the Met s. was extremely wealthy so wealthy in fact that he actually said could have taken care of the whole city of Jerusalem for 10 years on his own finances he was unbelievably wealthy. This man though he was well he had everything that Earth could offer he seemed to be in his heart looking for something more he still hadn't found it was just enough I was just in a store today we were buying some things for the house and just. Like Ace Hardware and while we are in there they had that whole song I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking for by a multimillionaire interesting and they get the most hands on what he was looking for even though he had all the money that humanity could you know offer he was still speaking something more he sought to have a interview with Jesus and asked he sat with him he he actually did it by night he says in John Chapter 3 there was a man of the fair seas named Nick of Demas even ruler of the Jews the same came to Jesus finite set on them Rabbi we know that our teacher come from God for no man can do these miracles that thou do it except God be with Him Jesus answered and said in him Verily verily that means Truly truly I Santa The Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God So this man comes to Jesus by name seemingly because he's he's trying to maybe he doesn't want everybody to know he's one of what we call the Sanhedrin the top religious authority in the Israelite community and this man he comes before Jesus because he sees in him something that he doesn't have it was not his money because Jesus doesn't have almost any money he's even wondering homeless men but he's working miracles and he's preaching the Word of God with power and conviction and well with the life that backs what he's speaking of and so he comes to Jesus and he says well we know that you're at an incredible teacher come from God because nobody can do all these things that you're doing except God is with Him And Jesus says to him something incredible keep in mind that this man is a religious leader he's wealthy and Jews believe that if you are wealthy and successful God was with you. But yet this man is asking Jesus he says you know you must be close to God and Jesus says except you are born again you can't see the King. That's an interesting way of beginning his response to this man you cannot see the kingdom of God. You see sometimes we don't even recognize we don't even have to pass City to understand the things of God we can't even see it and I remember I was at this point my life and I was in I guess I was probably in college at this point either at the end of high school or the beginning of college and I was moving furniture for a furniture company to make a living during school and in the midst of this one of the other one of my coworkers was leaving the job because he was leaving to go to seminary to be come a minister and when I heard that the basic feeling of my heart that this guy was leading you know work not that this was the goal for the rest of our lives working here at the time it wasn't that he was leaving to go into ministry to become like a pastor and my my heart thought was What a waste of life. Why would you do that why would you go into ministry like that and because I couldn't at that time see the kingdom of God I wasn't born again Jesus said unless you're born again you can't even understand it if you don't you don't understand there are people who maybe you go to church and you see someone up front or or someone singing or someone who shares a testimony and helps goddess change their life and sometimes maybe people wonder is he faking it is she faking it I just don't get it or you think maybe it's just not me I'm just not real religious maybe that's just how they are but God didn't make me really just maybe I'm just not made to be set. But that's not just not the truth I was the very same way I wasn't interested in the spiritual thing it's and yet something changed my life just like Jesus face speaking to negate the mist said you need to be born again he goes on to say in this passage. Nicky Maceo unto Him How can a man be born when he is old can eat enter the 2nd time into his mother's womb and be born now do you think it could be Miss really thought that's Jesus is talking about now after all he's kind of trying to shift the discussion because it hit close to home Jesus was telling this guy keep in mind it could be Miss as probably always paid as Ty This entire life he's kept God's holy day since he was a child he is an upstanding citizen he is successful he's never eaten anything that the Jewish people were not supposed to eat and so this man should be a shoo in to heaven and yet Jesus says in less you're born again you can't even see the kingdom but not now not just that you can't go there you can't even see it and if he misses I kind of trying to you know deflect to the issue here because what is Jesus talking about but Jesus comes back in verse 5 by saying Jesus this is John chapter 3 verse 5 us Jesus answered Verily verily I say into the except a man be born of water. And. He said in a surprise again you can't even see it you don't even get it if you're not born again you don't understand spiritual issues and the 2nd time he says unless you're born again. You cannot