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Our Time in the Time of the End

Jonathan Zirkle


Jonathan Zirkle

Evangelistic Trial Attorney; Serves as an adjunct faculty member at Weimar College teaching History



  • June 26, 2010
    10:00 AM
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Sabbath Ivanhoe it's a humbling for me to be here today my mic on design okay the guy can't really tell by meditating your forgotten six years now I think it it's been quite a journey and is just the someplace rates for me to be here today with our heads and pray dear Lord I just asked the youth send your Holy Spirit to be here with us today Lord I just ask that you would use me to say what you have me to say and now I want to say or do what you would when Aeschylus in Jesus name amen I did have the opportunity to go on the great controversy door I was asked to speak a little about that and I try to put something together here today that the thoughts about that but I'm not going to be talking so much about the Reformation by things that I learned and has studied and believe have great effect for us today I'm spending some time in the Peter and so I'd ask it I turned to the book of Peter one of those little bullets there at the end of the Bible CFS I can find it now I think one of the things that struck me as I read the Bible is that we often gloss so quickly over the introductions the reasons I like that introduce my talk the same way Peter introduces his 's letter so I say to the Saints the Saints in Loma Linda and scattered abroad saints according to grace and love of our resurrected Savior Jesus Christ so what does it mean what is he saying when he says Saints I like to see just a little bit of a description yes if you want at first Peter one verse five and it says the Saints were kept by the power of God do faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time we get to concepts out of this I think a really important righteousness by faith in the last time and so let's let's get ready and and learn something and one were administered from here first Peter one first thirteen says wherefore gird up the loins of your mind be sober and hope to be ended for the grace that is brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ so grab your mind and lets let's learn some things okay were living in the time of the end and I think that we all know that we see that we feel that and the classic text on that is side Daniel Daniel chapter twelve and verse four and I love .txt one of the habits that I have when I'm setting my Bibles once in a while I find a Texan I think while they are writing prophecy and now I'm sort of this this applies to meet right here right now and it applies to everyone here in this room Daniel twelve verse four but thou O Daniel shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end managed to run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased now I first read that I thought maybe so run to and fro and I thought of all the travels that we do here and not be increased I meanwhile we got knowledge to be increased and as I studied more and more was very justly because as my knowledge became increase I realized that the what this tax is really talk about the running to and fro this slaying Hebrew slang for running to the pages of the Bible actually the scrolls and knowledge may increase spiritual knowledge and that's what we see going on in this world today we have both the obvious surface fulfillment of people running to and fro and knowledge being increased but we also have spiritual knowledge be increased and I think that that's really important and we all need to take responsibility for increasing our own spiritual knowledge so I'd like to now point out some things I want to point out some symbols that I want to be talking about just a little bit today by none of these write-off these are all things that yet you've heard before on but I just liked to drive them home again before I start to show you a few things about the great conversely to work and and him I may message so what's the revelation chapter twelve in verse nine the love to hear the rustle of the phases of those Bibles revelation twelve in verse nine and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which to see with the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him that is a real plain statement of a symbol for Dragon Satan there is very plain of all that the symbols I may have many this is this one I would categorize as a plain clear clear symbol now want to show you one more symbol before we continue on and I'd like you to Lucknow and revel what is eighteen Revelation eighteen this is that the proclamation the great Angel is coming in power to proclaim and this is really a repetition of the third Angels message is really a repetition of the second and third Angels message and we know that this is really and in time message so let's look at this revelation eighteen and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power in the earth was lightened with his glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen is fallen has become a habitation of devils in the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird for all nations have drunk of the wine in the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth that committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich do the abundance of her delicacies I want to draw your attention to one important phrase in this and that is babble and has become a habitation of devils and a hold of every foul spirit and hear listen to this in a cage of every unclean and hateful bird at study Day unclean and hateful bird and is that there's not a lot of five things that I can do at least I know now not saying that someone else can study is done find out much more depth than that I have others not a lot about the be unclean in and and hateful bird but it's plain here it's a plain mark of balance I like you to keep that in mind now before I go any further I need to make a little disclaimer on getting to show you pictures of these of the Vatican and I want to make it absolutely clear I'm not anti-Catholic Tom I said so my most important secular education and a Catholic institution however you'll see that I'm no great friend of the papacy itself anyway let's take a few a look at some pictures this is outside the Vatican Museum and this is where most people start to see the Vatican when they go there and done I just like to point