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The Price of Blood

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • April 3, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Let's pray. Father. The chapters. Of gratitude and devotion continue to grow in our lives I'm so thankful for your patience and humility that you would condescend and then wait for us to understand when we walk through life sometimes as proud as the greatest fool that ever lived. So take that away from us I pray to your goodness and then Help us Lord to be patient with the people you put in our lives and now I'm asking the Lord that the great themes of scripture word would be illuminated by your spirit in the word in the message in the reception and in the impact on our lives so blessed us now learn as we think about the great gift given so freely in Jesus' name amen and title my message this morning from drop to drop the price of blood. I want to start with a question. Were you there as the spiritual says when they crucified the Lord I just want you to think about it why does that song say oh oh oh oh sometimes it makes me tremble you can be certain that the author of the song had come to the great awareness. That the sum total of all the potential of humanity on unmitigated by the love of God was there. You can be sure in that refrain or whatever you would call it that the singer songwriter of that song understood that the culpable nuss the responsibility of the human race for the death of Christ rest is squarely on his or her shoulders but this morning I think we might have come here not really believing that. And so last week as I talk with you about Adventist arrogance. Perhaps this morning is a part to corollary not by intention but only by this one thing that we can so easily wash our hands from the blood of this man that we forget that the blood of all men or the blood of that man is on the hands of all men and while you may not have been there as Kay I have this or anise you were there and so was I and John Stott the theologian said before you can see the cross is something done for you you have to see the cross as something done by you and so when we think about that moment in history where the hinge of the hope was turning on the door to reinstatement in the family of God. You might have been there is the thief on one side hardened on the other side not so harmed who somewhere along the way recognized this wasn't about this man sinned it was about my own. It's possible that you were there as the sin jury and rough and calloused and dealing with the things of life and religion was just one more speed bump of which hypocrisy created a real distaste but you had to be there you were there you're married to somebody. Maybe you were there is pilot. Inconvenienced as well by this early morning engagement with institutional darkness and hypocrisy and maybe you were put off by by the ones who projected they had the truth and yet you deny and denied the incontrovertibly voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart it's possible you were there is a ferrous it's possible that you're here right now as a fair a See full of conscientiousness certain not to break the minor matters of the law but blinded to the major compulsion that the spirit won't release you from and yet you deny in conscientiousness and maybe you where there is a disciple of fraid to name the name of Jesus of fraid to associate as one of Jesus associates maybe there is Peter an absolute denial of the convicting voice of Jesus himself about who you really are but maybe it's Judas the love of Jesus crowded out by the slow creep of greed. And maybe their assignments Irene. Perhaps the most innocent if such a word exists for the sons of Satan Yes you were there if you don't think you are there the rest of the sermon won't mean very much to you. You were there. I don't know where so was I I hear the voice of that singer with that group say La where it says a shame to hear my mocking voice call out amongst the scoffers. The same cowardice that ran through the crowd and was operative in the hearts of the disciples its operative in your heart in my heart and while we might not have been the one pounding the nails in we certainly brought the darkness on and sometimes we still have and do or yes we were there every single one of us and though it should make us Trimble to Rome bow tremble. And if it doesn't at the beginning of the sermon I hope it does by the end take your Bibles this morning open them up to the Book of Genesis Chapter 4 the price of blood drop by drop Genesis Chapter 4 you need to know there's nothing more precious in all the human existence and perhaps in all of the cosmos than blind. We know it has the life in it we understand that it it represents the the the transit of of oxygenated in life it understand it it takes with it the sustenance to sustain every cell it carries away the waste all of that biologically is true we know that those red blood cells delivering that life giving oxygen out to the extremities but the blood is the consummate some asian of all that is life and it speaks at least to God Genesis Chapter 4 1st Now in the Lord said to Cain Where is Abel your brother and he said I don't know him I my brothers keeper. Said What have you done the voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground. Now you are cursed from the ground. Which is opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand and when you cultivate the ground it will no longer yield its strength to you you'll be a vagabond and I wander Cain said to the Lord my punishment is too great to bear behold you've driven me this day from the face of the ground and from the face your face I will be hidden and I'll be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth and whoever finds me will kill me and there was a reason why because the will fall destruction the