enter into the kingdom of God But here he says you need to be born of 2 things the water and of the Spirit none it could be misunderstood that the water here was the water baptism John is just been baptizing people people's lives are being changed as a repenting from their sins John understands that in order to give your life fully to Jesus we should choose to be baptized were bought brought to the river or were brought to a watering area where there's enough water where we are brought down under the water and we repent of all our sins and it's symbolically washed away it's like we die as we go on to the water for only there for a split seconds but it's symbolic of death and that water and coming back up into newness of life and Jesus was teaching this to John or to nicotine mishear and he said he needed to be born of water and of the spirit meaning if we're going to be changed in life we need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives we need God to do something more we need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind it's so thinking about this we it goes on further from here and it says in verse 7 Jesus says to nicotine this marvel not Emmy's don't be surprised Marvel not that I said unto you you must be born again. Then he says the wind blows where it lists and where it will and you hear the sound there of that you cannot tell whence it comes and whether it goes so is everyone that is born of the Spirit now if you've never had an experience with God This may be kind of confusing but the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit works on every human heart whether someone is in the you know jungles of South America whether someone is in the Serengeti there in Africa never heard that the message of Jesus Christ never heard the name Jesus yet the Bible teaches that all across the world is a Holy Spirit that works on everyone's hearts and the Bible says that the Holy Spirit is like it's like when we need the trees I lived in Iceland for a year and while living in Iceland when I 1st got there in January the wind was unbelievably powerful I got off the plane we were getting got out of the air or stood on the on the probably concrete but it was ice at the time and the wind was so intense that it literally I was sliding because of the pressure of the wind pushing me along and it was very intense and I said to the people who are picking us up from the airport I said Is it always this intense here and they said yes. It hurts him you're off American but I got into this is intense and for months it was that intense the wind was unbelievably powerful and then one particular day we were eating breakfast and it seemed eerily strange. It was very awkward what there's something not right and couldn't tell what it was and finally it struck us as we were eating breakfast. The trees are whipping back and forth like they normally are there was a day when that didn't seem to have all this intense wind now on a day that there is not intense wind does that mean there's absolutely no wind now there's always some wind even if it's too small to feel there's always some breeze even if you can't see it and it's like that with the Holy Spirit's Holy Spirit sometimes has when the soul powerful in your lie and your life maybe you're at some meeting or you're part of a week of prayer or whatever it is the Holy Spirit is powerfully impacting your heart and there are other days where ever you don't see the power of the Holy Spirit you will see this great intense wind all around you but that doesn't mean the Holy Spirit's not working on those days the Holy Spirit is always there sometimes we see it more powerfully and other times it is simply a still small boy 6 and Jesus said it's light that the wind blows where it will and you hear the sound there but you can't tell what whence it comes and whether goes just like you don't see when in the treats you see the extractive the wind so too with the spirit you don't see the Holy Spirit but you can sense feel the power of the Spirit in your lives and thinking about this this man his life was about to be changed by G.'s s. is life was almost transformed by Jesus but not this day later on he seemed to really give us life that we see that at the end of the Gospel but I'm going to look at this issue of being born again Jesus tells us here he said in verse 6 that was just born of the flesh is flesh and that which is part of the Spirit is spirit Marvel not that I said unto you must be born again that was just born of the flesh is flesh what is at meat now were here I'm not there but you're in a medical clinic and. Maybe I don't know that babies are born here but in a standard hospital a baby might be born when a baby is born babies are born according to the bible of the flesh meaning they're born to their fleshly mother their fleshly mother had her own struggles with sin and so did their earthly father and when they were born they have their desires of the flesh many human beings have cravings for the things of this world when a baby is hungry it doesn't quietly wait for its mother to feed it to pick what does it do it cries because that's its nature right when it doesn't like something it cries when it goes to the bathroom and it has a dirty diaper it cries because we are born