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The Strength of Allegiance Part 1

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • April 10, 2021
    11:00 AM
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A god with that much of a desire to have an intimate relationship with us is worth trustee thank you for that song church attendance giving tie up even saying prayers and running running in and reading a devotional on a way out the door all that means nothing. Apart or outside of a relationship with Jesus nothing nothing nothing. And yet many are those that live this kind of Christianity and what is Jesus trying to do in the meantime he's trying to get our attention come home come home getting our attention but many of his callings and warnings are disregarded and we continue with our double dealing we profound to be something that we're not. And all Jesus wants or that he longs for is for us to discover and experience the strength of Allegiance the strength of Allegiance I invite your bow in your heads with me as we open the Word of God our Father in heaven here we are in your holy holy holy presence and we feel so welcome as unholy as we are. Because you are a God that we can trust and we pray Lord that as we open your word that you would speak to us Speak Lord for we want to listen and we thank you in Jesus' name amen a few months ago. Marked the 35th year anniversary of the Challenger space shuttle explosion that killed 7 astronauts shortly after takeoff of January 28th 1986 the space shuttle exploded 74 seconds into the flight as many Americans watched the take up from Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral Florida it was later reported that NASA managers had disregarded warnings from into nears about the dangers of launching in such cold temperatures and they had failed to adequately report these technical concerns to their supervisors disregarded warnings 7 astronauts believed that they were fully prepared to make history in space but if only the warnings have been taken seriously than a high school teacher and 6 mission specialists would not have had to close their earthly history. Solemn thoughts and vocal yet another sobering thought is an impactful sentence that I found in the book Christian service or in biology why in the 19th century listen to what she had to say it is a solemn statement I make to the church that not one in 20 names registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history and would be is rarely without God and without hope in the world as the common sinner. Not surprisingly this this inspired statement that was written several decades ago Couper Spawn's with recent findings by researcher George Blair No. He discovered the disturbing disturbing fact that people who call themselves Christians but have not experienced a dramatic conversion to in faith or to faith in Christ Jesus are quote a group that constitutes a majority of church goers in his ears of research he came to discover this reality about the countless thousands that go to church and they're good people who in some cases have been attending church for a long time and they'll say I know I'll go to heaven when Jesus comes because and then they will give the reasons why they have that assurance that they'll be in heaven when Jesus comes those reasons include I am allow law abiding citizen or you know I'm baptized or I'm a member in good in regular standing I'm a vegan. You're all the reasons I have a position in the church oh and it's a big one I read it devotional book as I'm eating my Wheaties I even look like a Christian look at me. And so on and so forth. But I'm here to tell you breaking news that one can have all these good characteristics some get me wrong they're good characteristics and even practices but the question that remains is to whom. Have I given my allegiance who've has my heart and the sobering reality is that many are sincerely lost in the church you've always going to talk about those out there. In the church according to Christianity Today magazine there are 5 kinds of Christians in the church we came up with 5 there's active Christians. We could say they walk the walk and talk the talk then there's professing Christians let's just say that they know how to talk the talk and that's all then you have the ritualistic Christianson and they simply go through the most soon. And they do it very well. Then you have the private Christian says oh they're Christians have no idea and they have a cultural Christians. They're born in released some cases 2nd 3rd 4th 5th generation Christians and they know how it's done. But frankly all these terms for me personally they they sound too politically correct they're just just a little bit to label to to form I don't know. And I just like the way Jesus put. Jesus call said what it is. You see Jesus he was a master told a story teller in and he taught that there is really only 2 kinds of Christians not 5 not 10 not 20 really just to 2 kinds of Christe since only 2 kinds and therefore 2 classes of people in every church. Like I said he was such a master Tory storyteller he told good stories good parables. Using optical lessons to illustrate his point and in one parable he spoke of the wheat and the tears if you have your bibles come with me to Matthew chapter 13 Matthew chapter 13 with you have your Bibles here devices come with me to Matthew chapter 13 Gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter 13 Jesus speaks of those were turned red Jesus spoke of himself Matthew 13 verse 24 and you can follow along still verse 30 another parable he put forth to them saying the kingdom of heaven is like you often started his parables that way