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04 No Buying or Selling: When Do We Sell Everything?

Alistair Huong
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This seminar seeks to answer the question of when God's people ought to sell everything in the end-times, particularly in light of the increasing troubles and travails in the world. Reviewing our prophetic understanding with this question in mind, we uncover a framework of end-time events that help to give guidance related to this question. More importantly, we confront the ultimate reasons and motives that actuate God's people in divesting of their assets.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • June 23, 2021
    3:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father and heaven. We thank you for bring a sophie together again this afternoon. As we open your word, as we seek for wisdom from on, I crave for that wisdom you have promised and you will guide us and lead us into all truth. May the holy spirit be here in our midst to teach us to guide us and the read the faithful to what we learn. Crane jesus name. So for those of you who have been with us through the 1st half of this week, you know that we have been going through personal finance topics. And we have primarily been dealing with more of the nuts and bolts issues of money management. Yesterday we went through debt and things of that nature, but starting today and for the remainder of our time together this week we're going to be shifting gears a little bit and looking at prophecy, particularly in time prophecy and some commonly asked questions associated with it. So it's still going to be practical. I hope in that it is not merely theory, but actual things that are actionable. Hopefully at the end of the day. And today, our topic is the question. When do we sell everything at the end time? Tomorrow we are going to talk about the final economic collapse. And then the last day together friday we're going to tie everything together and ask the questions. So what do we do about it? And we are going to sprinkle in some of that throughout, as you'll see in this presentation today. But know, buying and selling. We know that in prophecy there is going to be a time in which those people who do not receive the Mark of the beast will not be able to buy or sell. And so there is an instinctive reaction whenever things go awry in the world. Whenever there is some sort of calamity or major world event or market turmoil, that the question arises again, particularly for the bible students and the prophetic prophecy. Students among us. When is the time that we ought to discard all of our earthly belongings. And I will say in the past year, I have received this question probably more than in any previous time with cove it and the economy and the shut down and the global nature of it. It is only natural, i believe, for people to start wondering about the bigger things and bigger questions and these bigger issues. And so we're going to try to address this question head on today. And by the end of the day, hopefully there will be at least some clarity of a framework in which to analyze and to think about these things. But 1st it disclaimer. I am making an assumption about our audience today. And that is that our audience has the basic knowledge about the end time prophecy. So I'm talking revolution, chapter 13, chapter 14. The 7 last place, close the probation market, b, sunday law. Those types of things merely because we would not make any progress otherwise. And so if you are lost at any point or you feel like there are gaps of missing information, this would be a great impetus for you to go back and read the agree controversy. Be a great resource to review on some of these things. And also talk with your pastor if there is a bible work at your church, i'm guessing there are probably some seminar class here that's talking about these things. Or, and I'm going to just make the plug right now on audio verse. There is a series called last day events explained by doctor norman mcnulty, who has been a speaker here at michigan, jeffrey, competent meeting. I believe that goes into much more detail explaining in an easy to x very accessible way. The last, the events and the timelines and things of that nature. So that's also a great resource if you need more information and also saving the chrome dot com. I've mentioned that every day it's my personal finance blog. So there's other information there for you to peruse as well. So let's dive right in. And let's start an early writing page. 56 houses and lands will be of no use to the saints in the time of trouble for they will then have to flee before infuriated mob. Then at that time their possessions cannot be disposed of to advance the cause. A present true that we're going to be pausing throughout these statements to, to describe, discuss as we go along. So 1st of all, we're talking about the time of trouble. Now, this is the great time of trouble. At the very end of time, after the close of probation, this is the time of trouble spoken of in daniel chapter 12. When michael shall stand up, there should be a time of trouble such as never was this. There was a nation. There have been many times quotes times of trouble throughout history times of persecution, times of you know, travail and difficulty for god's people. But this is not talk to you about those times of trouble and persecution. This talk about the great final time of trouble. And it says that at that time, the scene will find that the possessions cannot be disposed of. And this is really the key point that I want to bring out in the sentence. And that is to advance the cause of present truth. You will hear this theme over and over again in this presentation. It's going to come back again. So I just want to put that in your mind right off the bat. Let's continue reading. I was shown that it is the will of god that the scenes should cut loose from every encumbrance before the time of trouble comes and make a covenant with god through sacrifice. If they have their property on the altar and earnestly inquire of god for their duty, he will teach them when to dispose of these things. Then they will be free in the time of trouble and have no clause to weigh them down. So this statement makes it very clear that it is indeed the will of god for his