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Because You Are Young

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • June 4, 2010
    7:00 PM
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good evening to set aside anything from doing this correctly estimates that women are a is a you have your Bibles with everything in our relief in first Timothy one allele one person I wonder very simple one verse in the Bible but I think it has been very very important implications for our lives today first Timothy chapter four in verse twelve already versed from the usual Bible uses the new King James version even though I like how the NIV renders it in fact the title of this evening sermon is called because you are young and I comes from the NIV reading I will be the first in the chapter or verse twelve to you from the new King James version it says this again is this is Paul speaking to his young protégé Timothy ages in this counsel as he's leaving on his evangelistic work he says let no one despise your youth but be an example to the believers and word and conduct in love and spirit and faith and I appreciate how that renders it but I really sincerely appreciate the way the NIV puts that text let no one don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example speech in life and love and faith and appearance these five areas to set an example for the believers before we begin with garments for WordPress generally father Lord I thank you so much for this week 's work is coming to the closing the beginning of the Sabbath hours thank you for this time did you get was to come apart and be with you and commune with believers and right now as we study your work please send your Holy Spirit bless all we do help with each receive a message from your work tonight that will make this the people you want to we so we can finish your work we pray in Jesus name and don't let anyone look down on you because you're young what is the situation apologizing here all been traveling all around the step with many churches these trained up his young family and you give them this morning I don't let anyone look down on you because you're young now at first glance look closely in the cool would be likely to people who would be looking down on him this don't let anyone within his but set an example for whom the believers like me who are the people there could be looking down on young Timothy believers is not a single World Series in the church these people are going to look down on you because you don't let it happen don't let anyone look down and because you're young so what is the situation are the believers and the apostolic church with a just inherently mean did they just not like young people living with a grumpy that it should follow what was wrong with these believers about what Paul is addressing here it might be easy in our minds of the blandly pathologically well you know how people are you know typical is looking down on young people mean-spirited coldhearted old people bless their hearts on but I think tonight we got the lessons that we need to see in this text because as we break apart what Paul's instructed Timothy as I think something should hit home with us as young and I say us as young people is easy of young faces whatever the shallow seas not too broad and expansive onto a growing spirit leaves with the young people all around this advice is for us to let us consider the ability to the idea that possibly the Paul's warning was not primarily against the mean old people with the malice of the believers perhaps but cautioned about the maturity of ultimately his protégé notice carefully call Paul Council don't let anyone look down on you because you're young but do what and example who set an example to the notice above that they look when they look down on you call me spirit you all and mean I don't like you the reason the church is the problem because your all thousand eleven is a don't call them out he said share your own behavior when people look down on you set an example I would explore the likely reason for that counsel was in the wisdom of the framework most importantly we learned some lessons for our day-to-day woman leaned the believers to have a sketchy opinion of young people what would lead the believer 's sketchy opinion of young people I believe a state-of-the-art two reasons why they might have sketchy reasons sketchy assumptions presuppositions or opinions about young people first of all there is some an inevitable behind the eight ball is it comes with being a you you got some inherent disadvantages to you for example you are ignorant and don't mean that interrogatory seven in the end of the facts will set you no less you read fewer books you listen the fewer people you don't you haven't been as many classes you have as many academic degrees you know what the older people in your something is bad this is the fact you know less but let's look at Paula versus Timothy Paul education Paul the multilingual Faerie Queene trained by the eminent rabbi Gamaliel twenty two records in Gamaliel Leslie Paul was a Jewish scholar using international evangelist whose writing even his fellow apostle Peter said and I quote it harder to understand Paul had established a reputation as being a deep thinker and a prolific writer it was a church planter convicting unconvincing through Christian apologist and a powerful speaker Timothy on the other hand was also his grandmother and mother talk and he became into the church likely for revival of Paul himself put on and he was the apprentice to this Paul God he was tagging one of all learning at the feet of a guy who learned of the other guys and he is trickle-down back okay and is fair but it doesn't have the credibility he doesn't have degrees after his name hasn't been to that school is invented that place is just the guy who was the guy using it hasn't been as many schools as well in the spring of difficult if Paul was via a modern-day equivalent apology like a seminary trained professor and world-renowned evangelist altar to the parliament all receive the Pauline epistles in our knowledge three received in a beautiful it is not that of a homeschooled kid maybe that's self-supporting institution video nothing wrong with it is that the same accredited bona fide is not repaired experientially