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06 Playing with Darkness

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • May 19, 2021
    7:30 PM
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I'm gonna get right into this tonight. Once again, there's a lot to cover. And our scripture reading was taken from a 1st timothy chapter 4. And verse one. It says now the spirit speak of expressly that in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith. Giving heed to seducing spirit and doctrines of devils. A message to night is entitled, playing with darkness, playing with darkness. Let us pray, father, god, we thank you for this opportunity on this. Your holy sabbath day to come before you to worship you to study a word in your truths. Lord, once again, make me only a nail on the wall upon that nail or to ask that you hang a portrait of jesus christ, let me not be seen or heard. Instead, father, let us hear a word from the throne room of grace. So a prayer and jesus is precious and holy name. A man. We're going to go to the book of acts the 19th chapter, x chapter 19 verse 11. And the bible says in god ra, special miracles by the hands of paul. So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons. And the diseases departed from them and the evil spirits went out of them. The bible here is talking about paul, kind of in his stride. Paula: so filled with the holy spirit that the book of acts look, the author takes time to to mention that there were special miracles done. How so full of the holy spirit that they just laid handkerchiefs or aprons on the, on, under the disease that the disease would leave them? Those evil spirits. If the handkerchiefs an apron touch them, the demons would be driven out. It was powerful, holy ghost movement. That is, does not mean you go on internet and by holy napkins and stuff and expected to work for you. But it's a statement that paul was so full of the holy spirit. That even the thought of paul and man, poorly of the christ, whom he served drove fear in the demons. Burst 13 says then certain of the vagabond jews exorcists took upon them to call over them which are evil spirits. The name of the Lord jesus saying, we adore you. Bye jesus, home of paul preaches. And there were 7 sons of one stiever, a jew, and the chief of priests, which did so. So there's the 7 sons who, who have been known to be exorcists, and there's watching as paul is so full of the holy ghost that he's able to do things they could never do. I don't know if you all notice, but exorcisms are very common in the world to day and many part that already still happened. I've read something, was that they're, they're most plentiful in italy. I don't know that that's still true of that was even to them. But I know in other parts of the world, people do things to try and drive out evil spirits. These guys and remember the devil can put a spirit on someone to let someone take a spirit. Often these guys weren't legitimate, they weren't real. But they probably made their money using this thing that they weren't able to drive out evil spirits. And when they saw what paul was doing for free, when he saw that paul had such great power that a demons fled at just the the presence of paul when paul would call on the name of jesus when they, when they saw it, is they want to in on the action. And so they go in and they say, listen demon, we adore you. In other words, we command you by jesus who all preaches. And he 7 sons when an air expecting something incredible to happen. Acts 19 in verse 15 says, and the evil spirit answered and said, jesus, i know and Paul, i know. But who are you me? The most scratch in his head. Will this guy coming and telling us what to do and you see me 7 guys. I never seen them before, but the massage scratches head wondering who is this and let me warn you, young people. One of the, one of the foundational principles of our message tonight is that you have no power trying to use somebody else's jesus. If it's not your jesus, if you don't know him for yourself, you have no power. Listen, I grew up. My grandmother was a fierce christian woman to make a woman and she would tell us i'm amazing stories from jamaica when we were kids. She would tell us how when she was, when she was when her, when her kids were little and my mother and my dream back the story up. And they were in the house one night. And some of the women they call them o B, A women. My grandmother would call them and they worked what some might call like magic witchcraft, even voodoo. And as they were in the house one night having worship my mother and my dream confirm that they began to hear horses running around outside the house. But when they looked out the window, they were no horses, they began to get afraid of my grandmother took her kids at 7 get, took them to prey in the main room and they took them and they began to pray. And as they were praying, they could hear horses running above the house. And all night they prayed The next day, my grandmother without putting out clothes on the line. And one of the women who were trying to attack her spiritually the night before they would call her an obie. A woman came to my grandmother and asked my grandmother. Oh man, what kind of magic you work in? My grandmother says she responded to the ladies. This is not