like a man who sued good seed in his field but well while men slept his and he came and so tares among the wheat and went his way but when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop then the tears also appeared to the servants of the owner came and said to him Sir did did did did you not so good seed in your field how then does it have tears and he said to them and enemy has done this the servant said to him Do you want is them to go and gather them up but he said no. Less while you gather up the tear see also uproot the wheat with them let them grow together until the harvests let them grow together until the harvest which he says is simply communicating through this parable is that the wheat. Or those who are loyal to God it will grow together with tears or those who are disloyal to God until the end of time that's that's that's the straightforward message he's communicating through this parable. Is interesting Lee enough the Apostle Paul who's a man who's been there he's been all over the place he's been visiting all of the churches and he wrote in his letters often that he encountered these 2 classes of people during his time visiting all the churches of course Paul comes after Christ and so where Christ has said. Is being confirmed by Paul and his experience. He wrote in 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 a few times there of several dangers that he experience our face in this travels when visiting his brother in. He recalled among others and this is Paul writing his 6 periods he said perils in the city and out of it all perils in the wilderness perils in the sea he's writing all these dramatic experiences he had but don't miss this one he writes perils of among a false brother in. In that same chapter he warned now as an apostle and minister of the Gospel himself he warned of false apostles and ministers of Satan means using strong language is calling it what it is. Speaking to the church elders from f a Says there in Acts Chapter 20 verse 30 he writes also from among yourselves aka the church from among yourselves men will rise up speaking per verse things and it is a pistol to the Galatians he wrote of how some false brother and have infiltrated the ranks of true brother in you get the picture and there are several other passages that could be added to this to this list of of classes of people to mainly in the church and all these cases and more fulfilled the words of Jesus when He said let them grow together together with them grow together and see can see scripture repeatedly warrants warrants of a false spread there in false apostles false disbelievers within the church and so using Parness terms. The scriptures warned of lost church go worse millenniums ago. And it still sounds the same a long arm to day. The Living Translation describes them this way they add to religious act and that actors at the act religious but they reject the power that could make them Godly love the way that's worded translated they reject the power that could make them godly they are from every walk of life. Just as those who are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit who are from all walks of life 2 classes of people in the church today again Elegy wide in a book entitled testimonies to ministers wrote the following line while the Lord brings into the church those who are truly converted Satan at the same time brings persons who are not converted into its fellowship. At the same time against corresponds with would cease assent let them grow together together make no mistake about it while on the one hand teachable teachable men and women growing Christ the pretenders in the church are growing too but in sin like a vine that starts small. But Smothers an entire wall sin grows like a kid cub that becomes a law in sin The grows like a tape worm that starts microscopic but can ruin the body sin grows and while the righteous are being transformed more and more by Christ the end right in the church are also being transformed by sin while the seeds that God planted in the heart are sprouting and producing fruit the fruits of the spirit love joy peace collations 5 at the same time the seeds that the devil planted. Are also sprouting and growing worse. And you're going to see 2 things happening in the church. In the time of the end as we approach the coming of Christ 2 things are going to happen you're going to see unity in the church and it just thrills my heart when I hear the stories when I hear the reports coming from different parts of the world God said workouts in the on the move and you're going to hear the stories of unity in the church and you're going to see re belly and in the church all at the same time the author of The Book of Hebrews distinguishes between the 2 classes turn over with me to the book of Hebrews Hebrews Chapter 12 Hebrews Chapter 12 I appreciate Paul's language here as he writes about this in the his pistol to the Hebrews Hebrews Chapter 12 versus 25 to 27. It's very it appeals to the heart he's being the preacher here he is he sees is appealing to the heart through the power of the Holy Spirit he says see that you do not refuse him who speaks implying that you can you have that choice you can will to refuse but he says Do not refuse him who speaks for if they did not escape who refused him who spoke on earth much more so we not escape if we turn away from him who speaks from heaven. If we turn away. Whose voice then shook the earth but now as promised sane yet once more I shake not only the Earth but also heaven now this yet once more indicates the remove Don't miss this the remove all of those things which are being shaken as of things that are made that the things which