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The Closet and the Prophet: Coming Out and Coming Home

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • April 17, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Lord. Come into your house. Where we want to receive the blessings that a kind a good father gives. We know also Lord that you want to be blessed and since you've given your life for us you're asking us to give our life to you again today as a living sacrifice I'm trained Lord that you would do that for us and that we would find joy being a child a son or a daughter of God So now please bless us as we make this journey may our hearts be submissive to your presence your spirit your speaking to us individually even though we've gathered as a group in Jesus name I pray this on that. 2 nights ago after eating my supper I decided I was going to go for a walk. And the Martin Luther said that his best sermon preparation was on his knees now you need to know that this Sabbath marks the 500 anniversary of the day between when Martin Luther was told before the Died of Gorham's to recant and he said give me more time give me more time. 500 years ago on this Sabbath Martin Luther was thinking about what the next day would hold. And on the morrow will mark the $500.00 Day anniversary when Martin Luther compelled by a love for Jesus and convicted by the power of His word stood before the Diet of Worms and said My conscience is bound by the Word of God and to go against conscience is neither safe nor prudent therefore I cannot and I will not recant. And the world has never been the same but I'm here to tell you for the last 4 years from the time between Martin Luther's 1st coming out and Martin Luther's showdown with the authority of the age many have questioned the power of the Protestant church to shape or reshape the culture now this sermon is not the same as the 1st sermon that sermon is one that you might want to listen to yet today. But there is a moment in everyone's history when they have to decide once to every man and nation comes that moment to decide and this morning I want you to understand you've come to a place of worship understood by its congregants to be an hour of divine worship the divine worship hour and whether it is divine or whether it is otherwise will be up to the prayers that preceded this moment and up to the condition of your heart Martin Luther found his best sermon time in prayer maybe it wasn't all on his knees I find the same to be true but often I'm walking and praying and thinking and I have my phone in my hand and I am talking into it. I had made it about 3 quarters of a mile from my house when I could look down the road on Jones Road and I saw something in the road it was a weasel looking like an animal I was about 500 feet away and I thought to myself Is it dead or is it alive. It didn't move much but it did move a little that was maybe more troubling to me than the 1st of the 2 categories because if it's alive hopefully it can wander off if it's a dead the trauma is over but if it's still alive and wounded the trauma may become mine because I find it hard to pass by something that's suffering without suffering with it I came closer and closer to the animal I had my Rottweiler dog with me put her on the leash as I got nearer nearer I could see the long scaly tail and the halfway wet gray hair the white snout it was a rather large a possum Fortunately the a possum was alive and fortunately it was not wounded the problem was it appeared that the Possum had just woken up and he climbed down out of some tree crossed the water Phil did and was a bit incoherent I was hoping since he was in the middle of the road that my approach would motivate him such to move out of the middle of the road but no such thing happened he was not play dead like possums do he just wasn't fully conscious and alive. And so I began looking around for something to poke the animal with. I walked a little farther down the street and found a 5 foot log with a 2 inch diameter that had enough steps in the Senate to potentially do the job. As I came to the possum I thought of nudge it did nothing. I thought well I'm going to start to slide it along not only did the possum not want to move but it took its claws and dug them into the pavement. All the while I'm thinking to myself This possum does not know that in its current stupor it is likely to have permanent unconsciousness unless I help it. I stood there trying to hold my dog back with one hand and move the possum off the road with the other all the while him taking his long white pointy snout open his mouth and looking back at me like I was his worst enemy. Some of you may have come to this service in just such a state. As that marsupial you've chosen an identity you've established a person a you don't know you're sitting in the middle of the road and then I'll be known as to your current purview danger is around the corner and of course for some the danger doesn't show up right away sometimes it's a generation removed. When I came back on my walk you must've come sufficiently alive for he was nowhere around to be seen and I was thankful that the Lord spared me the trauma of seen an unnecessary wound on the face of His creation this morning everyone in this room needs to ask themselves how do you define yourself. How does the world define you. And does anybody else desire or have a right to define you. In visiting with some of our guest speakers even last night as we had broke bread together before we started this journey and by the way the spirit and the tone of this journey is to bring to a sin sick sin diseased world the same message Jesus brought which John says in John one verse 14 is