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The Book of the Law

Benjamin Ng
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  • April 3, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for this time time that we can study your work together this blessing Sabbath was that we are in thank you for seeing us safely through this another week and Lord we just ask that you would please grace us with by presence as we study now please guide us with your Holy Spirit lead us into all truth and Lord police help us to understand and help us to see Jesus in the midst of all of this for we pray in Jesus' name amen. Well friends we are continuing our study in the book of Nehemiah this morning we. We we took a break from last week because rain preached but we will be continuing in chapter 7 and really will only be looking at one verse there but the title of the some in this morning is the book of the law and in chapter 7 the reason why we're skipping most of the verses and there are over 60 plus verses there the reason why we're skipping over this is because most of it is just a genealogy is a listing out all the people who was part of the Nation of Israel and look genealogies are very important when you look at the genealogy of Jesus in in the gospels there is really important and you learn very important lessons from them and in this case all the glossing over the names the reason why it is so important is because of what we read in Nehemiah Chapter 7 and verse 64 so we're pretty much at the end of the chapter and the Bible says this these sort their register among those that were reckoned by genealogy but it was not found therefore were they as polluted from the priesthood Why was the genealogy is so important because they needed to know who was from which tribe and as a result they would be able to determine who was able to officiate as priests they were trying to reestablish the centuries services come back to the worship of God and in doing so they needed to know who could officiate as priests and also of course who was from the actual tribe of Israel or who was from from different countries but decided to follow them back this was very important as well but you see friends the priesthood that was needed to restore the centuries. Services and so that they could come back to worship God It was very important and today we are also called to be priests in 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 9 the Bible says but ye are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light friends can our allies be found hidden in God Can we trace very clearly and distinctly that God has called us his children we need to know today who is part of the priesthood of believers the part of me the royal priesthood and it says here as well in 1st Peter tonight who are called to be priests those who have been called out of darkness into his marvelous light friends have you been called out of darkness and more than that have you come out of darkness today but then we continue in chapter 8 of Nehemiah Now Chapter 8 and verse one. And all the people gathered themselves together as one man into the street that was before the Watergate and they speak for the scribe to bring the book of the Law of Moses which the Lord had commanded to Israel and those were the priests brought the law before the congregation both of men of and women and all that could hear with understanding upon the 1st day of the 7th month and he read their in before the street that was before the Watergate from the morning until midday before the men and women and those that could understand and ears of the people were attentive unto the book of the law so there is a call for the book of the law to be brought out before the people and for it to be read and so as rather scribe who also is found in the Old Testament because he has his own book dedicated to him or not that acquitted him but written by him part of me it is about the same time that Nehemiah is also here at this time he's an aged men whenever it came out he was a young man to to rebuild the work of God here in Jerusalem but he is brought before the people and he begins to read the book of the law and the people there attentive their listening that's Union they're focused they're listening to what Ezra is talking about and look what it says continually in verse $8.00 and $9.00 so they read in the book in the law of God distinctly and gave the sense and cause them to understand the reading and Nehemiah which is the shutter and Ezra the priest the scribe and the Levites that taught the people saddens all the people this day is holy unto the Lord your God more not nor weep for all the people wept when they heard the words of the law. You know friends what was the result of the reading of the lore of God The Bible says that the people began to cry they began to weep Why was everyone crying when when the the Word of God was being read when the lore of God was being read to them they knew that they had transgressed they knew that they had broken they knew where they came short and they began to feel sorry for their transgressions they began to feel sorry for this. The reading of the lore of God had caused them to be pricked in their hearts and they began to repent the Holy Spirit was working amongst them and yet Nehemiah he stands up and he tells them you don't need to weep you don't need to cry you go to rejoice why while let's continue reading in verse 10 to 12 this is what he says then he said to them Go your way eat the fat and drink the sweet and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared for this day is holy unto our Lord neither be sorry for the joy of the Lord is your strength so the Levites stilled all the people saying hold your peace for the day is holy neither be grieved and all the people went there way to eat and to drink and to send portions and to make great mirth because they had understood