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Fire From Above

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • April 10, 2021
    11:00 AM
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What the world is going through now what is gripping the world. Is a sign of what is to come what we've seen over the last year is really a warning as I say many times it's a warning God is trying to prepare his people and you know these are tough times I don't know about you maybe I'm not the only one but this is a hard week for me tough week you know to watch the weight of work. Personal things you know your life sometimes even as a Christian you begin to doubt and question and ask God where are you and that's the real That's real talk being a Christian does not mean that you're always. On your a game the secret to being a Christian is that you go to God even when you're failing so our talk today we're going to look at one of my favorite Bibles heroes. But I scripture as was read so well is found in the book of Hebrews the 12 chapter Hebrews Chapter 12 in verse 28 says wherefore we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear verse 29 For our God is a consuming fire for our God is a consuming fire a message this Sabbath is entitled fire from above fire from above lessons from Alija let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word and to worship you Lord we understand that we are not worthy of your mercy nor of your grace but Lord as we come before you today we come in humility. Washes in your blood and cleanse us from all unrighteousness as we approach your throne Lord once again make me a nail on the wall and Lord to nail as little to no value but we would ask the nail just hold the portrait of our Savior Jesus Christ Lord let me not be seen or heard today instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen All right let's get into it well go to the book of 1st Kings Chapter 16 verse 2829 we see the transition of power of the Northern Kingdom of Israel 1st King 1628 says so armories slept with his fathers and was buried in some area and Ahab his son reigned in his stead armory was not the best king and when he died his son Ahab took the throne verse 29 says and in the 38th reign of Assa king of Juda began Ahab the son of Omri to reign over Israel and they have the son of armory reigned over Israel in some area 20 and 2 years for 22 years the Northern Kingdom is led by Ahab we're going to see that this poses challenges that Israel will never recover from just to give you a little bit of a geographic orientation remember that what was once a unified kingdom of Israel broke into 2 parts. A predominantly because of Solomon's choosing of a wives that were pagan and the introduction of pagan worship by Solomon and then his son rowboat Roebourne being one of them the kingdom splits. And you wind up with these 2 kingdoms supposedly the same people with the same God but 2 different kingdoms and if you look at the history years room Boehm kind of continues in David's reign but there's this long line and just to show you where we are here's a hat who reigns for 22 years. And you can see that the 2 kingdoms split and they have a totally different lineages of Kings to show you where we are in time because sometimes you read the Bible you don't see it in context and it's important to understand where you are when you look at it Alijah is one of the 1st prophets really everyone we most of whom we think about after Moses. Is all these other folks Jonah a messiah Joel Micah you can see at around the time of the exile Daniel is equal Jeremiah Alija is way before all of that he carries a burden unique in all that he goes his t.k. travels up and down and inside of both nations but he he carries a very powerful message as he does this and 1st King 16 in verse 30 says and you have the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that were before him they have is corrupted even more than all the other kings who have been corrupted we step into our story today at a time when Israel is at its spiritual lowest point spiritually lowest point it is at its nadir it is failing spiritually and overwhelmingly and here is why it is because it is a lacking leadership. Ahab armory and the other kings have led Israel into a path of repeated sin and violation against God The worship of bail which was fought so hard in the time of the judges over and over again seems to continue to mount itself and read and be read introduced into Israel until its leadership itself accepts the worship of a false God verse 31 says and it came to pass as if it had been a light thing for him speaking of a have to walk in the sins of Jerome the son of Neavitt that he took to wife Jessa Bell the daughter of s. bailed king of the don't aeons and went and serve to bail and worship Him Now there's a lot of lesson in this here he doesn't just fail in that he chooses to serve bail he cements his decision by who he marries he marries a daughter of f.b.i. when you can see the word bail in her father's name and even just a Bell is really just a bale a play on bail bail was the chief god will talk more about him in a 2nd but she accepts this Jessop well as his wife and just about is a strong personality a strong