Jesus came full of what friends Grace Some of you think he came Paul of truth 1st. The Bible says that a certain way for a very certain reason he came full of grace so that you could see the truth and if you don't understand that or you've come here today having been mistreated. Maybe even properly engaged but on appreciating it I want you to understand that Jesus desires to define you and so does your arch enemy Lucifer So the question is who has right who holds the patent who has the trademark Jesus says Genesis $127.00 So God created mankind in his image. In the image of God He created them male and female he created them now in one sort verse 3 times that says he created he created he created what I want you to understand is that when David could write in someone 39 you created my inmost being unit me together in my mother's womb I praise you because I'm fearfully and wonderfully made your works are wonderful and I know that full well all throughout the creation story and the story of salvation every single person was spiritual awareness recognizes the authorship the ownership and the great glory of this amazing thing he's done to make beans in his image. But there's one more reason to take your Bibles and turn to 1st Corinthians 6 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 it's not just that he created you it's not just that he had intentions higher than the highest human thought could reach it's the fact that he has paid the price to save you from your own wrongly chosen natural identity. First Corinthians Chapter 6 begin with verse 15 and 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 you have one of the most immoral stories told in the Bible it is someone who under the false auspices of New Testament Grace is living an incestuous relationship with a mother or stepmother. There rejoicing in the largeness of their heart to welcome them into their fellowship and Paul says What's wrong with you don't you understand how to relate to someone who's close to you who gets this far off the mark. I've made a decision about them in my absence Why can't you make a decision about them being present. And it's not a decision of rejecting the person but it is a decision of rejecting their soul destroying choices in 1st Corinthians 60 continues dealing with poor decision making that involves not letting the church work things out but putting them out to judges but it comes back to the dynamics of human sexuality in verse 15 and says Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ. Now this terminology will show up in other places I mean Jesus is the head and whether you're a hand or a foot or a mouth or an elbow I don't know where you are in the body of Christ but it's very clear in Paul's mind you have been joined to Jesus in a powerful powerful way stronger than the original bond between Adam and Eve. Don't you know that the want to join himself to a prostitute verse 16 is one body with her and he says the 2 shall become one flesh but the one who joins them selves to the Lord is one spirit with him and Paul kind of writing not so much between the lines says you've got something going on that won't work your new identity is in Christ. And somehow his identity is supposed to be in you and you're combining things that will not only wound your person but it wounds everything about your walk with Christ and it creates a spiritual. In possibility. That Christ would be joined to that verse 18 fleeing him around hard to do these days. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body but the immoral man sins against his own body Now let's think about that for just a minute I did talk about this in the 1st sermon and I need to talk about it with all of you Jesus was out of plucking grain. With his disciples and they were eating it on the Sabbath and Jesus had interactions with the mob the Pharisees felt the prostitutes in the sinners and the tax collectors and and Jesus had to tell him don't you know that what you eat does not define the body it's eliminated. So I want to know what Paul is talking about here because there are 2 appetites in life one is preferred and one is for physical intimacy. Both of them were conquered on our behalf in Jesus Christ and if he lives in us we can be conquerors to a man. But when it comes to immorality that appetite is different than eating while eating matters every other sin that a man commits is outside the body. There must be something more than human physiology because sin is not so much about the rearrangement of cells although it can affect those things. But he's talking about something a lot more than just the corpus just just the amazing combination of bones and muscles and nerves every other sin a man commits is outside the body but the immoral man or woman sins against his own body explained that Pastor Paul I will verse 19 do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you. So what does he mean are we the living temple a little more like John Harvey Kellogg's a little bit or a we have a living temple like God dwells in our minds and sits on the throne of our person. Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and whom who is in you whom you have from God and that you're not your own you've been bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body what is it about this whole dynamic of sexuality is so powerful as that it has the ability to warp the mind to be bonded with the right things or the wrong things either damnation or the divine there is something about this dynamic of sexuality inside that committed love of a man and a wife that creates the closest expression of Divine Love you will ever find and if that gets twisted by I'm fettered uncontrolled desires you will not only twist and warp the witness of God you will twist and warp yourself around desires you cannot get free of unless Jesus sits on the throne. Now listen everything with it is said over the next 8 days is designed to be said in such a way that it is full of grace. And truth it is designed so that any person with a motive come of self-awareness and honesty could say if they had the slightest inclination that there was a god that maybe this ought to be heard it's designed to make sure they know they are loved they are wanted and they belong it is not designed to be and bash and bruise it is designed to draw to the heart of God but the smore mean I will set the tenor for how that works and everybody will get to decide to take your Bibles and go to the longest dialogue between God and man recorded in the Scriptures John chapter 4. John chapter 4 you've heard this sermon or ones you think like it before but it won't be quite like this one John chapter 4. You matter you love you belong I've been titled this nothing to the closet and the prophet coming out and coming home. John chapter 4 the woman at the well. There for verse one when the Lord knew that the fair seas had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John of The Jesus was not baptized in but his disciples were he left Judea and he went away again to Galilee and he had to pass through some areas so he came to a city of Samaritan named Cyc are near that parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph and Jacob's well was there so Jesus being wearied from his journey was set in the us by the well and it was about the 6th hour now we know from the end of the story he was left alone and the whole purpose of this chapter in the Bible is to say to one author sized rejected outcast of a woman your love your matter and your belong Jesus got to the well before she got there and made a trip every other Jew didn't want to make but Jesus was there seeking her and today friends he's seeking every person heterosexual or homosexual that is dealing with a mind that's out of control and maybe behaviors to. Jesus is seeking us in the sullied state of sexual impurity. And he's coming to us also if you didn't listen to the 1st sermon listen to it he's coming to us also seeking to deal with love from a pure heart a conscience that is clean and a faith that can be seen 1st hand of the $15.00 that's the purpose of the commandment and there's a whole host of other sins listed there in Corinthians Chapter 6 so church we got a little owning up to do We haven't really been who we should have been but that's not the sermon that was the one before Jesus was there and he was seeking this woman what if he was seeking you the same way why did he had placed people and circumstances in such a way that this kind of encounter was designed exactly for you not by him because he's in heaven but by one of these children now you need to understand that Jews according to some thought Samaritans were pretty bad people and you say so Pastor what's new I already knew that and you may have heard before that they thought Samaritan women were the bottom of the bottom unclean from the cradle to the grave from the womb to the grey they thought they were so unclean that they wouldn't want to walk a Samaritan road where a uncouth Samaritan woman might have spit on the ground and they would walk on her spit. I mean the chasm is so why she thinks she knows what Jesus thinks about her and she is categorically wrong. There are people listening to this today or listen to it in the future and they think they know what God thinks about them and they don't. So often we project our feelings on to other people. She doesn't know what Jesus thinks. Now I want to talk about this woman the 1st thing I want to ask you is who do you think told this story how to get written down and could she have edited it a little bit and maybe she did just a little bit maybe there was more just a story there what's written in John chapter 4 but I want you to understand something the woman was cheap and easy she was not a woman of words because women of worth don't go giving themselves away like this woman gave herself away and there's a reason for like that woman that sat in my office. In my lifetime. I think Mary just as many times and there was a reason molested in the 7th or 8th grade and never could feel quite the same about herself. Which meant she could never command the respect in a relationship that was needed for it to be permanent and enduring. And there are people caught up in this whole scenario whether their l.g.b. t.q. I or whether they're heterosexual and there are parts about them that they believe they came from the beginning with and they want to know why people are so down on them when they have no ability to have shaped those elemental components of how they feel about themselves and what they desire and I want to say to every Christian listening to me who has not had that experience we ought to be better be the most humble beautiful people on the face of the planet where we don't even make it to 1st base. It's the love of God that leads people to repent now for those that would want to sentimentalize who God is and what love is this story is going to address those issues. But I want you to understand something this lady was so rejected it wasn't just man number 12345 It was soon to be Man Number 6 It wasn't just the women in the community it was everybody even the kids knew she was cheap and easy and not a person of worth there was a reason when I can read billboards as I'm coming across the southwest that talk about the percent of people in our world in our country that have been molested we all better stop and be a little bit more