the words that were declared on to them Nehemiah he's telling them that they should be joyful You don't need to weep why because they had understood the words that had been read to them the fact that they could understand meant that God was working again in their hearts and also they had the opportunity to come and read the book of the Lord again they had come out of captivity they had come now back to Jerusalem and God He is working for them mightily Yes they understood why they were in captivity in the 1st place but now they were out it was a time of rejoicing the joy of the Lord was to be their strength a coming back to the Lord a gentle repentance and revival was sweeping through the camp and the nation of Israel it was now meant to be a time of rejoicing but yes people were weeping they understood why they had been in captivity but now let's continue verse that. And 14 and on the 2nd day were gathered together the chief of the fathers of the people the priests and the Levites and as rather scribe even to understand the words of the law and they found written in the law which the Lord had commanded by Moses that the children of Israel should do well in booths in the Feast of the 7th month so they came and found in the Book of Moses that they should do they should do well in booths or what we call tense today this was one of the 7 feasts that God had commanded through Moses for the children of Israel to celebrate every single year it was in relation to the Century services of course we don't celebrate it today because we don't you know when we confess our sins we don't kill a lamb anymore and this is why you should join our our soul class and studies on the Century Yes although we don't celebrate it today there are important applications for us in this day and age as well but this feast was called the Feast of Tabernacles What were they to do well let's go back to the Old Testament in Leviticus 23 starting in verse 41 the Bible says this. And you shall keep it a feast unto the Lord 7 days in the year it shall be a statute for ever in your generations you shall celebrate it in the 7th month which is exactly what what time it is in the time of Nehemiah you shall dwell in booths 7 days all that it is writes shall dwell borne shall dwell in booths that is tents that your generations may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in booths when I brought them out of the land of Egypt I am the Lord your God You see friends this was significant this was an important feast when the Israelites were whether you need it they had brick houses but when God delivered them and brought them out of the land of Egypt they were roaming around for 40 years they were dwelling intense it was a good thing even though it wasn't as comfortable or as luxury as it was a reminder that God had delivered them from it Gyptian bondage he had brought them out and made them his people and it's so fitting because the children of Israel in the in my is they are just coming out from Babylonian and also me to Persian bondage so to speak and God is restoring their land God is restoring them as a kingdom and a nation and so this was important it was a good reminder how God has been so good to each and every one of them important feast and we should also remember although we don't dwell in tents to be honest I don't like tent camping I like running water for showering and also for toilet as well so who are not a tent person in that sense but what is the application is not that you should go camping every year but we should remember how God has the liver us from the bondage of sin as well this is where Thanksgiving and praises big. Important friends have you written down your prey's yet have you written down your praise there on the Facebook chat on the video there have you shared about God's goodness this is very important this is what the Feast of Tabernacles was all about yes for children it was an adventure they got to live in a tent but it had a deeper significance and meaning even today as well but let's continue shall we let's go back to Noumea Nehemiah chapter 8 and now we are reading verse 18 Look at this also day by day from the 1st day until the last day so for 7 days what happened he read in the book of the law of God and they kept the feast 7 days and on that day was a solemn assembly according to the manner so even as they were living in tents as they were celebrating every day as it were the priest the scribe he would come out and he would read from the Book of the law for 7 days they were reading in the book of the law and I want to show you what happened after 7 days when they had interaction with the Word of God with the lore of God with the writings of Moses even what happened. Nehemiah not as a reply to me Nehemiah Chapter 9 now and starting in verse one. What happened now in the 20 and 4th day of this month the children of Israel were assembled with fasting and were set clothes and earth upon them and the seed of Israel separated themselves from all strangers and stood and confess their sins and the iniquities of their fathers and they stood up in their place and read in the book of the lore of the Lord their God one 4th part of the day and another 4th part they confessed and worshiped the Lord their God Did you catch what was happening Pardon me I didn't let you see the end of that verse but did you see what happened at the end of them 7 days reading the lore of God for a quarter of the day they would read from it for well a quarter of 24 hours I don't know maybe it's a quarter of the time that they were awake but anyways nonetheless for a few hours they were calling quote really the word of God they were listening to some and and did you see what happened well I've listed it out for you number one they were convicted of their sins the law of God brought conviction and of course we can relate to that but then they would confess and then they came