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Reclaim Your Life

Daniel Towar
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Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference



  • June 5, 2021
    11:00 AM
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A spar heads together as we pray. Dear father in heaven and we want to thank you. This is a moment that you've chosen to bring us hope to bring us renewed life, renewed experience. We just pray humbly that your presence will be with us, that your holy spirit will be in control of everything that us and that you'll interpret it right to our hearts in jesus name. Amen. Reclaiming your life. Hillary own was in all truth is back to my story. She's an alter marathoner and to tell you that until this week I had no idea that her particular sport is even a sport because she doesn't just run long distances. Hillary alan and those of her ill g. They run mountains. Her training causes her to run not only marathon lengths, but her training causes her to climb mountains, it within her marathon. And so it's a combination sport. Imagine mountain climbing and precipitous height, climbing all the way up to maybe $15000.00 foot elevation from nearly sea level, and then back down. And how you might feel as you cross a narrow abyss near to a chasm. And then you're running along and you still are seeking for that finish line. So I would like to see one of those events. I wouldn't want to run one of those events. I've run a marathon too, but on a very flat course, certainly a pancake compared to what she accomplished. But while she was in norway, 4 years ago at the top for sport considered to be the all true marathoner among all the women. She fell. She took one rock, it tilted, it tilted hillary allen into a fall as though she was a rag doll into flailing in the air. And she went till gravity, broader right to wear. Gravity will the lowest possible point. She had fallen 150 feet, 150 feet, and she was suffering from multiple breaks of her ribs. Both feet fracturing her back in 2 places. L for no 5. Both of her lower arms were broken. And believe it or not, she could not get up. She needed help. Someone came who was also running that race and you see the picture as within a few moments and still they can find hillary there at the bottom of the ravine where she had fallen. It would be you 11 months of intense training, more than training hydro therapies of all sorts, to get her back to where she had been and then not even 100 percent. She ran up a squaw valley California sky event. Now this is sky racing. They call it sky racing and for good reason, as I've said, and she placed 2nd in that 32 mile course. And what did teacher, it taught her that No matter how far you fallen, and how many of you have ever fallen a 150 feet and lived to tell the story. Now I know my son in law, you know very well, fell 709 feet a couple of years ago, but he was on the end of a bungee cord. I want to do that either. No way. And by the way, pray for him because he's going to jump out of a plane in about another month. And I hope and pray, the man who is all riding his back all the way down remembers to pull the rip coordinate. The parachute wise open were praying already. Keep on praying. Some people just they live on a different level than the rest of us. You understand what I mean? So hillary alan, she was back to it and she place 2nd in the squad valley broken arrow sky. Event, sky range. Please open your bibles with me to the book of proverbs chapter 24 and verse 16 problems. 24. In verse 16, maybe you've been in a fall recently. Maybe you can relate not to a sky race athlete, but maybe you can relate to this for a righteous man, may fall 7 times and rise again. The bible realizes that we will fall from time to time. We're not living on that perfect level yet. We're in the Flash. Maybe there's a rock on the course in a still to just right and we hit it wrongly and off we go. It may not be as dramatic as falling 150 feet, but spiritually it could be. But the writers fall 7 times. And what do they do? They rise up again. Today we're talking about reclaiming your life, reclaiming my life. And so those might be reclaiming what used to be. It's not easy to go back to what used to be not just a couple days ago, being tours as we are in a wonderful host family of our daughter and son in law branch children. We went to the US marine corps museum, how many of you've ever been there? If you haven't been, invite you to go. It's very, very interesting and inspiring. But I think my take away from there. I love most that day and I really didn't realize until after they had a special event in the main concourse of that museum. And we were rolled, rolled up the elevator to the 2nd story or whatever. We could overlook everything we saw the marine color guard come in, and they had the marine, a marine band that was there. And they had a general 3 star general there introducing and you know what it was. It was the wounded warrior regiment change of command. The wounded warrior regiment change of command and I thought to myself, I had no idea the US marines have a wounded warrior regiment and they pay special honor to the wounded among them. So I opened the page and read mission. I'll read it in part. The wounded warrior regiment provides leadership, ensures to support recovery and non medical care of combat and non combat wounded, ill and injured marines. Sailors attached to marine units and their family members in order to maximize their recovery as they return to duty or transition to civilian life. And I thought the marine corps can do that. I know they're a 1st class operation in the marine corps can do that. What about god's people? What about god's church? Do we have any wounded warriors today? In our midst? Have you ever been a wounded warrior for jesus? If you are in the army, there's