people to divest themselves of their assets at some point. But when is that going to be? The statement tells us that we ought to have our property on the altar and to earnestly inquire of god for duty and he will show us. So it doesn't sound like this is going to be a set period in time, in the prophetic timeline, in which everybody act, in concert at the same time. But rather it is going to be a unique individual type of motivation that god shows us individually. Let's continue the next page early writings page 57. I saw that if any held onto their property and did not inquire of the Lord as to their duty, he would not make duty no and they would be permitted to keep their property. And in the time of trouble, it would come up before them like a mountain to crush them and they would try to dispose of it, but would not be able. And I think this is really the quote that gets people a little bit anxious when it comes time to asking this question because they've heard this quote they've, they've, they've, you know, they feel the pressure. Like if, if it's too late, it's going to be like a mountain and also this, this passage right here and notice knows what it says. If we do not ask god for our duty, he won't, you won't tell us when the cell notice. So god is not in the business of trying the assets out of our graph. Ok, let's keep reading here. We're going to summarize all of this as well in a moment. I heard some warn like this. The cause was languishing, god's people were starving for the truth and we made no effort to supply the lack. Now our property is useless. Oh that we had let it go and laid up, treasure in heaven. But this is important. Again, notice what the, what is the source of their regret, those who held onto the property to law, the regret was not, oh, now my assets had lost their value. That's not the regret. The regret was not, oh, well now I can't run to them to the mountains fast enough. That was not their regret. Notice what was the regret, the regret was god's cause could have used these one sooner and I didn't get it to them in time. More souls could have been one if only I had known sooner. You noticed the difference here. The motivation is for the cause of god. This will become clear why I'm hammering this point so much later on. Ok, let's continue. I also saw that god had not required all of his people to dispose of their property at the same time you point. But if they desire to be taught, he would teach them in a time of need when to sell and how much to South. There is a lot to unpack here. The 1st point is that if you had come to this seminar, hoping that there's going to be a prophetic sign when this happened, right? Or when this, these 3 things happen in quick succession. You know, sort of like when jesus predicted abomination of desolation, right? When the roman army surrounded city of jerusalem, like that's fine and you run for the hill. If you're coming here for such a fine, I am sorry to break it to you. There is no such side and the spirit of prophecy makes it clear that the time of selling is not going to be at this precise moment. All of god's people, the St. The run, the church, everybody says everything right now, sell, sell, sell rod rod rod. Now it's not going to be like that. The statement makes this sound like it's going to be in phases. It looks like it's going to be the holy spirit working on individual, the hearts of burying periods of time and more and more so as we near the end of time. And as the, well, it is even a phased divestment for each individual, because notice it's not just when the cell and it's not whenever you sell, you sell everything all at once. There is a picture painted here of how much do I so so it might not be everything all at once. It might be a stair step type of phasing out of your assets. All right, we're going to summarize, right? So we'll come back to some of these points, counsel stewardship, next passage here. And this really, I believe, summarize, is really the main thrust of the point of this presentation. So may inquire, must we actually dispossess ourselves of everything which we call her. All this is really essentially the question that we're asking, right? When do we sell everything? Is that really god's plan? Well, what does she say? We may not be required to do this now, but we must be willing to do so for christ's sake. We must acknowledge that our possessions are absolutely his by using of them freely whenever means is needed to do what again, to advance his cause. This idea keeps coming up and I want to bring your mind back to the days of jesus. A rich young man came to jesus and asked the most important question, what must i do to inherit eternal life? You know the story, the rich and ruler, jesus tell them cut to the end of the story. Jesus puts his finger right on his issue. He said, go sell all the you have give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come and follow me. So did that, that young man, receiver, the very clear message from the Lord of when to sell everything. Yes. But did it have anything to do with the end of time? No. And this is really the key point. Jesus has the prerogative to ask every thing of us at any time. Is that sure of all? Isn't that the commitment we made when we gave our hearts to him? When we were baptized into the body of believers, we're making this commitment. Lord, you're having 100 percent of me, not just of my spiritual person and not just of my body, but all my assets, my plan, my dream, my aspiration, it's all yours. And so really the issue with, when do we sell, everything is largely not so much about the prophetic time table. We are going to talk about the time table. Don't worry but more the condition of our heart, the surrender of our heart and the motive for what, For why we obey. All right, let's summarize. We've already covered a lot of ground, but let's summarize what we've talked about so far. Based on the statements that we've read, there will be a time when we should sell all. Is that clear? Was that clear from the statements that we read? Yes, I believe we agree with that. And the selling of our assets may not be all at once. It may be over a period of time. It may be in phases and very important. It is an individual matter. God will make known the right time and the right amount for each of us. So it stands to reason. If