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02 Birth of a Superpower

Lyle Southwell
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Lyle Southwell

Lyle Southwell is a commentator, speaker, historian and eschatologist who has lectured around the world for the past 25 years. He is currently the host of the popular FaithFM breakfast show that airs across Australia. Since the start of 2020, Lyle has enjoyed being a part of the NNSW Conference evangelism team. He is happily married to Shell, and they have two adult sons. 


  • October 28, 2020
    7:00 AM

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Ah, never before have we had such a lesson opportunity to build the more perfect union of our founders dreams. We hold these truths to be felt that all men are created, if They are down by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the true genius on america. I have a mean one thing. If nature will rise up, live up remaining of its cream. We cannot forget today that we as of that for the rebels. The only thing we have is From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. Will not our country at all and the glow from that fire and truly like the world. Pre Real weird things. Weird scene so much. But there's so much more to do When the United States came into being, it was an enigma to the world. After having broken free from the british empire, how could george washington not proclaimed himself king and started dennis de never before had the great powers seen a head of state serve a couple of terms and then retire it was on hurdle. And to imagine that the position was not part of his grandson, it was simply beyond comprehension and was known as the great experiment, a nation ruled for the people by the people. Certainly it was a system that could never last. And so europe set back with their popcorn to watch it all disintegrate in a few short years. But it didn't. And as it, as they watched it grew into a power that came to dominate them all and merely by success without firing a single shot, it doubled every monarchy in Europe. So when did the United States come from? And how did this nation come to be such a superpower? And where does it fit? Into bible prophecy? The United States can only be understood as a reaction to medieval europe. And when the bible begins to unpack the story of America, it's done by giving background history of the forces in Europe that came together to form the United States. Simply put the story of medieval europe is the story of religion. Religion dominated every aspect of european politics and history. And in western europe, there was just one church that dominated the world in much the same way that the U. S. Dominates will. Today. It is with the history of the Church of the dark ages that the bible begins to unpack the story of the United States. Let's take a moment to look at what it says. In revelation 13 and verse one. We find this passions. I stood on the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having 7 heads and 10 horns and upon his horns, 10 crowns, and upon his heads, the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like a leopard. His feet were like the feet of the bear, his mouth like the mouth of a lion, and the dragon gave him his power, his seat, and great authority. Clearly, we have described to us here, a symbolic creature. I am absolutely confident that none of you that have ever seen one of these either in the wild or in the moon. And so if we have a symbolic prophecy, we need to look at the various symbols contained with in this prophecy, to be able to understand it and find out what does the bible say that these symbols symbolize. We don't have time to look at every aspect of this symbolic creature. And so we will leave the discussion of the composition of this based along with its 7 heads to discussion that comes after this presentation. However, there are some key aspects we must consider, and these are, 1st of all, the beast, 2nd, the water, it comes from 3rd, it's tain, horns for the crowns, and finally the source of its power. So let's begin with the beast. What does a beast symbolizing bible prophecy? What this particular point we could cd and scratch a heads and think really hard. And so I would, you know, I think that symbolizes this. In that case, we would come up with an opinion. However, if we go over to daniel chapter 7, verse 17, we find a concept that we are very familiar with today and that a based assembly, an animal in bible prophecy, is simply a symbol of a nation. We think of a trailer, it is symbolized by the kangaroo in the evening. We go to New zealand and our friends over there. They symbolized by a key we bird. The United States of course, is symbolized by an eagle. And so we could go around the World, and of course these are modern symbols for these nations. If we go to daniel chapter 7 and verse 17 speaking about 4 great animals in this prophecy, back here, the bible says these great priests which are 4 or 4 kingdoms which will arise out of the earth. And so we find that in bible prophecy, much like to day he nations symbolized by animals, an animal or a beast. In bible prophecy is a symbol of a nation. This one is going to be the dominant nation during the dark ages. Now the 2nd thing that we notice about this beast is that it rises out of the water. Once again, we asked the question, what does the water symbolize? And we're going to look for a bible definition. Because when you know what the bible says, you know that you are not speculating, you not simply making things up. You are allowing the bible to interpret itself. So let's find a bible definition for what water is when it is used in symbolic prophecy and symbolic language. Revelation chapter 17. This time we will go tooth and right here in verse 15, the bible said. He said to me, the waters which you saw where the hor sits, people and multitude and nations and tongues. And so very simply what you have depicted in revelation. 