careful about how we project on the people we better be a little more cautious about what we say and how and when we say it and we all better be a little more careful about our kids and whether or not they're being vicariously sexualized by their device and seeing things that if they happen in person will be considered child abuse but because they're happening on a screen we don't think it's quite as bad and I. Think about. When I was right about the concern for sleep overs 100 years ago. Tell me why what she writes today doesn't make more sense do you know who your kids are with and do you understand the dynamic of child on child molestation. And why is it that we think we're so much smarter than the inspired sources that have guided us to this point time we don't need to be paranoid but we sure better do a little more thinkin and a little more reading because ignorance is costing us an awful lot all of the rejection this lady had she lived with it not very well but she did. Now the conversation. The woman came to the well Jesus was there 1st and he said would you give me a drink his disciples gone away into the city to buy food in the Samaritan woman said to him How is it that you being a Jew ask me for a drink since I am a Samaritan flippant Jews have no dealings with Samaritans Jesus answered and said to her if you knew the gift of God and who it was who says you give me a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you have been water. Dripping perhaps with sarcasm she replied Sir you have nothing to draw with the wells deep and where you going to get that water you're not greater than our father Jacob are you who gave us the well and drank of himself in a son's and his cattle. I want you to know right from the very beginning the conversation says to the lady. You're not unclean to me. And the beauty of Jesus person. And the love of God The flowed out from him. Allowed him to be untainted. Now I want to talk to you about the order of this conversation. Jesus 1st asked for a drink he then tells her he could give her living water. But to go get her husband they argue about where to worship Jesus doesn't argue he just states the truth but he's not backing up and then he says after she says I know the Messiah is coming I'm he him he says I'm him. Now for all of you Christians who desired to be true to God Remember how Jesus came it came full of grace and truth and I want you to hear how the conversation goes if you do it the wrong way. I want you to ask yourself How far would he have gotten if he said I'm the Messiah you've lived with 6 people the one you're living with now is not your husband and I'd like a drink. But some people appear to have no more social sense no more grace and no more humility. Than the diplomas you can get out of a tract Cracker Jack box. All that's pretty convenient. And you know the enemy of true grace and true love accuse Christians of other means you create a group that you're a little uncomfortable with and you castigate and condemn from a distance and I wish I could say that nobody I know others people what the proponents of anon more biblically morally define society like to do as they like to say you people don't understand compassion at all you like to condemn and this is a prime illustration of you doing a what Christians are going to have to do is they're going to have to be like Jesus they're going to have to go out of their way they're going to have to pay the price of being potentially misunderstood they're going to have to show that they don't hold the the expected prejudices and wrong ways of thinking and they're going to have to patiently work their way through relationships in such a way to say you can trust me but I will love and I will love you but I will also tell you the truth so you can make some decisions. There's no mention of children in this story. But you really think after 5 marriages there are none and if there are what kind of life are they living and then the next question is does Jesus have a right to talk with her. Well of course he's gone. So maybe what we need to ask is would anybody else in Jesus' stead have a right to talk with their now listen to us if nobody can talk to you about anything past or this isn't anything I know. If nobody can talk with you about delicate things or personal things you are in a very dangerous place because like that possum You may not know that the devil has no real desire to give you liberty only to give you a mirage of Liberty on the front side so that you can be beholden by your own cords of desire the modern world calls that addiction the New Testament calls it be set in Shin There's nothing worse than being a slave to your own mind and your own habits and your own desires because while you can get rid of cheese out of your diet it's kind of hard to get rid of a brain and all of the entrenched furrows. Of thinkin or take hope France the story says that so. Does anybody have a right to talk with you we have places now even some institutions of learning where they're afraid that real Christians are not operating in the community at some level they have a right to be afraid. At another level they have no right to keep the individuals. Who have become sequestered by modern societal gospel activity that secular gospel activity and it's not true Gospel activity everyone needs a cause and it just happens that at the moment in time we're in some people's cause is to make sure that nobody ever hears the truth or gets a chance to make a decision and they caricature Christianity and they set up a straw man a false Christian any but some people listen to me here today I've made the caricature more true than I would like and the straw man more alive than I