intentional taking of life homicide we call it that act of murder is only atoned by blood itself the sailors that had Jonah in their hands before they threw him overboard they got it pagan though they be probably And they're calling out to God saying don't hold this man's blood against us and you know the story of neighbors. The man who had this life long Vineyard beautifully cared for the apple of his eye on Fortunately it was the fruit of desire in the eye of a hand and they have so desired it and was so discouraged not to get at the Jazz a bell came up with a plan to throw a feast for neighbors and in the midst of it all suggests that he had cursed God and cursed the king and thus the destruction of an good man was hand held at the hands of an evil woman in a week where it lists King God told a have you will be responsible because this is what the Scripture calls blood guilt. And the only atonement for this kind of blood guilt is the blood of the guilty one you remember those 2 spies that went into Jericho. They hid on the roof under the flax and when it was time for them to leave they were let down I suspect it was a red rope. And as they pushed away from the walls of Jericho they reminded Rahab if that rope is not hanging in the window when we come back your blood will be on your own hands not on us they had made a promise when we think about this componentry of blood guilt were driven to the story of David just before he dies talking to Solomon and his charge is to make sure that somebody is executed take your Bibles if you were to go to 1st Kings Chapter 2 The story of the transition of the throne but in the midst of the transition there is to be justice 1st Kings Chapter 2 looking at verse 5. First Kings 2 verse 5 Now you also know what Joab the son of Zariah did to me so let's make sure it's really clear Zariah is big sister to David that makes Joe Abba cousin the problem is that Joab was the one that had all these amazing military exploits and the loyalty of the people was with Joab The other problem was that Joab killed Abner. And Joab killed the Massa in innocent non-war environment he shed innocent blood. You know what he did to the 2 commanders of the armies of Israel verse 5 to Abner the son of neuron to a mass of the son of Jeff there whom he killed a mass that was also a relative of Joe abs he also shed the blood of war in peace and he put the blood of war on his belt about his waist and on his sandals and on his feet so act according to your wisdom and do not let his gray hair go down to Sheol in peace. Skip down verse 10 and David slept with his fathers and he was buried on the City of David the days that David reigned over Israel were 40 years and 7 he reigned in Heber and 33 years and he reigned in Jerusalem the issue. The blood of Joab unjudged in an executed remained on the hands of the nation in some sense and certainly as a responsibility of David in another and even though Joab will grab onto the horns of the altar because he martyred 2 people his blood guilt remains and while he can be forgiven hanging on to the horns of those altar of that altar not because he had the altar by the horns he had God I trust firmly in his grip and yet there was a price to pay which David did not feel he could politically in act during his lifetime so he left it to his son and his son took care of the blood guilt of Joab was on David's hands until his sod took care of it. Of course we think about the cities of refuge take your Bibles and turn over the Book of Numbers Numbers Chapter 35 why were these cities of refuge they weren't for the murderers at least not the cold blooded murderers they were for those who were the man Slayers the ones that had intended to take life but did and in the cities of refuge a man or a woman could run so that the avenger of the blood would have to let a fair trial take place before the avenging took place and as long as the man's Slayer stayed in the city of refuge he was safe from the avenger of blood and of course a trial was enacted it wasn't a hideout for cold blooded murderers but it was a place for one who had mistakenly taken alive because God keeps track of every single drop. And as long as they remain there in the shadow of the provision of the high priests they could live and when that high priest died they were free to go back out into society but that was a city of refuge 3 on one side of the Jordan 3 on the other Numbers Chapter 35 beginning with Verse 15 these 6 cities shall be for a refuge for the sons of Israel and for the Alien and for the sojourner among them that anyone who kills a person unintentionally may flee there but if he struck him down with an iron object so that he died he's a murderer and the murderer shall surely be put to death and he struck him down with a stone in the hand by which he will die and as a result he dieties a murderer and the murderer shall be put to death. Murphy struck him with a wooden object in the hand by which he might die and as a result he died he's a murderer and the murderer shall be put to death the blood Avenger himself shall put the murderer to death he shall put him to death when he meets him and that's why there was a city of refuge because sometimes what looked like murder was simply man slain and the City of Refuge was the place for a safe trial it was a sanctuary from the unmitigated anger of the one grieving the loss through the shedding of blood and that if he pushed him of age or through something out in verse 20 lying in wait as a result he died or if he struck him down with his hand in amity and as a result he died the one who struck him shall surely be put to death he's a murderer the blood Avenger shall put the murderer to death when he meets him it was somewhat of a different sense of justice and yet cold blooded murder was only atone for by the shedding of blood the City of Refuge was no refuge for the murder but