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Some scientific data that favors a recent creation

Ariel Roth


  • June 27, 2010
    5:45 PM
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I want to talk to you one time time is one of the great focuses of contention the battle between creation and evolution want to talk you especially about two main ideas here are considering one is designed gradually develop honors over billions of years and this is the normal accepted scientific interpretation and even some people who believe in God suggest what God took billions of years to develop the advanced forms of life that we have now then in contrast to that in very different is the medical model that God created all in six days just a few thousand years ago so you got these two basic ideas involve all and most implicit in our last model is a idea of the Genesis flood that creation went bad yours was destroyed by the Genesis flood and the fossil record harmonizes that story of creation and the flood together so that we we have a explanation for all the fossils out there but there's a significant amount of scientific data that favors a recent creation were talking about science or science or bigger changes is used these come in and so on toilets keep in mind what we're referring to them in the sun discussion that were having here first for Helena mentioned to you is this erosion erosion is so fast that the continent should not have endured the long geologic ages all your aware of what you will notice the rear are carrying a lot of sentiment letters form how long can the continents endure this well will you rodent is pretty slow when you start talking about billions of years for the continents and you are in deep trouble as far as the long geologic ages are concerned I know of a dozen studies where they has studied the output of all the rivers of the world on all the continents measured how much is being poured into the oceans and those studies suggest that you be very social with other studies and you get twenty four thousand million tons what does that mean in terms of time while to convert that to the average height of the continents which is six hundred and twenty three meters it would take about ten million years to be wrote the comments to see the well attended in years is just a small fraction of time in the billions of euros that are soon for the evolutionary model how come the comments are still here this is data that seems to favor by the creation model the ID of the erosion has been discussed for quite a number of years and fifty years ago he also became aware this problem is recognized in the scientific literature there is an extreme statement by sparks invisible geomorphology since some of these rates are obviously staggering the error contended by area with average height of that of Eric Everson ten million years line this river is faster than normal it tells you a recognition of this faith he wrote a reverence and ten million here's the conference be billions of years old you see you see the problem all right now are you really loan fast you have to correct for agriculture the current control this is you can probably safely say our conversation when you wrote it a hundred times in the proposed billions of years of GR time and it were still here fortunately they haven't all or overweight so I can be underwater well a car or two this is of course a hour long do it take to fill up the oceans get all this material porn and video console and I don't think well they should be full assignments the suggestion is made any reference again regarding this incident if we nice assume the present rate of erosion and expose cotton volumes to have been constant overseeing the past one billion years then we would expect a staggering thirty thousand meter fatal error sediments to cover the sea floors today and they want to say apparently we have erred badly making our something that I would agree with that to take the Google storing into Council on instead of the long erosion don't have the problem now is not the season and the devotions of the above three hundred meters which is one percent of what he's suggesting we should have an one billion years of economist euros probably been to three billion four billion years different ideas regarding how big they were and so on but it was still should have a tremendous amount sentiments out there your picture there you've got a oceans on our trenches of new settlements was about the difference is great for the lot it's not a real argument for it because you have only about ten to twenty percent of the sediments produced by the river they go down into the trenches and so your emotions you single out on the oceans have been filled up at least ten times into half-billion years and they are still here next we have the presence of old flat surfaces that we find on the surface of the earth that Congress still there because of all the erosion your picture here kangaroo Island Australia I look carefully at the end the red arrow and you can see a straight-line curve across a picture of the island is extremely fight extremely thin right above sea level letter and that surface is supposed to be a hundred and sixty million years old now and hundred and sixty nine near you would expect by three miles of vertical erosion how come that surface which is supposed to be hundreds of the router is so flat if it is really that old answers court will probably kangaroo is not that old that serve as mandated by radiometric dating and dated by fossils and you continue it cited the it doesn't look like kangaroo Island is that all of the data again it seems to favor a recent creation and you can see from this picture how you regular erosion tends to be Colorado River near eroding the various changes and so on and you go to the literature regarding this in a very year-end statement likely to the University of Adelaide says the survival I performed is talking about kangaroo Island number of other flat surfaces Australia and so on more than some degree an embarrassment to all the accepted models of landscape development except the one that solves the problem but that is not commonly accepted scientific are interpretations red present that that's the data is there then we have flat gaps related to this we thought that was very flat surface you find the same flat services in the rock layers and you have gaps until we had these flat gaps that were talking about here her conformance and they indicate little time I just one illustration here the Grand Canyon Arizona all you can see a top arrow at the left who is right along the bottom the whitish layer that can see all regressive picture now that points to a gap six million year gap why do they say is a six inner depth or because one hundred fifty miles south of their you have a layer between the two layers where that the point arrow reaches regulate a wife Larry has reddish people harshly myself you got layer of thick layer under the seasick this was to have taken six million years and so when you come over here and you don't have that layer is a secure gap message vendors are going to average rates of euros we would expect about ten acute mania six hundred sheet of you well are going over the Grand Canyon the middle arrow there points a fourteen minute near you fourteen news usually one thousand four hundred euros very flat you look across the whole Canyon there I know that one is small compared to the lowest arrow red arrow you see right there pointing to the gap between very flat layers