ever there is a pastor or an evangelist, or a ministry leader, or a fund raiser, or someone stands up in a pulpit or send you a newsletter or on their youtube channel or whatever it might be. And they declare, i have a word from the Lord, based on my calculations and based on the signs that I perceive in the world, this is your last chance. You better sell everything. Now. Give a minute. That's what they say unspoken. But what this tells me, based on the principles we've already discussed, we can know if somebody makes such a blanket general declaration. We can know that they are not speaking for the Lord. Ok, because this is an individual matter between you and jesus. All right, so I'm not going to tell you when to sell everything sorry to disappoint you if you are coming to find out when to do that. But we will continue to study here. And the next point here is that we must be willing to sell all anytime god ask. And we must be willing to ask him to show us. Because the statement made it clear. If we do not inquire, he won't tell us god as a gentleman, not going to be rude and barge in and say, no, you gotta do this if we are unwilling. And finally again, the primary motive is for finishing god's work and not protecting ourselves or maintaining our financial position, primarily. So a lot of times when we look at the stock market, it's crashing again, was the inflation is going up in the money printing and you know, the housing market and we're looking at all of these external factors. And of course, coven right, and shut down and locked down and things. And we begin to try to think ok, now maybe I need to sell now to preserve my net worth. And all of these things if that is our motive and that is really the, the trajectory of our thinking, perhaps we need to stop and ask if our motives are misaligned. Because according to the spirit of prophecy, the saints of god, there are going to be asking the question when the cell not based on the external economic factors, but more looking at what can I do to finish the work? And then and so at this point, I need to interject. There is always the fear. There is a fear. Now if God expects us to sell everything and disclose of all of our assets, how will we survive? How will we live at the end? Well, I want to share promise with you. This is found in the same chapter in the book early writings where we were reading earlier. This is page 56. Now the Lord has shown me repeatedly. If the Lord has shown mrs white and she said the Lord has shown me, we ought to pay attention. But when the Lord has shown her repeatedly, what do you suppose we ought to do? We really, we really need to pay attention here. This is what she was shown repeatedly, that it is contrary to the bible to make any provision for our temporal wants in the time of trouble. I saw that the scenes that food laid up by them or in the field in the time of trouble when sword, famine and pestilence are in the land, it would be taken from them by violent hands, and strangers would reap their fields, then will be the time for us to trust wholly in god, and here's the promise he will sustain us. It's not he might, it's not that he's, it's possible or probable, or only if you meet these x one, x, Y, z conditions. Know if we are faithful, obviously he will sustain us. A said I saw that our bread and water will be sure at that time and that we shall not lack or suffer hunger for god is able to spread a table for us in the wilderness, if necessary. We should send raven, he would send ravens to feed us as he did to feed elijah or rain manna from heaven as he did for the israelites. Is it not a beautiful promise? God will work a miracle if necessary to sustain his st in time or trouble. That is a promise you can take to the bank. Now, important disclaimer, remember, this is talking particularly about the time of trouble. It is contrary to the bible to make provision for a temper wrought in the time of trouble. So this is not an excuse for us to say OK, well that means I don't need to make any provision for any of my livelihood. Now you get the, the gist of what I'm trying to say. There could be the fanatical re, a reaction to say OK, then I'm not going to do anything because jesus will take care of me a lot. We talked about this in previous sessions and we have statements to, to buttress that point. The importance of supporting our family and things of that nature. So this promise a specific for the final great time of trouble, god will sustain us even after we have divested ourselves of all of our assets. Now let's get to the meat of our study. The question really still remains, i think in many of our hearts. Sure we want to follow god's will. Yes we i'm willing to pray. I'm willing to lay all on the altar, but lord, can you be a bit more precise? Is there something in scripture that can help us understand the science and the seasons? Because we know we're not supposed to time set as avenue, we have quite a history with that. And we know no man knows the day nor the hour and we know better than to try to predict when certain things are to take place. But yet jesus says it's possible to know when he is even at the door, isn't that right? It's possible to know the signs of the seasons. The know that we are headed that direction. And so that's the balance of our time together. We're going to try to synthesize a lot of the biblical prophetic principles that we know to see can give us a bit more precision to understand how we ought to relate to our assets and the end time. Okay, so this is a Sunday law timeline that I quickly sketched together. And this is a very small snippet of what could be a much larger and more detailed end time events timeline. But for simplicity and for discussion of dra 0 in on the, on the sections that are relevant toward discussion. So on the timeline, you see that at the very far left there is the little green section called now that is where we are living. That's the period of history in which we exist right now. And we know that there is going to be a period of time or a point in time, in which there will be such a thing called the National sunday law. And after the National sunday law is passed, there will be a progression until a point in time where there will be a just decrease you follow me so far. And the key point that I want to highlight here is that that