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Revelation 1

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 17, 2021
    10:00 AM
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So let's just by our heads today and asked the Lord be with us as we study by the heaven we're thankful today that we can be outside in this great tent and we can study your word together and we ask your busting on us to come in Christ name in Revelation Chapter one Verse wonder for who wants to read that who has an open who would like to read Revelation Chapter one Verse 14 Read over here and right in the front right here and the Mike is coming Revelation Chapter one Verse one through 4. The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show his servants things which Miss surely take place and he sent and signified it by his angel to servant John who bore witness to the Word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ all things that he saw bless it is he who reads in those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written in it for the time is near Ok so our 1st text today in Revelation Chapter one is focusing on what what is the focus of those verses. What is the focus of verses This is the dialogical class not a model logical what would you say in the section was the focus of those verses. Or relation of both the testimony of Jesus very specifically mentioned in verse 2 who bore witness to the what. The what the the word of who Ok So that is the word the word of of God right were not interested in just your words or my words but God's word today then. How many of you have made the decision to base your life fully on God's word. Anybody here not so many oh just a few of you well the rest of you if the person actually did raise their hand to say. Sister raise your hand next time. Ok so the Word of God Now you know in my life there was a time when I rejected God's Word I became bitter I became angry I became resentful and actually someone gave me a gift of a Bible and I was so upset they gave me a Bible that I threw it down the street and. It took some time for me to pick it back up again a long time actually. And when I threw it down my life became very complicated because the Bible is a great simplifier of life it simplifies things and it makes things much. Smoother if you're listening to and he God's word. And. I picked it back up but the scriptures. Whenever you talk to somebody maybe one of the 1st things you want to figure out is what's there what's their source of authority where is it that they get the answers to right and wrong in their life. And of course the Scriptures. Are the foundation for the Christian I was a little phrase I like here it is if it's in the Bible we believe it and if it's not we don't say that together if it's in the Bible we believe it and if it's not we don't think that's the a pretty comprehensive phrase and you may say wait a minute there's lots of things not in the Bible but anything that's not even in the Bible you look through it through the lens of the Bible that makes sense. And in fact the Bible you know you say well what about science science should take precedence over the body you would not even have science without the Bible Science came as a result of the by I was only in judeo christian cultures where the Bible was that science even originated. And scholars of the history of science say it would not have even originated without the Scriptures So number one the Holy Bible and of course in the Bible this is a great book can we still believe the Bible summarized some of the reasons number one the Bible can claims to be the Word of God We just read that in verse 3 Number 2 it is the last source of information about who. About who and we read and and Dr tours in his 1st talk with us really underlay that he said is the Alpha is the Omega and he's in the middle and all these prophecies 817 prophecies he talked about 333 pointing towards Christ it is the source of information about Jesus who probably is the boast well known person to ever live Number 2 it has continued revel relevance to light that you know that last year sales of the Bible during coronavirus skyrocketed and also the downloadable Bible the You Version app had almost a 1000000000 downloads over the year before and people were not really interested in what the politicians were saying some how they didn't trust politicians Does anyone here not trust politicians. More trustworthy than I thought here actually this morning and. People don't also trust as much health care professionals as they did last year because they had them on t.v. saying wear masks don't wear masks and they were going back and forth so they lost a little trust. Nurses by the way are still the most trusted people and I'm I want to mention that I am a nurse. But also if someone says we're trustworthy they're probably less trustworthy so take that with a grain of salt. So it has continued relevance to Life Number 3 it has an ability to change life has God's word ever change your life in any way. And it also says like we heard last night there is a possibility of a life to come the Bible gives hope of a life to come he say hallelujah to that and that foundational message is the resurrection in the Bible by the way it's like I said already the basis of Western culture and science which is somewhat under attack mostly in Western nations not in other nations but. Western culture seems to be attacking itself today. And it's a book that offers hope as well so that's number one number 2 need someone else to read words my microphone who would like to read Revelation one for through 64 through 6 right here in the middle quickly with a big water water