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Logo of Talking Points, 2nd Quarter 2021: The Promise, God's Everlasting Covenant

07 Covenant at Sinai

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • April 14, 2021
    3:31 AM
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I'm Kamber and of a teacher and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we are on the 7th lesson of our 2nd quarter of 2021 of the all about the promise God's everlasting covenant today we were looking at the lesson entitled covenant at Sinai and I don't know how the good of we're going to be any different because it's talking about their departure from Egypt at the foot of Mount Sinai getting the 10 commandments and all the things that go with it so there is much less often referred to as the Old Covenant the Old Covenant effect yes even though that term is not in our lesson here a lot of people might be thinking that So we're going to see how it continues even to this day but before we do any of that we need to have a word a prayer pastor Howard would you prefer So that's pray Father in heaven we thank you for your word we ask now you would bless our study of sin your Holy Spirit to give us understanding bless our Sam school teachers and students as they seek to know teach in learn more of your will for their lives we may be that special people you've called us to be asking pretty you know in Jesus name Amen amen Ok well this has a mission before and it is loosely tied to Sabbath afternoon here he said this week's lesson our introduction says this week's lesson looks at the covenant God established with Israel after he deliver them from Egypt. Includes the 10 commandments the establishment of the sanctuary and provides invaluable insights into God's plan of salvation so again the redemption out of Egypt is just a part of this is going to go further No look at their mail sign experience and even the establishment of the sanctuary how those relate to the plane or use if so what are talking points this week talking point number one it's very simple God is our deliver him in a minute at the point I think you've been recently going for we contentious trying to stir the pot I'm like Let's make everybody happy God is our daughters that comes primarily from Sunday and Monday to lessons. Talking point number 2 the covenant involves the law and the same ferry so the coming of the God and establish to you can to set up the law sign it and give instructions to the sanctuary How does it all work together we're going to see that one coming primarily not exclusively from Tuesday and then number 3 the covenant requires obedience. While it was still good so keep everybody happy and you got to do that word of you know a word in there you know it's no good but it is a fact as recorded in Scripture in the spirit of prophecy and even touched on it explicitly in the lesson days I thought there were some good good comments here and those are going to drawn from Wednesday in fact there is a lot on what we looked at last see exactly and I think that people have been tuned into these lessons or tuned into our study of them you're going to see that this is obedience I would I don't want to say tension between Grace in obedience but there's definitely a harmonious cooperation between our obedience and God's covenant is going to be a repeated theme I think going forward as well anyway so let's go back to number one God is our deliver now. I said I want to make everybody happy but I will start with a little contention right off the bat I was coming to you for years coming now if friends if you have your quarterly use the standard editions page 56 the teachers dismissed page 85 but it's the it's the Sunday as this happen afternoon introduction which you think you know it's pretty non-controversial would be there well notice in the 2nd paragraph it said Israel's deliverance from quote sin trees of slavery and oppression was a marvelous exhibition of divine grace No No doubt it was a marvelous exhibition of by grace but what is this idea of sin trees plural of slavery and oppression tell us about a family well the plot thickens as you turn the page to the very beginning sentence of Sunday's lesson it says as a people Israel had been immersed in Gyptian paganism for a. Quote many long hard centuries and experience that no doubt dim their knowledge of God and His Will His will and His goodness no technically immersed in Egyptian paganism is probably true for more than 100 years more than several centuries and. There's a you know that in the scripture brings up a period of 400 years in general yes if Tina for new years of slavery course throws a wrench in English and calls it the 430 years right but the point is that's most people go further do as America's years that must be they must have been in Egypt in bondage for 4 right if you ask that maybe not the man on the street but the person in the pew right and say how long was enslaved in Egypt I guarantee they're going to say 400 years always when the reality is a little bit more nuanced and I think why are you spending time on this well I think it's an important point as we'll see here in just a minute 1st of all if you want to study this out wait for it yeah go to the most obscure reference you'll probably