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01 Bows and Ribbons: TRANS-formation

Michael Carducci


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries


  • April 16, 2021
    6:45 PM
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Good evening everyone. It's an honor to be here with you and I. I I just had the opportunity to spend 6 months in Europe is that amazing and I just want explain to you a little bit I was invited to to go to Germany to participate in a symposium and they had not only pastors talking about the history of sexuality and l g b t and same sex attraction but they also had invited me to be the testimony to talk about my experience coming out of that into a relationship with Jesus Christ so ironically you know I was invited a year and a half earlier and that's just the way Germans are they're very organized and they're very ahead of time and so I thought for sure as of last March they would cancel any minute so then they called me in August and we still were talking but they still weren't ready to cancel and then miraculously just 2 weeks before I was to speak in Germany they opened up the borders for the United States to travel to Germany if you had permission from the embassy so I got to go so I showed up to the airport with my luggage and my negative covert test and my passport and they sent me back home they said you don't have permission from the embassy so you can't fly so then my pastor wrote a letter the the people at the symposium wrote a letter I wrote a letter and they still said no. But we asked and they said why do you keep saying no and they said well he's not saying for 90 days so he can't travel and I said I've got nothing else going on I'll stay for 90 days and so they stamped my passport and off I went so I had to quarantine and test again once I got to Germany to Stuttgart and after 2 days of corn teen I got a negative test result and so I was free so I just want to break this down for you just to share with you how amazing God is to believe that he's amazing Ok good that was much more energetic Thanks I appreciate that so God is so amazing that I traveled to 9 countries 14 times I had 9 covert tests on negative I traveled in all and only 2 days of corn teen in 6 months I followed the laws of every country that I went into Sometimes I had to leave a country early to avoid teen and mandatory lock downs and then other times I had to leave the country to arrive in another country before they would lock down the country and so the Lord just artfully did that for me I did planes trains public transportation buses cars I spoke in churches home churches conferences and schools in 6 months can you imagine that it's got amazing a man he's amazing so I want to thank you for this opportunity and a lot of my roots really do belong here at Hartland College Institute and 20 years ago I was baptized and I celebrated my 20 year anniversary walking with Jesus Christ. That's amazing is that amazing that God can hold somebody together so closely and it hasn't been an easy journey I I would beg to ask any Christian if you're a Christian walk is easy. That's right I didn't think so so. 20 years of walking with Jesus Christ and it's amazing that probably the 2nd year after I was a new Christian I came here to Heartland universe or ins Institute and I was really moved by the medical missionary message and it's been a part of my life ever since I recognize the application of the health message with my own walk in purity and the understanding of that and so coming out ministries was started 10 years ago with that message in mind to to provide the resources that we were desperate for when we were young people that walked out of Adventists and Christianity into the lives of the l g b t community although to come out 20 years later recognizing that they still were no resources for people like me so coming out ministries has now been in business for 10 years going internationally to not only provide these resources but to equip the church to educate the church and to inspire the church about how God's power is still available to people like me as well as to people like you I think one of the greatest compliments that coming up ministries has received is when somebody comes up to us and they say you know what I was never gay but everything that you shared helped me to understand my own struggle with sin and doing them and actually calls our ministry a present truth Ministry talking about the issues of today and I think that that's probably to a large extent why our our ministry is so popular is because it really is the message of the hour so I want to thank you again for this opportunity to speak here this weekend fasten your seat belts of those chairs come with the seat belt at all I'm going to take you on a journey I believe that the Lord will take us all on a journey so tonight I want to talk about the trans gender issue and that is one of the issues that I struggled with and you know was something that was buried so deep in my past that it wasn't until probably about. Or 8 years ago that I recognized my own struggle and how that was a part of my testimony as well so I'm going to take you want to journey through my own personal experience as well as touch on where we're at today the challenges of the church today but I also want to inspire you at the very end to show you the power of God changing lives does not sound exciting so before I began Let's have a word of prayer here we are Lord on a Friday night and you've been waiting for this opportunity Lord to spend time with us to to to share with us to fellowship with us and to celebrate so Lord we come. Expecting great a great celebration Lord with you because this is the time that you promised to set aside with us so Lord take us on this journey I pray Lord that tonight that you will send your Holy Spirit that you will touch the lives of those that are here and also those that are listening so I pray Father that you would also challenge our thinking and some of the fathers that we may have or prejudices in our heart that we may not have known are there and I know Lord that this message may be challenging for some but I also pray Lord that will affirm not only your love and compassion but also Lord your truth because it's very difficult to live in this world today and compromising of the truth is in many churches below and I pray that you will help us to see how to be compassionate and loving and still uphold the biblical understanding of identity and sexuality in a very difficult world I thank you Lord for what you're about to deliver and in Jesus' name I pray Amen. All right so I guess you guys can see something Ok There it is all right good so I know it's there so I want to talk about transformed in again the transgender issue it's interesting that in National Geographic they actually dedicated an entire issue to transgenderism Now if you notice underneath these images of this magazine it has just a sample of some of the different ways that you can identify with you can identify as non-binary a gender androgynous systemd or gender binary gender conforming gender dysphoria gender expression gender fluid gender identity gender marker and the list goes on did you know that now there's over 100 different ways that you can identify raise your hand if you've even heard of some of these terms usually it's people under 30 that their hands go up so many of our young people are exposed to these terms many of us are over 30 some of these terms are very unclear to us and confusing but I want to share with you some of the things that are going on in our world today that you may not be aware of this is actually a video clip of a program that was taken place in the United States or was talking about the issues of the United States and I just want you to watch this video. For want modeling I work out is I like to go go go go partner as fast and strong and I believe this is 32 year old time. And a lot of guys can't keep up and said I'm going to be on the surface tahn is strong and confident. But for years Tom his struggled with a conflict in the sense of self and a secret a long time tahn was born Tanya a woman. It's one of the most basic ways of identifying ourselves male or female you're either one or the other but for millions of people their physical gender doesn't line up with their inner sense of self. They