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Second Coming Part 2a

Kameron DeVasher
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Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • June 21, 2021
    2:00 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen dearly father. Thank you so so much for the opportunity of can't meeting. As we rehearsed the wonderful things that are being presented here and shared here, we want to thank you for such a rich abundance of spiritual food. And lord, in the few minutes that we have to day in this room, I would ask that you would send your holy spirit in a special way. Yes, we want to fill this room, but more than that, we want to fill each one of us in this room. Please lord, send out any distractions, any discouragement or anything that would take away from the truth that you want us to know. And lord beyond merely knowing them or rehearsing what we already know, help us to see new aspects and angles on this precious truth and help us to share it effectively. As we realize, once again that you're coming is soon and very soon lord, we want to make soon even soon are I being about our father's business. Lord, bless us to this end and make a sole winners for you for pray in jesus name. Let me ask, let me start with we're going to, we're going to hone in the nuts and bolts and looking at Texas here and everything. And then you start with a general conversation thing and solicit some responses. If you'd be so bold, what if you were to write a series of bible studies to share with your friends or you were given the responsibility of writing some sermons, preparing some public evangelistic messages. You have to sit down and think, ok. I've got to talk about certain things and what order do I put them in? What's one of the 1st things you'd want to introduce people to as you're walking them through the truth of god's word presenting an evangelist series of messages? What are the number one right off the bat, night number one to kind of thing. What would you want to share 1st and why? Okay. Confidence in the bible as the word of god. Ok to you in your own experience. That was a very important thing with seeing that the bible was credible and believable. Ok, i heard some other ones show hands or talk up loud. What, what you got knowing jesus, jesus is the savior, right? The love of god, right? That's good. Now start with a very in the beginning. Ok, that's how you start a conversation with people about just start from the very beginning and god's work in creation. Yes. Now you bring up a really interesting point. It was like, jesus is coming food. Right? Jesus is coming soon, doesn't mean much to someone who doesn't know or regard jesus. He's even a real thing, right. So there is a maybe 1st, I don't know if you've ever noticed that, but I might be wrong. But most every bible study or public of angels, from theory, starts with one or 2 topics. And if it's not one or 2, it'll be 2 in one. Ok, and somebody please Name for me what those 2 topics are. We've already touched on them. It, the bible is trustworthy and that's a, that's a theme. But how, what's the, what's the scripture you go to for that, daniel chapter 2, I can't tell me people like, why do we always start to introduce people to the bible? By going to this rather obscure old testament book and going to the 2nd chapter of the book of daniel, like I want to tell you everything you know about the bible open up to the middle and then what don't we start with just one or why don't we start with the gospel and you to because somebody mentioned what does daniel to give you right. It establishes confidence in the scripture because because the bible says so is a great answer to almost every question except for the question, why should I believe the bible? You need something authenticating, you know, so you have that. But the other one that always comes with that is going to be the one we're covering today. Signs of the 2nd coming, when I read in it, I like to pilot watch out. Signs of the 2nd company, i'm the jesus return. Why would those to be tied together? Like it seems like all right, we're going to pick 2 topics. Let's go to a statue dream and daniel chapter 2. And then go to the clothing page of the book of revelation with behold, i'm coming quickly. Why is those 2? It seems almost like almost a little arbitrary. But what is it? OK, so the, the credibility is established through bible prophecy. And you notice that bible prophecy starts like when you go to data to the time of daniel babylon, meta persia, greece and rome. But if you notice, you're walking, always closer and closer to where you are now. And it automatically lindsay to thinking, okay, babylon has done me to purchase done grease. Rome divided rome. And then, and in the days of these kings, god will set up a kingdom. It brings it right to ho, right. And he say, did you know that that 2nd company that was depicted in the book of daniel is prophesied in the new testament as well. Jesus spoke about and he start talking about that a little. So there's a, there's a logical reason why you go to bible prophecy, and specifically the 2nd coming of jesus, right? That makes sense. So I versus a