by the way Paul has been through everything be about second Corinthians look at this previous Chapter 11 policy never if nothing else both about explaining his credibility second Corinthians chapter eleven starting with verse twenty four Paul goes ahead and listen out his experience and his resume of having been there and done that and had done to him second Corinthians Chapter 11 starting with verse twenty four that is from the Jews five times I received forty stripes minus one three times I was beaten with rods once I was stoned three times I was shipwrecked and night into day I've been in the deep verse twenty six in journeys often in perils of water imperils the robbers and perils of my own countrymen in perils of the Gentiles and the city and girls in the wilderness in perils in the city in perils among false brother verse twenty seven in weariness and toil in sleeplessness often in hunger and thirst and fastings often in cold and nakedness verse twenty eight with five different extra stuff that I've done this five verse twenty eight the other thing is what comes upon me daily my deep concern for all the churches in administering all these churches my district and then I got shipwrecked and bring in my own countrymen in them there and done everything Timothy on the other hand is the one that always have to write to the site come on don't be intimidated don't abandon me like the other people you can do a little body you can really do what you know don't be ashamed of you have not been given a spirit of fear you don't destroy the height of two different levels of experience some of these things for the first time Paulding poured out like a drink offering he's been there and done that intimacy just hasn't is inexperienced is behind the table already it makes us because of Timothy 's agent therefore his automatic lack of academic background and ministerial experience the believers have some legitimate reason to question his authority over them is legitimate for them the question Paul understood this they would be watching them closely scrutinizing his every move that cautious posture towards youth leadership by the way is not will thought about things to be cautious of youth leadership it would be irresponsible to turn the church gladly overlook uneducated and inexperienced you now having said that of course on the other hand on biblical and un- Christlike to use their inexperience again and ignorant as a reason not to associate with them or not to train them up in the way that they should go there's a balance must be struck but it must be carefully struck mature disciples become so through the process of discipline that's what the word disciple means someone who has gone through the process of discipline and discipline seems like a harsher meal like that word especially young people hate that word discipline will examine you know we don't even use anymore a disciple now is someone who has been labeled right we made up a word completely saw because me and harsh but that's what it is a disciple has been disciplined Timothy needed Paul is doing a decent amount in these other people say okay we got a new guy would trust you will you will scrutinize you watch pastas don't let them look down on you but set an example the Bible is packed with guidance for parents and leaders to train young people for positions of responsibility Timothy was a disciple of Jesus of Jesus because Paul along with his own godly mother and grandmother have disciplined him in the face when Timothy went out with an extension of the ministry of Paul which itself was an extension of the ministry of Jesus therefore is Paul explained we are all ambassadors of Christ is and will represent a new culture representing Jesus Christ interact together as we think of the ball is not telling Timothy look just be yourself people don't like to call him out on a mean spirit he never said to yourself that they better than yourself yourself essential and late evening don't be that guy which brings us to our second concern all the stuff we've been talking ignorance and inexperience is inevitable if all of us no one comes out of the womb knowing at all and having done at all if that was the case that would be creepy if the best you know it's weird that you expect young people to need to go through a process of training and discipline in the growing and there in the mature status phase of life with this that's a reasonable but the reasonable concern believers have the right to be cautious of young people for those reasons but there's a second thing in this world and spend the rest of our time and unacceptable concern foolishness dating is an experience understand foolishness electric experts in the check for most of them just a little bit the first Timothy chapter four we saw you know of course our Texas verse twelve of the leading looked at me because you an example for the believers in speech and let big love and purity but look at verse thirteen and again I'll come back here to spin the new King James says until I come notice that he was a come back and check on these is I want to know that you doesn't stuff in the meantime Paul letting him go willy-nilly is that I want to come back I think the public till I come give attention to reading and you learning the significant intervening exhortations and doctrine look at verse fourteen do not looking for collapse is that I will come back and check on you and in the meantime I'll need to read a statement doctrine do not neglect the gift that is in you which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of hands of the eldership do not neglect like Daniel in whom his enemies goodbye neither negligent money corruption nor negligence and negligence is not like evil is just lazy he said don't do that if you look at the synonyms for negligence to find carelessness inattentiveness casualness he says look if you want credibility with the believers don't be negligent and be on top of your game far too often again I'm one of you I can speak here okay this is whether I must say see but I love you what I don't know you personally feel I can't be attacking you personally but I'm loving you as a group of people okay thanks I far too often youth and young adults compounded the inherent problems they might have by allowing those to be an excuse for