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05 Give Him Back the Throne

Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 23, 2021
    7:00 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Our great god. Oh dear loving, heavenly father. Thank you so much, lord for giving us a little glimpse of what you're about to do to us for the little glimpse of the pouring of your holy spirit. And lord, thank you that you have given us a desire to run through the rain go through each and every difficulty to be in your presence. All thank you for the beautiful promise that we have seen outside the beautiful rainbow. You promise to never leave us nor forsake us the Lord I asked in a very special way that you please hide me once again behind your cross as I may not be seen or be heard. But jesus and jesus alone be seen, be heard the lifted up and exalted your father. We pray least prepare our hearts for what you're about to do to us to day. Anoint us all we did 900. Your holy spirit, for we asked is the loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children, say a man And friends this morning, I'll be sharing something that's I think most of you knows about this knowledge and what I'll be sharing. It's not rocket science as not a deep the ology, something that that's needed. This is about things that, that god has not permitted us to do, but we are doing anyway that we are some help pursuing. I'll just focus on one thing. And this has started in the years of the israelites. They wanted to have a king. Was it god's plan For his people to have the king know listen to this friends from book patrick's and prophet 6 o 5, paragraph 3. It says he permitted the people to follow their own choice because they refused to be guided by his counsel. And such a verse here who say a 13 verse 11 will say, declares that god gave them a king in his anger. Did you hear this? God gave the israelites king in his anger when men choose to have their own way without seeking counsel from god or on or in our position to his revealed will. He often grant their desires, in order that through the bitter experience that follows, they may be led to realize their fully and repent of their sin. Human pride and wisdom will prove a dangerous guide that which the heart desires contrary to the will of god. In the end be found a curse rather than a blessing. Prince. We have seen you have read the bible. You have seen the roller coaster ride of the israelites says here some will instruct in the grandeur, requested the people, but to wind them of the lords these approval. Did you hear that some will made it clear what the lords this approval and also made known. What would be the result of their course? Wow. So the Lord did not just leave them to the folly, the Lord give them this is the picture. If you make this decision, this would be the result. And this is the answer of the people. But the people return the answer, the answer may, but we will have a king over us. Wow. Such a hard breaking moment that was for samuel that we this is the reason that they want to have gang that we also might be like all the nations and that are king, may judge us. Friends, is god Not a fit judge for them. That the king may judge us and go out before us and fight. Our battles have mercy as not the Lord Through to them that he has been fighting their battles. Prince, is it this is such a sad, sad picture. By choosing a king, my dear friends, they reject the god as the king. And by choosing a king they took for granted god's dealings for them. It's just a huge slap on the lord's face. Ah, friends, but a knowingly. You're still doing the same thing right now. As a church. We have been I think the culture of israel as they've been passed on to us. We are so used to asking only for his protection and his provision, but not his leading Is that right france. We only come to the Lord, lord, please give me this. Please protect me from this. But have we really come to the Lord and plead before him? lord, we need your leading my dear friend 2020 is that nods to us that we need god's leading more than his protection more that his provision friends, it says here for the sake of earthly distinction, they sacrifice the unspeakable, honored the which god has called them of showing for the praises of him who are the gold them out of darkness into his marvellous light. Just for the sake that they would be like the other nation and friends come to think of it. When god was not king of israel, they had not experience so much miracles than god was their king. Have you noticed deliverance from egypt? parting of the red sea jerica falling down. Jordan crossing those magnificent things that happened in the days of israel lights at a time that god was there king. Can you say men? Yes it happened as well in kings like as kaya and kings like ga fought, but this were the king's who gave god the throne. Have you noticed? rents remembered yourself that when you harsh it, but finally prostrated himself to the ground in front of the people, submitting himself to God, acknowledging that there is a higher power than him. Just imagine a king bowing his face to the ground before it before the people could even bow down. And this is one thing that I realized when you place god at the throne. He will act like the king. And have you seen what, what the Lord has done through Georgia thought immeasurable results. My dear friends and even look at that, would gideon, remember how the Lord reduce the 32002300? And the reason for that, just 7 verse to the reason that the Lord wanted get you to reduce the 3 out the 32210002300. Is this the people who are with you are too many for me to get the media into their hands? lest israel claim the glory for itself against me saying, mine own hands had saved me. Wow. The Lord will use feeble instruments. Why? Because when the victory comes, the Lord wants to make it clear. It's not because of your strength. It's not because of your intelligence that have won the battle. It was me. It's god sitting on the throne. Friends. Signs of the times, july 2118. 