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04 Lessons in the Storm

Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 22, 2021
    7:00 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen idea. God, a loving, heavenly father, law we pray should we thank you that you desire for us to have a sweet, sweet life. Have a sweeter walk with you. Lord, we ask for forgiveness for the moment that we have not taken you at your word and help us. Lord may our eyes be fixed upon you and today their father as we, as we kneel before your presence, they are hearts be ready to receive the Lord. One more request that you please hide me behind your cross. That I may not be seen or be heard, but jesus and jesus alone be seen, be heard. The lifted up and exalted is slowly at and we prayed that you please. For upon us a full measure of your spirit. We pray all this in a loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say amen. So question, why should we take god at his word? Why life would be sweeter if we trust in jesus friends, sons? 33 verse 6 and 9 is our, one of the, of the many reasons why we should take god his word. Some 33, verse 6. By the word of the Lord we haven't made. An all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. Can you say a man? The word of the Lord has power. So taking power for taking the word seriously surely will bring sweetness in your life. Verse $39.00 for he spoke and it was done. He commanded. And it stood fast friends as such, so many beautiful lessons that we could learn from those people who had followed god, who have listened to his words and for those who have not taken his word seriously. And I'll talk about and this is one amazing thing when you are ready preaching to the choir, you ready know the story. So I just have to remind you about those stories. Remember to disciples after defeating of the $5000.00. And remember, the leaders of that group were thinking, this is the time that jesus should be crowned as king. And the disciples were thinking, yes, this is what we have been dreaming about. And friends, you know what happened? Jesus stopped them. And when jesus thought them all the frustration and the disciples hard just boiled up, it all boiled up and they were not so happy that jesus did not grant them of their desires and friends. Does that sound familiar in our lives? Then when things did not go are awake, we get frustrated. We get down. Not realizing most of the time that this is not god's way. And if the disciples only listen to jesus clearly but friends, they were not listening to every word of his voice because they have a voice in their heart that they want to follow. They have their own ambition. They have their own desires, they had their own dreams, and as a result, life was not sweet to them. And this is the thought from desire of ages is out of a just page 380 paragraph on it says, thus the disciples, reason until they were, they brought upon themselves, great spiritual darkness. Friends, remember when they were asked to ride that little boat across the sea, they were somehow dwelling on that frustration on the thing that jesus did not allow them to have. And and it says here they question, could jesus be unemployed aster? As the pharisees asserted, I did not even know that this is one of their questions, the disciples that have been following jesus for more than 3 years, even question him. Why? Because they were not taking him at his word. And this is one thing that I realize fence, there's a lot of times that I have question god, when he did not allow me to to enjoy what I wanted. And actually this, if this happens to all of us, this happens to most of us when our plans don't go god's way, then we point A finger on him and the sweetness of life just goes away. The problem is we don't ask his plans for us. We only present our plans to him and then ask for his blessings. Sometimes we forget that god knows better than we do. And sometimes we forget friends that he is god and not us. Sometimes we forget that he's the one in charge and not us. Let us continue on with this with his reading, it says their thoughts were stormy and unreasonable, and the Lord gave them something else to afflict their souls and occupy their minds. While god often does this, when men create burdens and trouble for themselves. Wow. And let, let's go to the next paragraph. It says a violent temp. This had been stealing upon them and they were unprepared for it. Why were they unprepared for it? My dear brothers and sisters, because they did not dwell in the words of jesus. They were thinking only about what they want to do, what ambitions that they have, and when the storm hit them, they were unprepared. My dear friends, does that sound familiar? 2020 is a good reminder for us that a lot of us were not prepared for it. But god had been desiring to prepare his church to prepare you to prepare me. But since we have not been heating his voice, desiring what he desires for us and 2020 happen, we were so unprepared, i was unprepared. It says here, when the violent storm hit them, they forgot their dissatisfaction, their unbelief and their impatience. Sometimes we don't see the blessings in the storm. We don't see the lessons in the storm. The storm was allowed to somehow wash them with their dissatisfaction, their unbelief and their impatience. Then I believe that a storm is needed to shake us out of our wrong course, that we may see where god desires to lead us. Can you say men? So can you say that that what have been in 20 twenty's a blessing for us? Only a fuse is that. Can you say man rance? It says here, when the storm hit them every one word to keep the boat from sinking. Everyone. Everyone worked to keep the boat from thinking. Remember this disciples where were very, very much undivided and no divided. They were somehow contesting who's the greatest? This is the only thing here that I seen in the story that made them all one. The storm the store made them one friends and until the 4th r watch of the night they toiled at the oars. Then we remained gave themselves up for lost. It were thinking, this will be the last moment that I see my bodies here is we be the last time that I'll see, my brother in the storm and darkness. The sea had thought them their own helplessness as 2020 