ever hear us indicate here and that is note 3 in the appendix a patriarchs and prophets Ok but it's a great little Bible study only path page longer so that walks that through the nose Yury note 3 prophets Bendix But let's walk through a little bit 1st of all that 400 as Genesis 15 talks about or the glaciers 3430 years of Israel suffering if you look at it closely it actually began during the lifetime of Abraham Ok and so long before they were long gone and Egypt was even on the radar screen right. It was $215.00 of those 430 years exactly half of that time just going from Abraham Isaac Jacob and finally during the time of Jacob's senior citizen hood you know when Joseph was taken down in Egypt that the household of Jacob went into the land so 250 years they weren't exactly they 250 years just to get to Egypt back they were had a pretty cushy when they 1st Exactly how do they come in they weren't like captives like oh you know the level of education they didn't know if you landed Goshen they were refugees in this hunger you know and. We were given the best of the land under Joseph care so also so good in fact that is in the oppressions start with from the Egyptians because they were concerned because the Israelites were so prosperous Yes and interestingly by the way when they went into Egypt the Bible tells us it was about 70 members of their household so like yeah you could have a plot of land some acres up in Goshen no problem but after Joseph and quote all that generation died and the land became filled with them there arose a pharaoh who knew not Joseph and they start that's when the oppression started to occur and so we know it was in the last half of the 200 the 4 and their years 215 years and Joseph in all that generation had to die a long enough that another generation didn't even know Joseph so by best estimates this is just my guess is probably 100 years maybe 150 years so you but it wasn't like 7 generations were beaten out of their mind the knowledge of God It just wasn't that way they had is this important this is important because it doesn't take centuries of apostasy for people loose sight of God It doesn't take centuries of oppression right persecution and in slave meant for people to be you know. Prince how quickly do we even fall away now you know and this is going to be a theme towards the end of this lesson is that if you don't come out in an exactly sometimes like last week we talked about how people tried to talk about the broken relationship that's the excuse for Zen sometimes you say well you know the Israelites they didn't know anybody they were hundreds of years and slave they were basically animals at that point well no they were you know they still had volition in minds they were just you know apostasy Ok now the lesson does bring out though that they have been immersed in Egyptian paganism a long hard centuries. And they don't have it well they've had to be merged into the call that's my point so they would have been shifting away for quite some time before the physical oppression started up but either way they had definitely drifted away from the Lord nevertheless and praise the Lord God miraculously delivered the Israelites from Egyptian bondage Ok and if it's. This is x. is Jack in 1000 in Deuteronomy 32 as they're listed out on Sundays a lesson to metaphors the Bible invokes for how God led his people out one is the eagle's wings again from exist 19 in Deuteronomy 32 and the other was as a son you know revives as a father revives a sudden carries him up and build him up that's how the Lord in His concern for the people of Israel drew them out of Egypt. The lesson brings this out in Sunday paragraph 3 can you read that force Mark ensure the figures are there in both the figures of the eagle and the parent carrying his child the sense God's concern for our well being tender supportive protective encouraging He desires to bring us to form maturity now I find that a fantastic statement God's desire for us well is just talk about the actual time of the Egyptian bondage they are and Israel's deliverance God's name for their deliverance was not merely to get them out of harm's way and you know rescue them from the same physical slavery of Egypt he had a bigger plan in mind as it alludes to their He desires to bring us to full maturity right Ok now as the Eagles he then right how does and I never thought about this before really but I was think well Eagles a big powerful bird you carry a lot of weight he's going to carry out and pick you up yet but the interesting thing the quarterly brings out on Sundays lesson here says the Eagle this is paragraph 4. The Eagles known for its unusual devotions to its young it too lived on mountaintops in teaching its young to fly it carried them up on its back to those great heights that overlook the plaintiffs and then it dropped them down into the depths as you do your kids exactly so it's like how does an eagle doesn't just doesn't just take it away just the baby just lives on the back forever the point was to build it up if the baby was still too young and too bewildered to fly father eagle would swoop down beneath it catch it on his back and fly up again with it to the area on the Craigs above and that says the divine voices how quote I brought you out to myself