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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • March 22, 2021
    7:39 AM
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Do you thirst this morning do you thirst this Barry heads in prayers we prepare to hear word from God the Father in heaven we are here today Lord because we need you. We need you and we pray Lord that as we come close to you that you would open our eyes to see a character of God with new eyes we see a God who cares a God who loves a God who is also thirsty so Lord speak to us and we thank you France in this prayer in Jesus name and in. C.b.s. reports that while most people know perfectly well that we must be high Drey did in order to live a healthy and productive lifestyle up to 75 percent of Americans are functioning in a chronic state of dehydration. The majority simply does don't drink enough water most health experts will commonly recommend 64 ounces or 8 cups of water a day as long as you don't exercise have believe or are your exposed to the heat of the sun for too long and this is normally sufficient $64.00 ounces of water a day unless of course you're running a full marathon as I was during the fall of 2011 in Michigan you know Michigan in the fall the temperatures are already cool. And it was the Detroit Press Free Press marathon in and I admit that I completely misjudged my knees of water. You see I was in sweating very much in the cool of the day. And so I didn't want to take the risk of drinking too much water for those who have ran a marathon here or any kind of long distance you know what I'm talking about especially if you're if you're pulling for a p r or personal record you realize that every 2nd counts and you don't want to unnecessarily stop for a restroom break. After all a p.r. is which are aiming for and like I said every 2nd counts so I chose to bypass matches one water station but 7 and by God's grace and I truly mean by His grace I cross that finish line but when I did I merely passed out I was stumbling from side to side swaying to the left and to the right. Unfortunately volunteers that were there went to my rescue and held me up. And I was literally carried by volunteers to the medical tent where they found my blood pressure to be 76 over 43 and they concluded that I was severely dehydrated my family finally found me laying on a med with an i.v. stuck right there in my arm. Surprisingly or rather unsurprisingly I should say during the final 6 miles or so the marathon dehydration had slowed me down causing me to miss a p.r. by less than one minute. Believe me it's dangerous to be the hydrated. The results of dehydration can include muscle cramps depression constipation hypertension kidney stones joint complications and yes even death. Yet though many We 75 percent of Americans according to that study many live on the verge of such grave than and serious consequences dehydration it is very preventable very preventable in fact one way to prevent dehydration is actually a biblical theme and both the Old and New Testament. An ancient prophet received a message to wreck leave from God himself he heard the words of God speaking to him in which God gave him an invitation to a hybrid and thirsty people I say recorded God's word in Chapter 55 if you have your Bibles I invite you to open to Isaiah 55 Isaiah Chapter 55 verse one and God said of him all you who are thirsty. Come to the waters come to the waters those who are dearest to come come God set us. When your mouth is dry with thirst and your muscles feel fatigued there's only one place to go to be invigorated to the one urse to the waters but here's an interesting fact. Did she know that when you're actually thirst Steve you are already dehydrated. The moment you 1st you have already lost as much as one to one to 2 percent of your body's water content and all your energy or your energy will decrease by as much as 20 percent when you simply thirst a 10 percent decrease in water and you'll be unable to walk. And a 20 percent decrease in your dead but when a master designer god is what a creator god to have created does with such a complex set of biological processes that that trigger in the brain a thirst response for liquid were amazing amazing bodies that God designed in and if and when our body necessitates it we have a trigger system that lets us know that but what that means is that when you have drank 64 ounces of water yesterday yesterday. And you don't go to the waters today you will thirst again you will there still get but there's a deeper thirst an innate longing to satisfy a persistent verse that's deep in our big. It's a soul thirst it's an inexpressible desire it's a year or needing it compels us deep within to to do something to fill to satisfy that craving. It's a soul thirst and all of us with no exception you have that people longing that deep thirst within your being all of you do that's what Jesus seems to hint at in his most famous discourse known as the Sermon on the Mount and Matthew chapter 5 Cheesus begins with a series of statements he's stacking ideas they're known as the Beatitudes many of you are familiar with the Beatitudes Jesus spoke of those who are poor in spirit of those who move and of those who are meek. And