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Logo of Hartland Spring Convocation 2021: In the Days of Lot

01 As It Was so Shall It Be: What Is A Christian Suppose To Do?

David Guerrero


  • April 26, 2021
    3:45 PM
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Let's begin with a word of prayer as we look at our message this morning as it was saw how it be Jesus says it twice in Luke Chapter 17 he says as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man and then he says as it was in the days of Lot so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man and I believe we're living in that time and we're going to delve into the Word of God and pray that God would give us insight and wisdom there's 3 messages that I'm going to preach this is the 1st one as the world so shall it be the 2nd message and I pray that you come back we're going to share a message in title seeking the best for myself and then on Sunday morning we're going to look at the message remember lots wife what did Jesus mean when he said remember lots why let's pray Heavenly Father we invite the presence of your spirit now in a special way. I pray that you will just come our minds and still are in a spirit give us the ability to focus in the things that you would have us to focus on and Lord I pray that as you aid me in lifting up the cross of Calvary that Jesus Christ may be seen and experience maybe for the 1st time someone will experience salvation in Jesus Christ be with us now we pray in Jesus name Amen and Amen growing up. And that's me in the middle there I gave my heart to the Lord and when my uncle and I'll tell you this my own call Greg said that he never did this so it might have been an angel said David this never happened I do not recall this taking place and I said Yes you came in the room and these were the words that you said to me and so he walked into the room and he I was about 11 years old and he walked into my bedroom and he said these words David if Jesus Christ came today where do you think he will spend eternity and he walked out at that point in my life I wasn't going to church I was in the 7th Day Adventists my grandmother was and as a child my grandmother often would bring with it something called v b s vacation bible school vacation bible school works Ok and so she would ask my mother if it was Ok if she could bring her children my mother's children to B.B.'s And so what I did was my mother said yes and so my grandmother would take me to Vacation Bible School and oftentimes I would hear about the 2nd Coming of Christ and I remember that they would be reading from what Matthew chapter 24 so when my uncle said Where do you think it was many turn of the I remember what I learned a vacation Bible school and I started to read him Chapter 24 and I became very concerned and so I was went to bed that night and it wasn't by chance it was a Friday evening when he said that and so the only church that I knew about was the they had been the church because my grandmother had. Introduced me to the sin of the administration by bringing me to vacation bible school the following Ok so I get the next morning get dressed I'm 11 years old and I'm looking to buy the axe and I'm from Brooklyn New York. And so. My mother and this is no fault of hers just let me get up I was dressed up as best I could say where you go and I said I'm going to church that the church was there and I said you know I've done a Bushwick haven't you there's a 7 have an interest amount of dollars and I'm going she said Ok and so I went to church. I enjoyed my time in church I came back home at 11 years old and I wanted to my room and my mother said Aren't you come down and engage with us it is a sabbath and you guys will engage in things that I'm just don't want to do today. But something took place that we because you know the sun went down I live my life there we in the next Saturday boarding as I was getting ready to go to church again I saw my sibling sitting on the couch dress and I said Were you guys going to say we're going with you. And they join me to church that Sabbath and one thing led to the next and my siblings and I became baptized and it took a little while but then my mother was baptized. We all became 7th day. Adventists the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ was something that was a theme that stirred my heart when I was asked a question where would you be if Jesus Christ came today what's your answer where would you spend eternity you see this question of the Lord's coming 2nd coming remains something that drew me and it became something that I heard throughout my childhood we've been hearing about the last 2nd coming for a long time have a way. And we must be honest I believe some of us we asked a question so where is the promise of His coming Have you felt that way. I have I'm going to be house with you growing up in New York so sometimes you know this drive and excitement for the Lord wears out it can wear off in the world can appeal to you it did for me for a while and I asked that question sometimes where is the promise of His coming but you know that 2nd Peter 39 is the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some people count slackness the Lord is long suffering towards us work you know why he's now would