few reasons why if you want to take note you can. But let's think about this. Why is jesus is almost is so basic. It seems silly to have to spend time on it. But why is jesus 2nd coming? such a central pillar of our presentation of bible truth. Because I mean, we should just talk about the cross that happened 2000 years ago. What's different about this event? So it's true, i keep getting some answers, but I'm a synthesizer for my notes. Here's what I was thinking and you might resonate with this. First of all, it's really, really important. Right? I mean the thing we're describing is the return of jesus christ, which will come with it the end of the world as we know it is a big, big, big deal. Right? Jesus is coming, the world is ending. It is important, right? It is it right. It's the combination of everything. But more than just an aggregate of a bunch of truth, it's going to the bible describes who is going to happen as the world will burn and dissolve. Right? People are going to raise up to heaven. I mean, it's a huge thing. You have massive, significant and important. It's important. Right? And we're going to get to that in the manner of christ coming. But just regardless of how it's happening, the fact that it is going to happen is a big deal. Ok. And you tie that bigness in with the nearness of it. Not only is this big thing that they are going to say, jesus is coming in 1500 years. You'd like, well that's a bigger. I mean, even now, even scientists not address, we'll talk about, you know, some day the sun, if we go on is going to explode. And it will destroy or burn out if it will be a big boom or a big freeze. But it's going to in the life here on this earth. Why don't we? Why don't even people who are godless infidel twin and believe that's the case. Why aren't they just shaking their boots all the time out of fear so far removed, even if it's true? I'm going to be dead by myself long before that, right. So it's just not. But when we talk about the 2nd coming of jesus, not only is it really, really big and really, really important. It's really, really soon. If in minute it will even at the doors, right. So it's important, it's relevance in the fact that it's the next thing in the prophetic chain, and it's eminent. It's coming soon. And just like the daniel chapter 2 thing today, when we look at the signs of christ coming, it's yet another way. The bible demonstrates its prophetic accuracy. When jesus could be talking to people 2000 years ago and describe the conditions of the world at the time of his coming. And then you look around at the condition, the world, you're like, whoa, that book said these things. Just like the daniel to you get re affirmed in your confidence in scripture. Right. So there's a reason we talk about the 2nd coming so, so much. But I heard it in several. The comments here that a common critique of our administer evangelistic strategy is that we don't focus enough on the love of god, or the gospels, or the cross, or all of those love, beautiful, true themes. Why do we have to have scary beasts on the pictures? Why is it always gotta be in the book of revelation? Why is it always gotta be bible prophecy way? Can it be gospel assurance? Why can it be the story of redemption? And you know what I'm saying? I want to share quote with you to somewhat obscure reference, but it's there in the ellen white app, you can find it at your leisure, but it's from manuscript release 19 page 41. She writes the light, the christ revealed to his servant, the prophet. And she, speaking of the prophet john, in the book of revelation, right when he was on the isle of the palace, the light, the christ revealed to his servant. The prophet is, for us, in his revelation are given the 3 angels messages and a description of the angel that was to come from heaven with great power, lightning the earth with his glory in it, our warnings against the wickedness that would exist in the last days and against the Mark of the beast. We are not only to read and understand this message, but to proclaim it with no uncertain sound to the world. By presenting these things revealed to John speaking with the in time events leading up the 2nd coming of jesus. Right. By presenting these things revealed to John we shall be able to stir the people that think about the practical perspective in which she is writing this council. She's saying how, what does it mean to stir the people to get to what to rouse their attention to get their focus right to, to alarm to kind of get them to look right wake up by presenting these things revealed. John, we should be able to stir the people. Now listen to this and tell me this powerful statement. The usual subjects on which the ministers of nearly all other denominations dwell will not move them. Think about that. Is there anything wrong with talking about what jesus did is life here at earth and, and parables. And one of those are great things that we should teach those. But when we go out to preach our distinctive message, everybody's got that too. Right? There's something special about the present truth, the usual subjects on which the ministers of nearly all other denominations, well will not move them. We must proclaim our god