13 is a nation that is rising the power and it's coming up amongst a heavily populated area over the earth, where there are multitude of people and nations and tongues a little bit further on. Going back to this prophecy, we find that this based has 10 horns when it comes to power. And when you go to the beginning of the medieval europe, you'll find that west in Europe was dominated initially by 10 separate nations. They were the anglo saxon, the burgundy, and the elemental, the franks, the busy golf, austria golf, stand with her, a lot, lombard, and sway by 7 of those nations, other foundational nations of western europe. And in this scene, we can see that the crowns, rather than being on the beast itself, not on the head of the beast, are on the horn, themselves, indicating that the roman empire has collapsed. And sovereignty has moved from the beast to the independent nations. Once again, daniel 7 shed some light on this. Let's go back there very quickly and know what it says in verse 24. Where the bible says the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 kingdoms that shall arise. And initially medieval europe started off with 10 separate nations. But we'll take a little bit further into that. If we go back to revelation chapter 12, we find that there was a beast that preceded this one that came from the sea that looked like a leopard. Revelations of the T 12 is where we will go to next. And I want you to notice with me the language that is used in verse 4 and 5 bible says he brought forth, sorry before his child or the 3rd part of the stars of heaven threw them to the earth. The dragon stood before the woman which was ready to give birth to devour her child as soon as it was born. So here we have the symbol of a dragon. The one in chapter 13 looks like a leopard. This one looks like a dragon. But this one also the bible describes inverse 3 having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns on his heads. You notice here a couple of key differences here is still got 7 head and then horns. The nation is the foundational nations of western europe. Are still there, but the sovereignty, this time, the crowns are on the beast. This is the empire. And you'll say no, none of that satan. Yes, we know that we understand that. But it is satan who works through earthly power. And so this is site and working through an earthly power, the roman empire. And we know that for sure when we noticed the 4 where the bible says he stood before the woman to devour her child. As soon as it was born, she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of wine. And her child was called up to God and to his front. That's jesus christ. You simply asked the question, who was it that tried to destroy jesus at the time of his birth, and that was the roman empire. So here we have in chapter 13, the rise of a nation coming from a heavily populated region of the world based on 10 independent nations, the crowns on the horns with the source of its power being the roman empire. This notion goes on to become a world superpower during the dark ages. The bible stating that power was given unto him over all kindreds and tongues and nations. There, there was only one dominant power stretching over the independent nations of europe during the middle ages. And that was the Church of rome. We'll know that. But I want you to notice is just how specific the prophecy becomes about the vatican state during that time. First, you will notice the emphasis on worship in both for the bible states. Thy worship the beast and then the birthright. The bible says all the will worship the base during the sierra. This is not just an ordinary nation. This is a nation that is also a religion. But we last ask how and when did the vatican receive such a universal pow and once again in incredible clarity, the bible has the answer with 3 specific requirements that were exactly fulfilled, not as revelations, 13 and verse to the end of verse to the bible says the dragon, we mentioned the dragon, imperial rome. Good gave to him his power, his seat, and great authority. So we asked the question, did that actually happen? Well, let's think about the church in the middle ages. We have a name for the day, we call it the roman catholic church. Why? Because it has the seat, the Capital city of the roman empire. But what about these other aspects here? There are 3 of them, his power, his seat, and his or 30, and understand that we need to go back in history to a time period when the seat of the roman empire was moved from constantine from from rome to constantinople, and the improves of rome. The political emperors of rome in the 538, and we're going to talk more about this in our next presentation. But the emperors of rome by the decree of justine in gave to very specifically gave to the church their power, their seat. And there are 30, just as the bible said, and so we find the vatican received the power seat and authority of the roman empire. Just as the bible study would. In fact, standing as christians institution stated, the pope bills the place filled the place of the vacant emperors of rome, inheriting their power, prestige and titles from paganism. Now what does the bible say? What happened to the small nation with all this power? Well, unfortunately, power corrupts and heal familiar with the history. The dark ages you will know that the power was severely abused. The vatican created a judicial system called the inquisition through the inquisition of the religious wars that followed up to 150000000 people lost their lives there fight. There's a reason why jump all the 2nd, made an apology for the actions of the church during this period in the year 2000. In fact, the roman catholic, cardinal alford, blood rely, described this way. The catholic church loudly proclaimed that she has all of blood. Nevertheless, when confronted by heresy, she has recourse to force to corporal punishment to torture. She creates tribunals like those are the inquisition encourages a crusade or a religious war, especially did she act thus in the 16th century with regard to protestants. She lived in italy, the low countries, and above all, in spain, the funeral pyres of ink was ation in france and england, she tortured the heretic, se was both in france and germany. She