then he goes on to say this blessed said are the lows Jesus has blessed that are the us who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. The Greek word translated till it is found in Matthew chapter 5 is toward Taso meaning to fatten to fill or to satisfy Jesus is recognizing that there are those who thorough for things other than water and that desire can be powerful some thirst for acceptance and approval. Athletes thirst for victory in an achievement businesspeople they thirst for market shares politicians they thirst for control and and power a scholar's they thorough for knowledge others thirst for wealth and free. Add to that lists you know what you've been thirsty for we're human beings we're all we're all wired that way we thirst. We're all for us it's a characteristic of being human. See robots with artificial intelligence and sensors could easily hear detect smells feel heat and cold and the like but robots cannot love or fall in love This morning today I was in the restroom in and and we had Alexa with this some of you know who Alexa is she says your house too probably she's a very artificially intelligent machine and asked her this morning with my sermon in mind I said Alexa. Do you love me. He know it she answered I kid you not I am quoting Alexa she says I don't have human love figured out yet. Has which she said. And I have news for Alexa. She never will. Because robots cannot mature emotionally with age robots don't grow up robots don't experience good feelings robots do not curse. We thirst. Because we were made in the image of our Creator. And the creator sat us to the ones he created and Isaiah Chapter $55.00 Verse 2 Why do you spend money for that which is not bread and your wages for that which does not satisfy listen carefully to me and eat what is good let your soul delight itself in abundance in other words God speaking through the prophet Isaiah is saying this he is asking this why drink of the water of which are going to thirst again come to the waters the waters I have for you listen to me whoever drinks of the water that are the soul give him will never 3rd choice does what he seem to the prophet Isaiah do those words sound familiar though whosoever shall drink of the water that I give them will never thirst again those words sound familiar Don't they keep those words in the back of your mind as we're going to come back to those for they were spoken by the same God but in a different time and in a different place but now to the prophet Isaiah God's message which began in verse one I'm still in Isaiah Chapter 55 would began in verse one as an invitation to everyone everyone who 3rd come to the waters now gets real close and personal in verses 6 and 7 See that's how God operates its very nature its character yes the Bible authors chose to write for God so loved the womb. That the Holy Spirit is saying God loves you. When God speaks to everyone he's speaking to you it mentally and personally and God has something to say for 6 and 7 seek the Lord while He may be found you who are thirsty call upon him while he is near with the wicked for seek his way and be and write his men his thoughts let him return to the Lord and you will have mercy on him and to our God for he will abandon the pardon. At 1st glance at 1st glance these 2 verses reveal for imperatives seek call for sake return or however more careful reading reveals to Sat's of appeals when in verse 6 and the other in verse 7 now both sets are expressed in in which called he put extra all called synonymous parallelism the Hebrew writers did this often they would love to to repeat the same idea using different words and you see is more often than what you might think for example your word is a lamp to my feet and the light to my path and you see this again and again throughout the Scriptures and Isaiah writes this way as well in this short passage the 1st set of words is seek and call c can call the 1st imperative to seek tell us tells us what to do the 2nd imperative tells us how to do it so the 1st is seek. Moses use that same Hebrew word. Translated seek in the English language and around me Chapter 4 was 29 when he wrote seek the Lord your God and you will find him if you seek Him with all of your heart and with all your soul and the psalm estate it expresses the the years me. David David posted to the emotional level he expresses the yearly is. Often associated with seeking. And Psalms 42 verses went into David writes as the dear law ends for St So water so I long for your god my soul 3rd for God for the living God When can I go and meet with God When can I go to seek the God that I thirst for in fact the Old and New Testament words to seek God with all your heart they mean various various meanings to seek the face of God It also means to desire to seek earnestly to diligently search for to wish for to grade crave and as you notice something these words the pit the very essence of thirst. Yes it's very heart of thirst sick yet unlike the multiple versions of hide and seek. That Alija Mariah played for many years over the years one person that they played when they were much younger was called was calling out if you see me say there you are just 3 or 4 years old and they would come up to me and I would be