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01 The Sanctuary: Designed for Eternity

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • June 26, 2021
    11:30 AM


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We're going to begin our 3 part series on the sanctuary today and slot to cover. So we'll get right into it. Our script to reading what I read is from exodus chapter 25 in verse 8 and says and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. Let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. A message. The sabbath is entitled, designed for eternity designed for eternity. Let's pray father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word we thank you, lord, for your mercy and for your grace. We thank you lord for being better to us than we are to ourselves. We thank you lord for going to calvary As we turn now, lord to study a word, i ask that you once again, just make me a nail upon a wall upon that male. Now lord asked that you hang a portrait of jesus christ. Let error walsh not be seen or heard to day instead, father, let us hear a word from the throne of grace, especially as the study was very important topic. This is our prayer and jesus is name a man. All right, so we're going to give the 1st message a bit of an overview and and start the discussion around the sanctuary. Start in exodus chapter 24. The bible says moses went up into the mount and a cloud covered the mount. The glory of the Lord a board upon mount sinai and the cloud covered its 6 days and the 7th day he called them to moses, out of the midst of the cloud. To give you some context, the children of israel had been slaves in egypt for hundreds of years. They had been brutalized and beaten. That also been very strongly indoctrinated in the ways of Egypt. The wave of the egyptian worship, the way that they saw god are in the case of the egyptians, the set of gods that they worship. All of this has now been ingrained in the mind of god's people god was now having to do the work through moses and aaron of on of having his people on learn what they learned in egypt. This is where we find ourselves were moses now has gone up on top of mount sinai and a cloud covers the mount. An accident chapter 25 and verse one. The scripture says the Lord spake unto moses, as he was up in his mouth saying speak unto the children of israel, that they bring me an offering of every man that give it willingly with his heart, shall you take my offering. And this is the offering which he shall take of them gold and silver and brass, and Blue and purple, and scarlet and fine linen and go tear. And Ram skins died red and badger skins. And she would oil for the light spices for anointing oil. And for sweet incense onyx stoned and stones to be said in the fall and in the breastplate, and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. When moses went up into the mountain, he was given the instruction to make a place for god to dwell with his people. God. One of the interesting things is, god says, only take what people are willing to give. In other words, not to force anyone, it should not be compulsory, that they give anything and all of what we just read all parts of what would be made to build the sanctuary. It was a fine, a structure that was going to be made one of the most exquisite in all of history. And yet it was supposed to be portable. They have to be able to walk with it as they have not yet rested in the promised land. God gave moses the direct instruction as we shall see at the people responded by giving Here an exit is 25 in verse 9. According to all that I show the after the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall you make it. This is incredible. God gives moses the exact blueprint of how to make this sanctuary. In fact, much of exodus leviticus and due to rami are dedicated as well of the book of hebrew to the, to the description, the study, the purpose of the sanctuary. It makes sense that if something special about this message of the thing to wear a message that we should all as christians understand. In fact, it is a unique doctrine. In many ways to the 7th day adventist church that we have studied this and understand because it are some very important secrets. Fact the next it is 25 and where is 40 god gives says this and look that thou make them after their pattern which was showed thee in them out there was a pattern. And when we get to the book of hebrews a little later on, what we're going to find is that moses was tasked with replicating on earth, a structure that exists in heaven. And once you understand that you start the, the sanctuary on earth begins to take a more significant role. You begin to understand that if I can understand the sanctuary, i will better understand god's plan of salvation. Better understand how he sees sin. You'll better understand the sacrifice that christ made when he went to calvary. But let's go back. The children of israel are in a pickle they have come out of Egypt. This is what places of worship look like for them is a 3 D read rendering of what one of this is, I think the, the temple to a to isis would look like. And you can see it was very colorful. The egyptians were a phenomenal architects and builders, of course they had slave labor to help them to build all of this. So interestingly