bottle Ok you left the back of the. Relation $14.00 through 6 go ahead to John the 7 churches which are in Asia Grace be unto you and peace from him which is and which was and which is to come and from the 7 Spirits which are before His throne and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness and the 1st speak on of the dead and the prince of the kings of the earth unto him that loved us and washed from our sins in His own blood. For 6 and has made us kings and priests and to God and his father to him be glory and domain forever and ever amen Did you notice the key words in these verses what did you see. In these verses grace peace love be washed from what are sends in his blood What's this all talking about. Redemption salvation so the 1st message in Revelation Chapter one is based your life on the Scriptures Secondly the major doctrine of the Scriptures is the doctrine of what salvation major doctrine is salvation grace peace who washes human senses blood so how many of you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into your life how we want to live your lives. In gratitude to what he's done in your life so that's the 2nd major message in Revelation and you know he washed us in in his own blood blood is a wonderful wonderful thing how many are thankful for your blood. That brings you nutrition to your body it takes out wastes. Physically your blood is the foundation of life how long does the red blood cell live Wait a minute this is a school teaching sciences and everyone is doing a like. How long does a live. 120 days and the white blood cells they even linger around longer and they keep track of all the diseases and pathogens and potential things that will do you in that's why when you meet someone with gray hair you say hallelujah. You are a white blood cell. To look at feet to look at it beard there he put check you are given so me this is not natural This is not natural oh white here I have to dye my hair to get it like this. And I have a diet all the way down to the roots how many think that that cost me a lot of money I mean I mean think I'm lying. So I actually yes I actually am a white blood cells so. And these these what these red blood cells these white cell cells you know they they protect us and he's the one who watched us in our senses that say that from our sense so the disease. That we have the sickness that we have is sin and we constantly not only our white blood cells we need our I mean red blood cells but also our what white blood cells as well that word for salvation is the word Sozo in Greek and it's the same word that's translated health so salvation is the same word in the Bible as health and when you think about it when you think about it Christ healing ministry. Was an expression of salvation because people would come and say look I'm sick they would confess their sickness today we don't let people get away we you know they come into our buildings these days and we take their temperature and we you know we do everything to make sure they're not sank but sickness is like sin and confession is like admitting the problem when you go to the doctor you go I need to confess what I did what I ate what I did not eat what this and that right is that what happens when you go to the doctor if you go to the doctor they say so what's the problem you know look I'd rather not say anything. You know doctors today could be the they're going to say Ok you get 600 blood test then you go Ok Ok Ok I'll say something. So sick Miss admitting the problem then repentance. That's reversing the problem that's saying Ok I'm going to do what you said to do I'm doing something wrong I do what's right send confession repentance and then healing comes or salvation so can you see how the health message of health is related to the message of salvation and that's the 2nd major message of Revelation chapter Chapter one you may have heard that someone can was so way my eyes and nothing but the blood of Jesus what can give me peace within nothing but the blood of g. and how. Is that. Me or why has no all no all other. Nothing but the. G. and. It's not a great song and that's the major message of the Bible so 1st of Revelation one is the Scriptures 2nd is salvation number 3 verse 7 who's going to read verse 7 for us raise your hand verse 7 I too quickly this to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. All right or 7 behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him and they also which pierced Him And all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him even so Amen. So what's the major teaching in that verse. Well it's a major teaching and hampers 2nd coming how many eyes will see him. How many ears will hear him. Yes And so this is this is a major teaching throughout the New Testament one in every 8 verses I like a Especially 1st test alone is the last verses of every chapter talk about the 2nd coming chapter one ends with a verse about the 2nd coming step to 2 a verse about the 2nd coming chapter 3 chapter of 3rd chapter 5 every single chapter in with a picture of the 2nd coming how we were thankful that Jesus came the 1st time how are we looking forward to the fact that it's coming the 2nd time and that's the 3rd teaching there in Revelation Chapter one by the way you know someone says well what does what does the 2nd Coming have to do with health when Jesus comes again he is going to this corruption will put on what and this mortal will put on what. You know so another was no one has immortality now. But they will receive that immortality at the 2nd coming how many looking for the 2nd coming when everything works again you know the other day. The team the advance of the stick team. Passed