to worship God. 3 things they were convicted of their sin then they would confess their sin and then they came to worship God friends this will always be the result of those that spend time with God For many consecutive days if you are able to be consistent in your time with searching the Word of God and the lore of God and His word every day in the Bible if you're able to spend time with God on a consistent basis on telling you you're going to be convicted and then you're going to confess and then you're going to come and worship God and this is important steps that we see here friends we can't truly worship God. If we've not been convicted and we've confessed our sins but this will always be the result of true communion with God there was a general revival that was sweeping throughout the nation of Israel and it all started with the book of the law of God friends you got to have that interaction with Jesus and I'm telling you he will guide you he will bring you to your knees he will help you to confess and then we can understand what true worship is. As a result the Levites they begin to praise God and you know in this section of my sermon here. I just want to pause and I want to ask you to open your Bible to Nehemiah Chapter 9 because there are a lot of verses there I don't have time to go through all of it but I want you to follow along and Nehemiah chapter 9 and verse 6 he praises God and he establishes him as the Creator God the one who made heaven and earth Now why is this so important because you see in the very next verse of Nehemiah chapter 9 and verse 7 he says this that the Lord God who did choose Abraham and brought him for that of Earth of the Kennedys and gave him the name of Abraham not just that but how God would promise to Abraham that he would give him the whole land of Canaan Yes the Creator God the God of heaven and earth he promised to Abraham and then he continues in verse 9 and you did see the affliction of our fathers in Egypt and heard their cry by the Red Sea and so really from Chapter 9. Let me just slow down I think I'm going to a little bit too fast but in chapter 9 verse 9 he jumps from Abraham to now the children of Israel in bondage to the Egyptians and yet God soar their reflection in Egypt and he brought them out and he blessed them blessed them with what well if you follow along from verse $9.00 to $12.00 he delivered the the Israelites from Egypt and he opened the Red Sea He let them by a pillar of cloud in a pillar of fire and verse 13 and 14 he gave them judgment on the laws from Mount Sinai especially the Sabbath and the precepts and statutes of the law and then in verse 15 he gave to the Israelites bread and water and promised them the land of Canaan So what are you seeing from verse 9 all the way to verse 15 you are seeing how Nehemiah is recounting the blessid experience that God gave to them so much he blessed them so much brought them out of Egypt provided for them gave them the Sabbath gave them protection gave them food and water gave them the land of Cain but then what happened. Verse 16 through 18 but they and our fathers dealt proudly hardened their necks hearken not to the commandments and refused to obey neither were mindful of the wonders that downed it's the monk them but hardened their necks and in their rebellion appointed a captain to return to their bondage but a god ready to pardon gracious and merciful slow to anger and of great kindness and for so cause them not Yea when they made them a Malton calf and said This is the God that brought the out of Egypt and had wrought great provocations what happened friends they rebelled. They rebelled they chose a leader to go back to Egypt they wanted to go back to bondage and not just that they made a golden calf and they worshipped it saying this is the God that brought you out of the land of Egypt and God says all but you are so merciful or not Nehemiah it was me or my a part of me it wasn't God Nehemiah said But God was so merciful even though we gave him back what rebellion for his goodness God still was ready to forgive his recounting the goodness of God Look at what he did verse 19 yet Valentine manifold mercies for circus them not in the wilderness the pillar of cloud depart and not from them by day to lead them in the way neither the pillar of fire by night to show them light and the way where in they should go even though they sinned God still continued to bless them so much up to verse 25 he watched over them in the wilderness and gave them the land of Canaan what is Nehemiah doing he's recounting all of God's goodness this great God who created the heaven and the earth just by his word he gave to us yes the nation of Israel the land of Canaan Blaster so much in spite of our rebellion and what happened what happened verse $26.00 nevertheless they were disobedient and rebelled against the cost the law behind their backs slew the prophets which testified against them to turn them to the and they write wrought great provocations they broke God's law through the way and God and His most recent prophets and the they killed them. They went deeper into rebellion this is what the nation of Israel returned back to God for His goodness that. And you my sense of that God would deliver them when they cried out to them when God delivered them they gave him peace they would rebel again he referred to the Book of Judges when you read from Nehemiah chapter Chapter 9 verse $27.00 to $29.00 what Nehemiah is describing is in the book of Judges so they would for say God God would withdraw his protecting power from them with his blessings from them and they would realize how life was so harsh without God and how God really had blessed them and so they would turn back to God they were crying out to God God would deliver them and yet when they got delivered them and give them peace they forgot God again they just went in the cycle over and over again Nehemiah