magic. I simply called on the name of jesus. I want to submit to you young people that as dark as this world gets the power of the name of christ still shines like a bright light. Even to this day, the power of, of the name of jesus still causes demons to tremble. But you cannot call on somebody else's jesus. The reason some of us think you notice this christianity thing doesn't work. I, I prayed and nothing happened. But sometimes you're praying for jesus like like as if you are, I don't want to point to a well and hoping something good happens. You're not praying to a friend, you're not praying to someone, you know, paul. No jesus, he had an intimate personal relationship with the Lord jesus christ. When he called on jesus his name. He was using some superstitious act to try and get great miraculous things that happen. Paul called on jesus his name because he no jesus son stephen went an answer. Listen in the name of jesus whom paul bridges come out. There was no power as young people. We grew up. Many of us grew up in christian homes and we see god working in those homes. We see we see, god show up. I remember when I was young, living on tyler street here in bloomfield, connecticut. And my mother was a single mother. I told you guys that earlier in the week, and I remember when we were gone, she was going through some financial hardships. My father didn't want to help support us after he left. And I remember one night I was very young at the time and it was a, it was a, I forget what mattered a week. It was, but my mother was, was distraught. She couldn't figure things out. And she brought us together in the family room and had us pray. And we got on our knees and we began to call on the name of the Lord, even us, a little children. And while we were there praying, the doorbell rang someone knocked on the door. We finished our prayers. And when we got up and checked the front door, there were bags of groceries sitting on the porch of that house. You've got to have a relationship with jesus for yourself. Many of us is young people. We grow up around the church and in the church we, we had 10 pathfinder that we joined the choir and we, we even go to a cat on the or, or learn at home also on a christian curriculum. But none of that means that you know, jesus The son of scheme, remember their father was the, was one of the head chief priests. There was supposed to be spiritual and religious demon says, I know paul and jesus, but I know you are verse 16 and a man in whom the evil spirit was, leaped on them and overcame them and prevailed against them. Watch this church so that they fled out of the house, may get an wounded mercy. Can you a mass of reverse jumping? Normally 7 people jump, 11 person jumped 7 And he listen. The demon met the demon phil man beat them so bad. He beat the clothes off of them. That's a weapon. You imagine i'm running scream and nick it down the street. Is dangerous to play with the devil. When a devil always wants to do is make you naked. And I don't mean physically from clothes. I mean, spiritually, naked, not covered with the righteousness of christ. That's his goal. He wants to leave him so that everyone sees your shame. And yet what we're finding is that more and more young people are beginning to play with the devil. We talked about drugs and alcohol last night. We talked about relationships and intimacy the night before that I can tell you that you can play with a demo in all of those arenas. But it, it would be, I would be remiss not to speak this week on the fact that one of the biggest places young people have begun to play with the devil is in the area of spiritualism, witchcraft, even ancestral religions like, like voodoo, or all via sometimes all of these things are becoming more and more popular. This, this article says the U. S. Which population has seen an astronomical grove. One thing I read it said that the fastest growing religion among american young people today is wicker and witchcraft. More and more young people are playing when we g boards and, and there's doing there's zodiac signs in there. We're having taro cards read even practices that seem kind of a naturalist. Like like like yoga, you've got to be careful number of the great stretches. But if you dig deep, there is a spiritualistic route to many of these things. One of the stories i came across that I thought was fascinating. This one at one of the big makeup store chains in this country actually came out with this and put it in their store. It's called penrose. It's a starter which kit. So you why you're buying a lipstick in your eye shadow. You can buy tip to start being a, which they have to pull it off the shelves of the store because real, which is where offended. But that's, that's the, that's the world we live in that pull this off the shelf because it will offend them as like when I forget what movie it was, I think was harry potter. The which is complain that the, that they were riding the brooms the wrong way. We've watched people who are dana fi. Would wicker, in this country has shot up. We're watching a changing of the guard that has been that was prophesied in the book of revelation, a says that they're out of the mouth of the dragon. The beast and the false prophet would come 3 spirits, like frogs, with advent, as always said at one of