given message to them. The world is to be worn by the proclamation of this message. If we blanket it, we hide our light under a bushel. If we so circumscribed ourselves that we cannot reach the people, we are answerable to God for our failure to warn the world. That is 19 him are 41 manuscript released by 19 page 4. By the way, I'm gonna step outside of our flo thought for just a little promo, a little promo promotional item here in the obviously we are the men as to training that we want to let people know about. We have are talking points, sabbath school resource to let people know about it. Bible study offer dot com. Hopefully you familiar with that type of ship handbook and fundamentals of faith. And now as of today, I haven't been over to the a, B, C yet. But today is it there. So all of these resources are out there and we want to promote them and produce them. It's great, but I want to let you know about an even another one. Ok? And it goes to the very thing we were just discussion discussing. There are so many questions and concerns and critique of our 7th day adventist evangelism process that in conjunction with the jo conference and pastor jim howard and past mark howard myself, came up with a series of very brief what we call evangelism, f A q frequently asked questions that address all and listen to some of the topics i just want to throw this out there. Ok, is baptism. The ultimate goal of evangelism don't answer. This is just rhetorical, but you're already thinking, I probably had this conversation for about are lots of baptism is the best evidence of success. How do we get our churches to focus on retention instead of angela? Why don't we work on our new are meant nurturing our members instead of joint going to win a new souls up? Why? What if I can't find anyone who's interested in bible studies? What if I don't have time to devote to giving bible studies isn't soul winning? The pastor's job is true of injury, isn't merely a christian lifestyle or I doing evangelist. Why smile at someone in the grocery store? That's my evangelism. How do you answer that anyway? goes on and on and on and like, how often should we do evangelism? Should we focus more on jesus and less on prophecy? I hear that refrain oftentimes, you know, anyway, I want to let you know about. If you go to grow dot adventist dot o R G, that video series is currently being uploaded. It's not there yet, but it will be soon and very soon available at gro dot advantage dot o R G, the little 5 minute or less video and accompanying study guides. And I think we got a total, i just read you a few of my think this had 28 different topics we cover. There's already, if you go to grow dot adventist dot au argee, there's already another little video training series called evangelism, one a one. And it walks through like evangelism as a holistic process instead of it's just a one off event. And all of that is available to camp. Now the reason we have all these resources is because people asking questions all the time and can't find good answers to them a lot of times. And if you're in a local church and you want to get people encouraged to go out and give bible studies and do public evangelism and get involved and soul winning activity, you might need a resource to help them along. So you could play these in your church worship service for the personal ministry speech, or you can hand them out. You can have bible studies, you can do them in small groups, you can do them in your elders training your church board or whatever you want to do. But these are resources to put to use however you like, but addresses the very things we're talking about right here in the manual. If you, why do we always start with bible prophecy? Then chapter 2 and the 2nd coming of jesus and all those beast and stuff, and we could just talk about love. I think it's, I think it's a lot like why was why was go always going on and on about the boat. Because by the way, it wouldn't, wouldn't have been true that they needed good messages on, you know, family relationships and rast and ties and offering all that would have been true. That's right. What about the boat? That's the big thing right? As 7 to and we understand there's truth, but there's also present truth. This is the thing for now. The reason we start with that because jesus is coming soon and more people be ready for that. That's the big boat on the hill, if you will. Now I probably gone on too long and we don't need to go down this rabbit for, but I see one or 2 comments. So it was very important because you already had her love for the Lord, but man, I hadn't seen this before. Praise lord, thank you for that. Was there one other? Are we ready to go on? Oh, I'm sorry, spread the word. That's the newest book. You've seen the growth cycle, the picture with the preparing the soil and you know, sewing the seed, cultivating through bible studies harvesting with public evangelism and preserving the crop with discipleship, each of those 5 phases. Our goal is to have a resource book companion book for each of those right now we have the discipleship handbook for the discipleship phase of the work. We have funded mills of faith baptist bull clearing for public