for the want to accidentally shipped blood there was a limited freedom there was still life through the provisional presence of the high priest. In arresting Exodus 2221 describes there is no blood guilt when you're in self-defense important distinction here but when we come to the story of Jesus all of these things have something to bear now before I go to the component of blood guilt in the story of Jesus I want to go one more place take your Bibles and go to easy kill chapter 33 is equal chapter 33 very important chapter for postmodern people. Especially for preachers and it's Besley for parents. And especially for teachers Exodus Chapter 30 I'm easy to the old chapter 33 I'm going to read the 1st 11 verses. And the word of the Lord came to me saying Son of Man speak to the sons of your people and say to them if I bring a sword upon the land and the people of the land take it one man from among them and make him their watchman and he sees the sword coming upon the land and he blows the trumpet and warns the people then he who hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning and a sword comes and takes him away his blood will be on his own head in other words if you were warned and you didn't listen that's between you and your own demise verse 5 he heard the sound of the trumpet but he did not take warning his blood will be on himself but had he taken warning he would have delivered his life I want you to understand something every one of those 10 Commandments is says don't do this is a gospel warning and when God told Adam and Eve in the garden stay away from the tree and don't eat it that was a gospel warning and I want to tell every adolescent listening to me here or every adult with an adolescent mindset you reject the warning of God You reject the Gospel trumpet blowing a sound of caution. And the problem with rebellion is it leaves you with blood on your hands the problem is that your own blood. But verse 6 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet in the people are not warned and a sword comes and takes a person from them he has taken away in his iniquity his blood will be required from the watchman's hand Now as for you o. Son of Man I appointed you as a watchman for the house of Israel so you will hear a message from my mouth and give them a warning from me and when I say to the wicked Oh wicked man you will surely die and you don't speak to warn the wicked from his way that wicked man shall die in his iniquity but his blood require from you but if you on your part warn a wicked man to turn away from his way and he does not turn away from his way he'll die in his iniquity but you've delivered your life now is for you son of man say to the house of Israel thus you've spoken saying Surely our transgressions and our sins are upon us and we are rotting away in them and how can we survive say to them as I live declares the Lord God I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked but rather that the wicked should turn from his way and live turn back turn back from your evil ways and why will you die oh house of Israel I want to suggest to you the smoke. God keeps track of every drop and even the animals if you follow the theology of some Jewish rabbis even the animals blood is sacred. And kosher is not just about health kosher is about the fact for some in their understanding that the blood of that animal slain in a kosher way is put back at the altar and it returns to God who is the only giver of life Listen I can remember when his kids in the church school we were stepping on all the ants and my teacher said to us don't do that now I'm not against killing a fly or a mosquito but the reckless dealing with life is something the scriptures are powerfully contrary to and for us to deal casually with that which we cannot create or recreate is worthy of some thinking the Bible is interested in the well being of all including the creatures we call dumb and there's something to be said about the fact that God's keeping track of it all now I want to go just a little bit farther once you understand blood gilts what you understand that murder has no in Toma except for the murders blood it's not that they can't be saved but the final act of saving will involve their accepting the final act of execution like Joab grabbing on to the horns of the altar it would be wonderful to see Joab in heaven but he still paid the price of cold blooded murder delayed though it was I want you to think about the Apostle Paul in a different way from this time forward when he talks about being the worst sinner there ever was I think it's blood guilt and I think he knows when he writes those words that every single one of those men and women that he threw in jail and some like Stephen that he stood there and watched them so now after he pressed the case as the prosecutor for the Sanhedrin. That he was guilty in a way that lots of us reading today don't understand he had blood all over him that's one of the reasons hill right I'm a sinner like no other and it's not that we're not beyond the reach of such callous pride arrogance and hatred in the name of God It may seem it right now but just read your history books. How many people start out like Saul some never change Fortunately he did but the smart and I want to go farther than with God But if you're a pastor or a preacher especially let me talk to you I'm going to be doing a a week of prayer Wisconsin academy next week and I covet your prayers but I want to talk to the teacher that doesn't hold up their end of the bargain in regards to the culture of the school they dump all the responsibilities on somebody else to be the bad guy or the bad gal I want to talk to that parent who leaves all the heavy lifting for the mom because he doesn't want to be the bad guy the truth of the matter is the feet of our children the influence of our leadership is to put people on the path