character as we'll see in an I'll do a series on a like this or over the next couple sermons you will see that she is a strong character she knows what she wants and she gets it and she gets Ahab they'll worship is heightened in Israel verse 32 says any rear up an altar for bail in the House of b. which he had built in some area in the capital of the state of ancient Israel he built a temple to a false god and worship it. He made a groove which is one of the ways that they would work at these gods bail and asteroid. Did more to provoke the Lord this is a this is a very powerful statement here and Ahab did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the kings of Israel that were before him he set up a temple to worship the false god he set up Groves what he would do some of their rituals and practices and bail is not simply just a nother God to worship Bale was a God who had some of the most evil ducted of and and murderous worship practices Here's a here's a statue of what Bale would have looked like and here's a definition Bale is the God most actively worship in Canaan and for your nation he is the storm God what kind of God as He is the storm god the head god of Cain source of the winter rain storms this is all of them important in our story spring mist and summer do which nourish the crops therefore Bay is considered responsible for the fecundity particularly of the earth for the growth of vegetation and for the maintenance of life he is considered the Creator God his Father in their inner pantheon is a god named l. who was once considered the Creator God and you know I'll mostly think that some of these folks took l. who was probably. The way that they had interpreted the original god of the Bible and from that took and made his Pantheon but Bailey clips as well he takes over from l. and now he is the one they say is responsible for all the moisture wetness the rain that feeds the vegetation. In fact here's another picture of him here you can see him holding a lightning rod. He has a stick on his head this and he pops people upside the head when he stands on the water and on the mountains all of the symbolisms matter in our story none the less he is not a god of vegetation while the word by all means simply master owner and is a Lloyd Wright he is considered a prince among his other epithets are rider of the clouds and never forget that Prince master of the Earth and or some other definitions they give there in Karbala 1st King 17 and 16 says and they left all the commandments of the Lord their God and made them molten images even 2 calves and made a grove and worship all the host of heaven and served bill so they make and a metal statue of Bale Don't miss this they make a mess lest of the molten images are there and they may like 2 calves he was he was depicted often as a bull as I'll show you in a 2nd and he would hold his hands out and they would offer sacrifices on his own lay them on him to offer sacrifices Here's what the Bible says and he kill $1620.00 to $21.00 it says and you took your sons and your daughters whom you have borne to me and these you sacrifice to them to be devoured were your warring so small a matter that you slaughtered my children and delivered them up as an offering by fire to them and you can see this is a rendition of the king you have by allowing before the statue of bale that he had put up but it when you look at it this is the this is the one to so frightening They would it was they did child sacrifices to bail. They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons they poured out innocent blood the blood of their sons and daughters whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan and the land was polluted with blood Psalm 10637384 me. You can see that this was a diabolical terrible form of worship and you can see that golden thing and what he would do is they would either put him inside a fire and heat up his hands so loud so hot and then later hard to even say it lay the child on it as the child's screen they would worship Bale and there were and a form of worship was a seductive it was actual sexual practices that they would do that is how they worshiped him because they were trying to get him to give them a. Fertility and and have brains that would be produced and water to fall from the sky in the form of rain they did these practices all annually in order for a bail to respond and so that they would have lush green one of the authors I was reading this week says that one of the reasons. The children of Israel may have fallen prey to this is that after 40 years in a desert wandering around entering such a lush land when the people of the land said the way that we keep this land so green is that we worship our God bail that some of the children of Israel may have made a decision and say you know what I'm not taking any chances I'll serve Jova and Bale because everyone wanted this this of for tele tea they wanted the crops to yield they wanted to have children and bail was promised to give that to them and let me say this if this is the this is the danger of trying to serve 2 masters at the same time. As they began to just consider bail as an option and a source for them to have what they wanted they began to give their