have any should perish in that beautiful God doesn't want anyone to perish but that all would come to work repainting it. That's where the Lord delayed his coming because every single person on the face of clatters he does not want to single one to perish in the beautiful Lord is merciful so I was excited about my new found relationship with Jesus 811 suspecting the coming of Jesus Christ that happened very soon because it had been Israel we were as proclaimed that Rangers message. And yet even. I'm going to fast forward because what happened over my lifetime was I spent some time in the world then I went to school I got my social degree in medical technology a bachelor's and in the ology a bastard of divinity and even a doctorate degree and still waiting. For Jesus Christ to come and if you remember this in 2000 and the year 2000 who was here when the when they talked about the Y2k scare right we all sat back we were wondering all right if when that. Time shift from 1999 to 2000 that the world would come to an end were you part of that expectation were you saying it might happen that computer glitch my just and things would do such. Become clear and then what about 911 you were 911911 I know where words are and I bet you know where you were I was actually I was I had just moved from the East Coast to swear I was in Wisconsin as old news as a whole story I can't tell you too many stories because I am limited in time if if if you tell me this yes I can tell your story take it at about 5 minutes to my servant and I tell a story you can't say yes because if you do then I'm up here longer but I will tell you this the Lord called me to Wisconsin it was miraculous because I went from being on the East Coast as a lord send me anywhere and him sending fast forwarding my resume to a conference President who gave me a call about coming to Wisconsin and my response to him was how did you hear about me and he says well you sent me to resume so I thought you were very interested I said I didn't send you a thing. You see one guy wants to move you God moves you definitely. And so there I was in Wisconsin 2000 and May It was actually in May of 2001 of them moved Wisconsin this happened September of 2001 and there I was I was a chaplain sputum is direct a pastor that ran 7 devils church and then we all know about this right the coronavirus that has turned the world right for spin since last year people have been wondering where is the promise of His coming men's heart are now filling in for fear for things that are coming upon upon the earth relation chapter 3 verse 20 tells us that a sting would take place in and fall on the face of planet Earth you can read there with me. This is where Jesus. Would take place Behold I stand at the door and I know. If any man would hear my voice and open the door I will come in and sup with him and dine with him and he with Me Jesus as He wrote the letters to the churches there are letters of the churches you always you often hear him say that if they don't repent that what will happen to the candlestick will go out for him for some reason we are 7 they are going to Christians we believe that the light is not going to go out in our own personal life and we can behave and live like we want and we believe that the light will keep what shining you know that's not true we have to stay connected to Jesus for the light not a stop sign just the other day as I was on my way here this this long drive here I was sitting as I was continued to prepare for this message I was sitting so at the hotel room very early morning or 5 o'clock in the morning I left my room and I was sitting in the dining well not dining hall but the lounge and there I sat in Ohio and that's where we were and I sat there in the lounge looking over my notes a lady just walked in and I kind of looked and she waved and she took some the newspapers and put new ones there so she was delivering the newspaper for the hotel and she walked out another gentleman came down yet is bad and he put him down you can try to get the person who was working the front desk to come so he could check out he looked at me he would walk back. And I sat there the Holy Spirit told me and you start praying for these people and as I began to pray in the Lord stirred my heart you know what he said to me he said man this world is fast going downhill and time is running out and people are just walking to and fro and he said You better start praying for these people they need the Lord you know the Lord has given us Commission. The Lord has given us Commission. And I want you to follow the story Jesus said these words in verse 18 Matthew 20 verse to he says all of thorny has been given me on work in heaven and on earth and then he tells God's people go there for and make disciples of all nations right he says baptizing them in name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit is this teaching them to observe all things that have commanded you and then he said these words Lo who is with you he says I am with you what always even unto thee in the earth now listen to what Jesus doing here 1st he says All authority has been given to me right and then he says go and I will be with you what always even to the end of the world so if Jesus has all of 40 and he's with me I'm under what type