are transgender. Imagine your brain in the opposite gender is body how would you feel. What would you do. And so this just gives you an example of the transgender issues going on in our world today. This is an image on the left that you can see that I got out of a magazine you're actually looking at a transgender male to female as the picture of a little boy in the inset this person is making a lot of money giving beauty tips to women and how they can be part feminine and if you look at this image in my in my limited understanding I would look at that person and think that that's a female I travel a lot I was going through the Chicago airport I've been in the beauty industry for over 30 years as a hairdresser and so I noticed this ad as I was walking past his makeup counter and it caught my eye because I really I knew instantly that that was not a female in the in the left hand part of that ad I asked the sales clerk I said how much makeup are you selling out to men and she said It's our number one growing business and this was a few years ago so this just helps to give you an idea of how gender is being blurred how gender is changing in our world today and how the media is promoting it this is an image of a young girl named Jamie on the left holding a box of hormones and she's going to use this injectable medication to actually take in testosterone into a system so that she will transition to become the person that you see on the right you're not looking at Brother and Sister you're actually looking at the same person now this person on the right has never had any surgeries so this is only what the hormones does alone eventually Jamie did transition as they call it to become completely male but I want to talk about that also what does it take to change your sex and how effective is that what I want you to watch this. This this video clip basically showing the transition of Jamie. This is a time lapse video and you start to see that Jamie's facial features are starting to look more masculine you see the development of facial hair starting to come in notice the shape of her forehead and her nose and even the Adam's apple all of this you're seeing just from the hormones alone this is without any surgeries and so I ask many young people especially if I'm presenting at an academy I said if that was a guy in your school would you want to date him ladies and would it surprise you if all of a sudden you found out that somebody that you thought was completely male was actually female. Recently was in Australia a couple of years ago and there was a family that was going to this church and the family they had 2 children that they had adopted from China and it was a mother and a father and the mother was actually teaching Sabbath school for 2 years in this church in Australia when they found out that the mother was actually a transgendered male to female. So can you imagine the confusion that this issue is going to bring into the church and these are very real issues and very real lives as a matter of fact as I was growing up I remember when I got baptized 40 years old just 20 years ago I had 2 questions for Jesus my 1st question was I want to know why and my very 1st thoughts that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body. My 2nd question for Jesus was why at puberty I became same sex attracted so I didn't ask for these things I didn't want those and yet these were my reality I relate completely to individuals that believe that they were trapped in the wrong sex but it wasn't until I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ in my forty's that the Lord started to reveal to me that there were some very real issues that were happening even before I became conscious at the age of 4 years old to explain just a little bit to help you understand what a child goes through so anyway before before children are even conscious children don't even know that they're male or female they're just kind of ambiguous as far as their identity but then I was sent between the ages of one and 3 developmentally little boys start to realize oh I'm not like mom I'm more like Dad and in a healthy home when the kid gets to be about a year old the father takes a kid and throws him in the air the mother screams and the little the little child you know the little boy looks at his father trusting him and and dad catches them in laughs and then all of a sudden little boys start to realize that the dads are exciting and dangerous and all of this has to happen for a healthy male development because as the boy starts to affirm in masculinity this helps to shape his identity so it's kind of like this imprinting So that's why little boys like to wear baseball caps like their dads that's why they like to play cops and robbers and they want to be whatever occupation the father is in all of this is healthy gender identity so the same thing happens for little girls little girls start to realize between the ages of $1.00 and $3.00 that that they're like their mom they like to push dolls around in a buggy they like to bake cookies. And and so there are many ways to identify as a girl but all of these help the girl to identify in femininity So there's an immutable law that kicks in about puberty but until then little girls don't like to play with boys because boys have germs and little boys don't like to play with girls because quite frankly girls are gross and all of this is just healthy gender identity because the more your firm by your same sex friends and your same sex parent then all of a sudden EPU pretty The immutable law kicks in and the immutable law is this the sex that is the mystery at puberty becomes the attraction so when boys are affirmed by other little boys in the neighborhood and by their fathers and then over certain puberty hits it's like oh how what's this sex call girls and then the same thing has to happen for girls so in my case it was a little bit different Actually I think it was a lot different my father was in the Navy my dad was a musician he went around to many different countries and sometimes he would be gone as long as 6 months or so for this little boy who needed my my masculine role model him for many times he was gone but then when my father was home he was a Tahlia and he was he had a very explosive personality he was physically abusive as well and so when my father was home you know the home was very different so in this little boy's mind between the ages of one and 3 when I needed a male role model he was gone I had my mother at home and my 3 sisters and so I didn't have an example of what masculinity looked like but then when my father was home and he was angry and loud and raging and abusive in my immature little subconscious mind I rejected that I said if this is my identity no thank you so it's called it's a clinical term it's called defensive detachment so in my defense I detach from my father as my role model and so the only example left for me was my mother so I wanted to be like my mom she was there for me she was quiet she was calm she was soft she was gentle and so I started to imitate those mannerisms even before I was conscious because by the time I was 4 years old all of this is taken place I don't know how I got there but I do know this when I was 1st conscious thoughts of 4 years old I knew that I was trapped in the wrong body. I knew it was wrong because I was punished any time that I got caught dressing up in my sister's clothes or playing with dolls and my father tried he made several attempts to try to make me a little bit more masculine my father left the Navy and became a policeman so my father would take me out to shoot guns which to me was just more aggressive behavior and that was what I had rejected was the aggressiveness of masculinity so that my father would take me and he would take me to where they would attack train German Shepherds you know I'm just a 6 year old kid and what I wanted as I wanted to pet the dogs I didn't want to see them engaging in such aggressive behavior so in my mind anything masculine meant aggression and that was frightening to me and I rejected it so my father's best attempts only pushed me further away from identifying as male so then as I grew up and as I started to develop more my mother could see that I had some issues with identity so my father had left my mother for a 7th Day Adventist waitress that worked in our