foolishness Paul tried to drill into Timothy 's mind this important lesson it's one thing to have people think less of you you can't control their assumptions and they have an inherent right to think because of you it's one thing for people to think little of you it's another thing altogether to prove them right with your behavior will have thing we need is have people throw for assumptions correct confirming the stereotype helps no one what I'm about to discuss with you could be rehashed and rehearse restated by a other groups every simpleton world in fact letters nationality or ethnicity or any other people grouping every subculture of the really great uniqueness is that should be celebrated and some stereo typical shortcomings that need to be addressed okay now I can't speak for other people group them an attractive woman to be that guy by for the ones that I'm a part of I can speak softly on behalf of one of I am from the south that I have struggled just for saying that is the hurtful thing you know the thing I got from the fountain already like okay Dorothy you have a picture you must know what the American consciousness think of Southerners I grew up in the heart of Dixie okay I understand I understand it like it or not a southern accent is not received as a sign of sophistication and intelligence noting it without stepping over them it smart nobody got that going okay every time every time some natural disaster your tornado touches down in Georgia Alabama Mississippi South Carolina Tennessee Kentucky somewhere in my home area and where tornado touches down for terrible damage I branch because they thin and national news team down to interview someone and you know they pick him him building the most stereotype confirming personality can find our reporting without properly in a horrible before it got stains on his undershirt is the only certainties wearing right with country actively duties one is really really struggling to stay on the given right next to his Camaro that somehow survive right is the house of God the car is good upon block it out and everything and if you look at me like all your phone without you I don't know him and I don't know where but it doesn't matter he ruined it for all the time from Nashville to visit I don't necessarily like country music but there's an assumption there is on the white male who brought out the Mason-Dixon line and I'm not interested in I don't have a favorite driver and I sure don't have his number emblazoned on the rear window of my truck I already but it doesn't matter soon as I'm from the South they don't see me they see that guy they interview he's killing the rest of us so let me bring it back to the other subgroup that I'm a part of Adventist young people this is the honesty part we laughed before here comes the troop very just be honest far too often and Bible conferences of prayer meetings retreats and the leadership Summit youth and young adults absolute classes Academy and College campuses just out in life in general you run and administer them to people far too often you see examples of stereotype confirming bad behavior you cannot expect to eventually show up late to everything that you do have an A+ potential to bring home C- is addressed nearly for shock value giggling silly that front you'll be testing Google meeting and not the text skip certain undisclosed buyer use foul language but as I got your five fifty square stop it please is out of its value is the first letter went when it until I got to all those behaviors and then somehow magically expect to be taken seriously by the church family the danger your conduct undermines your credibility your conduct undermines the credibility when you demonstrate through your behavior that you don't take your own spiritual life seriously you have absolutely no right to be surprised or offended when others don't think of you when it comes to position to spiritual leadership one of them were young people aboard as when we do they'll show up talking from personal experience right here in the state of Florida folks I pastor an associate pastor at a church with a thousand members a whole lot of them are retirees but we had a K-12 school we got some young people who I know could be good leaders so like recently nominating committee comes up I went with some young people on your want to get their voice heard right would probably confirm that women were nominating meeting comes up how shallow no one thought about building new counsel you and your waiter went together like you you sloughed on that threat alternative spiritual strength had been using single pool but you don't ever call a meeting you haven't done anything so what is the nominating committee to eliminate the committee is not because old people are picking on the young people will do anything you couldn't conduct undermines her credibility here the guy in the interview and killing the rest of us flickering a big sign around your neck this is a punch in the face in the getting offended every time he is black the behavior of happiness you oftentimes is the sign around our neck it gives our reputation blackout were already behind the eight ball with the ignorance and inexperience don't compound bullishness the stuff that's in your control control of a significant fit for everything that God does everything the Lord has established the devil has a counterfeit to counteract right there's the church energy father to son Holy Spirit the Boston and Dragon beast and the false prophet and they already know God would be replaced with Satan himself in a price with the antichrist you know the Holy Spirit is invoking all the things he has a counterfeit for each and every little thing counterfeit worship everyday abortion counterfeit faith justification for being him he did instead of the greatest secrets of turns and licentiousness that sanctification it works righteousness which is legalism is counted differently one is the same thing for you Satan has a counterfeit youth mentality God 's word says don't let anyone look down at you because you are young but set an example you know that an example saying that because you know the feeling as I thought he was found to be out of your board the insane you want to experiment alcohol still when you're young it was up latest of the wooden handle is really