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02 All Wrapped Up and Where to Go?: Who’s Salvation Is It Anyway?

Michael Carducci


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries


  • April 17, 2021
    10:45 AM
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My identity is in Jesus Christ alone and one of the young lady I don't even know her name I don't even know who was saying it but I was in the back and I was listening to you know we all struggle with identity right I'm sorry but that's really new to me because I knew what I was struggling with for all those years and of course now with so much attention on identity and other issues that are in the world it didn't even dawn on me that you struggle with your identity too and as I was standing in back and as those ladies were singing I was I was feeling my inadequacies of course all this morning and even when I woke up by I found it even very difficult to pray was like I was being blocked and I said Ok well I'll do the best I can and then it hit me while I was standing in the back and tears started come in my eyes a little bit is that my identity is in Jesus Christ alone that said I'm not identified by my attractions I'm not identified by my history by my past I'm identified in Jesus Christ alone you know what let's have closing prayer I think that said. Sorry you don't get away an easy but wow how beautiful that I'm not identified by anything but Jesus Christ and he said he said that his strength is made perfect in my weakness so stay down just stay down and just recognize that there's just no way that you can do this on your own if we can do it on our own that means his strength is always then perfect and that's when we can receive it best right didn't ask us to do it on our own he wanted to cooperate with us he wanted us to work in partnership with him isn't that really the intimacy that we all desire. David let me tell you something we have a saying in Tennessee I don't know if it's filtered into Virginia yet but in Tennessee we say you and me are down like 2 flat tires and I say bad because what he was sharing this morning I mean even using some of your verses you know that the Lord impressed you with this morning and so that was another affirmation to me that the God is speaking right thank you for being surrendered to him that I might get the affirmation that that I can work for him also Wow what a beautiful day off so with that I'd like to open in prayer as we begin Thank you Lord for an identity that I don't deserve Thank you Lord that you have given me of beyond anything that I could ever ask or even one and you have Lord because you asked me to identify in you and you alone it washes away everything else and I'm new I'm a new creature in Christ not because of what I've done but because of what you've done so Lord these people have come and they expect something and I know Lord that you're going to deliver and I pray Lord that you use me if it's your desire I thank you Lord for part one that David gave so eloquently this morning and. I was so moved by that Lord as you affirmed what I want to share today so Lord we're asking for something divine and that you would use something Lord that's weak and human and frail so Lord take us on a journey I pray in Jesus name Amen. Technology it's a gift and a curse isn't it. See if this works Ok. All right well it worked Ok great so who salvation is it anyway I think it's just going to open up some things this morning I hope you're in the mood to kind of go on a journey with me I'm going to run a little bit rogue I think I think it just depends of the Holy Spirit kicks in it will be a roller coaster Ok So coming out ministries has been around now for 10 years for 10 years we've had opportunities to go worldwide internationally talking about not just the l g b t issue but about sexual purity and but not just about sexual purity about victory of overcoming through the power of Jesus Christ. Now you're going to get used to doing that a little bit more because I really want to talk about the power of Jesus Christ the power of Jesus Christ has gotten so watered down in our religion and our experience and you know there's so many of us that are just going through the motions we're going through the motions and we show up for church every week and we look pretty good you know we can clean up right we know how to calm our hair if you have any We know how to fix ourselves up and we look pretty good but are you really experiencing the power of Jesus Christ because if you're experiencing the power of Jesus Christ then you would have something to give to somebody like me that is struggling and in this world where we're talk talking about social constructs and and different ideologies that come straight from the depths of hell if you don't know that the power of Jesus Christ is still alive and well today then you're just going to sit back and that the world take over if you don't know that your identity is in Jesus Christ and how are you going to help me to know what my identity is to it's not right and if you think that your identity is exclusive and that excludes people like me then you've missed the message completely true. Coming up ministries our vision and I think that it's much broader than just our ministry about sexuality and identity It says Our vision is to ignite an unquenchable fire that restores all men and women back to the image of our creator God is now what happened in the Garden of Eden isn't that what happened to Adam and Eve is that God they got messed up they got deceived and something precious was taken away and so from Genesis to Revelation isn't that will God's trying to do get us back to the image of our creator God that doesn't mean that we mutilate our bodies that doesn't mean that we that we wash away the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross what he did on the cross is stablished is the fact that I can now have that creation back inside of me the way that I was meant to be it's not a watered down version where we just say that well I'm just going to send until Jesus comes but instead he says that through His word and if I allow him to work inside of me I have the ability to be back into the image of my creator that I was created to be that was pretty lame did I shock you because. I think that that's pretty powerful isn't it Ok so let's start talking about covert Because David you brought it up and I'm just going to drag it out we're going to beat this thing until it's gone wouldn't be great we could just talk about it until we have to take off our masks and just walk free I want to share with you some like really valuable things that I think you may not be aware of but while I was in Europe for 6 months God gave me the opportunity to be in Europe for 6 months I was only supposed to be there for 2 weeks and the government of Germany they said that I couldn't come unless I stayed 90 days I thought No problem would that be great I'll speak for 2 weeks and then I'll have a 90 day vacation in Europe but that was in God's plan and for almost every single weekend I had somewhere where I was speaking I got added invitations I was speaking in churches I was speaking at conferences I was speaking at home churches I was speaking in schools it was glorious I would wake up in the morning and I say Lord thank you for being spontaneous I'm not a really organized person and if you expect him for me to show up on time that would be a challenge but I'm telling you if you have something spontaneous that you want me to do a min. All right so while I was there in Europe what was really amazing is I thought to myself well I'm probably going to get covert you know being around a lot of people being on planes public transportation trains buses cars being with countless people living in theirs in their houses sleeping on their sofas being in nice beds or whatever I even got a new set of teeth but that's later. It really is amazing but anyway so as I was having these opportunities I thought to myself you know I'll do the best that I can and God will bless it because that's what he does and so can you believe that I actually left a wonderful family a Colombian family that have adopted me and they they treat me like a son slash brother and I'm still several years older than them but they designated a room in their house for me because I sold my house 2 years ago because I was just working so much that I get to do this on a regular basis so when I left them and went to Europe a month later they got covert both of them and they both got sick isn't it interesting that I was also speaking in Austria at a seminary school and I was going to go back because I've been working on some resources with some of the people there and isn't it interesting that I left and I was going to go back to Austria when I was done speaking twice in Switzerland which was my 3rd visit to Switzerland but when I left I got a phone call from the Education Department and she said it's a good thing you left when you did because 3 days later 2 students got Cove it and then they tested everybody and they found that 10 of the students had coded they shut the school