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01 Can People Change?

Pavel Goia
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Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • March 19, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for your love we cannot find the words to thank you and to praise you. And Father we right now pray that you are open the work. Is you know every heart and every need and you know the plans that you have for us we pray that your spirit may touch everyone transform us and help us to see you to know you to love you to commit ourselves please work in our life your will made only for your glory Father we pray in Jesus Mary and we think Amen. Tonight I am going to start with a message and I am not sure I would be able to finish it but at least we can start it and. When I give couple of stories that my wife tells me not to tell the story she says you encourage people to do the same please don't tell those stories but nevertheless I am going to tear one or 2. And then ask you to take questions and you don't need to answer except in your heart in your mind but do people change we many times we want to change and we make some decisions and some of the lotions and we say I'm not going to lose my temper anymore or I'm going to eat healthy or under in a study or pray or whatever decisions you make whatever you struggle with what they were you know that God wants you to do it may be something that you desire to do or maybe a scene that you want victory over and we decide and then we try and then we fail again. And if you discard it and then we decide to get in and try again and fail again or if it's a sin we ask forgiveness and then we do it again and sometimes people get discouraged. Do people change do people go how does it happen is it possible to experience growth is it possible to each billions who I just miss how do you get salvation are you sure that you are state do you have the peace the joy that salvation brings I mean real joy real Let me crazy Joy that you scream and jump or do you have that type of choice if Christianity doesn't rejoin your life why would Christianity be attractive I'm not saying that issue joy of blessings I'm saying that we should have more peace and more hope and more joy than anybody else we should have more detail than anybody else we should have more power than anybody else I'm referring to speech or power anyway and so we are going to explore a little of this things I'm going to start with a story from my life God created me with too many ideas by my head cannot stop I mean that I'm too many ideas when people Tucker I was young I was then a student in college and so on when people would tuck before they could finish the sentence I had a 1000000 astronaut. And not only that I got I.D.'s what to do how to do it and always because I had too many ideas and too much energy I did a lot of pranks for instance. My uncle or I would only I don't remember 67 grade as my uncle was 60 his car and. Fixing the muffler and. That part of the car and I talked to him and he explained that if the muffler is closed if you put something to block it's the smoke you might get out there would be no exhaust therefore eventually the engine will choke and die it needs to eliminate the smoke it needs to be well the pastor took the young people all of us camping and we went just a short we didn't go for a week and we went in nature Sunday morning and he came back Sunday night we had a bonfire and we ate together and he played a few games and we shared well during the meal I ate some corn corn in a cab you know I put the corn on the fire nicely turned it around and then I Then I got to the middle part that you don't eat and I got a usually always an idea I said well this goes perfectly in the past or scarred muffler so nobody could see me I put. The left over of the cord the come in the muffler of the past of the car. Sure that evening when everybody was supposed to go home a buggy people got in the car the pastor started a car he left he drove only about 2030 meters and the cart after a few times and then the engine stopped everybody stopped the cars they went around daily if you don't good day look inside everything perfect nothing seemed to be wrong and he tried again and again and again and again the better he started today people look to the whoa what is wrong here I go to the pastor. Why cumber Wesley pastor did you pray about oh you think you are a pastor come on you should think about. They got around the car and they prayed and God started the car while while they were playing I went behind the car and they pulled the cord from the muffler after the plate he tried the car and the car started and they said. Well. A young guy who didn't close his eyes during the prayer he saw me he told the pastor and the pastor got angry he forgot the few people who have the patience of the saints and and you will never change you are crazy you do it everyday he called my father my mother started to cry this kid he's crazy look him we get phone calls like 20 a day every day from the things he does my father looked at my mom and they look to me he said you know I was that way and my father prayed for me he is that way and I am praying for him got changed me and got to change him and my father looked to me and said I am praying for you and I know you will change because God has the power to change do people change. I was in. College and in a big church I'm not going to tell you the name of the church in the capital of Bucharest and you Renia. And good people nevertheless we had an old pastor 300 years old I am exaggerating to make a point I don't know if you as 91 or 95 or 99 but he could hardly breathe she was lean one part bit. Broader if you got to love each other. You know you would think that you would die right there on the part it would take him 10 minutes to say towards and then breathing you know then creating any which and soap because the communist regime didn't allow too many pastors to go to the seminary maybe took a year and we had so many retiring all pastor who stayed there you know for ever and so because he was so sick a soul Goodman but never going to. People would sleep during the sermon. I was in the balcony I had a cube like a straw figure and the right people who would sit with him up you can sleep in the church. And and. Old people would sleep young people would play games or look to magazines or jokes Eventually I started to be concerned for the church and I talked to my dad what can I do and my father said there is no benefit. To get upset with the church or to criticize the church the church is the people the people you if you really care you got to do something you should not talk about it but do something about it and they said what can I do does the church change how do you change a church. And my father said when people just either criticize it or they just go and tell the pastor but they forget that God is in control or. So I said Ok what can I do. I thought Oh Ok and then I called him back I prayed my father said no more prayers small answers if you really want big answers you've got a pretty big people in the Bible or