so the purpose of God's taking them out of Egypt wasn't just to strap him to his back and bite I'm going to carry you here now there's now you knew that the goal was to get them out and bring them as the lesson says to full maturity to help them grow and develop and that's what God wants to do with his people. And then on Mondays less on this theme continues of how God does this you can read in fact read Exit Chapter 6 verses $6.00 and $7.00 as quoted in The lesson there if you would on Monday sure say therefore to the people of Israel I am the Lord and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians and I will deliver you from their bondage and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great acts of judgment and I will take you for my people and I will be your God and you shall know that I am the Lord your God who has brought you out from under the burden of the Egyptians. Well clearly one of the repeated themes and that is I will I will as we've mentioned in previous lessons God takes the initiative he's got and to be the active agent in this and I'm going to come in to be new and interesting that that idea of a redeemer Yeah this is an interesting thing. In the middle of our lesson there on Monday it explains a little bit says the word re Dean in verse 6 we just read there of axis 6 refers to a member of a family buying back or ransoming another member of the family especially when that member was in slavery for debt or about to go into slavery so in the custom of those times if you were in debt or if you got yourself into some trouble you could literally be owned you could be in servitude to this other person to pay off the debt and if it was such a large debt it could never be repaid that could be essentially a life sentence but it isn't called Student Loans exactly it's not going to the politics of it but people are probably way too familiar with debt home loans student loans and credit card debt anyway but that's what happened back then and there was such a thing as a quote kinsmen Redeemer right or go well right this idea that there's somebody from your family outside of your circumstance but related to you could step in come into your problem and buy you back and take you back home and that's the imagery that God uses for how he got Egypt out it's like you're my people you've been in debt you got yourself in trouble but I'm going to step in and redeem and bring you back to myself it's a beautiful in and you're bringing up in our discussion prior to this that the Lord could have just made an announcement I don't know if that's kind of a Yes No that's a great point and in the you know rather than actually leading them out well in a lot of our Christianity today not just you know in generic Christianity but also in the 70s church you hear a lot about like God pronouncing people or we look at your friends as just Genesis Chapter 15 where the Lord to clarify he was the phrasing where he saw Abraham right there he believed goalie who he was it was held down to him as righteousness so he didn't actually have to be righteous or to be accounted in like that what he just God just calls good but what if God said to Moses go back and tell this is what's that they are free Good news everyone you got his credit did us. As free individuals Well when are we leaving oh you're not leaving you're staying here but he calls you free is that God does more than merely calls us free he actually ignorantly free you're actually free he's going to lead you out and you can be free and so the freedom that God offers us in the redemption plan is not just on paper yes it's not just a reckonings like well I know you're actually suffering understand you're still going to be following all the problems going to but I've thought of you as good he actually makes us good and the Egyptian and the league and into going out of that redemptive leading into freedom this is powerful to the whole idea of the kinsman redeemer is the kinsman redeemer it was qualified by being the close is the nearest If not then of course that speaks to Jesus condescended to take upon himself that manatee God will know where we are and then lead us out yes and then this this is the experience of being let out yes and that's why it's called the captain of Servatius the author into this year like he comes into it and leads us out of it beautiful All right so anyway God is our deliver a lot to talk about a talking point number one but let's go to number 2 the covenant involves the law and the sanctuary this is John Manning from Tuesday right yes this is from Tuesdays and I think it's there is a lot honestly you could spend the better part of the whole lesson if you were so inclined just on the material found on Tuesday because there it talks about the. Covenant that God gives to Israel he offers them that which remains events life how they're well let's just look at this for instance the 1st paragraph there explains like 3 Melton's the exit is itself this stablish made of the Covenant and the building of the tabernacle sanctuary rise above the foothills of lesser happening so as long as they're over to cross the major Those are the big rocks and jar and of those 3 calls the establishment a covenant where God gives the 10 Commandment law and calls as people a peculiar