hearts to bail and you cannot church you cannot serve 2 masters scripture says you will either love the one and hate the other or hate the one and love the other and let me tell you something this is it's indicative even of modern times church we live in a time of where where of secularism and humanism where it's really all about self in fact to the standard real spiritual teaching of the land is that we evolved that is not a scientific principle it's a theory if they could prove it would cease to be a theory never forget that gravity is a law we can prove gravity evolution is a theory and we live in a land where literally we are taught that we created ourselves that because of a series of accidents and chance occurrence is over millions and millions and millions of years we are we evolved to be who we are but let me tell you something if you buy into the worlds a lot I that somehow you are your own bail you will find that you cannot serve 2 masters 2nd Kings 171718 says this and they burned their sons and their daughters as offerings and use divination and omens and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord provoking him to anger therefore the Lord was very angry with Israel and remove them out of his sight none was left of the tribe of Judah only. You have a key character in this besides a Hab Alija and now Bale is just a belle herself I won't get too into just about exceptions as she has a strong connotative meaning. But just about this is that she does pull to pull this definition off Wikipedia Jess about is the Anglicized transliteration of the Hebrew Isabelle the Oxford Guide to people and places of the Bible states that the name is best understood as meaning when there is the prince I don't want to miss this where is the Prince right a ritual cry from worship ceremonies in honor of bail during periods of the year when the god was considered to be in the underworld in the dry seasons they said Bayle is not here he's he is he is under in the underworld This is why we have no rain is why the crops don't grow well as I was talking about winter and spring so during the dead of the times of the year when nothing group the cry would go out where is the Prince where is the prince and the cry was. In the underworld Don't miss this her name literally meant Where is bail where is he so devoted was her father to the worship of bail that his child is named after the cry for Bale longing for Bale looking for Bale and of course even that is dated and movie this is a picture it is a magazine out of Atlanta just about magazine. This Lady Gaga on just about magazine's cover it was a movie with somebody remember Henry Fonda and Bette Davis but there was a movie called as a bell folklore it carries the name is powerful and. It is it carries a lot of weight was the next term and we'll have more on that but 1st thing 17 and allied to the Tishbite who was one of the inhabitants of Gilliard Setanta Ahab as the Lord God of Israel live with before whom I stand there shall not be do no rain these years but according to my word now enter a lie just Israel has been completely taken over by Bale worship Ahab has resurrected and erected temples and grows to the worship of bail in Ashura the people are worshipping this false god their children are being sacrificed to this false god a light just steps on the sea and attacks them right where they worship Bill he says it will not rain. They won't even be do coming from the ground for 4 years and we know it winds up being 3 and a half years why is that significant because it was the 1st challenge of Bale you've got to get this bail is the one who rides the storm that's his name he's the one responsible for the rain and to do what I like to says listen at the command of the God of heaven and the command of Jehovah there will be no rain for these years he is literally saying My God is about to bind your god I'm sorry just at the last Ha God can do that but a light has a special person his name means my God is Joe Hoeffel from Tish but Gilliatt of course the Bible tells us as we'll talk about that and later sermon he is taken to heaven in a chariot I like to say he got the Holy Ghost and then. He is one of 2 who meets Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration he and Moses and one of the evidences that when you die you don't go to straight to heaven are the stories of Enoch Alija and Moses the Bible has no one who is taken to Heaven whose body is left on earth don't miss this you can find most of the supplicant of course you couldn't find with a larger image and even those who are resurrected after the the Christ resurrection bodies are taken as well so the idea that your body and your spirit is separated is not Biblical because a light is taken and he meets Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration this is how significant this character is 1st kings 18 in verse 18 says and it came to pass after many days that the word of the Lord came to Alijah in the 3rd year is after he told him it would rain saying Go show yourself on to a habit and I will send rain upon the earth is Ok it's been 3 years now there's a famine people starve and all of a bale worship and they've been doing for 3 years all the crazy rituals nothing not a