people of prayer and I said how long and my father said as long as it takes you need to commit yourself you need to investigate you need to sacrifice time and energy you need to care any would care if you paid. If you had cancer or accident that you need to really labor Well I did it myself to pray for the church for 3 months every day half an hour that was a big commitment my friend my best friend joined me after a couple of weeks and we decided what we paid a lot of an hour every day we played once a week Friday night together and then the piano player a girl she joined us to play Friday night and every day alone and then another 2 guys joined us and then we are 11 and then or 23 and then we were 40 whatever and then we were eventually around 60 people are playing alone at home half an hour every day. And Friday night at the church and we started to pray for the church and we started to study together and then we started to your prayed God started to work in our lives we started to experience God's power we started to learn. God's voice we started to understand when God would bless us to do something after praying together after 6 months of prayer together we started projects we were prepared to start getting the old. Moving the grass clean their homes shopping groceries for them cooking for them mission trips. Youth programs. This it in the city hospital they young people of the church started to turn around and be active in Ventura the whole church turned around a new pastor came a young pastor he was speaking tremendously profound some of the church and we believe I personally believe that that Pastor although was an answer to prayer not the previous pastoral loci was a wonderful moment you were just very old and sick and so the church turned around and experience a revival. In that style. We prayed for the church and for people everybody had like one or 2 that would pray for and they remember specifically we prayed one time for about 3 months for 11 nehgs roughly $78.00 of them got baptized those are powerful stories one of them was in the community region one of the leaders and so on in that time a family from the church came to me and said It's wonderful what is happening our daughter left the church Our daughter doesn't want to come back doesn't want to even talk about God If we mention the word God should not talk to us she told us if you mention church or Legion got our chain Michaela for number of my address my Facebook account you'll never see me again I'll never talk to you again I hate that I don't want you to even bring up the subject and they said what can we do to pray in your prayer group for her I said absolutely we started to pray for her. The more you prayed for her the more he started to care and to desire to change and then we were told don't even try to what with her she's so tough sure never change she's so far and I don't want to going it is but shores far into many many many things. Are all in this and that I don't want to mention them but many of them. And I knew probably of course the smallest and so. In that. Area of praying we were impressed according to the part of this is what according to your prayers not only to pray for her intercessory prayer but was that what we can do to help her should not talk about any get a Bible study or not. And so we prayed and we learned that she loves the moment and she really loves mountains they got an idea because I love mom so I call her. How are you dishes Who are you I do this and your friend because she would realize I'm from the church should have got a shock I said I know any sin what I said if you hurt me What do you want I do this I want to help you because I don't need your help I said I want to make your life miserable she said how could you you know know me over the telephone what can you do I said well I'm going to challenge you to believe it's a mountain Yes I know I like mountains have you been mountains or yes you know mountains you know me and I said you are a baby I can beat you I can destroy you and we talk about mountains if we if if we if we you know I be not only in all mountains I mean every cabin in every trail in every path possible on the maps after I finish them I'd have one by one cross them off I started to find paths that are not even on the map I've been all of them I know mother that you don't even know that they exist. I said Ok and they different you know dedication you know that be do you know that can be you know deadly cannot doubt what they're for you not know do you know what the mountains ideas are Nope as I told you I could be new like hiking Oh yes Ok Do you like rock climbing Oh yes I said I can beat you there too I can I can kill you with these things when he compared to other montages I don't think so I've been playing with that rock I said have you been to the cross that's impossible nobody goes it as well the mountain is a this you were but the mountain is very thick on the other side and it's extremely tall it about I don't know almost 2000 meters more or less maybe less and from that that formed the crust down in the valley you see very much so small and beholds and the castle more like that it's so so. Far so tall and I said. I went there and we taught a rope he said you are crazy I said well I have pictures and they fell from there she said if you fell you'd be dead nobody would escape many people died there as well let me explain what happened all the youth from the church we went there and I said. I had ordered the normal young people and they went on the path that goes left them like an s. and sometimes he goes close to the age and you can see the medical part of the mountain but my friend and I decided not to go the normal young people but to go up the mountain on the vegetal dangerous side and I had boots like skittish boots that is that of hitting all holes for the shoe laces they had hooks the shoelaces would go behind the hooks. And my friend would go up and then wait and then I would go up and wait and then I would go up and help him and you take turns and when he was up I slipped and as my hand slipped and I felt the hook for my boots got caught in the hook for his belt and I was hanging like a bender head down hanging formal who called the shoe. It happens that the young people who are watching us climbing the mountain we don't open and they started to scream and to pray and my friend said to me don't move I was like a painter my head down and I said not moving is the wind that moves and he grabbed a rock really well like a like like a hawk part of the mountain and after he. Got to do really well he had a stick in your hand he lowered the stick slowly when I grabbed the stick with my hand the hook for moods swept and my whole body went down and there was no hinting from that stick and then eventually found the crack in the mountain and they managed to recover. And she said you are crazy I said I know we have no argument we agree in that when everybody says that I I said I'm used to that so you're not the 1st one. And she says you do beat me on the mountains I said we're going to tell you something that you love to hear she says what I said we go in the north part