expecting anything anyway here's something ineffective Dracula coming at all are going to a value this is the society they don't things like this is your time Sony a while to get up and go crazy BR 's vocal run of your deck are glad in UK is hearing on the new holy land what if I get holy by that statement right didn't even make that one up he plays with the truth to write you are only young once and things as suspended load of Vegas and with crazy till you like I don't know according to the epicenter the combat is pictured to have kids right away when the last twenty years you're killing us Christ and Satan both understand the truth of that statement you only argue once both Christ and Satan know the character is formed an internal decisions are nearly irrevocably established during the crucial years of youth are fighting desperately for your legions during the critical period the psalmist instructs remember now your Creator in the days of yore what you said remembering now in the days of you know we use that phrase but notice the rest of the sentence we know that part was the one that sent before I went difficult days and the years draw near when you say I have no pleasure in the notice carefully the reason given is why was to make a firm commitment to the Lord in the days of our youth and if not because you might die following like me I really don't want to darken your dates and what is this for the last I usually get right with Jesus right now that the Psalmist said method very good reason to death that his reason and in the databases were living she is welcome to an end and that's a good reason to get right the enzyme events are all around us Jesus is coming soon you should get right with the law it only makes sense as long as this is as remaining a creator no longer difficult they come before and when the years draw near when you say I have no pleasure in the most important reason why you don't put off tomorrow you should do today is because the person you are tomorrow is not the person you are today we change we grow we develop in one direction or the other you will make a decision for Christ today you don't you will be closed tomorrow and close the next day you are a different person might be holding you become and if you don't focus on Jesus Christ in your beholding you will be changed so what in the world makes you think that if you can go a few years without beholding Christ with some European end of those years you want to be Christlike you won't want to anymore you will have no pleasure you push away the Holy Spirit push with Holy Spirit and all of a sudden your person without the Holy Spirit is the reason Satan wants to win the you with internal decisions made contradiction as they plan for the new expect great things from young people society expecting nothing from young people they are consumers in the next sign act is valid to them the people who don't do what ever it is a wealth of other consumers they just live herself herself I think great things out of the windows of his anyway I build you a you you are fearfully and wonderfully made and put into action and contradicting the same thing that I expect great things from you the same encouragement with Paul David Timothy about not hiding behind the label you the Lord himself David Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter one Jeremiah chapter one is very famous versus your ludicrous live on versus one five these are worth versus that everyone knows this is the simple stuff verse for the word of the Lord came to me as Jeremiah writing about self came to me before I formed you in the wool I what know you before you were born I sanctified you I ordained you as a prophet to the nation we know that before I formed you in the womb I knew you would allow that but look at the next verse verse six then I said I'll God behold I cannot speak for and what you is a lie you certainly don't expect that for me I don't expect things from young people and he was literally saying this to the Lord and I'm glad the Lord didn't say they are your right minute typical young people will insist it should march this in his response for seven but the Lord said to me well I say I am a new FF any liability for your older demand on you that an excuse not to do I will don't come to me with you is I don't say either you know who you are I just told you I knew you before I formed you don't tell me about you I tell you without you do not say I have a gift for use shall go a magazine that I love the idea of the Lord 's homeopathy I will tell you some things you're going to go but you shall go through all of who I think you and what have I command you you show me not your own work of developing yourself I don't want you to be yourself awaiting my catheter whatever I command you you shall speak do not be afraid of their faith of young people do not be afraid of their faces for I am with you to deliver use of the long person I know the Lord put in hand and touched my mouth and the Lord said to me behold I have put my words in your mouth this is what we need for cabinets young people to have God 's word in their mouth then I would trust them to open their mouths every kind of an amount of downloads you're not ready I will not give you that leadership position you're not thinking yet you are not on the board for them you will not be on finance committee I do not trust you because I don't like you because you would wording to be pretty faces I'm with you was adverse to see I have this day set you over the nations and overlooking the youth leadership to root out and pull down to destroy throw down to building the plant the same expectation by the Whittemore had to Jeremiah he put on many many other people in the Bible in their youth Joseph David Daniel many many others in the time of their youth the Lord used them to do great things because they had his word and they were not afraid of their faces as the Lord was with them they were ambassadors for Christ they did not let anyone look down on them because they're young but they set an example good news is that scientists in Bible times by the way we find the same expectation of greatness from you in more recent years take a look at some of the ages were most influential Adventist pioneers was the only basically abjure my experience called the messenger Lord