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07 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 25, 2021
    7:00 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Our great goddard, your loving, heavenly father, will be praised. We thank you that every single morning when we come before your presence, you are there. You have promised for 2 or 3 are gathered together in your name. There you are in the midst of us, lord, replace. And we thank you that you did not show up the present. We thank you that you give us the holy spirit. Give us an experience that we have not had experience before. And lord, thank you so much for increasing our desire for increasing our long be drawn closer to the father. I pray that as we start, this is devotional. They are ice, be fixed only upon jesus. Maybe forget all the things that bothered us yesterday. Even this morning and maybe give you this time, maybe give you this. Are me, our full attention. Only be for you and your father. I pray he's hiding behind your cross that I may not be seen or heard. And even the desire to be seen, to be very lucky, take them away, that you and you alone, you seeing the heard the lifted up an example. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for giving us everything most especially thank you for giving us a last night. We pray loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say a met on desire of ages, page 83 back before it's f. It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful are each day in contemplation of the life of grace. We should take it point by point and let the imagination grasp each see, especially the closing one. And then I believe you have heard this, this quote before and you have read this and some of you memorized it. And it says here as we thus dwell upon his great sacrifice for us, our confidence in him will be more constant. Our love will be quicken, and as we shall, and we shall be more deeply imbued by his spirit when such a beautiful, beautiful thought. Recent, most of the time that we do not have that love that we do not have the desire is because we do not fix our eyes upon him. We did not contemplate, upon and friends we, we are what we look like of what. What did I say? Though we are what you look at. There you go. Now my english is coming together. We are who you hold. We become what we behold and friends when we look at jesus. That's a simple as a B C. When we look at jesus friend, it become like him. When we look at jesus, i love for him goes. When we love, when you look at jesus, jesus, joy becomes your joy. Can you say men goodbyes? adventist hello, glad when there's a man. And it was amazing thing, my dear friend is that jesus knows jesus knew that we will be going through difficulties. There will be going through storms and that's why before he left his disciples, he gave them the final charge. The final message show this morning. I'll give you this, this message that jesus gave his disciples because I know for a fact that that message is very, very much relevant to us right now. So friends, this is part one by 2 will be tomorrow. So do not miss out tomorrow. The topic that I'm going to share with you, I begin to, I begin to, to appreciate this when, when we had a shoot with, with my friends he of an jesus for asia, we had a glimpse of jesus a project last march. And yes, pray for that project because their desire is to is going to do jesus. So the non christians. So this will be translated through other, other ad dialects, especially the southeast asian india. So only by the Grace of god who the more I study this, this topic, friends my heart just goes out and, and somehow my heart is like for more and listen to this, been john 14123. You know that very, you know, that 1st, let not your heart be troubled. You believe in god believe also me. Friends that stop there. When I think about that verse, before all I could think about this mansion. All I could think about is those material thing. Because they know what, when you are living in, in a place where, where your house is not that beautiful. You would really love for something beautiful. Ah, oh, I don't have to describe to you our house. But I was reading the longing for that mention, but friends, this message here when you look at the whole story, especially the closing scene of jesus story, this is one important message that he desires to give to. The disciples tells them, let not your heart be troubled because jesus knew for a fact that they will be troubled in Newport, a fact that his disciples will face the strongest storms in their lives. So jesus message for them is that not your heart be troubled? And 14 verse 14 still in John. If you ask anything in my name, I will do it. And I'd like to encourage you to study more on this. Again, I would say this is not a deep bible study because this is just a very short time that the, that we are given right now. I love this quote from, from desire of ages, desire they just, by the way, this devotional is found in desire of ages entitled let not your heart be troubled. And it says here, these are they just 667 paragraphs 3. It says, as yet the disciples, where unacquainted with the saviors and limited resources and power, they were having out with him for 3 and a half years. And they are unacquainted of the power of the one who's walking with that. Isn't that crazy? They are not somehow aware of what jesus is capable of doing. And who you really is. Then it says here, until now you have asked nothing in my name, verse 2416 verse 24. Until now you have asked nothing in my name ass and you shall receive that your joy may be full that you ought. Joy may be full. And he explained that the secret of their success would be in asking for strength and grace in his name. While the secret of your success would be in asking, isn't that hard? Wow, friends. The secret of your success is