transition from the National sunday logged, initial enactment of a Sunday law to the dust decree. There will be phases, there will be progression through phases during that talk. What that means is that when the sunday law initially arrive on the scene, it is not going to be immediate death to create no buying or selling. And you know, running for the hills and mountains. There are, there is a transition. And you notice that from the yellow to the red in the timeline, it is graduated. Meaning it is a gradual transition. And I am going to support these assertions with as far as statements in just a moment. But one last point before we move on, I have broken down the phases into just too mild and severe for the simplest, just to be simple in our conversation here. But in the seminars of the series that I recommended earlier by dr. Norman mcnulty on last the events he has a one of his particular episode is on the 4 phases of the sunday law. And there are various prophetic scholars broken down into 4 phases. And I believe there is good solid evidence for doing so. But just for the sake of simplicity and for our discussion, i'm just labeling it mile phase and severe face. I just wanna put that out there or what it's worth. So how do we know that the sunday law will progress in fiji k? Let's take a look at this 1st passage from testimonies for the church. Volume 9, pitch 232. The lights given me by the Lord at a time when we were expecting just such a crisis as you seem to be approaching. Was that when the people were moved by a power from beneath to enforce sunday observance. That is a Sunday law. The 7th day adventists were to show their wisdom by refraining from their ordinary work on that day, devoting it to missionary effort. Very fascinating. Mister white x described the time in which a Sunday law will be path, but she does not advocate for us standing up and protesting. You notice that she says that during this initial mild phase, we are to comply as best we can to refrain from our ordinary work on that day. But instead devoted to missionary effort were not supposed to stand up and fight for the 1st amendment. Religious liberty law got some this ab sheet. She's not advocating for that at this point. Ok, let's keep reading to defy the sunday. Laws will be strengthened in their persecution. The religious zealots who are seeking to enforce them, give them No occasion to call you law breakers. She said, when we devote sunday to missionary work, the width will be taken out of the hands of the arbitrary zealots, who would be well pleased to humiliate 7th day avenue. When they see that we employ ourselves on Sunday in visiting the people and opening the scriptures to them. They will know that it is useless for them to try to hinder our work by making sunday loss. It's important to make a distinction here, and that is that this initial phase in the sunday law that ellen was describing, it merely requires us not to work on Sunday. It does not yet forbid the worshipping on the 7th day sab. Neither does it compel the reverend thing of sunday. That's an important distinction here. Because as if the law merely state don't work on Sunday, but we don't have to report to church on Sunday and we are still allowed to worship on sabbath sister. White says, go as far as you can to not give them the excuse to call you law breakers. Instead, the vote that day to missionary labor go door to door, give bible studies. There are other statements to this effect that she says. If you are a writer, dedicate this day to writing your literature and your glow tracks of whatever else might be. So the admonition is to be conscientious cooperators as best you can. So all of this is to illustrate that this 1st initial phase of the fund a lot, there is still opportunity for soul winning evangelism and outreach. Ok, that's the point i'm trying to highlight. It is a mild faith, but does it stay that way? No, it doesn't. The book great controversy now page 6 or 7, the church appeals to the strong arm of civil power and in this work the papacy and protestants unite. As the movement for sunday enforcement become more bold and decided the law will be in both again. Commandment keepers they will be, will be threatened with fines and imprisonment. Some will be offered positions of influence and other rewards and advantages as inducements to renounce their fate. So you notice here that things are getting a little bit more intense. Right? And the statement itself makes it clear. The sunday, the movement for sunday enforcement becomes more bowl, more decided, meaning there was a point in what it was less bold and less decided. And these people now who are advocates for the sunday law, notice how they try to persuade the sabbath keepers to comply. They use the carrot and the stick, right? They dangled the prospect of rewards and inducements and advantages and says, hey, look, we know you have your beliefs, but can we sweeten the deal a little bit, maybe promotion at work, or a bonus or some extra, you know, stock options or whatever it might be. And then eventually they say, oh, you're not going to do that ha. So okay, we're going to take you to court. We're going to see you. We're gonna threaten you with fine. We're going to punish you. We're gonna cause you to lose your job. We gotta throw in prison ultimately, and these are the types of things that are going on. And the fact that in this phase now that there are still rewards being offered. It tells me that this has not yet progressed to a point of no buying or selling. You understand my reasoning here, because you're still able to access some rewards and advantages if you can either so. And so what we see here is a gradual transition from the initial mild phase of the sunday law to something more severe over time. And ultimately it result in a death degree from the National sunday law when it initially is passed, we are still and I'm in the miles of column here, mild phase. We are still able to keep the sabbath, but we're merely required to stop working on Sunday. We are not compelled to honor sunday and l Y recommends is using the sundays for missionary labor. And this is one of those things. I'm just going to throw out there without a whole lot of substantiation which for, for the sake of time. But I think you will agree with me and it can be corroborated in other