of story Jesus story and he has what all of for so if Jesus has all of already and he sends me out to wherever he sends me should I fear about it should I fear anything should I be concerned should I be worried or should I just go and in a minute I'm going to share with you something that is that is crucial to the work of God in these last days but I'll preface. This with this statement we as a people are not going are you following me we think we're going but we're not going we're not making designs many of us who are doing who are sending some money. And hoping that they'll go and my neighbor doesn't even know about Jesus Christ I have me so you look at me like where you from I'm just being candid with we're not going. And part of it I'm going to read you some statements for fragile part of this because oftentimes the people at the helm they are holding us back and saying hey you can't go just yet it's a bit lower certainly not just let me tell you how to go let me tell you how to get there I found I hope you are you see in the early Church of Jesus at all the church but you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you'll be witness to me in Jerusalem in India and and so Mary into the ends of the earth and the Holy Spirit took a place to call of the early church do you believe me or is it it because they were they submitted themselves to the work of the Holy Spirit and one thing that is visibly absent from God's people in God's Church is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit early on a did. Holy Spirit as it took control of the church in Acts chapter 2 they said the Lord daily searches do show there will be say and then it tells us that thousands upon thousands joined a church or 2 and then accepted for it said for more 1000 in a short period of time are you follow me it in say 5 people or 8 people it said in 2 chapters over 7000 people join the church. Because God's people were filled with the Holy Holy Spirit and the Bible tells us rather new testament that this Gospel the Gospel of Jesus Christ was gone throughout the whole world let's look at what it says in collages 12223 and this is a pause because and you want to alienate an enemies in your mind by which it works now he has reconciled in the body of his flesh through death to present you holy and blameless and above reproach in his sight if indeed you continue the faith grounded in steadfast and not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you heard which was preached to every creature there heaven to you which is poured. The gospel was moving was there of which I because Paul became a minister listen to what this says a Romans one it 1st I thank God through Jesus Christ for your and through your faith and Sunni that your faith is spoken of throughout where That's incredible isn't it when those 2 sides of that walk into the city says these are the men that have changed turn the world upside down what do people say when they see you and me coming to a pause as a 1st a soloist one and he says for from you use the word of the Lord has found in our 4th not only in Mr Donia and I care but also where in every place. Your face toward God is God now so that you do not need to say anything. Oh isn't that me do we have that type of presence and power of God's Spirit that people are hearing about us all over the place and when we walk into a room we don't even have to say any. They say there is. The child of God and he is he is some powerful stuff would you agree would you be there when you the Holy Spirit Spirit feel man Boley and lovingly feel the Gospel commission in the early church we need the Holy Spirit we need the Holy Spirit go and make disciples we must acknowledge and admit. That in general my speaking in particular because I know some people be moved and moved but in general we are spiritless church so was care more about our own homes and possessions and work of God Some was care more about the carbon the church and the work of God. So was care more about our categories and our universes and I'm not saying that is a bad place but we were so focused on things instead of pleading for the Spirit of God and we've been given a commission to go and make disciples as to what we're told desire Vegas basic $72.00 crisis promise to give the Holy Spirit is church in the promise belongs to us as much as to the what 1st disciples but like every other promise it is given on with the next word conditions there are many who believe in profess to claim the Lord's promise they talk about cries about the Holy Spirit yet receive no benefit they do not surrender the soul are you following me to be guided in control by the divine agencies that's how I ended up in Wisconsin do you know that prior to that conference President telling me that he had received 2 resumes that I said isn't any I had been on my knees 4 days prior and I said lord out I'll go anywhere you to said but I followed by this and I believe the law has a sense of humor I said but just send me to a warm place will you. And he sent me. And if you are to some of your Google Google warmest winters in Wisconsin 2001 the year that I went last I keep it warm for a year some of the greatest places but the Greeks are some of the greatest ministry that I've done it's been where I guess where it was cause