would like do we do the conversations in reverse I'm the Messiah you've had 6 people and I'd like a drink or do we know how to practice the method of Christ and see his crises. And if we don't see is crises we'll never get to the moment of transformation that Christ gets to but if we could be prayerful am patient if we could could be committed and kind if we could get there 1st and destroy the caricature as in the straw men we would be able to make more of a difference. Take your Bibles and turn to the book of easy kill chapter 33 we looked at this a few weeks ago we're going to look at it again is equal chapter 33 Does anybody have a right to talk and of course it's not just talk does anybody ever earned the right to suggest an alternative course you see this prophet is about to bring her history out of the closet without her permission. Which is a great societal sin perhaps not quite as much then as now is equal chapter 33 verse one and the word of the Lord came to me sane Son of Man speak to the sons of your people and say to them. I bring a sword upon the land and the people of the land take one man from among them and make him their watchman. And he sees the sword coming upon the land and he blows on the trumpet and warns the people and he who hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning and a sword comes and takes them away his blood will be on his own head he heard the sound of the trumpet he did not take warning his blood will be on himself but had he taken warning he would have delivered is life but if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned and the sword comes and takes a person from them he is taken away in his iniquity but his blood I will require from the watchman's hand if you're a parent your watchman your teacher your watchman. If your preacher your watchman. If you're a friend or a brother or a sister your watchman our society has particularly position the church at this moment in such a did say advantageous way that the sin we're guilty of now is the sin of Abel with Cain Abel had done nothing wrong except that the purity of his life and the trueness of his actions cast a shadow it was a shadow of guilt on the life of his brother who had gone the wrong way and wanted nobody to talk about and able like many others who followed paid for it with his life and his only grievance. Was the wrong act of doing the right thing in the presence of someone he cared about. We are living in an age where we are told from generational studies that this generation is particularly avers to shame and guilt Listen friends I've never known one that wasn't and this one in John 4 wasn't either but I'm here to tell you something if you are a parent or a teacher or a pastor or a friend or a relative or the next closest thing about somebody who actually has lived a little longer cares and knows and you stand aside while they walk on by to the road of self-destruction with the bridge of love out on the bridge of sinning against their own mind and body blown to pieces you are held responsible by the Living God in the day of judgment. Now. Christ method is so completely inconvenient and so completely misunderstood sometimes. That the modern world especially I wish you'd listen to the 1st sermon the modern world with the a vis aerated witness of the modern Protestant church who's decided to identify with the world and abandon the idea that living above the world with the love of Christ could actually draw the world. We're living in a very disadvantaged time. But nobody who's ever said they've been in a relationship where love is the defining operative gets off the hook to Jesus have a right to talk with her yes. Does anybody else have a right to talk about these things not only is the answer yes but Jesus will go so far to say if you cause someone to stumble if the better of a millstone was hung around your neck Now let me ask you parents something is the parent who does like David did with some of these kids and is just stays out of the way so they can do what they want are they guilty of sins of omission things they didn't do but they should have yes or no well you're pretty uncertain. So if my kids a little liar and a little thief and I don't do something about it do I share in his guilt when he ends up in the penitentiary someday you better idea. We tend to think of Matthew Chapter 18 in the millstone moment as someone who just actively invades the life of a child and does something dirty and dastardly and dark and certainly that's all included but I want to tell you something this law is a fair neglectful apathetic standoff never confront kind of parenting is written about in the book and some of us have dealt with kids who have those kind of parents and there are terror and even young adults and little kids don't like to be around kids that we call spoiled. Does Jesus have a responsibility to talk with their absolutely does anyone else depends on their relationship do you will depend on how you define the relationship but you will be before the judgment bar of God in regards to all that but when someone connects with you and is willing to address the most sensitive elements of your life if they haven't done the I'm the messiah you're an immoral person and I'd like a drink if they've done that I care about you and they've shown themselves to be a level loving and lovable question you have a decision to make are they there in self-righteous condom a condemnation as Cain projected on the able or are they there in self sacrificing love believing that the wounds of a friend can be trusted but an enemy multiplies kisses those whom I love Jesus said I rebuke so be earnest and repent if you're not disciplined Paul writes in Hebrews $128.00 