family restaurant and I say yes that's how the Adventist message came into my family God be praised right but my mother saw that I was having some struggles at 10 years old and so my mother gave me my father's pornography magazines can you imagine that my mother thinking that maybe those images would help for me to develop attractions towards female but instead because I was already struggling with the rejection of masculinity I went to school in the boys called me Sissy queer little girl and her words have the power of life and death according to the Bible and so I didn't want to be those things but as those boys rejected me and pushed me even further away from identifying as them as I looked at those images in my father's Playboy magazines I thought to myself Well if men love these women then maybe if I looked like these women maybe men would love me too because they don't love me as I am. And so this to me only affirmed again the fact that I needed to change my sex not only to be loved by men but also to be accepted by men does that make sense to start to see the confusion that comes him so there are many reasons why people struggle with transgenderism and I love God in His word because in Deuteronomy where it talks about the abomination of wearing the opposite sex clothing place take a special notice of the fact that God does not condemn people that have those attractions or those feelings he condemns the practice to understand so again God wasn't condemning me because I had those feelings but he said Just don't act on them because they destroy again the precious image that God has created in each one of us does that make sense Ok so what I needed was I needed to be included by the guys I needed to be affirmed by the guys so the by the time puberty came a remember the immutable law kicks in in the sex it is a mystery becomes the attraction so because I hung out with the girls and I played with the girls and I have 3 sisters as a matter of fact take a look at this image here. This is me and 6 of my relatives out as 7 children I'm the only boy and 3 of them are my sisters and 3 of them are my aunties and so we all grew up together and there was not one boy in the crowd so I wanted to fit in again being surrounded by femininity it was just another not that the devil was putting in the rope of my early development the defensive detachment of rejection my father the kids in school that called me Sissy of queer and then of course being surrounded by girls so it puberty the sex that was the mystery for me wasn't women at all so it doesn't make sense the immutable law the sex it is a mystery becomes the attraction then that is where I believe the same sex attraction came from now this is basically all clinical evidence and it can be supported by science but nobody was sharing that with me nobody was helping me to understand that there were reasons why I had this I definitely got the message as a young Christian growing up that god hated people like me and that we were going to burn in a hotter hell that's basically what I heard in church culture so as I was growing up the idea of changing my sex was even stronger when it related to Christianity because I thought well that God doesn't accept me for who I am and if I am same sex or tracked it and that's an abomination and I won't make it to heaven then it made it even stronger in my mind that I had to change my body that if I became a female then my attractions would be Ok by God and God would be all right do you see the confusion that comes in does that help you to understand and so I needed compassion I also needed some explanations when I didn't need was censure and judgement and rejection because I had plenty of that so again when a 20 years old I was done with Christianity and religion and God and he didn't change me I tried to do everything that I possibly could to be this man of God but it wasn't working for me and so at 20 years old I walked out of Christianity into the gay culture and they had their arms open wide at 20 years old coming into the gay culture again still thinking that the only way. That I would be loved is if I was a female but I noticed something different in the gay culture masculinity is much more valuable than femininity So I learned very early that if I wanted to tension from men which was my problem beginning with my father and the kids in school if I wanted attention from men if I acted more masculine and if I worked out in the gym I found that I got all the attention from men that I desired and I never struggled with transgender ideation again. Now today they have laws to protect children like me and what that means is basically if I came to my teacher or if I came to my pastor or or anyone that's in the system that I could say that yes I'm a girl trapped in a boy's body and I would have said that is 6 years old if I knew what was available today back then I would have been standing 1st in line for that sex change so at 6 years old I could profess that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body and the government will step in against the will of my parents and they will start giving me these hormone blockers that are going to block me from going through the puberty process so that by the age of 14 or 15 I could actually have the sex change that I desire Problem solved right know because remember at 20 years old all of a sudden I was Ok with my masculine parts and I never struggle with transgenderism again but can you imagine the damage if I would have mutilated my body so that I could never have return back to being a male again all because of these laws that allow children to determine what sex they are Listen I don't know about you but when I was 6 years old I didn't even know what my favorite color was the change from day to day how can we entrust children to determine what sex they are does that make sense but again that doesn't excuse us as a Christian community in lacking compassion and understanding and I think that that's something that we're going to talk about also as well so again more emasculation and degrading comments from the kids which lead me even further away from masculine development and identity so now in our world today we have this term called non-binary and basically that means that that I am not trapped in a male or female not defined by my biology so this gentleman he believes that on Tuesday he can dress as a woman and then maybe on Thursday feels like dressing as a man and all of this is about how gender is fluid in him that he can move easily back and forth. I was invited 6 years ago to speak in Austria and while I was in Austria this is the gentleman that actually won the song of the year in the European It's called Euro Vision Song of the year what was amazing is that I spent 20 years in the gay culture and I saw many men dressed like this I was shocked myself to see it embraced and also to see it celebrated in the European Union the European Union we're talking about 10 different countries that are all inclusive and this was the person that they were celebrating so that even helped to open up my eyes even more about this this this switch of gender identity in the media while I was there the head of the Education Department at. Bogan hall friend which is a seminary college in Austria she handed me this You Tube video as a matter of fact feel free to take pictures of any of the slides that you see tonight because there are some really powerful videos that I think will also help to explain even more detail some of the things that I'm sharing tonight but the man that was in charge of the sex education for the European Union this is the promotion of what he was wanting to implement in sex education for the European Union and this is 6 years ago so I imagine for people living in Europe they were definitely frightened about what could happen so from 0 to 4 years old they want to teach children lustful masturbation from $4.00 to $6.00 they want to teach children homo sexual practice where the teacher will actually step out of the room so the children are uninhibited 6 and 9 years old even before puberty they want to teach them contraception then from 9 to 12 years old they want to teach them gender orientation so that ultimately once they've learned everything about sex between the ages of 12 and 15 they can teach children how to abuse each other sexually. This is not