that's a hundred years of building from energy icon the whole Ordovician and Silurian is missing the environment expect about ten thousand feet of -year-old that's twice the depth of the game Grand Canyon so we got these flat gaps are in the layers and those flat gaps talk about there being little time over that geologic column and this is something you find over the world we just give you through examples here are is very severe challenge for the long geologic ages are these flat gaps of newsletters a one geologist 's prejudice study of these and suggesting entries is the organ of Bergen for it is uncertain I certainly do not have a simple solution to this problem and he suggested well maybe there were beaches these are not white beaches it is guest on a victimizer what some new singer four hundred thousand square miles of the gaps in their nonlocal situations little then we have carbon-14 that we find in order G.I. layers to most of you are thinking carbon-14 well that's a dating methods one of the dates and portal I think that you probably not familiar with his that carbon-14 doesn't take very old dates why because carbon-14 does not last that long has a half-life five thousand and thirty years and you can use it for maybe up to eighty thousand to ninety thousand eight I here is Swan meeting will be on the losing blood in some order rocks and you find a vision carbon fourteen there are nation and not a long time ago here's some coal seams you can see the rent at the end of the red arrows to the right and in those coal seams in the layers above nothing she was a quantum at the same formation this Blackhawk formation Utah UK against states well maybe forty six thousand years but the coal seam in the as areas with me ninety million years client or is there carbon-14 left their patient disintegrated long goal Detective Everhart a thousand years Sunbeam taken an true or negotiate and they be shown a channel and being told to tell been burning for five thousand years is a lot tell me some more I don't believe that story as a sensing coil or come for tension going on plans to let the data seems to favor this a lot of controversy about a lot of published papers on this and but the interesting thing is that we find so many lawyers tend to be somewhere for a sixty thousand year range and these are layers that are a million of hundreds of millions of years old so they you have is this carbon-14 is enough of those that this is an interesting data that suggests wrong figures with a recent creation fourteen should not be there some as well it's it's there because of an contamination some studies have been done on this of course is a topic of online discussion I need out here suggests the third study that was not possible to reach your carbon-14 levels including indicating contamination to be intrinsic to the sample so far no theory explain the results has survived all the tests online she worked on regular insulin and deep-sea corals I gave this carbon-14 should view their insulin and burden Australia got some very consistent results with charcoal and so on suggesting that car is not contamination that this represents a true gauge takes a true level of carbon fourteen half done another point is the good evidence that shows human activity is reason off your own aware agent human activity here some houses build our Native Americans and Mesa Verde he four hundred years old or they did man tends to leave significant evidence of his activity here's a typical curve of the growth of the human population and this tells us a little bit about this evidence follow a redline on the bottom starts at a million years at the left this is the evolutionary interpretation started by New Year's was clearly right at about the same level as a slight growth and then all of a sudden eight thousand BC and this is a debated big line goes up almost vertically and we are where we are producing under tremendous right now pushing seven billion offer the world population the point I want to mention to you is that the date information along the vertical line is very good on talking to you by writing ancient writing and talking human history I'm talking to you about Germans aqueducts the many evidences of agitation and we have with refill your picture so so we had this contrast of that very good data than long hours online lot is very poor resent Tatian lot of the things every few months and you idea about how many walls and someone and that regions of the contrast between these who said okay maybe nine has not been here that long menus created just a few thousand years ago that's why we have this and these do not represent ancestors of those of the long hours online do not represent ancestors must well last night the detrimental mutations are true but are for humanity to have endured the long July eighth what you may not know what the past two decades especially last decade data has been coming out that mutations are much more common than we thought they were and that the figures are rather striking through the picture of baby items and a granddaughter but accordingly today we had at any new baby has about a hundred mutations of the parents don't have mutations are quite detrimental is with some are harmless and mutations cause man degenerate man to generate insulin so you understand three statements briefly from the scientific literature about this problem Chris tell your man could not have been here very long I hear is from the book is a journal nature and the bottom line says why aren't we exchange this is about one of the leading site against the world here's your nurse statement from the Journal of theoretical biology why have we not yet died one hundred times over we're not a following regenerating one way where we hope that we can survive another statement from the Jeanette on a new journal genetics talk year about the hobbit named keep its population going at least on an even keel each e-mail would need to produce for a offspring for them to survive and maintain the population conference and the thereof well at this a database on about ten years ago wherewithal three percent of the genome was useful and I were maybe probably thirty sixty ninety percent of the genome is it so that the situation is in order trying ten to thirty times as is more difficult as we thought it was well on just and in closing let me review what were talking and we talked about first point the continents have not been eroded away same point the oceans are not full of sediment third or flat surfaces should be gone for point flag absolute burden for a syndicate all-time in the rock layers fifty short-lived carbon-14 should not be an old rock six points a good evidence showed that human activity is recent and a seven-point detrimental mutations are true but infers a management or long ages and we had more time I do give you seven more points writer numbers eight to fourteen we don't have time for was of course in the bus keep in mind there's a lot more data along this line also suggests that the Longview on pages for censure to sundry problems and concluding this on me make this statement in spite of the strong scientific opinion that life is all over billions of years that's a standard interpretation there is a significant amount of data that favors the recent creation described in the Bible and especially remember this one does not have to abandon science to believe the Bible there is a lot of data out there that supports the creation of cotton on Bashir Bank of


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