down and sent all the students home I was also in Austria the 1st time and I was going to Germany and I was going to leave like on Wednesday but then we found out that if you if you leave on Wednesday to go to Germany you have to automatically be tested for Cove it and you have to go in quarantine for 2 weeks so I went 24 hours earlier so that I didn't have to endure all of that God is amazing the way he opens up and closes doors in such a way that it's been 6 months and I still haven't got coven not because of what I've done. But because of what he's done so how is it that we as Christians can walk in this world and so there's many of us that sand on the side like you know I'm not wearing that mask I'm going to stand up and you know the vaccine is the mark of the beast and whatever I mean all of these things are spewing out of our mouths and then we have the other side and like you know don't talk to me don't touch me don't come near me you know we're corn team we're going to follow the rules how is it that we as Christians as Adventists Christians how is it that we can be as harmless as dove and yet as wise as serpents right because we don't want to lose precious opportunities to minister to people and if some people feel like you can't touch and you can't go near them and you've got to wear that mask and you've got to disinfect or whatever I don't want to lose the opportunity to ministered to to them by demanding that I have my rights and I'm not going to wear that mask you see the difference I want to share with you something it's an amazing quote Listen to this this is my this is my code of conduct I shall ask God mercifully to protect me then I'll fumigate I'll help your if I the air I'll administer medicine and take it I will avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order to become contaminated and that's pretense and flicked and pollute others as a result of my negligence if God should wish to take me he shall surely find me and I have done what he has asked me to do if my neighbor needs me however I will not avoid place or person but will go freely you see this is such a God fearing fave because it is neither brash nor foolhardy and does not tempt God It's not beautiful to know who wrote that Martin Luther Martin Luther back in the Blue Bonnet played and he wrote it in a letter to Reverend Dr John has Wow that's amazing to me. Is that worthy of a name and I don't know Ok All right. All right so and here we are back again so Luke Chapter 21 verse 11 and great earthquake shall be diverse places and famines and pestilences and fearful signs and great sign shall there be from heaven isn't that the time in which we're living now and so it was a year ago March I checked myself in to meet ministries over in east Tennessee I had some time off and all of a sudden the World shut down and I was like really you know and here I was tucked into a wonderful place I had everything that I needed and I had just come back from Thailand and before that it was in South America and and to see the whole world completely shut down and I was like really now when 911 happened and I don't know if everybody was there but you know anyone who's 1000 and under you weren't even born yet or many many of you were probably very young but I remember when 911 hit there was a panic that came through me and I was living in Orlando Florida I was cutting hair in my shop my ex lover was my business partner at the time there was a lot of stuff going on but that was when the message hit me that I needed to get out of the city because if something happened I would be trapped in Orlando Florida and not be able to get out 2 years later I moved to Tennessee into the country and my friends from Orlando that were in our Bible studies with a move with me and so I was there just waiting for Jesus to come I got bags of beans I learned how to do organic gardening I can tomatoes and peaches and apple sauce and put them up on my shelves I got let's see I had a king size bed a queen sized bed a full sized bed and 2 twin beds and a sofa bed because of course there would be company that would come during the time of trouble and they would need a place to stay so I'm stacking up all this stuff I got extra gasoline I put it on my house and I was making my preparation for the time and trouble to get a witness so Ok I want to expose you so all right so then all of a sudden after I've lived in Tennessee for 16 years the Lord said No Mike I've got other work for you to do and so I had to sell my Alice get rid of all that furniture and those beans had. Those canned goods and I recognize now that so many times rather than listening to God I find that I make decisions on my own thinking that they're the right things to do when God's got other plans I am grateful that he winks at my ignorance but I am also grateful that in spite of my ignorance he continues to lead me if I just submit my will to him so when 911 happened I was in shock and I was desperate and I was this desperate little man trying to get out of Orlando Florida and he got me out it took 3 and a half years and it was definitely a walk of faith so now here when Coburn 1000 hits something changed for me and while I was sitting there in in near Memphis Tennessee as I was sitting there at this lifestyle center I was surprised and go wait a minute I have to check myself why am I not in shock I was concerned but I wasn't desperate. And there was a piece that came over me because I thought to myself you know what I hear a lot of prognostications I hear a lot of people you know saying that oh you know where the banks are going to collapse and everything's going to fall apart and then this is going to happen and then there's no not going to be any more gas and we're going to be left out and the utilities will be cut off and the Sunday law will wait a minute because every time I make statements like that my neighbors are listening my fellow members the church are listening and when those don't come true then guess what I lose my power of influence because it's like oh yeah that's Mike Macon another prophecy and then when it doesn't come true then guess what I have lost my ability to have any influence I've decided on my own to buy a new my new resolution or my new way now to conduct myself is to mark the way Marx because isn't that what God gives us it's not my job to predict the future is not my job to predict what's coming but it is my responsibility and my privilege and an honor to read the Word of God and when those weigh marks hit I can say that's right when coven 1000 hit the World Luke Chapter 21 started to be fulfilled is in the middle of fulfillment does that make sense because no longer am I prophesied ng about things that may or may not happen but I can honestly count the way Marse and if I put my faith in the way marks that are coming then the good news is that I'm not in panic that's right God said it was going to happen and it happened so guess what that means I'm going to see Jesus on. That's what filled my heart a year ago it's like wow I'm going to see Jesus own and you know what I was staying with a young couple in Austria and there were just a real pleasure there was so godly it's it's wonderful to see godly young people old people you know our lives are over we really have nothing else but to see a young person in love with Jesus and professing this faith it was really empowering to somebody old like me so here I was we were taking a walk I had just arrived at their home and we're taking a walk at night because because it was dark and as we're walking I was sharing with them this thought that I had I said you know what pretty soon we're going to see Jesus isn't that exciting you know Mark in the way marks and all of a sudden this young man said something to me that was shattering or Saturday he said you know what Mike he said that means are pretty soon there will be no more send her did that hit you the same way that it hit me wait a minute do you really understand what he was saying he said that pretty soon that means that sin will never be again. And my mouth kind of hung over and I go wait a minute I think of I think of all have been standing there and looking at our situation and our scene and you know sin only exists on this pathetic little planet that the whole universe is watching Don't you think that the whole universe is waiting for that day as well they're like listen we're ready for this to be over we're ready for sin to be over so that we can get along get on with business right and when I think about that day I think about the fact that you know what if I believe this this life that I'm going to be sitting until Jesus comes that I'm going to miss the boat because when sin is over it's still going to be on me is not right so my prayer now is Lord help me to say hate sin perfectly what do you think Lord help me to hate sin perfectly. And so that's had an effect on my life and I have if anything ever since I started that prayer a few months ago now I see my unworthiness even more I see my inadequacies I see my frailties and and and I recognize that even more I have to I have to rely on a Savior that has the power and strength