out one thing that will be looking at a bit here if you want right here this is the insignia one of the popes and you can tell it's a papal insignia because you have the Triple Crown here and the keys that is the typical emblems of papal power on the keys being a accordance to their tradition of Jesus St. Peter and what I like to point out to you right here is a bird to bird of prey if you read in the Old Testament you'll know that birds of prey were considered unclean birds and anyway but I will waste a lot of time on this let's keep going I we neutralize every second we go into the Vatican Museum on everybody goes into this courtyard of you waiting for you guys to get into what you really want to go see but I had fun looking around there and I have a little bit of a long lens and if you looked right up here to zoom in on that and what we have we have a Dragon overlooking yeses were ready to go in now and this is just one thing I would probably pass it off and not worry about it let's keep looking we go inside and I see this everywhere inside the Vatican what you have here is a papal insignia with the Triple Crown the keys bird of prey in the Dragon moving on Naval insignia thigh we don't have the Triple Crown we got the keys going to Dragon is another one Dragon by going barge badinage is Dragon and another bird and Dragon and Dragon the Dragon going birth battleground in the key band anyway moving on here I'll wait out the Dragon and the Dragon and moving this is in the staircase out the leave the museum and we go by the Dragon not showing you multiple shots of the same thing and I know that I finished on you more pictures of that after you're done with the museum we came and went and we ended up out here and I'll get to go into St. Peter's this is the church that the Vatican and on this is the courtyard out there and this year now is looking at the main entrance to St. Peter's on this is the main doorway right here and this is the insignia right here and let's look at that it's a Dragon and unclean bird underneath the papal insignia on I don't know how to either not athletic but it seems to me on that this is some this is somewhat plain I would like to point out one thing that I think is is interesting to enter remember remember when this was being built this was at a time when the Bible was not available to people all people can read this and even if you would've seen this most of the general public could and never made any connection with it because they were left in darkness on this all fell into the Vatican inside we have the Dragon and another Dragon causes on internal one of the house no Dragon and an unclean bird now is to shift gears a little bit because I think it's good for us to remember the Reformation what was going on on this is a fairly common sight around Rome on this is Ignatius Loyola he's the founder of the Jesuit order and underneath them here is the Protestants being on persecuted by him and anyway just thought I would add that in there and I really wanted to add this in here to him and make a point that I've noticed at the Vatican and and and other large cathedrals and I visited on here you have up people to use an image of the yacht of the Pope it's in the tomb and there's some embracing this and I'm going to zoom in on this and so use underneath him there seems to be two things here underneath this this this this stone nonblank at you you have destined time and they seem to be somewhat conquered on your because the poll up the Pope here is depicted is very much alive and healthy and and then not you have also I think this series is very telling because there's there's someone there loving the son and I could go on and on there's so much imagery in this place and I don't really want to talk all about the imagery out want to stick to what we have in the Bible and what in the symbols that we've been not that we've been not looking at but I'd like to shift gears and I hope you'll bear with me because I promise to link it all up at the end in the Bible Babylon is also described as the great court and will that's not a right line description it's almost aware that I don't really want to use in church but fundamentally what is the chief attribute of a whore and what's the given terms of spiritual part of a whore is someone who is not faithful to anything many lovers and we see that in Babylon many many different spiritual beliefs or spouse and I want to look at one of them today I just want to look at one and I want to look at one it's affecting us today and I know that it's affected me a lot in my lifetime you to tell you how it has in that eminent site altogether did I hope that is the whole problem with evolution I wish it I wish it wasn't a problem with this is the time that we are living in I want to read a couple of newspaper articles that talk about the papacy on evolution this one is about John Paul the second am I remember when this came out I was shocked because it didn't make sense to me and basically this is from the Chicago Tribune October twenty five nineteen ninety six and a major statement of the Roman Catholic church position on the theory of evolution Pope John Paul II has proclaimed that the theory is more than just a hypothesis and that evolution is compatible with the Christian faith in a written message to the pontifical Academy of sciences the Pope said the theory of evolution has been buttressed by scientific studies and discoveries since Charles Darwin the post message went much further in accepting the theory of evolution as a valid explanation send the development of life on earth with one major exception the human soul if the human body has its origin in living material which preexists that the spiritual soul is immediately created by God the Pope said so what he's saying is is that evolution and Darwinian evolution is not incompatible with Christian faith and he's just reserving one thing and that is the human soul has to be created by God not by evolution moving onto the presence that got slide for this one because the this is now during the days of the Internet Pope Benedict this is from MSNBC July twenty five two thousand seven Pope Benedict the sixteenth said the debate raging in some countries particularly the United States in his native Germany between creationism and evolution was an absurdity saying that evolution can coexist with faith and this is a direct quote about now this class is an absurdity because on one hand there is much