chapters 9 verse 2729 is describing the book of Judges if you've never read the book of Judges just go read it is full of stories you will see this constant cycle and this pattern come up and how they just always see it in God's face for all the goodness that he showed that God He bore long with them for a really long time. How long verse 30 mm yet many years did forbear them and testified against them by the Spirit in the prophets yet would they not give year therefore gave us their them into the hand of the people of the lands that's the time of the kings and where where where the Philistines are different people are attacking them and finally it comes down to their day the Syrian army came bubble only an army made a Persian army they overtook them it brought them down to the very time where they were in bondage to the means and the Persians but God was Lhasa for God It was good verse 31 look at this nevertheless for they great mercy's sake that out it's not utterly consume them. Not forsake them for vile arts a gracious and merciful God in spite of all their rebellions caught still love them in spite of all their backsliding. God are still merciful to them from verse 32 onwards if you have your bible in hand you're able screen year with a screen through it real quickly and read through it from verse 32 all the way to 38 that's the end of the chapter Nehemiah says to them that he was just God it was just because they had been wicked by selling them. God was just by by selling them into captivity because they just despised his goodness so much. And just in case you think that God was just being a just God and condemning them God was so most of all he blessed them so much that is why Nehemias recounting all the goodness of God and God's been merciful and bring them back to the land of their their captivity and multiplying and blessing their land and so they're about to commit to God again they're about to surrender to him again in verse 38 look at what it says and because of all this we make sure common it was only a minor the people are speaking we make a show covenant and write it and our princes Levites and priests seal until it you know Chapter 9 is just this whole back and forth contrast between Nehemias talking about God's goodness and how the children of his or repaid God's goodness with we can assume rebellion turning away highlighting the ingratitude that the children of Israel had for all of God's blessings and that's why at the end of it they entered into a covenant with God again. God didn't force them they were the ones that realize yeah god been so good to me I would be foolish not to go into covenant with this God who loves me so much right they were the ones that yes it wasn't me or my going so now do you vowed to be in covenant with God Again he didn't ask them that they were like Nehemiah step aside let us be in common with this God who loves us so much who's been so most of all to us who's being so long suffering and now he's even brought us out of the Middle Persian Kingdom and given us a back Jerusalem again we rebuilt the walls we rebuilt the temple. They realize God was so good that they saw how it would just be foolish not to be in covenant with this great God friends there was a great revival and reformation taking place and as they saw the goodness of God they realized their great sin that's why they come fast that's why they repented that's why they came back to worship this god who loved them so much friends do you realize. God's goodness to you Do you have you forgotten how much God loves you have you forgotten how much God has blessed you you know when I when I tell people about my story and how yes the Malaysian I grew up in Australia been living in the us before people like what are you doing back your and I'm glad to be back here you know God let me back you. I'm sore grateful for the type a wife that God has given me I'm so undeserving and. That's a story for another time friends but you know God has blessed me with a wonderful family and then he's blessed me with a wonderful church family as well. And I realize God's goodness and he's poured out so much blessing on me it would just be for wish of me to turn away. Have you pause for a moment this day to think about how much God has blessed you friends do you understand his blessing to you and if you do that I ask you this morning why are you living such a life of rebellion against the cause plasty you don't despise his goodness and His Grace don't recommit your life back to him give your life and heart back to him friends he loves you he dies and I want to show you. The commitment that the Israelites gave back to God when they said God were ready to commit it wasn't just some Oh Ok I commit to you what does that mean I just commit to you know friends they gave a very clear commitment to him when they entered into covenant relationship with God Again what did they say Nehemiah Chapter 10 verse 28. And the rest of the people the priests the Levites the porters the singers the north and ems and all they that had separated themselves from the people of the lands and to the lore of God their wives their sons and their daughters everyone having knowledge and having understanding they clave to their brother and their nobles and entered into a curse and into an oath to walk in God's law which was given by Moses the servants of God and to observe and do all the commandments of the Lord our God and his judgments and his statutes the 1st step was the covenant to obey all the commandments of God everything that had been written well that's kind of general right so let's be more specific what else did they do verse 30 and that we would not give our daughters unto the people of the land not take their daughters for us on so the 2nd thing they did was no more and equally yoked marriages or relationships why why was this brought up was it just something that all or cave