to give me overcoming victory as I learned to hate sin perfectly great controversy page 563 in 564 has a very sobering quote otherwise says Satan also works through the forces of nature to gather his harvest of unprepared people he has studied the secrets of nature's laboratory that sounds cynical doesn't it or sinister he uses all his power to rule over the elements but here's a promise guys only as far as God will allow While this is a very difficult quo for many people I want to point out the promises that are laid in there for people like us to follow God's commandments she goes on and she says one accident followed the other in quick succession get ready because it's going to get worse if you think that you're restricted by a face mask that's nothing and if you have struggles and you have your defiant over a facemask than how are you going to stand when it really gets tough he says it is God who cares for his created beings and protects them from the power of the destroyer but the Christian world has shown contempt for God's law who it's not the heathens in this world is not interesting it's a Christian world that has shown contempt for God's Law The Lord will do exactly what he has declared he will do he will withdraw his blessings from the earth and remove his protective care that's frightening but wait a minute there's a promise in here he will remove his protective care from those who rebel against his law and teach and compel others to do so Satan has power over everyone whom God does not protect in a special way you want God's protection get into his word. And follow His Word is not right and keep His law while appearing before man as a great physician who can cure all their diseases he will bring about sickness and disaster so the rich cities are ruined and depopulated I have a colleague their lives in in the Bronx in New York City Joyce Where are you Joyce Are you here or is she is either very quiet or 6 a year and where my friend Joyce also came from New York and so anyway my friend ki Zia lives in New York City in the Bronx and when the lockdown came all the stores shut all the restaurants were closed there were people that were trapped in their high rise apartment buildings and you know what it devastated New York City it devastated all of the large cities that were dependent upon like restaurants being open and stores being open Commerce and you know as I spent 6 months in Europe when I would be in Stockholm when I would be in. Other places other large cities like Munich in Germany and stuff you saw all the stores boarded up and closed you saw last season styles sitting in the windows and nobody there and you couldn't walk down these huge streets and there was nobody there in Holland in the Netherlands in Denmark everything dark as a pocket and we know we can see that the way marks are hitting that we can see that these things are happening in our world today I don't have to prognosticate about what's coming because we have things that are sitting right here that are getting our attention she goes on and she says already Satan is in business his in accidents and disasters at sea and on land in large fires and huge Cyclons terrible storms floods tides and earthquakes in all places and in countless forms Satan exercises his power he sweeps away ripening crops with famine and misery as a result he adds to the air a deadly component and thousands perish through it these hauntings will become more and more common and more devastating. The picture on the left is from Paradise California remember when that burned down I had several friends there's a lot of admin is in that community and they told me about one friend in particular said you know what there was a warning that we needed to leave and so you know my family and I we said let's go see the let's go see your grandparents a couple of hours away and we'll will come back on Monday so they packed up just a couple of days of clothes and they left 8 hours later their house was completely gone engulfed in flames they left just on time another story that I heard was a woman was in her car trying to flee the traffic was so bad she couldn't move the street was on fire fire on both sides on the street was on fire she started to smell smoke filling up her car she was on the phone with her husband he said just get out of that car just run just run if you can't drive just get out of your car and just run to the next car she ran to the next car she got into the back seat and the person that was in the car she told her you know she said What are you doing and she said I just had to leave my car my husband said if your car fills with smoke just get out and that car started to fill with smoke and the woman's pants were on fire and started to catch the backseat of the car on fire I mean these women were sitting in their own coffin and so the woman in the back seat she said I have to get out and a woman in front said I'm too afraid to I'm going to stay in my car and she got out and she left she ran until the smoke of a sudden the smoke was so thick and she ran into a fire truck and she knocked and somebody pulled her into the fire truck and what was miraculous is that there was a bulldozer that moved all of the cars in front of the fire truck so that the fire truck could get out that woman actually lived this is what's going on Brothers and Sisters. I remember when I got out of that health retreat I remember on my way there that Nashville had been destroyed by a storm a cycling that had come through and then on my way through Chattanooga money to Florida Chattanooga was hit was a death with a devastating storm and affect a friend of mine her house was completely leveled as well all of this is going on we are seeing the way Marge brothers and sisters there are happening but this isn't a time to panic this is a time to draw near to your redemption is not right we know that it's coming this is not a time to be panicked and to be putting out all kinds of things out there this is the time to be lifting up Jesus and to recognize that my identity is in who Jesus Christ amen are so 911 we're living in the last time in the time of the end I remember back in 2001 when I was doing Bible studies with my Colombian family and and we were reading these quotes and I was shocked that you know it's on the night for him and the testimonies page 11 stop what holes do you need right it goes on it says we're living in the time of the end the fast fulfilling signs of the times declare that the coming of Christ is near at hand the days in which we live our solemn and important the Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth plagues and judgments are already falling upon the despisers the despisers of the grace of God the calamities by land and sea the unsettled state of society how about that that one just hit me the unsettled state of society. How about the fact that while I was in Europe I watched the election go down I watched the attack on the Capitol building I watched the attitudes and the and the polarization of the people and you know what we're an embarrassment to Europe and to other countries outside of the us as a matter of fact I was sitting there thinking I'm really not ready to go back to the United States but I had to come because I had other engagements and so as I was watching all this unfolding and everybody watches us with a single light Adventists watches around the world exceptionally close because they know that the events that are going to happen in the United States they're watching to see how they happen they watch our government much more than many of us who have the freedom to vote but the rest of the world also watches us because our money is also tied to the money around the world so if we collapse and guess what the whole world collapse everybody is watching us and you may not know that you may think that we are just among ourselves and that what we do and how we act in this country that we act into ourselves but that's not true we're in a looking glass We're like a fishbowl So again we know that there are issues going on in our world that are frightening you know if I make an opinion if I make a statement I could be automatically put into a category where I not only and minimize the marginalized but we as Christians have lost our voice as well and I'm going to talk about that a little bit I'm going to talk about that tomorrow about how Christianity now is really the ones that are marginalized to minimalize. And so here we are we know that that the alarms of war are portentious the forecasting approaching events of the greatest magnitude the agencies of the evil are combining their forces and consolidating their strengthening for the last great crisis great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid one let me bring you back to another reality check because 4 years ago when Trump was elected a president my mouth just dropped open I'm like really I mean and I saw the sado of the situation about how late term abortion you know a by a baby with late term abortion a baby can be born in the mother saying I really don't want it and they terminated That's how far late term abortion is and