ways. But during this period where a Sunday law has been passed. But there is still a measure of freedom for evangelism to take place. This is the period of time prophetically where we see the swelling of the loud cry. A loud cry begins before the sunday law, but a swell to a loud cry. That's the time of the final outpouring of the holy spirit, also known as the latter rain. That's the period of the shaking that takes place. In revelation 18 we see an angel the 4th angel coming down to the the light in the earth with his glory, with the message, babylon, to fall and fall and come out of her. My people joins with the 3rd angel message that is this period and there will be persecution. And in the book last the events, i believe it is also labeled as the little time of trouble. That's not an inspired term, but some people do refer refer to that, that during this time and also the great spiritual revival that we talk we hear about right before jesus comes. This is the time in which it happens. And this is a period of time for the final decision is to be made between the seal of god versus the Mark of the beast. Because you remember that the Mark of the beast is not merely sunday, observing the market to be is when we are compelled to pick, either obeying god or obeying man, when we are compelled to, to sabbath or Sunday. That's when the Mark of the beast become the issue that comes to a head. And so that in the mild phase that actually hasn't fully come to fruition. And so people still have an opportunity to make a decision. And that is why this period is known as the last great opportunity for evangelism. This I believe, is also why l Y recommends us to not unnecessarily curtail the ability to spread the gospel by being you know, protesters standing up for this that or the other thing, but really focus our attention on spreading the gospel during this period. Because gradually, we're going to move into the severe phase, and that happens when we begin to be compelled to honor sunday and disregard the sabbath. When that compulsion becomes reality, that's when the Mark of the beast becomes the testing issue. And it becomes severe when the National sunday law to begin here in the United States become the universal sunday law all around the world. And you can see there are references here in various places in the spirit or property that you can reference. And also that in the severe phase, that's when we move to the time of no buying or selling. And we read about imprisonment, an exile and enslavement that also takes place during the severe phase. And it is somewhere in the severe phase right around the desk decree. No one knows exactly when probation will close, that it's around that period. And after probation closes, that's when the 7 last plagues begin to fall. And that is the start of the great time of trouble. And so this gives somewhat of an outline, hopefully for the framework of how I am using this timeline to structure our discussion today. But everything hinges on the sunday law. And I like to call the sunday law, the National sunday law, the prophetic point of no return. How do I know this last the events page $134.00? Why do I say that? It rather, when protestant churches shall unite with the secular power to sustain a false religion for opposing which the ancestors endure, the fiercest persecution, then will the people sabbath be enforced by the comp combine authority of church and state. That's a wordy sentence. All it says is when the sunday laws passed, there will be a national apostasy which will end only in national ruin. Meaning when the sunday laws passed out is National apostasy. And the way that this sentence is structured and also is repeated elsewhere. It gives the idea that there is no going back. There is only one conclusion that the world is going to hurdle toward once the sunday law is put into play. And with that in mind, with that in mind, understanding that the, that point in time on that timeline, the sunday law, it's a one way street. Once we cross that threshold, then we are on we're in the final movement. And we know the final movements will be rapid and so I'm going to go in reverse on the this chart and explain from right to left. So we know that there is going to be a death decree at the end of this period of time. But surely before the death decree will be the period of no buying or selling as it stands to reason that in answering the question, when do we sell everything it must, the selling must take place before the time of no buying or selling? I think that that's just the logical and the period before that is what period. It is the mild phase of the sunday law. And this is a period of time in which there is still great opportunity for soul winning and evangelism. But yet, this is also a period that is past the point. The prophetic point of no return meaning is our last chance. It is the last opportunity to save the remaining soul that are live on this planet. It is the sprint now to the finish line. And so that thus, this period from the beginning of the National sunday, locked to the ending of the mile phase, must be the final window, the last opportunity to divest ourselves of our f. Does that make sense? The, the reasoning behind how we arrived here. Now it's important to mention a few things and that is something I think it's easy for us to hear something like this and automatically sit back and say, all right, so I don't worry about them. Not quite because you remember what we just discuss. We don't know how long the smiled face is going to last and neither do we know how quickly or in what manner the freedoms and the institutions that we have are going to start not being able to function. And so jesus may in fact move upon as people and this is now using my human reasoning a bit not inspired. But it seems to make sense to me that god is going to want to stare step the liquidation of the assets of god's people in a manner that the means can be efficiently dispersed and utilized in an effective manner. Because just imagine if 100 percent of the assets of god's people are liquidated and dumped into the work at the last moment during this mild faith, how are we going to distribute and administer those fund? If our institutions are starting to get shut down, it persecution is starting to happen. If there is an economic unrest, it is not the most