just an issue that's in the European Union it's an issue that's all over the world Australian Christian Lobby condemns Sydney school Rainbow Politics for allowing male students to wear female uniforms boys can our skirts to school in Puerto Rico even in Australia choose your gender parents blasted barmy Council for telling kids as young as 4 years old to pick the sex that they identify with I don't know if you're aware I hopefully maybe you're not if you got rid of your televisions which I did about 18 years ago but there's actually a commercial on television where a famous singer actually goes into a nursery and all of the blue and pink babies are changed magically into black tan and white little baby outfits so that gender is neutral and that you can't tell the difference between the boys and the girls all of this is a media promotion to break down our understanding of the 2 kinds of God created male and female so it's the end of boys and girls these companies are going to change how your kids dress and this this article is actually about 5 years old old and so we can already see in society how that's changing I want to play for you this video clip this video clip about a young girl who also identifies as not by mare and she explains what non-binary is but I want you to listen to the contradictions that she makes herself and will point out once we're done take a watch. The single most common question I get asked is are you boys or are you girls the simple answer is no but then the response after that is usually a very confused what So here is the explanation I'm non-binary and that means identify something of the male or female our society history has led us to believe over thousands of years that there are only people who are made and people who are female but that is because society is based on your own physical sex. Let me see which is no less. Oh yes we're just bring. The ball and. It's outrageous that the truth is the genders in the brain and physical sex a completely separate and different thing that is private every individual what people really mean when they're asking the boy or girl question really so who watches this do you have. People who realize it doesn't matter what living the skeleton you've been born into it's what you feel that defines you not binary is a blanket term for anyone who identifies out with the binary gender there are no endless ways and means no minority and no 2 people like that's fine same right and so just remember gender is what you feel not what your parts are don't be afraid to be yourself by guys. Did you see the contradiction in the. So I'm not identified by my biology which is how we identify ourselves but rather I'm defined by what I feel inside right so don't be afraid to be who you are but again my bio huggy tells me who I am and even if the biology isn't enough to help you understand who you are we have something that's called the d.n.a. our d.n.a. is our inside fingerprint and no matter what we do to the outside by the way the Bible says man judges the outside but God judges the heart is not right so even our d.n.a. says who we are male or female so the contradictions in this way and what I found so sad is that remember our gender identity is a gift from God And we'll talk about that a little bit later but when she reduced this precious gift that God has given to us as our living meat skeleton did you hear that she got that's what she calls it when we are no longer defined by our living meat skeleton but by what's in our mind that's how we identify it so I saw a lot of contradictions in that and I think that is a very powerful tool to show the confusion of what's going on in our society today I was looking on Amazon and I found some books for some preschoolers these are books that are directed towards children even before they go to school this is a book called Jacob's new dress and we'll talk a little bit more about that tomorrow evening but Jacob is seen here in the book he's standing on the landing in front of his father in his new dress and all of this is designed to educate our children even before they get to school to help shape what identity and gender really is here's another book this is called My Princess Boy this is basically talking about the princes poor has a cool brother his brother plays baseball and soccer and his brother Dances With My Princess Boy My Princess Boy loves his brother talks about his father his dad tells My Princess Boy how pretty he looks in a dress his dad holds his hand and tells him to twirl my princess boy smiles and hugs his dad. Talks about the princess boy has playdates with boys and girls he likes to play dress up he likes to change clothes a lot he wears a green Bell Aliant heart and dances with his friends all of this again is designed to teach our children before they even enter the school system about how flexible and changeable identity is so we have a propaganda going on in the media the next video is a propaganda that's basically geared towards the Caribbean because in the Caribbean it's still very negative to l b l g b t a lot of l g b t p g b t people are many times are beat up some of them are actually killed in a society that it's very intolerant and while that is wrong of course but the idea is if you take their sports athletes their idol and if you dress them up in a dress then what it does is it slowly breaks down these prejudices and helps to usher in the certain media take a look at this court. Ask who spent. My 2nd. And. Make. Friends when he wins Rick's. We need to. Try. To break them down if you just. Us if we. Resist. So Madonna was interviewed back in the early eighty's and they asked Madonna they said why do you put so many references to homosexuality in your music videos and a response was this she said Well at 1st you know people will be discussed it she said but some people will be aroused but after people see it over and over again eventually it'll be no big deal it's not interesting that even Madonna understood the power of the media and look where we are 40 years later in society and in television how the promotion of l g b t characters is very commonplace now I want to share with you the story this is an actual family Ted was the father of these 2 children and also the husband of his wife you can see the picture there on the on the right hand side of Ted and his wife so Ted eventually did transition to be the female that he has that he states that he's become on the top left program picture and you can see him there with his wife and I want to point out the fact that Ted definitely you know is somebody that deserves our compassion you know his situation is very difficult but he's not the only victim in the story you know that they have 2 biological male children and now these 2 male biological children are no longer have a male example of how to pattern and how to be masculine as a matter of fact the wife now no longer has a husband that she can share in a relationship even though they live in the same house they are now in separate bedrooms raising their 2 sons the confusion that has come from this family is the 2 boys. Mother's Day they bring home a Mother's Day card and they basically just put it on the table they say we don't know who to give it to so here it is can you imagine the damage that is happening in this family just because of Ted's situation and while they want to acknowledge the fact that Ted definitely you know has some issues going on but imagine now what is created for the family unit this is another family this is a family with the secret This is the mother and father of these 2 biological children also they have 2 boys and so what does surprise you to know that Bianca the mother used to be a boy named Jason and Nick who's the father used to be a little girl named Cole So what happened is that 2 parents were transgendered they both went off their hormones and so the mother actually impregnated the father not once but twice and they bore these 2 children and so again wherever I play this video I automatically look to see your reaction and there is a fairly strong reaction but then the next question is if we're not going to change this if this is what's happening in the world then what would happen is this family showed up at your church what if this family wanted to know Jesus Christ and what about these children would they be allowed to come and