what age seventeen after two older people turned it down by our use of your usability all use the whimsical the weakest of the week but the words in the mouth the recruitment seventeen years old but did you know that James James White was an ordained minister twenty two and during his first winter of preaching at the age of twenty two thousand people converted to militarism during the winter saying for those native Floridians will explain winter to you some other time you know the diagrams and will do something but I got a note there are places in the world where John Lamoureux committed to Adventism converted to Adventism when he was twenty years old and by that time he had been an itinerant preacher three years St. Andrew's got a late start on itinerant preaching historically twenty one and twenty six he was the first identify Revelation thirteen peace from the earth as the United States of America page twenty six Annie Smith probably heard of her maybe I don't know she died at the age of twenty eight Uriah Smith little sister at her death is not the important thing is sad that she would die twenty eight but in the last three and a half years of her life she wrote over forty five articles for the review and Herald and the use instructors in fact you still have in our hymnal today three hymns in our him most of any suit don't know the song we don't really be a distributor and we probably couldn't read was written in your constructors were back in the day she was writing forty five Portugal Urias Smith became editor of what is now the obvious review at the shocking age of editor of the contribute visit who can be on your man twenty three -year-old as well I do a research on the next effect the nineteen sixties only editors would have gotten the job in their mid to late forties one if he was forty that's good the Mozilla was forty nine makes a long time John Harvey Kellogg of the director of the Battle Creek sanitary my very first healthcare institution was that the director of that age twenty three visitors are most able person twenty three -year-olds come forward would not be shocking on a couple years ago it broke on the Adventist news network that one of our divisions has elected a thirty eight -year-old the division president and the saddest thing was that news broke on the wire is all I will Fourier I was thinking like a hundred years ago but would that be Isa thirty eight -year-old dollars in gold in what was one that knows you during the keynote addresses at the school new convention on July ten nineteen oh seven general resident agent Daniels reminded participants quote some of the strongest and grandest missionaries of the last century were men who went to the mission fields under thirty years of age we have a very definite well-defined message and why should not argue men go out strong in God court abide by his word why should they not become giants of strength among our people is the ninetieth Avenue like most of our missionary humility under the age of my oligopolies all Re: somethings running around out there where are the good old days when it was the young people run in the work today we have a different picture again everyone certain parameters registry when we knew we were child you know you go through greater London youth and then you are at all use them at all reasonable transition to grow in your visit you progress the children's divisions you know I don't remember them in order its crater Holden kindergarten and primary Junior then and then I think of negative by the early thing that you've been you added one eight years ago he was then adult to be realized now you know you've been collegiate men young adult men in February then in him without that is local to look at the things while we now have a collegiate quarterly business recording of Baghdad it will work on my looming failure was on the collegian mean college right here in Cali that's when you need that but I do like the leads of people to get a Masters degree in coming outfits that handle at eleven I don't know if you would like to know what's so hard about it but you is will it be a definition be if you're apologetically and letting military official definition of the collegian a young adult in our churches eighteen to thirty local thirty five eighteen to thirty five still not ready for that felt that order we put this in perspective for you okay by the end of the summer my wife and I will have a combination of five college degrees to back with remasters we both had professional careers continues we own all the cars outright in her own home were going to be working and having a child that is not several weeks I don't regret that they had been in trouble right there I but it is inevitably gotten married right after college and I have learned writer by now okay that's how old we are right at all of this with three more years left in the Clement associate pastor with a member church of retiring and by technicality I should not be in the local early what in the world has happened what's wrong with you is my best explanation I believe if someone does looking you and call you stupid I can have a reversal when I was I spent eight years teaching in this Academy and I would teach beliefs we would always get to the really love teaching this class is the one that really struck me one experience at it really struck me that usually think is when I went to freshman Bible class and I was asked not to teach from the desire of ages the life of Christ and I said well okay we'll use the Bible as a primer to open the divider pages as our secondary textbook these will be a textbook for starting the life of Christ and not coming from a meeting place as part of the administrator explain to me that you can't teach freshman out of the religious said why not us it is whose very young facility may crawl young on the relevant term is defined at forty when you mean well as we research a shower that our life writings are written in eleventh grade level so when their juniors exposing the right spelling as fast but one thing is that we have a rewrite of the desire of ages featuring this and I read it is our right had a friend teaching elementary school down the street and she taught sixth grade and she was teaching using netbook with their business as great as they love it like okay what is nice