busy doing whatever and didn't matter it would come to me as a puppy puppy let's play when you see us Poppy when you see us say. See I if you see me say there you are you remember that Mariah. And after they would say Tell us tell us when you see a say there you are they would run off and hide and stick around the house hiding behind furniture and try to get as close as possible without being seed without being found. But not so with God. The saw Miss knew this and he wrote about it in Psalms 139 if I ascend into heaven very you are from a my make my bed in hell behold there you are if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the utmost parts of the sea even there your hand shall lead me and your right hand shall hold me there you are God Himself through the prophet Jeremiah promised if you when you seek Me you will find me when you search for Me with all your heart we seek billboard not because you get this not because he's hiding from us but because we have lost him. In our wanderings. No longer searching for him with all our hearts we have ceased so to drink living water and now we find ourselves in a chronic state of spiritual dehydration and could it be that the sobering stat that 75 percent of Americans even know they know perfectly well. That to be home trade is to live a healthy productive lifestyle. Could it be that this is but a reflection of the spiritual realm that many are indeed living in a chronic spiritual state of dehydration according to Pew Research Center 23 percent of Americans seldom or never prayed. For Santa glasses and according to Lifeway research went out of 8 Protestant church goers at mit that we rarely or never read the Bible. And these are churchgoers again empty glasses of people worshipping in a chronic state of dehydration spiritual dehydration You do realize that God becomes emotionally distant not because he forgets ups but because we forget him frankly I'm concerned about the level of spiritual dehydration that excuses in the Church of Jesus Christ. Yes Many believe that God exists that He created the heavens and the earth that the Bible is inspired that there is a place people prepared for us in heaven that awaits us but we often live. At a functional level of crime experience will dehydration asked if there is no God term to functional atheism leading us to a place where where there's an emotional disconnect with God. And the very reason why the invitation to seek the Lord while He may be found is because his love in precedence actually surrounds us and His desire is to be found he wants to be found by you he longs to be found which leads us to our 2nd imperative if the 1st is seek the Lord The 2nd is call upon Him How do you seek the Lord by calling upon him in the Bible the Hebrew word for Call it means to call out to to cry unto it's in Hebrew in the Greek it means to evoke a person to call a person by name and the same biblical story line appears again and again in the Bible if you read through the Gospels you see it again and again and again men in the crowd called out series Oh yes another time a man pleaded earnestly with Green Zone s. and in other places recorded that they begged trees to please place his hand on him. The degree of persistence on calling on the name of Jesus is simple portion to how much we value that which we want to possess just think about it think of the times and you're persistent you're persistent you have goals in life you're persistent and because you're persistent you carry on you continually seek after persistent but why are you persistent because evidently you value that which you are going after you value that which you want to Percent us and we determine how much value God will have in our daily lives by the words we say the lifestyles we leave the quality and quantity of time we spend with him in a bar goals in life all these things determine the value that we place in God which will in turn it be in proportion to how much we persist to call upon. And in the meantime what is God doing as he sees us in whatever state we're in he sees is there with his God do God offers the thirsty saw purifying living water and he waits and he waits he provides free freshening living water to the thirsty soul and he stands by he he makes invigorating living water of vailable to thirsty saw and the anticipates being found and prepares to be call at any time. From anyplace spy anyone who will but seek the Lord and call upon Him God we. Anxiously waits longing to respond to provide to give. To offer. And if the imperatives told us what to do and how to do it the parallel expressions that follow both imperatives tell us when we should do it was all his near and while he may be found Yes it's awesome to know that he is near 0 Ah that's good to know that's good to know and it's and it's just as equally awesome to know that he may be found but those promises are telling us is that you can know the God is within reach he's within reach that which will satisfy our deepest tourists is with the release he. And he smear but it gets better than that not only is he near. But he may be found He's find a bow he he may be found these are amazing promises. But there's also a very crucial word that word is why. Why. Don't read through that were