then you're like the illegitimate child and if you read some of the older versions the word illegitimate is replaced with a much uglier word. So what's the cost of talking. Well everybody wants to be long and what I find is that actually most people are pretty cowardly they don't love like they think they do. They're worried they're going to get raided you know if by the neighbor's kids parents the minus by their own kids. I find that most people actually don't love like little because 1900 s. Let's go there could we let's go there it's my new favorite text Leviticus 19. Looking at verse 16 actually verse 17. You shall not hate your fellow man in your heart well how's that going to work. You may surely reprove your neighbor. There it is we get 2 sentences to 2 phrases it speak frankly with your neighbor but you shall not incur sin because of him you shall not take vengeance nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people or how we're going to keep that from happening go back to 17 reprove your neighbor. But you shall love your neighbor as yourself I am the lord that's the context we don't read it like that. I find most people do the relational math and they say if I say something and they're worried they're going to say it all wrong how about worrying about not loving them the right way if I say the wrong thing then I'm going to lose they might not talk to me and I want you to know sometimes just Jesus did lose when he told that rich young ruler. If you want to follow Me If You Love Me Like you say you love me go and sell everything you have and come be with me the Bible says Jesus loved him. He didn't love Jesus like he said he did he went away sorrowful and Jesus lost and when we come to a couple chapters later in the Gospel of John Jesus talks about eating His flesh and drinking his blood and they got it and the Bible says they went away in mass and Jesus looked to his friends and he said are you going to leave me do you think Jesus didn't pay the price he paid the price. And thank God for Peter we rag on Peter so much but I'm telling he was right there he spoke up and he said Lord whom would we go you have the words of life what a friend yes Jesus is willing to pay the religious and social cost of the interaction. And when his friends come back they say why are you talking to him and why are you talking to her they were virtual strangers but let's go back to John chapter 4. And I don't want to paraphrase too much of it. John chapter 4. He's told her that he could give her living water and she wants it verse 13 verse 15 Sir give me this water so that I won't be thirsty or come all the way here to draw and he said to her Go call your husband and come here now that created a real problem but I want you to know anybody listening to me right now or any other the sermons and the testimonies that follow the same problems going to come up over and over again because this Jesus who comes full of grace is now going to bring or closer to him so she can be can deal with her truth it's a truth that needs to be different Unfortunately it's a reality and he's going to give her a chance to decide he's going to let her make a decision and everybody that listens over the next 8 days is going to have to make a decision to Jesus respects your right to choose the conversation can end it any time and there are at least 3 places in this narrative where the conversation under different circumstances might have ended. But the love of God was all through the tones and the body posture and the body language it was in the words was in his heart that's why he wasn't a bigoted Samaritan hating Jew He was a true son of God and that's what we must be and the woman knew it and the spirit of Christ was operative and she decided to make a decision to keep the conversation going listen friends no place should sequestered you where the conversation can't be held and nobody should enter into the conversation without genuine prayer love and you Melody patience in the method of Christ but we must be engaging on behalf of Christ and everyone gets the chance to choose. She decides to keep going I have no husband and Jesus said I know now the prophet is bringing her bones out of the closet and she could slam the door and say you have no right to talk to me about this he actually does and he's risking something to do it you've had 5 husbands in the one whom you have is not your husband you've been honest about this Jesus said and she says let's talk about something else it's pretty painful these sexual sins of ours they're pretty painful it's not like we post them on Facebook and tweet about him and Instagram the storylines. We don't really want to bring them back up because there is a measure of shame jerm I 615 and Jeremiah 812 almost a verb verbatim or repetition says that God's people near the final hour of their judgment with Babel and don't even know how to blush. But for some people they've lost so many times their hearts just gone flat nobody cares they've been stepped on kicked to the curb chewed up and spit out and some of us have no sense of what that feels like because we come from well to do families with mom and dads that love each other. Oh we got to do a lot of soul searching friends. But Jesus is willing to pay those costs and the conversation goes a little farther and when it gets down to the point of talking about the place of worship she reminds him they worshipped here and Jesus says Woman verse 21 an hour is coming when neither in this mountain or in Jerusalem where you worship the fire you worship what you do not know now there's a conversation stopper. You don't talk about religion and politics. Especially with a woman who thinks you might be a bigoted