efficient use of me. But nevertheless, why is this the important period of time in which god does want there to be an inflow of means for the final proclamation of the loud cry. The reason is very simple, is because we have been preaching about the sunday law. I mean, the 3rd angels message, right, don't receive the Mark of the beast that is our a key component of our method. It's finally happening. All the people out there that hear us and say, oh you, cookie avenue, this conspiracy theorist that will never happen. Haven't you read the constitution where the 1st amendment that will never happen until it does and then all a sudden everybody's like, what else do you have to tell us? And at a moment like that, we better be ready. Our institutions, the literature, the media, each of us individually. We better be able to give a bible study on the 3 angels message, a man. And at that time, god work is going to be a need, the means to make the final push to get the word out. I'll use another example. We have the health message as well. And we love to talk about natural healing and lifestyle. And all of these things, imagine we had a, you know, let's say 2 years ago we put on a seminar about how to naturally avoid, you know, the next killer virus 2 years ago. Do you think, you know, we might have gotten some interest. Some people might have wanted to come. What about today? All of a sudden everybody would, would die. To know unnatural. 3, do it yourself, you know, the natural way of, of boosting our immune system. And guess what? We had that message. And all of a sudden the Lord, not the not that the Lord is in charge of the panoramic, but the Lord has placed us in position to spread the present truth. It's going to be the same type of scenario right here in that narrow window of time where the holy spirit is poured out. And god's people are going from door to door, lightning the earth with his glory. And that is the last opportunity for soul winning, and that is the last chance for god, god's people to pour the rest of their assets into his work. Now what about today? The National sunday law? Yes, that's the point of no return. But what about the day, how does that affect us today? Well, remember, jesus has a prerogative to ask us to sell whenever and it might be that it, that god wants us to sell now, right? Depending on where you are with your situation with him, to prepare for that time. Right. And so in this period of time now, and we're moving backwards right on the, on the green section, we know that the delay is still possible. We are to run the race with patience as it says in hebrews chapter 12 and we are to occupy until he comes. But we still need to remember we need to remember that god may still call us to sell at any time. Maybe begin to wind down our investments or our portfolios or whatever it might be. Now, this is also an important thing I need to mention. And that is that this framework helps me answer another question that have kind of that has kind of bothered me for a long time as an analyst. And that is that as much as we preach about the nearness of 2nd the jesus 2nd coming, it seems like sometimes we like the me, the method of our ministry sometimes seem to indicate we plan to be here for a while. Let me explain what I mean. How do we do ministry? What's our blueprint? And this is based on a spitter prof. We go to a new field, we build school health institution, ospital, sanitariums, lifestyle center, earth publishing houses. We plant churches, we have industries. We have out post centers. None of these types of methods of ministry speak like it doesn't sound like Sprint language yet you understand what I'm saying? Like a lot of these institutions take years of investment. It doesn't take, it's not an overnight type of thing. It seems as though we plan to be here one. Maybe you have never asked this question, but for me it's like, why did god tell us to operate in this way? I believe this framework actually helps to answer that question. And that is because prior to the National sunday law, it is still possible for there to be delay. The winds of strife may be held back a little longer out of mercy, right. God is long suffering to us. We are not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. There are statements of the fact that when god people weren't ready, god held back the wins and said, let's give them a little more time. And God allows these institutions to be in place the infrastructure to be put in place. So that when the final move and come, we have the capacity to lighten the earth with the goal. And so imagine if we had burned our candles, so to say on both ends and we just do quick and dirty work all throughout avenues history and have no institution, no infrastructure, no organisation. When the final movements. Com and we're like, let's get out there. We're just the loosely affiliated band of, you know, willy nilly vagabond. I think god knew what he was doing. And so this framework tells us that in the meantime, yes, we ought to occupy till he come do diligently, the work that lies before us understand and still apply the principle, be prudent, and all of those things. But when the National sunday law. Com. It's life where a marathon runner that now has crossed the home back home stretch and we see the finish line. Prior to that, what do we do? Just like we're told run, we're supposed to run the race with patients. That means pace yourself, right? Because we don't know where the, where the finish line is just yet. But once we have the National sunday law, the point of no return, prophetically speaking and we're around the band. We see the finish line at that point. It's time to just burn every last calorie that we have mad dash to the finish and less poor all of our assets into god's work. And so that is why that mild phase is the final window. All right, so very quickly what should we do now? Ok, and we're actually going to come back to some of these points in the last presentation this week. But let's take a look at the statement evangelism, page 221. Jesus has told his disciples to watch but not for definite time. His followers are to be in the position of those who are listening for the orders of their captain. They are to watch, wait, pray, and work as they approach the time for the coming of the Lord. But no one will be able to