too fast in fact ponder that word because as the operative operative word it makes all the difference it's one thing to have a promise it's another thing to have an urgent and important promise why. Makes me think of a story of a blind man a blind beggar on the streets of Jericho court in March after 10. That when Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was passing by he cried out for murder SCIRI was told Caesar's was nearer the immediate context of the very next chapter that's more chapter 11 now reveals that Bartimaeus encounter with Jesus took place on a Sunday for it's the story of the triumphal entry otherwise known as Palm Sunday but took place on the 1st day of the week and this can only mean one thing that this was the last time that she says ever walked through Jericho because 5 days later 5 days those tireless feet bad wot to Jericho those compassionate hands that touch the blind man's All eyes. Were now crucified to a Roman wooden cross word would have happened if our team is would have not sought she says was well he could be found if he had not call upon him while he was near would if he would I have to stand for him as in a drawing and we land where there is no water. I'll tell you what it would have happened you know what it would have happened he would have missed his last opportunity and we live our days oblivious in different underestimated how fragile life is it's and to know that there is a God who pursues us who gives us time and opportunity for team is Bartimaeus did not miss this opportunity for if he would have. He would have been a blind the high dreaded man sitting by the road begging for the rest of his life. The desperate Krai of the Thursday is I most drink of a living want that Jesus our 1st no was all he can be found Whoa he is near and we now move to the 2nd set of imperatives found in verse 7 Let the wicked for sake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts for sake means to renounce and it's a strong word to forsee you know what that means in the biblical context to no longer identify with that wicked way of behaving nor with the unrighteous way of thinking. Turn your back. For sake renounce turn your back on water fountains of this world everywhere people are unsatisfied they desperately grow. For any and every kind of pleasure that the enemy dangles in front of them cunningly put in front of them to entice them. To grow up all on to it he offers knowing very well that it will only lead to a greater thirst to a deeper dehydration and ultimately to spiritual death the pool will get drawn. But by God's grace you can walk away through Christ who strengthens you at times it may be necessary to to to find specialized counseling or or help or rehab but there is a way of escape that leads to the fountain of living water we don't need to find ourselves going back and back and back again to that which does not satisfy to going back and back to that which runs dry. We don't need to go back we don't need to go back but it's not enough to for sake sign up to for sake and say I'm done with this no longer identifying with the prophet continues let him return to the Lord. But the Lord will the Lord want me back maybe so what if he was thirsty for you reminds me of a parable that Jesus told a long time ago a parable of a young man. Who found himself in the muddy mistakes of his mess but he came to a census and he chose to arise and returned to his father now the Bible says that is father saw him while he was still a great way off. The son was filthy and dehydration. But the goodness of God is that the father neuron's towards him he wrong he runs towards him but that's more significant than what you might think the sin carefully this will forever change the way you read this story if you've never heard this before you see in the 1st century. No Middle Eastern. Man. Would ever run publicly if you were to run he would have to roll up his tunic because they wore robes that when down to their ankles they would have to roll up their tunics and then hold it between their legs in order to run and not for all trip up and hurt themselves but in doing so he could show his bare legs. And in that culture it was humiliating and saying feel for a man to show his bare legs so here's the question if it was same fall for a man to run in that culture a Jewish man to run it publicly in that culture why did the father run the the tax specifically uses that action verb and he ran to his son why did he run when his son returned to him it's a legit question in the context of what I just explained to you so you have to understand the rules of a Jewish community and this is where it gets interesting the young Jewish man had squandered his money in while living with Gentiles. Until it was all gone. He had gone to a distant land. To where the Gentiles live and we soon all his money so now he knows that a ceremony awaits him casm. It was a Jewish ceremony which literally means that cutting off. Cutting off it only took place when a former member of a village had gone nowhere they spent all his money would centavos and would want to return to his Jewish village the community would would take a large pot and they would they were surround the young men to humiliate him take a large part