right we can take a big leap right were ready for this is a big words they don't not look at all motives in the big work is what better place to learn the big wires been in a classroom way Challenger Bible teaches the teacher they are sorry were skipping ahead of us will looking at sponsoring the higher ranges good with two dollars B although I very am out-of-pocket sixty dollars like this where this album is like twelve bucks it was only hard and not only need to get this I can even tell you and a financial argument to get this in your if you are okay let me at least give them but merely presentable vocational thinking that no one chooses to remove that regime was presented that is as literal as are they okay were anything like anything was to be a vital thing to take something to be this fantastic work I believe part of it if it is I have a deserving of attention it is a rewrite of your site which one would you rather held in the rewrite reservoir exactly the words are smaller distances are short of lovable bigger is pictured him whatever it is you invariably by the way I am working to read steps to Christ in my classroom not because they love the book because I had to read one LOI book and it's always been organist right to book was okay but let me ask you discuss why was this the right commission why do they rewrite it in the first place as it did you try to read the other when it was too hard and you went to the press and use it please please please help me remove the care and is that what happened did you try and fail a second rate herbalists the urban legend is that I can't read it okay roominess of the receptor for generation and which one did your parents reading your range which wanted their parents read at your age at the southern and somehow they made it through and they're still in the church when you insert school it must've worked if you haven't read and tried and failed and after the rewrite me why today we might know because somebody just let you thought you were the stupidest Seventh-day Adventist hamper you want to do is assumption don't be like thank you for going into anything you already know the people I know you read this book really opened up the person with each other for the first twelve don't let anyone look down on you because you know someone is looking down on you and you are behind the lie will read the hard book if there's stuff you don't understand will go through it together will read it page by page whereby words that question when you're a liar and they often in their home following its okay his horses this example is I understand shouldn't call it was my whole point someone who is don't get me on the one show what's happening will get to the point of who should be mad at an event as harsh as this example is released we know is not new Paul was addressing this with Timothy two thousand years ago people expect less of an look down on young people for no other reason than I simply know when I go back to the new King James version if you have teens introducing James version go back to first Timothy chapter four and look at the wording of this is because the soft version first Timothy chapter four verse twelve let no one what's the word this by my word what's another word for just five hey don't let anyone hanging healed because of you is that you can imagine the people that well you know tend to be even good enough guy but come on these young and you know how young people are so don't let that stop with you don't let that continue is it possible young people to develop such a bad reputation that automatically the idea of a young leader coming into the congregation with that people often what what what what what what we hate that idea because of the reputation young people have there been any different far too often young people and those who work with young people are notorious for wanting to be cool instead of wanting to be Christlike when you need something deep they get something done instead of offering young people something solid from the word they offer something silly from the world and young people again office don't you dare let that happen don't let anyone don't allow it to happen and you are in control of until ten so the old people to think with you thank you for reputation something that you change the use set an example and by the way before we throw you for leaders to far under the bus is tempting but I am going to sell perhaps it's worth considering and maybe they have tried a deeper more serious thing and it was the young people who grumbled and rolled her eyes and complain and whine and maybe this silly nonsense that we see going on they just know their target audience maybe the reason they show you cartoons is consumed like a car justified in its on the adults in the sanctuary had a Bible study or prayer meeting kids are down in the gym at again nine times since they are they are its youth and young adults you know that the mall or something a public golf will be in your studying about possibility there but that silly is my message young people the cards are stacked against you sorry inherently you have not been as many classes you don't have a handful of knowledge you haven't studied his many things you haven't read as many books you are comparatively ignorant to those older than you that's okay no one expected that are and you haven't been there you haven't done that he would not call me were not collected in my weren't you are not cool don't pretend that you are new or inexperienced be okay with that and if you have a good church family that be okay with that too and teach you and in particular visitation with the regular Junior Deacon and you can be okay with it could you learn some stuff you learn how the organizational structure of the sundown 's church work to understand the type dollars ago some of your thinking I don't know what it is costing your treasurer I don't go said at a financing learn okay by the way wanting to learn how the church works and wanting to be prepared for position of leadership will get you in a position of leadership much much faster than complaining about not being in position of leadership always like usually put in leadership what is this one kid who complains all the time I have been a nomination is nobody that conversation nobody has the conversation