drop of rain like a whole nation move to the desert in California so I live in California get no rain 1st 2 and a light went to show himself under 8 had the Scripture says and there was a sore famine in some area when any have saw a light Can you imagine 3 years later after you told him that you have probably left him to scorn when he sees a lighter after 3 years he says they have more words to live on our Are you he that troubles Israel Ahab's words it's your fault we don't have any rain it's your fault the food's not grown it's your fault that we're all starving. What a spirit of prophecy says the ruffian Herald January 8th 1904 she says those who receive to receive those who refuse to receive reproof and to be corrected will manifest enmity malice and hatred against the instrument that God has used they will leave no means untried to cast stigma upon the one who bore to them the message they will feel as they have toward a lie to that God's servant is the one who is the hinderance the curse said he had already he that trouble is Israel I want to prepare your church the scripture tells us that we will head into a great time of trouble Matthew chapter 24 and verse 9 tells us that Daniel Chapter 12 tells us that there is going to be a time of great trouble and I want to submit to you that when you study the life of someone like a light to understand that the time is coming when we will have to stand when the whole world blames us for its problems its not popular not not not not an easy thing to even say from the pulpit seems unlikely but the truth of the matter is the world is moving in a direction where those who are Bible believing who believe in so a lot script Torah the Bible and the Bible alone are going to be persecuted let me ask you something do you have the kind of relationship with God where you all stand and speak truth live Truth believe truth regardless of what the world is doing because a lie just a response in verse 17 is this came to pass when I have saw a lie that I lied to say that I have sent him I doubt he that trouble with Israel and a lie just a response which I must give you a lie to responses it's not me it's you who are troubling Israel. Now there are 4 Send and gather to be all Israel and to Mount Carmel verse 19 and the prophets of bail $450.00 and the prophets of the groves $400.00 which eat adjustable stable 850 of them so I have sent all the children of Israel and gathered the prophets together and to Mount Carmel remember in the bus that I showed you of Bale he stands not only on the water he stands on the mountains to sow so in the mind of those who worship bedo if you go to the top of the mountain you going where bail is more powerful Don't miss this the battle ground chosen was one that would have been in the minds of Ahab and all the prophets and priests of bail and of jazz a bell it would have been a home field advantage home court advantage for bail and not for Jehovah as I meet you on Mount Carmel and Alijah came unto all the people and said how long haul she between 2 opinions if the Lord be God follow him but if Bale then follow him and the people answered him not a word with a light to the polls of the people how long are you going to sit here and try and serve God and serve the world at the same time how long are you going to play with God trying to have one foot in the church and one foot in the world coming to church on Sabbath morning a stamp from the night club from the night before how long will you live like this then set Alija on to the people I even I only remain a prophet of the Lord bails prophets 450 men let them therefore give us 2 books let them choose one bullet for themselves and cut it in pieces and lay it on wood and put no fire under remember one of the ways that they depict Bale is a bowl. So what I do I picked 2 young bulls some bullock to be sacrificed everything Don't miss this church every part of the story gives the advantage to bail they pick balls to sacrifice he's the god depicted as a bull he says I would put no fire and I will dress the other bullock and lay don't want to put no fire under and call you on the name of your gods and I will call on the name of the Lord and the God that answers by fire let him be God and all the people answered and said it is well spoken when lightning would strike in Canaan they say bail set the fire so every aspect of the showdown is set up so that the people's faith in bail would be shaken and I just said unto the prophets of bail choose you one bullet for yourselves and dress it 1st for you are many like you know what you don't realize is that a light is literally cloning them the whole way is 450 you guys I want you to dress yours 1st is just me on my side you guys go 1st even letting them go 1st is an advantage for bail and call the name of your god but do not put fire under it and sort of try to cheat and I took a bullet which was given them and they dressed it and called in the name of Bill watch this church from morning even until noon saying oh Bale hear us but there is no voice nor any that answered and they leaped upon the altar which was made in fact literally what they're crying out is just a bells a name in some ways way here is the prince they get so carried away they