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Evolutionary thought, Spiritualism and the End of Time

Kwabena Donkor


  • June 27, 2010
    12:45 PM
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for this presentation on evolution and spreads one is an especially awesome time comes with Jules is a subject that has captured my attention like recently and I said that in July but what I sit you is not probably the last word on it I will excite your mind gets thinking on the subject emotional refill spiritualism and the end of time the two disciplines that have significant impact on all cultures especially in the West science and religion during the morning times it looked like window was not out opportunity masala and within this team disciplines that are two subjects to topics that have taught some quite significant resurgence in recent times I don't think about spirituality or spiritualism antipollution what comes suddenly I sigh thought about this is that is that the connection between these two subjects Alyse wax applies to read something from great controversy that's my thinking on this issue the NY phase Spiritualism teaches that man is the create shop of progression that it is his destiny from his birth to progress evident to eternity toward the go-ahead not how to study at a brick into the philosophy of the Jesuit priest she had taken of the shop been my attention quickly wet winter connection between spiritualism and emotion you know what that is obsessed in that topic is not the one we got used to when we talk about it as you think about I was unable to all of the devotion just fine because I think it is the sum of those essential articles and the seven-day Adventist chats I can go so it's understandable but I think of all that is seems to me that if that is indeed a connection between evolution and spiritualism then this debate this issue how far along the implications for the cost of conflict so come on us we explore an obit the concept of emotion that is that a particular idea of English and Dutch costs all seventy interests some concern and that notion is that evolution is the origination of species of animals and plants but in my strongest process of development from out enough forms and not by a process of special creation this is the concept of emotion that causes concern in present times but it was optimized to know about the idea of old diamond devotion was already in ancient times vacations together with it the great philosophers so I'm not for example you talk about invoicing on the God and Leslie and that can be done with something a lot of cell phones on to more complex life forms the first century Roman philosopher Christians also believe talk to you is important when I yelled this on my bottle of the fittest this idea was that my English only begun spontaneously by seeing all these ideas about the abortion where we most often speculations they had little material basis it was not until modern times that people will have to contend with the material basis of the Bush by the time when finding on great strides in the West this is the timeline all living all people begun to look at the structure of world 's and missed all these justifications that you doesn't work and fossils how would you experience all the phenomena they were seeing there were questions to be concept how is it that you hot fossils Maureen Orban is unfulfilled on top of mountains I explained that it would explain the fact that too obvious for souls some of them some of the hunting organisms seemed largely extinct how do you explain that and that they realized that they were the rock formations the West obligations how do I can't for the vessel and in order not to try to deal with these issues are caused for not only the certification by the phenomenon would seem to me that some of our last forms were at the bottom of this truck how do you explain this we don't have the time to go into the details but to lead the orders were propounded the first one which is called mechanism one which called on and what you really prepare the way for dialing was what we call uniform Internet is the latest on how bad what all the people will try to make a test to explain the phenomenon of fossils but with the top book the adult here is one that we spent a lot of time on because eight actually put biological misfortune and his research wolves will spot on this to develop a portion of ideas called the fall upon the English artist are not marked already hot cereals in what is not yours I would be propounded so when Darwin came on the scene it was I guess were already in the ad especially the concept of uniform metabolism how Darwin proposed identical suit what informed that in phases that when you got the rocks and assignments it must have taken advantage long time for this is lawful and powerful idea of long time can't be developed before Darwin came on the scene mountain snake August already I didn't die when I is not helped him to develop the concept of the survival of the fittest is evolution but what we want to set up Oxbridge what is significant trusting that on the same time that organic emotion was being developed that I know spiritualism on talking about Morgan's bridge was was also being developed now we caused them to thinking about spiritualism in terms of the so-called and sorcery and magic and stuff like that but more what is hot and larger agenda more what is Caesar's both natural and human inhibition as salt this closing revelation of the divine visit the blog concept under which Mormons were flooded and developed sophomore ones and that was ten to reconcile science and religion and they went to was through evolution and Islam write about my dog robots can and a few thoughts about the psyche of the discipline then assaulting script which I have this quilt block does not report this is what they say while limited in its zeal devotion from the standpoint of occult philosophy this is talking about Darwinism without we noticed your he was never the less they pick us up funds in basic scientific inquiry says the type of Milton and was indispensable in riparian background for the conception of Sprint love devotion outlined in this secret doctrine not the sacred doctrine claims that they included this is a non- import