it's bad enough they were behind the eight ball with the inherent stuff don't compound the problem by adding foolishness to the mix so my advice is exactly word for word what Paul said don't let anyone down and because you're young but set an example of speech in life love faith and purity seventeen of his church when anything else is revival and Reformation and needs an army of young people rightly what's the word trained willing to be trained ready to be trained ready to take those positions of leadership when they are prepared what we need is some righteous indignation amongst our youth for the years of being treated like a stupid begin on anatomy for telling Alisha mean that personal yourself if you've been the person with the interview guy you're killing us please local mercy stopped a second-level if you have recognized that trading yourself and you are walking straight and narrow path but you still by Association are guilty because of your friend talk to them fix your friends or step away from your friends but your reputation is tied directly into those with whom you associate K and if you and your friend repeat your act straight your dress and writer act and right behavior and review language got your head on straight and you're still getting fed cartoons and silly nonsense youth leaders respectfully when only but decidedly because of them don't be afraid of their faces lit the Lord 's victory given this message what we need in a Seventh-day Adventist churches have been as young people who will step up and be upset in a godly manner humor jokes friend Elihu the young one all of Joe's problems and everything he had other friends were giving advice and they would make up stuff it was not this is terrible awful but yeah well you're all you speak first and finally without enough presented in the search here is worth using the book of Job now because they were years older than he Newman waited to speak to Joe this saw that there was no answer in the mouse of these three men his wrath was a row it is very cold was that answered and said I am young in years I love this and you are very old the is a lot of planning on using your very old therefore I was afraid I cannot declare my opinion do you business with them on his part by the way I said and should speak a multitude of your should teach wisdom and vision but there is a spirit in a man and even the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding great men are not always wise nor the age and always understand justice therefore I say listen to me I also declare my opinion indeed I waited for your words I listened to your reasoning while you sort out what to say I paid close attention to you and surely not one of you convince Joe or answered his words I also will answer on my part I too will declare my opinion for I am all of words spirited enemy compels me indeed my belly is like wine that has no business is ready to burst like new wine skins I will speak that I may find relief I must open my lips and answer let me not I read a show partiality to anyone more let me flatter any man right or not know how to flatter else my maker would soon take me away Lord help us to forget how to flatter people every bar if we've never done it don't have to learn you just say what you need to say with conviction with spirit with the godly when the character within with an aspect that says even with the Lord and you stand for the right though the heavens fall this is what Paul is telling to let anyone look down you because you know because my friends I believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming soon and we've got to work the plate Satan knows the Bible is literally enough that his time is what chart any know the energy in the field of youth and if the only people may experience knowledgeable people to come together living younger impressionable energetic fellow people and certainly working with me giving him a coincidence that they want to keep the age group separate never heard of you like to message turning hearts of the fathers to the children working together step-by-step and United for a well-trained army would include you finishing the work in this generation is a difficult task it got been inherent unavoidable understandable concerns with you that's okay let those rough acknowledged teach me show me in the education given expense and willing to learn my friends the thing that you can control control control do not compound the inherent with the unacceptable don't use ignorance as an excuse for stupidity the use inexperience as an excuse for foolishness it's a difficult task we have a great God and the same God who called Jeremiah of Joseph and Daniel and all of those Adventist pioneers wants to call a final generation of young people will step up and say here I am educate me here I am training me here I am stand me if that is different if that is used in musicals board for family father Lord thank you for this Sabbath day and is beginning and what I think of illegal people in this room thank you for the energy and thank you for this deal I think the commitment to come out with an optional event on a Friday evening praise the Lord Lord I thank you for the message that Paul gave to Timothy and we've read tonight what is my prayer that not one person lets anyone look down on them because they are young Lord let us each and every one set an example for the believers and the speech in our life and our love and our faith in her let us be one of the witnesses for you let them see Christ like you've energetic youth youth start by the Holy Spirit finish a holy war will you understand the greatness of the task you understand the obstacles that lie before us but Lord we know that greater is he that is in you than he that is so we ask your Holy Spirit we ask that Elijah message to come through in this generation we ask that we believe young people and older people who link arms and work together cast aside every satanic expectation and we think the higher goal of Jesus Christ in our lives Lord let us be your ambassadors help us to represent you well help us to carry ourselves like children of the King and Lord help us to finish this works with assuming very soon we will see Jesus face to face pray all this in the name of Jesus and


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