them was a catholicism. One was a possibly protestantism, but a 3rd and spiritualism, that in the last days this would come to the forefront. Let me tell you something church, if you want to know that a bible is real, it would have been literally crazy to think 200 years ago even a 100 years ago, maybe even 60 years ago to think that you will see a graph like this in the United States of America, But it's changing fact, this article which graphs rise in popularity among use makes perfect sense. That's what this article says they say, which allows us to see power in womanhood. Connect with nature and adapt change. And they talk here about this class at you of a, I don't know which a university is. Maybe it's university, alabama mobile. I don't know, but it says religion to 74. They basically have a class in college that teaches witchcraft. I have a funny you, you couldn't have a class in college unless it's a christian college that teaches christianity. Witchcraft gets a pass. Spiritualism gets a pass. It is completely acceptable to be taught to be showed. The books can be handed out in school and read. Bible can't be handed out and read, but this can be Their landing had a great article why? witchcraft is on the right, says americans, interest in spell casting tends to wax as instability rises and trust in establishment. Ideas plummets sorta sorta you going to rise when we say something waxes and wanes? The Watch part of it is the rising part. Like you build a candle, it watches the idea is more popular when there's instability and when a trust and establishment ideas plummets, what they're saying is that listen, all of the ideas, the ideals of a judeo christian society. Those ideals are beginning to plummet. Young people cb, the instability in this and like I said last minute, there's a god sized hole is left. Satan will fill it with something else. So why are they saying as well? You see this one here? This is revolutionary witchcraft, a dive to magical activism. A fiery inclusive guide for activists in which is alike revolutionary witchcraft is an empowered introduction to the history and practice a politically motivated magic. Now they're saying, listen, we want a revolution in this world, which trap will drive it? That's powerful. Prophetic fulfillment in the 1900 sixty's, when african americans were at what we're fighting for their rights to do the civil rights movement. Literally they prayed to the Lord jesus christ in churches before. He went out and marched is a new activism coming church, a different play. And as you can see, the world changing all around these concepts. If young people are not careful, this is one of the key warnings for the message tonight. If you are not careful, you can become so mad in this world and this world that the devil will hijack your emotions and lead you away from god. There are many people as a listen. I can't be a christian because of a history of, of, of racism and flavor and gone. And it was all as a laundry list of things, none of which have anything to do with biblical christianity. They put upon biblical christianity, what man has done and approved for that is how is as we will. So if we did away what all christianity in the world, you're telling me this would be a perfect place. But this activism fights against that. Even in very, very needed movements, black lives matter is a need for movement to, to continue to change the racial tone of our country. But I'm not if you look at articles or black labs matter is a spiritual movement says co founder, but trees color in this article that is from the l. A times it says lifting up the names of victims is literally almost resurrecting a spirit so they can work through us, find this article and read the whole thing. Basically, they pour out libations and do in can patients in order to gain power for this movement. Young people who are not aware can be swept into things that they are, that they probably never thought they'd get involved with. So much so that one of the biggest movements now is the rise of the satanic temple. And what's a documentary on this? And now if someone puts a nativity scene on government property, they file a loss. So they can put up a picture of bafflement and the 2 children and. And if they're move, trying to make it sort of they use satanism as a form of activism. No wonder jesus says we are talking about this tomorrow night. And Matthew chapter $24.00 to day would be at a great time of tribulation. Can you imagine when people this feel for change is driven by their allegiance to the enemy of christ himself? What will the world be life for those of us who keep our allegiance to the bible and to the god of the bible, there is going to be a time of trouble like there never was. So how did we get here? Well, you go back enough. You go back to the 1900 forties and fifties the world. What this, this was all existed, but it was nowhere near as out upfront. That's that, you know, you'd have a popular news channels showing these things as, as everyday normal. Well, it started really through music in America. This is a book last season of the winter, the cult, same to rock and roll. And he makes the, the, the, the, the powerful point that in essence it was witchcraft and the cult that made rock and roll. Not fall off like other forms of music, but