is not itself this cobbler and visit the drawings to all sprinklers because interesting that this same time if you are into philosophy adult philosophy was also asked by the phone to write about it I don't dialectical disparate ways and lots of my desperate deforming gnosticism and I'm busy and some of the redness on the summit is developed this is the same time that's right London is developing the video also comes up with this view mouth wide and eighteen eighties it will also sport what is more funded by but by nineteen sixty eight five on the bottom of what is called synthetic sports once the new eggs movement is one of the synthetics on what is said that expert wanted this out people who for more spirituality by developing things with any also that is what synthetic sprit lodges up and then also seek to construct at while you were reconciled science with religion and they also do it through any means of emotion how this quote and it's it's it's very interesting evolution becomes over action concept that incorporates essential time and even videos that developmental federal laws which allow consciousness and devotion are funds or the cost saw been noticing just at the subject documented to death engine I spoke at you on about data presented his legs and he has a lot of following among the pages it claims that this will be done and involved in four stages done on the fourth date yet as no one is putting together my psychic and classic energy the subcontinent priest speaking is saying that the one we done with what he calls possible Genesis which ruled biogenesis with very little to go on Genesis on the development of consciousness and finally we had that for them on the government which is when we become divine salt pit bull new ages rely on ideas like both propounded by Kay Johnson on this subject is such a complex science when the philosophy and the religions of the East Hinduism and Buddhism what I found fascinating I harvested his father for six is beginning to learn something to this idea I'm not the five Spot business jets of the imagination envelope his wife interpreting quantum 's it will tell you that physics is not happen us to believe these days we can be definitely about much concerning ultimate event not what quantum 's jewelry and Sussex and inflammation caused by especially pollution is to create at well you will think I welcome you life will disabilities of study is one focus on physics we got called by the particles universe are basically two St. John's I want ten thousand neutrons and electrons and soulful these are things that we are told by physics these ladies that decide the fate of the homes without water also called most of as you want to share ships offshore Smith and the theology this off also mostly I am an adult foster looked upon the pitfalls God does not closet and look at what they are marketing liaison relationships shocked all of this development business today is suspended a scientist who is not made distinctions with divinity that image is defined under the alive with energy also I took this book for Verizon will call the news were twenty one physicists and astronomers plotted recesses of the universe indefinite and apparently a fantasy of manage and function of forty the fact you spoken of by quantum physics like the Buddhist concept of kidnapped on the void to which it is so similar is it up-to-date with all potentiality that enough trouble documents visit speak about a small underground of all cool religious experience don't like to then is not alternate and divine ground of the others experienced by mystics this phrase is the world of the new spirituality so let's is what science has done is to add a little respectability and all also thought Mrs. that combines intention and the new physics to get this was a public so we are back to mysticism and enclaves in which I think will would scientism should never forget what mysticism in an iPhone combines supple as provisions for some will shut an unwanted gift shop full of soap one omissions from book off the marginal fact that if the draw bottle past Monday she will be doing that sent out the also visited and commented to my desk far beyond in the conforming Scriptures in a short month anything we knew about astrology spiritism witchcraft second the buff frames this are exactly the same phenomena we are beginning to see in our own times saw been delicious and how strongly intuitive under the covers if you have not seen at the red eligibility like tension because of the shortness of time this edition of the augmentative which could amount June ten but a couple of articles that on the imagined church worship is on the side of the emerging church and plat at particular kind of prayer is absent from the when you think about the way was that students these days and express these lakes if not what does this unscriptural isn't blessed those days ongoing Digital self this question is based on C and business already beginning to knock the ball so much I want to talk about contentment Brett I wasn't how well does the moments after I saw the reception for this imagination was blocked with the household news comes on a piece by McDuff and I was up to my daughter 's opinion is a copy of the book and I do not want this is where it's at I will promotes that all forms of spirituality in combination with this is the common practices and is not endorsed by a big strategy by seeing off on the short costly thing about the way I see it will issue from looking or have been sparked what is my attention is turned to a halt from Reverend Wright and I think I will end with the shoe size sites on hospital long been preparing for his final out at Fort to the standalone medical bilateral Gosper but the way for his nonstop use of deception and the development of sports one he does not yet reached the full accomplishment of his designs by distraught be rich in bed last night 's time says the prospect I saw three unclean fronts spirits like for their business-critical governments working miracles I plan to our eyes and be open to what is going on around us so I went on and everything that comes from the mail like a vendetta come next the description is that I was experienced in form by Scripture


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