play with your children and Sabbath school would you allow this family to come to your house would you share a meal with them and so I want to challenge our natural prejudice as Christians you know saying that we're loving individuals but are we really loving enough to see past our own prejudices to see them as people who the blood of Jesus has been shed for as well. And if the blood of Jesus was shed for them are we doing our due diligence when with a family like this comes into our church are we willing to embrace them and to love them I want to tell you of a some research that was done in Chicago and what they did is they basically went to the streets of Chicago and they asked people that were secular and they were they were atheist by nature and so they would ask and they say what keeps your mind when I say the name of Jesus Christ and they would hold the microphone up to them and the people would say Jesus is loving Jesus is fair Jesus is kind Jesus is unselfish they understood who Jesus is even as atheists right but then they would ask the same people they say so what comes to your mind when I say Christian and their response was hateful unkind unloving unfair hypocrites so isn't it interesting that they knew exactly who Jesus was but look at the reputation that we have as Christians and unfortunately the reason why I walked out of Christianity at 20 years old was because I couldn't find the answers that I was desperate for because instead what I heard was that I was going to burn in a hotter hell than everybody else I never heard the pastor talk kindly or compassionately about the type of people that I was attracted to and the type of person that I was and so even in our indifference even in our comments that we make when we think nobody's listening Trust me there may be somebody within your your range that can hear you that may be struggling with some issues that you're not aware of so some of the issues that we're dealing with now in the church there was a woman who came to me she was sexually active with a man that worked in a prison and she had 4 children she was an Adventist and she called me on the phone and she said it wasn't until after I had been sleeping with this guy that he confessed that he wasn't a man at all that he's really a woman and she said am I gay because I slept with someone that I thought was a man that's really a woman can see the confusion here. And then the 2nd story about a mother who was concerned that her son who became her daughter was lost so here's a situation and some of you may not know this did you know that just because somebody is transgendered doesn't mean that they have same sex attraction does that make sense because how I see myself is different than how who I find sexually attractive All right so there are just as many heterosexual transgenders as are homosexual transgenders So what that means that if a person is biologically born male and they're attracted to the opposite sex if they have a sex change they may appear female but they're still male in their d.n.a. And so there was nothing wrong with their attractions right to see that even if they still continued to be attracted to women it doesn't make them gay because a change of sex so this is a situation whose mother had a son that was suicidal he was also heterosexual yet a 5 year old son they called him Dad So the mother paid for him to go to Thailand to have a sex change when he returned his son still called him daddy and so he's still attracted to females and so the mother thought that his salvation was in jeopardy because now that he's a female he should be attracted to males the 2nd fusion for any of you because it's really difficult to even say that correctly but again this is some of the situations that are happening in our denomination the 13 year old transgender child wanted to go to summer camp and so they called the camp officials and the camp officials were stunned by the question request that the parents wanted this child a 13 year old boy to be able to stay on the girl side now what that means is that the parents have already painted this child's room pink filled his closet with lots of pretty dresses and so was the camp going to force this child to dress as a male and put him on the male side and expose him to taunts and teasing by the kids or was it were they going to allow this boy to stay in the girls' side and then expose the girls to seeing male genitalia that they shouldn't see and if they would have taken this child and put him in a separate cabin by himself that's considered discrimination and against the law so these are some of the issues that our church is dealing with today anyone aware of Bruce Jenner. I remember when I was 15 years old Bruce was the best athlete in the entire world. Through the Olympics he had won the gold medal for the decathlon he was considered the best male athlete in the world and I remember seeing him on my wee d.s. cereal box and I remember thinking at 15 if I could just be as masculine as bruise and so as I grew up again understanding the struggle and Bruce then eventually became Caitlin Jenner which of course because of his history with the Olympics and being the strongest athlete now of the 70s transition to be a woman of the year according to some magazines he's now very popular and being in the beauty industry this is who Caitlin is on the right but I want to explain to you what it takes for Bruce to become Kalen being in the beauty industry for over 30 years it was my responsibility and job and my my profession to help women become more beautiful and more feminine and so let me break this down what it cost Bruce to transition now many years ago Bruce had a nose job to make his nose appear more feminine He also had his forehead and his Adam's apple shaved so that it would also make him appear more female he had electrolysis done completely all over his body to remove his body hair and eventually he had breast implants put in to make his chest appear female and a few years ago he did have his male genitalia mutilated to make it appear female and I use the word mutilation because it's not functional as a woman's parts are functional but instead it may give it the appearance but there really is very limited functionality to them not only does he have to take the hormones for the rest of his life hormones that will also decreases life expectancy but did you know that these hormones also increase your rates of cancer so now Bruce also has to take cancer resisting drugs for the rest of his life with the hormones and can you imagine what happens when you take a body that produces testosterone and you throw a storm of estrogen at it can you match of the emotional problems that come with that as well and we're going to talk about the suicide risk as well with trans. Genders but now they have to be on antidepressants for the rest of their life as well also that he can be his natural self does that make sense to see the contradiction in terms there and so in the beauty industry this would cost thousands if not millions of dollars for Bruce to become what you see on the right and this is anything in my opinion other than natural So again this is his new normal and we're supposed to accept this as the new way of people expressing themselves in the opposite sex and I want to share with you this video clip about the trans issue in sports has anyone heard that recently it's been a big a big issue recently and I want to play play for you this video clip and I think it will help to explain some of the contradiction within women's sports of transgenderism debate this video is about women score and what constitutes fair competition it's not about Reverend or transgender people should be allowed to use certain birth rooms or if they should be able to join gender specific noncompetitive clubs etc In a nutshell I find the only humans and logic that currently permit transgender women to compete against biological women to be remarkably flawed and I'm convinced that unless rectified this who kill women's sport the transgender woman Rachel MacKinnon is the u.c.i. Masters track championships women's Ferdie 5 to 44 sprint gold medalist the transgender woman habit when the 2017 Australian International Women's weightlifting 90 kilo and over division and the transgender women one amount she competed in the a.f.l. Victoria's women's league this is so far