in asking, and this is one thing that I realize most of the time that we don't experience success because we do not have we just go and go and go. And we do not ask you here this most of the time we keep undoing but not bending. And that's why that's not much success. Success happens a very, very simple, simple instruction here. The secret of their success would be in asking for strength and grace in his name. There should be more asking in god's church, can you say a mentor that there should be more asking in the ministry? If we do not ask for direction, then we will not know where we're going. Friends. He would be present before he would be present before the father to make the request for them. But most of the time we're thinking, oh, I'm not worthy to ask. I am not worthy. I know that I have ill things that I need to correct in my life. I know that I'm not the righteous man or woman that god has been wanting me to be. So we don't give that request. I love this, this quote here. It says christ bade his disciples to pray. In christ's name, his followers are to stand before god and through the value of sacrifice made for them. They are of value in the Lord site. You've heard this before, but I want you to dwell on this but a value that was made for them. They are of value in the Lord site brands, you know what your word your word, the life of the son of god And pence, especially in that generation right now. Are young people. My heart really goes out to them. The value they're worth. Sometimes it's based on the likes under post and facebook, the pictures, and it's not just the young people, even the adults right now are going into this. Is bandwagon and friends. Sometimes our values are placed upon us by how the people that we look at. Look, look at and look up to them who looked at us when we were going up. But friends, your value should be based on how the Lord sees you. Can you say a mentor that fence and this one just blew my mind. He does not see in them when we stand before god. He does not see in them the vileness of the thinner. He recognizes in them the likeness of his son, in whom they believe. Wow, such an amazing thought that when you stand before him agie and thinking that you are not the word you like the publican bowing before him. What he sees is that the public and what he sees is not randy, what he sees. It's not gave what he sees it, not melody isn't that richard? What he sees that jesus, what he sees is his son, friends. And if you are not more convinced, if you are not still convinced, i mean, listen to this, the disparity will. You know the parable of the pearl of great price. Remember the pearl of great price, similar associate to do what you haven't. But there's a double significance of this bearable, listen to this. Grice left the world and fall in the society of hell of having the angels of holy angels in the universe of heaven. He could not be satisfied while humanity was alienated from him. He could not be satisfied while you and I are alienated from him. The heavenly merchant men laid aside his royal robe and crown the prince and commander of all heaven. He takes upon him the garb of humanity and takes and comes to a world that is marred and feared, with occurs to speak for the one last for did you hear this? Jesus now is the merchant man who is the pearl. You? Me? I am that little pearl you are that pearl isn't this beautiful bends. Jesus left everything to seek after that pearl fence that if you are worth listen to speak for men falling through disobedience. He finds his burrow buried in rubbish, selfishness engrossed the Human heart. And it is bound by the time many of satan, but he lives the soul out of its darkness. The show for the praises of him who was called us out of darkness into his marvellous light. Friends, you are that pearl. You are the one that jesus left everything for stepped out of heaven for so when jesus is asking you as in mining, grab it. Listen to this, the Lord is disappointed when his people place a low estimate upon themselves. Wow. How can you put a low estimate upon yourself when jesus left heaven for you? Young people? How can you, how can you base your work upon the approval of people in social media or even in person when crisis left have been for you? friends, he desires his chosen heritage, devalued themselves according to the price that was placed upon them. God wanted them, or else you would not have sent his son on such an extensive errand to redeem them. He has a use for them. He has a use for your can you say men o friends and I like this next line? East. Well please. When we make the very highest demands upon him, that we may glorify his name. We may expect large things if we have faith in his promises. Friends, this is one thing that I realize we don't go forward in his mission in what Yes called us to do because we don't really know our worth. We don't really know our god. We don't really know the capacity that god can do through us and to us and enough friends. And as a result, we asked for low quality of things. We're cheap things. This is one thing that I realized spent in my walk with the Lord in this journey of faith. Thence, i don't know what to ask. You know, what's the best thing to do? Let him teach you what to ask. I, I told you a man help us lord, that should be our prayer. I told you about my, my visa testimony. I have not told you the rest the prince before going to the US to attend amazing fax number. I had it miraculous visa testimony. I was quite afraid because I'm thinking, oh lord, how am I going to survive in the U. S. This is my 1st time going to the US and you know how much money I have in my pocket before laying out before a few days before flying out. How much? Oh, I'm poor sister, but I'm not that poor. Actually, it's practically nothing. I have $1.00 in my pocket, $1.00 friend that $1.00 is nothing in the eyes of god, a