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The Last Supper

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 6, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Well we have a high sabbath day and we get to celebrate communion today which we haven't been doing because of the pandemic for quite some time and the more I studied about this the more I realize that it really is spiritual damaging to not be able to have the the services of the church especially foot washing and. Foot washing in the Lord's Supper historically Protestants have not celebrated this probably as much as they should because of an over reaction against misunderstandings in the Middle Ages but in the New Testament church they had daily foot washings and daily Communion services from house to house and says and accept to. Several places and why do I say they had daily foot washing because every day you washed your feet in Roman society you were not considered a clean citizen and you were actually aiding and abetting disease so if you do now wash your feet once a day you are trouble. So every meal and every time of getting together would have included foot washing and we kind of Las that today and so sometimes churches will have actually Communion Service allow foot washing which would be a big no no hole in Jesus' day you never did it and never ever did that that would be like disgusting so as I was thinking about this idea of washing. Talked about several text today in the various services but today I want to talk about Isaiah and this service Isaiah chapter one to turn within your Bibles to Isaiah Chapter one. And we're going to look here at a very fascinating text in. Or 16 through 18 watch yourselves make yourself claim put away the evil of your doings from a 4 mile high seas cease to do evil learn to do good seek justice rebuke the oppressor defend the Polish plead for the widow like it says in James have to $127.00 visit widows and orphans and their afflictions and then the text Come now let us reason together saith the Lord though your sense are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow and though their road like crimson they shall be as Hul. So the stains of send. Can be taken away or talk about that today but have you ever heard of any court cases where stains were actually used to convict the killer. Remember o.j. Simpson trial with blood so gloves and he only got out because of a slick saying by Johnny Cochran the gloves don't fit you must what. No one knows then gloves don't love because they don't fit you must acquit but d.n.a. sampling later on tested and so that the Simpson's blood was on the gloves as well as the people that were murdered. And so he had a serious civil suit were lost all his body and went to jail because of the stains looking at the stains but about Marc Anthony he tried to take over after Caesar was killed by Brutus because he held up his shirt so called bloody shirt defense and so the blood of Caesar and there was a out pouring of public support for the deceased Emperor What about Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors and they tried to cover their tracks by staining the. That coat and smearing blood on it they got away with it for some time but later on they were found out. And then what about Cain and Abel his blood still cries out from the ground says the Scriptures Cain had killed him and what about. Probably this one. Remember j.f.k. and the day that he died was shot with a bullet in Dallas and his wife Jackie continued to wear the blood stained pink Chanel suit that she had on she wore that day and they said once you put something else on as Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in as president and she said No let them see what they've done let them see the stains let them see the staples Abraham Lincoln also killed by John Wilkes Booth as he slumped forward in that chair and then his head went back blood all over the chair and the chair was kept as evidence in the court trial and then later sold back to the ford. Theatre where he can still see it today. So blood stains. Related to our passage today so let's look back now at our passage in Isaiah Chapter one Verse 18. Come now let us reason together said the Lord though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow so the be like red like crimson they shall be as Wall who's been addressed here come let us reason together who is God calling. Who is the calling. He's calling Israel in this particular time those who have filled they have gone to so far too far those who knew better and kept doing wrong things anyway. First to it says children who had rebelled against him this cry is not being made to complete strangers it's being made to those who are His children. And actually it's a cry then to us the Israel of God as collations calls the church and they're acting actually worse than animals it says in verse 3. Verse 3 the ox knows that sound of the dockets master but Israel does not know my people don't consider so they're actually acting worse than animals sometimes we forget what we did we have a spiritual amnesia because we like to think that we're we've done everything right and. This is the human case we hear about beastly crimes that he committed but these are worse than animals. And animals never do. To each other what humans do to each other here humans are always crueler than animals to one another in humanity of mankind an animal did the kind of things that humans do they would be probably eliminated. And at least the ox and donkey recognize who's feeding