as it stands why I believe it is unfair to allow transgender women to compete against Boy logical I have no problem with them being a girl mind you girl my issue is with so the top 6 spots qualify for the New England meet and I came in 8th place and. 2 transgender athletes came one into. So if they weren't there then my friend knife another school would've been in those 2 spots they would have qualified and so here we have a very real example for young talented women losing a potential scholarship and career due to this issue we're going to eloquently put so. Do you know woman is going to handle looks like they're not finding one fine one because if I took us for tonight still have the and that's not fair you know it's just not I don't care what anybody says the assertion that reducing a transgender woman is testosterone to that of the average biological woman will create a level playing field is Ok to fully scientifically. So I want to transition now for just a moment and to talk about what is it like for people if they reject the transition of going from one sex to the opposite sex and I want to share with you a little bit of Daisy's testimony about how these thoughts inside of her head as a little girl wanting to be a boy and I think it helps you to understand some of the dilemma of what children go through when they are struggling with identity issues but I think that Daisy also explains very eloquently the confusion and what the medical community was doing for her as well so this is you're actually looking at Daisy a biological female who was on the hormones and you can tell the difference in her voice you can tell the difference in some of her mannerisms but she's actually transitioning back to become the female that she was biologically born into. Me and I remember telling some of these people usually old Bleakley that I and I regret it because the thoughts were tormenting me so much I had to tell someone like I said I was in hell every single day didn't think I was going to make it past 30 could and could not see a future as a trans man or as a woman like my future was just now and void it was unlike any depression I've ever felt before it was like staring into an abyss where your future should be yeah I was in agony Mo Mo usually with depression you're kind of you're not you have a lack of joy but this was like I was walking around on fire every single day and I think that's really important to understand what a trans gender person is going through because again as Christians we should be divinely compassionate toward anybody and there is to but again to uphold the truth is a challenge I think in our day and age because many times upholding the truth of Jesus Christ is now considered hate speech how is it that the love of Jesus and the fact that he gave us the identities that we have is considered hate speech and yet that's what's happening in our Christian community this is a video clip you may want to take a picture of the screen because I'm not going to be able to share with you a lot of this video because I want to make sure that we get through the really important stuff but take a listen for a little bit. All right 2nd up we're going to talking about the Tavistock case now this is a British High Court decision that is changing the conversation on gender dysphoria and the treatment of transgenderism in young people it's called Tavistock versus the Americans versus bell for the English an Australian Tavistock and Bell has different way of saying it it's a High Court case out of u.k. cetera and it was actually headed that in December but it's a big enough deal that I knew that I had to return to it at some point and deal with it in detail and explain to you what it's all about what is Tavistock its agenda clinic officially of gender identity development services for children under the age of 18 the clinic administers puberty blockers to children as young as 10 it prescribes across 6 whole months to children as young as 16 and it progresses with gender reassignment surgeries for adolescents for the young people from the age of 18 and the point is this children are required to consent to their own therapies under the Tavistock principles and the why that works and the way that these clinics work in general the question before the court therefore was Can children even consent to those that are obese do they have the capacity good question. So I want to look now at the exceptionally high suicide risks of the transgender population this is a study that was actually done in favor in support of transgender medicine and they found that 41 percent of transgender people will attempt suicide and that's close to half and they found that a staggering 30 percent of transgenders will commit suicide that's a 3rd of a population of people these are the highest rates of suicide among any group of people John Hopkins University actually shut down their trans gender reassignment surgery clinic because they found that the surgeries did not give these men and women the sex changes that they desire however you're not going to hear that in the media there is a promotion of acceptance and therefore these damaging reports are not something that are going to leak into the media any time soon but I want to share with you the story of a woman named Nancy who became Nathan she lived in Belgium and because of the psychological suffering that she went through when she saw her post-surgery body she was allowed to die by lethal injection because of the unbearable suffering that she'd gone through can you imagine that and so here again is a life that was was assisted with a suicide by the government because she transitioned from being female to male. This is what we're dealing with folks and there are a lot of people that are actually what we call d. transitioning meaning going back to their original sexes but now that we've discovered the situation in the world and we've also talked about this situation of what's coming and what is not going to change I want to address this from a spiritual aspect and I want to tell you the amazing things that God can do this is not a good way to end all right and so I want to share with you the story of a man named Walter hire He has a website called Trading my sorrows dot com If you go to his website it has a lot of statistics it also talks about Walt hire story he was a little boy who was dressed up by his grandmother from birth she wanted a little granddaughter and so she dressed up Walt in a little dress until he was 7 years old when their secret was discovered but by then Walt already understood that his only value to his grandmother was as a girl and so this helped to push him even further into the rejection of his masculine identity at the age of 13 he was molested by his oncle which again was emasculating which only sent him further into the transgender ideation that he developed he was not homosexual he was married he had children he had a job at NASA as an engineer very successful but if 40 years old he went to a therapist that told him that he had gender dysphoria and help to transition him to become a female as you see in the middle 2 pictures now he said that living as Laura At 1st it gave him everything that he thought he desired it gave in this immense pleasure that he thought that he had actually changes sex he said but after the honeymoon period wore off he realized that these disfiguring surgeries did not give him the sex change that he desired but rather that he was trapped in this identity that he couldn't really that he couldn't leave and so his wife left him his job fired him he was living homeless in the streets he was out holic ready to take his life when somebody introduced him to Jesus Christ at that point even though he was still living. As Laura he realized that this was not who God had created him to be and so he had as many of the surgeries reversed as he physically could have but he's now been living as a male for the last 30 years he's married to his wife and he has an amazing an amazing testimony we were able to interview him twice for 3 b.n. Speer choices and those are on the website as well so what's next brothers and sisters we know that in the Garden of Eden when God pronounce all things very good then marriage and the Sabbath have their origin twin institutions for the glory of God in the benefit of humanity that which the turn of