cannot be shaken may remain according to the tax those who are loyal to God and his cause are the ones who remain in a skirt. Because they're not shaken while those who are desirable to God Those who refuse to listen those who turn away from God Who be shaken out before the return of Christ so apostasy and those who remain and those who are sick and out the shaking is both good and bad news the seeking is good news good news to those who are willing to be transformed by Christ they come to listen to the Word of God with the heart of faith they will engage with the word and will welcome the word to do its work in us it's good news it's good news to them real good news why because they'll remain in his rest they will remain in his care in his rest in and being transformed by his grace means that they will exert a telling influence by the way that they treat the hurting of the church the hurting within the church they will love. They will reflects that character that won their hearts over. Those who remain do not repay evil with evil not the ones who remain they they do not return in sold for insult on the contrary they may be they repay evil with blessing and then love you lovable. You know there is going to come a time. Be sure of this there will come a time when the church by the church I mean the visible body of Christ on earth the church it will appear to collapse and it's going to be frightening but Christ remember he loves his bride so we can't forget that the church is his bride. I have memories of walking with my wife Heidi at different times going on hikes walking along in and there I'm just behind her and we're climbing we're stepping where we're climbing rocks were making our way on this journey in and as I see my wife in front of me my bride the moment that I see that it appears that she's about to just stumble and really hurt herself I do whatever I have within me to hold her. And Holder said she doesn't fall and following the words of Jesus come on how much more. How much more crisis not going to allow his bride the church to fall the church isn't going anywhere it remains. It remains and so will its 2 disciples who trust and abide in Him They remain and this crisis of the straight is the shaft will be separated from the precious wheat. During the time of the year. As we await the return of Christ but as we see that separation is going to be a painful experience very painful but it has to happen friends who walk with us in the church will become the churches bitterest enemies preachers who preach preach behind the pope it today will be speaking out against Bible truth tomorrow it will hurt but nevertheless it must take place and must take place and as we watch the ever increasingly increasing in in tension and intensity and frequency of the signs in politics the signs in our society the signs and will in the religious world the signs in the in the natural world as we see these signs increase in intensity and frequency which is which is the key when we should be watching and praying for as we see all this happen as we see all this happen one thing we can be sure that we are now in the time of the shaky because we are living at the time of the end it's happening it's happening now when division takes place within the church division division but but Pastor some of you might be thinking right now. I suppose that Jesus came to give peace on earth I don't like that word division Pastor don't talk about Christ bringing the bishop. Well rather than me responding to that question. Let's allow Jesus Himself to give us a response come with me to Luke Chapter 12 and we're going to read the words of Jesus Himself for those with a red letter edition in your Bibles these letters will be in read Jesus spoke them Luke Chapter 12461253 Listen he said verse 51 do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth I tell you not at all but rather division why keep reading from now on 5 in one house will be divided 3 against 2 and 2 against 3 Father will be divided against son and son against father and mother against daughter and daughter against mother mother in law against her daughter in law and her daughter in law against her mother in law Whoa that was a little too much why so much division going on. One person against another and another against another. I'll tell you why I'll tell you why the cherished sin of those who have a form of godliness really acts when it's in the presence of godliness in fact I would add a brother against brother to Jesus list here why because remember Cain was divided against his brother Abel. As you recall that story that we know too well it's a heartbreaking story the perfect family just. A little bit later becomes a mess this functional to the max and here we have to aim at murdering his brother brother Abel and why did he do that was it because Abel provoked came into a frenzy of rage was able like that annoying little brother who who who was asking for it that would happen did he instigate a fight. Not at all not at all that morning Cain enable sewed up at the same church service and heard the same sermon preached by God himself about sacrifices which ones are acceptable and which ones are not and they both had a choice to make in response a bow remained faithful and don't miss this he remained faithful he remained faithful and it was his testimony of primitive godliness that ignited anger in Cain's unsanctified heart a bow was being faithful He's listed in the in the Hebrews 11 chapter of faith Hall of Fame he was being faithful but it was his faithful ness not able himself but his faithful ness that provoked the sense unsanctified heart of his brother came to see April's allegiance Abel's