male Israel I Jesus will go farther than that he was too much her friend a letter remain in sin and she knew he was her friend and when Jesus said the Samaritans are confused he said the Jews at least know what the worship system supposed to sort of be like they didn't have it all together for sure just like the 12 men who were in the Samaritan village of Cyc are looking for something to eat and probably were fearful that shadows of Samaritans would fall on them or $2823.00 but the hours coming and now is when the true worshipers will worship in spirit and truth such the people the father seek to be as worshippers. God is spirit and that's what's missing in so many relationships because real love take some risk just like Jesus death and real love is willing to be inconvenienced a misunderstood just like Jesus was. And real love scores a connection where formal religion and value statements can't do anything. Those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth and nobody can change this. But everybody ought to try to love like jesus love the woman said I know that the Messiah is coming and he was called the Christ the one that comes and Jesus said that is me now the most amazing thing happens. You need to know something if Jesus is going to dig the bones out of your closet if the prophets going to take the bones out of the closet something about the bad news has to become the good news before it's good news. And the good news is that Jesus right from the very beginning was intentionally seeking or knew everything about her and he was going to have an encounter where she had a chance to have a different identity. And when Jesus takes the bad news that is ruining her life and connects it to his person his love the love of God That's the good news that she could have her dignity re stored and be right with God and respected by her fellow man she not only becomes a fountain she becomes a rushing river and she flows back into town gets all of the men's attention and she becomes a fountain and it all happened a lot faster than anybody might have ever thought it could. The people that she once feared and wounded her are now the people she goes to save because more than a light came on a heart became clean and it started beating was something that had reverberated in her chest in an awful long time she could be free and clean to love like she loved before those actions that started her down this trashing cheap worthless road again. Listen friends. The love of God is so amazing that it will come for you as it deepens conviction and it will set you free with a new identity in Christ you are no longer what you were even though you sinned against your own mind and body you are now loved by God and should be loved by his people your new identity in Christ is not just an identity it's an experience that turned you into somebody who can touch and turn on the fountain of love life and cleansing and other people's lives. Jesus Christ. Is the one who alone can do it it is not a false grace it is not an indulgent religious system that says we've been wrong for 6000 years and now we're right it's not that simple inside the church there have always been loving and lovable Christians and they've always been shallow superficial and also going beyond that hypocritical people but the smarting at the beginning of this journey about being in love and mattering and belonged belonging to God. Be made right with God being loved by God. Is not only the most therapeutic and healing encounter than any human being can be no person should be held back from it by the cold lifeless Laodicean experience of a 10 Commandment tatting 4th Commandment emphasizing 7 they haven't as Christian nor should they be held back by it from a false Grace. Sequestering decision by the new era of the compassion it's that keeps people from having a right to know the truth in the context of love and make a decision God is before us today. Confronting every casual careless Christian who has been quick to gossip and criticize and complain against those people but I want to show you whether it's heterosexual homosexual transgender whether it's teenage fornication or pornography addiction and by the way I said it in the 1st service and I'll say it here 770 percent of. Young men ages $17.00 to $35.00 are addicted to pornography and how many of you with children like me a 21 year old daughter wants to bring that boy to stand by her at the altar Listen friends this is serious business nobody's off the hook God's calling all of us we might need to do a little smashing of the monitors we might need to do some mass placement of flip phone purchasing. We might need to draw some new accountability lines we might need to have a little more accountability software install We might have to have a few awkward embarrassing conversations at the end of the sermon. But I want to tell you something when you come to Jesus he has the power to give you the identity he has the power for your identity to be how he sees you not how you see yourself or think other people see you this is a God who can burst the bounds of our own self projecting condemnation or self-righteousness projecting the unrighteousness of others who are daring to say there's still moral right and wrong in this world for Essence there is no truth without grace and there is no grace without truth and let us go forward over these next 8 days rejoicing in a God who comes full of grace and wisely bringing the truth in its liberating power to all here may God help us to hear in. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse you would like to listen to more sermon leave it be a w w audio verse or.


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