evangelism. And as of today, we now have spread the word, at least when I say we have it in Michigan conferences 1st to have it have $224.00 copies over in the a, B C right now. And it goes along with the sewing of the sea, which is the word of god. How do we effectively share our faith through literature distribution through media production at a local church? How do I get, you know, how do I start a bible school in my local church? That kind of thing? How do I get the seed out there? That's the whole intent of that book. It's not comprehensive for everything. It's on that one phase. How do I spread the word effectively? But the titled spread the word. So let's go back to this signs of christ return. Now. We are been handed out. Is that correct? Are they ready to be handed out password? Ready to be handed out, right. Let me. Ah, we've got to help her look at the smile. He did it with a smile. Thank you so much. Well, I'll come over here and pick on another family member since your front and center there, and we've got the helpers go doing the thing right now. And this of course, this is called what the bible really says about. Ok. And what were being handed out is the same type of same format of the study guide that you were given yesterday what the bible says about the sabbath. And of course, when you talk about the staff that you have, talk about the law of god because it is the law of god, you know, about law and grace. You know, so there's a lot of things related to it. The same is true when you talk about the 2nd coming of jesus. For 7th day adventist we have a very clear and I believe correct. Picture of the 2nd coming in our minds. But when you mentioned the 2nd coming of jesus in a broader they evangelical context, or even in a non religious context, men, the floodgates open up about what possible ideas might be out there. Right? So how do you get to the correct biblical understanding of the coming of jesus christ? We're going to kind of walk through that today and believers. Of course People who don't believe in the bible think that everything related to the bible is silly. For the most part, ok, miracles walking on water, raising the dead water to what may come get real. And when you go around saying that jesus is coming again. I mean if we take that just so almost blithely trite. Lea edge is going to come again. Yes. Even the Lord, but what we're saying is that there is a being named jesus christ who is real and in the flesh he was here. 2000 years ago, grew up live perfect life, died a horrific death was buried, miraculously raised to life, then ascended into heaven where he currently lives right now. And then he's going to come change clothes and put on kingly garments, right. And coming with 10000 times, 10000 angels will some day from the eastern sky break through the clouds. And at that time, the world will dissolve and melt away with the brightness of his coming and the dead and christ will rise 1st. I mean, think about all that's involved with that. That is a, if you didn't already believe in jesus, that sounds crazy. Right? By the way, as anybody gotten caught up in the whole, like you f O thing recently. Do you know what I'm talking about? That the U. S. Government declassified these things videos. If you know I'm going to get, I'm just going to go out on a limb and say more people believe in the reality of you f O and aliens visiting earth and they believe jesus coming back in this day and age there be like he said, I believe you have pretty good because I believe in jesus all your crazy. Right. So for us that seems like just of course it's christianity want to one jesus was here and he said he's coming back and I take him at his word. But for a lot of people, this is a, this is a bizarre concept that jesus is coming again. Even in the christian world lead you, you don't hear much about the soon return of jesus. There might be some 10 gentle allusion to it here and there. And most of the christian world, most of the, you know, folks who own tv stations and radio stations when they talk about the coming of jesus, do it. And we'll get into this in a 2nd part of our talk today. And the secret rapture kind of like convoluted multiple faceted secret as like why? So outside the christian world, the whole thing seems crazy. And even inside the christian world most people are confused. So what we take is just like run of the mill. Yeah. Jesus literally, physically, audibly he, globally, he's going to return every i will see no, go to heaven, most people in the world. That's a foreign concept even in the christian world. And I think about that statement, The usual subjects of which the ministers nearly other denominations every other than I may be will. After all that move, we start looking at what the bible from jesus himself actually says about his own return. It eyeopening even to other christians, right? Yes, him now the end of the world coming of jesus, we tie those 2 things together, right? But even if you took, let's say, non believers altogether, do they believe the world is in trouble? economically, militarily, ecologically? Absolutely. Me for that right? But it did. But he seems it, the idea that we're headed toward something big