I don't want that and then on the other side you have people that are completely immoral running and you have to decide which is the best one you know to basically advance your causes and if you chose to vote which I believe we've been given great counsel that we shouldn't vote for people we should vote for issues but still in my desperation I thought it better throw my vote towards the one that I think is going to avoid late term abortion and then to have this joke as a president you know how people laugh at us and then to see the election going on and and to see how things terminated or ended up with with of course President Biden coming in and the issue with the electoral votes and all of that stuff again as a Christian how do I want to represent myself so that I can still have influence on people I have family members that are staunch Democrats I have other friends that are stanch Republicans and I recently realized this and through some wise counsel from Ellen White and I can't quote it for you but I do know that she said you know what I belong to a different government come on now this is not my government is not my president my king is Jesus Christ right and of course we are told that we have to follow the laws. As far as they go so that we can worship our God the way the asked us to and so guess what now I've determined that you know what not Republican or Democrat My kingdom is Jesus Christ my kingdom is coming my my eyes are fixed on the king because when my eyes are fixed on the king then guess what I don't have a political opinion and what that does is that keeps me neutral enough to where I might be able to minister to my friends that are that are dead set Democrats are dead set Republicans because if I don't have an opinion enough I don't get into those debates then I have an opportunity to lift up my savior because my identity is in Jesus Christ is not right let's go on so in Luke Chapter 17 verses 26 and 27 it says and as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man I'm going to take what you were sharing David and I've got a little bit of a different perspective but I think that God uses us to bring it as a whole is that Ok so again verse 278 they drank they married wives they were given in marriage until the day that no entered the ark and the flood came and destroyed them all boom that's a sad sobering reality isn't it that only 8 people survived a world that was just completely filled with sin and you know I'm sure that there were other what would be called Christians or admin as living at that time but how is it that we could miss that boat did you know like come this afternoon because I want to talk about this miracle All right I'm not going to share it you'll have to come back because we have plenty to talk about today anyway but please come back there was something amazing that happened when the animals were coming on to the ark so you may not even realize I didn't until you did this research but the something that you need to know but the people had ample evidence to know that they needed to get on that boat and still they didn't how many of us are going to make it on that boat to the heavenly kingdom right I was recently at a wedding. The restrictions lessened up a little bit and so my colleagues and I we went to a wedding and we were in it was in the month of June and we flew to this wedding and we were sitting there were so excited to see this brother and sister getting married it was beautiful Listen I've been in the beauty industry for over 30 years you know how many weddings I've helped to do you know how many weddings I've gone to of my clients or my friends and family in that kind of stuff and so I've been to so many weddings I've been to secular weddings I've been to religious weddings I've been to weddings that were like Posh and expensive where millions of dollars are spent and I've been to weddings that were basically at a river you know where where they didn't have any money and it was a potluck but I'm at this wedding and I'm sitting there and I'm realizing now that the that the events of the world are really cataclysmically coming together and what was so sad to me is that here I am at an Adventist wedding and I had to constantly remind myself wait a minute I'm at an advantage sweating there was dancing there was secular music they were doing. I don't know what it's called but a train you know a people train where they're all going around and picking up people and then the brother made a toast to the bride and he made this sexual innuendo and not just one several sexual innuendo jokes and even in secular weddings I've seen more respect and more reference for God than I was seeing that day and I was shocked to the point where I had to get up and leave I had to get up and leave an Adventist wedding because I was exposed to things that I had determined in my heart that I was not going to think about anymore I'm not a prude and I'm certainly not perfect and I don't represent myself that way but I also know that I need to guard my heart from some of the things that we're exposed to so we know that things are happening in our world and there's an infiltration coming on as a matter of fact I was invited to speak at a university I don't even know if I can say the name but I was invited to speak at a university they want to allow coming out ministries to speak to the student body. But they'll allow the Allow me to come and speak to the Religion Department for the last 4 years I speak to a human sexuality class we show our movie our documentary I hope you've seen it and so as we share our documentary and we talk about our experience a biblical coming to Jesus and identifying in Jesus Christ and yet the student body had a week of prayer and they snuck in a speaker who is openly gay an openly gay celebrated celibate pastor came in I get a phone call in my car as I'm driving to the university from a student whose brother is gay and she's desperate for her brother to find that healing through Jesus Christ and she called me and she goes what is going on my university just had an openly gay pastor sit there and talk about that if we don't accept Algy bt acceptance that we're all going to burn in hell I'm like I have no idea I go I have never been invited to speak at the week of prayer so I alerted the Religion Department and they didn't realize that one of the student chaplains actually invited this person and snuck this in as a speaker when I leave here tomorrow I have to leave immediately as soon as we're over and I'm heading to Andrews University but I'm not allowed to speak at Andrews University I've been escorted off of the campus and up once but twice as we were given the ability to speak but but our message is not welcome there but they have to openly l.g.b. t. groups in on that campus as a matter of fact every every university every administration of versity campus has an l g b t group except for all good is that amazing and so coming out ministries isn't allowed to present there so we're doing the next best thing we're having a weeklong convocation at the church across the street from Andrews University it's going to be amazing and so I'm hustling my way to get there tomorrow so that I can join my colleagues and to share their what do you see the temperature of what's going on in our world today. This is not the time to become weak and faint This is the time to really determine to make sure that we hate sin perfectly Luke Chapter 1728 Likewise in the days of Lot they ate they drank they bought they sold they planted they built that's a lot of you know conservative things right your your gardens and this kind of stuff but the same day the light went out of Sodom It rained down fire and brimstone from haven't been destroyed Imaam what I find interesting is there are many principals in our admin is faith that are that are being brought down even before I was baptized as a 7th Day Adventists I was already taking medication that was lowering my cholesterol my father died of massive heart failure at 68 my dad had open heart bypass at 54 you know all my family's diabetic my my mother my father both my grandparents and 2 of my sisters and one of my sisters is borderline So diabetes is really rampant in my family but this lady before I was even baptized she made a comment that if you want to lower your cholesterol naturally if you go to a plant based diet you can actually lower your cholesterol and you know that night I went out and had a bacon double cheeseburger and a big milkshake and that was my last supper. But I believe that the Holy Spirit was already cleaning my mind out because I went through this terrible withdraw all and when I came back it was a very last night of the meeting but because I was cleaning out all the cheese and the dairy and the meat and all those things out of my system I heard the Holy Spirit that night and it was able to stand up and I was baptized the next day that didn't mean that my journey was over it was just beginning and it was a mess I was a glorified mess but you know what that diet helped me it wasn't my salvation but I needed communication with the Holy Spirit and when my mind was clear