of the country to some mountains that you don't give in order to exist and they gave her the name. I didn't know the mountains there and there are hot springs coming from the ground and sparkling water coming from the ground and that is. What are the. That come so cold that you cannot even go eat you feel that you somebody cut your legs off when you go in that water and they said the moon the water force and the mountains are just beautiful is not much explored here we are going to go there you want to come she says I would love to come but who is we what group I said well if from the church I said Yes I don't want to go you guys you go there and you prayed and you see by us and it's all stupidity it's all nonsense it's all a lie and she said I don't want you to try to convert me I said listen I'm not going to try to convert Yes you will I said no I'm not yes you I said No In fact if you want to come we pray and study I'm going to ask you to leave she said you know do that I said Yes I don't want you to come in infect the clean young people with the stuff that you do it being all your sins and give them to the best and I want you to stay away if I tell her please country have said no but if I if you tell him stay away said by day do unto God as I want you to stay awake he said I'm coming I said Ok she came we went in the mountains about 20 young people that night after we got there tired we peed a tense it was late we ate a little and then. She went to say that I called younger people and we started the ball fight in front of her and started to sing Kumbaya you know oh she got out you said you're not already I said Who called you go back in your tent and after recent 23 songs we started to talk about God or His love of. Growing Jesus how do you experience the Us formation is changing real growing from baby speech or babies to the start to finish of Christ to the speaker much from from Milt to to heavy food much in this Christian life you see in this Christian life so many tax people think that to come to Jesus give your life to Jesus get baptized is the. Date that they end of the story and that's the reason have so many problems in our life know that only so many frustration we get baptized we still struggle after Baptist and so many problems in the church any families because baptism is just being born again when a baby is born that's not the end of the story does the big ego story the baby supposed to go that's because we have people that have been baptized 203040 years ago and they still wear diapers that there is and sometimes it stinks and so not trying to talk about anybody not criticizing anybody but we are called to grow continually how doesn't grow up and how does it happen real and so. We talked about that she came out she says you told me you're not back about that I didn't say that I said that I will not try to convert you and I will not call it a cunt or meetings. She said You remember what he said Yeah but you put your group in front of my friend so she moved her then great after short half an hour to take the 10 down to strike and then another one or 2 Peter 10 to move everything we know of the group on the bottom 5 in front of our tent again and we started to put legs their necks she said I put the pillows on my head and they can still hear you I said well what can I do you know please go inside and you can call it to be part of our meetings eventually she came out and said It's all a lie you say that people change but I tried I tried really hard and they failed every time and they tried again and they failed and I was so guilty that I could not play anymore they could not go to church I felt that I am a fantasy that I am fake so I just quit and they don't believe that prayer works I don't believe that God I don't believe that people have the power to change I said I fully agree with you you know yes then why do you teach them that people change I said Listen to yourself you said I throughly you said I don't believe that people have the power to change I agree with you people don't have that power you cannot change your heart you may change your behavior external behavior for a while but God can do it I agree with you that we don't have that but God can do it and how do you do that sits you down and they started to talk to her showing her examples in the Bible. Ruth marry the woman of the word the thief on the cross Zacchaeus pour. Again and again the same steps how God has the power to save the other must our God has the power to transform and he doesn't take you and they drop you in the need of the old he is able to finish what he starts and though you may not understand how he does it when he does it though you don't deserve it and you are not able to do it God has the power to do it as he said do you thing the guys possible for me absolutely I believe so long story short we started to pray together with the group together with her every day to study every day after that trip she joined a church she got baptized she came back to church with back to school medical school she became a doctor she got married her life took a good for and turned to people change this was just introduction right now let's start how can formation takes place how how do you grow more and more righteous How do you experience salvation what is salvation. Many times we talk about righteousness by faith and why we talk about it we try to do right by works we try to do something in order to feel good in order to feel that we deserve and if we do something bad you don't feel that we can pray but if we do something with then we can pray what we do give us mates we don't go to God based on what. And who we are we go to God based on what he has done who he is more than that salvation is not what we do is not an action salvation is a purpose is not what you know is not what you do is who you know who leading you salvation is a person. Righteousness is many times in the Bible translated into different ways righteousness deeds what you do righteous relationship. How close are you to somebody's got to expect us to be righteous in our relationship with him so he could work in us the growth these no growth we don't righteous perfect relations. The Bible says that not are perfect we all fall short of the glory of God all or all have sinned or means all or all except politicians or should. All have since that is the nobody's perfect that needs the nobodies of salvation that means that even if you manage to be perfect from now on you still die because of the previous years. We all see it many people have died that I know that are not perfect good Christians but still not perfect and they will be in heaven how do you explain that well we'll go to that step by step Have you been to Cannes meeting Have you been to church eagled or bad absolutely good if not Mr within an hour as an Reese Jesus used to go every Sabbath to the snow as our example. In the commandments and the good Absolutely God gave them not me. Hopefully you know it is good absolutely do you tell thing I hope so except I skip all of this that you go to church that you teach Sabbath school that you seen in the choir that you go to can meeting and