start jumping up and down and hopping all around they jump up on the altar with a ball and a lot of love a lot of the largest kickback it's like it's like entertainment you just watch it and it came to pass at noon that Alija mocked them and said cry a lot of other words maybe you're not shouting loud enough he is for he is a gun. Maybe he's on his cell phone talking I mean he's out for a job he's pursuing. Maybe one on vacation you know the Caribbean through of nice this time of year or maybe he's taking a power nap he's sleeping and you've got to wake him up so shout louder he starts to mock them to ridicule them and as they are ridiculed by the prophet of God they get louder and louder to the point where they begin to take weapons and cut themselves with knives the Scripture says and lancets the Bible says until the broad gushed out upon them they thought that by destroying themselves they could connect to him this is and this is a sad thing we see as the more patients where this is a problem with the patient this week where this young lady cuts himself so horribly and you know it's a common kind of common thing that we see in fact some in their worship to this day still cut themselves in order to impress a god let me tell you something I'm glad to be a Christian because my God bled for me and didn't ask me to cut myself and bleed for him 1st kings 829 and it came to pass when mid day was passed and they prophesied under the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice look at this church that there was neither voice nor any to answer nor any that regarded they it was just crickets silence the people of Israel are watching 450 prophets carry on like a carnival jumping up and down cutting themselves shouting screaming and nothing not a sound not a whimper from the skies. Here's what here's what everyone says and it's one of the key lessons from this story she says and prophets in King's Speech one 5th she says gladly would say couldn't have come to the help of those whom he had deceived and who were devoted to his service gladly would he have sent the lightning to kindle their sacrifice watch this church but Joe Hova has set Satan's on restrain his power and now all the enemies the vices can convey one spark to Bales' alter this is let's make this let's bring this bring this home for somebody which I don't care what you're going through I want you to understand the same way that the God of Heaven was able to bind Satan so that he could not even spark a stall on the altar of bail he is the same God who keep safe in check today and know you're going through some hard times I know you have difficulties but I serve a God who controls even our enemy I know how tough life gets I know how difficult it can seem I know that we will lose loved ones people fail us but I want to submit to you today that just as God had Satan on a leash can you imagine every time saying what to do some guy the pullbacks say Satan was bound up he not know any of his demons could come to the aid of these profits I don't want you to go into this next week thinking that somehow God is not in control the God of the universe is in complete control 1st kings 830 and allowed to sit on to all the people come near unto me. And all the people came near unto him any repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down and a lie just took 12 stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob to whom the word of the Lord came saying Israel shall be thy name and with the stones he built an altar in the name of the Lord and he made a trench about the altar as great as would contain 2 measures of seed which could be 2 or 3 feet deep or more and he put the wood in order and cut the bullock in pieces and lay them on the wood and said fill for barrels with water how precious you think water is after 3 and a half years of drought thank you imagine how crazy advice that is this man really does watch these other dude cut themselves up and jump up and down like jumping jacks and nothing happened he's on the way the altar with good water where we all get thirsty and he took it for barrels full of what he poor on a burnt sacrifice I don't know what and he said do it the 2nd time and he did it the 2nd time he said do it a 3rd time and they did it the 3rd time and the water ran down about the wall to the altar and he filled the trench with water it was soaking sopping wet you could not walk away from this incident and think somehow a fire happened by accident. You see how God works he leaves no room for doubt if you just stop and let God work in your life He will remove all space for doubt in your life as well he will tell you in the midst of your personal drought when your relationship seems like nothing is working he was a listen go and get the water of your love and support all what seems broken restoring altar of your home and it seems like its wasted effort to go and get that water and poured all but I'm telling you the God that you serve well kinda like fire to that which is soaking wet don't doubt him he does exceeding. Above and beyond all that we can ask one thing 1st kings 18 and verse 36 says this and it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice that Elijah the prophet came near and said Lord