scientific proof in favor of evolution which appears as a reality that we must see in which enriches our understanding of life and being as such and then he goes on and says this other thing was I find very very interesting especially in light of our view of prophecy and in time events he goes on to say disobedience to the voice of the earth is more important for our future happiness than the desires of the moment our earth is talking to us and we must listen to it and deciphers message if we want to survive while when I saw that I'm once again going wow once what's going on here the doctor and being espoused here is that there is now literal twenty four hours six day creation that creates a lot of problems I know that we've heard different things about evolution are not getting going to all the different reasons in the theological problems of evolution I want to point out just a couple of them just to remind us them I wanted that meet one of the things that means that there's death before sin is evolution creates to death the survival of the fittest on moving on now you also have this talk about voice of the earth on the earth is talking to us this seems to me to be standard Eastern mysticism Eastern mysticism pantheism New Age stuff and wow this just fits it out and if I had an old I know what to say what I've noticed in all of this when they take these kinds of compromise positions they think that their becoming pleasing to man they think that they're becoming more acceptable to humankind when you say that God didn't create in six literal days in twenty four hours and if you want to come up with some other explanation what you're really saying is you know what my God isn't that omnipotence he couldn't do it affects and so we want to lean on science and this is just Thursday absolute heresy I want to switch gears a little bit and talk a little bit about myself I grew up in Melinda I'm not I do know how many generation Seventh-day Adventist I know that I had a great great grandma some sort and and I was going through the the old family history would manage to keep some of it together and I think that she was the second or third Adventist baptism she was the first Adventist baptism in the state of Virginia baptized three days after the nasal stop there now before you think of it my family does drugs willy-nilly after every first religious new meeting the Council on I know that she may go a correspondence with some of the family in Indiana and I believe that arty sent to the faith and so she got a new knew what was coming but I want to say this I grew up here in Loma Linda and Dom I don't think that I'm not much different then not that anybody else he broken mobile and that I don't think my spiritual development is probably not much different than your average administers multi- generation on you grow up and you accept the faith of your parents and I did want that you and I will say this the faith of my Karzai 's graph is very similar to the faith that I have now so you go out to one of the things that has to happen is everybody grows up as they have to make their religion their own if it's not yours it's good to me it's not real and so I made one decision as I was growing up as a very young person I don't know why Mavis felt kind of arbitrary although I think it could be on just based on non- Bible word says in a chain of training the child in the way they should go no return but my arbitrary decision was that site I would go to school and I went Adventist schools and we have textbooks and we'd skipped that the on our site but weeds get the chapter on evolution in only the rest of the size both by the Internet I was out like look through it you know and I would doubt zero on sites museums and I remember going to places like La Brea tar pits and is millions and millions years ago we had sabertooth tigers always stuck I made a decision growing up that I think is made huge difference in my life and I think it was Chancellor was God 's providence and that was I decided you know what the scientists are too smart as I said I don't know the answers any of his stuff and are a however know the answers sinuous stuff so I'm going to arbitrarily decide I'm going to believe the Bible into I get a chance to study it out and so that's what I did and I I I wish I could say that as always superstrong in the phase I never left the faith but I know that grace times that I was very nominal and and things like that but praise God he usually be brought me back to REM today and on-site going to college and I'm going to law school and I'm I got this thing always in the back of my mind you know where where I don't really know a lot of the stuff and never had time to think about you know you're working hard to go to college are working hard to go to law school if I get to stop and do some huge theological study and actually that that right there is on that's a fallacy and I will tell you all of you have time to do the theological study whether your medical school right now you all have time and you want on how I know you have time when I went to law school everybody was still addicted to television and you guys can turn it off and study your Bible instead anyway so I got out of law school it was interesting right for zilla school on some of my law school classmates we started talk about life and they would talk about things you know I'm now going to what they were we were talking about why the more we Mallory and the rest rise and then something happens on one of the things happened was I one of my classmates it accused me of not being administered the news on him I got all this is kind of this is not a problem and any other thing that I knew deep down inside his I knew everybody and lots will thought this book was a fable and maybe not everybody but the people that I talk to them this was the this was the the important thing there was at this this puts a stable and I said to myself you know I can't go with a straight face and say I believe the Bible it was I have a reason for and I said to myself you know I'm a lawyer now I should be able to figure things out and apply the standards of proof that they taught us to apply in law school and I thought to myself again attest the Bible in a treelike window lost a trial now but the Bible and trial and down the moderate is when I get a testimony and I thought to myself what's the biggest lie that the Bible could tell that I can actually test it on and I say creation that's the biggest