people as quote the Mount Everest of the right is the biggest rock in the jar and there's a lot that we could caulked about there but God didn't just. Leave them out of Egypt into a land of opportunity and say well have em have a good look you know have fun he doesn't say that he says now that I've brought you out here's how it's going to work yeah and he lays out the conditions of the covenant the standards of his kingdom the law of his government and the 10 Commandments well and of course he gave them the sanctuary and it says there on Tuesdays lesson in the 3rd paragraph down. He wanted to redeem them from sin the ultimate slavery and this could happen only through the sacrifice of the Messiah as taught in the types and symbols of the saints reserved exactly thus and got it in the talking points here if you can find it on that same lesson the very next sentence says he it is no wonder then that not long after they were redeemed from bondage and given the law the Israelites were instructed to build the sanctuary and established services for in these things God revealed to them the plan of redemption which is the true meaning and purpose of the Covenant. Now again he brings these 3 points out there's the physical deliverance there's the giving of the law and the covenant of agreement and then there's the sanctuary and how does the law in the sanctuary relate and there's so much again we have the same serious so often left out in discussion of the old covenant because we focus in on it well all the people say that all of God is spoken we will do and you know there are clear that limited but there you rarely hear people bring up the idea that it wasn't they were clueless about the Messiah the Old Covenant was not Christ less Christ was in the types of the sanctuary like that that the people didn't take it to heart didn't you but it was their right and it was an integral part of that whole experience so when God gave a lot of Moses he stayed up in the mountain Yes for 40 days and God outlined to him all of the my new Shia having to do with the sanctuary every piece of it speaking of Christ well and I think your that's a great point we often forget the same Sinai in the same experience where he gets the 10 commitment he also gets the destruction of the sacred ones the next one of those in $25.00 and it's right there so much so his face was glowing with the Rory of God when he came down from the mount and of course the sanctuary in that inner court of it in that most holy place inside the ark of the Covenant was a good location of the law so they're physically like you know gathered there spiritually together there's not it's not as though God had a law and they tried to keep it for a while then they broke it in later and he's like you know what I need to plan to come so it wasn't no need to redeem or maybe I should have thought about that and know we're very good here it's all part and parcel and so I love how the lesson links those 2 things together though the commandments work hand in hand with halves this things were a process in fact in Acts of the puzzles page 14 it's there in our study notes when you read that 4th please. Through through the teachings of the sacrificial service Christ was to be uplifted before all nations and all who would look to him should live Christ was the foundation of the Jewish economy the whole system of types and symbols was a compact to prophesy of the Gospel powerful. Imagery there a presentation in which were bound up the promises of redemption right so again the law of God the promises of God if they were to obey those curses if they were not the whole plan his thanks very compact and prophecy of the Gospel is just about will stuff so again to your point there's no way you can look back to Old Testament to bed that have Jesus Yeah you know him saw his day it was glad of it Moses has his picture drawn out it's Christ from 1st to last anyway point number 3 let's get into this one and again it's a recurring theme but this is drawn from winds they end Thursday's lessons well in this springboards well off of our last point yes this is a blending of really what you have is the blending of the law and if the sanctuary is a compact prophesy of God the law and the God of the gospel which go together Ellen White makes a statement that in no sermon should they be separated should they not be because they're cold how how often do you see the law in the Gospel or as we've mentioned it again in few minutes in the sinks where as like of this was the thing but this broke out so we had to have this one or this one is a counterbalance to that one like this is a nice one this is the meanwhile Oh yeah it's always this good God Bad Guy Yeah no and it's this balancing act like what we talked a little bit about obedience so we go let's talk about the grace and we talked about Grace we need talk about like I imagine this teeter totter in the running back here you run over here and you run over here as if that's what needs to happen where the blending of the 2 is a perfect balance is right and what isn't a good one was on the ballot and they're all. Good from start to finish and it's all for our benefit praise the Lord he wants to give us his law as a standard of his of his kingdom and he wants to help us attain it