enough, many of the children of israel probably participated in building many of the very temples god and I wanted them to forget There would have been all kinds of hieroglyphics on the sides and writings stories being told on the sides of these things. And as they come out of Egypt, they are now going to learn from god a new way. One of the most fascinating things about the sanctuary is that it literally is a 3 dimensional, but tis up a tory lesson book as you go through it. It teaches every step teaches, every effect of all kept there is a teaching. And so the children of israel were put in a situation where they weren't handed a book and they read and learn. They were actually actively involved in the learning process by understanding the sanctuary. When moses was up in mount, God appeared there to the children of israel. He appeared as a devouring fire. But to moses, he was just a cloud. God began to reveal himself to them because their idea of god had already been distorted. And I want to make some parallels to modern times. They had a distorted idea of god. Why? Because in the egyptian pantheon of gods. What you see as you look at this is many of them are half human, half animal. You see that What same did in egypt and was doing and most of the world is actually quite profound. What he did was he brought man down, he brought god down to mans level. Don't miss this. He brought god down to mass level. So they were worshiping beings that were more dis, honest, more crooked, more, more hateful and jealous, more been victims than they were. And many, instead of having them, satan did not want to want focusing on the create or he had them worship the created. And so he blended them with animals and you can see written somebody's somebody blends, one of them have the head of one of the dogs of africa. And it was because that animal would be seen going in and eating from out of graves of the grazer planted was shallow. This kind of dog would go and eat. So in order to protect yourself from going to death, they took the head of that dog and put it on a person. And that god became the god of death and hell. This superstition created in the minds of the children of israel, a very distorted picture of god. Mccarthyism they stand and hear the crazy thing I have. I have friends and even some people very close to me who have gone back to this way of worship that are now into egyptology. All in the name of blackness and culture. These gods have not been completely forgotten their back and people are looking at them. But I want to submit to you that one of the reasons we must understand the sanctuary is so that we get the right view of god. Because even in our day, god is still being distorted. Just as we found another skull, i forget where and where and where they said they found it. And I said if, where in China, and they said this is a new species of Human being and what they say, well, you know, trying to find the missing link to connect the dots back to how we evolved from monkeys and apes. And really from single celled organisms, way back in the day. In other words, like the ancient egyptians, what would a different twist? You literally were created by things that are less than you to turn your attention away from god. That's what of illusion does a very sophisticated you find a random skull. In fact, many of these things that they put together, if I wanted to little pieces of bone and then they try and construct a whole race of people out of it. Satan wants to distort how god is seen. It works tirelessly, not just this. We live in a time when people I will put a slide where they leave quote, I think I will say which right? Or it is. But he put the right thing. God is the universe and I am god. Therefore, I am the universe. You know the universe, you can fit in the closet university if you love it, But people want to be elevate. You see what happens now, you start to bring down that, you know, you hear more people that the divinity in me or the divine presence in me. More and more people are beginning to not even worth the created. They are beginning to worship themselves. Know that that is the time we live in when the only right and wrong that exists in the world. If it is what I decided to be the children of israel had come out of a society like that. And God had to work tirelessly through through to the teachings of the sanctuary to bring back their minds to him to really move from off of their eyes the blinders that being in such a heat and mystic he, the pagan society, had given them. And I submit to you one of the reasons it's important for us to study the sanctuary today is because we are in a very similar situation. We'll talk i did last night for one of the canadian churches was a talk on why youth leave. The church was fascinating about doing research for it. People give all kinds of reasons as to why young people leave the church. But it was interesting. It was the huffington post news, which is a pretty left leaning new source that actually put out an article I said, if you really want to know why young people leave the church, it can be found in one word parents. The study so that if your parents stay in church, the young person is 80 something percent likely to stay answered. If your parents even never give you church information or never