by the the basketball court and we saw some young people playing we see the young people here that were playing that they please stand. Yes anyone else he's on crutches now have 3 play with a good head that fast authorities pass a tourist is he's 39 I'm 40 in our Jays 41 so we were playing. With them yesterday and what happened to their game would have been the. Go ahead stand up and tell us. Oh. It was a great game and we tried our best but we lost. It. This is why you come to church folks it is to hear these confessions like that. Frankly you know the passage doors was almost crying because we were when he looked at him and he was like all these poor young young men. And you know but when I was out there I realized you know when Pastor tours was slam dunking the ball and stuff. Well he wasn't. But I remember when I used to jump up there and be able to like you know put the ball right through the hoop you know right from the I was like man I'm I'm I'm looking forward to the 2nd coming where I'm going to be strong and healthy again all right scriptures was the major mass is the main the major source of authority than the major message of Bible salvation and then the fact that Jesus is coming again a sense of urgency is number 3 now number 4 Revelation one night in 10 who's going to read Revelation 19 and 10 for us today and in 10 Who's ready. All right Lex. I John both your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was on the island that is called Patmos for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ I was in the spare on the Lord's day and I heard behind me a loud voice as of the trumpet. Ok Lex. Where was John. He was on the isle the Patmos some of us are going there this summer to see the Isle of Patmos and the 7 churches he was on the Isle of Patmos Why was he there was on vacation. Why was he in prison for what. The Word of God What we just saw the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus and what day was he there. What does it say in the text does it say Sabbath day does not it does not it says the Lord's Day right Lord's day and what day is the Lord's day. And how do you know that. A 7 dozers on top of it this morning and then through every question but where in the Bible would you say since I'm not certain he's the same the Bible because he's not sure exactly where. It's like a children's story everyone says what's the answer Jesus. I don't care what you say they say Jesus so Ok so what where where in the Bible does it tell us that the Sabbath is the Lord's day. Genesis chapter 2 and 3. And then also the Sabbath commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days out to do all the work but the 7th day is the what of the Lord thy God through the Sabbath of the Lord and then of course in the gospels Jesus said He was the Lord of the Sabbath in Matthew he said he was the Lord of the Sabbath in Mark and then what day did he die on. And what day did the rest on it actually says that and Lukey rested on the Sabbath according to the would cord is the commandment so that is the next major message how many think that revelation one is pretty interesting it starts with what. Scriptures good summers away secondly what's the major major message of the Scriptures. Salvation and then what's the major urgency. And listen next think wow we like this and we like this is all right here in relation once almost like it's the 7th Day Adventist catechism. Now but in Jesus' day they had made the Sabbath a great burden. The rabbi said $39.00 classifications of activities that could not be performed on the Sabbath the Mishneh a commentary of the Old Testament that was written in a beer is the Sea of Galilee described them as mountains hanging on a thread the thread being the Sabbath so they had all of these rules $39.00 classifications it's kind of like when they would kill someone they would whip them $39.00 times and then they would die and the Sabbath was just like total pain. For the Jews. And Jesus came and what did Jesus do. He brought back the real reason for the Sabbath did he did he change the Sabbath is that how he did know he entered into it making a sanctuary in time in fact it was a time of joy he healed people with unclean spirits he healed Peter's mother in law he healed a withered right hand he healed a blind man he healed a lady who had been told been bent over for 18 years heal the man with a demon or with dropsy He healed the paralytic who had been paralyzed for 36 years these 7 Sabbath miracles were all done on the Sabbath day how many want to know more about the Sabbath we have a whole trail now and you can walk a trail it's got 36 stones how many want to be stone today I'm glad it's not 39 a man so a 36 and a tells all the different history of the Sabbath put up by the students and the staff written and then put up and it's only been up like 5 weeks 4 weeks something like that so where the baptism is today there's going to be a baptism and then right there there's a trail and you can follow that trail you can follow all those stones yes. It's actually Chapter 23 not. Just oh oh back. Oh yeah oh Ok back here thank you for that Alright this is excellent so I need to change that right now or I'll never get back to it. She's editing on the on the fly. Thank you very much for that. This is one of our we more university students can you say many. She's involved in what we call public and it's in class. It's called Also the public humiliation of the pastor. In she got a today. I mean I think I said baptize are 2 times for this. Thank you very much for that and I've learned to change it right then because I do go back and I forgot to change it by the way those of you the do the hymn slides