a pretty good chance for the marines, the navy. That at some point, you know, someone or you have been wounded, we're in god's army. And there may be someone feeling wounded today. How do I know that? I believe every time I preach there's someone in the house, in god, self that's wounded in some way. That in some way they have a special need and it's god's people. We need to come near to them. We may not even know who they are. They may be the person sitting next to you. But god cares about them and God knows about the wounds. And there's new life available that person can have their life reclaimed. You can have if you're the wounded, you can have your life reclaim today. But sometimes easier to just remain. Fallen hillary could've been left for all we know. Maybe it was the time. Maybe it could have been a time, whereas that rock tilted beneath her feet and she fell over the edge of that abyss near to where she ran. Maybe it could have been time where no one had even seen that were no one had even known. And if so, she would have been left there to die, may not be that we would never, that we would ever leave someone to be a failure to fall to so hard and not be noticed. Sometimes you may feel like I'm not where I want to be And in our spiritual life, We need to know that healing as possible. That's where the hope is. Come with me now to the book of jeremiah chapter 29 and versus 13 and 14. Jeremiah the 29th chapter. And this is a promise, one of my favorites in the bible. That tells us about healing and how god is involved in the healing for each and every one of us. You will seek me and find me. When you search for me with all of your heart. I will be found by you says the Lord and I will bring you back from your captivity. The Lord says if you think me with how much of your heart with all your heart, i'm going to let you find me. God is in into being found. And if it doesn't feel like you're finding god, you can know that you're finding god simply because his word as announced that in everybody's reading and God has put his word on the line. And if you need to find god and you're interested with all your heart and doing that, you will find him. You will. That's what the bible says. Someone hillary fell. People thought she would never compete again. And when you have been wounded and fallen, you may be tempted to listen to the doubts. You may be tempted to listen to others who think they mean, well, you will never be the same again. That was a nice life you once lived. But discouragement comes from the enemy. There was a time in my life. I remember it. Well, I was 25 years old in a senior pastor who I had the privilege of working with and someone I highly regard. In fact, as I went into my pastoral ministry and evangelistic ministry through these years, I want to thank him and I wish I could thank him today. But one day he told me, dan, you are not going to make it. You're not going to make his assessment nearly 6 weeks in was I would be a failure in the ministry that was hard. That was hard to take but it inspired me. I chose to claim the bible promise of ephesians, chapter 3. Verse 20. Come with me now to the book of ephesians, chapter 3. In verse 20 I thought I am going to make it one thing I am and that a stubborn But I thought, you know, god will help me. He needs to help me. And it helped me know I needed help. So I thank them for that. You can thank people for just about anything, if you think long and hard enough in the book in the fusions chapter 3 verse 20. It says now to him. So we're going to, we're going to lay it on the line before god. We're going to say, lord, here's my prayer, here's your promise. This is what you said. We're directing this to God himself. Who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above the last sky, racing above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in US. To him be glory in the church by christ jesus to all generations says, but insert your name there. I'm certain mine to all generations. That means to you personally, it means to Dan tower means you for ever and ever ends. A man today we're talking about reclaiming your life this morning. I'm going to give you 3 the think applications that I found in scripture from the book of philippians, chapter 3 versus 13 and 14. And then we'll talk about the dear man who was so low. He was a prime example, someone who had no hope flipping this chapter 3 versus 13 and 14, the apostle paul's writing One of those epic chapters of the bible. Chapter 3 verse, 13 brethren and sisters. I do not count myself to apprehended, says the apostle paul. Now I would think that Well into his ministry nearing the end of his ministry that the apostle paul, if anyone could say, I've made it I've accomplished. I've survived. I've been a success. And you know, I think maybe in ministry it's such an occupation and all of us are in a we're all missionaries, this is the we're god's people here. A man, we're all part gods. Army a man. But sometimes don't you feel like, wow, that bible study didn't turn out. That person that I knew was was going to make their decision for jesus. They didn't make it were, are they know what happened to the people that maybe I knew a year or 2 ago or 3 and maybe were not feeling alter, spiritual at the time. My friends, you can't go on feelings, you can always go on appearances either. We had a lady come to our church just 3 months ago out of nowhere. Now were praying for souls, a man and the Lord. Bless us with someone who came. We had done 0 to bring her there. Absolutely nothing. All glory to God a man. 3 weeks ago, she was baptized and it gives you a high when that happens. First sabbath, we have the privilege of inviting her home to church from church to our home. And she, she gave a testimony that sabbath morning, 3 weeks ago, 15 minutes the testimony we had, I tell you she could preach, she