them. Sometimes we even forget that So this is against those who had rebelled against his own people 1st forces they're loaded with iniquities. Are loaded with iniquities verse 5 they've been chastened already and their bodies are covered with bruises and lacerations but they still continue in rebellion how long would you put up with a dog that refused to obey you that attack you but this is what Israel's pictured is doing and so calm let us reason come the people he's calling is the Church of those who are the closest to him those that are within the body of Israel the body of Christ and what does the invitation Come let us do what. Let us reason together today we live in an era of non reasoning people don't know the reasons for what they're doing and they don't understand what's going on especially in spiritual things is the lack of standing under or understanding. You know you go to churches and sometimes they're singing 711 songs they say the same 7 words 11 times and they don't even know what those mean and it's kind of like reduced everything is reduced it's it's really kind of. I'm amazed at how Fact us the sermons are superficially looking at texts not looking at underlying words and not really even studying and so there's a superficial ality. The Bible actually addresses the issues of today in deep profound ways if you actually took the time to look on the surface a little bit and so he says calm let us do what. Reason together. You know some people have talked about the Bible not being scientific Well what they don't understand is there wouldn't be any scientific without the Bible number one and secondly many times as I'm studying texts and working with people it's right in line with the science for instance the take foot washing as I mentioned in the midweek service but watching. Actually if you put someone's water and warm feet in warm water it has a calming effect on them physically mentally emotionally and opens them up spiritually and they've actually done studies on this and there was a person that was working in a mental health environment where there was bad mental health issues and there also was disease and the people were downright dangerous but as they began washing their feet and give them treatments of warm water on their feet they would open up they would say things and they would become more open than they ever had been before so Actually Jesus foot washing was the best way to focus the attention of the disciples and to open them up to actually being able to reason Come let us reason together they were all think seeking their own ambitions they were all seeking their own will in their own way. And how often when we try and compartmentalize their communion services by not having the foot washing aspect then we actually are not really even getting to the root of anything we're just have a little snack at church. When really we need to take the time which is why we talked about it midweek service so we can have the time to prepare it for the folk watching today. And the other thing is people talk about a blind faith. I don't think the word blind faith is found anywhere really in the Bible. And something hoped for the evidence of things not seen might be the closest but. Our faith is not blind God's ways are always reasonable That's why when you look at them they are reasonable ways of looking at the data you take the. You take nature things in nature one way to look at them is evolution over millions of years it seems highly and reasonable to look at it that way to me as I look at the data Another way is there was a creator even science itself says now there was a big bang that's a close as they can come boom but there stipulating that there was a punk killer a point in time that things happened Come let us reason together God's ways are reasonable God has given a strong reasons to believe in Him we look at the complex. Forms of nature for instance and we can see there was a designer the Apostle Postle Peter speaks about people becoming willfully ignorant. And ignorant means to either not know something or ignore something that's right there in plain. Come let us reason together and also the prophecies give a strong reasons to believe the Bible Prophecy that was stated before hand and then came true afterwards the Bible is about 30 percent prophecy and there's been over 350 prophecies and came true concerning Christ himself Come let us reason together. Or a cop coming meeting with Louis Taurus he was dead in trespasses and sins he paid for play for Bill Haley in the comments he was a he was their bass player and he was bass in many ways but then he heard Bible prophecy changed his life and when you come in here is series I believe God will change your life as I listen to him preach at my church in Kansas and as I heard how God had healed things in his family in his heart in his home it was an amazing story and we'll get to hear together but what you'll hear also is the reasoning of God Come let us reason together so what does he want to reason with you about though your sense be as scarlet they shall be white as snow he wants to reason with you about sense not today it's not popular and culture to talk about since there is no right there is no wrong and everything that used to be wrong is now right to look at the laws that are being suggested and passed in this nation that are against at least 5 or 6 of the 10 Commandments so God doesn't go for that he says let's reason about that because if you're involved in send it's destroying something in your life is it really