is probably a lot of people's minds. Now they made a consciously think about it. Like, how can this economy, how can it in pest foot, by the way you start looking at the things they're worried about things happening like storms and diseases and wars. What are we going through? We're walking through the signs the christ told us to watch for I believe people are looking at the signs. I just don't know what they're looking at. It's fascinating. And what a great to me if you ever notice that member back in 2001 after the September 11th events, everybody went to church. I didn't know how younger it's like where you live in 2000. What I'm getting to the age now, like really the 2000 and they're like yes I was, I was in diapers like I remember vividly help it away. Ok very much. And so, but people didn't know exactly what was going on, but we knew something was going on cove it but I mean, I had the opportunity, go preaching evangelistic campaign in england, just after breakfast. And we got to talk about how the divided nations of europe would try to cleave together, but they wouldn't people listen. Like, did you know the bible talked about attempts to reunite europe and it didn't work out like how about that? It's head. Right? No, it's not terrorism so much. It's not necessarily economic disaster though I can imagine with the who knows what's the next thing. But pestilence is, might be on people's minds as be signs, increase people's interest in these things, whether they recognize or not is stirring up. OK, so let's talk about a little bit. Let's go to 2nd peter chapter 3. As do that 1st. Second peter chapter 3. And I've been talking a lot, so I'd like to have a volunteer read versus chapter 2, I'm sorry, chapter 3 of 2nd peter versus 3 and 4. Thank you. Have a great loud voice. I want you to use it. A man like a man for my voice. I love it. All right, 2nd peter chapter 3 versus 3 and 4. Thank you so much. All right, so knowing this 1st, ok. So this is one of the 1st things that we need to realize he's writing to believers that when you come down to the in days what's going to be going on. And according to this passage, knowing this 1st, that scoffers will come in the last days. Let's break this tech down microscopically is gonna help us scarf or somebody, tell me what it means to golf, to taunt to tease, to make fun of, to, to poke product, right? Yes, that's what scoffing means. And they go scoffing means to ridicule someone, to teach them and taught them. And they're, they're not just like generically mean they have a specific gripe, right? What is the thing? Yes, they will come in the last days. And notice what else that tells us about them walking after there are these converted genuine christian people who know apparently they've got some issues in their life sins or lusts or rebellion or transgress, whatever you want to call it naughtiness. And from their perspective. But anyway, if you know that you're living in sin, is the idea of a soon coming savior. Good news, Hey, soon your judge is going to be here face to face. So it kind of infers the motive for their scoffing right, because they've got unresolved issues in their life. And they don't like this truth. They're trying to push it away with ridicule, they're scoffing and their, their complaint is, where is the promise of his coming? Like it's a promise, right? Where is it? If it's the next big thing for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation. Which also seems to imply that they have a very kind of naturalistic perspective on life. The sun goes up, the sun goes down, the sun goes up, some goes down, it's going to be the same yesterday to be in the. The continual thing is nature itself and the cycles will go on and on. We're going to live and die. But this supernatural invasion into the otherwise natural order of things is laughable. So we shouldn't be surprised when people scoff at the idea of an actual 2nd coming of jesus. Especially has we been saying it's coming, it's coming and coming with it hadn't come yet. So the natural scott would say, where's the promise you said was coming And that and that to their credit, it is a logical question. If jesus is coming and as we repeatedly heard a started here today, it is the culmination of every thing. When isn't that the logical next thing when and you know, it's interesting, the bible doesn't tell us when we were going to get into the signs and there's a reason we're talking about the sides. But let's be clear. The bible does not tell us when jesus will come is that understood some certain malice, station abuse going on. I agree with the I agree with that, but I'm trying to come at it from an apologetic thing to meet the skeptical or the unbelieving, or even the people who are unaware that this is a thing. And it would make sense if the whole bible is pointing to this grand culminating event called the 2nd coming and be like, oh great. When in the bible says, you don't know in here we are another day is gone by just like yesterday with bye. I mean, the weather changes and I get a little baldor older that's about it. But do you not any more here than he was yesterday? In odds are you won't be here to me or the next day. But you