are leave the church themselves are not very spiritual. It's like one percent will stay in church into their mid twenties, a late twenty's, not profound. And part of that is because I would, children are getting information from so many different angles, were being bombarded with information on the Internet. It teaching our young people, our children, things that you 50 years ago, you will have to wait till you were in a college to be exposed to. So we need to teach those things that give back the right ideas and perspectives about god. Next to the chapter $24.00 to start the whole thing off. Verse 9. So that moses went up, but he didn't blow up a lonely one. I would aaron and made him a bi who 70 of the elders of israel. The bible says in verse 10 and they saw the god of israel, god was trying to show them who he was and there was under his feet. I love this watch this church and there was under his feet as it were, a paved work of sapphire stone. And as it were, the body of evan in his clearing its grip to say that they saw god that had that did. I can tell you that in egypt they probably saw some pretty crazy, supernatural things. You remember when moses gets the pharaoh and they take aaron's rock and they throw it down, what happens? Turn to do a snake. What are the magicians in egypt do? They didn't even flinch of somebody walking down a stick and it turned to take effect as we would probably clear out. But they didn't flinch because the supernatural was normal in egypt. So when god has to show himself again, god is not just going to show himself by doing great wonder that he's got to show and make a connection. The 1st time he shows himself here a scripture says that b as were as it were a paved work of, of a sapphire. No, it was like when god was there and they looked up, they could see that the, there was something different about the sky. So much so and it says it was, it was clear at the skies themselves, there was something a power i was I could even describe it better than what I can't. They began to see god, verse 11 and upon the nobles of the children of israel lay not his hand. Also they saw god and did eat and drink. The Lord said unto moses, come up to me into the mount and be there and I will give the tables of stone and a law and commandments which I have written. But thou may as teach them when it's time for god to teach. Watch this. God wrote the 1st lesson book, he wrote the 10 commandments, don't miss this. He wrote the 10 commandments with his own finger in stone. This is the 1st time god writes in the bible. It's not the last. The 1st time god writes in the bible, he writes the 10 commandments in stone. We see it here. The 2nd time god writes in the bible, we find in the book of daniel As well to says are, is having his feast. And having, having this feast, i hand the players out of nowhere and writes on the plaster of the wall, meaning meaning people who farson you've been weighed in the balance is and found wanting, belle says are, is so afraid. The scripture says his bowels loose on him. And that's the 2nd time god right. The 1st time. God righty establishes his law. That's here. It is immutable when you write something in stone, it's permanent. The 2nd time and plaster, a judgment based on the 1st time he wrote. But a 3rd time god writes Found in the book of john a woman is dragged in front of jesus and thrown down. She's naked. The pharisee said that this woman has been caught in the act of adultery in the very act. And at the the law of moses says that she should be stoned. Jesus, being god himself begins to write it right in the sand. The sins of the men accusing her. The bible says from the oldest to the youngest, they begin to quietly slip away and take off. By the time jesus is done, he's alone there with the woman. That's what the bible says. It almost seems like the disciples took off too. For the 1st time, right? He writes installed, it can't be change. The 2nd time you write them plaster, it was only destroyed because babylon itself was destroyed. But the 3rd time god writes, he writes the sins of men in the sand, and I like it because it's written just in dirt. So jesus with just his foot can wiped his foot over the area and all those things can be wiped away. God right. Moses is now there to teach verse 17 and the sight of the glory of the Lord mentioned this already was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of israel. And moses went into the midst of the cloud and get him up into the end of the mount. And moses in the mount. 40 days and 40 nights moses fasted in the mount. 