of function and life because in the end sin leads to death as absolutely incontrovertibly leads to death. And when there's death defying dynamics in a relationship and nobody says anything they become part and parcel of the ultimate demise of the individual this is not post modern politically correct speech it just happens to be and I'm not talking about the sermon by the way I'm talking about the sentiments of God's Word that freights people with responsibility to give gospel warnings to people who are starting towards the cliff. This is how it works it's how it's always worked when it works and when it quits working it doesn't mean that we can go a generation or 2 and say look it doesn't work oh it works it's just the degree that the size of destruction so you may think you've done alright kicking all the elements of holiness to the curb or but the truth of the matter is the appetites of one's heart the fetters of one's desires can hold our soul fast in darkness in such a way that all that's left at the end is destruction even in the presence of a God who could raise the dead to life that's how serious it is so now let's go to the penultimate sin if we could say there is such a thing take your Bibles and go to Matthew Chapter $27.00 let's look at what happens during the nighttime hours and then the dawning of the day of the crucifixion Matthew chapter 27 we need all the Gospels to do this but we're not going to look at them all this morning but I need you to understand is the truncated version of history given by any one gospel writer you have to read them all to get the full story what we know is that Thursday night while Jesus was in the garden of guess 70 the crowd came and we know from the Gospel of John that they came with clubs and so heard See this weekend this day these 24 hours and hours histories are some of the most brutal and violent vulgar hours of Earth's history they come with clubs and swords and they're not going to let Jesus get away and one in the group with Jesus has a sword and we have a showdown that's designed for decapitation but it ends up with cartilage laying on the ground instead and Jesus has put that away he sweeps up the air sticks him back on the side of the servants head and tells him that's not the way we do things. Could have been a pretty discouraging start to an already discouraging night or day after an already discouraging 9. Jesus is heisted away in the middle of a Thursday night for a trial which is completely illegal and contrary to the constructs of the law no capital murder trial could be held during the dark but when you come to try to Matthew Chapter $27.00 verse one most of all that's over he's been spat upon He's been struck he's been mocked he's been arraigned before a kangaroo court and now it's time to get on with the rest of the game 1st one chapter 27 verse one now when morning came for all the legal listed conscientiousness of the scribes in the Pharisees as they march headlong over the clip of prideful blindness they're not going to do everything the wrong way he's got to go it's better for one man to died in the whole nation perish this civil unrest that he might create is worthy and of course he blasphemed himself in the night by declaring that they'd see him coming on the clouds so the execution can march forward by his own expression and all the chief priests in the elders and the people conferred together against Jesus to put into debt and they bound him and they let him away and they delivered him to pilot the governor but there is a speed bump as they're leaving the temple it's a man who's greed and pride. Overran his love for Jesus which did exist then when Judas who probably watched it all probably had a pretty good see who had betrayed him saw that he had been condemned he felt remorse and he returned the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders. No I want you to see a hankered man I want you to see a man whose stratagem has all gone wrong I want to see a man who thought he was smarter than everybody else I want you to see a man who thought he should force Jesus to do what he was supposed to be doing and I want you to watch him as he throws 30 pieces of silver down on the stones of this of the temple courtyard and I want you to hear them bouncing into silence while the Farriss wonder what's going on and I want you to hear the confession of a man the only man in this 24 hour period of time who says the words he is innocent. I've sinned by the train innocent one blind he knows where it's going he knows the train is already revved up and rolling there's nobody stopping this train from rolling down the track and he understands the law he understands blood guilt the blood of Jesus is on Judas and they have no care what is that to us see to that yourself and he threw the pieces of silver into the temple sanctuary and departed and he went away and hanged himself the chief priest took the pieces they had a dilemma on their hands no care that they're ready to run over justice and destroy an innocent man who happens to be the Son of God They have a real problem because this money is teat the chief priest took the pieces of silver and said it's it's not lawful to put them into the temple treasury since that's the price of blood. And they conferred together and with the money they bought the Potter's Field is the Birria place for strangers how such hatred. Could so callous the soul while apparent conscientiousness is still operative is hard for me to understand but this isn't the only place it happens in the story here is a man who gets more than the leaders of the nation the problem is he's not so categorically sorry of what he did as much as he's sorry for how it's turning out and he doesn't it's not as if he's absence of all compassion but the slow greed that took over in his life and the blinding pride that was stopping him overran his ability to say