man, because he has all the resources of the world. Sometimes you're thinking yes, you have older is normal, but it's not in my So I was just like my heart was pumping thinking. How is this going to be possible, but my dear friend with god, all things are possible. One by one people just gave me something that I did not even ask. One person gave me $200.00. One person gave me a 100, a $100.00. One person gave me 2 boxes, 2 little boxes of dub winter. So thinking lord, you're even concerned of my dry skin. This is one thing I realize, friends, we are not even aware that our god somehow sees our need before we even realized it. Friends, the Lord brought me to the US. I paid it to wish I have not pay the tuition fee. I just paid a little amount somehow start its $4500.00 tuition fees and I get $125.00. I get a $125.00. It's like when you call this like an insurance, the start the class, french, they gave me a, a 3 month period to pay my depth. But god is good friends, god is good at every step of the way the Lord has provided. And, and I remember one time and thinking, oh lord, how am I going to survive here? Because they told me that the budget for food because it's not included in tuition fee. The budget for the food is like $12240.00 per week, and I only have $110.00 left in my pocket and thinking order, how am I going to survive? And the load reminded me who provided your visa well gave you your ticket or gave you dub window soap. Most of the time, friends be forget, we forget the faithfulness of what god has done to us in the past. And as a result, we forget the size of our god. You forget the character of our god and we forget our worth in his presence. So friends, i move forward and, and friends, god just provided everything. Like checks of the checks were coming in. One person gave me $50.00. Another person gave me $200.00. One person gave me $500.00 anonymous donor. And I was thinking, lord, you are amazing. Sometimes we still forget 2 weeks passed my due date. I have not paid everything and I have like $200.00. No, no, not $200.00. A little over $2000.00 balance. And my knees were shaking them thinking lord, how am I going to do this? And again, I was having sleepless nights, but I learned my lesson. Remember I did not have to wait for 6 or 7 days. That particular night I said that the Lord please help me out. And I was I, I somehow lose focus of christ that I even begun to complain. Like lord, you brought me here and you're leaving the hanging. What did you even bring me here? Then god doesn't deserve that. But you know what that comes out when we lose our eyes of jesus. A focus on jesus when you just focus under storm and we just focus on the problem. You french, we forget that our god is a powerful god. A french moment I began kneeling down and I said, lord least helped me out here. The Lord reminded me them who had been taken care of. You taken care of you for the last 3 months and a half as a lord and a story. I forgot it all, all you lord, somehow convicted, mutilate all on the outer. So I surrendered to him again, friends, i had peace. It's funny. We always have these and then lose it. Have it again and, and lose it. Why? Because we don't constantly look at jesus the fence. The next day when I reported to the school, the registrar came in and he asked me, jen, can I stop in my office and my heart was bounding. I'm thinking, what am I going to say? And I'm, I'm thinking even if I, if I sell my soul here, it will not be what 2000. So I was just praying, lord, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. And, and, and it's very nice. Register sat me down and said, jan, i think you know, the reason why you're here and she said, so you know, you're in trouble. And then she asked me, jim, I want to talk about this. She lifted up the piece of paper and when she lifted up a piece of paper, all I could see is numbers. I'm thinking, oh lord, that's my statement of account. So I did not look at the statement of account. I don't have the answer. I don't have the money for that. So friends, she said like jen, i wanted to talk to you about this when I did not have the courage to look up. So she stood up from her chair and sat jen, i want to talk to you about this. She placed the paper underneath me. And what I saw at the bottom right corner of that paper was stamped fully paid 0 balance. The moment I saw that my dear friends, my whole body begin to shake. Tears just flowed down. And when she saw me weeping, she pick me up and she hugged me now both of us are crying. You know me and a very, very talkative person. I don't run run out of words, but that is one of the few times that I ran out the words open my mouth all. I could say all I could pray was. Thank you, lord. Thank you jesus. Thank you, lord and friends. The moment I compose myself to sat me down. You said jem, last night before I close the office, I receive a phone call the phone go went like a can I can I get jim entire balance and this person issued a whole amount of check then to remember that night, what was I doing? I was busy complaining to God. I was busy telling god why did you put me here and leave me hanging. A sense that night. God was busy answering my prayer. Though we serve a faithful god vents, we have nothing to fear for the future lest we forget Our god. And this is one thing that I realize when we don't have to look far, we don't have to far to have courage to move forward. If we do not forget who our god is, we do not have to look far friends, let us move on. It says here before offering himself. Remember, imagine yourselves right now with the disciples. Before jesus leaves you and imagine yourself in jesus used as well. Before he left his disciples, before offering himself as a sacrificial victim, grice sought for the most essential and complete gift to bestow upon his followers. Did you see that? Before he left the disciples, jesus