eat and you know the doctrines and you know the 2300 days and I prophesy and you know the state of the dead and. All of these are important absolutely do they save us now you can do everything and yet be lost salvation cannot be pro-choice salvation is not by how many credits you get how much you do. Salvation is the gift of God Listen we are saved by grace through faith in the Bible and we'll put a Bible verse. In a fusion chapter 2 that says for migration to faith is none of yourself it is the gift of God were put the Bible verses a little later on the screen we are saved by grace through faith. How many years have you been an Adventist or how many are said to be going to church or the Christian doesn't matter what church 510204050 s are you perfect as perfect as God who will tug more the subject is so large it takes over a servant will tell what are you perfect when we explain something how do you get victory many times people say I cannot go to prayer I cannot go to church because I have seen is like saying I cannot go to the doctor because I am sick that doesn't make any sense you don't go to God because you are perfect or when you are perfect you go to God because only he can grow you save you and change Now let me explain it many times when he talks about righteousness or perfection it talks about perfect relationship you cannot expect your goods 2 years old son or daughter to be as perfect as you are but you would expect them to love you perfectly and you speak them to grow gradually and do good at the level do not expect a 1st grade school student to be as perfect as one that is in college but you'd expect him to be good to do good to do his best at his level now. That means corn or growth every step from being born again to salvation to heaven. It's only in God's power porches I can do all things in Christ and the key word there is in Christ he who is Christ his life he has no Christ has no life Christ in you the hope of glory that He is in Christ will talk about salvation is a process until then let me continue a little. How do we grow how do we why are righteousness how do we how does gloat. How do we get salvation. In the spirit of prophecy. As an example the father of the faith of the father of the righteous and He says there that. Got up to Abraham and told Abraham that you have so many children like a star us. And Abraham believed God and the fact that he believed. It was kind to him is right just when you pray and that's got for victory do you believe you know you cannot do it you know you have failed before you know you don't deserve it you don't understand how it can happen to be born again to get a new heart how how transformation hard does it happen you cannot do it you don't understand you don't deserve but do you believe that God will answer and you Jason he said Oh no it I cannot do it I don't deserve it but I'm no God will be because he promised God love me or he doesn't like i know i can count on his promise do you believe that God is able to fulfill his word to the point that you'd enjoy using my son the youngest one. Saw me coming home he was only 3 years old coming home or what a cycle and they like motorcycles. That I wanna I want to have a bike just like yours I said Son this is so big it is for silliness you cannot even get on the bike or over to ride it this is going to kill you I mean this is Henny that I want to buy like your son I can get you a bike is a toy No that is giving your rear one a big one I said Son I'm going to get you a how to use 2 dollar 1 dollar no no no no no I wonder real deal I want big I want to grow and to have the bikes of a son this is how you start you start is more than a small one I cannot write I want want to be able to write I said Ok we get one with the most at least you can play no I wonder real deal some you cannot but this is what I can do for you I can get you a bike I will do it for you you cannot even get us more over the one I will get for you one that you can write but he doesn't have an engine it's just in the beginning if you go it has pedals and you test you with so you don't for know that I'm not going to fork or yes you are for but I'm going to put 3 wheels there I'm going to buy one or 2 will just to protect you until you learn more and you get a bigger one that can I right yes and it is better yes and history with yes they can get on it yes can make can you make sure it is group yes when are you going to buy me that bike I said tomorrow when I come for more you're headed in that 2nd in that 2nd he started to scream like crazy he's gone to the door screaming he ran in front of the building because everybody color around town all the kids for many who came and he said if unbelievable I have a bike it is blue if you will it has put us in just beautiful they said Can't you see it comes to morrow. You already joystick user says when you pray believe it you have received it and you will have it think about it God told Joshua I have given Jericho in your hands. That will be for Jericho fail that will be for God gave them to go and God didn't say I will that is I have given past and done deal God knows them from the beginning he knows that that that he is able to do it he knows that you give a victory and you need to believe that God loves you he is able and he does what he promised and he to rejoice anybody can rejoice at that it happens faith is where we judge before it happens and so Abraham believed God and if we take Abraham is a battle of speech or growth and salvation let's draw a parallel how Abraham tried. To get children and God gave him that you know because he cannot. And draw a parallel with Abraham's attempt to get children in his power and our attempts to get righteousness in our power and if we put these 2 things parallel next to each other we learn a precious lesson. Abraham Let's suppose went to law Melinda or some other or endless or while or whatever and he being in college he saw saturn and he was like watch is the most beautiful thing or too late I mean she is just amazing he was open mouth as when you go to the dentist and he says I want to build a girl and he started to bring flowers and they talked and they started to date and they fell in love and I said I want to maybe one day he proposed and she said yes beautiful story so far and they finish school and after they finish school. They moved to Florida and they got a job and Abraham said to Sarah we finish school we got a job we have a sari we have a house we have a we have some stability in our life now it's time to have babies. Remember we draw a parallel with how we try to grow to get righteousness to get salvation he said now it's time to get babies and they tried really hard the result is really trite honest and hard really hard again and again and they fail again and and after they tried they decided you know if we eat broccoli and tofu we may get pregnant is it don't leave broccoli and top one green beans is beautiful I love green beans if you have a green beans dish please invite me. I love a big salad if you put a little salt and a little lemon and the little I can eat whatever nevertheless it doesn't say it's good but it doesn't say