predict just when that time will come, for of that day, an hour north, no man, now watch, wait, pray and work that sound a little bit more like marathon language, the sprint language. If you understand what I'm saying, you will not be able to say that he will come in 12 or 5 years. Neither are you to put off his coming by stating that it may not be for 10 or 20 years. We are not to know the definite time either for the point of the holy spirit or for the coming of crack. So the time, notice no definite time either for the coming of christ or the pouring of the holy spirit. And we, we saw correlation between the output of the holy spirit and the sunday law said there is some relationship there. And jesus put us the simply occupy till I come. And here's an important statement last the events be 17. Many will look away from present duty, present comfort and blessings, and be borrowing trouble in regard to the future crisis. This will be making a time of trouble beforehand, and we will receive no grades for any such anticipated trouble. Mercer, if anything, I need grace for that time, I don't want to exhaust it. So what do we do? Let's do what we already know. A learn to live a simpler life, be content with what we have learned, how much is enough and be satisfied with it. This is harkening back to what we discussed earlier this week. Gather up the fragments that state of occupying right, puts us in a state of mind that we are ready whenever the time comes. We talked about this yesterday, get out of debt. Imagine if our assets not only are a mountain coming down to crush us, but our assets also are oh, to the creditor. They're really going to come acura, right? And if we haven't yet, now is the time to start or to continue giving faithfully regularly as sacrificially now to advance god's work death bed charity is a poor substitute for living benevolence. Some people say, oh I'll just leave it to God am. I will. I'll just let it grow and God will have more. As of god needs our money. Right, it's not about the amount about our heart and more eager. If we aren't faithful with, let's just say 10 percent right. The time or more than that once you factor in offerings. But let's just use that. Let's, let's say we're not able to be faithful with our 10 percent to day in a time of peace. What makes us think we can be faithful with 100 percent in time of trouble. Maybe to frame it in a more positive light. Generosity is like a muscle. If we don't exercise it, it gets flacid and atrophied in his practice. Just like l Y had the vision about the green chord, the face that had to be constantly stretched and stretched and exercised our generosity, muscle is just like that. Sacrificial giving systematic benevolence is a character development trait that prepares us for the time when we do need to give 100 percent to the Lord. And also during this time while we still have needs, we can save and invest for them. But know when enough is enough. We aren't to be like the rich fool hoarding up building, barnes and bigger barnes and saying take the easy drink to be married. And well, if we do have assets, we ought to have an exit plan for how to liquidate our investments in a quick and orderly manner. It's not to say though all of our acids must be liquid. That's not my point. My point is that we do have a portfolio of various assets, let's think through how it must be divested, should the time come, we should have a plan. And in most modern actually we call that estate planning. But the state planning for the Avenue is not just when we die, because by the Lord, by god's grace, will see him in the clouds without seeing death, right? And so we want to think how to liquidate in the time of need for god's work. And of course, what we mentioned earlier, the statements we read, we ought to seek the Lord and ask for wisdom. And he will make known the right time when to sell and how much to sell. And we must, we must maintain, the mode is to finish the work and not merely to protect ourselves. That's the key to finish. God's work is not to protect ourselves is not to maintain our financial position is to finish the work. And now this next section i added after version 1.0 of this presentation because I realized probably need to address that in the presentation. Like this is easy to fall into 2 extremes. One extreme is really the one that we've been talking about now and that is having the spirit of saying my lord delays is come saying, oh yeah. Ok. If there is a time before this or mild phase, the sunday law, i'll just wait till then. Well, just remember we must be willing to sell all whenever jesus asked whether it's the rich ruler or lot wife. They failed that test. We don't want to feel that if the Lord asked us today, we ought to be willing to give him all today. Now the 2nd extreme is the extreme of saying, okay, if the Lord wants me to sell everything, then I'll just fill everything. Now we can't out give god right. We can, we can never give god too much. That sounds like such a holy statement was not really true. We are not neglect, providing for the comforts of our and conveniences of our family. In the meantime, I want to tell you 2 stories illustrate each of these points. So I have a friend who was a dentist and he had a young family at the time and he felt convicted by the law to move his family out of the country. We have statements, right? We have counsel to do that. Take our children out of the country. He started another dental practice, very successful dentist, dental practice. His children are out there in the country. Nice home successful and all that. And then the Lord laid on his heart to become a missionary in South america. Didn't have anything to do with this on the law or I'm a trouble or anything of that nature. The Lord just called him. And so what did he do? His oldest practice sold is nice country home packed, his kids up moved to South america. And now he's running a outpost center down there, and his kids speak fluid, spanish and but, and he's a korean guy, korean family. So you couple kurt korean guys running around speaking fluid, spanish, you know, what happened? They asked lords, call to be missionaries of South america. So you see in a situation like that, the Lord may call any of us to such a life. And we ought to have the willingness him and surrender to say yes. Ok. But on