is not satisfied of giving them a less powerful gift. He sought for the most essential and most complete gift. Believe disciples, a gift that would bring within the reach the bow, ness, resources of grace. That is a week, a man, friends, the boundless resources of his grave. You don't realize what that is. That is power and limited, that is resources and limited enjoy and limited the rise of lead for his disciples and has left for you. That's why jesus told them, let not your heart be troubled. What I'm about to leave with you. Some thing that would not even somehow occupy your mind could even be conceived or imagine friends. This is what the holy spirit is all about. Listen friends, the holy spirit is quite represented by the spirit. The savior would be accessible to all you hear this by the spirit, the savior would be accessible to all and this next line just really wants my heart. In this sense jesus, he would be nearer to them than if he had not ascended on high. Wow. Can we say while altogether says this is just mind blowing. Jesus would be nearer to you and he was nearer with his disciples. Wow. And like mo, brands, this is just great news here. Jesus is nearer to you and to me than when he was with his disciples. Ah, listen, france. Jesus read the future of his disciples. He saw one brought to the scaffold, one to the cross, one to exile among the lonely rocks of the sea. Others, the persecution and death. He encourage them with the promise that in every trial he will be with them. That promise has lost none of its force. The problem is that he gave to his disciples, is a promise that he stands by you. And by me, it has not lost its force in every trial. Jesus is with you. Oh, the Lord knows all about his faithful servants, who for his sake are lying in prison or who are banished to lonely islands. He comforts them with his own presence. Wow. Mind blowing friends that when, when we see, when we see missionaries, martin who are standing up or god, they are not alone. He comforts them with his own presence. When for the choose sake, the believers stands at the bar of unrighteous rebuke. Christ stands by his side, all the reproaches that fall upon him all upon price. Christ is condemned over again in the person of his disciples. And they like this next line. When one is incarcerated in prison was cries ravishing the heart with his not. He could see the romantic side of christ When, when you will be garcia rated in prison, was christ ravished you with his not. Wow, friends, you could never escape from christ. You could never escape from his love, especially when you're suffering for him. He will ravish you with his love, and when one suffers death for his sake, christ says, I have the keys of hellen death, revelation one verse, 18 friends. How can we be afraid, even if it cost us our lives? Because the $1.00 that was with us, the one who we are dying for holds the keys of hellen death. We have nothing to be afraid of. We have nothing to be afraid of. And why are we holding back? You know, why? Because we do not know the god at we, sir. We do not know our worth in his site. We do not know a lot of things because we do not fixed our eyes upon him. Listen fence, the life that is sacrifice for me is preserved unto eternal glory. The live that is sacrifice for him is preserved unto eternal glory. For that reason, jesus told his disciples let not your heart be troubled. Because he says he saw the future. He saw the future, the disciples were lay the lives on the line for him. For that reason, he says told them that not your heart be troubled, your lives will be preserved until the turn of glory. France, should we fear death right now? Oh, never friends. Why are we holding back? Well, what god is asking us to do. The safest place in this world is in his will. The safest place in this world is not in Michigan. Govig still rich, michigan. Ah. Is not in the Philippines. We are locked down right now. Not anywhere else. That is in the presence of god at the center of the hollow of his in the center of his will. And I like this next line. Oh, friends opens at all times and in Old places in all sorrows and in all afflictions when the Outlook seems dark and the future perplexing and would feel helpless and alone. The comfort there will be sent in answer to the prayer of faith. Circumstances may separate us from every earthly friend, but no circumstance, no distance, can separate us from the having the comforter. Wrap this branch. This is such a beautiful, beautiful message that god has given us. You might be locked down, you might be currently in the fence. You will never be separated. The comforter from the greatest guest, the most essential, incomplete, get its uses, a leper up. And I know most of you here are some of you here know somebody or you have a love, a loved one who died during that who died in the hospital who died alone. My dear friends, it is one thing that I'd like to assure you they did not die alone. They did not die alone. You may be separated from them, but nothing can separate them From the holy spirit, than the presence of grace. Listen, france. Wherever you are, wherever you may go, he's always a right tend to support the stain, uphold and tear. Wow, wherever we may be, his presence follows us what? To support this estate, to uphold and to cheer. There's no reason to be sad friends. That's no reason to be afraid, because the highest, the most essential and the most complete get will always follow you wherever you go. And my last quote before I, I go into our time of prayer. He rejoiced jesus rejoice. Oh, before that I'd like to read a line before that quote, in describing to his disciples the office work of the holy spirit. Jesus sought to inspire them with a joy and hope that inspired his own heart. Wow. Thank you. Have a friend that you could not wait to introduce to your other friends. This is