thought as a lot of things. And one of those things that we are helpless without god And when they realize their helplessness, they long for the presence of their master. When they realize the helplessness, they long for the presence of their master just imagined friends, how many prayers were offered during cove. It and in revival reformation website. The sister melody told me that in just that man alone, they would like 100 blush, 1000 materials had been downloaded in a 100 days, brear, 30 plus 1000, signed up. If you see this by the offense, a lot of brear ministries have a but up like mushrooms all over the world because of what happened during 20202020 reminded us that we have no future here. Can you say event that we don't have the future here? We have a better future up there and just imagine dispense, imagine the disciples that were lost in the middle of that see in the middle of the storm. I don't why I love water. I love the beach and from the Philippines there's a lot of beaches. You could let me stay on the beach all day long and I would not somehow get tired of it. But being the storm being in darkness like being rock though and throat that is scary, my dear friends. And this did not just go 14 minutes. It went on for hours. And some bible scholars said that this is like 6 hours. When go over, it happened when coven hit us? I did not even think that, that a globe it will last for, for 2 months. I was imagining, oh, maybe, maybe 3 months, the most friends we're more than a year. And we're still other places, other countries are still locked down months, weeks turns into months and months and years. And a lot of god's people are even thinking as god forgotten us. As god left us and friends, they said that 2020 was a year that crushed old dreams. Some even some people will even say that is like 2020 is like a toilet year. Everything was flushed down the drain. But my dear fence, you know what god did not forget us. A lot of people were praying during that year. A lot of people were, were crying to the law during that year and the law did not forget us. This is one prove prince. Listen to this. This is still from these are of ages, page 381 paragraph one. Jesus had not forgotten them. Can you say a man? That line alone is ready enough reads jesus had not forgotten them, but it did not stop there. The watcher on the shore saw the those fears stricken men battling with a tempest. Not for a moment did he lose sight of his disciples. That a man is so weak. Not for a moment did he lose sight of his disciples. Friends during 2020 not for a moment. Did god lose sight of you In the choir? In the cries, during your quarantine in a quiet during lockdown, my dear friends, jesus was watching you. The watcher on the shore did not lose his focus on you. And this is another beautiful description here of how jesus was watching us was watching his disciples with deepest solicitude since I looked at solicitude. What is the meaning of solicitude with deepest felicity? solicitude means attentive care and protectiveness would deepest a pension And protectiveness. Jesus was looking at this is staples and jesus was watching you. His eyes followed the storm toss. Boat with its precious burden for these men were to be the light of the world. As a mother in tender love watching her child. So the compassionate master watches disciples, their hearts were subdued when their hearts were subdued, and their unholy ambition quelled. And in humility, they prayed for help. It was given them. France, did you hear this? The storm has to do something in our hearts that we may pray, the right prayers. The storm has to quell their unholy ambition and subdue their hearts that will bring them to humility. We talked about this yesterday and france, we might be wondering sometimes, why are my prayers somehow not answered friends all the time. It's not, it's not just the need is the height is the heart that needs the mate to be made, right? And that's why david, pray this prayer, psalms 139 verse 2324, search me. Oh God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me into the way everlasting. And beautiful, beautiful promise here in desire of a just 200 paragraph 3, the savior long to give us a greater blessing than we ask. Can you say a mentor that the savior lost to give us great their blessing then we ass and he delays the answer to our request that he may show us the evil of our own hearts and our deep need of his grace. You see this friends? Most of the time and we do not even realize it a need, it comes up in our lives. It's just an indication that the heart is not right with him. You hear that When there is a need for if I for finances when there is a need for, for lack of staffing, of, of this, of that most of the time we, we go directly to the need to meet the need. We don't come to him and as him, lord, is there anything that you want me to make right with you? Because it is always leading to the correction of the heart that god wants to do in our lives. And france because of those things that have separated the disciples from jesus even though when, when they were crying out for help. When jesus gave me did not even realize that it was jesus. They think it was a ghost. It's trying to kill them. Just imagine fence when this man saw jesus walking, their iron grip on the oars just let go. Just let go because they thought it was a spirit that was trying to take their lives. They think it to find them that omens destruction, and they cried out of fear, and they don't know about you, but I looked at this as like the comedy part of the story. It looks scary, but for me it was funny. I don't know friends, but I know this is not funny. It scare them almost to death and it says here jesus advances as if he would bass them. Did you hear this? Jesus was walking when they saw jesus walking on the water. Jesus advances just imagine jesus is walking towards them, but jesus turned as if he would pass them and listen to this friends. But they recognised him. This is one thing I realize your friends jesus was walking towards them and jesus just went a little nearer so that they will be able to recognize him. That they'll be able to cry out his name. Did you hear this? This is one amazing thing about jesus. He walked just near to them so that they could