of clay and they would smash it in front of him on the ground. And they would pronounce and yell you are no cut off from your people. And it only took place when a young man returned from spending all his money to the Gentiles and so now the community would totally reject him and so the young man braces himself for the humiliation he will face when he tries to return to the family that he has insulted so again why did the father run. The father runs and shames himself in doing so in an effort to be good to his son before the cup indeed he did see him 1st and rejects him because you see is the father can reconcile with the son 1st before the community gets to him 1st. No one will treat his son badly so the father. Is looking out for a servant. Knowing the tradition the ceremony that awaits him upon his return and as soon as the father sets his eyes on him his father reaches his son 1st and falls on his neck and kisses him the father didn't wait for his son's confession of sin before he can be reconciled to Him No he offered his grace firsts and threw his arms around the son. And welcomed him home echoing the words of I say he will have mercy on him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon. We love Him because He 1st got to us and loved us what a god what a friend of sinners what a wonderful Seaview who thorough after the guilty the King of Heaven even condescended to become a thirsty weary traveler in the region of some area. God in the Flash being a thirsty man. Elegy white in a classic book The desire of ages prolific writer in the 19th century. She paints an amazing picture of contrasts that I love so much. These words he who made the ocean who can Trudeau's the waters of the great deep hoop in the springs in the channels of the earth rested from his weariness at Jacob's well and was deep pendant upon a stranger's kindness for even the gift of a drink of water. Would a God that he condescended to becoming a thirsty man. Yet with the same character to see and to say the the thirsty Jesus there in John Chapter 4 is very thirsty himself he's a thirsty traveler he's wayward he's dusty this is Jesus now remember Jesus being God could choose to easily quench his thirst by any means. But just a thought think about God who made water gushed out of a rock is no God incarnate he'll make walk you make water come out of anything but humanity was his lot and he was now dependent on his creation for a drink of water. And Jesus encounters this woman he patiently waited for someone to draw water for him to quench his thirst knowing though that the one who would show up who would come his way would even have a greater thirst and sure enough John chapter 4 over 7 records that a woman Mr marry a woman of some area came to draw water and Jesus in His humanity asked for water because he was thirsty yet Jesus searched her heart and he perceived in her a deep soul thirst and if you read through that dialogue he tactfully and lovingly reveal to her her Oh Miss us City longing to thirst her thirsty lying to satisfy her thirst John chapter 4 verse 13 says Jesus speaking whoever drinks of this water will thirst again but whoever drinks of the water that I saw give them will never thirst. Seem is a see listen to the words of Jesus seen you deep within your heart. That he spoke of something other than the water that was in this well she picked up on that she was a very very very smart intelligent woman you can tell by her by her interaction with Jesus and she knew that he spoke of something move for because she continually drank from the well the water and was still unsatisfied she was still thirsty so when Jesus speaks about water that once you drink you'll never thirst again she wondered and she was thirsty but for the healing in the hope that God only God the Messiah could bring and something begin to waken in her heart she began she began to have a craving an urge for something something that she said Psst was now with the who reach service she says give me this water. That I may not. Nor come here to draw She's desperate I don't even think she knew what she was even asking and it's at this very moment that she's realizing her soul 1st which recognition big money followers power influence knowledge wealth and fame and the list goes on and on and on and on none of that could ever satisfy she saw in Cheese's one who read her like an open book. Read through that story John for even greater detail just read through that story verse by verse she says Return like an open book knowing the secrets of ring life. Yet she felt as she listened to Jesus that he was her friend who loved her Timothy color an American theologian wrote this to be loved but not known it is comforting but super for superficial to be known enough love is our greatest fear but to be fully know and truly loved is well a lot like being loved by God It is what we need more than anything it liberates us from the pretense humbles us out of our self righteousness and fortifies us for any difficulty life can throw at us to be loved to be fully known and fully loved her thirsty soul now to be satisfied with living water sir give me of this one her she began to feel conviction. And wondered if this was the promised Messiah could this be the wine John