reasonable to have chosen a few minutes of pleasure and to be lost forever over that is it really reasonable to gamble with your eternal life to take a chance that God is lying at the Bible is not true and that Jesus was a fraud is that reasonable now he says has no reasonable is it reasonable to reject God's offer of mercy and forgiveness is that reasonable Now that's none. Now that word though your sense be a scarlet is an interesting word the word scarlet literally is means double dyed. So you dipped something once that's not scarlet you dip it twice it's Scarlet the material is left so long in the dye that it permeates the very fibers and this is what sent does if you keep sending your life and keep letting it happen it permeates very deeply into the very fibers of your be. And this text is now saying though your sins be that deep God is good news for you. Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be what. White as snow I used to work as a carpet cleaner and when I was younger my wife would say don't do that now very much but. Norman The guy I work with he was though a master at getting stains out. And he was known actually around the Detroit area they call him up I heard you can get my stains out I still spilled something these are very affluent homes normal would go there and he would work magic and the stains would come out I remember so people hugging him one person held a party because he got the stains out of something. But one of the hardest things to remove his blood in fact is very hard back some people fact some people say it cannot be removed at all and yet in this passage. The words as though your sins be as scarlet I'll make them white as snow I can I can reverse the curse of sin and sickness like nobody else. Though they be red like crimson they shall be as will. So I have good news for you today if sense has taken hold of your life in any way this was the right service to come to because in the service we have the foot washing which symbolizes that cleansing washing of the water by the word of peace in 525 my words our spirit and their life John 663 he sent his word and healed them Psalm 10720 and so as we partake in that foot washing service that God ordained he said look never separated from the the the supper because this is the reason the supper is a supper of joy because you now are fully cleansed and then you come with bless it asserts and your Senzo a scarlet become white as snow red like crimson though as a wall and you say hallelujah So this is the point. Of the text if you're willing and obedient if you're willing to be in verse 19 says you shall eat the good of the Lamb. So if you're willing obedient to part taken that foot washing ceremony. Which God said we shouldn't do until he comes in John Chapter 13. And that cleansing is still available for you we practice an open communion here if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you're happy to have you partake even if you're visiting with us today and several locations for foot washing I don't know if I'm going to get this right because they've changed every service. The men will be will be meeting right outside the there are chairs set up for the men to wash one another's feet and. Then also the ladies will be meeting in the old chapel. And then if there's couples. That want to wash each other's feet you've had such a traumatic experience in your life you need a Washington of his feet. And then that's in the student center. So students that are couples women old chapel men right outside and those with disabilities or the need special ascendants assistance and that way they can't walk that far over to my right in the 1st door coming in from outside to the left there and that's what will do now by the way. I remember someone came for the very 1st time I've never been to a community service before and they found out that they were going to watch each other's fee and they kind of freaked out and this man actually that had this freak out experience was sitting right next to Dr Natalie sitting mess deck to Nellie says What are they doing and he told them he goes I'm not going to have him I wash my feet my feet look terrible they're the worst ever doctor now they said well I'll wash your feet if you let me and I've seen terrible feet I'm a doctor I've seen all these different things there's no kind of foot problem that seemed like I had not seen it and I've washed the feet of people who didn't have toes they had big marks and everything I like I can imagine your feet are like that but even if there were I've watched feet so I let him wash his feet when he got through he was so touched by that experience and he came to me and he said to me that man over there he's a doctor and he was my fee I said he's actually the president of the Institute and what. He's the president of the Institute. Could someone else watch my feet so no that's not the point point is that when we come together as part of the Body of Christ is nobody that's above anyone else. We all need washing we all need cleansing we all have things that have been added up and they add up every day no Roman whatever go to sleep no no one in the Greco-Roman calls whatever go to sleep without washing their feet every single day they wash their feet and Jesus took that role he flipped the script he wasn't the president we were as if he's the president of the world. And he came and said look if I come and wash your feet. Since he was each other's. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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