faithfulness Abel's fidelity he was not responsible for Cain's disloyalty Cain's faithlessness and and Cain's infidelity No they each were responsible for their own choices. Abel's allegiance was to God. And Cain's disloyalty cost him to be shaken out. The Genesis account simply says that he came went out from the presence of God It's not to say that it was a location this this this this radius where where he where he left were God was I'm going to go over here could God's over there no that's not where the tax is same with the taxes same is that he was shaken out he left us a committed relationship with his God He did not remain you know in Jesus seems to give a hint at what will cause many within the church to be shaken out of the church before he returns. And he gives says this hint in a parable another parable found in Matthew chapter 13 is go back to Matthew Matthew Matthew chapter 13 here we find another parable parable of the sower and Jesus is describing how some seed many of you are familiar with the story some seed fell by the wayside remember the source tossing seed and some search fell on stony places others fell among foreigners. And while others fell on good soil and Jesus himself explains what it all means thank the Lord for that and notice how he explains the seed that fell on stony places that's that's that's the seed that I want to focus in on the see that phone still many places. Matthew chapter 13 versus 20 and 21. Matthew 132-0218 says but he who received the seed on stony places here we go this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it would draw it how are you going to receive the word unless you're in the church where the word is being preached and receive said joyfully how many times does a preacher here Thank you pastor for that great message Thank you Pastor I was blessed bank you Pastor think you passed oh yeah we all receive it joyfully though heard the word implying that we're in the church but he goes on yet it's he has no root in himself. We're getting to the hearts of why some will be shaken out there is no root in himself but endures only for a while. Notice the next line for when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word immediately he stumbles. I notice that Jesus didn't say if persecution arises and he didn't say that he said for when persecution or Rice says it's not a matter of if but when it happens and what is persecution in this context in the context that Jesus speaks in the context of the biblical context what is persecution Well since the days of Cain enable. Since the days of Cain and Abel it continues to be hostility hostility because of the word that is to say because of one strong believe gins to the Word of Christ who became flesh and dwelt among us the word. And because of people cool convictions. Found from a study of the word the scriptures because of the word is hostility against those that have that intimate relationship with Christ against those that have deep biblical convictions. Of the word persecution comes their way and when the test comes who will stand who will remain there might be a knowledge of the truth oh I have given countless Bible studies its all here ask me any question test me one will say I know it all I know lots of Bible knowledge. There might be a knowledge. But if there is no love of the truth. If there are no convictions. If there is no standards if there is no principals. If there is no allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ if there is no absolute surrender to hear him persecution will come and persecution will cause many to fall all way and fall way rather quickly when persecution comes. Most of you know that I grew up as a p.k. you know what that stands for right p.k. preacher's kid or pastors kid my sister not I would go to ministerial retreats and the Texas conference when we lived there for some years and we would go to this ranch it was the that the summer camp for the Texas conference at that time was called name is Valley Ranch name is Valley Ranch and we would go there during the summer and man the summers were hot and we would go in and we would play games out in the in the in the woods and you know you know we would play a game simple game we made up and we just called it persecution. And what we did was we we we we would build these stone sell Ters because they have these really flab stones and we would you know you know build a stone shelter and then we would pack sack lunches and we would store them under under the you know the sticks and hide them you know and and then we would we would just play that we were being persecuted for our faith and and we had to just be be sneak around and and be you know and be quiet in and hide in we spend our stew in this sort Piquet's do I guess I don't know. But you know what though it might be fun to play now but one day it's not going to be our imagination it will come to the United States of America the land of the free but in much greater degree than it has been before in its relatively short history where young nation really but it's coming it's coming. Yes we have seen in and we continue to see in this country much hostility one could argue that persecution has been happening and they would be right hostility because of race hostility because of political beliefs but in terms of hostility because of religious beliefs we haven't seen anything yet religious persecution will come home yes we have various types of persecution sadly and there is there is a time in a place to speak up against these injustices Jesus often did but when it comes to hostility because of religious convictions. None of us have been there now some brothers and sisters in in China have