chapter 4 of us 25 The woman said to him I know that Messiah is coming who is called Christ when He comes when he comes he will tell us all things. Have you ever been in that kind of situation it's a statement you make with the deepest longing to be answered will be the answer you're looking for when she said those words she service was looking straight into her eyes and he knew exactly what she wondered. And Jesus said to her I speak to you he who speaks to you. He. While. The revelation was almost over power. The woman is overwhelmed with satisfying Drew. And she says read through East he could see in her faith that drank of the water of life and was fascinating is that the disciples come back she's gone I mean she's overwhelmed with joy that she's running as fast as her feet can carry her and his thirst has been satisfied he has even drank one drink of water to do it in the story he knew she never got to the water she never gave him a drink but yet Jesus was satisfied and what I will read to you next is simply incredible it's commentary again Rym biology why in the same book to sarve ages it's a profound revelation of the character of God a God who also thirsts Listen to this our redeemer thirsts for recognition he hungers for the sympathy and love of those MEUs purchased with his own blood he longs with inexpressible desire that they should come to him and have life as the mother watches for the smile of recognition from a little child Woods tells of the dawning of intelligence so does Christ watch for the expression of grateful love which sows that spiritual life is begun in the song. Do you see the love do you see the heart of God. And his need of you his thirst for you our redeemer 3rd He longs with inexpressible desire he hungers for the sympathy and love of those he has purchased with his own blood see the love of God gives us it gives but it receives it receives he gives it away he does. And is felt in return indeed God is the father the product the son who thorough search for reconsideration with this son and as such a yearning for you that he was willing to be merely a himself on the cross just to be reconciled to you he thirst for the love of those who me perches with his old blood you see we are human he is God and we both thirst God thirst for you he wants you he longs for you he desires you and you and I long for something supplied the deepest thirst of our so and there's only one who can meet that need only one can truly satisfy the need of the world is she sent us Jesus said He that believeth me saw never thirst and you know why will you'll never thirst because you won't be spiritually dehydrated. And instead you'll be hydrated with the living water you'll never get to that place while you're thirsty again and again you'll be truly deeply satisfied it will Quince your thirst and you'll be high dream you did with the springs of living water Ellen g. white ad's the divine grace which 10 in part is as living water purifying refreshing and invigorating the So Ho oh my friends will you today right now we spawn to the pill that does not come from this preacher comes from the Holy Spirit Himself and Revelation chapter $22.00 for 17 in the spirit and the bright say Come. Let him let him who here say Come. Let him who serves. Whoever desires let him take the water of life freely. Today. For those who are here in person and speaking of those who are with their devices right now right now. We use stand with me today is. Like the woman at the well. I want to say serve. Give me this water. That I may know the 1st if you want to call out to Jesus like Bartimaeus why all he may be found why all here is near if you want to come to a father who runs to you. Because he is thirsty for you do. When you believe in trusts in Him alone who can satisfy your soul serves he alone. Yes you're thirsty I'm thirsty. And there is one who satisfies to the full this. Has an abundance of grace an abundance of mercy an abundance of love and abundance of everything we need for life. And true satisfaction. And all you have to do is say Jesus I believe I trust and I will stand with you Lord Jesus if that is your desired choice to stand together with me just now do you want the living water that alone can quench your thirst. Do you want a savior. Who is deeply in love with you know he fully knows he. Still lives. Let's pray Father in heaven. Could it be. That there truly is a god. Who displays this character. Who displays this yearning this longing this desire. For me. Who is thirsty. Just like me. And he's thirsty for me. Oh Lord Jesus. Police poor upon us your grace right now sours a blessing please please support down upon us your grace. As we have stood recognizing that yes there is one in his name is Jesus. Then we will cling to Jesus that we would call out upon. She says that we would walk on for him. As in a dry and thirsty land both now. And moment by moment. As we fall into a deeper more intimate relationship with him for the love of God will continue to satisfy or solo and we will be overwhelmed with the knowledge. Of his love. And it will carry a student until the very end Thank You Lord Jesus in your name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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