God of Abraham Isaac and of Israel let it be known this day the Dow God in Israel and that I am by servant and that I have done all these things at your word hear me all roared hear me that this people may know that thou art the Lord God and now has turned their heart back again profound Alija comes before the people and when he prays he does not have to jump up and down he's not doing somersaults and cart wheels not running circles around the church speaking in an unknown tongue a lie just simply prays a simple prayer and says that you mean that they may know that you are God and I like the last part he even said he is asking them to give God credit for their repentance and transformation in advance he says let them know not how did your the one who has turned their heart back again when they have seen this thing worse 38 says then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice and the wood and the and the Stones and the dust look at his eye like the last one and it lit up the water that was in the trench Hebrews $1229.00 says that the God we serve is a what he is a consuming fire. He will barred off the dross from our lives he will take off the character defects he will remove from us the parts of us that are not fit and right with God He comes down and can you imagine after all of the dancin and cotton and jump in and yelling and shouting that all these $450.00 men did what a simple prayer Alija praise the sky opens up and fire poorest out everything even the stone is incinerated that's the God we serve and when all the people saw it they fell on their faces and look at what people say and they said the Lord He is the God the Lord He is the guy goes it alone he is God He is the God In other words there is no other god this bail dude he just came up real short but here the God of Heaven shows his power I want you to get it you can put God to the test he never fails the test he is powerful beyond your wildest imagination and I lived it Setanta them take the profits of bail out not one of them escape and they took them in a lighter brought them down to the brook Kishon and slew them there and I just said into a have get the up and eat and drink for there is a sound of abundance of rain so I have what I have to eat and to drink in the light of what up to the top of Carmel and he cast himself down upon the earth and put his face between his knees what we know is that Alija was sure he thought that after this exercise and have and maybe even just of all would all be converted to serve the true God Alijah was excited when our next party will see what happens in his disappointment but Alijah was so excited he got a have told a man eat drink come up to Caramel the top of Carmel with me he comes up there with Him Scripture says he cast himself down upon the earth. Alija puts his face between his knee. And he said to his servant Go up now look toward the sea and he went up and looked and said There is nothing and he said Go again 7 times he went down and up you know the spirit of prophecy says is happening during this time as each time Alija prays he has to look at himself and remove self from the equation is very profound he has to remove self from going memories that I am the only prophet left in Israel there was still too much self even in Alija so so it doesn't just happen and each time he has to go before God and I ask God to remove self from the equation but the 7th time that he said Behold there rises a little cloud out of the sea like a man's hand he said go up say on to a have prepared I chariot and get me down that the rain stopped be not after 3 and a half years after the fire falls from heaven he shows him one a bale is not God but then he shows them the God of Heaven is the source of rain he is the source of life and he came to pass in the meanwhile that the heaven was black with clouds and wind and there was a great rain and you have wrote and want to just reel and the hand of the Lord was on a larger and he girded up his mornings and he ran before he had to the entrance of jazz a real prophet thought for sure they had one will see the next time we talk about a larger What actually transpired he thought that he had won he was excited Ahab was going and following his instruction now rain was falling the people had repented everything seemed like it was right here's what I want says. Lessons from a larger. Important lessons are presented to us in the experience of Alija one upon Mount Carmel he offered the prayer for rain his faith was tested but he person but he persevered in making known his request on to God 6 times he prayed earnestly and yet there was no sign that it's petition was granted but with a strong faith he urged his plea to the throne of grace had he given up and discouragement at the 6th time of his prayer would not have been answered but he persevered till the answer came. Some of you are going through something and you're on prayer number 5 a prayer number 6 I'm telling you keep praying until prayer number 7 God hears you you must persevere Why look at the spirit of the mention of here's what the Spirit of Prophecy says we have a God whose ear is not closed to our petitions and if we prove his word he will honor our faith he wants us to have all our interests