some brothers and sisters in Asia in Africa they have but here in the United States of America yes we'll see we'll see some but we haven't seen anything yet we have seen and continue to see in this country hostility but religious hostility will come this I know for the prophecies of Revelation tell me so if you have yet to take time to take deep into the prophecies of Revelation to discern the times that we live in and to discover what is to come that there is going to be tribulation coming as never seen before and it involves the United States of America talk to us. We'll study we'll dig deep so we can understand so we can watch and we can pray for Revelation 13 who is a heavy chapter and it outlines things to come when church and state executive orders are pronounced and tersely mandates are declared when churches are locked down on Saturdays. And religious gatherings are limited. To some days. And all the while the religious majority complies with the church and state and federal restrictions. On who side will we stand. My friends make no mistake about it we're getting a taste of these things to come it's time to wake up it's time to discern the times that we live in the sui go through this so I say dress rehearsal of sorts who side will we stand. When that day comes I don't see why gives his her word of caution she writes those who have step by step below good to worldly demands and conform to worldly customs will not find it a hard matter to yield to the power that be rather than subject themselves to derision in Seoul to threaten imprisonment and death if she continues as the storm approaches a large class who have pro fast faith in the 30 insoles message but have not been sent to fly through obedience to the truth abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition. By uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit when the task is brought they are prepared to choose the easy popular side going back to the words of Jesus because there is no root in themselves. When the storms come when the wind blows those roots that are superficial those are those that that that that superficial pro fashion of of discipleship of of Christianity would endure of the winds that come and the wind will pick those up and they still nod remain it Jesus taught on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 7 Notice the words of Jesus himself he's the one who speaks in Matthew chapter 7 vs 13 and 14 he says Enter by the narrow gates for wall it is the gate in broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who go in by it you know why many go in by it I'll tell you why many go in by it in fact Elegy wide already pointed that out because it's the popular easy way so convenient the majority here are going bad way. Therefore I will follow and many are goes that go and buy it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which sleeps to live. And there are few who find it there are few who find it let them grow together the winds will come not all remain. But those who find the way the truth and the life. Those who find it are on say good in part 2 we're going to examine what will be the spiritual disciplines of the Disciples of Christ disciplines disciples disciples disciplines. Men and women who are not shaken for they will practice those disciplines in the last days you know there is a kind of Christianity worth living there is a Christian kind of Christianity that is worth sending out into the non-Christian world now not just say it across the seas I'm talking I'm talking about our surrounding areas there is a kind of Christianity that is worth sharing to those across our streets and it is the kind of Christianity rather it is the kind of life that Jesus Christ lived himself. And the Christianity that Christ himself lives is the only kind of living worth experiencing and it's the kind that is lived out because Christ lives in my heart today is we as you take these starts to heart I know that there are some of us here today that have not surrendered unconditionally to the Lord Jesus Christ and he pleads calls out because you by name we have surrendered our sins to Christ but not our wills. And if there's anything in your life anything in your life this very moment that you know that you have not surrendered draw you've been be whole with holding that from the Lord and said one thing and that's the Holy Spirit convicts you right now you're beginning to to be honest with yourself and you're discovering that I've been holding onto it because I've been justifying it I've been excusing it I've been blaming others for it whatever that thing might be you're holding on to it once you give it to him right now just to give it to and in doing so you are declaring your allegiance to the lord no more double mindedness No that's no more every habit of your life every ambition every hope every love to an every possession and your self all these he must have if he is to be your Lord and Savior if he is to be your life and your strength if he is to be the one in which you are safe and secure so when the storms come you ain't going anywhere the wind is going to blow pick you up and blow you away know your roots will be deed why because you have found in Jesus a safe place someone you can trust someone worth trusting with all that you have. And today this Jesus makes you a promise jesus god with us makes you a promise. To let that just sink in. Others make promises and we know they don't always keep your closest friend your spouse makes promises have to has made promises but even our closest ones don't always keep their promises God always keeps his promise and he makes these promises to you he gives you the if surance of salvation