bends just trying to bring this up again no you know why the cover not to do that again because it would be these and equally yoked marriages and relationships that would bring them away from their belief and their fidelity to God. It would be this that would break the covenant because these people would probably have greater sway over them than God could have even though they said they loved God Yes friends you need someone to point you to Jesus when you're down rather than point away from him. You need someone to pray for you and to help you you need a god least spouse that would help you to be faithful in your times of weakness this is why we should break off all those are equally yoked marriages and relationships in those days they did it but today how do we do it I'm not saying that you got to divorce your own you or your spouse who is not a admin a snow friends you need to be even more faithful to win them to the Lord to be even more faithful in front of them to help them to see that God loves them and God wants them to be with him as well friends we need to have these godly relationships this is why the covenant to not allow their sons or their daughters to get into these an equally yoked. Connections and relationships anymore that was the 1st thing to make sure that their house would be a house where God was found but what's a 2nd or 3rd part of me 1st was a Commandments right then these are equally yoked relationships but now verse $31.00 and if the people of the land bring where or anything on the Sabbath Day to Sell that we would not buy it of them on the Sabbath or on the holy day and that we would leave the 7th year and exaction of every day that what was the next thing that the covenant to do is remember the Sabbath to keep it holy it would not let people come in and sell stuff on the Sabbath anymore why was a Sabbath so important friends because if they keep the Sabbath they would remember the Lord their God who had brought them out of the land of bondage whether that be Egypt or even now the media Persian Empire friends a Sabbath if we would keep it we would never be unfaithful to God would remember our need to be faithful to him would remember that he is a creator of the universe of the heavens and the earth. Reestablishing this very vital and important point but yet they are not done verse $32.00 also we made ordinances for us to charge ourselves yearly with the 3rd part of a shackle for the service of the house of God What was this why are they charging themselves a shekel for the service of the house of God while let's continue reading in verse $38.00 and the priest the son of Aaron shall be with the Levites and when the Levites take what time. In the Levites shall bring up the tide of the tides and to the house of our God to the chambers into the treasure house what was the earth last thing I think is a 4th right that they finally covenant to God was to be faithful in ties an offering they were willing to give back to gods of support the priesthood so that true worship could continue and so the priest would not be busy going out and digging the land and taking care of sheep that they could focus on providing that worship experience every week for the people of God friends if we would recognize that for ourselves if we would make this recommitment to God to keep all his commandments to have no unequally yoked relationships to remember the Sabbath to keep it holy and to come back and give our ties and offerings to God there would be a very very strong union that could never be broken you would keep this commitment this was the result of revival and reformation taking place in the lives of those in Israel. Friends God's calling you back to true worship today the keeping of the comments of God. Not just that only but breaking away of any unequal your relationships and that even includes an equally yoked relationships in business you understand because I'm telling you your business partner will push you to be unfaithful to God You've got to make sure that your faithful to him even especially on the Sabbath or as these things make you to forget God and that you make sure you give back your tithes and your offering faithfully friends God is asking that from us in 2021 he's asking you to come back to him he's asking you to remember his goodness even of this past year of keeping you safe and sustaining you and your family and your loved ones and if you see the goodness of God May you enter into a deeper and more committed relationship with God again friends. This is very important for us to understand look at this quote taken from the pen of inspiration prophets and Kings 668 paragraph one Nehemiah's efforts to restore the worship of the true God have been crowned with success do you see that that's what true worship is all about is not just coming to worship and sing songs on the Sabbath and then you know listening to a sermon and go home but no it was a commitment to change to keep the Sabbath holy So not have any equally old relationships to return our tie they're not offering back faithfully to keep all the commandments of God that was true worship and it says as long as the people were true to the oath that they had taken as long as they were obedient to God's word so long with a lot fulfill his promise by pouring rich blessings upon them friends do you want to be blessed by God. Be faithful to the promise that you've given to him test not just one week one year and see if God will not bless you will not or he will friends he will because the promise that he gave to the Israelites of old are still promise for us for the taking today as well let's make sure we're true and faithful but she continues 668 paragraph 2 for those who are convicted of sin and weighed down with a sense of their own worthiness there are lessons of faith and encouragement in this record the Bible faithfully presents the result of Israel's apostasy