rise to pinnacle and basically be a dominant form of music in the world. He points out how many of the people we commonly as americans and people all over the world listen to. We're actually occultists, meaning that they were into witchcraft. Music is one of the most powerful ways to do this because in the brain we talked about the frontal cortex in a frontal lobe earlier in the week. But music is interesting. It's, I always say a bypass the front a low. What a better way to say it is that it is able to affect all of you at the same time. So the frontal lobe doesn't have a chance to process the information. I mentioned this earlier in the week, but that's why out of nowhere, you clean your house on, on a Friday afternoon and all of a sudden a song from your childhood motown just popping as you start thinking if you haven't heard a song in 20 some years that's the power of music. So you gotta be careful what you listen to. Because when it goes in, it doesn't come out. And it's interesting speeches don't do that. You don't just get up one day and say, and I have a dream Which is a thing, songs this power in music itself And even the power to learn the power to understand things, to memorize things, music simultaneously, stimulates the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Both sides of the brain, a boost learning and information intake. Therefore, augmenting cognitive skills, learning may be increased fivefold to this day. If I need to remember what letter comes after v, I thing a, B, C, B, A, sing it all the way up. Music makes you learn better. So here's the thing. If music makes you learn better, how important that is what you look, listen to. And does the devil then want to listening to stuff that will convince you of his world view? Will come back around to that in a 2nd. But I submit you, that's why it is important that we continue to sing hymns as we sing song that, that encapsulate our doctrines is important. That music is a part of all of these things because music is a way to put things in your mind. When we read the psalms, david saying the psalms, That's why he was able to say by word of I hid in my heart that I might not seem against thee. A powerful music. This is what the bible says about the devil. Is it your 2813 that has been in eden, the garden of god. Every precious stone was like covering the sorriest topaz and the diamond the barrel. The onyx and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the par, buckle, and gold. The workmanship of thy tablets and of the pipes was prepared in the, in the day that was created, the bible says, and when you look at what the scholars look at this text and say that literally, this is not referring to places where they put the stolen or some scholars say, this is speaking to him, being a living, breathing musical instrument. Satan or the choir director and heaven. Of course, he can use music so much so that when you look at the history of music in the United States, i know young people going back before your time, but if you go back. So when a great great rock rock bands, the rolling stones, they made a song called sympathy for the devil, guns and roses later on made the song over again. And I want to submit to you that literally this is luciferian doctrine. The idea that you should sympathize with the devil, he's actually the victim and God would never destroyed is world and not give it to him. One day he will get it if you ever read have a chance and you can read roger knows book a trip into the supernatural. That's literally what he was taught when he worshiped in the demon temple. Sympathy. But a devil can confuse you to music. There was a song years ago called we are the world. Never thought about it till after one day I was listening to the song in the song. It says we are the world. We are the people. We are the ones to make a brighter day, just you and mean. Then it says like god has shown us by changing stone to bread. It's true, we make a better day just you and me. There's a problem in that lyric that never change stone to bread and jesus who is god in the beginning of the word and the word was with god and the word was god. John 11 and verse 14 and a word was made flesh and dwelt among us jesus, who is a god. When he was tempted in the wilderness, that he should turn the stone to brady. It's a fact that for 40 days and the enemy came to him and tried to convince and look in the despair, problems of even the stalls look like loaves of red laying around in his hunger. Satan said, listen, why don't you just be who you are and turn a stone. The bread if you had done that, we'd all be lost. Yet they sing the song, they used to sing the song, inquire, lost in churches course even into hip hop. Probably the greatest rapper of all time. Jay's easy him here covering one eye. That's a, that's an occult symbolism there. He's here with, with rick rubin on the left in the picture on the bottom. Who with russell simmons started jeff jam records. This is really how hip hop was burst and a book, this is when he was filming the, the music video, 99 profit of what I have always hit rap song, 99 problems before he goes into the studio, the camera pans down on this book before they go into record in the books as magic, white and black G correct lewis, who does the tooth behind hip hop series. And