or any of those to him that sometimes there's just some terrible word problems. That range. On a just went Ok so distill the write then write it down so they can change the slides if they have something wrong right afterwards Ok let's keep going oh by the way the Sabbath is it have anything to do with health you know the admin is religion and health study going on right now says that there's a strong connection between Sabbath keeping and physical health and it has many different reasons for that. All summarized with the size of the arrows the the width of the arrows but there is a huge connection between Sabbath keeping and physical health also there's a strong connection between Sabbath keeping and mental health mental health as well and this is based on studies of those who keep the 7th day sabbath versus those who. Celebrate the 1st day of the week and usually it's because the people the 1st day the week they don't really take the whole day off they don't really enter fully into a Sabbath experience but there's improved physical health and mental health. Individuals who engaged in secular activities on the Sabbath had poor outcomes on the physical side of things let's go to our next slide our next text someone from over here what about these people visiting right here right here this guy right I'm calling him out take the mike to him verse 12 this is 12 Ok this would never happen in any other universe they go head 1st well read verse 12 was Revelation 112 I was checking your loop corrections and I got to get to room and. Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me and having turned I saw 7 golden lamp stands Ok so what do you think those 7 golden lamp stands would remind John of. You turn his bike off he's a visitor you turn his mike off it's Ok it's all right have to be all the time. Just now you know you know I feel Ok sanctuary has sex. Yeah he's among the 7 lamps stands this would have reminded him of the sanctuary now. If there is one thing that 7th Day Adventist are known for it's studying this sanctuary. And this lamp stand which was actually in the sanctuary there's the sanctuary right there if you can see it the sanctuary can see it right there and the sanctuary itself. Was actually something that was supposed to remind people of the Exodus. So they lived in Egypt and they were in slavery they were in bondage and they. Cried out to God and God sent Moses to help deliver them and Moses had had come back to help deliver them and he was living at the time of Mount Sinai and he came and he led them on the same journey that he had been on and he led them out of Egypt 1st of all they had a lamb that they put on the doorpost how to remember that the Passover lamb and that was memorialized in the altar of sacrifice Secondly they passed through the Red Sea which was memorialized in the laver that little base and right here the little basin 3rd they went to the base of the mountain and that's where that burning bush had been for most is where Moses was and he stood and he turned aside to look at the burning bush so they went right through to the base of the mountain and God wanted to remind them of that experience 4th Moses went with 70 our elders it says in Exodus 24 Check it out see if it's 24 might be 2311 but I think it's 2411 she's got the ph d. in public at a teen. He had a meal on the mountain with 70 of his elders and he said look I want you to remember that was a a meal and drink offering on the mountain and then mosts it says in Exodus 20 $412.00 he went out for them into the most holy place he interceded for them Moses was a type of Christ who would do what who intercedes for us and then what happened Moses went and received the law of God from the ark of God in the presence of God Now by the way did you know the new test you know what New Testament book I should say books you know what New Testament books are also based on the same pattern anybody. John I think I heard someone say that if someone say that the Gospel of John you know John 129 Behold the Lamb of God the take of the way the son of the world then he calls himself the water and to make that he's the water of life in John 4 and John 7 and John John 6 he says I am the bread of life and unless you eat my bread and drink my blood so there's that there's that drink and meal offering and then John 812 he says I am the I am the one light of the world and then John 17 What does he do he prays for everybody in the high priest the prayer just like Moses prayed and then John 15 you know he says the enemy has come he has nothing in me he is perfectly kept God's law I'm going to say hallelujah So this New Testament books are based on the sanctuary revelation every single scene in The Book of Revelation every single section of the Book of Revelation is based on a sanctuary scene it unlocks everything in fact even the Sermon on the mountain the Sermon on the what is based on the sanctuary and actually it amplifies one section what section does it amplify thank you for helping me with that that 10 Commandments it says you have heard it said Thou shalt not kill but I say don't even hey you've heard it say that's not Committee commit adultery but I say don't even lust it amplifies that and then what does it end with what does the Sermon on the Mount in with the wise man built his house upon the. Built his house upon the rock the wise man big. House upon the rock and the rains came tumble me. Of the rains came down and the floods. The rains came down and the floods. The rains came down and the floods came up and the house on the rock stood firm what the foolish man the foolish man has house of a little rock the 4 Whitman. House of a Little Rock's the foolish man