nonstarter the beginning right on my creation and I got all my I am not a scientist I can do it it's too big for me so I'm footballing headwind she knows everything why I decided to bite it off ensuring that was the flight and let me tell you something flat and in creation are just absolutely joined at the hip and when you're talking about anything anybody's going talk about evolution the flag the flood is right there absolutely right there with it and so on so what I did is I decided to sit down and study the foot I spent about three months of my spare time reading everything I could and when I got down downs about the in-depth three months I said you know which I I I decided the standard of proof I was in apply was a typical lawyer standard of proof which in a civil lawsuit is just more likely than not it's not higher than that and I didn't need anything higher than that is a horizontal doing this was all I could stand there and not have people laugh at me so I look at it as I find out about the months I said you know what I think more likely than not there was a flood and down nobody can laugh at me I can go back to Miles God thing in understanding the Bible right closing up moved on with life that was a mistake because I didn't close it up and I didn't really get back into it for a little while and I want to keep talking about evolution I figure out to fill a better rest of my story because I want to make a point with that what I ended up doing it it's a long convoluted story to one aided up doing and I really wish this for every single one of you I looking I inherited my grandfathers house and you know what most of his religious books were gone and my grandfather was really religious he talked about on why oh why but he left behind his Bible commentaries and he left behind an old Bible commentary and I thought to myself how automated to assist the state have a lot of space on enough it's any good or not but I love books are not about to throw something out until I looked at it you know I started reading it it's all Clarke 's commentary was not used by or Adventist founders published guys writing about eighteen twenty and wow it absolutely blew me away and I read through that and it's been a long hard journey but I can even tell you how long it will take you to read the Bible with the commentaries take about an hour and half to two hours chapters fifteen hundred chapters you can do the math by it's been amazing and let me tell you something I would have never have done that if I hadn't decided the flood is more likely than not because why would I put back on effort into fable it's a waste and so I did that but praise the Lord I learned off a lot and I have to think at however taking the end because I learned a lot from you guys to was able to join the community of faith and this has been a very very excellent science for me tonight I'd like to thank you Bob so let's try to tie this up and see how we can try to move this in to be in time to make a practical trusted and we can see some practicalities but I wanted to want to point some things out I want to point out some things that I know the Bible is telling us that this would be issues today inside like it's a move now and looking your Bibles to Revelation three fourteen you guys should all be familiar with this that I say three fourteen I met fourteen three that's not right either one three fourteen work on thirty three fourteen little confused sorry near too much pressure three fourteen this is the message of the church away to see and Don we all know I think it's a pretty common not common belief amongst this year that this is a message to us and it's a message to our day it says and adds an angel of the church of the latest seems right these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God so what we have here are three titles of Christ he's a man which is the end in this indicates that were living in the enzyme church is the faithful and true witness was I believe the word and is the beginning of the creation of God is the creator and why wouldn't put it here is using a title uses other type also the other churches for what's important to them this title is showing is what's important it's her like if you get a knock on the door and says police the guy is introducing them because it's important he's a police Mexico said monies films on Cesar whatever you know songwriting said police and hear you got try saying the beginning of the creation so we know that there's an issue here now includes Revelation fourteen and verse seven now we have again the first Angels message and this is once very familiar to us as well and Angel says saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship in the made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters what could be more blatant more clear the creation is one of the issues of this time this is the issue of this angel is here to talk about so I want to make a couple things clear before I move forward about history things that you need to know why I spent some time studying the flood obviously in studying creation and from the right practical political viewpoint for Darwinism to rise ascendant and to be accepted in the scientific community geology had to be there the same time in fact I believe that the concept that the geologist came up with are probably more important for creating for creating this this climate that we live in with Darwinism at the top than even Darwin was himself in eighteen thirty there was a man Sir Charles while he published the book principles of geology since coming out just in front of our women and slaying a very strong foundation form and what he comes up with his notion of a really old earth and another extremely important concept is called performance areas and that is basically what he says is is that everything you see on her today it's been just like this for millennia it's all the same thing and that's the concept of uniform and Terry is an extremely important to evolution because without uniform interrogators and you don't get the time for the evolution to occur because time is the magic blackbox that we use in evolution because if you can't explain it any other way and you've got a whole bunch of absurdities let's just say takes a lot of time I given enough time for deciding whether there be a stack of gold coins you write that you know why not anyway now I want to show you a taxi when I was reading through the Bible I just went all my word I can't