could prince and brand new member. She had 15 pages written out. I said the pastor, he gave her 15 pages. You'll never have a chance to preach. So he turned down to about 3. But I'll tell you what she was so thrilled. God is working. He has his interests list, stay men, they're out there. They're ready to come to living hope church. Sometimes they're wounded. Sometimes we need to reclaim our life. So we go to flippy and 3 and Paul of all people. He said, I don't even caught myself that I've apprehended. But one thing I do, and we're going to break that into 3 parts for getting those things that are behind, reaching forward to those things which are head, i press toward the Mark for the prize of the high calling of god in christ jesus. Praise god. What a passage point number one. Forgetting it's hard to forget, especially if you fall, especially if you feel like you're not where you want to be. Why should we forget? God does know I was raised to think god never forgets. He's a omnipotent he's. I'm not a missions all knowing god says, I forget. What does god forgive hebrews chapter 8 verse 12. It says for I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins lawless deeds. I will remember no more how many times of god's people living a new covenant days is you and I do living in the days we can look back at the sacrifice of jesus on the cross of calvary to redeem us from all of our sins. How many times i'm asking you god's people this morning. Have you ever in prayer, as god to forgive you and we ought to. But if we've left that prayer, circle that prayer time with god, and we get up and we feel like maybe he hasn't, maybe our prayer didn't send all the way to heaven. How many times do we forget that god forgets our sin? When we truly confess it to him? Doesn't 1st draw one verse 9. Say if we confess our sins, he is what he's faithful. He has just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That's given in jeremiah 3134. By the way, hebrews 8 was 12 hebrews, 10 verse 17. Their sins and their long deeds. I will remember no more. I believe with all my heart today, if I had believed that promise more, that my wife would have worked out better than what it has. So 1st of all, time to forget some things. Time to believe that you're forgiven. If you can believe that, and you've truly asked god to forgive you, he's forgiven you. Why can't you forgive yourself? Then he said, reaching on those things that are before the 2nd secret of this. Having that focus, that one thing. First of all, forgetting secondly, reaching, reaching forth to those things that are before. And I want to tell you something that doesn't make sense to me, but I just wrote it up because I felt impressed. Right it. Not that I'm going to inspired person, but I believe it's in harmony with the bible record. So this is what I said, never forget this. There is more ahead of you than what you lost when you left fell. The last counter intuitive. It doesn't make sense. What I just said, but the gospel doesn't make human sense, god things outside the box. What god is known, who has ever decided to give his life willingly on the most ignominious kind of death, burying the sins of his subjects and saying, my God, my God, why has self forsaken me? If you've ever felt her sacon, jesus fell even more whereas gosh, jesus knew would have felt like So we can go forward and faith God hasn't forgotten you. But he's willing to forgive your sin. And to forget that hillary fell like that ragdoll. 150 feet, a huge fall. But if you learn from your hurts of the past, you will learn it is possible to believe in any thing. That's what she said. And I can't tell you truthfully that she's a christian, but it's christians. If and when we fall, if you're willing to admit to God and confess that sin to God you are not cast off, you are not forsaken by god. He will cast those sins into the depths of the sea. Micah chapter 7, verses 819. He will separate them from you as far as the east is from the west. He will give you a new life. He'll renew you and you might say, yeah, but I've wasted all my life. It doesn't matter. That doesn't matter anymore. That's forgotten. You have a new you, you have a new life. You can be reclaimed, you can know that reclaiming today. And a life live for jesus. One day. The thief on the cross. Don't wait until your last day. Don't wait. You need to find out how good it is to serve god today. Keep hold of god throughout your life. What an advantage that is, but redeemed the time. What does the bible say? Andrew jo? tubers 29. He will redeem the years that the locust has eaten. He'll make you better somehow some way. Again, it doesn't seem to make sense. But god is able to cake our feelings and use them to his advantage. When he is able to forgive your thing. He's able to use them to his advantage and thwart the schemes of the double. And that's what we want to do. A man, jesus took our hurts, he took our wounds, he took our sins upon himself. At the cross of calvary, i want to ask you sincerely, what is it in your life that you would like god to take away so that you can reclaim your life to day. Today, you could be struggling with impurity of thoughts. A broken relationship perhaps over eating You fill in the blank. These things god readily forgives. What's counter intuitive to it's easy not to like some people. It's easy to hold other people in there soon even after the sins forgiven. The question is, are we ready to forgive ourselves and others? Are we willing as the lord's prayer says, forgive us, our lord, our deaths as we forgive those who are indebted to us, are we willing to reach forth for victory? If you fall, you can get up again. This is reclaiming your life. In the bible doesn't condemn you from falling 7 times. Peter thought it was great. He wanted to probably wanted to impress jesus one day when he said, lord, if my brother sins against me. 7 times in the, in a day, Should I forgive him? Because they sort of thought in their culture. 