Father Himself has pronounced good was the law of highest blessing and development for man so these are the 2 institutions that were established in the Garden of Eden and now we know that marriage is under attack through the l g b t not only promotion and legislation and when White says that when one twin is under attack the other one is from the follow what if God were watching us to determine how we handled the marriage being under attack to also understand how we would respond when the Sabbaths under attack said interesting. So again I'm going to get some slides for the sake of time this is actually a picture of a young boy he was 6 years old he went to his mother and said that he was a girl trapped in a boy's body. His mother was single she took him to the doctor which diagnosed her son with gender dysphoria So they started putting him on the hormones he naturally from the hormones started to grow female breasts he didn't develop facial hair his facial features started to become more feminine is Adam's apple didn't appear is voice stayed up high and so then it 14 years old this young man came to his mother and he said I've made a mistake I am not a girl I am a boy and so the mother of course these hormones and of course they they still have inconclusive evidence about what these hormones do when not only you give them to adults for the rest of their life but what happens when you start giving pre-puberty children these hormone blockers that are going to change their lives forever right so again this little boy stop the search stop the hormones but now he has to surgically remove the breast and yes to go to a voice coach to learn how to talk with a deeper voice all because we allow children to determine their gender This is a slide of Van Meter he is an m D's on the board of American College of pediatricians you do not want to miss this video it talks about the fraud of transgender medicine it also implicates. Alfred Kinsey who was the researcher back in the forty's and fifty's that determined that our identities are according to our sexual preferences rather than by the 2 kinds of god made male and female male talk about that a little bit more tomorrow. This is another video clip of a pediatrician talking about the transgender politic politics that even against medicine that medicine is now having to change their ways because of the promotion of acceptance there's a 7th Day Adventist emergency room doctor who works in San Francisco and he told me a couple of years ago that they're no longer allowed to ask the sex of a patient so if somebody comes in with prostate cancer and you cannot ask what sex that patient is you know am can you imagine how much longer it's going to take to not only diagnose them but then to treat them so you know as far as medical science going forward and moving forward being able to rapidly address situations and to give people healing imagine how much further this is going to put back the medical community again because we don't have the right to ask people their biological sex but God is very clear and God is very specific god is the author of peace and not confusion right and so again did you know that actually mothers produce a different type of milk recipe for boys than they do for girls is not amazing their mothers produce a different biological recipe for sons and daughters breast milk is customized according to the sex of the baby I find God remarkable in that. Is transgenderism a form of rebellion and again as you read these quotes I want you to remember that I was not rebelling against God when I thought that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body however it is a rejection of the gift of God and we're going to talk about that even more specifically tomorrow but in Deuteronomy $22.00 verse 5 the woman shall not wear that which pertains and to a man neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all the do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God Did you hear that I was an abomination to God because I felt like I was trapped in the wrong body but when my aunt teased my hair like a little girl in the bathroom that was an abomination. When we dress up our little boys a little girl clothes and we parade them around the living room that's an abomination even though you might think it's cute but can you imagine the thoughts you're putting in that little boy's mind as you allow him to parade around in his sister's clothing or the mother's clothing and the same thing for little girls allowing them to dress up as little boys were putting these seeds inside their mind because when my aunt would tease my hair she didn't know that I was struggling with these thoughts and feelings and when I saw my hairstyle as a little girl it gave me this immense feeling that maybe one day I could actually be convincing as a little girl. I want to end tonight with what I think is the most profound expression of God's abilities and I think that a lot of times we forget the power of God to transform and to change lives and many times what I heard is that gays can change and we're going to talk about that as well tomorrow but this is a picture or these are pictures of my friend Ray Ray was born biologically a little girl named Arista but she wanted to be called Ray and she would hear the voice of Ray in her head and the voice of Ray would say you know what you shouldn't have soft skin and breast you need to have muscles and facial hair and so as she was identified by the name of Ray's as a little girl her parents weren't religious she was allowed to wear Spiderman and Superman underwear she would go to school her parents were were violent drug addicts and so many times to wake up there be blood on the walls and one of her parents would be in jail and the other one in a hospital so she had a very difficult time in her home life but then when she went to school she was molested by boys and girls on the playground so Merissa learned early on that femininity was a liability and so to protect herself she would dress up in boys' clothing and this would actually help her to to ward off some of the attacks that she was experiencing but what that did is that promoted this idea that she should become more masculine and that way she would be safe so as she grew up she was 16 years old she was in her 1st relationship with a woman living as a man and this desire to become completely male was very strong by the voice of Rae that she heard in her head she decided that she was going to move to Seattle Washington where she could have a sex change she was approved to go on the hormones she would have to live as a male for 2 years before she could actually have the surgeries but that was fine and she now was on the road to having the change that she desired but then all of a sudden this dark depression came in this depression to the point where she couldn't even get up out of bed even though she was approved for the hormones she couldn't even make it to her therapy appointments and this voice inside of her had this she heard this she called Ray would say you know what you're so pathetic no one will ever love you you should just kill yourself. And the thoughts of suicide were so strong in her head she reached out and she called the only person that she thought could help or all of her friends had abandoned her but there was one friend when she was a kid that she called that knew her as Marisa and for the 1st time in many years she left her name she said Hi this is Morrison but don't call me that and she said I'm really struggling I feeling like taking my life I don't want to live and a friend was a Christian and a friend called her back and she said Mercer or she said come to me she's our call you re whatever you want I just want you to live and so instead of arguing about who she was and what you know abomination she was creating and how she was going to burn and how her friend just wanted her to live and she said Come to Me and Ray said well I don't have the money for a plane ticket so her friend paid for the ticket and a $3.00 day visit turned into 3 months. Because Ray knew that any time that she would have gone back earlier she would have completed the suicide attempt and so while she was living at a friend's house in Colorado her friend would make her breakfast she take her own walks she'd help her to brush her teeth and to take baths and during that