I was there the cross is still a few hours away but were you there yes I was there Judas was already there though he'd never make in 30 pieces of silver the price of a slave it looked like everybody enacted a pretty sweet deal Judas was going to get Jesus to do what he wanted him to force him to show his powerful hand which he wouldn't and the scribes and the Pharisees were getting off for about as low a dollars you could get offer to take somebody out of the way crush them to pretty sorry moment how do you spend blood money where you can't put it in the church Treasury books so we'll get a place for the nobodies that's how that blood money was spent. But there's other people in the story who don't want the blood on their hands either verse 11 Jesus stood before the governor when the governor questions saying Are you the king of the Jews and Jesus said to him probably surprised him it is as you say. That sent pile back and he was doing a little bit of thinking and it was wondering and listening and while he was being accused by the g. priest and the elders he didn't answer he talked to the pilot but he wouldn't talk to them that chapter was closed verse 13 and pilots said to him Don't you hear how many things they testify against you and he did not answer him with regard to even a single charge so the governor was quite amazed and we're going to skip down to verse 19 it's clear pilot can't get out of this the mob is mad in more than one way there's 1000 while he was sitting on the judgement seat his wife sent him a message saying don't have anything to do with that rightness man this is God's goodness for hints. Unfortunately once the train is rolling down the tracks it's a lot harder to stop when pilot ran over the slight little vestiges of integrity that he had inside himself he started the momentum of the spiritual or I should say the political relational inertia was rolling and it was pretty hard to stop he had already messed up and he wasn't ready to say I made a mistake which. Pushed him onto another for that last night I suffered greatly in a dream because of him but the chief priest of the elders persuaded the crowds Asper barabus and the governor said to them which of the 2 do you want skipping down to verse 24 when pilots saw he was accomplishing nothing but rather that a riot was starting which by the way he didn't live in Jerusalem most of the year he only came there for the festivals because this was a proclivity of the Jews this rioting so he needed to be right on hand to handle stuff just like this but when he saw that a riot was started he took water and he washed his hands in front of the crowd and what he said he said I am innocent of this man's blood. See to it yourselves. And it's interesting before the story's over the crowd will say something like this let its blood be upon us and upon our children and every intelligent person listening to me here today needs to come to grips with the fact that we are those children this is not a this is not a arraigning of a Jew for certainly there were probably others than Jews in the crowd. This is no reigning before the bar of the heavenly just as every human being who in effect said we love darkness rather than light and we want this light extinguished we want this person gone but his blood be upon us which friends is the inescapable conclusion of the whole story line that his blood was on us which makes us all blood cutie the interesting how many other times do we have moments of of legalism creeping in well let's just think about him friends because you may be a very conscientious 7 the evidence but the story line might be completely about you not about Jesus and you might be willing to do anything for Jesus except change word came to me that maybe in last week's sermon I should have explained a time when I've changed I've had many I've changed my mind about lots of people through the years and I've changed my mind about theological positions for instance I changed my mind about how I felt about women's ordination and then I changed it again but I didn't end up where I started and since that's not the subject matter this morning I think the church is still waiting for a biblical version of how we would annoy and ordain all of each gender in gender proper roles. Yes I've changed my mind along the way about many things some of them of substance and some of them not and the hardest thing I've had to do is change my mind about myself when I struggle with pride of opinion when my feelings of kicked in and my thoughts don't want to give way that's the hardest time to change your mind and when jealousy and pride have combined together when animosity and suspicion have become symbiotic or or one helping the other live when these things all come together humility vacates all the oxygen of humility is gone from the room and nobody's going to change and it appears that we're very much on that journey there I am who I am is today's mantra How dare you rain on my parade How dare you give me what the pastor would call the Gospel warning what I would say is nothing but judgement we are living in the age of Cain and Abel Abel's only real sin is to talk about something he didn't think was right his real sin was to do right while somebody else did wrong and he died for. The original journey of blood guilt So what about the Pharisees who won't go into the print Torrie a pilot has to come out of them the Antonio fortress you know right there they don't want to be defiled by the pagan godlessness of pilot And what about as sabbath is drawing on and they asked to have the legs of everybody broke and this was a brutal brutal day we can't begin to understand the anguish Yes Jesus was already gone our sins could have taken him out but it appeared we wanted to help in the process. Because every evil hidden away in the heart of man was ready to be rushed on fertilized catalyzed. To destroy