know, but I, I'm with your sister. I'm with you, but let and I appreciate your deal. Let me let me walk through a little bit. Let me walk just slower. But imagine if you didn't have that love of christ and everything and you heard people say it is common, it's common, it's common. But every Tuesday, turn into a Wednesday, followed by Thursday, and then friday, you can get scoffers and peter's like. Don't be surprised when people make fun of this idea because he hasn't come yet. Ok. But let's talk about what the bible does, tell us. So we know what scripture says, right? Let's go, for instance, matthew chapter 24. Perhaps the most famous and best place to go in scripture a because it's comprehensive, it covers this topic very specifically. And why do you think, matthew, chapter 24 isn't another good reason why we should go there to talk about the 2nd coming of jesus. It's almost so self, evidently clear, but it's jesus himself is doing the talking. Right? So it's like thing. What did the author mean? Let's go ask the author right when jesus, this is not just paul's take on it, which I would assume with aspired anyway. But this is jesus himself talking about his own return. So it's got double credibility. It's not just in the bible generally, but it's specifically from the mouth of jesus, right. And jesus speaks about this, matthew chapter 24. And let's start got a few verses inside of here. Then we'll look at real quick. Let's look at 1st 36, for example, says here who wants to reverse 36? Ok. I'm not going to go down this route whole either, but I do think it's interesting. It doesn't say there is no day or the hour. Is there a day or an hour when she is going to come? Yes isn't going to happen? Yes. Just got the father know when it's going to happen. Yes, friends, there is a day in an hour. And God knows when it is. Wages don't know what it is, is it possible that god knows something he chose not to tell us. Now you think of all the things god could tell us in the bible by the way, we could look at several texts but repeatedly affirms that god knows stuff, we don't. And he chooses to keep it that way. The things that are revealed are for us and Children, but the secret things are for god, the hidden things are for you think there's more jesus could have taught his disciples than he did. Sure. But he's like, this is enough. Yeah. But for some reason, he says this is the information you need. I like this particular passage because it says that there is a day in an hour. It's not like we'll never know because we just have to make it happen and it's going to be a random arbitrator. No, there is a day now and God himself knows it. But he, it's clearly not reveal it to us. Now let's use our minds for just a 2nd. Why would god not tell us the timing of his 2nd coming? If this is the great big thing to look forward to, I mean ok, but think about this as 7th day adventists. We understand that the sanctuary we're going to talk about that later in the week is an outline of the whole process of redemption. Right? It's a chronology of christ ministry from being born as the lamb and the camp and growing up. I'm a thinner and by the way, when the fullness of time had come, he was born on time, was their bible prophecy that told the timing of jesus 1st coming. What about the public ministry ever thought about that when a jesus understand his mission? age 12, when did jesus started? mission? lisa's public mission 30. What was he doing for 18 years? Couldn't he of healed people in his twenties? Couldn't the world of been blessed by a teenage jesus? I'm and I'm not saying it he was doing. But you understand what I'm saying. He didn't do any miracles that we have recorded and the desire of a to seems to indicate he did not perform miracles before his public ministry. So he had a whole $33.00 and a half year in existence and only last 3 and a half years. Why did he wait? c'mon, think it through france. Why did jesus start his ministry? 30? Because my, our has not yet come. Christ did everything according to the script, right? scripture, there was a time for him to be born. There is a time for public ministry begins. Why didn't john the baptist preach when he did is this is the time right. The angel came down. It's like art time to do, the thing is, what about jesus? death on the cross was that ever prophesied book of daniel again in the middle of that last week will be cut off, but not for himself. 3 and a half years. Never down to the like essentially the day and the hour. You know. What about his resurrection? Yeah. 3 days later, rise up. But about his attention. Yes. What about the day of pentecost? 50 days later, he had to be in heaven to pour out the holy spirit. So he leaves at 40 days, and he says, in not many days, the holy spirit report out. And when the day of pentecost had fully come, they were all assembled in one place in the house where they were saying, what about god, the transition from the holy place to the most holy place? Yeah. October 20 to $18.00. 