one of his talks, he talks about the group calling me bad. And I, one of the members from call me bad later left and became a christian and became a pastor even telling me bads biggest hit was a song i want to set you up. It was number one in the entire world. Basically, this now pass there form a singer says that when they were making the song in the studio, they, they had they hired witches to go into the studio and to put a spell on the song. He didn't think anything off and he just thought it was crazy superstition. He says, but the, the spell they put on the song was what had 14 year old girls would want to give up their virginity. And so to song i want to sex, you went all around the World, number one and australian u K. And us. And he said that the past this now pastor said that when it was all over, he says that they began to get baskets of, of fan mail and one after the other, after they opened it, 14 year old girl, 13 year old girl. When they open it and the girls would say thank you for making this song, it gave me the courage to lose my virginity. Power in this stuff. Young people, what we listen to matters. What we watch matters. Here's what solomon says. Ecclesiastes 7 in verse 5, it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song of fools. And I know is this is, this is tough stuff to hear. And a world where everybody basically wants to have a good time. Everybody wants to party and just just, you know, just, you know, everything is fine. We cannot be. We cannot date the devil and claim to serve the Lord. The magic gets bigger, harry potter comes out and the author, j. K. Rowling says that these characters just appeared to her in a dream and, and they became the black, probably one of the biggest selling books series of all times and of course, movies. And of course young people. She says that she started to get fan mail as well. And she said the fan mail that people are asking how they could. I forget the name of the school that they went to. Hogwarts. Yes it, I never watch the movies. They, they got the kids would write them and say a writer and say I want to go to hobb words. I want to go to the school and you'd have to write them back and say, it doesn't actually exist. And they will get very upset. Charmed you see the multicultural charmed, which is now all of this is to decrease your sensibilities. It started in like the 1900 sixty's which shows like B witched. And I dream of jeannie. Whatever very cute. And it was very soft and very nice with satan has this way of creeping compromise. Introduces you to a concept in a very lightweight, and then he begins to have it evolved to become stronger and more powerful. To the point where now young people in America feel like they're being disenfranchised, or when some of them turn literally to the dark arts Even in a super hero world. Magic witchcraft is the, is often the force now even for good. We're not careful. Young people. When satan comes as an angel of light to deceive the world, if what we have been trained to believe is that there is a light and all of this darkness we will be deceived. Spirit of prophecy says it like this. Actually apostles. Page 290. That the veil be lifted from before our eyes, we should see evil angel employing all their arts to deceive and to destroy wherever an influence exert is exerted to cause men to forget god. There satan is exercising his bewitching power. When men yield to his influence, as they are aware, the mind is bewildered and the soul polluted. The apostles admonition to the fees and church should be heeded by the people of god to day. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Not enough to just not have any part in that. We've got to speak up and reprove it. The old testament prophet says, cry aloud and spare not. There is a truth and a warning that must be given. These assumptions are going to become deeper and darker as time goes on. First timothy for one says it like this. Now the spirit speak expressly that in the latter time some shall depart from the faith giving. He does do things, spirit, and doctrines of devils. All of that is based on a lie because ecclesiastics 95 and 6, I don't have time to get into the whole state of that. But I'll read this one, these 2 vs for the living. No, that they shall die, but the dead. No, not anything. Neither have they any more, a reward for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love and their hatred and envy is now perish. Neither have they any more a portion forever and anything that is done under the sun. The dead can't come back and visit you. They can't give you advice. They can't pick the lottery numbers. If the data show up, it's not the dead, it's the devil. And we were doing door to door evangelism work in southern California, san bernardino, california, to be specific, our youth group, and I wasn't in the neighborhood with the other ones. And when we got back to the church that 1st week, so many young people said, you know, and one of the youth leaders said that was next week. You got to come to this house with us. I said why, what I needed, what was going on? It said, well, the young lady we met, there was a bible study and we prayed energy. But she says that when they go to sleep at night, when they wake up in the morning, the furniture has moved around all by