encouraged and aided the religious was no one will deny that we have here a great scandal to our contemporaries. Indeed, even among our friends and brothers, we find those who did not look this problem in the face. They asked permission from the church to ignore or even deny all those acts and institutions of the past, which have made orthodoxy compulsory. Let's go back to what else the bible has to say here in revelation chapter 13. Once again, henry detail fulfilled the dark ages. The medieval era so specifically described to us bible says it was given unto him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and nations. So how did all this come to an end? And what does it have to do with the rise of the United States? Well, in revelation $133.00 bible says the vatican would receive a bite to wound. And a verse 5, it says the wound would come at the end of a 42 month period. So what's that all about? Once again, we must understand that this is a symbolic prophecy. And when we're dealing with symbols, we need to look for those symbols and to define them when we find them. So what does a day, how long as a month and what does a day symbolizing bible prophecy will the biblical month is exactly 30 days long, and people who are followed and some who still do follow the biblical calendar every few years. And in an extra month to reset their calendar with the cycle of the around the sun. Now, when we look at the biblical calendar of 30 days to a month, and then we go to Z, q, chapter 4 and the 6. And by the way, this is just one verse, i'm giving you one verse for, you know, each of the symbols. There are many, was the principal you find right through the bible. But I'll give you one 1st 4046. This was an actor that prophecy, that a Z q was acting up and God said, when you have accomplished in log in on your right side, you will be the iniquity of the house of judah. 40 days, I have appointed you each day for a year. So here's what interesting did you notice that the 42 monk prophecy ended in 1798? Now think about it. When did the United States become a nation? Well, if he won the answer to that question, along with all of its implications, you need to join us a pot to this presentation coming sometime tomorrow. Story, the dark ages would not be complete. However, without mentioning the great protestant reformation of the 16th century. Sadly, the protestants copied the model, handed to them from the vatican, and formed what is known as magisterial protestantism, or state sponsored churches. This union of churches di, created the same problem that existed in, in the roman church. And persecution broke out against anyone who did not believe the same as the state rung. Protestant churches when america was formed. It was the result of christian fleeing from State sponsored church persecution. And that state sponsored church persecution was protestant persecution, persecution. Finally, we should mention the french revolution, which was almost contemporary with the American revolution. The french revolution was different from the American revolution in a place equality 1st, while the americans placed liberty 1st. I want you to think about that for a moment. Think about the environment that we find ourselves in the world right now and ask ourselves this very simple question. What is it that is happening in our world? Do we have equality as being the primary issue? All liberty is being the primary issue. You see, when americans placed liberty 1st and equality, 2nd, they went home to become world superpower, wasn't quite the same with france, there was, it descended into a bloody revolution where they kind of put themselves and 40000 people died. And so these were some of the primary factors that influence the formation of the United States. A nation with no king or emperor a nation with separation of church and state and nation with religious liberty and freedom of conscience enshrined within its constitution. A nation that endeavored to learn from and correct all the abuses of the middle ages. Sadly, america has not stayed the land of the free. Over the last few months and years, we've seen liberties and freedoms that were wants to stand in for the rest of the world. Eroded away. And as we move through this series, you see just how this is taking place. Now of course, the best part of this prophecy is what the bible says about those who overcome all earthly powers and find their names written in the lamb's book of life. And we need to spend some time talking about this particular group. So let's go back to revelation chapter 13, revelation chapter 13. Of course. As we look at this passage, we need to remember this is the bible giving you the background for the rise of the United States. One thing that I love about scripture is that when god gives us History, he's like any good historian. He loves to go back and say OK, this is all of the background. This is all of the events that were taking place. We're going to talk about the rising not as stated before we go there. Let's look at the horses that time to give, to form this nation. Why you this nation, the way that it in? That's why we have this prophecy of this 1st based right here in revelation chapter 13. In fact, the bible says more about this 1st beast than what we've read so far. The bible says that this post based would descend into blasphemy. And if you go back to the dark ages, you're going to find some very strong statements that we would say would be very, very strongly against scripture, some of which are even continued to day. In fact, if we go back over to let's go back to the book of mock for a moment. And let's consider what jesus said back here. The bible says, when jesus saw their face, he said to the sick of the palsy, son, your sins are forgiven. You catch the next little conversation that happens. He because he you have, I 1st century definition of what blasphemy is. But they were sent to the scribe sitting their reasoning in the heart saying, why does this man speak blasphemies? Who can forgive god, who can forgive sins, but god alone If you're looking for, you know, blast me today Can refer