but not as the but it portrays also of the deep humiliation and repentance and earnest devotion and generous sacrifice that marked the seasons of return to the Lord you know friends many times we look at that is right and all we can think about is rebellion rebellion and their failures isn't it but here in the in my where we have looked at from Chapter 7 to Chapter 9 this morning we see their faithfulness not even Chapter 9 I think they are all the way up to chapter 10 we see their coming back to the Lord we see this seasons of deep humiliation and repentance we see their love for God and we got to learn from that as well friends but not just that 668 paragraph 3 every true turning to the Lord brings abiding joy. Into the life friends do you want this abiding joy I do when a sinner yields to the influence of the Holy Spirit he sees his own guilt and defilement in contrast with the holiness of the great searcher of hearts he sees himself condemned as a transgressor but he is not because of this to give way to despair for his pardon has already been secured Amen he may rejoice in the sense of his sins forgiven in the love of a pardoning Heavenly Father it is God's glory to in socal sinful repentance human beings in the arms of his love to bind up their wounds to cleanse them from sin and to clothe them with the garments of salvation friends Jesus is wanting to do that for you this morning he wants to set you free from sin and no matter the deepness of your sin he's saying I accept you back as my son and my daughter stop running away from me come back and I'll restore you I'll make you whole again I'll give you my blessings have you not seen already this morning how God desires the bless us so much so much and when we've brought ourselves to this point where we've we've put ourselves in a deep deep deep trouble it's because we've just been pushing against God so much but now when you're ready to come God is still is ready to restore you. He's ready to make you his son and his daughter again is waiting friends. Stop running stop running but come back to him today friends test his goodness as you covenant with him to be faithful to Him God is always faithful to us so friends this morning I ask you Have you forgotten all the blessings of God. Have you forgotten about his goodness you know I've been making it a habit for a while now to make sure I write 5 praises every day and when you remember the goodness of God That's why when we begin to under tax understand Bible takes where the goodness of God leads us to repentance because we remember how good he is and how bad we've been to him that's what leads us to say sorry for those that know me you know I have a fiery temper and you know sometimes I just I'm so bad to my wife I am just a mean person say things that make her cry and I hurt her then my wife store so goodbye to me she cooks for me you know she does all these wonderful things as a wife so undeserving but when I see how she treats me was so much love internals as spite of how I treated her. It breaks my heart and I know that I've done wrong and that's what God is doing with us friends this is what God is doing for us so many times when we despise his goodness. If you would just remember how much he loves you and how good he has been to you. Would come back to him with repentance and tears and sorrow and we would joyfully enter into covenant relationship with him for who is better there than he who treats us better who forgives us more who is more patient with us than God friends today Jesus is waiting he's waiting for us to return back to him with his arms open wide He's waiting for you to come back and tell him about all his sorrows your sorrows part of me your problems and he will heal. You bind up the wounds that we have inflicted upon ourselves. Stores back to right relationship with him and 10 times out of 10 we are undeserving but that's his love for us and so friends today. What are you waiting for why not give Christ a 2nd chance let's pray shall we as we recommit our lives to God as we we tell him that god i love you I want to recommit to you and I'm going to do this is this this is we know we you know this is right it's failed miserably but. God this time I'm not relying on my own strength I need your strength to help me are you willing to recommit your life to God again today if you are just stay on a bit longer as I prayed together with you that my prayer would become your prayer and that our commitment would rise up again to God this day let's pray shall we Father in heaven oh Lord we have fallen so far short of your glory we spit in the face of Jesus as he was hanging there on the cross all the good news that you've shed upon us we return back to you with nothing but rebellion and ungratefulness Lord please forgive us police forgive us and we've seen this morning Lord you are waiting you are ready you want to bless us and so here we are Lord we're coming back to you again now we ask that you would please send us your Holy Spirit fill us give us your heart give us your mind fill us with your love Lord and help us to love you back we recommit our lives against you this day. Help us Lord to keep all of your commandments help us to break off every An equally yoked relationship whether it be our personal relationships or our business practices help us all Lord to give you very the very best of our possessions our tithe an offering Lord we surrender again to you this morning and ask that you please take a heart and mold it and fashion in accordance to your will and Lord police pour out your abundant blessings upon us again that we might be great witnesses for you because truly your coming soon. Thank you once again father. Bless us on the Sabbath we pray in Jesus' name we pray you know us. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons cleavages a w w w audio verse or.


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