itself as to what you want me to go there and do it. As I don't have a dog named scooby and my name, not shaggy, i don't got to go over there. And they said no doctor was you got to go. So the next week I went over there and we sat with this young lady, we prayed with this young lady. And I said there's gotta be a reason. This is stuff is happening. And yeah, she gave us some terrifying stories. One of them was that her brothers were doing some pretty moral things in the house, smoking weed, she said, but they were watching tons of horror movies, tons of horror movies, and all this stuff was coming into the house. And I said, listen, someone here who lives in the enemy, and he does not like the way you, How you all have arranged your furniture. And we sat, we prayed, and she, and ultimately talked to her brothers. And it was a long process that they worked on to try and cleanse that house to try and change things around spiritually in that house. But I want to submit to you that the dead can come and move furniture. They don't come and knock on the door and talk to you the living know that they shall die the dead. They don't know anything. But we live in a time when people don't believe in god, but they believe in ghosts. That crazy. In fact, I was on one of the one on the club house, wasn't until one of the conversations from one of the 8th is rooms. And someone got on and was talking about an incident they had in their home country in the Caribbean, where a demon pick them up and dragged them. And somebody ac is just not as foolish. That fool isn't one of the a P, A P. S was from nigeria and the girl said, listen, I don't know, I don't want you talking about an experience and I don't mess with the spirits of the wait a minute. You don't, you believe their spirits, but you don't believe they've got Well, the world is pushing this on us movie like cocoa. So did you get little kids to believe in life after death? movie like ghost where you romanticize that. And you get people to believe that way malicious and where my left percent, where the bad guy because the good guy this is the move and the devil has a plan to move us in a certain direction so that we begin to believe things we otherwise would not even in celebrations, like the idea of where those where people begin to literally go and talk to the dead or feed the dead and all the things that they do dress up like the dead young people. Christians should have no part in any of this, not even in holloway, and I showed us slide here last fall at our church. This is what the anton levine, the, the man founded, the Church of satan says about hollow and he says, I'm glad that christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year. 1819 and 20 says when they shall say unto you, seek unto them that have familiar spirits. And unto wizards that people, that mutter, should not a people seek onto their god for the living to the dead, to the law until the testimony, if they speak not according to the word it is because there is no light in them. Just because there's some good philosophy and some things that makes sense doesn't mean that you want to mix it in. Does everything they teach lined up with scripture, thinking as a matter of giving just enough of all I mixed with them to the lead people away. You've got to know the truth, but darkness before the dom. Page 22 l Y says if men had been willing to receive the truth so plainly stated in the scriptures concerning the nature of man and the state of the dead, they would see in the claims and manifestations of spiritualism, the working of satan with power and signs and lying wanders, but rather than yield the liberty so agreeable to the carnal heart and renounced the sins which they love. Multitudes close their eyes of the life and want straight on regardless of warnings, while saying weaves his mayors about them and they become his prey because they receive not the love of the truth that they might be save. Therefore god shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie. Second, testimonial to 10 and 11 acted apostles again says the warnings of the word of god regarding the perils surrounding the christian church. A belong to us today. As in the days of the apostles, men tried by tradition and philosophy to destroy faith in the scriptures. So today by the pleasing sentiments of higher criticism, evolution spiritualism, the assa fee, and pantheism, the enemy of righteousness is seeking to lead souls into forbidden paths. So many the bible is a lamp without oil because they have turn their minds into channels of speculative belief that bring this understanding and confusion. The work of higher criticism in dissecting, conjecturing, reconstructing, is destroying faith in the bible as a divine revelation. It is robbing god's word of power to control uplift and inspire human lives. She says by spiritualism, multitudes are taught to believe that desire is the highest law that a license is liberty, and that man is accountable only to himself. And we see that last night with the night before last we talked about the sky rocketing rates of sexually transmitted diseases. So it's so bad now that we them the, they have to actually change how we treat dot ria. Because got to read what we use to give a shot ro, 2nd 250 milligrams would knock it out as like giving