the flip side, was a young mother who came to me in tears one day was at a convention, not like this one, not unlike this one. You said, my husband pays a faithful ties and he pays a fee for 2nd time. And she's crying and I thought ok, i'm not sure I follow what's wrong with this picture. And then she said, I'm struggling to pay the bill. I can't put put food on the table. Our marriage is in disarray. And he tells me that is because I don't have enough faith and we need to give god 3rd and maybe even a 4th time. And then that would be the solution to all our problems. Are to say, sounds like her husband was a dead be going to call a spade a spade. He wasn't being responsible for providing for the needs of his family and his young children. He had this mindset, well we can't al, give god. So I'm going to give him everything right now. When you know, at the ellen white actually dealt with this exact situation. Letters a manuscript long, 5 letter 9888. Notice where she says here, brother, line of yours, family lives in accordance with the principles of strictest economy. They did not have occur carriage until I told them it was their duty to provide one for sister liner. Ladies, how would you like it if sister white came to your husband, I said you have a duty to buy your wife a car. Wow. Brother line a girl had conscientiously decided not to build a convenient wood shed and kitchen for his large family because he did not feel free to invest means in personal conveniences when the cause of god needed money to carry forward. Did this man have good motive? Yes, he had good motive. He wanted to give to god's work. And so he was so frugal that he wouldn't even build a wood shed for his work for where the firewood and he wouldn't build a kitchen for his wife. He wouldn't get a carriage for me. I tried to show him that it was necessary for the health, as well as the morals of his children, that he should make home pleasant and provide conveniences to lighten the labor of his wife. Though mrs. White not only says you need to get your wife a new car, you to get her a new kitchen do. Now, of course why don't take this home and don't, don't take it the wrong way. They're going to be a lot of unhappy husband. Yeah, that guy you said I need a new marble countertop. Sr. White said so, but the point of this statement i'm bringing out the point i'm trying to say is that it actually is possible to give too much. God does not require us to Rob our families and our loved ones of what they are rightfully owed, what they rightfully deserve to give to the lord's work. And we ought to keep this in balance with everything else that we've talked about earlier today. So I'm trying to maintain us on the straight and narrow here. And the bible illustrate or not illustrates, but stays very clearly 1st in the 58th. But if any provide not for his own. And especially for those of his own house, he has denied the faith in its worth. Then an infidel, we need to keep all things in balance provide for our loved one, but yet be willing to sacrifice for jesus. And so here is the final statement for this session. And the summary of our study today, avenue home, page 373. There are poor men and women who are writing me for advice as to whether they shall sell their homes and give the proceeds to the car. There it is again, for the cause of god. These poor men and women when they asked to sell their homes, they are literally asking to sell everything. Should we sell everything for the cause of god? They say the appeals for me, stir their soul and they want to do something for the master who has done everything for them. I would say to such, it may not be your duty to sell your little homes just now. But go to God for yourselves. The Lord will certainly hear your earnest prayers for wisdom to understand your duty. That is a promise that is a prayer that god will always answer. And so that is really the, the conclusion here it is in might not be your duty to sell right now, but for jesus sake, we must be willing to. And so in conclusion here, just want to bring our attention to the story, the narrow away 2nd volume of the test. One is page $594.00 in the chapters called an impressive dream. L I saw envision god's people traveling to heaven laden down with all their worldly possession and carriages, their horses, their packs, setting off to the heavenly, their heavenly home. And as they journey along the path is narrower and narrower. On one side, there's a steep cliff going up. And then the other side is a chasm. Going down and one slip and down you go. And as a rule got narrower and narrower, they had to leave more and more of their possessions behind their carriages were the 1st to go and then their horses and carrying their packs, and that to leave the bags behind. Eventually, they even had to take their shoes. Off but from above, a cord comes down to give them the steady their way. And eventually they have to put all of their weight on that cord. Crying we have hold from above. They swing on that cord across the chasm to their heavenly home. This is an illustration of the same journey heavenward. Yes, we will have to divest ourselves of our assets at some point. But that's not the focus of the story. Is it? The focus is that we shall have holds from above. We can have confidence in a god who will protect us and we can be confident in a god who will never leave us nor forsake us. So the condition of our hearts, how is it with us and the Lord to day? Are we willing to succeed where the rich, young ruler faith, will our hearts be right? Should the Lord make that request of us today or any day? Let's pray father in heaven. We thank you for your mercy towards us. We thank you for your prophecy. We thank you for your mercy and for the compassion you show us as weak people, creatures of dust were thankful that we can be co laborers with you in the work of saving soul. Lord, may we have that heart of sacrifice, that willingness to give all when ever you shall ask. And yet, at the same time, near we be faithful with the means you have given to us in our management. We might give glory to you and provide for those that you have given unto our care, lord, until you can help us to remain faithful. We pray in jesus', man, man. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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