of the flash with certain cravings and desires and we want those cravings fulfilled we want them rather really we want to now right and Jesus said that which is born of the flesh flash but that which is born of the Spirit is spirit you need to be born again what does this mean call God gives us more insight into actually what this means in John Chapter 8 a rep Romans chapter 8 rather Romans chapter 8 verse 56 and 7 pts in Romans chapter 8 verse 56 and 7. Paul gives us an understanding of what Jesus was saying to negate the mess we're looking Romans chapter 8 beginning in verse 5 he says for they better what does it mean to be asked for the flesh to be born of the flesh he says for they better after the flesh do mind the things of the flash and they that are after the Spirit the things of the spirit to call tells us listen do you want to know what it means to be of the flash very simple down there stand to be of the flash means you think continually about classily think to think about things of the world so if your mind is constantly going to worldly things you know that you're of the slashed but on the other hand if your mind thinks about spiritual things you know that you're in the spirit this is what the scriptures reveal and then he says for to be carnally Carnally is to be fleshly in the Spanish language any one who knows Spanish meat or flat is called cutting their karmic right or where we get the word car no right same root word and so this is the flesh they insist for to be carnally or fleshly mind is death but to be spiritually minded is a life and Pete's we told you we shared with you from Jeremiah that God has a plan a Goal a Purpose for your life to be that you would be whole that you would have a future and a whole and this says when you're spiritually minded you end up having life and peace and then it says in verse 7 but the carnal because the carnal mind is enmity. Or at war against stop or does not subject to the law of God night there indeed can it be so the Bible says that the carnal mind war is against thought so in it says that it's not subject to God's laws so the way that we're born is contrary to God's law the way that we're born is we don't actually like the things of God's law that's why when when I heard a guy at work say that he was going to go into ministry my thought was Why would you wish to get life doing that we don't get it by nature it doesn't even make sense to us that someone would want to be spiritual we don't get it and the Bible says that we are naturally against the law of God So if you're the kind of person who and the law of God By the way is more than just the 10 Commandments the law of God into a tallit he is the Word of God right and if you don't like to read the Bible and you don't read the Bible that's normal that's totally natural and the reason we most people read the Bible is because they know like to read it and why don't they like to read it because that's natural until we're born again when we're born again God actually brings us to the point where instead of disliking the Bible which is natural we actually begin to love the Word of God which is unnatural it's actually supernatural so you may think Ok you're the kind of person who likes to read the Bible that's just who you are that's just kind of like your d.n.a. your family is like that right that's not the way I was I didn't want to read the Bible I had 0 interest in reading the Bible but something happened. I was challenge by an atheist I met a guy who did not believe in the Bible he to me seemed like he was on the way to becoming a cult leader and these people kind of following him and it seemed like almost doing what he said and and he wanted to show that I was a foolish Christian because I believed in God though I had 0 desire to follow him or read his Bible and if you ask me Are you Christian I would have said yes but I was as much of a Christian as that time as I am an astronaut today maybe thinking I didn't know that you're an astronaut Well I'm not but what if you said to me Chad what do you what do you what do you do I Sam an astronaut and you say oh really you work for NASA no did or did you like take astrophysics or something. Never actually never even took a physics class so what makes you an Astra you somehow work in f. sealed Well no what makes you an astronaut and I say I'm an astronaut in my heart now if I told you that you would think this guy is ridiculous I mean astronaut in my heart but I would have told you the same thing I didn't read the Bible I didn't pray I didn't think about God and I didn't want to think about God but I believed in Jesus and I believe he died for the sins the world and if you would have asked Are you a Christian I would have said yes and you would've said How are you a Christian I would have said in my heart. But that was really a cop out that was really kind of a cover for the fact that I wasn't following Jesus at all right and back to this illustration here so thinking about this for a moment that I wasn't walking with God at all but yet I claim to be and we could do the very same thing but we need to be according to Bible born again so if you don't like to read the Bible that's totally normal but this atheist challenge to me he tried to make me look like a full and he actually