40 days and 40 nights as multiple times in a bible. People fast for 4 days and 40 nights moses one olaja is one of these said by the angel and jesus of course, fast in for 44 nights in the wilderness of temptation. Moses goes up. And what I found fascinating is one of the things I was reading this week says, god created a world in 6 days, 6 days. And only 2 chapters of the bible are given to it. But it's 40 days. And moses is in the mountain, receiving instruction from god. Now watch this, and we're told him is where the property it takes, like at least 6 months for the sanctuary to be built. God requires all of this wealth and precious substance in order to make the sanctuary. And the statement to me is when god created a perfect world, he did it himself. And he did it relatively quickly. But when he had to build the object that would teach the lesson of the plan of salvation, it took a lot more time to redeem us church. In many ways, takes more energy than it did to create us. And as we follow the sanctuary message, you'll see it testimonies that it turn volume 5, page 575 says the great plan of redemption was revealed in the closing work of these last days, the grapevine of redemption, as revealed and the closing work of these last days should receive close examination. The scenes connected with the sanctuary above should make such an impression upon the minds and hearts of all that they may be able to impress. Others all need to become more intelligent in regard to the work of the atonement which is going on in the sanctuary above. When this grand truth is seen and understood, those who hold it will work with harmony, work in harmony with christ, to prepare people to stand in the great day of god. And our efforts will be successful by studying contemplation and prayer. Dodd's people will be elevated above common, earthly thoughts and feelings, and will be brought into harmony with christ and his great work of cleansing the sanctuary above from the sins of the people. Their faith will go with him into the sanctuary and the worshippers on earth will be carefully reviewing their lives and comparing their characters with the great standard of righteousness they will see their own defects. They will also see that they must have the aid of the spirit of god if they would become qualified for the great and solemn work for this time, which is laid upon god's ambassadors. We should be studying the sanctuary. One of my favorite books, if you hear me preach, you hear me talk about a book called a trip into the supernatural by roger me or know why, you know, was a french canadian who had left the merchant marines after world war 2 and canada and lived in montreal and had gotten pulled into demon worship. In fact, if you read a book and I won't get too into it, he tell amazing testimony of how he got caught up in demon worship and would go to a mansion outside of montreal where the group worship literally worship the devil and demons and a demon priest would tell him all kinds of different things. Well, when the time came that he realized he didn't want to be a part of it. He was warned by a friend who helped him get into it. That if he tried to leave, the demons would come and kill him. If he tried to walk away, he would be destroyed by a very demons. And they gave him all the examples which he could verify. A people are weird accidents and strange things happened. And the demons had snuffed them out. There were 2 things that helped him. One of them was that he was also told by the demon priest that there was one group of people who had not fallen prey to their deception. The devil the substance. And he said, the devil had too great deceptions. One of them was that when you die, you don't really die. That when you die, you actually live forever. You go to heaven, you go to hell, you go to purgatory, you don't really die. And the demon priest chuckled any laugh because so much of the world believes that lie, even in christianity. He said in a 2nd lie, well, the lie that the 1st day of the week is the day of worship that should be, that should be kept sacred and a demon for his last that the sunday, remember I showed you the, the egyptian gods, one of them was the main god as the sun god wrong. So is a demon for lab one person in the audience. Roger knows as in the book in the back of the room, raises his hands and says, what about the adventist? They don't believe either of those things And the demon pres laughs again as well. I forgot to mention the adventist because there are so few of them proportionally in the world. He said, but because they keep the sabbath, we cannot deceive them. That helped roger minnow because when he wanted to leave, god put him next to cyril growth, who was also a friend of black friends, canadian who was studying to become a 70 adventist. And the guy who owned the factory couldn't understand why it was this guy wanna factor was jews. He couldn't understand why there was a black man kept the sabbath. So he put roger me and next to him to find out why does that guy keep the sabbath? When roger know heard that he would have been, if he realized this was his out and he went in and got days like, you know, over the next like 7 days like 8 weeks where the bible study isn't like 7 days because he wanted to be safe and the demons didn't come for him. So he learned the 1st protective piece, the sabbath. But it was one of the piece that he learned to protect him. Ties back to the thank you very, very nicely. He learned that he's if, when he studied the, the crucifixion of christ as it is outlined him in places like matthew chapter 27. That when he read this out loud, don't miss this church. When he read out loud the story of christ sacrifice that the demons would stop. He tells incredible stories about a demons. Try to get into the apartment, you read a book and see what you think. But he was trying that the team was trying to get him. But when he would read out loud the story of the crucifixion from the bible, the demons would stop Talking back to the sanctuary. You