go out his name. Jesus is a gentle savior. He would not bush himself, not until you invite him in your vote and he will come. It says here, but they recognise him and cried out entreating. His help, their beloved master turns his voice silence. Their fear is word silence. Their fear be of good cheer. It is, I be not afraid. Friends, the Lord allow the storm that they may see the need of him. When they recognize him, they called out his name and he came in. You know what? One thing that the storm somehow brought to them. The Lord somehow brought the storm so that they may recognize our greatest need to give him all our greatest need their friends to let god take over with everything. Can you say a mentor that are greatest? Need to surrender everything to him because anything that we think that we could lean on during, during that storm did not even help us. Not even prepare us. But this is a beautiful promise here, friends in, in the book prayer page 226. Paragraph 5, it says, if you have given yourself to God to do his work, you have no need to be anxious for to morrow. The Lord desires to somehow comfort us. I know that there will be storms. So I want you to take my word seriously. Friends, if you have given yourself to God to do his work, you have no need to be anxious for to morrow. And the god who asked you to do this, he knows the end from the beginning. The events of the morrow, which are hidden from your view, are open to his eyes, eyes of the omnipotent. This is the god who desires to take You through the storm without any worries, without any cares. And france, if we go back to the word, if we go back to the promises god has given us so many promises. And one of those promises that somehow somehow gives me, gives me comfort, is the promise. In matthew matthew, 6 verse 25. When jesus said take no thought reinstate, no thought. When I look at other translations, take no thoughts as do not worry. Do not worry. And I looked at take, no thought I typed it in my bible search engine, you know, how many verses appeared about that says take no thought. Can you get older l I thought is 300. It's only 7. But 7 is enough. 7 means what? perfection. 7 means completeness, and when I looked at all those verses, they were all written and read This in the face. They were all written and read jesus himself spoke those promise that in a way that means every single day. Jesus wants us to take him at his word, god desires us to take him at his word. Friends i have I knew some one. Actually they're here in the camp. They're not here right now. This is one of my favorite stories, missionary stories of people who have given the hearts of the Lord who took him at his word. Their name is ramon and shandy, then cornel from indonesia, it worked for for jesus, for asia. And you will see them in the booth, you will see them. Those people who are wearing indonesian attire, friends don't know their story. They were multi millionaires before the live the life and they have everything. It seems like they have everything. I didn't have jesus. Raman somehow was convicted to give his heart to the Lord and this it I'm, I'm backing their story like 3 minutes here. They gave their hearts of the Lord and they give the processions to God. They went into mission. They set up a television network back in indonesia and every bit of their resources they ported out. And shandy shandy was a socialite before very, very glamorous girl. But you could see the transformation in her life. So I'd like to focus on one story. By the way, shandy came from a muslim background. Father was muslim. Brothers and sisters were muslim, and she's the only christian and her mom. As a christian, vermont passed away and france for a muslim. If you are the eldest and shandy was the eldest, it's something like that to happen. So your family, you are, you're the one who would take care of everything. But during this time fence shannon or amman is living and had a hand to mouth existence and ramon told me, jen, it's so amazing if that's when when you're living i had to mount relationship a hand to my existence when it's god's hand and it's your mouth a man your mother will not be bigger than his hands. And God is good god, just give 11 blessing at that time according to your need. So when they went to the roots, shanties, mom's funeral or, or wake. There was, there was no casket or anything so they have to arrange everything. And ramon was just like sorrowing thinking, lord, this happen at the wrong timing when we don't have all those resources that we've had before. When we were rich, it would just be easy as, as this to provide for everything they went to look at the casket gaskets, friends are so expensive, it's expensive to die and to live in some other country. Spence. So what happened? friends? They went and looked at the, the price of the casket in this funeral parlor, and they said, you have a lesser gasket than this. You know, that's the least ready and the thinking, oh, how can we afford this? So they went to the other general parlor on the other side of the road. And the moment it went and the owner, the lady somehow saw them and he said, oh, if you come in and they were wondering, they have not met this lady. And the lady said, I know what you need, you had this, you had that. And before they could even ask like, so how much does it cost? No, this is what you need. All the lady said, this is what you need. And now the lady took care of everything. The lady took care of everything that the flowers, everything and all, and now it's time to pay the bill. And shandy and ramone was just like, their heart was pumping. Oh lord, how are we going to afford this? And the lady gave them the bill. The bill was less than $20.00. And then jen, is it, is this the receipt is the right one is the bill said yes that the building on this, this is wrong. This is not the bill. As a, the lady said, that is the right bill. Believe that is the right bill and shandy was trying to argue. And gently said, as if I had money to pay strength to argue with a man with a woman. And a woman told her, look, it pulled her, pulled them aside. This is what happened a night before you came a night before you came. God gave me a dream. And he deduced you. Shandy in amman, in my dreams. This the couple will