did he did a really good job of it I got to end it on and I don't even know his name and if I saw him today I would even know but he challenged me says you believe in the Bible and I said yes he said Tell me the 10 Commandments all you're not expecting out of an atheist and I said. I guess I really don't know the tank it's because if you're Christian you don't know the 10 Commandments Yeah I guess that looks pretty ridiculous is to say you're Christian I said yes he said Do you believe in the Bible I said yes he said Have you ever read it. No he said How do you believe the book you never even read and I thought of and I thought yeah I yes I'm look like a total I don't know. Done so I'll say it nicely and and but I decided that day nobody was ever going to ask me that question again and I would say no I was going to go home and read the Bible slowly out of pride just so nobody could ask me out a question again and I look like a fool so I began from that day for spending time pretty much every day reading the Bibles I would I was in college and I would sit down and I would do my studies and I just study like 5 hours every night maybe I'm a little slow or maybe some professors give way too much study you know too much reading maybe a little bit of both but never less so I've read everything and as I was studying I would take like a half an hour off to chew tobacco and read the Bible and so that's what I would do day after day after day I'd be chewing my tobacco and read my bot. I know that the Bible said that you should you know 1st Corinthians 3 1st Corinthians 6 that your body is the temple of God and we shouldn't destroy our bodies and you know that I got there sooner or later. But so there I was to my to back and reading the Bible slew and through that process of spending time day by day by day in God's Word it began to change it began to transform my life my character began to change finally at one point when I did find out somebody actually shared with me 1st Corinthians 3 and 6 where it says what Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you which you have of God and you are not your own so you were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body in your spirit which are thoughts and then 1st going to history says don't destroy your body right because the body is to be the temple of God and when I saw all these things it was that very night that I pulled out of my my pocket the tin of chewing tobacco and I threw that stuff out and from that day sort of gave me victory because I realized something that night that not only I wanted to quit I really did I tried over and over and over and over but I could but for the 1st time I realized not only did I want to quit g. s. wanted me to quit and then he gave me the zip to read over that so and so but it was through the process of reading the Bible and you say Ok what does this all have to do to being born again remember Jesus said to nicotine miss you need to be born again. And Peter you may remember Peter one of the Apostles turned away from Jesus at one point he claimed he didn't even know him he cursed in his name 3 times he denied him but then after Jesus rose from the dead he fully repented of self but actually maybe even did it before I think he even did it before when Jesus walked by just after he. Was cursing and swearing same he didn't know Jesus the Bible tells us that their eyes met each other and I think in Jesus' eyes he saw compassion love and forgiveness. Because I think if he would have seen condemnation and Jesus looking at him like you are lost without hope of eternal life I think Peter would've maybe gone and done what Judas to maybe would have went on themselves but the fact that he didn't shows that in Jesus' eyes he knew that there was forgiveness in she's us and we diesels died on the cross and rose from a sense Peter fully changed he was transformed he was born again so much so that he wrote the book in part to tell us how to be born again because you hear about being born again and that sound so a theory a what on earth does that mean but then he tells us in the 1st book Ebro calls 1st Peter in 1st Peter chapter one verse 23 he tells us exactly in one sentence how to be born again he says this he says being born again not of corruptible seed but have been corrupt of all by the Word of God which loosen abides forever Peter tells us you are born again by the will of God So I'll repeat myself for more time how are we born again it is by the Word of God and just like this atheist helped me to be born again because he got me into the Bible actually once again to use purely selfish on my part to read the Bible and I'll be honest with you when I began reading it I don't even think I really enjoyed it you know I because that's normal. As I wasn't born again but the Bible tells us when we are born again we actually get to the point where it is a blessing to us we do enjoy it where you read the Word of God in it is a thrill to your soul but you can't make that happen that is as we spend time in God's word he changes us and so if you don't like reading the Bible don't it if I can't do it because that's hypocritical No that's how you're born again by spending time in God's word allowing the Holy Spirit to transform you by the renewing of your mind