it doesn't need any mates it cannot be for Jesus' blood cross it cannot be even for a day in heaven or for eternity so they said maybe if we tell you we get babies so many times we say in the church maybe if I do this and that and that maybe I get better don't get me wrong I'm not talking against healthy food or doing things for God we should eat healthy we have the body the temple of the spirit we need to have a clear mind to understand what got us what we need to have a healthy body to be able to serve we need to eat healthy but it doesn't save. And so they said you know we try to eat healthy to get babies we still get babies let's try different Let's go to the best selling us on how to get pregnant and they want to mark feel a and they want to do it doesn't they chose the best of the best good speakers dedicated speakers or God's people and they be sent to all the possible saving us or how to get the rights and show you how to get babies. And still they didn't get pregnant excuse me my voice is giving up on and so they didn't get pregnant is so many times sinners are good we should learn we should grow in knowledge nevertheless it doesn't save us so many people know so much and yet they struggle and so then they went to the best possible doctors and they got peace and this and that they went to see snarky to that clinic that would be a pain and still nothing and they tried for one year and 2 years and they kept failing or failing or failing that you face so many times you start becoming discouraged. And either you leave the church or you become a little fake a piece about happiness about how you create How are you great God bless you and inside we heard and you're not so happy and you can see it on the face if we have Jesus couldn't that be enough reason to have joy enjoy always and again I see Joyce Paul was in prison and he was sitting league if you have God isn't that enough reason to rejoice and to have peace and assurance even because God doesn't love us or doesn't have power all because he may have a fear or your god but not the presence of God not the peace and the power of God and so they tried any type of peace and they tried any type of treatment and they started to get discouraged and eventually they gave up and you keep going to church but you know that you keep failing. When Abraham was 75 and Sarah 65. The Bible says way be hind the time of getting over being pregnant sat was too late she could not have babies anymore he basically. And trying to remember the. Image Ward but it was behind the time that she could get pregnant anyway when they were all heavy she is somebody 75 do you imagine in getting pregnant when they're all doctor then why would God answers so late God wanted them to know that they cannot weak in their power there is nothing you know prayed that you can take it is all God's grace 100 percent and I'm going to give you an example to illustrate a little better that to make it a little more clear so anybody that God wanted him to know that it is all grace it is all a gift it is all his power is not that I did something too if we do have our part and we will talk about that too but what is on but that's very important and so when he will not do it anymore when he cannot get pregnant anymore then got after him and doesn't say oh I'm going to give you a baby God says I'll give you so many babies and so many children that your descendants would be like that but you cannot count them now if you or a 20 got there is that you say wow I may get about 1520 children in my life but when you are 75 that doesn't make much sense 1st doesn't make it nice is to get pregnant more over. The stuffs. But the Bible says that he believed if you look if you go there he says Abraham believed almost up there for 3 Abraham believed God and it was great to him as righteousness if you'll go in Genesis Chapter 15 I believe he says when he says it was credited to him as righteousness that he will translation says in that instant got cause that he is righteous is God Himself when you believe God in that moment in that instant God Cause if you is why just as God himself can you grasp that concept. That you are right we still stink but God Casitas you're right that's justification you got some t.v. cation is not glorification it's only justification got cause if you are right you won't have to model it or more about justification sakit occasionally cation What are they and how they happen and so God caused that he was right in that moment when when you believe in God in the moment when you confess the Bible says if you come face God is faithful and just for even less if you do your part is a conditional God will do his part if you confess what you think that God doesn't forgive Why do you own Fessenden struggle and confess again the same and I forgive him in the moment you confess in that moment God forgives in that moment when you confess your broken hunters hear the story got Thanks if you believe in him in the power of the blood. The blood of the lab His blood is too fission even if your skin is like Mt Everest is bad like the universe you don't even see Mt Everest from the universe in the moment you confess in that moment to take a short scene for old dirty coat and put it on Jesus and take Jesus perfect give a white like soap but if it devalued righteousness and put it on you like you never did and he caused a huge righteous that's amazing grace and so Abraham believed that God keeps his promise and he enjoys and because of that God caused him in that moment right Abraham was not righteous Yet later you look he said that his wife was his sister later he slept too eager to help got to give in general because God is all dense doesn't have enough power to do what you need God needs help keep you're not righteous yet you're still growing but God that he. Was in the beginning of the process was not a gay and not in the middle he just cut the growth he still he was still a baby but God that he righteous we need to get the concept that is long as you remain with God As long as Jesus he knew what salvation it's a process is built upon he says that simplification it's a lifelong daily process it's a process as long as Christ in you the hope of glory he who holds the name of the Lord be saved that the test in that verse is present continual he who will he will keeps on calling every day lord I cannot do it alone please come to my house he who keeps calling the praises of the Lord in his life every day Lord Conny to my heart I cannot do it alone but I can do all things in you if you are with me I have no fear please God please take all I need you. If you keep calling his presence if Christ he knew he was Christ his life as long as he knew he was Christ his life you cannot die and that about a 2nd undocking or salvation eternity you cannot if you have Christ you are life. You have no Christ has no life therefore doesn't matter if you are in the beginning of the process like the thief or the cross if you are in the middle of the process. Or you go to the end of the process I pour says I for the good fight doesn't matter where you were as long as you are in Christ and Christ is in you and he is