we've got to be willing to be directed by the Lord. And watch this we can not use the Holy Spirit the Spirit is to use us through the Spirit God works in His people to will to do his good press pleasure but many will not submit to this we want to our own pleasure not God's pleasure they want to manage themselves this is why they do not receive the heavenly gift because we want to do what we want to manage our selves or those who wait humbly upon a guy who watch for his guidance and Grace is the Spirit given the power of God awaits them and reception and then to go and say this prime promise blessing claimed by faith brings or blessing in this training is given according to the riches of the grace of Christ and he is ready to supply every soul is the case that he is ready to supply to how many people every saw call him to the capacity to receive this promise blessing claimed by faith brings all other blessing in this train it is given according to the riches of the grace of Christ and he is ready to supply every to every saw according to the capacity to do what we see but the only way we can have the capacity we just read is that what self has to be surrendered so had to be moved out of the way and we must be willing to submit to God anything in everything that we have. In the next time we meet I'm going to share with you a story of how in 2015 we trends we're transitioning God was calling to my wife come out I said David it's time for us to go full time into and stop this world self-supporting ministry you know why you can support yourself you're told me that well when the Lord transition us to where we live in Wisconsin we had to move again we went to a 2 acres I was in the shower the 1st week the Lord put us on this beautiful property nice home and all and I got this sour and I was like more thank you for the self-supporting work and the Lord said David you cannot support yourself. Because it is a God supporting ministry. He said You must remember that when you try to support yourself you'll be supporting yourself and you're going to have a hard time he said but if you allow me to support this ministry and be the one that directs the course of your life in your ministry great things will happen so he says stop calling this a self-supporting ministry I'll tell you more the story the next time we get together the Lord in one week at the last moment where all of my money where now poured $20000.00 miraculously into my hands so that to close out on the piece of property where you. And I was after I had put what I thought was a knot of money aside to keep myself safe for 3 years the lower step back is it really you think you have this thing figured out and by His Divine Grace he moved in ways that that money within a short period of time was God and then the law said now what you're going to do it is something and I turn to heaven I said Lord only one way one place I can go now I can support myself in Iraq. He said Now you're ready aren't you I said please. Wife or kid said Lord I don't want to be living on the street and I was praying that prayer my mom I said listen don't worry if the Lord wants to live in the street at least we have him and one another. In the Beautiful. In the shop at a time $20000.00. And I'll share the story you and I we me for the last moment the Lord dropped another 2000 listen to what the Course as he says and God is able to make all agrees upon grow toward you that you always having what also to see all things we have in abundance for every What good good work everything comes from God So here we are here we are to have been doing preacher we 27 minutes are 45 so I think we. Can proceed on time this is what the Bible says here in Luke Chapter $1726.00 to $30.00 and as it was in the days of what So it will also be the days of the coming of the Son of Man They ate it right they married wives they were given in marriage into what the day the end of the ark and the flood came and destroyed how many of them all there were not moved by the spirit that not surrendered their eyes to the Lord or you follow him likewise as it was also in the days of law it is something Jesus uses no and he also uses law and we're going to be focusing on for the next 23 meetings on lots life as they ate they drank they brought they so they planted they built but on the day that a lot went out of Sodom and when look at that act at the next meeting Lot went out of Sodom and look at the details of how a lot went out and was going on his heart and what he lost and what he didn't gain as it was in the days of live it rain fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed the more I said even so shall be. The day with the Son of Man is revealed she God had spoken to no or prior to the day of life did he and he said my spiritual not always strive. And before the days of lock where the Days of No Are there which is really there and in the days of no more nor proclaimed a message to the world that a flood was coming and many with the exception of 8 people who did what to that message did except it or did they reject it Ok. The flood towns and a people are saved right and then afterward we have a pre-nup we have a generation comes and Abraham and we look at the next time we meet Abraham comes around and he takes his nephew with him God calls