as you're reading and spending time meditating reading the Word of God And speaking of this issue of being born again James who wrote one of the simplest books in the Bible if you ever really feel confused reading the bible go read the book of James Most of what he says 98 percent of it is like up that makes perfect sense you are beating around the bush James you are giving us all kinds of you know if the aerial ideas are as concrete James says this and James 117 and 18 every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of Lights every good gift comes from God With whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning and then he says this of his own will of God's will he be gap that's an old term for gave birth of his own will be gat he us or he gave birth to us with the word of truth so how are we birthed into God's kingdom through the Word of Truth. If we want to be born again and guess what God wants more than anything every one of us will be born again you might have had the false conception that God wants you to be lost because you're just not very spiritual but the Bible actually tells us in 2nd Peter chapter 3 that God is not willing that any ship and that includes you he wants you to be say it says of his own will be gathered here us with the word of truth that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures so we become a special child of God spending time in his word mortal times the Bible tells us how to be born again in these through the Word of God And so Jesus talking to Nick at the mess he was the living Word of God He was literally the living breathing word of God Spirit speaking face to face with Jesus and you said all I wish Jesus would have spoken face the face of Meath the good news is he will we are all going to see him some day every one of us whether we follow Him as our Savior or isn't whether we reject him someday he will speak face to face with us and at that time every need will buy a house every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of the glory of God the Father Philippines to tells us every knee will bow every tongue will confess and we can hear we can bow and confess to him with a heart full of love at that time if we allow him to change our heart today. If we will spend time with him daily in His Word we can allow him to change us as we yield our lives to the power of the Holy Spirit. And Jesus himself said in that beautiful passage one of the most beautiful passages of Scripture outside of maybe well all the other parts of us but in John Chapter 15 verse 3 Jesus speaking about I am the vine you're the branches he says in verse 3 of John chapter 15 now you are clean How how could we be clients because we're born sinners remember we're born of the flash with all these filthy earthly thoughts of selfishness and then he says in John 15 verse we now you are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you may remember in Psalms 1000 verse 9 where it asks a great question where with all Shelley young men cleanse his way by taking heed there or by paying attention by pain he dare to according to the word how can a young man how can a human cleanse their weight by paying attention to the Word of God and then verse Psalms 100 verse 11 says I word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against what a beautiful thought and Jesus says now you are clean through the Word which I have spoken to you Oh that we would all have atheists make us look like fools so that we can do. It But even if you go to the Word of God in selfishness God can use just that desire. To change our lives and I'm not saying that if if you went to God's Word for the 1st time out of pure you know decency and a heart full of love praise the Lord I'm glad for that but many times people go to the Word of God for science and they don't want to go to hell but you don't get to go to heaven just because you don't want to go to hell we go to heaven because Jesus died on the cross for us and that we can receive him as our personal Savior that he can help us turn away from our sins will tend to confess our sins we can be Orren again we can be claimed it's through the Word of God which is spoken to us I want to close with a story you may have heard before to such a great story it's a testimony from Pastor Mark Finney some of you probably heard that name before he had a man come to his evangelistic meetings this man somehow was a biker he might have been even in a biker gang and if you've ever seen those folks are typically tough looking people I imagine him with you know maybe of beer shaved head leather jacket and I think he did have this leather jacket coming to these meetings somehow someway It's funny how the spirit moves. The spirit moves one of my good friends was was a drug dealer and he was good he was driving by attend a meeting in evangelistic tent meeting here $5000.00 cash in his pocket as as a part of his drug dealing he had drugs in the trunk of his car ready to go deal and somehow he saw an evangelistic meeting and as he saw this evangelistic meeting he went in and that particular night a young man at that time was named David Ashley This was a number of years ago quite young at the time. But that he settled there but he's quite young at the time there he was he was preaching