see because the sanctuary for shadows the cross. It is, it was for them coming them going forwards, what would happen, the more they studied and learned of god in the sanctuary. The better they were prepared to face what was coming against them. And the children of israel would have a lot come against them. There would be great spiritual warfare, but I want to submit to you that just like they have to deal with spirit warfare. So are some of you dealing with it? And I want to tell you that what the sanctuary teaches and what we learn as we experience what christ went through and across all of that is protective. Listen, I remember That when I was a kid studying what happened to jesus at the cross with my aunt, even my grandmother's sister. And when we would read those verses, she would physically weep and cry and little kids, my brother. And I would look at each other and see why she's crying. Like reading the bible. You know what happened to me now when I read those same verses? I cry. I understand now why she cried. Because I understand because it a sanctuary message, what it cost christ to go to the cross. You'll never fully understand it, never fully get the power of it's of its ability to protect you unless you understand the sanctuary message. Why does god give instruction to build a sanctuary? Look at it. One of the things is interesting. The word sanctuary is mentioned $132.00 times and tabernacle is mentioned $297.00 times in the bible. God gave us the sanctuary message as a says, an exodus 25 in verse 8. It says and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. A sin separated us from god. When adam and eve send in the garden and God came looking for them in the garden. What did they say? They said we hit ourselves because we were naked. They were afraid because they would make it not can you imagine all the time god and adam and eve had been commuting face to face? None of the, the, the, the, the fare of the fire, the children of israel had, they could speak to their god face to face. And all of a sudden that when they eat the Fruit, all of a sudden they feel naked and they feel ashamed and they run to hide. God wants to get back to that original tabernacle the garden of eden. He wants to go back where he can stand with us face to face, but simon separated us from god. So guess what? He built a sanctuary. So he can dwell with his people in a safe manner, and that's really what it describes as a 50. And I'm wanting to say like this, the whole, the lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save. Neither is it his ear heavy that it cannot hear. But in what you're iniquities have separated between you and your god. And your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. Sin separates us from god. And when you look at genesis 3 there's, there's where I just just mentioned it, but he had a vs. I was afraid because I wasn't naked and I hid myself from eternity past page 242 said that like this. No language can describe the glory within the sanctuary. The gold plated walls reflecting light from the golden candlestick. The table and altar of incense will talk about the furniture next week. Glittering with gold beyond the 2nd vale, the sacred art, and above it, the holy shaquana. The manifestation of a whole was presence, all were but a dim reflection of the glories of the temple of god in heaven, the great center of the work of man's redemption. In fact, the bible commentary says this, the hebrew word chicago to dwell, god wants to dwell with us, means to be a permanent resident in a community. It is closely related to the word shad tyna use of the maddest manifestation of divine glory but took up it's a bold above the mercy seat. Patriarchs and prophets. Page 349. The subpoena was the symbol of the of the divine presence in which god promised to dwell among them. You get that god wants to dwell with you, the chicago glory of god comes from the same route. That means to dwell. And I'm a, I'm a spoiler alert. A little bit in our 3rd session, we'll talk about the body as the sanctuary to body temple the you know, that god still wants to have this kind of glory with you now, except now if it's your body, as you've heard we talk about before. It is the frontal lobe of your mind. It is a part of your brain that makes decision and reasons. This is why this week in Connecticut, we were surprised that work, but they legalize recreational marijuana. We didn't think it would go through and it did. I don't maybe maybe we were optimistic and so now massachusetts hasn't legalized new York as legalized california. Colorado was asking the hard questions. I'll talk more about that in a couple weeks. But what the devil wants is people so intoxicated that the police in your body and we will talk about the chambers and out and the structure, the thing to next week. But a place in your body which mirrors the most holy place of the thing to Eric, which is the frontal lobe. The devil wants to attack it. He wants to remove from you the ability to negotiate in there. I say a one in verse 18. Come and let us reason, says the Lord, though your sins be a scarlet, it shall be as white as snow though they be like crimson. They shall be as war that happens here. But guess what, if you're drunk and high, you can't make good decisions. The sir kayla glory