80. 81 paragraph then it says the most complete and perfect system which men have ever devised. Apart from the power and wisdom of god will prove a failure. While the humble means which god sanctions must succeed. Have you notice god's ways, god's ways are ridiculous in the eyes of men. Seriously, friends, god's ways are foolishness in the eyes of men. But that is the only ways that would yield tremendous results. Only god's crazy ways, but most of the time, we are afraid that the gods, crazy ways, because we would look foolish in the eyes of our colleagues. But my dear friends, look at this. Are you willing to be foolish in the eyes of men and follow his will? Are you willing to risk your reputation for the result that god wants to give to his church? Can you say men pens? It says here, the Lord can do but little for the children of men because they are so full of pride and vainglory. They exult self magnifying, their own strength, leaning or learning and wisdom. And it is necessary for god to disappoint their hopes and for straight their plans that they may learn to trust in him alone. Wow. Do you hear the spence? It is necessary for god to disappoint their hopes and frustrate their plans that we may learn to trust in him alone. Praise god for the moments that our plans did not push through. Praise god for the moments that all the things that were planning to do just like was mash the ground, praise god for 2020. The year that crushed all of our dreams that we will learn to trust in god alone. Friends. Just imagine when god is king, there's protection. Can you imagine this friends right now? Imagine this god is our king. You will have protection. You have nothing to fear. Friends, just imagine, think of any earthly king that you would feel so secure. No one. But just imagine the god of god, the king of kings and the Lord of lords remembered the gods were praying to every morning. The goddess were praising yesterday, lifting up all those beautiful verses. That reminds us of his power of his goodness, friends that god are key. Imagine that who could ever touches when god is for us when god is our king. And when god is our king, provision follows. God is our gang provision follows my dear friend, we don't even have to bag, nor please give me this. Your king is a very compassionate king. Your king is a very gracious king. Your king gives you before you could even remember a sad, i say of 65 or 24 and shall come to pass that before they call. I will answer that is the king that the, the israelites rejected. And that is the king that we reject. If we will not let him sit on the throne again and friends. When god is the king, this direction. There is the erection. King is a man, friends, there is the rection. When god is the king, there is direction. And if God is the king, there will be no division. When god is the king, we are not the ones making the decision. It's him. We don't come together and greg our little brains. What should we do? Know he knows what to do. Our role is to come to him, lord, teach us what to do. When god is the king, he takes control. You know what friends As intelligent human beings in the last days of earth's history. This is like our biggest challenge because we know what to do. So when we come together to plan for god's work, we plan and meet too much, but we don't pray too much. We come together as a church board as an executive board. And we land of our own ideas, friends, you know why I'm saying this? I've been part of boards since I was young, a church board, and then I went to executive committee with, with our division as a user presented the we spend some time days discussing, arguing about things. But I have not experienced spending days bleeding before I got board i we are but a child. We don't know what to do, but our eyes are upon you. We have not had those types. You know, meeting rooms. Just imagine friends, if our board meetings are like that. Imagine friends, if during coven, instead of running around thinking what, what needs to be at to get done? What we did yesterday here. Just imagine if those are the things that we were doing. I believe that god would have led us in the most marvellous way. Can you say men, friends? God sways are way higher than I always let me remind you of I say a 55 versus 8 and 9. It might look ridiculous in your ice, but it's higher than your thoughts. But it's higher than your ways. And I remember when god goal me to be a missionary, when god somehow going convicted me to come to the US to, to studying amazing facts. French, a friend of mine asked me so jim when, until when do you plan to be missionary? And I said, because at 1st I was thinking that it was just a series of mission trips. I didn't realize that the Lord was calling