1233 strikes you're out. I mean, it'd be good to forgive a person 3 times in a day who's something sinned against you wanting it? I don't know if I can think of a time when someone sinned against me 3 times in a day and I needed to go back another couple times after that. Forgive him again. Nothing generous. And peter, he's gone way beyond that. He says ward 7 times and she said no, 70 times 7, don't keep count. That's hard on me. That's hard on you. The gospel thinks out of the box. There will be in the kingdom of god some day. People that you meet, that you know, they would not be there. You know somehow some way if the Grace of god were there, that god did not make a mistake. But it doesn't mean we won't be surprised, man. Point number 3. Press forward. I press toward the Mark for the prize of the high calling of god in christ jesus. I might like this what, why like wal forgetting reaching pressing forward. And you know, when I, when I thought about pressing forward, i thought boy, that I hope people think that I'm preaching works righteousness or not. You know what pressing forward is you find the idea in matthew chapter 11 verse 12. It says, jesus said from the days of john the baptist, the kingdom of god has, has suffered violence in the violence. Take it by force. In another way of saying it and the violent, the ones who really want the kingdom of god are always pressing into it. What the text and flipping chapter 3 verse 14 says, be violent against the double. And with all your heart decide, i'm going to press closer and closer, not just to the goal, not just to the price. And it's a wonderful price, but press closer to jesus. Press closer to jesus, press toward the goal for the price of the high calling of god in christ jesus pressed into christ jesus every day. When I began life marathons in Chicago, i was already 58. My 1st one and I had never dreamed in all my life that I had to take the crazy decision to run 26.2 miles and not stop. But the truth is, the secret isn't the training. You don't start out in run 26.2 in training on the 1st day. In fact, you never get to that level until the rates. I think there's some marathoners here. I know there we have at least one how many of you, maybe one or 23. I don't know, But I was on that starting line when you're way back there and there's 40000 other runners and it takes about actually 20 minutes to get from where you're out to the starting line. Maybe 25 minutes to get to the actual starting line. But I was so pumped up my whole thought was the finish line. In a mile 24. As I was running with heidi and my nephew, there was a man with a fog horn. And he said, congratulations, you have finished something that you've run the chicago marathon, something a few people have ever done in their life. Whether you run walker crawl, you're going to cross the finish line And some across the finish line as christians as martyrs for the faith. But the cross f finish line, you can reclaim your life. And those words are etched in my memory from that fog horn man, whoever he was, I just heard it. I don't see him, but keep your eyes on. Jesus considers word, read it, personalize it. It's just for you. As of jesus speaking directly to you. So 3 of think things, forgetting the past, reaching forth unto the future and pressing toward the prize in christ jesus. You can reclaim your life. You were designed, dr. Laurel. Shallower in her book, reclaiming sanity. You were designed with the power of the holy spirit to choose your thoughts and behavior. That's a powerful statement. It is a difficult journey, but one filled with hope. You can reclaim who you were designed to be. You can reclaim you who you were designed to be. Recently. Harvard university, They published a book, there wasn't harvard, excuse me. Johns Hopkins university. Were been carson used to be head of their neural surgery department. And the book was entitled, why can't I stop? Why can't I stop it? examine some of the most common serious addictions that could be that someone here has an addiction, gambling and morality stealing internet shopping and buying, hair, pulling and skin picking, and food. They studied all that out. Why are they starting it out there? studying that to give diagnosis, but not only that, but treatment suggestions. The point is this in the world. They're asking the question, what can I do to reclaim my life? To really stop what we saw for long years to do. Soon needed devotional life using your life to the holy spirit willing us to be involved in his mission. Being accountable was a spiritual friend, engaging with other spiritual people, taking specific action steps like forgetting, and reaching and pressing. There's hope for you and christ. The story and John chapter 5 proves that point Before jesus was ever born in bethlehem, this man was lying, perhaps even then at the pool of bethesda historian john chapter 5 follows the sequence of personal interviews that jesus has with a number of different people. And John wants his disciples and John to, he's at the marriage feast and he asked them to get some more water in those jars that was turned into wine. And John, chapter 3, we have jesus and nick diem, with John ford, the woman at the well and John chapter 5, it's the name man who was paralyzed. It was so near what he thought to be the source of healing. And yet, after 38 years, he was in the same spot. He was stark, in the same identical, hopeless, miserable condition, a case of supreme wretchedness. The sick man was lying on his mat and occasionally lifting his head to gaze at the pool when a tender, compassionate face bent over him, the words will be made home, arrested. His attention. One of jesus today was bending over any one of us and he was asking the question, do you want to