through this mercies of growth what is Element same maybe I have her wording wrong or maybe have somebody else but the law is the gospel concealed and the Gospel is the law of revealed I have heard that so yeah you know shrieking of the same thing they go together well let's go to Exodus Chapter 19 because we're going to look at 2 verses and asleep that's what happens on Wednesday is they break down exits 1005 and 6 and on Thursday it looks at verses 7 and 8 so let's start with exists after 1000 verses 5 and 6 Can you read that force if I can after I say this one thing I remember and you know a lot of times you hear Ellen might mean the statement in the height of the 888 controversy in the debate over the laws and all these things and you hear misquote all the time element said well we used to speak the law the law the law and not Christ and l. might say we need to speak Christ and not the law in it but that was not what she said when she said it is we preach the law the law and so what I believe we go both she says what we need to preach is Christ in the law she's she never separated never did this one or I said or the law is right in the law it's Christ in the law beautiful now where we exit this chapter 19 Yes well I already have that so you can be looking up well let's go to exits 19 you're going to need it anyway but all reverses 5 and 6 for this point later you can read 70 but for right no. The Lord says at Mount Sinai to his people in verse 5 now therefore if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant then you shall be a special treasure to me above all people for all the earth is mine and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation these are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel. So clearly as we talked about last week I guess we're going to talk about in subsequent weeks that all of this wonderful redemption plan and salvation process that God outlined from their deliverance from Egypt to the giving of the law to the establishment of sanctuary is all God's instigation his power his doing and he says Now if that's right you obey it's repeated theme. And the lesson even brings this out which I was honest little bit surprised that but it's a good points it's found on Wednesdays 1st paragraph though in one since the Lord had called them out the calling was not automatically stowed upon them without their choice so it's interesting the Bible never says and the Lord dragged them out of Egypt he just as he called them implying that they respond to the call right goes on they had to cooperate even their deliverance from Egypt involved their cooperation sure if they had not done with the Lord said such as putting the blood on the door post they would not have been delivered it was that they weren't there were some that were it was proclaimed and the people who didn't go out with wanted it and so clearly God is the power to do these things it's his plan it's his instigation yet. The Lord instigates we have to cooperate and trade in the lesson brings that out and. I don't know of another term besides obey known in our that's what it wasa aeration we've talked about this before our obedience is our response of faith it's the it's the measure measure faith God puts in us is the Spirit of God working on our hearts to will end to do of His good pleasure right but he won't do the willing or the doing he'll work in us to wilne to do exactly as and so it got to be our choice at the end of the day it's our choice God will not force us and we can all say that and agree with that but then we get into these kind of discussions as soon as over the release of saying is no God forces us I want God to force me no you don't he's not going to force you that's right he's going to leave your free moral agency intact and simply appeal for your decision right and well what brings us out is also in Wednesday's lesson from steps across Page $61.00 it's a well known passage you quote We do not earn salvation by our obedience or Salvation is the free gift of God received by faith but obedience is the fruit of faith that's right so the covenant does require some obedience not as the cause of our salvation but as a necessary condition and you probably don't know that we did talked about this before but I'm sure you've seen it before when you go to Hebrews 11 the faith chapter. Says by faith by faith by faith everybody does something you know is that yes by the way as they did a the moves every one of them to act because just as old White said their faith is the fruit is the fruit of. The immediate threat there is a root of faith Yeah well to that point now could you read verses 7 and 8 still and yes 19 so verse 7 says a Moses came in call for the elders of the people and laid before them all these words were so Lord commanded him that all the people answered together and said all that the Lord has spoken we will do so Moses brought back the words of the people to the Lord no. I can tell you I've heard more than one sermon quote that pastor read a even sermons that I've heard they say that's the problem right there they sat there and they agreed to obey they just said we'll do whatever you say and my question is What were they supposed to do no no going to be like play to their disobedience you know so of course