me into this missionary work. So when I look back in my previous life before I bite away friends, i was a photographer. I was a wedding photographer, always the photographer, and never to groom. Yes, I am. That's why I tell people I'm single, but not advertising. No one's buying, so don't worry. So the brand, as I move forward with this, I was afraid because my friend was telling me, jen, let's, let's apply. Were for amazing facts in the U. S. A. No, I, I can't, it's impossible. Why. And I told I told my friend, applying for a U. S. Visa when you're a filipino it's, it's quite crazy. And I told a person, especially for a filipino like me, that I don't have a bank account during that time. I don't have a regular job. I know no job but all 0 bank account. I gave everything to the Lord. And now I'm, I'm walking with him and the friends at gen, let's move by faith and not by sight. And I told my friend, ok, let's move by faith friends. Most of the time we say the word that we don't mean only. And so friends, i said ok lot if you want me to go, then you have to provide and friends the Lord provide the Lord provided for for the Visa, the interview, a $160.00 you as dollars. That's, that's a fortune that the fortune for us. So before that friends, before that a night before that my heart was pumping and I could not even sleep and french. I'm the person that doesn't have problems sleeping. You could as the people who of camped with me, my prayer partner, 30 seconds, i'm snoring, to minutes. I'm having a dream. And even in public, i sleep in the train standing up, people go in and out and I would just like I have the gift of Public sleeping and friends. But during that time, during that time, my dear friends that give just went away. Every time I go to bed, I close my eyes. It's just like nightmares and the nightmares as the Visa interview. And I always get denied in my dreams. So I will, I will wake up heart pumping, and I think on the 7 or 6 night, I remember they forgot something. I forgot to pray. And then, jesse maginot, friends, i'm in a prayer ministry and I forgot to pray. The reason the Lord put me in the ministry, not because that I'm the most effective prayer leader, is because I need a prayer. Can you say a mental that the Lord puts you in the ministry? Not because that you are the best at it. But because you need it, sometimes we're thinking, oh the Lord is so blessed that I'm on his team have mercy. It is us that bless that god, that gold us. Even though we are not equipped to do it, we are not worthy and friends. So that particular, that particular night the Lord brought me to my knees and I was crying a lot. Why, why are you giving me this dress fence? The Lord reminded me, jem, who was taking care of you for the last 2 years that I have gold. You opened my passport friends for the last 2 years. The Lord has brought me to a lot of places have my passport was stamped, i forgot france, that he is the king. I forgot that he is. The one in charge said the moment I said, okay lord, I surrender this to you. I had so much peace. I slept like a baby, and I snored like a boar and fred fast more wide. Now the time for me to apply, i was there. I wore my, my long sleeved i wore my tie and I was there waiting for my number to be called and the moment I sat down, I got choked up. I'm thinking what is happening french. It's like all your insides are trying to come out. Your heart as spun thing so. So loud and thinking what is happening. I was not aware i'm having a panic attack. And I watch too many cartoons before, and I imagine you get my heart was literally jumping out of my chest. It was a scary, scary experience, and I'm thinking, what should I do? And friends, when you are nervous, the console will somehow notice that you're nervous and so now they will say that you are guilty, and I'm thinking this should not be my my condition right now. I could not imagine being interviewed. What's your name? My name is Jeff, and then you fall to the ground and collapse. You will be denied right away. So friends, i was thinking, I need a place to break and I was looking around. There's no empty spot. And I'm thinking lord, teach me what to do when god is your king, he gives you direction. Can you say men? The Lord? Some are convicted me go to the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom, praise god, the U. S. Embassy bathroom is clean. I closed the cubicle, knelt down and poured out my heart to our king. And this is one thing I realize. When you come before god's presence, any blaise in this whole universe will be transformed into a prayer, and a man at a law gave me peace. And when I came out I, I was a new man. And now my number was called it came forward. And the console asked me mr. Cash dollar said yes sir. Question, how much is your monthly income and thinking, oh lord, i'm dead. First question was monthly income friends. Remember I have 0 income and then I told him, i'm sorry sir, but I don't have a monthly income. Is why is that? I have been, i'm a missionary, sir, so I don't get paid for my work. And he asked me then how do you live? I live by faith, sir, and then he thought that I was not taking him seriously and he said, I live by faith too. But tell me how do you live? How do you buy your food that you buy your clothes? Said lord, provide sir. And then he opened my passport. Remember my passport was halfway stamp is that if you, if you