working for you you are saved not because you are perfect but because Christ in you and because of his presence and his Makes you are saved because of his mates Therefore while if you desire to grow we should not worry about salvation we should worry about you later. As long as you are in the process as long as he knew what. You were safe Christ in you the hope of glory clear Bible and sought Abraham believed and it was created him as righteousness the light usually by faith or chapter one verse of a good in by grace that we had been sick to faith the gift of God If you just have to overstate we don't faith it's impossible to please God for He who comes must believe that God is and he is you order of those who seek Him Hebrew Chapter 11 or 6 You must believe that somebody may say to the past or. I want to believe but I struggle I doubt I don't have faith what can I do to believe. The Bible says clearly that God gave everyone everyone means everyone a measure of faith God gave everyone a measure of faith so you do have a measure of faith and Jesus says that if you have faith as more as a mustard seed you can move mountains basically if you have little faith is wonderful but Jesus if you read carefully the Bible this is the dead mustard seed grows into a big tree just as well to underline that when you say that little faith when you put that to test when you stretch out your faith when you step out in faith if you see how God works if you taste as he how good he is in each period him you learn to know him and to trust him and by studying and by prayer. By exit or saving faith you grow you develop that faith in whatever flowers you what are that flower is going to grow is the more you nurture feed the liger say that when you pray and study the wood you know God the more you can be as him the more you learn to trust in him and that faith grows into a Big 3 slowly it's a process and so going back to our time is almost up not yet. You see says the writer this is given to faith in Jesus in almost up to 3 right there is no no righteous not all have seen he says that listen carefully it says we have all been charged juice and Greeks all under the seed there is no no righteous not even one but righteousness is given to faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe I want you to hear righteousness is given to how many you are almost up to 3 to all who believe. For we all have seen him for short of the grow your god but we are all justified freely by His grace grace wonderful grace that came by Christ Jesus Now listen carefully Some people think is cheap grace there is nothing you should do it is not cheap it was so expensive it cost the life of Jesus. And you should do something and I'm going to tell you later what is our part now isn't your. Righteousness is received by faith. All of those who believe and is exclusively only in Jesus nothing that you do. Our tendency is to do good in order to feel good in order to feel that we deserve that's baggies you do something to please the gods. Bigness and I'm not criticizing what is and they're not criticizing them there are wonderful people among them. I'm talking about a system big union says they have idols they d. praise God with things that only have icons they replace God with what you do for that doesn't matter if you replace the 2 things money you have other gods. Music sports or if you replace God with the things that you do for that still not good enough you need to have God you cannot replace him with anything now listen carefully. Even if your superman and from now on you did perfect you still cannot be saved because of what you do or your righteousness salvation is only in one day and that in Jesus. When you ask you when was righteousness wind was righteousness able. After he left his country because he left a gut told him to leave and he even go to the best richest country in the world he went to the wilderness Well he was reach he was inferential when Got to leave you got told you to leave everything your job your house and when you look I'm not so sure about it and so. Was it was he cause the why just because he left he sacrificed all was can the righteous when he sacrificed his son because because he sacrificed his son when was he cut their wages before his sacrifice and before he left his country when God call him in the beginning that's it I'm going to give you so many children and he says Abraham believed before he did anything to us cause the righteous but he was expected to grow old this is what people fail to understand God expects you to grow for babies to speak your much unity to the start afresh of Christ and God help you go he does the goal to his spirit. Learn about how does it up or. So you see in Genesis Chapter 15 that Abraham God called Abraham outside and said look to Heaven again you come just us so should your descendants be and then he said that Abraham believed God and it was time that he is righteousness now listened carefully to almost up to 4 Abraham contrary to any hope any human logic any hope he still believed he did say proof sorry 65 and and she is long past the time when she could get pregnant and she got into menopause and there she basically stole 8. He doesn't think about impossibilities as we do we go to a crisis and we say put this impossible he didn't look to the problems he didn't look to challenges he didn't look possibilities he looked to God Well you look to the problems you get discouraged but when you look to God you have joy think about it he saw your story than anybody knew where he looked to go lay that he got discouraged they beat your son or just $1617.00 whatever he looked to go to the Giants he looked to God he says I come to you in the name of the God that you have marked and I don't come to you with a huge swore that I come in God's presence in God's name did it with his eyes or God When he looked to God. Seemed pretty is more like a baby. Abraham didn't look clean possibility you know new problems or challenges or cancer or a lot lot lot of luck loss of job or or failure or if he didn't look to the problem he put his I saw God when you see God your problems somehow become really small when the the bigger the God the more you understand God the more you understand God sized God's love infinite unbelievable love the more you understand God's power in God's wisdom the you understand God's promise is how secure they are that cannot live for the universe is probably something it is secure it's just a male the more you understand how that has worked in the past that's more of your problem become people that have big problems they have a more God I'm not saying that it would be God You don't have promised you know but you're not afraid because you're not alone that says when you go to the waters I would be with you. When you go to the fire what if you go in the lies and if you go in the 5 I am with you there you are given no no no you never needed or for the sake of I've got your my pulse even if your parents but for get you I would never do that when you look to God You have no fear you have peace in the midst of the storm you have joy he joyously when your triumphs the reason people