and so there's nothing wrong with the desire to obey the Lord or recognizing the sheer fact that Ok you've said do it my response is to do it so what was the actual problem there now if there was a problem because clearly it didn't one of my favorite passages on this is in Deuteronomy hair Moses recounts this experience and then he spells out specifically what God says the problem is starting in verse 27. Nope I'm in the wrong chapter Deuteronomy for Durani 5 starting a verse 27 it says and he's quoting the words of the people they told Moses you go near and hear all that the Lord our God may say and tell us all that the Lord our God says to you and we will hear and do it. Then the Lord heard the voice of your words when you spoke to me and the Lord said to me I have heard the voice of the words of this people which they have spoken to you they are right in all that they have spoken so those who are his selves that it's the right there with the space at exactly the right thing when they said all that the Lord said we will do like you said we're also going to say all that he said we're not going to do part of what he said we're going to do but then the Lord identifies a problem the very next verse someone redoes again. And the Lord said I have heard the voice of the words of this people which they have spoken to you they are right in all that they have spoken verse 290 that they had such a hard in them that they would fear me always and always keep all my commandments then I might be well with them and with their children forever so it's like their words are great if only it really sunk in deep as old as it came from this place of faith and love calling for conversion they needed a converted heart they need a heart too a big issue with God's people has always been a lack of conversion you must be born again to enter into the kingdom of God you know Hebrews talks about this chapter 4 verse 2 it says or indeed the Gospel was preached to us as well as to them speaking of ancient Israel but the word which they heard did not profit them not being mixed with faith and suppose who heard it so it wasn't the law was wrong or God's declaration to them to obey was wrong or even their response to obey it was role it was the condition of their heart to stay in that relationship with Jesus and follow as they have committed to and you haven't the outline Romans 931 to 33 will says something similar to the same idea same idea they're lacking faith they read the faith that brings about generates a heartfelt obedience exactly which kind of brings us to a conclusion here a little bit but at the bottom of the number 3 in the notes quotes from the quarterly in Thursday's lesson paragraph 2 says the problem of course was not their attempt to obey the covenant demanded that they obey That's right the problem is the kind of obedience they rendered which wasn't really obedience all as the subsequent history of the nation showed and that's an interesting foreshadowing what do we know about what happened after the law was given about Sunday it's a Sunday that they make the golden calf and they were back to our generations and generations of yesterday years in Egypt and as you were pointing out it doesn't take that long it didn't take them 40 days to be a new exactly the after entering into the presence of God So what was their excuse right was that it was the issue of the heart that's the problem it's just and the other analogy I think it was I How long did it take Peter to fall. Well the moment he took his eyes off of Jesus and so Israel sinks into apostasy we sink into sin not because we're so oppressed by everything else but because the condition of our heart we the soon as we turn away from Jesus and that eye of faith we are doomed to failure so only in Christ we have success and that's Christian life once reinforce the concluding thought there from Fidei on Friday under the summary it says the covenant God formed with Israel at Sinai was a covenant of grace and it goes on to say although Israel responded in the affirmative they lacked a true faith motivated by love their later history indicates that for the most part they failed to understand the true nature of the Covenant and corrupted it into a salvation by works system we need not follow Israel's failure and ignore the marvelous grace that has been extended to sinners and men so it's a fascinating history but there's more than that it's a valuable lesson for us today that men need to be in that covenant really it's good to say yes all obey but we need to look to Jesus for the strength to actually follow through let's bear has for prayer Heavenly Father thank you so much for these important lessons. Thank you for recording for us the history of Israel and your gracious dealings with them the covenant that you established the law of God in the same spirit process all of which points to Jesus. Help us to remember that the same covenant the same law the same Jesus is in effect now and to learn our lessons from what they did and say Lord we want to obey give us a heart to obey give us that new life that New Mind of Christ to actually be faithful so Lord lead us out in the reality not just on paper but truly deliver us from Fort prayed in Jesus.


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