him right out of where he is that in Babylon we call them is this earth child is he call Zlata he calls Abraham lucked out Abraham takes his nephew lot with him following Ok and the Bible tells us like was as it was in the days of Lot so shall it be the coming of the Son of Man And if you read the account in the book of Genesis. As a love is living and choosing and look at is the next message lot chooses doesn't need to move into the area of Sodom and Gomorrah he does that intentionally he says I want to live toward that city and the Bible tells us there in Genesis that that the men in that city were evil Now listen very closely to the atmosphere and the thinking concerning the people in the days of Lot Are you ready for this are you ready. Listen to what we're told in the book of prophets and Sodom there was Merced and revelry feasting and drunkenness ha Didn't Jesus say that we would be coming home there was this the violence and most group passions were restraining the people ie the people openly defied God His law and delighted in the deeds of violence though they had before them the example of the entitled. They knew that the world have been destroyed by a what are you following me are you with me and although they understood that that took place something happened in the hearts of man didn't do them very although they knew that because of the because of of wickedness and violence and vile living and ill passions the the anti the living world the world before them had been destroyed by a flood they still reverted back that type of behavior are you following in that the weather will be today don't people hear about the 2nd Coming of Christ and hear about the things that have happened before in the past in the Bible the Word of God that Jesus is coming again and new how the wrath of God have been manifested in the destruction yet they fall in the same course of within their. Plenty of time I've been a p. 33 minutes and 5 seconds. 40 or so 40 was this when the men from Sodom and Gomorra Cain to lots house because they knew that the angels were there you remember the story strange since I have time. Let's turn to Genesis 90. Journal one. Verse 11 let's start of verse 9 and they said these are the men of Sodom and Gomorrah right they've come to lots door stand back then they said This one came in to stay here and he keep acting as the judge told by law now we will deal worse with you then with them so they pressed hard against the man Lot and came near to break down the door you see what's happening these men with their vile passions seeking to have intimacy with other men said Live get out the way and they pressed the door out a friend for the cargo that recently gave his heart to the Lord because something similar this happened in the city of Chicago he had left the Lord for some time back in 2016 you know I have I share with him the gospel and he came back to the Lord and then he he departed 2660 Watch what happened he's living in Chicago he's working and one evening 2 men come to the door and they knock and they say hello or your neighbors and what Listen to what they say to my friend hey do you think that the 3 of us 3 men maybe we can have some good time together. And he said what would make you think that I would do something like that they said we were watching and we did feel that perhaps he would want to interact with us in that. He told them I want you to step back from my door I'll call the police he shut his door. He said he was impressed by God you to come back to me my son at that same time in my own life in 2016 Well you know what happened in my life. I woke up one morning found this I woke up one morning and the Lord told me. He did you think this world has 20 years I know some need to look innocent enough the Lord to talk to you and I said Ha my son was in the room and I said he Joshua because I said howdy he said I'm 19 going to be 20 and Lord said You see how fast I went by I said low we've got to tell me he said I'm coming soon bring systemize he said David you just go with the flow is doing as pastor in thing and you do this you know you're acting like we've got a long time and so you just planning planning pastoring and planning goes how come and so my wife would tell you that I began to get my life ready for the 2nd coming of Jesus one thing that I almost got involved in this was proved to formation How can I stop you from class I was going to give massive reading I looked up and it seemed like it was Adam is my wife can tell you this is for real as I was looking up that looking up spiritual myth and was going to get involved supernaturally things sort of pop up on my computer opposing what I was so researcher you follow me and I come I want to come you look at it a little so I said do you see all this popping up on my screen it is speaking against written formation and I don't know where it's coming from is this popping up too low or telling you that stuff alone you know something. And so I backed up and I said Ok So Lord what do I do he said let me let me tell you what you need to do and I'll give you this story another time he said you need to get to understand the message of righteousness by faith and it to thousands seen I started preaching the message rise of my faith and like everywhere the law was teaching