who is House of the sand and the rain came tumbling down. The rain came. The floods came the rain came down and the floods. The rains came down the floods. And the house on the little rock fell flat so you get the idea it's it's a sanctuary passage Matthew 56 and 7 and it finally focuses on the what the Rock and that what was the rock in the sanctuary where is where was the stone in the sanctuary it was the most holy place you see that so he's making the whole idea he says basically I want to write my law in your what hearts and minds so that you can be lights you know use a sanctuary let your light so shine before men you're now the Lavery that they may see your good works and glorify your Father have. So the Saints where there is this kind of a core doctrine they were being led to Mount Sinai away from the false mountains of Egypt. And everything about this sanctuary was Jesus Jesus was the door it's in the Gospel of John he's the sacrifice that says in 1st Corinthians he is the laver like we saw in John 4 and 7 he is the lamp stand he's the bread he's the altar of incense in fact in Hebrew $725.00 it says he ever lives to make intercession for us he is the Ark and he even was the veil says and he was to have the tenderest 20 the the veil of his was his flesh so when you look at the sanctuary from the outside it didn't look like much of a helicopters flying over there doesn't look like much when they look down but when they come inside they see Bill Crick and they go wow the treasures inside the sanctuary and they see Jordan they go along the Jordan River they see all of the different people inside right. Gate I am the door altar I am the land that was slain I am the water of life I am the light of the world I am the bread of life I live to intercede I have perfectly kept the law I am the veil as well everything about that sanctuary message was about who. Jesus if you want to study about Jesus how do you think we should have a sanctuary like this one a model sanctuary somewhere on the campus what Raise your hands I want to see here whoa when the president raises hand that means there's going to be asking to wear ear. All right so we just need we consecrated this ground for the church building so this is taking so we're going to find a spot to set a new pastor tours and consecrated for that model sanctuary is Pastor tours is going to come here and teach during the summer he told me so. All right this sanctuary also then hell. Look at this look at the sanctuary health outside the sanctuary was unclean animals and also alcohol no priest could drink alcohol and or strong drink and how many of you are called to be a kingdom of priests and all the nation is in that we saw in Revelation Chapter one Verse $5.00 and $6.00 and we just see that so no alcohol no unclean animals Does God love people who drink alcohol and eat unclean animals of course he does but he wants to love them longer right. Then there's clean animals were inside the courtyard by the way if you're from New Start from new start in one here from New Start Ok good new start if you're if you don't have a hand out next they're looking for you to give you a hand out so if you need a hand raise your hand and it will be right on it like. Ok I'm clean animals clean animals in the courtyard in the holy place of that 1st kind of the living room where you had the the bread you had the light you had the incense you moved to bread to grapes to olive oil so you're moving to plant based foods and that in the most holy place it was like fruits nuts grains vegetables. So fruits nuts and grains that's the original diet before sent in Revelation $22.23 it says it's going to be the diet after sin how many of you want to get ready for the diet of heaven how many who do not believe tofu is going to be in heaven. I'm not sure if I can answer that but I think soybeans might be the sort of food. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit no you're not that your body is the Temple 1st Corinthians 619 and 20 Therefore Paul summarizes all those Old Testament health laws not by doing away with them. But by saying whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the what. Glory of God That's the center of the Pentateuch Leviticus Chapter 16 and in fact it's one of the 3 angels masses as the 1st angels in Revelation 14 fear God and give him one glory by whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do Ok verse 17 and 18 who's going to read that 417181718 All right. Thank you for all these volunteers all right here. And when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead and he laid his right hand upon me saying and to me here not I am the 1st and the last I am He that liveth and was dead and behold I am alive forever more amen. And have the keys of hell and of death. Ok so the next picture that's given here what's this talking about what's this talking about there's somebody who died who died in the text who died in this text who rose again in this text what happened in between those times he was dead and then he rose again right so this is talking about what happens to people when they die they die and then what happens when you die. You sleep the sleep of death until when. Until you're resurrected right and we heard a wonderful sermon about that we heard a wonderful sermon about that last night the State of the dead and the resurrection you know the Bible talks about the soul and the body the soul is made up of 2 things in this is $27.00 breath plus dust. They became And then Adam and Eve. Became a living what a living soul and console's die Bible is very clear the soul that Senate it shall one die the word soul is mentioned 800 times in Scripture but never once