I was able to hear him and he was able to do incredible things in my life. And so unfortunately now I see admin as breaking down and drinking wine. I see pastors I go to pastors conferences or retreats and they they order a big chicken or a big steak or whatever and then they basically say oh yeah you know I'm going to home but when I come out you know and out to a restaurant I mean I start to see these principles are not breaking down our salvation to just breaking down our ability to again remember that my identity is in who Jesus Christ Philippians 2 verse 12 where for my beloved as you have always obeyed not just in my presence alone but now much more in my absence do you get this like I wanted the quote that says Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling but the Lord gave me the whole verse and this this is even much better than I expected it says obey me not just as when you're in public and people are watching you but do you obey me in private when nobody's watching you get what I'm saying because I'm sure that that hits a lot of people work out your own salvation with fear and trembling doesn't mean you have to do it along but he's just saying Be Committed be clear about what your direction is if your lease clear about your direction then you have something to aim for but if you're always looking to basically find a way to just kind of fudge your salvation then unfortunately will find ourselves on the other side. Did you ever see a child where you raise your hand if you're a parent right Jeff or see a child holding on to a parent's hand and the kid just wants to get as far away from their parent as they possibly can you know what are they doing you know they're hanging on to their father's hand but they're you know they're just trying to reach out right see how far they can get do you think that that's enjoy able for the parent no kid doesn't like it much either and I believe that many times in our Christian experience that's what we're trying to do you know Lord I'm hanging on to your hand but can I can I have a glass of wine can I can eat that chicken you know like how about some cheesy fries you know and and again. I mean the saying you know I'm constantly dealing with God and say Lord you know can I have at least a boyfriend you know of what if we're both Christians would that be acceptable to you and somebody gave me an enlightenment and I want to give this to you here's the problem with identifying as a gay Christian and this is a term now that are that are seminary at Andrews University has turned is this is acceptable they're saying that we have to use contemporary terms to relate to people while I don't mind contemporary terms as long as they are Biblical but when you allow the term gay Christian that basically what you're saying is like in a monogamous gay relationship to God So Ok with that well you know what that's like that's like a robber coming into your house and stealing your t.v. but he made your bed before he left. To get what I'm saying. Work out our salvation with fear and trembling be very clear about the direction that you're going brothers and sisters this is not your parents' real religion and you know that hit really hard for me because there's a lot of us that are going through the motions you know we have traditional Adventism which I think is really sold us out in many respects because you know what we were raised admin as were raised to have a nice Sabbath lunch and then afterwards we go on a hike or we do something special with our parents and we're used to all those traditions but are the principles really in our heart have you decided that the principles of Adventism are really for you or are you just going through the motions of your traditions wasn't that the issue that the Jews had wasn't that the problem that they had traditions but they really didn't know who their Savior was Aha How many times do young people come up to me and they go you know what Mike I wish I had your life I wish I had 20 years to live in total debacle in total sin or whatever because then I would really appreciate the merits of my Savior who really. Because a lot of times young admin is they think you know what I've I've kept myself pure I've done dress reform you know I don't do this I don't do that I don't drink I don't smoke I don't do all these things or whatever but they're really missing an experience with Jesus Christ and I look at them and I'm not kidding sometimes tears come in my eyes because they say you know what you're the exception I said my story's a dime a dozen there are people like me all over the world I think that it takes more of the Holy Spirit to hold a young person together in a world where you are constantly being invited to partake of all of this evil that's in the world and for a young person to actually dedicate themselves to Jesus Christ at 10 years old or 12 years old and to walk according to the principles it's going to take a whole lot more of the Holy Spirit to hold you together than it did for me to fall apart and come back to God and when the Holy Spirit hold you to gather and it's difficult and it's not that pleasant sometimes and it stands in the face of of the diversity when you have to live in this world that is constantly bombarding you with identity and sexuality and all this garbage it's on your phone but let me tell you something. The devil has less to tempt you with because I've got 20 years of history and memory that the devil throws at me in a constant basis you want that let the Holy Spirit guide you let him hold you together because there's something so much better there's just on the horizon if you'll just wait a little longer right this is not your parents' religion it has to be your experience it has to be a decision that you make and if you're an Adventist Christian that has been going through the motions and you're feeling like your life is not that that full or whatever then dig your heels in a little bit deeper and make a full commitment to God and let him change your life in Romans Chapter 14 in verse 5 says Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind and I believe that that's when the ceiling comes when you are fully convinced in your own mind that this is either your religion or your parents' religion then the Lord conceal us this and that frightening. I want to tell you the story about Job shock was a young man that I'd met his father was a pastor his mother was a nurse they kept the computer in the family room so that they could monitor what their children were watching they sent their children to ave said to cation Jock was 7 years old just 7 years old when he went to school and his best friend printed out a computer a piece of paper of pornography and that hooked him at 7 years old so it's 7 years old in secret Jock was accessing the family computer when everybody was sleeping so that he could watch the pornography eventually grew up he went to Andrews University also went to Southern University and he said I never had to pay for sex because there were always girls willing to have sex there'd be a young girl playing the guitar Vespers on Friday night and she was sending pictures of herself topless to his roommate jock eventually left Adventism he went into the army he said he was hooked on sexual addiction pornography also prostitution and the Lord still was able to touch his heart and bring him back in amazing story of key Zia I was in Cuba on a mission trip and this young girl she's a young architect and she was giving powerful presentations to a different church every night in Cuba and she was talking about the sanctuary talking about the process of the sanctuary but she was she was bisexual addicted sexually and addicted to pornography and while coming out ministries was there in our in our worship time in the morning she confessed to me that she had this addiction and I looked at her this young beautiful vibrant woman dedicated to God I said well you know what the Bible says about sex don't you and she said Well not really because nobody's talking about it the church doesn't talk about it the family doesn't talk about it nobody talks about it all we hear is You Tube in our ear and so me and my friends we just think it's Ok this is what's going on in our church today. And while it is important to guard the innocence of our children we also have to prepare them to live in a really dirty and defiled world and so you can keep your kid in a cave and you can lock them in the room and you can take away the t.v. But if you don't teach them how to use these things responsibly if you don't educate your children about the evils that are in the world then you have not done your job of preparing them to live in this world testimonies on sexual behavior adultery in divorce page 81 it says the power and influence of God's law are all around but not within our soul renewing it in true holiness therefore the Lord sends his appeals to those to urge upon them the practice of what is right the appeals of his spirit are neglected and rejected the barriers are broken down the soul is weak for want of moral force to overcome is polluted and debased they are binding themselves