that which held us in the light of a not so favorable setting his blood be upon us how do you spend blood money so if you are really there if the whole human race is responsible it creates a theological enigma. It's an irony beyond understanding because if I was there. That means that act that broke open the floodgates of grace was the act that should have do me to eternal damnation blood deal for the Son of God would mean external absence of life and yet somehow God in His amazing love will summon all of the guilt of all including the collective act of humanity in the destruction of the greatest gifts to man and God will turn it in to the fountain of grace and blessin be astonished Oh heavens and wonder who are. The death of Jesus if I had anything to do with it damns me. And delivers me. Which is why every gospel present Haitian must be like Paul begins the book of Romans with the knowledge that all of sinned and fallen short far far short I wasn't there the hammer wasn't in my hand I wasn't the confused century and wielding the stake the spike. I wasn't there with the scornful word I wasn't there with the apathetic attitude towards all things divine and towards the divine when I didn't run away I wasn't there or was I from drop to drop. I once worked for a tree trimmer he made a big mistake. The big mistake was hiring me not because I wasn't a good worker but because he didn't have enough work but he knew there was this kid that wanted to go to Broadview academy so he hired me I don't hold myself personally responsible for what happened but I do know that I was a part of the chain of events that led to a crisis the name was Larry Paul I was working in the suburbs of Chicago with him we had different sizes of chainsaws just didn't have quite enough work but he wanted me to be able to go to school so he took a job one day for a lady that she had bargained him down to a price that wasn't right and you know when you're in a hurry you make mistakes you should make he was a agile young man not as young as I was far more experience with chainsaws and trees. And my job was great work so I was on the ground while Larry went up into the jury I don't know that he took a rope that day or not I don't think so quite confident no but he had his light little chainsaw and he was going to top this tree but part of it was hanging over a house or a power line I don't remember and so he decided that rather than do it the right way he'd do it the hurried way so that he wouldn't be working for free while he was paying me to stand on the ground and watch him so that I could have a little money to go to school I remember quite vividly because lots of blood flowed he reached out to get a branch like this while he was leaning against a bigger one and he took the chainsaw like this and while he was young and very experienced he wasn't quick enough and strong enough to stop the inertia that means you know once an object is set in a certain direction it stays going in that direction and tell another force acts on it that's the law of inertia. And the inertia of the chain saw as it came through that little branch the saw was very sharp I imagine in the branch was green and of course for all of you that cut wood you know that cutting wood that has sap in it is easier than cutting dry dead wood and when the chainsaw went through the branch he couldn't snap his wrist back fast enough and the flesh was just so rapidly removed I could hear the blood falling on the ground and there I am standing at the base of the tree thinking I've got 2 huge problems 3 Number one he was scared that meant I was now in charge number 2 he was bleeding rapidly which made me wonder how long he'd remain conscious. One of the 1st things I told him was dropped the chainsaw great decision as it fell plummeting to the earth now we can focus just on keeping him in the tree I'm sure he went to staunch ng stopping the blood not before it was had rained all over the sidewalk beneath us it was in the days prior to cellphones so I ran to the lady's house and had her call 911 and fortunately he stayed conscious in the tree until help arrived I've got a scar right here in a scar right here I've got a scar right here I've got scars all over my body most of the times that things have flowed freely from inside of me that are red I can remember them. As a boy I had terrible nose bleeds I want to tell you something is pretty amazing today with one drop of blood they can tell you all about your diet and your genetics in regards to cholesterol in the lives and everything else but I want to tell you the 1st drop costs a lot less than the last one to us and the brutality of that day that Jesus died. Pales in significance. To the pain of separation and the agony of loneliness. That actually extinguished his life but whether I had been there or not whether he had died in a garden against so many or died on the cross I know this one thing. My sins were there. I was there blood guilt is on me and blood guilt is on you praise God that a fountain of cleansing was so opened that that sin itself could be washed away now there is an enigma in the Bible there is there is it's not an enigma it's it's a unique moment when David commits murder he should have died that's why one of the 1st things out of Nathan's mouth is you're not going to die but instead the baby died the innocent in place of the guilty if you haven't taken time lately to stop and think about it you're probably living like somebody else in the story this morning I want to declare to you that the fountain of Heaven has burst open wide. And the goodness of God's grace is washing over your life it's like the Salma says of God word count iniquities who could stand but there's forgiveness with God Therefore I will fear Him glory hallelujah So let's bring it together for 7 day administers before we sing the closing song there's a world out there a 