do you see the phrase immortal soul only 6 times in the Bible you have the word immortal and they're all connected to to God alone when does he give immortality this mortal must put on immortality at the last trumpet the resurrection 1st Corinthians 15 talks about it so. We sleep the sleep of death now why is that so important people say why is it so important many times. People will say. Why you make a big deal about that when we heard and passed a tourist sermon last night that there can be people that in person 8. Those that have died and so how do you know you're talking to your dead relative you don't you you're talking to the devil who's impersonating that dead relative just like he told that story last night so that's one reason deception but there's another reason as well in a journal I was reading some years back the Journal of scientific study of religion this particular journal article was talking about Bible doctrines that are very bad for your health and they weren't really true Bible doctors as I read them because the Bible does not teach the immortality of the soul. And yet this magazine thought that it did and this is what it said about we usually think of religion as contrast in negative behaviors but some denominations place great emphasis on separating mind or soul from the body which may lead to overeating. And when I read that it was like what why does that lead to overeating it's because people that think that their body is not that important but the only important thing is the soul they say who cares how I treat my body it's really not that important they musta got a phone call from somewhere I don't think it's something I said. Ok anyway. I think it's the choir practicing what do you guys think. Right so this whole idea there's a health aspect to every single doctrine in Revelation what. The scriptures you wouldn't have science without the Scriptures salvation same word for healing 2nd coming it heals all your Jesus diseases rapidly and then the Sabbath we already showed you that the Sabbath actually is directly related to health and then the state of the dead we're looking at that right now there's a health aspect to every one of these doctors let's look at one more doctor Revelation $119.00 who's going to read verse 19 for us 19 right here Pastor rich. Write the things which thou hast seen and the things which are and the things which shall be here after all right look at that 1st you got past tense the things which had been seen now when you read in the Bible and you look in the old sections you have the prophets and you read about all they said. So you can look to the past in the scriptures then present the things which are these are the things the prophets pointed towards and they fulfilled the prophecies how many are thankful for fulfilled prophecy where you can see exactly what God said would happen and then it did happen that gives us confidence right and then it says next the things that will take place or will be here after I think it's in the King James another words prophets you can look in the past and see whether or not those prophecies has come true but they're also to the very end of time are going to be true prophets and false prophets how many believe that's true it's going to be true prophets and false prophets so you really need to know how to tell the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet. I might suggest to test you want to give you a test how you could tell what did they say about the Scriptures is what they're say in line with the scriptures if it's not line with the Scriptures false prophet what do they say about salvation do they say they are saved by grace through faith they say you're saved by the Blood of Jesus you're washed from your sins by His blood if they say that that's that's good if they don't say that false prophet right where they say about the 2nd coming did they say it's a secret rapture or do they say that every eye will see him every year will hear him amen. If they try to get you to follow and say that I did on the I'm I'm Jesus you you're kind of knowing that's not true what did they say about the Sabbath do they say it was changed they may be ignorant. But if they're actually a prophet they will know that the Sabbath never changed right they'll know that they're not going to get that wrong. Right I mean it's one of the 10 Commandments it's mentioned 128 times in the Bible it's never changed in fact it's meant in the it says and Hebrews Chapter 4 it says the remains there for a Sabbath keeping for the people of God They're not going to get that wrong right and then what do they say about what happens to people when they die they say you can still communicate with the dead that's a false prophet can you see that even in Revelation Chapter one it has an intimation of the fact that there's going to be still profits but it also gives you an idea of how to test them can you see that now by the way it's interesting the Barna Group which is a research group was studying. Authors that most influence pastors so they were studying what books most influence pastors that are 40 and below so that would not be me. I'm 41. So. What books boasted to influence pastors notice what it says the under 40 patters pastors championed several authors who were not ranked highly by older church leaders here were the authors those authors included and it listed a number of them but then it had its shocked me was that 19th century 7th Day Adventists icon we wouldn't call her an icon but that's what they called her and Ellen White this is one of the most influential authors of pastors under 40 years old in America today and this particular person's name is Ellen White and she