up as bundles ready to be consumed in the last day is there and I can in the camp if we allow this thing to come into our tents and to defile the people of God and I'm not just talking to the men unfortunately I had young beautiful women in Austria coming up to me to tears coming down their face knowing that they weren't ready to be wives and mothers while they were addicted to pornography it's shocking that this thing is so defiling that even women are addicted to this this heinous crime testimonies on sexual behavior adultery and divorce page 84 says Satan's repetitious Pod near the close of this earth's history Satan will work with what. Not some all his powers in the same manner and with the same temptations where with the tempted ancient Israel just before they're entering the land of promise that should get your attention Ellen White is giving us a clue she's saying listen the same thing they did before he's going to do it again with all of his power is to get is to grab your attention should net should not be what we focus on Shouldn't that be what we're talking about should that will be the the areas that we focus on for people to have overcoming victory if we know what's coming brothers and sisters we can prepare but if you want to stick your head in the ground and pretend like it doesn't happen or doesn't exist in your family then unfortunately we're not going to be ready she's letting us know she goes on she says he will lay snares for those who claim to keep the commandments of God and for those of us who are almost on the heavenly Kanan he will use his powers to the most who in order to in order to entrap souls and to take God's professed people upon the weakest points those who have not brought their lower passions in this objection to the higher powers of their being those who have allowed their minds to flow in a channel of carnal indulgence of the baser passions Satan is determined to destroy with his temptations to pollute your soul with licentiousness the enemy's number one goal and if the church continues to bury their head in the sand and act like it doesn't exist then you are actually aiding and abetting the enemy to destroy our youth Well wouldn't be fair for me to talk about the the problem without the solution and one of the things that I find so remarkable is that covenant eyes is is a accountability resource that you can put on all of your devices it's on my my laptop it's on my phone it's on my i Pad It's on all of my devices that I have access to the Internet and while if somebody wants to access pornography you can still do it through these websites however if you're sincerely looking for help. If you're sincerely looking for a way out these accountability can help keep you from tunneling out of control and spiraling into porn addiction again and sex again because it doesn't stop there pornography leads to of the things they did an interview with Ted Bundy Ted Bundy and anyone remember Ted Bundy young people may not Ted Bundy was a serial killer and he killed countless amounts of women all across the United States he was interviewed the night before he was put to death in his jail by. A Christian pastor and basically Ted Bundy said it's this he said the problem for me began with pornography he said I didn't start off to be a serial killer he said but as I was looking at pornography I always needed something more I always needed something beyond the porn to stimulate him and eventually it led him to this he said this he said this and he died back in the eighty's but he said this he said if people are allowed access to the inner or to pornography more he said you'll see more people like me all the time my sister lives in the Keys and there was a woman there in her ninety's Jesus is coming soon isn't that right is that what we say Jesus is coming soon Ok you guys are afraid for what's coming next yes it's Ok yes Jesus is coming soon right Ok so this woman she's in her ninety's and she said I'm a 3rd generation Adventist my grandmother set up my mother said Are we all said Jesus is coming soon when the coven hit her area and when we seen the progression of algae bt acceptance and the promotion and these laws not just in the United States but around the world she said I'm not saying Jesus is coming soon any more she said Jesus is just plain coming and my sister said she had to stop she couldn't even speak for a few minutes as she contemplated what this woman was saying she's lived almost 100 years and the things that she's seen more recently she knows that Jesus isn't coming soon anymore he's coming isn't that right. Isn't it time to hate sin perfectly brothers and sisters Isn't it time to put down those things that you've been playing with for a while and I include myself in that because there are areas still that I am in that process of perfection but I've got to be determined that that's my goal if I'm going to get there I want to close with 1st us alone in Chapter 5 verses 211 David says for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night for when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape brothers or sisters it's coming and we can survive or we can ride this because God has given us opportunities to understand what the Scriptures say and to know what's happening in our world today and because David started it and I am here to to to continue it God must really want you to know the days in which we're living is not right it's time to have our eyes open it's time to be determined about what we want but you brothers are not in darkness that the day should overtake you as a thieve you are children of the light and children of the day we are not of the night nor of darkness therefore and let us not sleep as do others but let us be watching be sober and it's not just enough to call out Sin brothers and sisters because you've done a good job of that to the point where everybody hates us it's our job to be children of the light you are not of the not of the light when you're condemning people for how they live. For $7.00 and $8.00 for they the sleep sleep in the night and they that are drunk or drunken in the night but let us who are of the day be sober putting on the breastplate of faith and love and a helmet and the hope of salvation it's time to be active it's not time to hide your beans in your basement and do not come out of your house right it's a time to get out there in the Lord showed me said Mike this isn't my plan for you to board up in your house in the country just wait for Jesus to come it's time to get out there in the street and to let people know that Jesus still has the power to overcome sin is not right but if he's not helping you overcome your sin then what message do you have to give to the world what right or what business do you think that you're going to do in the community if you can even do it in your own church. If you can experience the power of God to overcome the issues that you're struggling with then you have nothing to give in evangelism to the world and so Heartland Institute to make sure that you're getting it here 1st so that you have something to give to the world right and we're all included in that did you know that when the pandemic started of course pornography Rose did you know that family violence also rose you know there's a lot of things that rose that were really bad but did you know I went to the Dollar Tree and there were no Bibles on the shelves I went to the Wal-Mart and all the bibles were gone because let me tell you something there's a polarization going on in our world today they may not be aware of it it's not just with the political climate but also God is calling people out of those things and you may be sitting in the church or you may be struggling with some of the things that you're going through but remember God is doing that work and he's polarizing the church as well as the world I'm not able to be accepted even in my own denomination for the message that I have of God giving me the victory over homosexuality sexual addiction transgenderism all of these things right porn addiction. But you know something that was really miraculous is that my colleagues and I there were 12 of us 12 of us from coming out ministries that actually went to the freedom march back in 29000 in Orlando Florida you guys remember the poll shooting where 49 individuals lost their lives in a gay bar or. Orlando Orlando is where I live for 23 years Orlando was where I came out and came into a relationship with Jesus Christ I knew some of the individuals that were at the bar that night when those 49 people were shot did you know that there was 2 individuals that were shot and they were in i.c.u. and the gay community was holding on to the fact that these people were about to die and they could die any moment the l g b t community they were they were flooding the media with you know hope and and that these people would be healed and one of the guys he was shot 6 times in the leg he was laying down in the bathroom the ladies bathroom and there were people that were already shot down he was already shot there was a girl that just would not stop screaming and he begged her he said please