it a snickers bar. Now it just, it just just wakes up and start stretching rather, do have to double the doses. We have to come up with new medications to treat these diseases because they're so plenty, as they're becoming a resistant to antibiotics. Man said, listen because of the principles of spiritualism. It's, it's my thing I get to do what I want to be also, that is your thing. Do what you want to do. That is literally the words of the enemy himself. One of the great culture, great sicknesses do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law. They want you to think you can just do whatever you want. There is no god's law. That is the ultimate purpose of spiritualism to erase god's law and hence release, or erase the image of god. And man, by taking over control of this from a long story of the sons of scheme was so shocking acts. 19 in verse 17 says, and this was known to all the jews and greeks that there was god got beaten by. They ran out of the house and clothed. Also dwelling at ethicists and fear fell on them all. And the name of the Lord jesus was magnified and many that believe came and confessed and showed their deeds. Many of them also would use curious arts brought their books together and burned them before all men. And they counted the price of them and found that $50000.00 pieces of silver so mighty, grew the word of god. And I liked this last part and prevailed. I want you to know young people that god's word with god's word will prevail again to day. Doesn't matter how the enemy comes after us, it doesn't matter how the enemy tries to get us. If we stand on god's word, we are protected Our clothes with this story. I know my time is up, but I let me give you this one closing story about death. One of the most difficult deaths i ever had to suffer in my life was one of my cousins. My cousin shawna the incredible football player We played pop warner football in Florida. He was like a man among boys. Literally he went to high School and was just like one of the stand out player. He would pay both ways, iron, mann's office and defense. When he got his last year or 2 high School, he actually went to play for gulliver prep, a private school. That's where madonna actually sent her kids and he won them their 1st ever state championship chip. He played both ways and I don't remember the numbers, but he's scored 5 or 6 or 7 touch down in that championship can give the school of 1st state championship in Florida. Every school, every university in America was after him. You got of course, a full ride scholarship to university of miami and in his 1st year, his freshman year at the University of miami, they went to the roseville and won the National championship. So 2 years I really want to state championship and he wanted to national championship. He didn't even finish his time. At the, you know, at, at the University of miami, he entered the draft. And when he, when he entered the N F L draft, he went 512345 overall in the N F L draft, he signed a 36000000 dollar contract. Let me tell you some church, if somebody in your family size a 36000000 dollar contract, people in your family, some of them might act fool. You know, fortunately our family is pretty calm, but it is a crazy thing. When someone signed the $36000000.00 contract, But he had some issues and a media blew, some of it out of proportion. Somebody came and stole. These are 4 wheelers and someone stole him from him. And he went back into the old hood in Miami and to get him back and away did. It wasn't great and he got in some trouble for that. And so even though you're playing football, he was having those kinds of trouble and some other minor things that happen. And it made a bad boy out of him on, you know, kind of on e, S P n and stuff Long story short. My grandmother prayed him out of all those troubles the same grandmother. She loved him, she actually did a lot of his raising. She spent time with him teaching him the sabbath school lesson and singing him hymns. He was in church in pathfinder. Inquire until his father realized how good he was at football. And he started pulling him out to play on Saturday because that's when pop warner please. He was in his, i don't remember how many years he was in to the NFL at this time. He had a girlfriend, had had a baby and he was much more stabilized and so forth and he had gone back. He got injured, he hurt his knee and they were playing the tampa bay buccaneers. And so, since he was close to Miami, instead of going back to Virginia with the rest of the redskins team with her, I don't change the name now but able to read to him. Then he went back to Miami to check, he had a big fishing boat. He loved any on his house and stuff. So he went down to check on everything. And the family while he and his girlfriend in the baby were in the room sleeping that night 2 guys, one at least was armed, came in through a back bathroom window And be in our family. Jamaican sean took out a machete, came out of the room, but the guy had a gun and he shot at sean. And I don't know if he meant to hit him where he hit somebody hit him in his for moral artery in his left 5, which is the biggest artery of the lower extremity. And of course being a world class athlete is part pump fast and the blood moves quick and he started to bleed. They called and finally