was the 7th day adventists prophetess. And she's probably best known and culture for what she said about health she had 4 major health visions that call for things like sanitariums another word for things like the new Star program which reverses heart disease and stops reverses but better yet prevents heart disease diabetes hypertension and all these different things but I was interviewing that person at that time who had received the most Grant and government funding for research in America and that was to call in Campbell and this is what he said to me in an interview I basically I interviewed in my I took Dr Ned Lee's book proof positive haven't seen this book I took the appendix out I didn't happened to me and I turned it into questions I just put some statements from Ellen White from there and I put them in an e-mail to Dr Campbell and I said are these things true or not and he printed it out he told me that when he printed it out it was 17 pages long I got kind of embarrassed them but anyway printed out and this is what he wrote back I'm not aware of anyone who was more on point than l a y given her background she's truly amazing woman why Dr Campbell was she was so amazing I am convinced that almost 100 percent of her statements are now substantially supported by the scientific evidence that's been developed during the past 2 to 3 decades I mean is anyone going to say mentor that that's the definition of a what. Of a profit 150 years before any it physicians were saying that they were saying the opposite I was in Sacramento a couple years ago looking at old and at Burgas mints and I found some for cigarettes where doctors were recommending them for a long problems and they were actually there and they also recommended ice cream. I bought all of those and I have them somewhere at home. So the scientific evidence now points exactly in these ways now you don't have to believe in Elegy white to be a 7th Day Adventist but what you have to believe in that was what the Bible says and the Bible says they'll be true of all that prophets and this is the be false prophets in the last days and it says test them out test them out by the way Newsweek not too many years back also had a whole edition called How to live longer and in there they have you know you are female if you're going to live longer you are right through the top right the mill you are a 7th Day Adventist So one of the ways to live longer is because 7th Day Adventists w. want to be live how many want to live longer All right so you can do worse and in my family they got in a fight over Ellen White about 3 generations ago and there were these really smart people my family they thought they were really smart and they were smart they got accepted into Ivy League schools. And one of them went out for a date with this young lady and the young lady gave them a book by Ellen White as he said to her I want that book and if you're interested in that lady I don't want to marry you and I don't I don't think we should even continue the date so they broke up that was my great great or not so great at that point Uncle Albert. And he especially hated what Ellen White had to say about health he said she's obviously wrong everybody does this and there they're fine so he and that side of his whole family rejected Ella white largely because of what she said about health Yes How many years younger are Guess how many how I say that guess how long he lived compared to the other 2 to my grandfather who accepted the health message he died 30 years younger 30 years younger and because he liked his read me so what did he die of colon cancer and then my great aunt loved her during her drink of wine every day number one cause of breast cancer yes would see data breast cancer and then my other uncle great uncle he got scared he called us up he goes they died. That's what he said on the phone he goes I want to talk to my brother who was my grandmother what are you eating but it was too late he already had bone cancer and he died young too and his brother lived much longer so very interesting you don't have to accept any of these messages of health but if you do you might be around longer to torment your children how would you like to torment your children much longer and we don't have any children yet but you like to torment them if you have them. Finally verse 20 who has verse 24 us Revelation chapter one and verse 20 is going to read it stand up so they know you have a mike stand up raise your right here right here relationship to one verse 20. The mystery of the 7 Stars which you saw in my right hand and the 7 gold in them stands the 7 stars are the engines of the 7 churches and the 7 of them stands which are the 7 churches. So what is it that he's seeing here. He's seeing 7 churches and we're going to have a tour this summer to those 7 churches that he saw in Asia Minor and if you'd like to go with this and and get college credit for a revelation class that's a big good tour to go on and. But those 7 churches also stand for 7 time periods as well of church history so in other words the last thing mentioned in Revelation Chapter one is the church or the saints so look at this for a minute just review what are you finding in relationship to one year finding an overview of the major teachings of the Bible that may be would help you in choosing the church anything that might help you in choosing a church does the church teach that the Bible should be the foundation the scripture secondly does whatever church you're looking at teach that the major message of the Bible is that you're saved by grace through faith that you're saved by the blood of the Lamb 3rd or does it say that Jesus is coming again