and he made this appeal give your life to Jesus stand up give your life to Jesus and be cleanse and my friend named Matt Parr Matt thought to himself he'd been living the life of slim since a drug deal sleeping with prostitutes and there he was feeling totally filthy thought how could I stand how could I stand his filthy as I am I just I don't think I'm worthy to stand up and have Jesus forgive me but then a thought came to him that he thought what if I stood up and what if Jesus could make me feel clean for just one minute what he could make me feel clean for just one minute and then he thought and standing up would be worth it and he stood up and gave us life to Jesus he is a minister today in Australia and he to me is one of the most powerful speakers on the Word of God that I've ever heard and I'll tell you what God can change our lives no matter what we've done he can cleanse us but back to about Bucky was a in this motorcycle gang he was he literally on a we can't know Joe he would like to go to the bar get drunk and he would love to get into a fight some people just love a good fight and some people when they get drunk they get more angry and but he might have been that kind but he would literally get drunk he would take a glass of beer bottle he rich smash it over the table there at a bar and he would literally stick it into somebody's space cut somebody up with it. Those are the kind of people Jesus loves to say. You know I want you gloves to save all sinners and if you don't think you're that evil well your heart is carnal like that you just may be warm born into a situation or raised in a situation that major like bets but you would have done the very same thing given the same circumstances if you don't believe that well you probably wouldn't buy us I'll leave it at that I will go nevertheless so Bucky what happens he ends up he comes to this somehow some way comes to an evangelistic meetings there is Mark Finley preaching night after night it's Thuringen is heart the Holy Spirit is working on Bucky as he hears the word of God he 6 experiencing a born again experience but one particular night there was a skinny guy with glasses maybe look like me it wasn't me but you know something some skinny guy some kind of intellectual came to the meeting and began to argue with Pastor Mark Finley he even began to loot insult him and Bucky standing off to the side watching this guy insult the minister that has been a part of Jesus' work in changing its life and after this guy insults him that he sticks his finger in Mark Finley's face finally mark him he turns to Bucky he sees and there is a big bite and he says Bucky. You take care of that guy form this guy for me and Bucky looks at this giant biker guy and you know you can imagine that's kind. And this Holcomb the man Bucky walks up towering over this skinny little guy and he says Listen Mr you better be happy that there is a God because a few weeks ago if you had a comment stuck your finger in a friend's face like this and one of my friends faces and insulted him like this if you would have done it 2 weeks ago I would have grabbed you I would have taken you all back and I would have had my we said you better be happy there's. Because now. All I want to do is hug you and he just reached out and he did love people bare. Now how does that happen how does that happen how does within days a man go from liking to shove a glass bottle into somebody's space and cutting them to making him want to hug a guy who's insulting his friend that's impossible it is impossible with the men it is impossible but not with God Jesus said For With God all things are possible the Word of God changes Bucky's life the spirit of God changed Bucky's lives friends we need if you have never accepted Jesus as your personal savior I would challenge you to ask him right now Jesus come into my life would you forgive me for all I have done and would you make me a follower of you and cleanse me help me to experience being born again and I would challenge you day by day to spend time in his word it's what changed my life and it's what still is changing my life. And friends I would challenge you walk with Jesus day by day invite Jesus into your life die daily to selves 6 begin each day with Him in His word allowing that word to cleanse us now you are clean through the Word which I have spoken to let us to close with the word. Evidently Father we thank you for your love we thank you for Jesus you can thank you for Bucky's in really all of us for a bunch of Buckie sure maybe we all didn't do what he did as a big ole biker the we all have our own sins and some of us may not think our own sins are so bad a father I prayed that you would help us to repent that we would be transformed then we like. Peter though would be a sin to we may feel ashamed like we don't deserve forgiveness maybe we recognize that the eyes of Jesus looking down at us are not eyes of hatred and anger but they are our eyes of compassion and love willing to forgive at this very moment not waiting till we get everything right the willing to forgive. Thank you Jesus for your love's in the name of Jesus we call. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading visit w w w audio verse or.


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