are not paid for your work, how come you travel so much? And they said to him, sir, I told you I'm a missionary. And the Lord provides to people and they called me and they asked me to go to places and pay for my way the. Okay. But how about your hotel? How about your meals? And I said, sir, the people who invites me provides for my meal rights for my, my food, that's like the cafeteria right now. This is, this is a good provision for me and fred. So he was running out of question. And then he asked me something that's quite difficult. How about emergencies? Have you encountered emergencies? Said yes sir. Emergencies are unavoidable. And now are you able to pay for emergencies? So I told him, god is faithful so that god provides the right amount of money for the right amount of emergencies. And then he asked me, so you tell me that you provide that you received money for emergency? And he said, yes sir. That yelled at me, then you just lie to me. How come sir? So because a while ago, you're telling me that you don't receive any amount of money for your work. Now you're telling me that you received money for emergencies. That's a difficult question, isn't it? And remember my condition before, ah, and I could not imagine friends, if God left me on my own, i would have just said and then fall to the ground and die. Seriously, i could not have come up with an answer. But praise god, I can give direction. And before he could even finish the question I gave, the Lord gave me the answer and I know my dear for that my little brain could not come up with an advantage ations like that. And the answer went like this, sir. A while ago you are asking for a regular monthly income, but emergencies are not regular. This is my answer, isn't it? man's i tell you, I'm not that smart to story. But god is amazing. And the moment those words came out of my mouth, i had this expression in my head like This. It is one thing that I realize when you see god leading your life. When you see god being a king, you will just be an audience in all. And he will know for a fact it's not because of you and friends this, this conversation, I could see it a great controversy battle i could see the struggle in his face. So I told him, sir, from the very beginning i gave you the right answers, the honest answer I don't, I can't lie to you. And, and he said, then tell me, how should I fill in this question? We are still in question number one, friends. How can I fill in this question monthly income? And I said honestly speaking sir, I don't know. And then he said, ok, monthly income he typed in. Not applicable fans. Remember, his ways are higher than always. His thoughts are way higher than our thoughts. And the guy it told me congratulations, shop location has been approved. I said, what frontiers lee? I was not even expecting to be granted. And the moment moment the Visa came to my hands and by the way, friends i was, I could not believe that the Lord has given me this. So I called my sister and I was crying on the phone and my sister was crying on the phone and said, jim, it's only by god's grace and it's god's will for you to go to the US and said, I know. And I remember before I stood up for the interview, there is this steel small voice speaking to my heart. When you get your visa approved, it's not because of who you are. You are and nobody is not because of what you have because you have nothing will only be because of my goodness and men and friends. When I got the Visa, they gave me a 10 year multiple entry. The Lord just wants to stamp his signature in it. So that you will not even think or suspect that this was a coincidence. And this is one thing that I realize spreads. When god takes over the position, you will know that he is there. And you will not even doubt friends. You will not even doubt that it is him. Who did it prince. This is one thing I realize as well. When I lived that this kind of life for, for the next 9 years, I have not received a salary. God has been bringing me to places that I could not even think or imagine god has been opening doors that I have not even pushed. I have not even put my foot on the door. Gods foot is bigger than my little foot. Friends gods weighs our way bigger than our ways. And I'm thinking, lord, is this just exclusive to me? And as I share this, other young people were encouraged and that they tell me brother jeremy works. And now with our, with our group back in the Philippines, we have a group called the philippine used for prizes like the g Y C, A little version back home. We go forward friends and we don't have money. We don't have resources, but you know what the lord's ridiculous ways we clean up on it. The Lord somehow stopped us from asking for donation from asking for contribution. You know, what the Lord convicted us with to give our 5 loaves of bread and to fish. And this young people who are a spore us, me, began contributing their 5 lives there to fish. And you know, how much did we come up with? Will been $550.00. What we need was $30000.00. You know what the Lord did It multiplied to 5 loaves of bread into fish. What we need was $30000.00. At the end of the conference, we have an overflow of $4000.00. But this is the ways of the king, a man. This is what happens when god takes over my dear friends, because god's ways are not always when it's god's ways, there's always going to be at dwell baskets, overflow. There's always be fragments. It's not the will of god that we would be defeated. Remember a series of and interrupted victories. This is god's plan. This is god's ways. Prince. You know when god is king, the enemy trembled. When god sits as a king, the enemy trembles. It's not his speech, but the trembles is not his people that's running away scared and not knowing what to do Have we trembled in 2020 I believe we have have we made solutions on our own thinking. Maybe we have, you know why? Because god is not king yet. If God is king, my dear friends. Remember egypt? 