me the message I thought I knew the message I did so much compose teaching as I I don't know half of this are you following me I started preach that message and I start to get in trouble but it's Ok. If I were that is the same time that my friend I found the story now pushed those men out of the front of his door and as used thinking the Lord spoke to him and said you know you need to talk to David Guerrero he called me are you following the story he called me so you know what God will call you could you know what's going on I said what he talked about here and he told me this was going on in my life I said The Lord is coming so. That was almost How many years ago was this we got a few more slides I got it in Ok. The Bible says in Genesis night 11 that the angel do what they smote the the men there were at the door of the house with what and is that true you know the Bible tells us that the angels Smo right those men with what blindness both small and gray so that they weary trying to find the door the Bible this is what this verse means this with I was saying that although there was talk of blood as they were still looking to get into the door. They got tired because they were blind but they were still trying to get in are you following what the Bible say here now watch what happens listen to the commentary from pages in proper prophets look at it closely had they not been visit it would double blindness but the but the Bible sublime is. Are you following now. Double. What what double blindness means. Being given up to the hands of their heart the stroke of God upon them would have caused them to fear and to this is from their evil work. If you found the text the double blind this is this there was the physical blindness and there was the spiritual blindness. Because their hearts would harden. And had they not been so spiritually what blind when the physical blindness came what would have woke him up listen to what she says Watch what she says look at quote. That last night was marked by no greater sins that many others before it but marshy so long what slight it had at last ceases fleeting see God was standing mercy to the people in Sodom and Gomorrah Good morrow to the example of the and had to move in the world they had heard about Abraham and his works God had been pleading him pleading and they just finally said Leave us alone I found. That will blindness. They have a Saddam had passed the limits of divine forbearance then God then destroy the us you see where you're going with this my question to you this. Way are you m.r.i. on the brink of double blind is because God been pleading with you and me for so long and yet we think we can live like our little. Do what we're doing get up every morning this go to the same motions. And just go through just being Christians and doing church and think that the last minute we're going to say Ok now or we're going to join the ranks of your people could it be that we to you on the brink. Experiencing double blind. I find the thought so what are we to do in closing one we need it once again invest in our 1st love you follow me the Bible says never let's have this against you that you have left your 1st love Remember therefore from where you have fallen and. What must we do You must repent and do the 1st were words or else I'll come quickly and remove your lab stand from its place unless we done what you tell my friends I would encourage you to invest in the one Invest in your 1st life Weiss's the atmosphere of the church is so for it in its spirit as such in order that men and women can as a state and do the example of primitive and heavenly piety the want of their 1st love is frozen us and unless they are awarded by the baptism of the Holy Spirit the candlestick will be removed out of its place except they repent and do with 1st works the 1st works of the church was seen when the believe was sought our friends relatives equate this with the heart of one with Love it told the story of what Jesus was to number 2 Invest in personal study and application of God's Word to the power of the Spirit are you follow me inversed What was the 1st thing invest in our 1st love let's fall in love with Jesus again and then let's get into the word and apply God's word to our lives the Bible study to show us approval to go work man the needed not be a divine truth Baba says that whoever keeps his word what happens to the love of God is perfect with them by this we know we are in Him number 3 invest in dedicate dedicated time with daily prayer you know we don't pray like we ought to pray you heard me. Invest more time in prayer vest your time in your 1st love the Jesus Christ became 1st love in verse and starting in the word time going the word invest time where. We're in prayer. That my brother said earlier Prayer is the key the hand of fate unlock heaven storehouse where our treasure we are our treasure the boundless sources of Independence we want God to move in our experience we need to start doing what we need. To start pray. I'm going to read to you. And you're hearing this quote When I'm done I'm going to pray this is in the chapter the Pearl of Great Price. Listen closely I'm not going to put up on the screen she says then the glad tidings of a risen Savior were carried to the uttermost part bounds