who the the holy spirit is to jesus. He could not wait to introduce them to the side of the one that have given him hope and inspired his heart. He could not wait for the disciples to meet the receive and I could see here, cries were so excited for the disciples to meet. The goal is to be met. Christ is so excited or his church to receive his spirit. Can you say men ran? He rejoiced because of the abundant help he had provided his church. The holy spirit was the highest of all gifts that he could solicit from his father or the exaltation of the highest of all gifts. Jesus would not set the or not the highest. And he left us a holy spirit, his presence and it says here last line, the power of evil had been strengthening for centuries. And the submission of man to this atlantic activity was amazing. Sin could be resisted and overcome all the so the mighty agency of the 3rd person of the godhead who would gum with no modified energy, but in the fullness of divine power. He will come with no modified no modified energy friend. There's no shock absorber. It's not reduced, it's not modified, but in the fullness of divine power. This is the theme of a conference right now. And this should be the focus of our attention. We had neglected to fix our eyes on this beautiful gift that god has given us. Now it is our time. It is our time to appreciate that get to seek after that. Get the hungry for that. Because crisis longing to show us what he can do, who his people, who submitted or submissive host yielded to the power of the holy spirit. The french as we come before god's presence this morning has come rejoicing that has come to the appreciation of this powerful good that god has given us some sense. And as we come close with one another, i'd like to encourage you to move closer and the space that is in front of you, the empty space will be the, the space of the, the person behind you leave them space. And for those of you who have difficulty kneeling down, just come closer and occupy the seats that are nearest to, to us. And let's open or him nothing that's saying the him number 528528. A shelter in the time of stone. The lords came in, we hi Oh The shower in that time. Oh, do say on earnings. Said god, Then. Oh, the father lloyd, we pray see, and we thank you that No matter how strong the storm that will hit us though. Now we know that we have a stronger light and as we come before god's presence this morning, nay, appraised me on Thanksgiving, be focused on this most essential, most complete gift that he has given us. It is our time that's our turn to appreciate the gift of the holy spirit. The father, i'd like to begin to Thank you, bracing you are not settling, give us a lesser gift than the power of the holy spirit for that last Name n E R. O. R E, this is gonna Be a me Me o me. There me Or your father how much we need the anointing power of your holy spirit upon us. Remind us. Oh lord of the things that we need to make right with you and lord, there had been a lot of times that we have so at this time, although we would like to come before your presence in the season of confession, asking for forgiveness. The things that we have done are not in accordance your site. And lord, I pray, in a very special way to suppose those things may humbly come before your own laid on the cross. Father. I'd like to begin this by asking you to forgive us as a church or being so comfortable. Not work of working with the power of your home. You father these forgive us for not taking us. Oh oh oh. Oh. Oh, my trembling heart. Oh, do you Oh and do Me o me now do and Do you Are there And do Oh the father lord deece. He just even how to ask how the pray as we go into our time on supplication right now. These are just to ask for the holy spirit. We may begin parker And the father. We pray that that may are asking, will not stop here. Made will continue to grow, may are desperation. Desperation will continue to increase our hunger thirst The Lord help us guide us and lead friends at this time. Let us group ourselves into groups of twos or threes as the Lord will take us deeper. The Lord will, we'll, we'll use us. The vessel at our churches will be brought to their knees. Our families will be a house of prayer, and our ministries will be ministries that will be leaning fully on the power of the holy spirit. Friends, let's turn to the person us, us group ourselves, twos or 3, and then 2 minutes and a short time. A prayer. And shell be, we're sorry. This is The and see then. Uh huh. Yeah. This is the last thing we ne, murphy jumps around Me for the re lee or the father. He's help us not be satisfied with there's just a little drizzle. Lord, I pray that name, stay under the fountain of love. You God. I asked, may you continue to increase or decrease our desperation increase our long And benson this last 2 minutes. But us back again as a family and that does list up our corporate thanksgiving to him of what god can do or a church that is fully yielded to him. Father like to begin this by thanking you. Oh lord, that your light will shine here in Michigan. I'll recreation with thank you. Or the revival of to godliness is about to happen. Thank you lord for the prayers that will be lifted up in each and every church and your father. I present. I thank you for the hunger that you have given us. We believe at their father because you have promised your lord be with us we seeing is lashelle ill need you now me now gene and nina And Your brothers if you then being you know how to get good gifts into your children, how much more shall your heavenly father give you the holy spirit. Who then that asked him what thank you so much for what you have promised you will call you love your and thank you so much for the gift. Your holy spirit. We pray avo in the loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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