interwoven with is interests and then he can safely bless us but we shall not then take glory to self when the blessing is ours but shall render all the praise to God God does not always answer our prayers the 1st time we call upon him for should he do this we might take it for granted that we had a right to all the blessings and favors he was still upon us instead of searching our hearts to see if any evil was entertained by us any sin indulgence we should become careless and fail to realize our dependence upon him and on me for his help Alija humbled himself until he was in a condition where he would not take the glory to himself the dog. This is the condition upon which the Lord hears prayer for then we shall give the praise to him the custom of offering praise to men is one that results in great evil. One praises another and thus men are led to feel that glory and honor belong to them when you exalt man you lay a sneer for his soul and do just a say in what have you you should praise God with all your heart soul might mind and strength for God alone is worthy to be glorified through the review and herald March 27th 1913 the beautiful thing Church is just as a lie just servant saw that cloud the size of a man's hand then after a lie John was humbled after Alija had given up self and it accepted the fact that he needed God after he was completely purified in the process and self is not be the prophet went through a purification process himself when he gets to that point the cloud appears the rain comes and I want to submit to you as we are told in a spirit of prophecy when one day we church will be standing there praying and asking God for deliverance it will seem as if all is lost will look up and we will once again see a cloud the size of a man's hand except this time it won't be a rain cloud the cloud will be made up of angels and we'll be able to hear the celestial choir will hear the voice of God the Wikia will run to the rocks and cry fall on us fall on us and spare us from Him who comes but church I want to be among those who has that cloud gets bigger and bigger as the light of heaven begins to to light up the earth I want to be among those who say this is our God Lo We have waited for him church we've been in a drought sin has caused this world to fall into a terrible drought. But I want to tell you the storm cloud is coming is not a storm cloud of evil but a storm cloud of redemption and when I have a bad week like I had this week when I have more on my plate than I can handle and I've stretch myself too thin and I'm questioning my own sanity I have to stop and think chariots are coming the God of the heaven is on his way whatever you're dealing with now is temporary This week 2 people died 2 people to prominence in certain circles the Queen of England husband Prince Philip 99 years of age passed away and all the world was sad and you know I have cousins in England and you know people are laying flowers at the Buckingham Palace so not so noteworthy a guy named b.m.x. rapper from back and they also died this week well shocking is that I'd stop listen I'm not listen to what is on yours but what was shocking is that then they started to put up all the prayers he had to Jesus before concerts and so forth and one woman as I said to me said one woman had a testimony she said she had given up on God given up on God and she heard one of those prayers I said Lord one of those prayers let me say something church God is coming back so soon that if it's necessary the rocks will cry out how much more responsible are we to make sure that those in our circle know of the Christ who is soon to return and the Christ who redeem. Those deaths this week draw a lot of attention but only remind us that life is short 99 years seems like an awful long time but to the God of eternity it is a blink of an eye I want to be ready when Jesus comes church. Which means I've got to stop focusing so much on what this earth is doing and what is worth what this earth expects of me and what is How does work earth and this world even looks at me like a light I've got to be willing to stand even if I'm standing by myself and that's the lesson for you for this trust God if you stand for him he will stand for you because he that shall come will come and will not tarry Father God we thank you for the truth of your word thank you for the story of a light we thank you for the power that is shown and how he opens up the heavens oh you Lord pour fire down on the top of Mount Carmel or let us never forget that you are still the God of Fire Lord Your still the God of rain you are the creator God But Lord every Sabbath as we keep the Sabbath we were not only are reminded most amazingly of your creative power we are reminded of your redemptive power but this is a sign that you have redeemed us Lord Somebody here struggling with guilt and shame Lord put them to put them at ease remind them Lord you who called on fire to win back the heart of Israel. And you are searching for them as well this is our prayer Jesus is precious and. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon and much more if you would like to know. If you would like to listen to more sermon.


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