believe this is another one of those dikes that I totally feel like there's just like the one we ready Daniel or knowledge running to and fro knowledge the people running to and fro and knowledge being increase our rings back to Peter was go to second Peter I will start verse three second Peter three and verse three Peter now is talking about the last days we arty side with his epistles of the beginning of talking to the Saints in the last days and here's what he says knowing this first that they also come in the last days stoppers walking after their own lusts the receiver and saying where is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they you are from the beginning of the creation of sounds like uniform tearing is a let's see now let's keep going and see for this they willingly are ignorant of that by the word of God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of the water and in the water whereby the world that then was being overflowed with water perished but the heavens and the earth which are now by the same word are kept in store reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men so you see here in verse five where God 's Word makes the lampstand out of the water that's creation you see in verse six the land being overflowed why water and perishing that's the flight you see in verse seven the second coming this is encapsulating the exact things that were having to deal with today Peter nailed it right on the head how could he have known what the scientific issues with the issues of our day would be his God and his prophecy I want to read a quote out of Ellen G White this is from my great controversy pages five seventy two five seventy three a day of great intellectual darkness is been shown to be favorable to the success of the papacy it will yet be demonstrated that a day of great intellectual Y is equally favorable for its success in this generation there are many desires become dazzled by the glare of human speculations science sports falsely so-called big discernment not the net and walk into it as readily as if blindfolded guy design demands intellectual powers to be held as a gift from his maker and should be employed in the service of truth and righteousness but when pride ambition cherished and men exalt their own theories about the word of God then intelligence can accomplish greater harm and ignorance thus the fall signs the present day which undermines the faith in the Bible will prove successful in preparing the way for the papacy with his pleasing forms as did with the withholding of knowledge in the opening the way for its aggrandizement the dark ages so what is she telling us she's telling us that all of this wonderful intellectual things that we have an science and the big thing insides were realized that theology is evolution is open the way for the papacy just as much as dark misfit in the dark ages and were going to see according to its price a lot of things repeated so why bring it back to the great controversy to your and point out the other end of the spectrum luau to Tori went to go in the Waldenses were this is in the Italian house and this is where a group of real Bible believers were all during the time of the papacy and that this right here is one of the school they would come up here they would hike up into the mountains and they would set in it would study the Bible and they would copy the Bible and prepare themselves to go around the world on this right here is inside one of the tables that they would've used in that that table is a real table that they use back then and they were so particular that the women when they were worried about the notch is very doable or do they think that came like we were headed in a cave city winding delegates about the real deal Jan hears his their their beautiful valley out there I just you know how to the Waldenses do this they were able to do this because a couple things going and it really had the Bible and they just that it be that obviously had a relationship with Christ and you know you don't have that relationship with Christ and if you don't take the time to study the Bible I don't think things like the Waldenses are going to exist and did the things us to take a lesson from them identifiers right now that's a beautiful place I love being there this is by far on the most relaxing pleasurable part of the trip and it it's not bad to Philly not had being out in the mountains and studying the Bible so I want to make an appeal to you today and my appeal to use this we need to stand for truth we need to stand against turn and false features and it's really important for us to stand on this particular issue and the only way I can really say it is it's important to me because I don't think I'd be here if I hadn't been able to figure out this issue I really believe I would've said the Bible is a fable and I really doubt that it would've used it as a map for life we must stand firm on her faith on this and want to move to one last text I want you to go to Job chapter nineteen Joe was faced with all kinds of trouble and he had to live in the time of scoffers his best friends were scoffing him and I even his wife told him to curse God and die this is a testimony that job Dave in that time and I want to change I am well was just reading okay he says this for I know that my Redeemer limits and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth and all my skin worms destroy this body yet in my flesh shall I see God whom I shall see for myself and my nice to behold and not another though my rains which is my heart is Hebrew for hard be consumed within the eye just make it appeal to you to be able to say that the able to say that with Joe was close in prayer dear Lord we come in hot today Lord we're so grateful for the fact you created us Lord Lord we want to be true to you we want to stand for you Lord please give us the strength and the courage and wisdom to do this and want to make a space special prayer for our church which is in general conference right now and Lord you know that this issue is going to church as well I just asked for that you would be with the leaders and with the members of our church that they may have clarity and wisdom and ability to show love through all of this and to follow you Lord what a disaster you would be with us and help us to make us ready for your second coming award they do so much for everything you've done for us in


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