struggle is because they have a base more God only authority of God and so back to the story Abraham look to God he didn't look to him possibility to Sarah to have big look to God He said I don't need to understand some people don't believe before they understand the they try to have logics you know that we don't try to understand God you will never understand try to know God in order to believe you'll never believe before you know him the more you know him what he trusted you cannot trust a stranger tried to have a relationship and so Abraham had a relationship with God He knew God enough to say I know God He can say he says Let there be light there is life because they have a 1000 children instantly they just appear I don't need to understand how he does it I need to know him enough to trust Him Abraham believed that in spite of the impossibility God is able Listen he says that in the Bible of us not being weak in faith he did not come to his own body already dead or the business of said a word he did not waver the promise of God strong belief but you are strengthened in faith given below you to that rejoin as it were so that each era war he started to sing and to jump giving glory to God praising God being fully listen carefully fully convinced this is absolutely important being fully convinced that what God promised he is able to perform I don't need to understand how I need to trust Him Therefore it was a cow if he is righteous. The problem we have in our struggle the biggest is that we don't know our God and the solution to our promise is not to solve the problems but to know God eternal life to know is not what you do is who you know the more you know God the what he did what he knew and you do not to be saved but because God median you also listen carefully to. The problems that you try to solve while they are real problems they are not the problem the real problem that we should use after a short is relationship. Our time is up I want to finish we didn't go really to the most important part. We just did literally 16 out of 4544 slides we can then go to the most important part to learn how growth Hopper's we need just get a glimpse into it but growth is real salvation is real if we go to church and believe theoretically in God and the have the juice salvation we lose our guy if he doesn't have an effect on our lives doesn't provide growth and peace and joy then it is our time God is real he is able he is love and what we need we need his real presence to feel our lives one tonight continually to be filled with His presence that's the greatest need we have. I remember. When I was stuck in my father. I was a little struggling because. I want for we don't have time for the story probably one of the story I was for an IJA near to cut some glass and he cut my salary and. Good money it was like 3 months salary. I will tell the story to water and I was praying that God would solve the problem and get my salary and my father would get my attention again and again and say the real problem is not your salary the problem is your relationship you pay their own prayer and there are the more you pay the more you struggle in need to understand what you need to pay for you need to understand what you really need to focus your stress over to. Fix your stress should be different the more you focus on your problems the more problems you have you need to focus on Gazza I will tell the story to war I believe I strongly believe. That not only that God is able but I believe. That the more you know God. The more he b.s. power the more he could be a joy the week's biggest piece. I remember one of my former church members and going to tell the location or the name he had quite a challenge in his life. Tough times crisis he lost his job several people were laid off there. Because of the economy in that time his wife had a surgery on her shoulder and the surgery didn't hear for some reason and she went back to the doctor again and again a month to month 3 months 6 months the board would not hear shows incredible pain and you can take pay for a day or a week but not for 6 months they end night excruciating pain and she lost her job too and they had their grand child and the grandchild died a week after being born and they had they lost jobs they were sick they they had so many trials lately that they were totally disparate and it seemed and the want to play for relief and for comfort and for help. The less help and comfort they would get in fact when it rains it pours twice kept coming in county and country Carbo they could not pay was getting what your house everything was 40 parked. I was preaching I was in Monterey California to a meeting of the minister of the. Getting a prayer singer and I am preaching. I got the day before than yourself or because most of your book and I didn't have time to play with it to know how to do this and that so I knew how to turn it off but it was still by breaking and so he started to vibrate in my pocket and it was just stuck in me for the summer and so. I took the telephone out and I turned it off all together well after I finished preaching I went to the hotel room I turned it on a fork on Brother 16 voice messages and about 20 or more text messages 1st ones kind and next a few were discouraged and next mean really bad after pastor please after the for the why don't you answer for them pastor you never asked of before and then you bastard never care and then oh he doesn't really you know so I called him I said well they should why don't you answer the for when I am struggling I said I was preaching Why don't you say so as an does what I say I was preaching I call you back I said What can I do for you Pastor. You know how many problems and you know how big and I am praying and I have more and more problems and God doesn't seem to answer why why doesn't God answered my prayer why I pastor. And I say oh we got probably doesn't like too much Pastor Are you kidding God loves us as I know but this is what we write why doesn't God isn't isn't what you said on one of oh yes there it is can you believe that love you but wonder why does he answer so you're ducking God Oh no no I'm not Ok he said they were Listen to yourself Pastor can you help me I'm doubting I'm struggling Ok can you tell me my friend tell me what you pay for oil for the last 6 months I've been praying for this trouble. My friend got supposed to cast all your needs upon the work not to show them and then put them back on your back and carry them to cast their their translation from Greek is as Utah rocks to cast rocks to cast your worries about in Mr told them so far that you cannot take them back they are not yours you give them to him and you can limit of him they are his problems not yours anymore and after you give him you know him so well you know that he loves you you know that he has the power his the way that he is able and you trust in him that you are good with it and you can have peace you can forget about those needs because you trust in Him and His How do you do that best I said this is the problem is not a problem where you have real problems the real biggest problem is relationship by foot you don't