1000000000 of them think God burns you forever if you don't do what he says because that's most of Christianity maybe a 1000000000 and a half and the other 6 and a half 1000000000 don't spiritually know their left hand from their right and it might just be possible. That we could expect Jesus to do some things because we're busy. Dipping our hands in the pocketbook too often for ourselves it just might be possible that all those people are left without a prayer a message or delivering a hand of kindness it might just be possible that their blood. Could be found on our hands I'm appealing to you I would love for you to see the colossal gift of grace that was afforded you because you were there and so was I but if that's the only thing I show you we could walk out of here today feeling awfully good about how good God is and just go back to the Judas thing wanting God to do it our way and not bother us too much with the inconvenience of the cross yes before we see the cross as something done for us we must see the cross as something done by us friends there's a reason Paul would say I'm the chief of sinners he not always only saw the faces of those people that died under his direction but he understood blood guilt in regards to the cross differently than he had ever start it understood it before the cross was anathema to him he hated the cross he hated the way he hated Jesus. Until he really understood and then he loved us and the Spirit of Prophecy tells us. That whenever Paul's energy would lag whenever you get discouraged look to the cross he gird up his loins and go forward. I'm appealing to you on this Sabbath between what we call Good Friday and resurrection Sunday. To ask yourself. Against the backdrop of the amazing sacrifice of Jesus. Or any part of my life that would drive a wedge between you and me for what you have ultimately want to give me. I am appealing to you because I think like the rich young ruler who wouldn't bear the cross and Judas who was dipping into the groups. Purse. It is very possible that we're marching up to the most cataclysmic showdown between good and evil. And we're thinking somehow Jesus is going to do something to make up for us doing what we should do or just letting us accept what the still small voice is saying to us about what we should be doing. We serve a good God we can't begin to fathom. The very act that would eternally damn us is the very act that eternally. Invitee to resort to God. To accept whatever warning or caution comes from the person of authority in your life or the partner in your life maybe even the child in your life. If we think we're not like regular old Judaism of 2 millennia ago we better stop and think again because we just don't want anybody messing with the comfort zones we've created in the ideas we've discussed that we've held up that we've hung on the walls of our life. Is going to be some things that shake us up and. Different way can this be God or will we abandon him on the journey because he's not the God we wanted him to be. He didn't abandon you or me or anyone. In the end I need you to understand something everybody outside. When the fire comes down there are blood guilt. But they didn't need to be. This is the tragedy and travesty of the story I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked. But this little wicked world we sometimes watch violence. Which sometimes watch the blood flow God forbid Christians would sit around and watch what is abhorred to God. This little world is full of blood guilt. The potential for cleansing was at the cross the eventually. Become sober. I can't tell you how sober these things are to me wonderfully sublime. Uncorking the coldness of my heart and powerfully compelling in the sense of the purposefulness of my being so that others could make an intelligent decision. Are all men held equally culpable on this dark Friday no. Culpable Yes. What Judas did is different from what the sin Jerry did what Peter did is different. From what the criminal hanging on the left in the right. So this morning. I want you to know something there's not a drop of your blood. That is not the most precious thing in all the Universe Jesus Christ. And he desires. That we receive the blood sacrifice of his life to completely cover and renew restore. And bring home to heaven and yet on the way he asks child let me be Lord. Let me be lord of every single thing in your life would you take the next step with me. You see friends we were there. Praise God. Will be with him in paradise. God help us on the Sabbath stop and think what it cost. God watch his innocent son die. Just like David watched the innocent son die as a result of his own sin it wasn't God created this problem. Deep deep. Deep. Let's pray. Lord. Our lives are pretty casual. And for most of us life is pretty good and we don't want to cross any more than the 12 disciples wanted. But we sure do want the assurance. Thank you for that assurance in measures beyond our ability to embrace and even experience fully thank you for a fountain that's flowing deep and wide. Again for a patients that was there in a provision that was made even for the ones that knew better. And I'm praying the Lord. Give us a much deeper journey because of the reflection on the cross. Thank you that our lives are so precious that heaven was not heaven without us. Thank you for the immense suffering of so Mind Spirit and yes even body. We Cerner our lives back to you again we've been bought with a price. Completely undeserving because we were there. And now may we recommit to being with you when you come to take us home I pray this now and thank you that you love us this deeply this beautifully this wonderfully in Jesus' name. Amen. Media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse you would like to listen to more sermon. W.w.w. audio verse or.


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