10 plagues, 10 consecutive plagues, the plague, egypt, none of them has fallen upon his people. So any 20 was wanted to plague. We came running scared. We forgot about some 91 and some of us may think, but it is real cool that is real. My dear friends, the plagues were real. The death during the time was real. It was all real. But why did a survive? Because god was king. Because god was king friends, remember when they were about to attack jericho? You could read that. And. And josh, what 2 verse 9. When ray have told the 2 spice, i know that the Lord has given you the land and your terror is fallen upon us and that old inhabitants of the land. Fain because of you. First then we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of the red sea for you when you came out of Egypt and. And you did to the 2 kings of the amorites, who are on the east side of jordan. See han site on and of whom were utterly destroyed. Verse 11. And when we heard it, our hearts melted. Neither did our spirits. Our courage remain any more in any men because of you. For the Lord, your god, he is god and heavens above and on the earth beneath. My dear friends, even your enemies will notice. Who is your king? Who is your god? My dear friends. God needs to be king again. Men. Patrick and prophets, page 606 paragraph one. God desired his people to look to him alone as their law giver and their source of strength feeling their dependence upon god they would be constantly what constantly drawn nearer to him. This is what the Lord desire for his church friends. This is what the Lord desires for his people that are in ty dependents will be upon him or entire solution would be upon him. And if that would be the case, my dear friends, he is your charge. How can you be afraid they would become elevated in a noble fit did for the high destiny to which he had gold them as his chosen people. But when man was placed upon the throne, it would tend to turn the minds of the people from god. They would trust more to human strength and less the divine power and the errors of their king would lead them into sin and separate the nation from god. My friends, this is the reason why that god needs to be king. He has to be king. We have pushed god out, davis out of his throne. And for this reason when jesus was here, he introduced the holy spirit to us. Introduce the holy spirit, was the through the holy spirit in dwelling in US. Jesus longed to be the king of our lives. Can you say men collusion? One verse 27 christ in US. The hope of glory. Friends as a church, as I am and closing as a church, we owe a major apology to God for pushing him out of his strong and I believe the old more than an apology. The oh God histone we need god to be king again. We have to let him king again. Can you say him in the friends as we gather together a like to invite you to join me as, as we, as god to be king once again. Come join me here. And as you're coming, least open your him notes To him. Number 229229. All hail the power of jesus. Name him number 229. Let's sing it. O hale the paw g name a broad straight bull ring for our den. Oh oh Oh Oh oh, Number 3, there every every drive on To The drive and oh oh, I see drive and friends as we gather together in the presence of god, let us brace him or the king he is and let us declare that he is the king that we are the p S in our lives Or their father had see the mission of your people, your church. Lord, we pray that this will not just be a one time every single day moment they moment continue to relinquish the Lord. I say that we will not stop the will be a lifestyle that this will be a habit, will go to the point of cheerfully surrendering everything to you. Oh, the father. There is no point of holding back from you. Lord, I pray that the stake over with every throne of our lives will be patient. We thank you. If you could manage our life better than we could, our family better than we could. Naturally, especially the Lord your church, better than good. You father, may we not hold back relinquishing your throne ever again. And the Lord, if ever, knowingly or unknowingly we sit on the throne or please do everything in your power to remind us to nudge us or even law pushes out of the way. You need to rule or you need to be king again and repression. We thank you for you are righteous king, a loving king, that king, that we desire, the king that we love, the king who has given his life for us help us to give our lives. Thank you so much, little hearing our prayers. And lord, I pray that you please anoint each and every person here with the anointing power of your holy spirit. Give us an increase desired to see more of your face. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. Once again. All we pray and the loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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