he promises 1st John Chapter 51112 and this is the testimony that God gave us eternal life and this life is in his son whoever has life whoever has the Son has life whoever does not have a son of God does not have life it's a promise of salvation you can have life right now he promises he gives us the assurance of answered prayer he promises in John 1624 until now you have asked nothing in my name. And you will receive that to do it may be full there's various needs in your life right now and you have this long list and the reality is that for several of those requests Yes God will sometimes say yes no wait but we're not talking about those requests I'm talking about the request that says she saw us save me when Jesus hears those words coming out of your heart. He's near immediately reaching out to take a hold of your life and save you. Jesus gives us the assurance of victory he says listen no temptation I was overtaking you except this is common to man got his faith full he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with that temptation will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear it we have nothing to fear for what is coming when Jesus makes a promise he keeps it you will always with no exception always have the time an opportunity to discern the way of escape and guess what it's Jesus himself after all he said I am the Way the Truth and the life he promises he promises forgiveness the assurance of forgiveness he says and 1st on one night if we confess our sins if we agree with God no more denying no more justify no more excusing no blaming others if we grieve we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from ball in righteousness he promises and he promises the assurance of guidance in the days ahead trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding if you're leaning that means you're not safe and secure on firm foundation if you're leaning and the storms come you will fall you will be shaken out but don't trust in your own heart trust in Him with all your heart and in all your ways and knowledge him and he will direct your path. You see these are the promises given to us in the time of the year. When we have a choice to make a commitment to secure and an intimate relationship to experience how many of you today choose to stand on the promises of God which is a list that 5 just 5 promises that encounter on one hand but there's hundreds of thousands of promises just for you whatever circumstance are in I don't care how messed up it is how dysfunctional whatever circumstance you're in 100 percent of all your circumstances have a promise from God that corresponds to regularly precisely specifically to what you're going through. Seek and ye shall find. The promises are there seek the promise and you'll find it. And we can choose right now to stand on the promises of God because I'll tell you right now those who stand on the rock those who stand on Christ those who stand on the promises of God will not be shaken then. They will stand. But if we're going to stand then we need to stand nalang. What makes you think that you're going to be ready then. And I'll conclude with the illustration that just happened this morning when I was in the fellowship hall making photocopies. I felt a little rushed you know I had to have things to do right side to make copies I get to the copying machine in and I turn it on. An average to make my copy got a I got to do this I got to do this. And then you what the printer tells me warming up. Warming up and then when I heard you go to clinching to know you know the communities the machines make em think Ok you've got to you've had enough time to warm up only to see that it continues to say warming up. I'm like unreal unreal. And then it finally finally says Ready. The adults to be of the computer to respond that way says Ready. Well. As I said I thought about those things it just hit me. As I was waiting it hit me that here I am. Prepared for the coming of Christ. And if I don't prepare if I don't surrender all if I don't be if I don't enter into an abiding a relationship with God. When he returns. It my response is wait Lord I'm warming up. It's going to be too late. And if we don't begin now. We're not going to be ready when it's time. We're still going to be warming up. Instead I want to be ready. Ready. Who will stand on the promises of God. Right here right now. And choose to allow Jesus to come into your heart. And be the lord and master of your life if that is your choice and by 2 to stand with me right now stand on the promise of God is that your choice Amen Sister Amen Brother those of you know online this is an appeal for you as well. If not now when. If not us who. Compared the people. And he's been to good work and he's going to complete it let's pray Father in heaven. Thank you thank you and thank you. For just talking to our hearts. With words that we needed to hear today. For to live another day another week. May have been too late. We thank you for the way that your Grace. Works in us. It's always sufficient. You always show up right on time the greatness of it all is that you initiate the encounter. You've met with us here today and Lord we have responded. We choose to stand on your promises for we believe and pray Lord that you would give us the seal of the Holy Spirit to go our and our hearts and keep us faithful in the womb that's going to make it more and more even more difficult. But with you with us we're going all the way. Because with Christ's we will do all things and in dirt until the end thank you Father in Jesus name we pray Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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