shut up or he's going to come back he called his mother on the phone and on the phone he was talking to his mother and his phone battery died and he was begging her to pray for him and a month before the incident happened this young man was knowing he was praying to God he says I know that this is wrong for me but I can't leave it Lord help me and that night it is laying on the bathroom floor and the phone cut out and this girl screaming the shooter came back in and shot him 6 more times in the legs and in the back in i.c.u. he struggled to get up but he lived he had to learn how to walk all over again and in the process the gay community they kept putting the focus on them to talk about the travesty of what happened in the hate that's in our world today or whatever through this shooter or whatever but all of a sudden this young man remembered this promise that he made to Jesus Christ and in his bed and in his rehab as he was coming back to God he said that's it. My identity is in Jesus Christ and he left the gay life he now started a ministry called the Freedom March and I had the opportunity with 500 other people from other denominations march around Lake Eola in Orlando Florida which was only 2 miles from the polls shooting no media was going to attend that they didn't want to report that are actually people who who are born that way they can change but I was with 500 people in total solidarity and we were standing on the Word of God we were gatt Catholics Baptist Protestant new wagers but we were all in unison for the very 1st time in my ministry I could stand with people that were on the same Word of God and I got a taste of what the Latter Rain is all about. I can't even experience that in my own church and yet here I was with 500 people experiencing the love of Jesus we are not children of the darkness it's time to get rid of those outdated attitudes about people and about people that you ostracize or that you hate or whatever your experiences with them when you're children of the light we've got something more to give It's not enough to just sit back and wait for Jesus to come the woman that you see here with her son was a lesbian that came into Sabbath understanding she was a lesbian she was molested as a child she was given up for adoption she had a mother that was bipolar she was a mess and yet she also came into the truth of Jesus Christ and that's her son that's got Down's syndrome and she was pregnant with him and the doctors told her that she should abort because they knew it was Down syndrome but she held on to Jesus principle and she raised her son she was there walking with us as well 1st us alone Ians chapter 5 or says 9 to 11 for God has not appointed us to Raf but to obtain salvation by who. Our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us that whether we wake or sleep that we should live together with him wherefore comfort yourselves together and edify one another even as also you do it's not my job to tear you down it's my job to lift you up it's my job to point you to Jesus Christ if I be lifted up I will draw all men on to me and so many people ask me Well how can I save my gay brother my gay sister how can I help influence you know my gay neighbor my gay father listen it's none of your business who they sleep with it is your business so the lift up Jesus Christ and you know what heterosexuals don't get an automatic into heaven just because you're straight I hope you get my point and so it's about focusing on Jesus Christ and you know what let the Holy Spirit do his job because he's very good at it and if you'll just point people to Jesus and you point people to Jesus by the way that you treat them by the way that you love them and take care of them and there were people that were willing to do that for me I want to talk about my Colombian friends glad as soon as he killed that a young daughter she was 10 years old they were very conservative they all wore dresses they they ate the piece in carrots and they lived in a low income housing project and they didn't have much money he was a painter and his wife stayed home and homeschooled her daughter they had very little I was a hotshot hairdresser doing hair for television people at a convertible Mercedes and I was a Christian now and I was walking with Jesus Christ the Lord brought me out of my relationship with my boyfriend but I wasn't sure about whether I was going to stay or not I had 2 friends they were also coming out of the gay life one was a big black man with huge muscles the other guy was a skinny little Puerto Rican guy named Ruben and he was kind of like Gilligan from Gilligan's Island if you can imagine that and so the 3 of us hung out and you can imagine wherever we went to church we got a lot of attention I'm sure the people talk but this couple Dan bided Ruben the Puerto Rican into their living room on Sunday nights to study the Bible. And all of a sudden one night my friend Reuben called and said Hey Mike I went to this Bible study you know Sunday night at my friend's house you should come. Bible study Sunday night I don't think so and he said well they give us food and I said Ok Amen. And so every Sunday night this humble couple right this humble couple they gave us everything that they had they not only fed us the word of God but they also fed us their food we would play games and we would take walks and we would have great discussions and they allowed us to interact with their 10 year old daughter they didn't know that we were gay I don't know how they missed that. So one night Gladys asked her husband she goes do you think they're gay. And he said I don't know how would I know and she said this she said should we be concerned about our daughter and he said this he said you know the blood of Jesus was shed for them just like it was for us it shouldn't matter and she said I'm so glad you said that because I really learned to love them and you know what that little girl grew up when I moved to Tennessee they moved with me they live with me until they found their house we lived there for 16 years that little girl grew up she went to university she met a boy this boy wanted to marry her and because of the the relationship that we had continued for all these years I was kind of like a brother to her and when this boy wanted her hand in marriage she said this If you want to marry me you have to ask my father and my card to gene for permission that is being a child of the light isn't that what it's all about and they are an example of that still to me that couple have 2 children they call me uncle you know on the farthest thing from being a relative to them our backgrounds are completely different but for the last 20 years they've invested in me and gave me given me a place where I can find safety accountability the truth of God and also incredible compassion and love isn't that what we should be focusing on Brothers and Sisters rather than our differences. Whose salvation is it anyway it's mine 1st but then you should matter after that this is going to blow you away and then I'm going to stop I promise I'm sure I'm over see David that's the difference between you and me I didn't care about the time but anyway here here's the situation we were invited to speak in Pasadena we were invited to speak this church and they wanted to open it up to the community well we knew that the l g b t community was going to be up in arms as a matter of fact this is a little known fact but they gave farming group within Adventism found out that we were going to speak there and what they did is they called the Community a Pasadena and they said you don't want this event to happen you need to get out there and you need to protest was the 2nd time they've done it to coming up ministries but anyway this Filipino church with this wonderful pastor the pastor was so humble you couldn't tell if he was a pastor the janitor at the conference even told him you should shut down this program because already was getting on the news that the Pasadena church was going to have an x. gay group present and the pastor that said this he said I'm sorry but my church has spoken and they're moving forward with this my hands are tied I can't I can't counsel this so coming out ministries goes there I'm there with my colleague Wayne at the time men and I'm sitting there and we told them we said you know we've always known that one day we'll we would have protests and we said we wanted to have umbrellas ready and water in case they were thirsty or maybe it was raining but let me tell you something brothers and sisters this church they upped us they up the ante they had hot chocolate donuts and water available for them and they went out to them and they had on Brothers ready and these little these little old ladies in their in their Sabbath best you know these little Filipino ladies went up to some of the protesters on Sat and then they said listen if you get tired come in you can have a c. you know you're hungry we got some food for you right they said you know if you want to come and listen you can but you know it's Ok. Even the head elder went out and talked to some of the protesters the night before we were