can't fall. God can't dwell with you the same way. It is here that a holy spirit manifest itself is here that our character sits this. This is where the seal of god will be placed. This is where god that he will write his name. What is god's name represent his character? This is why our society seems like an all out war against this part of the brain, etc. 29, a verse 43, so then there I will meet with the children of israel, and the tabernacle shall be sanctified by my glory and I will sanctify the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar. I will sanctify also both aaron and his sons, to minister to me in the priests office. And I will dwell among the children of israel and will be their god. And they shall know that I am the Lord their god that brought them forth out of the land of Egypt that I may dwell among them. Look at the last statement. I am the Lord their god. The 2nd reason god is Built the sanctuary was to allow his people to see his holiness some 77. 13 says your way. Oh God is in the sanctuary. Who is so great a god as our god i've learned that god is truly a great god. I can tell you stories of times in my life when I was completely down and out. God showed up. We serve a great god. I remember fallen fast asleep drive in my little low right back to college. My brother was in the seat next to me. I slept so well, I had a full dream driving My brother stream to wake us up. We were doing donuts on the I think that the I 65 going up from birmingham to huntsville spinning on the highway. And when we finally stopped, we landed backwards down in a, in the, in the ravine between the 2 side that highway. And as soon as we stop 18 wheelers just started flying past us, We had to but we couldn't get to go with my brother to get up pushes out of the mess that I got us. And do You see when I start to doubt god, I think that may be god isn't there? Have to remember he was what was what he's what david says here. Who is so great a god. As our god. When we get to have an guardian angel is going to sit with us and show us all the times, we was opposed to be wiped out all the time. The devil had the traps that to kill us all the time that he had, he had, he thought to the, the building collapse of miami. As we all the time we was supposed to be somewhere where destruction was supposed to happen, To serve a great god. And he has preserved you for a purpose just as he preserved israel for a purpose Of it. It is $923.00 Says in moses and aaron went into the tabernacle of the congregation and came out and blessed the people. And the glory of the Lord appeared on all the people as after it was built. Look at what it says in verse 24 and there came a fire out from before the Lord and consumed upon the altar, the burnt offering and the fat, which when all the people saw, they shouted and fell on their faces. The gypsy gods them do things like this, did never seen anything like it. And they were so impressed with so powerful children of israel began to understand his life. But then nate avenue by who the sons of air and we talked about going up, took either of them a sensor and put fire therein and put incense. They are on an awkward, strange fire before the Lord, which he commanded not. And there went out fire from the Lord and devoured them and they died before the Lord. I found this fascinating. We're talking about alcohol, a marijuana watch, this christian temperance and bible hygiene page 28, nate avenue bible were men in a holy office. But by the use of wine, their minds became so clouded that they could not distinguish between sacred and common things by the offering of strange fire. They disregarded god's command and were slain by his judgments. The last thing I wanna point out about the building of the sanctuary before we get into its furniture and its rituals and so forth. Next week that the, the sanctuary was built to sort of we will understand the weight of sin and its cost. He was 9 says this, and almost all things are by the law purged with blood and without the shedding of blood is no remission. It was therefore necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified with these. But the heavenly things themselves with Better sacrifices than these. In other words, it took blood what even when adam and eve were found to be hiding and had made for themselves, aprons of leaves, what have god do? He gave them a coat of animal skin. At the 1st sin, something had to die. The wages of sin is what is death. Sin separate you from god has been separated from god and God is the source of life. By default, sin is deadly. But look at this, leviticus foreign verse 33 says and he shall lay his hand upon the head of the sin, offering this sanctuary and slay it for us in offering and the place where they kill the bird offering the daily sacrifice. If someone send, they had to take a spotless animal, a spotless lamb, and they would lay their hand on the Animal and confess their sin, transferring the sin from themselves to that lamb. And then they had to take that innocent lamb and kill it Every time that happened, you understood how the weight, the cost of sin every time that to bring in a precious, spotless, innocent animal who had done nothing wrong and, and sacrifice it to pay for your sin I can tell you as a christian gold, even deeper of