44. Every step of christ's work has a specific time attached to it except the last one. And jesus says, there is a day in an hour and God knows it. He's just chosen not to tell you. Why is it in our best interest not to know? Now you alluded to a go ahead say it again. So the, it kind of keeps you on your toes. You know, some people do not like that insecurity of not knowing things like love not knowing. So one reason is the procrastination thing, we might put it off and that would be bad. Like if you know you come in next Tuesday, i'll get ready on Monday afternoon and many people like tuesday morning. But then somebody also that what if you die before then what if you get hit by bus on Sunday? If I so the 2nd coming happens for you to little personal 2nd coming to the. Yeah. Ok. Here's the, here's another problem with that. What happens if I know that he's coming on Tuesday and I schedule my repentance on Monday. But when I get to monday, I don't want any more. Did you know? I don't know if you know, this is an urgency about repentance, all through the bible that has nothing to do with the 2nd coming has nothing to do with the 2nd coming. Why? Why the old testament was choose this day one or 2 later. Want to take the weekend. Give it a week. Ok. So there might be a whole like you're not going to do your duty because you just, we'll be from the crossing. I'm aiming for the 2nd cross of the middle one. You might not choose later. Ok. One more common will keep it. Is a very looming thing that on this date it's going to come. Yeah. So there are some concerns about that, right? So let's keep going, that was just one verse, verse 36. Now skip down to verse $42.00 and the plot thickens a bit. Sister, i think your hand with next verse 42. If matthew 24. Now he repeats again. You don't know when he's coming, isn't that repeated there? But what is the admonition then? What is the recommendation? What does he tell you to do? Because you don't know. Watch. What's the next logical question. What. What if I knew the day in the hour, what would I be watching? The I wouldn't be watching for something. I'd be watching the cock, i'd be watching the calendar. That's what I'd be watching. But he said, you don't know that. So watch will automatic. I can deduce that I'm not looking at the calendar. I'm not trying to calculate the times. I'm not looking at the clock. I'm looking for something else. So the St. Jesus says you don't know when then says so watch. Yes, and in fact, jesus was wise enough to invoke that very metaphor, as we'll see in just a minute. But he gives us something to watch for he. So within the same gee, that tells us not to anticipate a specific time does tell us to watch for signs. So the answer to that, when is he coming? I don't know, but I do know this. So though I don't know the time I can watch for signs, look one more these versus, well I just re here the contact there, verse 42, said he, a watch therefore for you do not know what our, your lord is coming, but half, but know this that if the master of the house had known what our, the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed have house broken into. Therefore, you also be ready for the son of man is coming in an hour. You do not expect repeatedly, he goes back to timing isn't a thing, you know, but that doesn't mean live like there's no connection to it. He specifically says, because you don't know the time, we should be even more earnest and watching for the science. Ok. That's the take away there. So we're watching for signs and not calculating times was go to another passage about this 1st death loans chapter 5. Let's just start with verse one and somebody is going to be our volunteer versus one through 6. But notice he's writing to the people here in the church, the festival on believers here. He says concerning the times and the thiessen's. You have no need that I should write to you and he gives us why I don't have to write to you about the times and seasons of the lords returning for you yourself. Know perfectly, you know, this is christianity. 11 in the early church, you know perfectly that the day of the Lord. So comes how as a thief in the night. So the early church understood that they didn't know the time and they knew that because jesus himself said so. Cycles repeated it. It was a clear, it was a clear thing, not knowing the time, but continue on versus 3 through 6. Ok, now the plot thickens. Now we had the invoked metaphor with the labor pains. We're going to come back to that in a minute, but read vs for through 6. The same thing is repeated is like what we know. It's coming at the feet in the sense that we don't know the hour. But you don't have to be cut on aware, even though we don't know the time. But what we should do therefore is watch be. This is the exact same thing. Jesus is that already. It's just, you know, paul's take on his repeating of it. So repeatedly the bible tells us that we don't know the time, but it also repeatedly tells us to watch for sons. How about this before we transition to the size, we have a good break here. Let's take a break. How long did he give you for each break? Let's come back at $320.00, and we'll start looking at these very signs were supposed to be watching for. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M O. S. D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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