interviewed by n.b.c. and they actually aired this this part on the television talking about how this x. gay group was coming so we got a lot of notoriety and attention so the next day of course the protesters were there and I remember holding up my ties and I remember looking at my ties and just thinking let's see which title I want to wear today if I'm going to get a bullet in the back of the head. It's possible but you know what God had other plans that day and mother protests were going on outside this church inside the church there was a couple there was a gay male couple met a 5 year old daughter and they were there from 9 30 in the morning until 730 at night when we were completed and you could see the look of conviction on their face the whole entire day there was a carload of 4 men that came up there were identified as gay but they come from a history of Adventism and they came up in there heard our presentations and they were very defensive until the end of the day and this young man that you see the man with the have playing the piano that was after lunch that day he was playing the piano the ladies were singing they were inviting him back in this brother came up to us at the end of the day and he was sobbing sobbing and he said I left the church 10 years ago because I knew that there wasn't any place for me he said I've heard your stories I watched your movie and I realized that I'm no different than anybody else in your ministry and he said I realize now that I do belong in the church and those 4 men they drove home and they all decided that they were walking out of their gay identities and that they were going to walk into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are children of the light let your light shine it's not right. So this humble pastor he went out to the protesters and he said listen we made you lunch haystacks and he said we want you to come in and we want you to enjoy this lunch that we made for you and the protesters stood there and he said My job is to hold this sign and I have to hold this sign and the pastor looked at the brother in the eye and he said listen I'll hold a sign for you while you come in and. You're looking at the pastor holding that sign as one of the protesters came in. To see what it's like to be a child of the light do you see the great responsibility do you see the great privilege that God has given to us to just love people if all we do is tell them the truth about God and we don't give them the love we are offering them nothing except judgment and criticism and cruelty and hate and we've earned the reputation that we have and if we don't turn this around if we don't start showing divine compassion for these people and that might mean you're going to have to pray and ask for divine love for these people but unless we do that. I would go as far as to say that our submission is not sure and they would be lost as well if you want to turn a life that was so pathetic that was really the worst I've ever heard. I mean I've been in other churches where I could see people visibly sleeping and I got a better response. Do you want to turn to life. Isn't that why you're here isn't why that why you do this so what if the pathway words a lot more joy than you're experiencing what if you had opportunities that God wanted to put you in in front of people and places where you could give voice about the God that you love and the things that he's done in your life but if he hasn't done anything in your life it's not because he doesn't want to it's because you're holding on to these darling little things that restricts God's ability to write if you want to turn a life and you recognize that there's areas in your life that maybe you haven't fully completely given to him I want to invite you to just stand with me because I stand with you in solidarity. That there's always things that we're struggling with and you know what I want to be open I want to hate sin perfectly and if it's your desire to hate sin perfectly stand with me because we're all in this together and you may be walking this walk for about 2030 years I don't know maybe 15 minutes maybe you haven't even given your heart to the Lord but if you recognize that the power of Jesus Christ is going to hit this church and it's going to hit it big and if you don't want to miss it stand with me saying Lord help me to hate sin perfectly and for those of you who are listening today and for those of you who have been minimized and marginalized by the church it's like to apologize publicly for what the church has done to you there was one Friday night I would left the church and apparently. There were other people like me I guess and I was in a gay bar on a Friday night I ordered my drink I was sitting at the bar the gentleman beside me had his drink another guy walks up to the bar orders a drink from the bartender and when he got his drink he said Hey happy Sabbath I know and then all this and the guy beside me said the same oh yeah happy. And of course I jumped into and we realized that the bartender and the 3 of us were all 7th Day Adventist and we started to share the stories of how we've been rejected how we've been kicked out of the church situations with our parents our family how the church was more than happy to let our membership go nobody bothered to call us and isn't it sad that the only place that we could celebrate a happy Sabbath was in a gay bar on a Friday night we all the community a big apology but the apology doesn't throw away the truth of the apology upholds the love of God and as we apologize for our behavior for a cruel behavior and it's not just to the gay community maybe it's to the neighbor that is living with her boyfriend and has 3 kids When's the last time you took a loaf of bread to them. When is the last time that you actively tried to minister to somebody and while you're hanging on to your own salvation and having your devotions you know all by yourself in your home when was the last time you reached out to a neighbor and extended the light of the day because you decided that you wanted something more because you're standing with me and you recognize our frailties and our and our fallen nature let me tell you something the fact that we stand is an answer from the Holy Spirit because we're standing on our own recognizing that we can't do and that we failed miserably but I can approach the one who is stronger than I could ever be on my own it's not right pray with me if you would Lord I ask that you would look down upon your congregation and Lord we recognize that we are yours we recognize Lord that we come here because we we recognize you as sovereign we say that you are our Savior and our God You are our Father and Lord with your compassion through your grace and through your mercy Lord that's why we continue to walk this walk many of us have lost our way and we can still be in the church some have had the boldness to just walk away from the church completely and yet Lord some of them have walked away because of our behavior and so Lord we recognize that it is our call to go out there and to minister and to evangelize the world the Lord we know we recognize that we need something greater inside of us 1st so that we can have something to offer somebody else Lord forgive us forgive me Lord for the times for the injustices that I've done to people for the people that are hurting out there that I've been more consumed with my own salvation than to reach out and to help somebody else how about the person whose husband has left or. How about the person Lord who is struggling with pornography addiction how about the person that is sitting beside us Lord bed that that is feeling attraction to the same sex or maybe they're struggling with an identity and that while the world is massaging and moving them Lord we sit silent in the church expecting that everybody's doing fine Help us Lord Help us Lord expose the darkness it's in our own soul Lord so that we might know what the person beside us is going through show as Lord the dark places that need your light to be shined in there and as we experience your goodness and your glory Lord now's not the time to take sides in a political agenda now is time to be determined about the government that we are going to serve and for eternity Lord help us to keep our eyes on you help us to be so focused on you Lord that everything else falls away and then Lord as we receive that life from you as you a little minute our faces Lord help us to see somebody who is also struggling in their darkness and instead of judgment and condemnation Lord let us offer them let us offer them Lord your salvation your power your Grace to overcome sin and Lord on that day when you come to take us home I pray that I'm there standing there I pray that I'm there are Lord watching you come in the clouds of glory but I also pray Lord that your kingdom would be full because of my brothers and sisters that have committed not only their way 1st. But then Lord help somebody else along the way as well. Be with us last save us is my prayer and Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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