here's where the sanctuary gets powerful. It foreshadows john one in verse $29.00. The next day john sees jesus coming onto him and says, behold the lamb of god, which does what, which takes away the sin of the world. That innocent lamb that will brought into the sanctuary in the days of moses. And that person at the lay of hand on it and then kill that lamb. When john the baptist sees him, tight meets, and the type. And when jesus walks up, walks up and John sees him, john, understand that the fulfillment of all the sanctuary meant was walking bodily in jesus christ. He is the lamb slain from what the foundation of the world hebrews 923 says it like this. It was therefore necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified with these. But the heavenly things themselves with Better sacrifices than these for christ is not entered into the holy places may live hands which are the figures of the 2. In other words, the foreshadowing, but he went into heaven itself now to appear in the presence of god for us, nor yet that he should offer himself often as a high priest entered into the holy place every year with the blood of others. Jesus doesn't have to keep going to calvary every year. The scripture says in verse $26.00 for then must be often have suffered since the foundation of the world. But now once in the end of the world, he has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. And as it is appointed unto men once to die. But after this the judgment jesus went to calvary once. And that ended, as we will talk about later, it ended the whole system that they had in the ancient days because he paid everything that needed to be paid for our salvation. He was 920. So price was once offered to bear the sins of many. And unto them that looked for him shall appear the 2nd time without sin unto salvation. Let me take the sanctuary, doesn't just point back to the cross. It points forward to jesus as soon coming. The lamb that was slain on calories tree is coming back. Except this time he's not coming back as the one that was beaten and vanquished. He's coming back as the vic tore, riding on a white horse Last couple sly, the general conference daily bulletin january 2893 said the only way in which met and only way in which men will will be enabled to stand firm in the conflict is to be rooted and grounded in christ. They must receive the truth as it is in jesus. And it is only as a truth is presented thus that it can meet the wants of the soul. The preaching of christ crucified christ. Our righteousness is what satisfies the soul hunger. Only christianity church preaches and teaches that you don't save yourself, but you know that every other religion. If you do what's supposed to be done, if you, if you, if you work hard enough, you can make it to nevada or paradise or wherever christianity says, you're right, just this is as filthy rags. You must be covered with the righteousness of jesus christ goes on to say when we secure the interest of the people in this great central truth, faith and hope and courage come to the heart. If God has given his son to die for sinners, he means to counteract sin. He has made the great gift because of his love for sinful fallen men. We must make it plain that he is willing and able to save all that come unto him, and believe in him as their personal savior. Present this again and again until the mind can take it in. Let every teacher put his whole heart, his whole mind and soul into this work. Lifting up jesus and bidding the people look and live, let the sinner fix his eyes on jesus, the lamb of god. That takes away the sin of the world as he looks to christ. He will feel the power of god. He must not devote look at his church. He must not devote the precious time to deploring his sinfulness. Looking upon the wounds and bruises he has received in the certain, in the service of satan. And this is where many christians fail. We spend all my time running the tapes in our minds of all the ways we messed up in the past. We live in a constant, a rewind of shame, of self pain of guilt and remorse. We spend all our energy wishing we got a time machine to travel back and fix our lives. But we are told by the inspired pimp don't do that. Take your energy and focus on christ When you want to give up a sin, what a lot of people do. They want to gritted teeth and work harder and get over this addiction on his habit. I want to submit to you that if you take your energy and focus on jesus, he and just getting to know him the, the sense of this world that so easily beset us will become a life and fall off the all him says it like this. Turn your eyes upon jesus, look full in his wonderful faith, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim. In the light of his glory and grief. What do you struggle with today? The sanctuary message tells us that is a lamb. When you put your hand on him And you confess your sins, he's already taken us in and dealt with it. That's what a bible says. God will remember your sin, no more. What to interesting things in the study is as I was studying this, and that is a difference between your sins being forgiven and then being blotted out. God doesn't just forgive you sin. He blots it out. When you stand before god in judgment, which is one of the key components of the sanctuary message, when