after his girlfriend thought they left. She was very afraid. So she stayed in the room with the baby because he didn't want the baby heard. Obviously, she came out, so I'm bleeding. Call 911. They took him by ambulance. Airlifted him to write a trauma center at the University of miami jackson memorial Hospital complex. There he was laying there, they did surgery and they spent $60000.00 giving him albumin to keep his arteries and to keep his vessels open and to keep blood in there. And him not, not be too swollen When he got there and the surgery was done, everyone in a world was wanting to see what would happen. S P n and all of the news channels are outside. And my little jamaica grandmother was sitting there at his bedside. All all of the hoopla was gone on all around. She was whispering in his ear. My brother said he could hear her humming and singing sometimes and whispering in his ear, days passed. And she basically stayed there the whole time talking to him, whispering in his ear. My brother asked, does she want to go home and shower and then she'd bring her back and, and she stayed until one morning was the 1 in the morning. He was very long, but one more of the while she was there. My grandmother prayed While she was there and she was ministering to my cousin, the doctor, and the nurse walks in the doctor. So shawn, if you can hear me blink, and he blinks the doctors, sean, if you can hear me squeeze the nurses hand, the nurse plays there, had any squeezes the nurses hand. The doctor looks at the nurse nurse at the doctor and they walk out when they leave. My grandmother gets up and says, okay, I'm ready to go take the shower. I want to go change or rosa. Wait a minute. But if you pray that seems like you might be getting better, you know, time to go. Yes. Be an announce john taylor respond to the doctor. Maybe he's going to get better. But I believe it was in 24 hours that he passed away. I flew in from California and made a beeline to my grandmother at one point and I asked mama why it seemed like he was getting better. Why did you leave right when he was getting see why he might get better? My grandmother said the whole time, I was whispering in his ear, the bible verses i should teach him as a child. I was singing with him, the hymns and the songs that I used to sing with him to bring in the sabbath and to worship with him. To that I was reminding him of the gospel lessons i taught him, but I started to get tired, ricky, she said, and when I started to get tired, i prayed. And I said to God, I just need to know that he's heard me. She said when he prayed that prayer to doctor and the nurse walked in, once you realize that he heard her, her work was finished and she went home. Let me take some church. My prayer that on one day see my cousin, sean taylor. On the streets of gold. And I want to say it, I tell you that story to tell you this young people. There's no 2nd chance after you die. Every chance you have is in this life. And you are some of us are in a spiritual coma. With spiritually bled out, our strength and our parents and our grandparents and our pastors, are whispering in our ears. The gospel truth is singing to us the hymns of zion. They're trying to develop us and, and prepare for eternal life. And all they can hope is that you will hear them because you won't get another chance. But that is no nothing. They don't get to come back. It doesn't matter what spiritualism teaches you, you if you don't find christ in this life, you don't do life. Died of 1st death. You will die the 2nd death any tunnel death. Don't count on spiritualism. Magic witchcraft, there is no power in it. The power is in the blood of the lamp. And if you claim jesus and claim his blood, even the demons will have to flee. Young person do not give up on god this Friday night the sabbath evening. Somebody out there is, is, is, is, is struggling with knowing god. And I, I came to tell you, don't be like the sons of Stephen. Don't try and pray in the name of your mother's jesus or your grandmother's jesus. You've got to know him for yourself. And there's no better time than to night. Father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word in your truth. Lord, we understand that all we like sheep have gone astray. There is none righteous. No, not one father, god, you teach in your word that a good shepherd left the 99 and one after the one father gotta somewhere listening to this message. Tonight is the one somewhere. Listening to this message, the night is someone who's gone astray and doesn't think that you care enough about them to my lord. Teach them that the enemy does not care for them. All of the soft history and all of the party and all of the drugs and all of the relationships, all of the things the world could offer are but pale and empty. Father, god to might help them to understand they need to feel the god size hole in their heart with you help them to know jesus christ as their friend as their power as their redeemer and as their savior. Like the apostle paul did. Father, god, we don't have much time left on this. I pray that all of our young people would be ready when you. This is our prayer. Jesus is precious and only name tonight. This media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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