soon does it talk about the 2nd Coming Forth does it does it remember the memorial of creation and redemption that is the Sabbath that will be a test at the end of time God's last day people Revelation $1412.00 here are they here is the patience of the saints here are they that do what. Keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus do they keep the commandments including the 7 command number 4 the number 5 does that church teach about the sanctuary in all aspects of. Not only salvation aspects health aspects but most importantly the aspect that Jesus is everywhere in the sayings were do they teach that number 6 Do they teach the right thing about what happens to people when they die. Or will they be subject to deception by those that are masquerading as as their as their deceased relatives do they teach what's correct about the state of dead number 7 what do they say about prophets and do they actually have a claim of prophecy now by the way a lot of churches have a claim of prophecy the Catholic Church claims that when the pope speaks any city united chair ex cathedra That's the voice of God How many believe the pope is speaking for God does he does he's passed the other state test. The Mormon Church teaches that the president of the church is a modern day prophets peaking the voice of God. Whether or not you accept you need to test that out right the Pentecostal church everybody's got there everybody does it's prophesied you have to test it out right so the Lutheran Church Well what Luther says pretty important to them the Methodist Church what Wesley says pretty important so many churches kind of make that claim other churches say no no Every what you think you speak your truth I speak Mark my truth there's just different truths. Well that's different so but you have to test it out right. And then finally if they pass all these tests then it's a fairly good indication that's a pretty solid church and we want to look for a church that maybe has all those. Very very powerful I think chapter in the Bible. Did I make it up or is it right there right there in the Bible Now this next week I'm going to go a step further because you know those churches that are mentioned in Revelation 2 and 3 that go through time fs is Smyrna per tire a sort of Philadelphia led to see we're going to look at those churches but we're just specially going to look at the last church because I believe we're living in the time period of that last church and that last church that last church the name of the church as layoffs Desilva Laodicea last means people or laity we get the word laity from that and Desir means the judge to people so judgment and are we living in the time of God's judgment that's the question and I believe we are believe the Bible says that we are and that is talked about in a chapter Revelation 14 which is I'm going to preach about that this next weekend hopefully in the tent How do you like the tent it's very intense but we like it so 3 angels of Revelation 14 and I want to talk about that let me show you why I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting what another words the Bible preaches the same gospel from Genesis to Revelation to preach to those who dwell on the earth every nation tribe tongue and people saying a loud voice do what. Fear God and give glory to Him for what the hour of his judgment has come or King James is come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea in the springs of water we're going to unpack that text we're going to look at the 3 Angels' messages because there's 3 messages 321 lift up then comes the 2nd coming in Revelation Chapter 14 how many want to know what the last 3 messages are before Jesus comes again and that's what we're going to talk about next week and we're going to look more closely at that all right now those of you who are. Here for the baptism I do have some gifts down here for you I have 3 books for 2 books and a cd for you and then we're going to have your certificate at the beginning of the next service but let's close this service now how many of you enjoyed the study of Revelation Chapter One how do you think you could study that was someone else now how many of you have notes to help you how many would like notes to help you I can email them to you or their minds to me are there any additional leftover notes. Nick is working his way through school he might sell them to you. So Nick stand up here stand up front right next to me and if you'd like one of those copies before he runs out after we pray you can gingerly and slowly make your way forward for those studies or Let's pray together while the lord thank you today for this revelation of Jesus Christ. His revelation in the scriptures and Jesus is called The word has revelation within those scriptures of the doctrine of salvation and He is the author and finisher of our faith Jesus you are the author and finisher of our faith. The revelation of His 2nd coming he came the 1st time he's coming a 2nd time we want to look forward to that and we want to do everything we can to let people know about to hasten that coming a revelation of His love and reminder that he is our creator and Redeemer in the Sabbath revelation of his love through his life his death his burial his resurrection and victory over not only sin but death and his revelation through the testimony of Jesus or the spirit of prophecy and also his revelation through his body which is on Earth the church so help us to understand more of this fall more and more in love with you and we thank you we come in Christ's name Amen and I'm in this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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