you stand before god in judgment, guess what? As a christian, your sin will be blotted out. Like a movie playing in front of the universe, every light will come up and everyone will be able to see. But when it comes to Eric walters, like all the mess and dirt, i've done all the times. I've failed god rather than the world. See it. When that comes up in my life, the scream will just go blood red Covered by the blood of jesus. Why spend your time in remorse and regret? Spend your time learning studying and knowing christ, the lamb that was slain By faith, carry the mine up within the veil to view christ as our intercessor before the mercy seat. Let the sinner, behold jesus as the wave, the truth and the life and his soul will be open to receive the truth as it is in jesus. Revelation 512 and 13, just to give you an idea of this lamb saying with a loud voice, that is what we should be doing. Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power and riches, and wisdom and strength, and honor and glory and blessing. And every creature which is in heaven and on earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea and all that are in them heard, i sing, blessing in honor and glory and power be unto him to sit upon the throne. And unto the lamb, forever, the sanctuary was, it was designed with your eternity in mind And clothes. An interesting story, i read this week, true story. When the father was quite well off, the sun was graduating from high school about to go to college. The son realized that his father had to mean and so he went into that is listen for my graduation present. Dad. I want a sports car and he told them exactly which dealership had the sports guard. What model it was, he said, what color you want, everything. That's what I want for graduation. Dad, father smiled and said ok, noted young man went off, graduation happened and after the ceremonies his father called him into his office at home to give him his graduation gift. Son came in and sat in his father's office and the father handed him a beautifully wrapped box. Some a little confused car can fit in a box. He took the box and he opened it. And when he pulled the box a partner. Papers fell away. It was a brand new bible. The boy was so angry, took the bible and slammed it down on his father's desk. I told you I wanted a car and I and I know you could have afforded to give me the car. I wanted fun, the son and in discuss walks off, leaves a few weeks later, go the college and never really as close to his father again. He graduates from college. It does well for himself actually becomes quite wealthy himself. Years later when he has kids, the realize he's not spent any time with his father's kids. Don't know his father. So he plans and arranges to go back and visit his father. So as kids can meet their grandfather and as he is planning to go, word comes to him that his father was sick and died through story. And he said, you need to get him quickly to gather his belongings. The son rush back to his home town and he hadn't been to for years And as he's going through his father's things and figured out what to do with them, he stumbles upon that bible. Still in the box still looked brand new. Tears began to stream down his face as he now realizes his father only wanted what was best for him. Had he read that bible, how many mistakes might not have made? How many people might not have heard a picks up the bible and starts thumbing through it. When he gets the one part in the bible, there's something lodged in there. And a key falls out with the address and the card for the dealership where he wanted that sports car In a verse of scripture that it was then said, if you who are wicked, no, to give good deeds to your children, how much more does your heavenly father know to do good for you. Me days I'm sure it's a lot of us. I like that son. We are demanding things, expecting things. But we don't realize wrapped up in the word of god is everything we've always wanted. Everything because this world cannot fill the void, that is in each of our hearts, this world can't make sense of death that can't make sense of, of, of, of pain and suffering. This world can't do it. As we study the sanctuary. You begin to understand the great controversy more clearly and you understand what christ did for you. And you realize you love to Question today's like that sun. Will you turn your back on? What god is offering you so much better than the keys to a sports car? He's offering the keys to a kingdom to a mansion, but right now he's asking that we stay faithful. When we get to know him, we need to know the lamb of god. Let's pray, father, god, we thank you for designing the sanctuary. So having it built in anyone have any built of the temple of solomon and nehemiah, but we can learn lessons that it teaches father, god, the sanctuary had to be built because we fell into sin because we fell away from you. Lord, your way is in the sanctuary, the Lord of the next 2 weeks as we study the sanctuary in more detail. I pray for your holy spirit. The Lord would get an understanding of this truth that changes us and draws closer to the lamb that was slain. Foundation of the this is our prayer in jesus press. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. 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