of the inhabited world where you found the church to hell converts flocking to her from all directions or did you just hear with the said they had converts come coming where in. Believers were reconverted sinners united with Christians and seeking the Pearl of Great Price the prophecy was fulfilled the week shall be as David in the House of David as the end of the Lord Zachariah 12 every Christian will listen to this please every Christian saw in his brother the divine some millet today of 11 minutes and Lao. Now watch what she says I wait for the next sentence one interest prevailed one subject followed swallowed up every other where we find that she says back then one interest prevail one subject swallowed up every hour. Later on she was she she would say her writings that one interests prevail one subject I'll swallow pay every other Christ Our Right now the message of Christ practices had taken over the early church and that's something. I keep reading or hearts beating harmony The only ambition of the believers was revealed the likeness of Christ current and to labor for the abiding reflecting of Christ character and the alarming of his kingdom the multitude of them that believe world one heart and one soul with great power give you Apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and great grace was given to them or and the Lord of the church daily such as will be saved the Spirit of Christ animated the whole congregation for they have found the Pearl of Great Price these scenes are to be repeated hollow. And with greater power the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the day of Pentecost where the formal in rain but the latter rain will be more obvious now how this happen you could quote there I'm going to say this and then a call to prayer this is how this happened listen closely I know that now would be recorded it is going perhaps World War I let it go wherever God wants to go I get in trouble so be it they don't know where I live yet. Not upon the ordained minister only rest responsibility of going for to feel that God who commits the terror the God of commission was given to to. To Go ye therefore and teach all nations in the next word is what that who does the baptizing and Archer who are you sure that that's the only person I should be doing it but I call it the Word of God. And I'm a pastor but according to the Scripture says every member should be doing what. We have held back to work my friends who everybody in this room is doing well that's the violence there. And now I'll be getting a phone call so everyone who receive Christ is called to the work of the salvation of his fellow man the spirit the price a come and let him that here comes the charge to give the invitation include the entire church everyone who has heard the imitation is to echo the message of healing Valley saying come is a fatal mistake suppose the work of the soul saving depends only upon the ministry the humble consecrated believer upon whom the mass of the Vinney are places a burden for so is to be given encouragement by the men upon the Lord of the men are encouraged by the men upon the whole the Lord has laid larger responsibilities are you following that those who stand as leaders in the church are to realize that the Saviors commission then is given to all who believe in his name God has sent forth into his tenure of many who have not been dedicated to the ministry by the laying on of hands I think you can do no more plainer than that we've been handed as it was in the days of so shall it be coming so. Is my desire today to reinvest my love Jesus what you are my desire to pray it's my it's my desire to invest in getting to the Word of God like never before and is my desire to invest in the Gospel commission with the Lord has attained so help me. But is it your desire. That's the only way to work in the world before we don't proceed the way God wants to proceed the very rock. And I was to say this but I don't think it happens way but someone is going to do the baptizing and this world's going to get the work in the world again is that your desire today to start moving in the direction that God wants you to is so when you stand with me or new with maybe life as we pray. That's pretty. Heavenly Father. I've taken a moment or 2 longer than perhaps it was arranged but this is not by human design. Or human intelligence although you want us to design things and be intelligent that this work takes place oftentimes all the time it takes place by your spirit we were just here with ourselves and today a lot on this campus and we who are here we just look up to heaven and say Lord we want to reinvest our lives into the work in ministry of God we want to reinvest ourselves to get in before the love of Jesus and like ever before Father we want to invest our time and into the Word of God we want to pass our time into prayer and let and just allow God to move the course of our lives and father with no disrespect intended to anyone we just want to gauge his and the Gospel commission as you call us and as we do this as a people as a church worldwide we should see the hand of God move upon each one of us and we can then spread God's message of mercy a loss in a dying world. In Jesus' reign. 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