be made? Well, what would you say home sprung up in his heart. He felt that in some way he was to have help. He felt in some way he was to have help. But you notice the scripture says, even though he felt in some way he was to have help. He said, how can I I've been this way a long time. And whenever the water is about to move or when it does move, i don't have any one to help me in, so I can't be healing. I can't be hill. I tried, but I can't move. There's no way that I'm going to ever get in there. There's no way I'm never going to get well, you start getting all these various reasons as to why he was still laying there for 38 years, a supreme wretched case. And how did jesus respond to the negative assessment that that man gave of his own personal life? Have you ever been negative about your life? I know I've been negative about mine, lord, you consider buddy, else? You can't save me. I've had that thought. I've given that thought to God I, I bumps back up toward heaven and you know what? I believe that somehow god's holy spirit changed to you know what danny said this, but what day I met from his heart was lord, help me. God doesn't always listen praise god, what we say verbal lee. He listens to our heart. He knows what we're really thinking what we really want. What about the demoniac? They came out and they said, jesus, what we have to do is you get out are here, but inside there were thank you all or jesus save me. Zack years. He wrist burst. No man with his status in life. Whatever crawler, climb a tree, he just go back to the office 3 belong, you know? But sac is he got up in that tree and he didn't care anymore. People were saying, I don't know if you saw jesus up here, but jesus nor was accurate was he knows where you are today. Jesus cares about you. You might be a case of supreme wretchedness. If you're not the doubles convinced you of that, I thought it was me, a man who had been a helpless cripple for 38 years. His disease in a great degree was because of his own sin, alone and friendless feeling that he was shut off from god's mercy. The software had passed long years of misery, a tender, compassionate face though jesus said you want to get well. What's the 38 in your life? What's the 38 in your life? I'm not talking about a weapon i'm talking about. Is there 38 years in your life? It doesn't matter if 38 minutes, 38 years, 30, whatever. What's the 38 and your life? Maybe it's criticism, maybe it's alcohol. Maybe it's gossip or half truce. Jesus can still reclaim your life. A man. Jesus simply said, rise, take up your bird and walk in that man to a cold of that command with all of his will, he decided to obey the Lord jesus. And through the same faith we may receive spiritual healing today. Are you ready for that? Are you ready for that spiritual healing the day? Your words don't have to be perfect when you address Address the Lord. He knows your thought. The holy spirit will be sent to interpret that perfectly to the father in heaven. Sean cunningham was with his son landon at a spring baseball game and florida between the pirates and the brazen as they sat there, enjoying the game. Everything going well, I've been one baseball, professional, baseball, i guess several baseball games in my career as a spectator. And then all of a sudden the bat came sailing towards them from the batter's hand, as he whipped at a strike in the batter left his hand and it came sailing into the audience. There the stadium. People, as you can see in the picture, began bending over, they began closing their eyes and began putting up their hands. But land and his son in the middle of the page he, he's totally oblivious until the very last moment. And his father's seeing the back coming reaches his arm out and just then stops. It's projector re toward the face of his dear little boy. And in the same way, jesus has reached out for you today. He can reclaim your life, your life is reclaimed. You can forget the past because god is willing to do that a man. You can claim that new life in jesus, you can go forward and you can press your life into the life of jesus. And he's going to enfold you in his arms. How many are today ready to make that decision for jesus? Sorry, willing to say lord, i'm willing by your grace to forget. I'm really by your grace to move forward to reach forward. And I'm willing by your wonderful grace to press ever closer to you. As my personal lord and savior that being prayer of your life would that be the desire of your heart today? If it is, I'd like to invite you to stand with me as we pray Or father and help, and we want to thank you. You have given us the hope of the gospel today, the hope of a man who had no hope until the day that jesus in compassion bent over his body. That could not move and told him. Now you can move again. You don't have to be stuck any more. You can have new life because of me, all doubts removed. Lord. He was able to forget the past. He was able to read sharp his hand toward jesus and as he did, he found that new life whose life was reclaimed. How many just would like to have stood just reach your hand upward toward heaven. I've done that sometimes. I'd like to invite you to do the same to james, just lift your hand toward heaven and say, roared, i'm willing to forget the past. I'm willing to let you put up behind me. I'm willing to reach forward and I'm willing to press my life by your grace and to the life of my dear savior. Lord, i'm ready to reclaim for you, lord, to reclaim my life. Is that your prayer? raise your hands heaven. Where does A man thank you, lord. Thank you that you really do care about us. Thank you that you want to stand us is no one else can claim that new lives ro, lord jesus. Just know, I pray and his dear and shaving named news. This media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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