time she was just praying over her friend and so she was praying for her friend she wasn't judging her she didn't condemn her she was loving her because she was praying for her and you know a wife says that prayer moves the arm of Omnipotence I don't think that any one of us have the arm Obama the potential in this room and so those prayers have value and the reason why I stand in front of you today is because I have 3 sisters that were praying for me I wasn't praying for myself I wanted nothing to do with a God that I felt wanted nothing to do with me but because they prairie I stand in front of you and so as far as raise friend was praying for her then all of a sudden Bray had the start in her head she said you know what I've never prayed before God How do you see me and the next thought inside of Ray's mind was this beautiful woman with long flowing hair in a long dress just praising God and she said that's not me and she immediately dismissed that thought but she did start to read the Word of God and as she started to open up the word of God she's found Psalms 139 in Jeremiah talks about how even before the earth was formed that God knew her and that it says in Psalms $139.00 that God pursues us that is thoughts towards us or as countless as the sands on the sea shore and whether we go up high or down low whether we go into darkness or life it's all the same to God. And because of this love he blessed us it says and in verse 14 that he knew who we were even before the earth was formed and then he Net our delicate n. word parts together in our mother's womb and that was the affirmation there Ray needed to affirm the fact that she was not created to be a boy that she was created to be a girl and Ashley started to embrace the word of God and His Love it wasn't like a switch on the wall that she could just flip and all of a sudden she's a girl but what she did do the only thing she could do is she slowly started to allow her hair to grow out and as her hair started to grow longer she started to replace some of the items in her clothing and so she now embraces the woman that God created her to be which like to see what she looks like today. Now I don't think you go Oh Ok here you go here is Mariska today. I love your reaction and I want to point out again you know being from the beauty industry what it cost for me to look like this because for absolutely nothing no expensive hormone says would have to shorten her life or increase rates of suicide or depression she didn't have to have any surgeries to mutilate her body to make it appear this way and the smiley you see on her face cost absolutely nothing to her but it cost Jesus Christ everything what she embraced as she embraced the gift of what Jesus gave to us on that cross and by embracing that it had a transforming power in her life and this is why she looks the way she does here today you see brothers and sisters as Christians it's our solemn. And privilege opportunity to not only tell people the truth but to do it in such a way that that draws them I heard a saying recently and said you know what Jesus doesn't drive he draws and we as Christians have to be the same we have to show the world that a transition like there's a transformation in Marie says life is what God wants for each one of us but we have to show the world that we have to give them something better than what the world is handing out is not right and so rather than these hormones or rather than mutilating surgeries and and rather than all of this terminology about the different kinds that are out there showing people what Jesus can do in somebody whose life is much more compelling then beating them over the head with the Bible and calling someone an abomination and that they're going to burn in hell is not right and so again if it would have had those surgeries that she never would have been able to get married 5 years ago and to experience have a not one but 2 children that she breastfeeds to see the power and the transformation that God wants inside of our lives instead of taking away and destroying the beautiful gift that God gave us through creation and let me go back just a little bit I think I have well no I really don't or it's going to have to come back tomorrow afternoon because I'll talk about the very main reason why we have this issue today in our world and I'll describe that fully but again what you're looking at is Morrison embracing who God made her to be and accepting that and as she walked in the identity that Jesus gave her she now got married a few years ago and now she has 2 children that she's able to raise as their mother and so I think that God is amazing and that he offers us something infinitely better and honestly if he didn't offer me something better than what I was living in 20 years and they gave culture I wouldn't be standing here I find it amazing that it through my sexual addiction through my diction to pornography and all the things that I experienced in the gay culture 5 significant relationships. I think it's amazing that I didn't die of Aids because aids came out when I can now and within 20 years of acting out as often as 3 times in a day with different man and as often as 4 times a week there's no way that I should be standing in front of you but I praise God that he has given me not only the ability to live without infection but also to live without those addictions and those drives that followed me where I couldn't even go a week and now it's been over 17 years since I have acted out in that lifestyle and it's in God amazing So as we close tonight I want to challenge your thinking on the transgender issue I want to give you some light about the situation that's going on in the world but I want to encourage you inspire you and enlighten you with the fact that God still has the power to transform and change lies is that right and if we can do that to someone like me imagine what he wants to do in each one of our lives as well let's pray I thank you Lord for the joy that it is to proclaim the man that you created me to be and Lord there are many reasons why people struggle there are many reasons why I didn't accept the masculinity that you gave to me is a precious gift and Lord there are still times when I feel inadequate there's still times when I feel like I don't measure up and Lord what's so beautiful is that I don't need the accolades of the world to affirm who I am the Lord that your word tells me who I am the Lord even before the earth was formed that you knew that I was to be a man and while things got mixed up and while I was on a path Lord that that denied this Precious Gift Lord now I understand the blessing that it is I pray Father for those that may be struggling maybe there's somebody listening today that is struggling with identity issues or same sex attraction Lord help us as a church to be divinely compassionate and that means we've got to be more the more compassionate than what the world can give them. Because Lord if we're allowing you to work through us we can give that to them Help us Lord to be. To be when someone to show them who you are Lord and this is a process this may take time and it also challenges Lord our own prejudices about certain people and individuals Billard remind us that if you can save us then lord did you can save anybody help us Lord to find the humility that you're looking for in your Christian Church today so that we can be a beacon of light and a call people to draw people Lord into a relationship with you and then Lord to allow the Holy Spirit to make a transformation in their life you're not asking us to convert the world Lord you're asking us to love the world and through the truth as we live the truth Lord to show them the compassion that only you can give to them and I pray Father that you would help us. To make that decision to make that commitment Lord. To challenge our prejudices and Lord to find compassion for those that we might find disturbing disgusting or confusing Lord Mayor King to be full is my prayer as we go through this weekend and I pray Lord that for those that have questions that that we will compile those questions together and answer them on Sunday and on I thank you Lord for what you're about to do for us this weekend we praise you and we thank you in Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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