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Why Does a Good Creator Permit Evil?

John Baldwin


  • June 28, 2010
    6:20 PM
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why does a good creator permit evil or we can ask it another way why does a compassionate creator permit evil and what do we mean by the notion of creation in our series yes creation this is an important point because there are two contrasting models of creation one is a recent historical six day creation followed after the fall by a global flood during which novel many of the strata of the geologic column for us making it possible to have a recent creation and the contrasting model as you know is the one that says we need to marry evolution with a cause and that known as the deep time theistic evolutionary model of creation of two different temporal methods of creation and the issue I would like to discuss this evening is which of these two contrasting temporal methods of creation best address the question of evil so let's start looking at and let's start with the the God of theistic evolution and here we find that God is responsible for evil and when theologians want to marry God with long ages than as you see there Darwin is saying my theory works through famine and death and so forth and disease does that sound like a compassionate create and then we go to geology the God of the deep time model actually proves to be a serial destroyer of habitats even Tennyson looked at the quarry and he saw those false and he said I was types are gone and then biologically the long page Creator is a serial slayer of species almost that and then Tennyson mentioned that nature is red and truth and wall that trauma here is the point on a deep time model that is the original intention of the creator to establish predation and creation through death is the creator we would want to worship and then Calvary is not the wages of sin on the long age model in fact Calvary is only to show that God suffers with us who suffer and yet it was God who originally made creation to suffer in the first place my what a sad comment and David Hall who is a he is an atheist he perceptively tells us Christians what we want our God is if we marry him to the long ages he says the process is an evolutionary is right happenstance and contingency and waste and death and pain and horror the God implied that by the evolutionary theory is not a loving God isn't it remarkable coming from an atheist we Christians need to take and listen to what these individuals are saying all those are he is careless and indifferent almost the Hyatt Bali he is certainly not the sort of God to anyone to whom anyone would be inclined to pray David Hall you said it right on you have exactly shown us how the deep time model addresses evil it fails pastor Dwight Nelson and bearing springs that are androgen universities also agrees this is one of the strongest statements that he has ever made notice how we starts out in the holy name of God why would they treat nature resort to such a bloody method to create those who are in his image I've never heard quite ever use such strong language is this and I think he is correct in making that statement and so in some theistic evolution does not solve the problem of evil God himself is responsible for evil now enter yes creation and by this we mean enter yes a recent historical creation as the true divine response to eat here we can rejoice really that God is not possible for evil there is a there was a controversy before first that is to say before our creation week in heaven and a free moral agent brought in evil and sin begins with Lucifer and that these famous effects that you and I seven day Adventist read often and you were blameless until iniquity was found in you and you said in your heart I will make my I'll be above God this is what Lucifer wanted to do now that God had said to the Godhead not to Lucifer let us create when God said let us make man in our image Lucifer was not consulted and he was envious for no good reason because he was a created being why would God create that address a created being for advice on how to create now the origin of species is a major cause of the great controversy consider that in early writings we find this comment when God said to his son let us make man in our image Satan was jealous of Jesus he wished to be consulted concerning the formation of man isn't that interesting could it be that that one of the causes of the great controversy was the over the origin of species and then Darwin lost his version of the origin of species in eighteen fifty nine and these principles delighted I'm sure the enemy of Christ because as we've shown Darwin said this is how we got here world not by divine design but through warfare and struggle of the pheasants and weeding out in pain and horror and Satan is happy now the true creation recently in it but nine six days through God 's word not that here's a chipping sparrow created by the word of God and so beautiful now what about predation all completely different here's the same picture of predation but now on the recent creation worldview it is not God 's original intention these kinds of things come as the curse after seeing its touch by the curse is like the tip of the iceberg perhaps with tears metaphorically God is weeping as his creation is retooled for the temporary fix showing the evil there's no good reason for evil than that God can eradicate that the vegetable kingdom is touched with the curse we were in Cape Town South Africa and whether a little ways up into the felt and hear Clyde Webster put his hand on those store I had to take that picture because we recall that those thorns were never intended to be in God 's original creation and then the mineral kingdom all the recent creation model has been reduced to always place by the flood and you can see now that the fatal toxic weather began we feel at the flawed and killer lightning strikes God never intended that there should be colored lightning strikes in the garden of the that would start forest fires and so on my wife is from Oklahoma and she's very attuned to the weather and she's has to watch out for these tornadoes never intended by God to be in God 's creation the degradation of the earth you look at the bottom slide there of that soft settlement folding those mountains through faulty God never intended that kind of destruction God created this world not told who means that waste place but to be inhabited now we feel that the receding floodwaters left he rose will remnants in Monument Valley God never intended his landscape to look like this but in the deep time model God yes one of all this denudation and he rose and in the recent six-day creation model the cross destroys evil hallelujah and sin another hallelujah in the biblical creation model we just illustrated here if we have no flood then the deep time model kicks in you have all those rough all was animals living and dying living and dying ever before humans came and back on hinges the causal connection sin and death Jesus death on the cross is not the ways of sin Sonja Kohn is nullified you can see the significance of which model we endorse now the flawed bills major portions of the geologic column after the flood on the left side of the slide you can see a simple rendition of what might have looked like the geologic column before spot the flaw that we don't know what it looked like it probably was fairly strata free I would just suggest that it would not be dogmatic on the them we have the animals than together on after the fall we have been together but then comes God 's global flood and in ways that are still being studied during God 's love major portions of the geologic column were laid down now what is that to go with God 's flood and that's the rainbow suggests God 's love the geologic column is formed after sin entered the world and therefore the certain death causality is preserved and therefore Jesus death on the cross does fade away from our sins in the atonement is preserved well the controversy and beautifully on the reasons creation worldview God is love is the first statement in patriarchs and prophets is not a beautiful thought and then as you know after those hundreds of pages through all those beautiful writings of the conflict of the ages series we finally come to the great Congress and reread through the great time and then we come to the very end and as you know the all those tremendous descriptions of the past want to go experiences and events finally there's that wonderful meeting in heaven then the thousand years and so on and then God then moves to create and enter the ferry in of the great controversy the very last sentence God is love I those of those two marvelous anchor points God is love God is love and that is made possible because of the recent historical creation model evil is gone for ever so in conclusion consider freedom is preserved this is so fundamental only the compassionate creator God on the reason historical creation model can preserve the read them of moral agents to allow them to temporarily express sin and evil why is that important that shows that we truly truly are free God could not do otherwise any temporarily does that to prove that you and I are truly free thank God for that and then evil is you radically this is the most one of the most important and beautiful things to me about the recent creation worldview only a good creator of a recent creation can temporarily permit evil in order by the cross eliminated forever on the deep time model which does and in and the necessity of evil and death and so forth is not eradicate God is responsible for evil and evil is not eradicated and then finally restoration what a beautiful principle this is to me restoration only a good creator will restore in the new earth the devastation caused by evil Joel says I will restore to you the years says the King James the canker worm remember as the this principle of restoration you we don't know all the ramifications and so for that I I I cling to this beautiful principle of restoration my brother Eddie passed away in the arms of my mother he was he was two and a half years old I was one year he died of crib death and mother and my father long for that day when there be restoration and I know that all many of us have that same kind of the story and so we look at the two months the two contrasting temporal methodologies of creation one a recent six-day creation the other along multimillion idea of creation we see close that a recent historical model of creation best addresses the problem of evil and so in conclusion I'd like to say yes to a recent creation thank you him to


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