know God enough and doesn't easily struggle. You know what can I do about it I say simple I want you to pray different for the last 6 months you've been focused focusing on problems and that's not to solve the problem I'm going to ask you to do something different. I want you tonight and tomorrow morning when you pray. After you say Lord you know my problems you don't need to be in form you know everything. I give them to you now they are yours they are your problem they're not mine and I want you to see the 1st battle doesn't make any difference if I see it or yes it does because the way you're talking crazy the way you think I want you to say those words I give them to you they are yours now Lord I trust you better but I don't I don't want like I want you to say that you trust like the man was as I believe every man believe Lord I want to trust you read in the Spirit of Prophecy faith is not a feeling I don't feel that God's love has nothing to do with your chemistry or mood your feelings God love you if you need God love you when you don't the faith is not a feeling I want you Faith says there it's a my decision it's a decision it's a mine this is you decide oh you don't understand it's impossible from a human perspective you decide to trust the Lord I'm going to decide to trust you I don't know how you do it from a human perspective it's impossible I don't see any light I don't see any hope I don't see any solution I don't have any power I don't have any waste but I'm going to decide to trust in you you do have with us I trust you I want you to see it all for so long I trust in you and I want I want to thank you I don't know how you hold it but I know that you love me you gave Jesus for me so I want to thank you for shore weenies. Now I want you to know after 2 Prayer is not when God does what you say but when God does what he knows that is best so God me answer in a different way but if you knew there from the beginning you choose this because God knows the whole picture God knows the future that knows what you don't know and that his mind or your eternity and so I said I want you to see nor do I trust you then I want you to praise instead of praying one hour presenting your problems I want you to pray one hour whatever 15 minutes by praising Lord effective for as I know you are wonderful I cannot believe enters play you day and night and I was complaining and whining in my prayer is that of praying you all or do I want to thank you and then I want you to take 10 Bible prophecies read them to God while they do that he knows that he knows the Bible you don't do it because the law says they will you do it for you in the Mind you that you can trust in Him I want you to read them by better hate then don't call me futile recently if you call me for what they said Can you try you prayed 6 months your weekend you try to play one time the way say can you at least try to see the results well I guess I could write or. Read them bible promise is allowed to die the would focus on his promises the more you get caught then I want you to tell God what his downfall in the past was the Lord of my soul and do not forget any of his body we have nothing to fear on if we should forget how God has made us in the past tell him Lord they remember those say oh thank you for everything that be specific Lord a member when I lost my passport they prayed and we had a lot Dana specifically what if I don't remember us the Lord to remind you because you had had experience of God in the past and you for that did people forget the good stuff they remember just the trikes I want you to praise God for 10 things. And then I want you to call somebody and tell them that and punish. The 10 experiences that you had who died in the past and what do you do I suggest it just do it or do it you promise that you do it yes I'll be the next morning around 6 am he called me I mean come on brother my time for study he called me back I cannot wait any more until 8 I care I need to tell you I said Ok tell you what happened your wife got well not yet no you got a job no no no no no what happened is 1st time in my life of being an Adventist when I have peace in the midst of twice as a tell me what my friend is as I started what you said I didn't make much sense I just started because I promised but the more I praise God the what I actually started to rejoice and to forgive my trial and the war I did the Bible promises the more I started to to have peace and to be ashamed of myself I don't trust God and to remember what the God we have and the more I read the promises the more I realize what a God I have and he says when I started to remember him to tell me that how he looked in the past I realized that those only real crises if that's all he is able to. And I need to focus on him and my lack of faith in him is God without faith it's impossible because I have no faith I don't allow got what Moreover I realized that I need to tell somebody so I called a coworker that lost his job to lost his wife to cancer and his son in a car accident so I called him I said I want to I want to share with you what God has done for me 10 stories and 10 Bible promises and he said you don't know what have done what. My Like didn't make any sense I lost a job I lost my wife I lost my son I took the gun loaded into put it at my head and in the moment I was ready to pull the trigger the telephone started to ring I said well I guess I can answer for and he told you how would you trust that so much when you've lost your grandchild you lost your job your wife lost her job she's sick how can you still trust God to have so much joy and so much peace I wish I had the joy that you have you gave me so much courage you gave me reason to live again Pastor I have peace I have joy I don't know when I don't know how but I know God and that's enough sure enough short after they found out was wrong with the wife he got a job she got a job but he changed his perspective on his life he had Peace my friends my time is way over I need to stop this ticker the real problem that we have it's our lack of knowledge of God lack of relationship that's what we need to force our Because God's presence changes everything God's presence is all that matters to know God is life it doesn't matter let's pray together we'll continue to more. Father in heaven. What a privilege that Jesus wants to be with us eventually and God with us that you want to be with us you want to do abide in us and wheat will buy the new and you tell us we told me you can do nothing separate is what you can do nothing but if you want to me and you are producing much fruit or Lord please help us understand the blessing the value or be connected with you of what we feel like people in the Bible help us understand and desire your presence is a dear desire what are help us 1st for you the best understand that this is the real hope Christ in you. Help us see your Prez's world any more than he could jobs want to receive though and those things are necessary the bus seek you want anything else. We babysit is a. Regular need that you only need as what you are or even what in. 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