come see a funeral parlor and this is what they need. And God gave her specific instructions on the things that they will be needing. You take care of them and I will take care of you. And this lady was in tears. And she said, that is why I could not accept your money. The bill that I gave you was just for the funeral car, I don't have a funeral car. So that's why I have to rent a funeral car. So this is god, who's doing it to you? My dear friends. If you have given yourself to the Lord, if you have taken his word to heart, you have nothing to be anxious for to morrow. Can you say a mentor that friends? It says he or be not therefore anxious for to morrow we are to follow christ day by day. God does not bestow help for to morrow. Can you say men he does not give his children all the directions for their life journey at once. Lest they should become confused, he tells them just as much as they can remember and perform. The strength and wisdom imparted are only for the present emergencies. The Lord once as to take him at his word, the Lord is size for us to walk with him day by day moment by moment and listen to this desire of a speech. 313 paragraph to all who have chosen god service are to rest in his care. Every blessing needed for this life is theirs. And god's children are never absent from his mind. Wow, god's children are never absent from his mind. My dear fence, we know for a fact that what we have faced last year, what we're about to face in the future last year is nothing. The Lord is wanting us will be established in him right now. To take him at his word. What the disciples have missed before they faced the storm. The Lord doesn't want us to Miss. The Lord desires us to be prepared in a storm. And last quote, before we go into our time of prayer is found in signs of the times, april 11, 1892 paragraphs. Read says if we have a correct knowledge of the character of god, said son will not be able to overwhelm our souls. We doubt and discouragement if we have a correct knowledge of the character of god, faith and will not be able to overwhelm our souls with doubt and discouragement fence. Whatever storm that will faith, it will never shake us. If we know the god at we, sir. And he has given us so much promises. He's so sweet to trust in jesus. Can you say a man just to take him at his word just the rest upon his promise. Just to know, thus saith the Lord friends. With that being said, let us gather together. And for those of you who have difficulty kneeling down, just just come closer and occupy those seats that are near this the square. And and for those of you who are at the back come join us, come closer. So that you'll hear voices as we pray. And as you come closer, just bring your digital him books or you have your him now let's open or him knows. On him number 4. It's sir. Let me open this. Let's think he so sweet to trust in jesus 500. 24. Come closer. Yes. If you still have space in front of you move a little bit because that will be the space of the person behind you press together the lords as a man. Let's sing the song is so sleepy. Then g. Josh. Okay. Josh was due on Josh today. Oh, he's not a Oh jeez. B S G O K O or the god. He serv appraised the prince as we come before god's presence this morning. As the song says, the so sweet to trust in jesus just to take him at his word. So this particular time appraised, let us raise him for the beautiful promises that he has given us. So any bible promises that you want to lift us the lift to the Lord and to praise him what he has done to you through those promises. I like to begin. If either like to trace and we thank you for your promise in and they say 4110, and you said fear thou not for I am with you that has been a conflict with that. Your father, we pray, should we think? Oh, how c 2 is. That is where job go as low As she she l E. O A. O or if father repression, we thank you for your great and existing promises that you have supplied us that you have supplied your church with a lord. We know that most of the time, our eyes were taken off of your promise, as by a lot of things that distract us. A lot of things that earns our trust rather than your word, other than your promise. So once we go into our time of confession right now, lord, I prayed me, you revealed to us the things that we believe more than your word. Things that we trusted, that we have leaned upon more than your word or than your promise, french, and as stern to the person nearest us. Let's pray by twos, and spend this a minute and a half, asking god to forgive us for all those things that have hindered us from leaning fully upon his word. Just 2 minutes. I'm so glad to see Your And With a V I ha, i grew G t G O G A G O R. And this last 2 minutes, that's come back again as a family, lifting up our supplication to the Lord. This time at a spread it that the holy spirit will be poured upon us that our trust upon his word will continue to grow and as ass for it in sealing of the holy spirit, we may begin our prayers. Standing on the 8th grade reading, glory and Then they standing on the from the LA g A, B, and d being on the wrong god a and a day On the wrong. Let's repeat the callers sandy and me being on the promises of god. A and B A day On the wrong. Oh, your father, we praised and we thank you that your promise. All your promises are stronger than any storms that will ever hit the father as a church, as, as family, as one body, as your people help us, lord to stand in your promises, help us to take you at your word. Help us to heed every counsel, every warning that you have given us. And lord be praised and we thank you or what you have done, or what you are doing and what you're about to do. In order we, we desire for more. And you have promised that you will give us so much more if we ask other police increase or desire increase our hunger, increase our desperation, who asked more of your spirit. Thank you so much lord, because we know that you will not hold back. Not even hold back your son. Thank you so much for giving us all. We give you back all the praises the glory in the honor or we pray all this in the loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say a man To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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