to many, many different things. But if you will, looking for a biblical definition for blasphemy, from the 1st century in which the book of revelation, revelation was written, it was simply claiming the power takes a give since the circuit church of the dark ages descend into that Well did. And that's called a regular confession. If we go over to the gospel of john, we find something else regarding john chapter 10. And we find this concept comes up again. Jesus dates in John chapter 10 and verse 29. My father, which gave them me is greater than all and no man is able to pluck them out of my father's hand. I and my father, one thing the jews took up stones to throw it. Jesus said to them, many good works have I showed you from my father for which of these works. Do you stone me? The jews answered him saying for good work we do not stone you. But for blasphemy, because you being a man like yourself, god. And if you go back through history, and if you read some of the pronouncements made during the dark ages by the Church of rome, you will find this was a church that was definitely setting itself up as god. And as it said, it fills up as god we see that corruption coming in that caused you to persecute bitterly any body who disagreed with it. This is a danger that we should all be aware of. We understand the saying So well today that you know, ultimate power is ultimate or ends with ultimate corruption. Revelation chapter 13, let's go back here and let's spend some time now I want to unpack the very best part of this prophecy. Revelation chapter 13 and let's go down to the site in concluding this section where god takes us through, okay, this is the, this is the historical background to the rise of the United States. Comes to the end of the 2nd and doesn't want to leave it as being just all bad. You know, we could look at him, gods is just, you know, completely down on everything and everybody during this period. No, that's not the case either. God is not in the business of just discouraging us. Lot of very, very faithful people during this time period. The bible says all that live on the US, your worship in this is the 1st place in the Church of the of the dark ages whose names are not written in the book of life, of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. It would be easy as historians to look back at this period and to see so much corruption within christianity and say they would, they would just all last you know, these, these people didn't had. They had no relationship with god whatsoever at all. And yet the bible says that right through that time period, there were those who had their names written in the lamb's book of life. Revelation 12 mentioned live in revelation 12 and verse 5 and 61. But the woman bought for the manchild as jesus, who was there all, all nations with a rod of on her child was caught up to got into his throne and the woman. And you'll remember that a woman in bible prophecy symbolizes the church. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place preserved of god that they should feed her. They for 1260 days 42 months, of course, 1260 days. That's the same time period. Time here began in 538 ended in 1798. That's going to be packed in the next presentation. But what we have very simply here is the bible describing this, that god faithful people would be preserved right through this time period. That it wouldn't all just be bad news. And so if you dig into your history and you want to look at the medieval period, and if you look at one of those, look at the, the corruption of power that took place during that time period. And even the apologies have in mind forwarding now day. We need to remember is not all bad, right? Through that period. They were faithful men and women who followed jesus with their whole hearts fully dedicated to him. And the bible says that the names were written in the lamb's book of life. Now there are many different names for jesus. So why call it the lamb's book of life? What's that all about? It could have called the jesus book of life, the son of man, the son of god in menus book of lot. But the land once it gets that. Because when ever the bible uses one of the many different names or titles for jesus, the bible does it with a specific purpose in mind. And when the bible references the lame, where does that take allied? Will that take their mind straight to the sacrifice? The lamb was an animal of sacrifice. Jesus was the land. How do we get our names then? In the book of life? Could there be anything more important for you and I to know the answer to revelation chapter 13 follows on into revelation. Chapter 14. In revelation chapter 14 inverse for the bible describes those which follow the LAN wherever he goes, redeemed from among been 1st for its on the earth. Well, what could that mean? Following the land wherever he goes? Would you think about that? When jesus was the lamb? Where was he going? lance is very simple. When jesus was the last and he was going to calvary to be sacrificed. And when the bible speaks about those who follow the land, wherever he goes, it speaking about those who will follow jesus wherever he goes. What ever he asks. They just love him so much and I can't hold back in romans roman step 12. The bible says pulses, i beseech you therefore better by the mercy of god that you present your bodies a living sacrifice. Notice the language, sacrifice wholly accepted into god, which is your reasonable when you understand just how good god is the least we can do to get our lives and we are so glad you have joined us here on the indoor digital america n V in. And we have really just scratched the surface of everything. The bible has to say about events that are happening in our world right now. And so because of that, we would like to extend to you a free offer. If you would like personal bible study, or if you would like to have a copy of my free bible study guide series called the prophetic code when simply call or text, the number that you see on your screen. Right now. We look forward so much to hearing from me.


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